Lisbon (1956) Movie Script

- Well.
- The Star of Tripoli sank on schedule, Sir.
Good. How Deep?
- Two thousand fathoms.
- That's very good indeed.
We'll put in the claim?
Yes Sir, I notified the insurance
company this morning by cable.
The American lady arrives at half past
four this afternoon on flight 11, Sir.
- Is she to be met?
- Certainly not.
You are becoming increasingly stupid,
Selwyn. This has got to stop.
I'm very sorry, Sir.
That's all.
Very good, Sir.
Oh, but what about that
last shipment of perfume?
- Has it been disposed of?
- Yes, Sir, but...
But what!
The price has dropped considerably.
The market is glutted. Apparently someone
else is bringing perfume in, Sir.
Nobody knows probably some
foreigner, Sir.
Whoever it is, must be eliminated.
We've eliminated competition
before, we shall do so again.
Oh, and...
Call inspector Fonseca.
Ask him will he be kind enough
to have lunch with me today.
Very good, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
An excellent cigar, Senor
Mavros, and a superb lunch.
If you'll pardon the touch of pride,
inspector my chef is a jewel.
- A purist raised Sarin.
- He should be after sixteen years in Paris.
You amaze me inspector, you actually
have a dossier on my chef?
I have a dossier on every alien resident
in Lisbon, Senor Mavros.
That is my job.
I understood that you were with
the Internal Revenue Department.
I am responsible for certain
aspects of Internal Revenue.
Such as smugglers.
Especially, alien smugglers.
Smugglers, really?
The field is quite crowded, Senor Mavros.
My interest is purely academic, Inspector.
Good. These smugglers are a
desecration to decency.
They cheat the state out of millions
of Escudos annually. Millions.
But surely your police boats
are faster than theirs?
Our boats are faster, except for the
Orca of course. But there are so many.
We are so few.
The boat of the American.
You have an American smuggler?
We are certain he is a
smuggler, but as yet,
we have been unable to
attain any evidence.
But someday he will make
a slip, they all do.
Someday he will, and that will be the
end of a very interesting association.
Clever rogue, I shall miss him.
- What is his name?
- Evans. Robert John Evans.
Well, I must be getting back to the
office thank you again for the lunch.
The pleasure is mine Inspector, you
must come often.
Thank you.
- Seraphim?
- Yes, Senor?
I want you to find a Robert John Evans.
He has a boat called the Orca.
I want to see him as soon as
I will tell him.
When you do, tell him it's a matter involving
a matter involving ten thousand dollars.
Yes, Senor.
Fonseca, Viar.
Are we expected?
Well we might as well go on in.
Everything set?
Ah, Inspector Fonseca, I'm honored.
Good day, Captain Evans.
- Did you have a pleasant voyage?
- Oh, very pleasant, thank you.
I regret the necessity,
but may we come aboard?
By all means, make
yourself at home.
I fear I must search your boat.
As usual.
And I won't find anything?
- As usual.
You know Inspector, I sometimes
wonder if you know what you're looking for.
It could be so many
things diamonds, watches, cameras,
tobacco, perfume, to mention only
a few of the less innocuous
items of contraband.
What makes you people so sure
that I deal in contraband?
We are not without resources.
This Orca has been reported to
us from practically all the free
ports in the Mediterranean where such
luxuries may be acquired at a low price.
Perplexing isn't it?
Why else would you
burn all that petrol?
- I'm a fisherman.
- A fisherman who never catches a fish.
Well, I'm unlucky.
No, no. It is I that am
unlucky, Captain. So far.
Yes, my heart bleeds for you, Inspector.
It really does.
Well, goodbye Inspector.
Au revoir, Captain not goodbye.
Oh yes, I was forgetting.
- You like that one, huh?
- Yes, It is the prettiest one.
Well, it's yours.
To keep forever?
To have and to hold
until death do you part.
- You ever been married, Taby?
- Not me, I know too much about women.
- You do, huh?
- Sure. Women is like a fisherman.
Only they bait hook with a smile.
They make waves like a worm.
The man is in the frying pan.
No, they won't catch me.
- You're sure of that, huh?
- But it is very pleasing to steal the bait.
Yes, there's nothing like a piece of bait.
Captain Evans?
My patron, Senor Aristides Mavros,
wishes to speak with you.
- And who are you?
- My name is Seraphim.
- Sarah who?
- One word captain, Seraphim.
Well, you can tell mister Mavros I'm
usually a board and he can find me here.
He wishes to speak with you
at his villa in Lisbon, now.
- I'm sorry I have another engagement.
- I was told to suggest
ten thousand.
- Escudos?
- Dollars.
Say, that's quite a suggestion.
You got a car?
- At your disposal.
- After you.
- Captain Evans?
- Yes.
This way please.
Can I get you a drink, Sir?
Uh, yes. Whiskey and soda, please.
With ice.
Mr. Mavros will join you in a few minutes.
But who alas can love and then be wise not
that remorse did not oppose temptation.
A little still she strode and much repented
and whispering, I will nare a consent.
- Consented.
- Say that last line again my dear.
And whispering, I will nare consent.
Now I'll leave you with
the birds and the bees.
I have a gentleman waiting.
Would you like to sell that hat?
Go away.
No, I'd really like to buy the hat.
The hat is not for sale.
- Are you sure?
- Quite sure.
I was afraid of that.
Captain Evans?
- Yeah.
- Aristides Marvlos.
How are you?
Shall we go in the house?
All right.
I understand that to have a
fast boat, Captain.
That's right. A converted MTB.
I also understand the you are a smuggler.
True. That would be an
inadmissible truth if true.
I'm not a policeman Captain Evans.
Won't you please sit down.
Thank you.
What's on your mind?
I have need of a fast boat.
And a man that is not
lacking in discretion.
The compensation would be substantial.
Your man mentioned ten thousand.
- That is correct.
- I don't kill people.
- Not required.
- And I don't traffic in narcotics.
- Not required.
- Then exactly what what is required?
First you'll go to a canteena
in Alfalma, tonight.
And you will meet an
American lady who will give
you a small package which
you will bring to me...
- Where do I meet this lady and when?
- Ten o'clock the Guio Real.
The lady would be wearing a broach
in the form of a fleur de lis.
And the recognition word is Sanssouci.
Why all the cloak and dagger
This measure is consummated
to project to captain
the lady may feel she
is being overcharged.
Oh, I see.
- You rang, Sir?
- Before Captain Evans leaves,
Give him a thousand dollars.
American currency.
Very well, Sir.
A thousand?
The rest will be paid when you
have fulfilled your contract.
- Satisfactory?
- I don't know I'm not in the habit
of going into any contract, blind.
You will be free to withdraw at
anytime at your discretion.
- All right, I'll buy your first cause.
- Then we are agreed.
Any further questions?
who's the girl with the hat?
Your concern is with the
American lady Captain.
All right.
Senora Merrill?
Permit me to introduce myself, I am inspector
Fonseca of the Lisbon police department.
It is my privilege to
welcome you to Lisbon.
And to offer you my assistance in every way
You're very kind.
I wonder why?
Portugal is very hospitable.
And we wish to make certain that our
distinguished guests enjoy a pleasant stay,
without even the possibility of
any unpleasant incident,
If I make myself clear.
Very clear.
- Thank you.
- Anything to declare?
Just a bag.
I imagine that we will meet from
time to time while you are Lisbon,
you are stopping at
the Estonia Palacio?
Yes. Is there anything else you'd
like to know?
Oh no.
I am sure that a person of your
intelligence will not do
anything to do hinder a
hardworking official.
You can depend on that, Inspector.
- Mrs. Merrill?
- Yes.
This way, please.
- This is Mrs. Merrill.
- How do you do, Mrs. Merrill?
May I have your passport please?
Of course.
Thank you.
I will send you passport
up in a few minutes.
Thank you.
Come in.
I took the liberty of bringing
up your passport, Mrs. Merrill.
Thank you.
This is too valuable a document
to entrust to strangers.
Even a hotel like this. I wonder
if you realize the significance
of this little green book.
Fully realize.
I fully realize that
you are being obnoxious.
Now would you
please give me my passport and leave.
Sylvia Merrill, tourist.
Purpose of travel pleasure.
Not pleasure Mister Norworth.
You've seen to that.
It is illegal to make false declarations
on a passport, if you do I can pick it.
You can't pick it up merely
because you're suspicious.
That is correct Mrs. Merrill.
But we have more to go on the
mere suspicion.
Is it a crime or a felony to tell the state
department that if they couldn't
do anything about it I would
take matters into my own hands.
We explained to you the potentials
of the situation and you agreed
to let us handle it through the
proper channels, didn't you?
- Well, didn't you.
- Yes I did.
You pawned 100 thousand dollars worth of
jewels in New York City on April ninth.
On the eleventh your booked
passage to Zurich on TWA.
On the 14th, you went to Burkson and Sons
Comes Garden were you disposed of one
hundred and fifty thousand
dollars worth of jewels.
Then you booked
passage for Lisbon.
Thank you very much for
the financial report.
But since when has the
state department become
- interested in my jewels my money?
- Since you started throwing
- monkey wrenches into our machinery.
- But nevertheless it is
my money and they are my jewels
and I'm entitled to dispose of
them in any way that I see fit.
That's true Mrs. Merrill. Until we
find your spending it in a way
- that might be hurting us.
- I'm not in the least bit concerned with
whether I hurt the state
department or not and it's
become obvious that the state
department feels the same way about me.
I have certain rights
as a human being if not as an
American citizen. Now I would
appreciate it if you get out of here.
- I have a headache.
- Would it help your headache any if I told
you that your husband will be
released within thirty days?
I don't believe you.
It's official Mrs. Merrill.
You can take my word for it.
You can take my word for it that
I don't believe a word you say.
I'm sorry.
Some people are under the impression
that employees of the department
spend all my time at luncheons,
sipping tea, exchanging pleasantries.
We try not to change that
impression that is unless it
becomes necessary.
You are still subject to the
laws of the United States.
If you violate them we'll take
steps to correct it. Is that clear?
Sickeningly clear.
Now will you please leave?
I really do have a headache.
Please don't give us one.
Good night, Mrs. Merrill.
This is Mrs Merrill, speaking in 311.
I won't accept any calls until
nine o'clock in the morning.
I want to rest, thank you.
No Ma'am. The elevator for
guests is over there.
Will you take me down to
the basement, please?
For your discretion.
I've seen nothing.
- Thank you.
- For you something to drink?
No thank you.
Oh yes, a glass of water please.
- Water?
- Yes.
- May I join you?
- You may not.
I believe the word is, son souici.
- Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.
That is a Fleur de lis isn't it?
- Yes.
- They are very nice.
- You're not going to drink that stuff?
- Well, what does one drink around here?
Well at least try a glass
of Madera or something.
Very well.
- Madera please.
- Whiskey and soda with ice.
- Madera, whiskey and soda with ice.
- That's right.
- I understand you're an American.
- Yes.
So am I.
Do you work for Mr. Mavros?
- Yes.
- What's his first name?
Aristide. What's yours?
Mines, Evans. Mister. I understand
you have an envelope for me.
- I didn't bring it with me.
- Oh?
Well just how do I get it?
You come to my room with me.
Not now, later.
I don't want return for an
hour or so.
Have you had dinner?
How long have you been
associated with Mr. Mavros?
About six hours and ten minutes.
What's the matter,
not long enough?
No it's not that, it's just that
I hope that Mr. Mavros knows
what he's doing.
So do I.
Did he tell you anything?
Only that I was to meet you
here and get a package.
Is that all?
Something vague about using the
Orca, later.
That's my boat.
When you see her, you'll understand.
- I'll see her.
- Oh, when?
- Soon I hope.
- Dinner?
No no, bring us another round
of drinks while we decide.
Si, Senor.
They have just finished their dinner.
Stay with him it's very
I like that. What is it?
Lisboa Antigua.
Old Lisbon.
Sort of a home sweet home
for Brazilians.
It's lovely.
- I think we can go now.
- Ok.
- You always use the freight elevator?
- When it's convenient I charter it.
The operator seemed to have
the idea you chartered me.
- I only use it on special occasions.
- Is this is a special occasion?
Here, let me.
Thank you.
Oh, it's a lovely night.
It's certainly not a night
for making decisions.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
I've, I've
never felt so completely
alone in all my life.
Can I trust you?
Well isn't that
what you expected?
I brought you up here
to give you an envelope.
Well, give it to me,
and I'll get out.
No, I don't think I will.
That envelope contains
a great deal of money.
All right. I'll tell Mavros to send
another messenger boy. One you can trust.
Just a moment.
I'll get the money.
Aren't you at all curious to
know what this is about?
Not especially. If you want to tell
me, go ahead tell me.
Did you ever hear of Lloyd Merrill?
You mean Merrill, the industrialist, the
oil man, the one the Red's grabbed?
My husband.
Oh, I see.
But why Mavros, Why
not Washington?
I went to the state department
but after two solid years.
I only know that my husband is
still alive. Finally I heard of
this Aristide Mavros and I
was told that he could get my
husband out but for a price. And
this is part of the price.
And it's a very large one.
I've never met Mr. Mavros.
Well I have, and I
know nothing about him.
- What was your impression?
- A crook.
I know that, but is he a reliable crook?
That I don't know.
- I wish I could see him.
- Well, it should be easy.
He doesn't think it's advisable.
Look if I went to him and told him
you wanted to bring the money
in person he'd probably think it
You don't think that he would
call the whole thing off?
I don't know. How much is involved?
- Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
- He won't call it off.
I think I'll take
your advice, Captain.
Will you telephone me
here and let me know?
Why the look?
I just thinking. Your husband
is a pretty lucky man.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
This is Mrs. Merrill speaking I'm
expecting a phone call.
Will you put it right through
when it comes please?
Mr. Mavros won't be
in for some time, Sir.
Yes, I know, I'll wait.
- Can I get you something to drink, Sir?
- Yes. Whiskey and soda with ice.
Yes, Sir.
That American one...
Yes, Miss Nosey Parker.
- He's without manners.
- Probably.
- Uncivilized.
- Undoubtedly.
- And he insulted me, twice.
- That must have been difficult.
I shall report
this to the master.
Do so he always enjoys to
know that I have kicked you.
And I'll take that.
- Yes.
- No.
Oh, it's you.
Ah, it's you, without the hat.
Here's your whiskey and soda.
Thank you.
- Where's your glass?
- I never drink whiskey. Only wine.
Well, you don't expect me
to drink alone, do you?
If you insist.
You don't drink whiskey, hmm?
Hardly ever.
You been eating garlic?
In the sausage there is soupon garlic.
Then garlic is a soupon of sausage.
What's your name?
Robert John Adams.
- What I call you Robert John?
- Well, my friends call me Jack.
I will call you, Robert John.
I think I'm not your friend.
- What's your name?
- Maria Magdalena Masanet.
What was that?
Maria Magdalena Mosenet.
I'll call you, Maggie.
Why Maggie?
It's short for Maria
Magdalena Mosenet.
What do you do around here,
besides not drink whiskey?
I am secretary for Mr. Mavros.
I got the idea that
Selwyn was the secretary.
That one.
He is only the secretary that writes the
Mr. Mavros have many secretaries.
Alicia, Dionne, Regina and me.
Mr. Mavros loves beautiful things.
Well tell me. Just what kind
of work do you do for Mavros?
Play tennis, play gin
rummy, play piano.
Sounds like nice work.
Oh, it is.
- What work you are doing for Mr. Mavros?
- I don't quite know.
Maybe you will smuggle for him.
Who told you I was a smuggler?
Seraphim talks too much. What does
he do around here?
I don't know what he does.
You think I'm beautiful?
Mmm-hm. Very.
why don't you kiss me one time.
I like that.
You better take it easy, catnip.
I've got a very low boiling point.
Ah, good evening Captain I'm
afraid I'm rather late.
- I hope you haven't been bored.
- No, no.
I was gaming at the casino.
I have a syndicate there, Greek of course.
I like to play. It's a peccadillo of mine.
One pocket into the other actually.
You wouldn't think
that red would turn up
nine times in succession.
But it did. I was playing
black, naturally.
Mavros is the Greek word for
black as you no doubt know.
- I don't speak Greek.
- No? I do of course.
- You a Greek citizen?
- Not at the moment.
I suppose one might term me a citizen of
the world, Captain.
I was born on the island of Mytilene.
Once called, Lesvos.
- Delightful legend, that.
- Yeah.
Look, just where does my boat
fit into this Merrill business?
- Mrs. Merrill has confided in you.
- No. Only that you're going to
arrange her husband's escape.
I understand that she is
young, and beautiful.
She is.
Strange that she should
want the old gentleman back.
When all those lovely
millions could be hers alone.
Odd isn't it?
I assume your not ready to tell me what
part my boat plays in this business?
Your assumption is correct, Captain.
But it is because my arrangements
are as yet incomplete.
By the way did she
give you the package?
The lady changed her mind.
She wants to see you.
Mrs. Merrill, please.
Mrs. Merrill? Yes, could you
dine with me tomorrow night?
Thank you. I'll send my car for you at 8.
Good night.
Not that I don't trust you,
But I do.
Though not as completely
as I would like.
I would also expect you for
dinner tomorrow night, Captain.
- Can my man drive you?
- No, I'll take a taxi.
- Selwyn.
- Sir?
Call Achmed Kamil in Athens
and tell him to proceed.
Yes, Sir.
- And Selwyn.
- Yes, Sir?
Which one was it?
Maria Magdalena, Sir.
- Burn 2 of her newest gowns.
- Yes, Sir.
And uh, She kicked me again, Sir.
- Hard?
- Very hard, Sir.
Then, just burn one gown.
Yes Sir.
There it is.
Into the nose, Jack.
Well, come on, hurry up! Before
those blue-nosed clowns get here!
- Sorry, but we have our orders.
- Yes, I know.
I give it away.
Ok, Ok, throw it in.
Thank you very much.
Ok come on, open up.
It better be. There's over six
thousand dollars worth of good
French perfume, tied to
the bottom of that boat.
- Boss would never try to cheat, Pess.
- I hope not.
I should like to drink a toast to the
person who created your gown, Mrs. Merrill.
It's a perfect frame,
but lovely picture.
Thank you.
I suppose I inherited my love of
beauty from my father.
He was a connoisseur
of fine jewels.
And only stole the best. He preferred
pearls and old jade above all else.
A man of very delicate sensibilities.
You mean to say that your
father was actually a thief?
We have been thieves for six
generations, Mrs. Merrill.
Very successful thieves.
- Surely he's joking.
- I don't think so.
Mr. Mavros never jokes.
Perhaps it is my candor, Mrs.
Merrill, that confuses you?
I am confused. You say that
you're a thief, and you asked
me to turn over a very
large sum of money to you.
What assurance do I have?
None my dear lady. None whatever except
that I pride myself,
on being a very reliable thief.
What Mrs. Merrill means is how can
she be sure you can fulfill your contract?
Then why not pay me half down,
and half when I deliver your husband.
And that way you will only
have to, half trust me.
I suppose I have no other choice.
Oh, there's something else Mr.
Mavros. The man from
the state department is being
very curious about me.
Then why not remove the object
of his curiosity for a few days.
Charter Captain Evans
boat for a short cruise.
That should give him something
to really puzzle over.
- This can be arranged?
- Very simply.
And I have a man who will
make a very good chaperone.
Then shall we go into the office to
discuss the details.
Let's finish our coffee in the
other room.
She's very pretty.
- And quite young.
- Yes she is.
But not as young as
you might think.
Look, all she wants is to
get her husband back.
How long you been
working for Mavros?
- Nearly a year.
- Does he ever let you out of here?
Well, ah, can we go somewhere tomorrow
night for dinner and talk maybe?
Have a cab meet me at the corner
of Abanasitapasada and quinta.
- At 8 o'clock.
- It's a deal.
That I cannot tell
you my dear lady.
While I realized that curiosity
is a woman's prerogative,
I cannot reveal my methods. Now let us
just assume that money is a
golden key that will open in
any lock.
All that you're really interested in, is
getting your husband back, safe and sound.
- That's right.
- Which poses a question in my mind.
How much is your husband worth, Mrs.
I thought we agreed on the fee.
You misunderstand me, I'm referring to
his assets, total.
I fail to see that is any of
your business, Mr. Mavros.
A direct answer, to a direct question.
I understand he is worth twenty
five millions at least.
And in what way does that
concern you?
He is also quite advanced in years.
While you are quite young and lovely.
I find it strange.
I certainly find you strange, Mr. Mavros.
I wish you would come to the point.
If there is a point.
There is.
Consider the circumstance of death,
Now we all start dying
at the moment of birth.
And we live until we die.
Death is a fact, unpleasant of perhaps,
but under certain circumstances,
not unpleasant.
- Just what is it you're trying to say?
- That you my dear lady,
would make a very beautiful
and a very rich widow.
Has something happened to my husband?
Oh no, he's in
fairly good health.
But it occurred to me that the trip
might prove to be too much for him.
What are you saying?
That you would be a widow with
only twenty four million dollars,
I would have the other million.
Of all the...
you horrible creature.
This is incredible. You stand there
and plot to murder a human being,
my husband. As calmly as if you
were discussing the weather.
You monster.
Gently, gently, please.
- Open the door.
- Oh, dear.
I am an awkward philosopher, I merely
set forth a hypothetical situation.
I did not for a moment suggest
that we dispose of your husband.
But you said...
I was trying to say
that this is a classic
situation in which a woman without
honor would commit murder.
I was in my clumsy fashion
attempting to pay you a
compliment instead I've shocked you.
And I've hurt you.
Please forgive me, please.
All right.
- Will you take me back to my hotel please?
- Certainly.
Good night, Miss Mosenet.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good evening, Mrs. Merrill.
- How do you do?
I don't believe we have met.
- I'm Phillip Norwooth.
- How do you do?
- Are you enjoying Lisbon, Mrs. Merrill?
- Very much, Mr. Norwooth.
- No complications?
- None.
I wish there was some way I could
do this without using Mavros.
- Why?
- I don't trust him.
But I do trust you.
Look a thing like this requires a lot
more than just a boat and a strong back.
It requires requires
contacts, organization.
But don't worry, if
Mavros tries to run wide,
I'll see that he goes
back and touches first base.
At least I have one person that
I can depend on.
You know you asked me once before
if you could trust me, remember?
And I can trust you now, can't I?
As long as you
keep your distance.
I think your bark is
worse than your bite.
Don't take a chance on it.
Well call it instinct, or magnetism
or just plain animal attraction.
You're the sort of woman who,
- Ah, skip it.
- I'm the sort of woman who what?
Married for one thing, in love
with her husband for another.
- I was really just teasing you, Captain.
- Yes I know.
Good night Mrs. Mavros.
Goodnight Captain Evans and thank
you very much for everything.
More burning?
- Yes.
- A moment.
- Who's?
- Maria Magdalene.
- She loves this dress?
- You can be sure of it.
Burn one she does not love. An old one.
It was the Masters orders.
It would please me if you burn an old one.
Would it please you to know why this
dress is being burned?
Why she is being punished?
You will burn an old one.
I've never seen you look so lovely.
Once when I was very young I had
a nightingale. A blind one.
That sang like showers
of little silver bells.
A hawk killed it.
I killed that hawk.
Please, Seraphim!
And then I had a kitten that
slept on my pillow at night.
A dog killed it.
- I killed that dog.
- Stop it.
- I'm sorry, can I get you some brandy?
- No thank you, nothing.
I saved your gown this morning
Maria, Selwyn was going to burn it.
Thank you.
He wanted to tell me why
you were being punished.
I did not permit this.
I know why.
And you are meeting him tonight.
I'm not a child. I have that right.
You will never marry him Maria.
You are sure?
Very sure.
Oh how wonderful.
I like anything. You order.
All right. What kind of wine?
- Champagne?
- No, pink.
Ah, some Bataillas, please, and very cold.
And I think we'll have the dinner.
How do you like your turrida?
- Rare.
- Both rare.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Now what?
- You wanted to ask me questions.
Look I didn't bring you here just
to ask you questions.
Hah! Let us do the questions first.
Then I can enjoy my turrida.
All right, who is Mavros?
I think that even Mavros does
not know the answer to that one.
Well, what is Mavros?
This also I do not know.
I only know that he uses everybody.
Everyone. But for his own ends.
He is without pity.
But he pays me four
thousand escudos a month.
How'd you get mixed up with him?
One must live.
I have been destitute.
Now I am not destitute.
So much for Mr.Mavros.
In other words, you're not talking.
Oh please believe me, Jack. I have
worked for him for almost a year,
I know nothing about him.
He does not confide.
Do you want to know the personal
thing between him and me?
I want to tell you.
No, Maggie.
- Then we talk about you.
- That's a pretty dull subject.
Why you no like yourself?
You so bad?
- Maybe familiarity breeds contempt.
- Maybe you are unfair to you.
- And me.
- You!
You do not make me happy.
Well, I'm sorry. How
can I make you happy?
Play a game.
Ok, what?
Play, that there's never
been a yesterday.
That there will never
be a tomorrow.
You're swell.
I'm fat?
No, no I mean well let's just say
that you have a very fat soul.
If I tell you something,
you will not laugh?
- Sure?
- Sure.
I feel tonight,
like I'm thirteen years old.
I remember my confirmation gown.
It was the loveliest in
Celestial de Merjaque.
White one.
With little lilies embroidered on it.
And now,
again, I feel,
I'm thirteen.
What are you doing?
It will not take a moment.
I want to burn a candle, for St. Jude.
St. Jude?
The patron saint of impossible things.
What impossible thing are you after?
Nothing's impossible for St. Jude.
- Police.
- Yes, I recognize you, Senor Fonseca.
What is your interest in the
American, Captain Evans?
No interest.
But you followed him here.
I'm merely acting, shall we
say as an unseen chaperone.
- An affair of the heart?
- Yes, Sir.
But if you are keeping
them under observation,
I am sure that I have
nothing to worry about.
- Good night, Senor Agent.
- Good night.
Smell me!
From our last shipment. Like a rose.
Look, if Fonseca smells you,
you'll smell like a skunk.
Now go on, have a good
time, but be careful.
Good luck, Jack.
Who was that?
My dentist.
- What?
- My dentist.
Oh Jack,
- I wish this night would never end.
- I'm afraid it has, Maggie.
This has been a night that I
will long remember, Jack.
But now,
like the Cinderella,
I must go back.
Back to what, Maggie?
Oh, that Mavros. He will tell
Selwyn to burn some of my dresses.
That is how he disciplines us.
He buys the dresses,
then if we displease him, he burns them.
But what does it matter, now?
Look I'll make a deal with you. For
every one he burns, I'll buy you two.
How's that, OK?
There are only two dresses in her life
that are really important to a woman.
Both white.
Her confirmation gown and her,
and her bridal gown.
Ah ha, so that's the way the wind blows.
When does this event take place?
We haven't named the day. The man and I.
Well when you do, Maggie, you let
me know and I'll buy you the
most beautiful wedding gown in Lisbon.
Is that a promise?
I promise you will be the first to know.
All right, let's go.
- Wedding.
- Let me go.
You'll never spend a night
with him again, Maria.
How will you stop me?
I'll stop him.
I would have last night,
but a small incident
prevented me.
There will be no more
small incidents.
Why the gun?
- I said, why the gun?
- He doesn't like Captain Evans.
Very interesting. You are aware of
course that Evans is working for me?
He kept her out all night.
Nevertheless I make the
decisions here always.
- Remember that.
- Yes, Sir.
You may go.
Captain Evans won't be bothering
you for a few days.
He's going to take Mrs.
Merrill for a cruise.
- Won't that be nice?
- No.
Go to your room.
We're about here headed due north.
You ever see the pallacio
painter from Simba?
- No, I haven't.
- Quite a sight.
Then I command you to take
me there, my good captain.
On this ship, the captain gives
the orders, not the mate.
- I am not the mate.
- Would you like to sign on?
Do you run a happy ship?
No strictly shell back and salty.
Well, I always did take my shell backs
with a grain of salt. I'll sign on.
All right. Stow that shot, right there.
Why is it, that sailors
always stow, and people put.
Are you implying that sailors
are not people, Mr. Mate?
That's debatable, Sir.
And that's insubordination.
- What's the penalty for that?
- A month in the brig on bread and water.
What's the penalty for lying to
the captain?
Loss of rank, downgraded
to ordinary seaman.
Then you are looking
at an ordinary seaman.
Of course, I might promote you back
to mate, if you told the truth.
- The truth about what for instance?
- The truth about Sylvia Merrill.
People don't tell the truth to
No the real truth.
Well I'd like to know the real truth.
How does one get over
being a stranger?
Who, what, when, where aren't they the
basic ingredients of all stories?
Ok, who, Robert
John Evans, born in Boston on the
right side of the tracks at an early age.
Two. One mother, one
father, both deceased.
Now the what.
Well, I went to college graduated in
engineering got a job, I settled down.
That's what I thought it was
until I checked the phone bill.
Some long distance calls I thought had been
charged by mistake.
there was no mistake. I paid.
It's usually the woman who pays.
Oh sure, sure.
I'm a little sick of that
particular cliche too.
"The woman always pays."
Let me tell you something.
It's the man that always pays
and we keep on paying.
A man's heart is a little on
the soft side, like putty.
Marks stay.
And what do you think a
woman's heart is made of?
Something much more
durable and practical.
Her emotions are usually governed by economics.
It's quite a gadget a woman's heart.
You are bitter.
Perhaps we better get on to
the when part of your story.
Well, when the war started I
went in the navy, destroyers.
When it was over, I decided
to remain in Europe.
So I went to England I
bought this conversion.
For fishing.
For fishing. So that
brings us up to date on
the what, when and where
of Robert John Evans.
She must have been
very beautiful.
Well that's beside the point.
Now. Who is Sylvia?
Give me a cigarette.
Well, who is she?
I was born in the west of
Ireland. At an early age as you say.
And at an early age I learned the
values of poverty.
We were saddled with a great
gloomy old bats nest.
With some historical associations.
No money. None.
So my father turned it into a museum
tourists, trippers, shilling a head. Bored?
No, no.
The thing I want you to understand Robert
John, is the thing that made me do it.
Do what?
- Marry a man older than my own father.
- All right, why did you do it?
Sometimes a car would drive
away, a great big shiny one.
My mind would follow it
like a hungry dog all
the way back to Dublin
and the grand hotels.
You would never understand the
bitterness of that kind of dreaming.
Now I have twenty five million
or rather my husband has.
Life's an odd thing, truly.
It's been done before.
Oh, I liked him,
and I believed that I could love him. I had
to, for my self respect, you understand.
Yeah I understand.
Oh no you don't understand.
I was doing fine until you grabbed
me and kissed me.
Broke my lip.
It bled all night.
It wouldn't stop bleeding,
because I wouldn't let it stop.
Let's take it easy.
Just take it easy.
Oh, how lovely.
Lord Byron is supposed
to have said that anyone
who went to the world
without seeing Sintra,
went through it with
one eye closed.
Maybe it was better so.
- May we go over there?
- Sure.
Now I want you to close your eyes and turn
around, but don't open them until I tell.
Close 'em.
Oh, It's wonderful!
- What is that castle?
- That's Palacia Pena.
- Those domes are rather strange.
- Well it was probably built by the Moors.
Portuguese borrowed a lot from them.
Grapes look good.
Oh, no thanks, I'm allergic.
What did she say?
She said, she hoped we'd
have many strong children.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Was I? Sorry.
- Sour.
- Grapes are sweet.
Look, I think we better be getting back
to the boat.
We are due to go after
your husband tonight.
Yes, I know.
- What time do we get in?
- About eight.
You could've had dinner
with me. I couldn't eat.
Neither could I.
- Please don't go.
- Look what's the point?
I know, I know, but there's so
little time and so much to say.
Please sit down, I want to ask
you a question.
What would you do if if you had
twenty five million dollars?
Will you please sit down?
- What?
- Buy a bigger faster boat.
You mean you'd go on smuggling?
- Sure.
- Don't you ever intend to give it up?
Oh, I don't know,
maybe if the right woman
came along I might.
You see it's the game,
it isn't the money.
I guess I have a streak
of Mavros in me.
Hasn't every man.
Yeah, and every woman.
What little good it does her.
A woman can't go off running
around the world doing as she pleases,
having fun. Oh no, we're the
guardians of morals and manners.
That's why you put it on your
silly pedestal so we can't move a
step without falling off.
Ut uh. We put you on pedestals
so we can look up, not down.
Yes, when really
all we want is to walk with you
- be with, you go with you.
- You're talking about me?
Yes I am.
You mean you'd divorce your husband,
give up a fortune just to marry me?
Oh, you don't understand.
You don't, you don't.
Look there is something I don't understand.
You want your husband back, don't you?
I want him back more than
anything else in the world.
But I want him back dead.
But he's old, he's old. Why can't
he die now and let me live?
- Why, why, why?!
- Shut up!
You don't know what you're saying.
Mrs. Merrill, Sir.
Ahh, Madam, did you
have a pleasant trip?
- Very pleasant, thank you.
- Do, sit down.
Well tonight's the night. Captain
Evans will depart in two hours,
and he'll be back at midnight with
your husband.
Yes, I know.
I have arranged that he be brought here
where it is comfortable and private.
I assume that you have the
balance of the fee?
I have.
- With you?
- Yes.
Ah, not now dear lady. As they say in
the states C.O.D. Cash on delivery.
- Would you like some coffee?
- No thank you.
- Some brandy.
- No thank you.
Something is troubling you.
No, no, not really.
You do me an injustice, dear lady.
Tears leave a very delightful
brightness in the eyes.
You have been weeping.
I have.
You have.
Perhaps there something I can do
to make you happy.
- I wonder.
- You wonder what?
You once said that all men must
die, sometime.
I did, indeed.
But believe me, the idea did not
originate with me.
You said that death can
sometimes be a fortunate thing.
Am I correct in assuming that you
want to husband back, but not alive?
Yes, Mr. Mavros.
Oh, my dear lady.
You have restored my faith in my
judgment of human nature.
But why dead? Why didn't you
simply leave him where he was?
Because I cannot touch any of his
money without proof of his death.
Positive proof, or wait
seven years.
And I don't propose to wait
seven years.
Now I understand why your state
department would have been inadequate.
Murder can be an
expensive commodity.
How expensive?
In view of the very large
sum involved, I would say,
that... er... four percent would be fair.
Say a million dollars.
I'll pay it.
As soon as the estate is settled.
That will be satisfactory.
No, no, no, your attitude towards Captain
Evans could jeopardize this entire project.
I will not tolerate
- You understand?
- I intend no insubordination,
but I have a personal reason
for eliminating Captain Evans.
First things first.
The freighter will be off Cabo de Rocca at
midnight, thirty miles west.
They will have Merrill in a lifeboat. You
will give them this packet of money.
They will put Merrill
aboard the Orca, clear?
Yes, Senor.
There is one other thing, however.
When Merrill arrives on
shore, he must be dead.
No marks. There should be
no difficulty, he's quite old.
Does Evans know about this plan?
You can bring the boat back
alone, can you not?
Then after you have Merrill aboard, by
some happy circumstance,
- Captain Evans may fall overboard. Hmm?
- So he will, poor fellow.
You had better go out to the boat.
For it is time to leave.
Yes, Senor.
I have an hour.
Captain Evans, he is here?
- Maggie, what are you doing here?
- You are to go out tonight with Seraphim?
Yes, I know.
- Seraphim is going to kill you.
- What makes you think so?
Oh please to be serious, Jack,
Seraphim will.
- I know.
- But why?
- Because he thinks that I love you.
- Then why don't you tell him that...
Wait a minute, did you tell him you did?
That's a lie.
That's a question, did you?
He knew. He's not
stupid, that Seraphim.
- Oh Jack please go away.
- Look, honey, don't worry about Seraphim,
I'll be alright.
But I do worry.
- I do love you, Jack.
- Oh, Honey, you only think you do.
How can I protect you from Seraphim,
when all you do is laugh?
- Well just tell him, you don't love me.
- But he don't believe me.
Nobody believe me.
You fool, you!
What's that for?
How did you kiss me on
the cheek like a child.
I am a woman, grown.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Listen, I'm going to have my men escort
you back to town.
- Why won't you escort me?
- I have to stand by.
- But Seraphim will be coming.
- Don't worry about Seraphim, will you?
Yes, Captain?
Take Miss Masanet back to town, will you?
And look, don't worry anymore.
Here, thirty miles west of Cabo de Rocca.
Ok, we'll shove off as
soon as my man gets back.
Mr. Mavros was very explicit
on that point. No crew.
Who's gonna help me handle this boat?
I am.
Do you know anything about boats?
Ok go on up and get the spring
let in and we'll cast off.
I Just got your message Inspector.
What's up?
As you say in America, the jig
is up for our Captain Evans.
Ah, but yes, I have here a sworn
affidavit from one Hassan Ben Ali.
Who states that he sold four gross
of French perfume to the good
captain and further deposes that
Evans assaulted and robbed him.
Unfortunately the assault and
robbery took place in North Africa,
- But that's not enough evidence to...
- Ahh, but there is more.
I have here, in jail,
the man that Evans sold the perfume to.
Fine, fine, but would he identify him?
To save himself an extra year in
jail, you can be sure he will.
But I must see him, I must.
Senor Inspector, you must help me.
He's going to kill
captain Evans.
- Who is going to kill Captain Evans.
- Seraphim. He went with him on the boat.
- Where?
- Oh, I don't know.
But Mavros knows.
That is all.
I am desolated gentlemen, that I can
give you no specific information.
Where and when and when Captain
Evans will return, I do not know.
- But you know where he went.
- Oh no.
Only that he will return with Mr.
Lloyd Merrill tonight.
An achievement which your state
department was unable to accomplish.
An achievement which could set
off international complications.
Oh no, my friend.
This is an act of mercy.
Mr. Merrill is old, and feeble.
You would leave him to die in
prison. While I will not.
If this is a crime I
would submit to arrest.
You have not committed any crimes
Senor Mavros that we are aware of,
However, tomorrow morning we will pick up
your passport.
You are no longer welcome in Portugal.
What a pity. It's a lovely
- Good night.
- Good night, Inspector.
- Mr. Norwooth.
- Good night.
There they are aft of
starboard in the lifeboat.
I see them.
Money, money.
Would you like some brandy, Mr. Merrill?
Yeah, thank you.
- This will make you feel better.
- Thank you.
- How's my wife?
- Very well, Sir.
Still as beautiful as ever?
She's very beautiful, Sir.
You had better get that boarding
ladder in, before it carries away.
You always run at 1800?
For normal cruising, yeah.
- The automatic pilot, it works?
- Uh huh.
How do you make it take over?
I don't at night. Too many fishing boats.
You want to engage it, you
just turn that switch.
- This one?
- That's right.
Is that our true course to Belain?
Well, it's a corrected course.
Five degrees a drift.
I see.
I think I better go and see how
our passenger is making out.
He was complaining of a severe
pain in his heart when I left him.
Well get down there!
What are you looking for, Mr. Merrill?
You are looking for a weapon, Mr. Merrill?
Keep away from me.
Keep away from me.
You didn't drink your brandy, Mr. Merrill.
No, I saw you put something in it.
You think I'm a fool?
Yes, Mr. Merrill.
It must be almost two o'clock.
Mrs. Merrill.
People, clever people will be
observing your reactions,
you must exercise more control.
There is delay in every human
journey, a point of no return.
This is yours.
Mrs. Merrill.
I'm afraid I have a
disappointment for you.
- My Dear.
- My Darling.
Oh, my Darling.
Well Mrs Merrill, you
got what you wanted.
Mr. Mavros. You owe me
some money.
So I do.
So I do.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way,
My man Seraphim,
have you seen him?
Oh yeah, Yes. He fell overboard.
- Careless.
- Oh very.
Well good luck, Mr. Merrill.
I'm going to take a strong personal
interest in your future.
Now that I've had some small
part in making one possible.
And I'm sure that your
wife will see to it that
nothing will ever happen
to endanger that future.
Well thank you, Captain Evans.
- Thank you very much.
- Good bye Mrs. Merrill.
Good bye, Captain Evans.
Just a moment, Captain.
You see the man this sold you the
perfume in this room?
Point him out.
Congratulations Captain. You have
very loyal Colleagues.
I will trouble you for your
passport, Senor Mavros.
I anticipated your request.
Where are you going?
I guess my beach combing days
are over.
So from now on I'm traveling the
straight and narrow.
But without you I'm afraid
things might be kind of dull.
Will you go with me?
Let's go.