Listen Amaya (2013) Movie Script

Ma, I'm going for a run.
Will you pick up
some bread on the way back?
Why just bread?
Eggs, milk, the
paper, I'll get them all!
Oh ho just a minute listen up..
Oh..this girl just never listens!
Remember this?
I'm good..
Mr. Sinha, but the models are better.
Hmmm, that I agree!
Spectacular my foot.
I'm looking like a Bijouka
What's that?
Those things that stand in the fields..
But I like things
that stand in the fields..
Speaking of scarecrows,
I need to lose some weight.
What a slick change of topic!
Hi Mrs. K! How are you?
Hey Mrs. K!
Young man, surely you mean
what is up?
And it's not Mrs. K,
it's Leela aunty.
Yeah yeah, we love you too Mrs. K!
Right, let me go
hang out with these monkeys!
I'll speak with her today.
Relax, there is no tearing hurry.
What is up, uncle J!
Okay, so tell me..
Why do you bob your
heads like this while speaking?
We're in the groove uncle!
Oh! Groove..
"I wish for a tune, that I might play,"
"Which may bare my heart, I so pray."
"Lost in her tresses
as I watch her fly by,"
"Watching her over cups
of coffee, abysmally shy.."
"Who is she, do tell all"
"Facts on the table,
or we won't play ball.."
"It's a very simple formula,"
"Let your hearts speak and say Hurrah!"
"Hey Hey Hey"
"Mrs. K,"
"There's some
magic in your coffee today"
"Hey Hey Hey"
"Mrs. K,"
"There's some
magic in your coffee today"
"Know this that the heart is smitten,"
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Cherish these
moments, of love unspoken"
"Fill each second
with colours unbroken.."
"It's a very simple formula,"
"Live your life
carefree and without brouhaha!"
"Hey Hey Hey- "Mrs. K,"
"There's some
magic in your coffee today"
"Hey Hey Hey- "Mrs. K,"
"There's some
magic in your coffee today"
"Life's many colours,
inexplicable but inviting"
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Life is short and
shaded with many hues,"
"Live it like, you
have nothing to lose.."
"Where it may take you,"
"on it's journey so far,"
"Hey Hey Hey- "Mrs. K,"
"There's some magic
in your coffee today.."
"Hey Hey Hey- "Mrs. K,"
"There's some magic
in your coffee today.."
"Know this that the heart is smitten,"
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
"Coffee in this cafe is
but an excuse for flirting.."
Actually I'm the one at fault.
I should have
recognized the sort of man you are.
Don't bother, I QUIT!
Hi Amaya.
How was your day?
Don't ask.
No Ma, ask me..ask me!
Hi Amaya, how was your day?
Men are such bastards.
They only have one thing on their minds!
slapped my boss today. my ex-boss.
We'll just re-register
on yet again.
No problem.
So tell me.
What did he do?
actually he didn't do anything,
but he told me to sleep with him.
You didn't over-react did you?
So then what are you stressed about?
What you did was absolutely right.
Mum, have you ever slapped anyone?
I mean other than me?
You never felt like slapping anyone?
I did feel like it sometimes,
at your father.
What are you saying?
The two of you fought as well?
I don't remember that.
Actually, he was too nice for that,
which is why I felt like it!
Is that why you
transferred all you angst to me?!
I'm really impulsive aren't I mum?
You remember what dad used to say?
Live by what you believe in,
even if it kills you.
The Busy Bazaar..
Which is the fool who says,
time stops for no one?
Look at this clock.
It's forever starting and stopping!
Every clock here is
like a traveler of sorts.
They stop when they
want to and go when they wish.
It's amazing Rizwaan bhai,
It seems like you've given
life to these inanimate clocks.
what did you think?
That these clocks are lifeless?
These clocks are the ones that tell us,
when we entered this world
and when we left it's cloying confines.
Here please have some tea.
Thank you.
Very nice!
Tell me something?
Sitting in the midst of
all these different clocks,
how do you tell what is the right time?
Who's to say what is
right and what is wrong?
That one moment,
spells celebration for someone
and mourning for someone else.
I actually want to ask you something.
Why do you take so many pictures?
Well, like you I also play with time.
I try to capture
every memorable moment as an image.
And why's that?
So that instead of
it being only a moment,
it remains preserved as
a beautiful memory instead.
Memories must always
be preserved in the mind!
You can never trust
the mind either can you?
It's getting late, I must leave now..
But how will I find your shop again?
There is Abdul's
tea stall on the corner...?
Yes, I've seen it.
We're just off to it's right.
That's easy enough!
Whenever the pictures do get printed,
do show them to me as well.
Absolutely, that remains a promise.
So how hard did you actually slap him?
Care for a taster?!
Relax Ma! I'm only joking!
So our resident Joan
of Arc is now unemployed?
Not unemployed Jazz!
I'm just taking time off,
there's a difference.
Well, from where I'm sitting,
your time off itself looks like,
you are now fully
and completely unemployed!
That's because
you've gone completely kooky!
Tell me something?
Instead of dancing
on my head all the time,
why don't the both of
you find something else to do?
Ms Chamko does have a point there.
Patience I say!
Creativity does take some time!
You know Jazz,
when I was working
I always said, when I had time,
I'd do this and I'd do that.
Would you care to elaborate
on all of your this's and that's?
I want to learn pottery
I want to run a marathon
And maybe someday,
I want to write my own book
The first two you
may still be able to do.
But the third you
may as well forget about!
I've been wanting to write a book,
since before I knew how to write!
So why haven't you done it yet?
Because I still don't know how to write!
I'll do the writing
while you take the pictures..
It'll be a really
cool coffee table book.
It's not a very bad idea!
Now that's all that was left to do!
My coffee.
My table.
And your coffee table book?
It'll lie here forgotten
on these very book shelves.
How mean mama!
A veritable fountain of encouragement!
Hi! Sorry, sorry!!
How do you manage
to be late, all the time?
There's still ten
minutes till the movie begins..
Let it be.
Ok guys.
Guess what?
I'm writing a book with Jazz!
Good job!
Who's Jazz?'ve met him
at the cafe the other day.
Oh! that Jazz..
Yes..that Jazz!
He likes aunty doesn't he?
Are you mad?
Since it's your first time,
This is on the house.
Thank you,
Indian hospitality
really knows no bounds!
This is not hospitality.
This is good business sense,
now you'll definitely come back!
I'm about to set up camp here.
Oh good.
Would you actually have a
vacancy for a waiter or the like?
My wife might be a
little over qualified but..
Don't mind my husband.
Abhay is an ass.
I never judge a book by it's cover.
Thank you!
But really! You're living my dream.
In fact we only came in because
we were so intrigued
by the name of your cafe!
You know, me cam may be mine,
but it was christened by my daughter!
Very interesting.
And you've really travelled the world.
Actually, not really.
These are all pictures of
people who came here as strangers,
But left as lifelong friends.
Let me show you.
This is Cindy, she's from Peru.
Leave alone Hindi, she
could barely speak English!
But you know, she's
told me so much about Peru,
that it feels like I
know the country inside out.
It's amazing!
That's great!
It sounds like you
get to travel the world,
without having to leave the cafe at all!
Actually that is true!
There's something
special about this little cafe".
Is this your daughter?
How do you know?
She has your eyes..
What does she do?
She does a lot of things!
She's a full time writer,
Part time cafe manager,
At heart, Amaya is a..
Free spirit!
"The mind knows no boundaries"
"Dreams have no walls"
"They walk hand in hand"
"As you follow where life calls.."
"The mind knows no boundaries"
"Dreams have no walls"
"They walk hand in hand"
"As you follow where life calls.."
You can read later,
let's concentrate on
writing our book first.
This is a story of a weasel.
Don't waste time on
stupid books! Lets go.
We must buy this one!
I said, get up!
It's a great title for our book.
Weasel on a hot tin roof!
This seems to be older than me also!
Will this camera work?
It might, or it might not!
"Open skies above me"
"Not a corner to be seen
"A gentle breeze flows past free"
"Directionless but so happily keen"
"if I could only fly"
"Like those birds soaring high"
"Knowing them as I sail by"
"Speaking their
language, not being shy
"Those many sun kissed lanes"
"From where the breeze whispers out"
"Dancing lightly as sprinkling rain"
"Kissing lips that curl in a pout"
"The mind knows no boundaries"
"Dreams have no walls"
"They walk hand in hand"
"As you follow where life calls.."
Hi Leela!
Hi Jayant.
We're on our way to the famous
stuffed flat bread lane in Chandni Chowk.
To eat there?
To buy chickens and sell eggs instead!
And before you ask,
Your daughter is safe and well.
You have
absolutely no cause for concern.
You know, when I was a child,
we used to come here very often.
This was dad's favorite Sunday outing.
In fact, I even started to write here.
The Busy Bazaar.
My first story,
I was nine years old.
Dad read the story,
and asked me to change the way it ended.
But I didn't change it,
Because I believed in my story.
You know, that day
my father became my biggest fan.
He used to say,
the day your first book gets published,
we'll celebrate it with Champagne.
I guess he just ran out of time.
Come, I want you to
meet a very interesting man.
He repairs old clocks,
his shop is somewhere close by.
"Hold on to these memories"
"Fragrant, fresh moments all"
"May they never
fade like a dying breeze"
"These precious moments of recall"
"Lock up these special moments"
"Deep inside our heart"
"Telling others our stories"
"When they come out of the dark"
"The hope of every morning"
"As windows open to the suns rays"
"Like gentle dew drops forming"
"That today shall be a wondrous day"
"The mind knows no boundaries"
"Dreams have no walls"
"They walk hand in hand"
"As you follow where life calls.."
Lets go Aditi,
we'll come some other time.
'Memories must be
preserved in the mind!'
'That one moment,
spells celebration for someone'
'and mourning for someone else.'
'There is Abdul's
tea stall on the corner...?'
Happy birthday Ma!!
Oh! My God!
Thank you.
Open it.
Oh, this is nice..
You like it?
Can I borrow it?
So, what did you'll do yesterday?
I completely filled my dictaphone,
while Jazz filled all 4 of
his memory cards with pictures
You know Ma, Jazz
is actually pretty cool.
He makes friends so easily!
In a place like Chandni Chowk,
he knew every lane
and every shop in it..
Except for this one
shop, he couldn't find.
Speak of the Devil! - Hello?
So what is it that
I'm supposed to say today?
Happy Birthday!
Thank you.
You're being
praised to the high heavens.
Please tell her that I
also had a very good time.
Why don't you tell her
yourself when you get here?
Ma, how old was Aditi?
Eight or nine. Why do you ask?
Jazz suddenly called me Aditi yesterday.
Aunty, please hand me the knife.
Hand it over right now.
What do you want to do with it?
I want to commit suicide.
Oh! One second..
Use this one, this
will work much better.
Aunty? You're finding this funny?
I mean look at me.
I'm good looking,
handsome, tall, Intelligent.
With an IQ of over 220
I even have a six pack..
Care to see?
And above all aunty,
I'm so modest too.
I love your daughter so much.
And she, doesn't
give me the time of day.
All I get is a hmm?
Aunty don't just say hmm..
Please do something.
Oh God, he's here again..
Hi Amaya!
Bye Raghav!
Good morning Guruji.
Bless you my child, bless you!
Mum, I'll be back in awhile
can you please not
entertain this Orangutan..
Come on..lets go, lets go.
I really love Amaya.
Raghav ,
I really love Amaya too.
Jayant uncle, bless me please.
Whatever dude.
He's a really nice boy
and you know, he's crazy about Amaya.
But that is
historically true of this place.
Whoever comes here,
either falls for the daughter
or the mother instead!
What was this boy's name?
That's right,
Show me.
I'll show you a fantastic picture.
You know Jayant,
I'm so glad Amaya's really fond of you.
It won't be easy though.
I know,
but I know Amaya too.
She'll handle it.
Ma..should I wear
this sari to Priya's wedding?
Priya? Finally?
But doesn't Nishant
look a lot older than her?
Err yeah.
Because Priya is only
20 years younger to him!
What do you expect?
But don't they look so good together?
No I need to give
you something brighter.
It's a marriage not a funeral!
But I like black!
More books
for Book a Coffee!
Hi, I'm Devika
- Hi! -Abhay.
Hi, I'm Amaya
Yeah we know, the free spirit"?
So, you've met my mother before?
- Here. - Thanks.
So tell me, how did you decide to return
from America after ten years?
Devika wanted to open a clinic here,
and after all, there's
nothing like being home, is there?
It's just a matter of
getting used to living here again.
Why? Aren't you enjoying living here?
No, it's not that.
Our friends had
warned us before we re-located
about the system here..
The famous Indian system
Look, I've made my peace with it,
If by greasing a few palms,
it makes life easier all around,
then do it. Everybody does it..
So basically, you've
taken the easy way out?
C'mon Amaya, he's got a point!
What point Ma?
Everyone makes this
point, it's very convenient.
Which is why nothing changes here.
Amaya, it's not like
I'm supporting corruption.
Your logic is exactly like
you're supporting corruption!
Abhay, who have you tangled with?
You know Amaya and my husband..
What's this?
The party's already started
and I wasn't even informed!
Hi, Jayant Sinha. wife Devika.
Happy Birthday to you,
we have a cake here for you.
Raghav, even you knew?
Happy Birthday aunty Leela.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
Whenever you
manage to stand up straight,
I'd like to have a word with you.
Are you only planning to party,
or are there any ideas for the book too?
No actually, I've been unwell.
I've got Writer's block!
When people move as violently as you do,
things are bound to
go wrong all the time!
Ever since we spoke the other day,
I've come up with a fantastic idea.
To really get to know someone well,
you must dig down and
peer into their memories.
So, why don't you
write a book about memories?
Something like..
We'll write it
Memories of the Busy Bazaar
ls your husband a writer too?
Sorry, I think I've
dialed the wrong number.
Cafe's shut today?
What's happened?
Because we're going to lunch out.
Are we going to eat Biryani?
That I can do even at home!
You are going to make Biryani?
Then we're definitely
going to lunch out today.
C'mon Ma, I'm not that bad!
Quite bad..
Quite bad. Nonsense.
Dad used to always measure out spices
using his fingers.
You remember that?
And I also remember
that he made
better Biryani than you too!
Dad was such a great guy.
I think, they just
don't make men like him anymore.
Now don't get all sentimental on me!
I'm the one getting sentimental?
Okay lets see..
Come and sit.
I also want to speak with you..
Amaya just see..
It's Jazz.
So take the call.
You take the call yourself..
Where are you?
Where do you think, but at home...?
Why are you sounding so angry?
I've lost my mobile phone.
Sorry, silly question.
What are you'll up to?
Eating lunch,
special Amaya biryani.
Does Amaya plan on only cooking biryani,
or does she plan on
starting to write as well?
Yeah, she's writing too"
Oh shucks..
Jayant I'll just call you back.
Ma, I can't get this right.
Oh! You look lovely!
Are you going out somewhere?
Jayant and I are going out to dinner.
We can give you a lift.
No need. I'm going with my friends.
Okay. Have fun.
Please congratulate Priya
and Nishant on my behalf as well.
Thank you.
I have only one major regret in my life,
I haven't travelled..
I met an Australian the other day..
She would be older than you also!
She'd bought a one
way ticket around the world.
And no plan, nothing.
She left when she wanted
to, and if she liked a place,
she just stayed as long as she desired!
The quintessential traveler!
I envied her..
I so envied her.
We'll travel the world together Leela,
the whole world.
You and me together.
Even Madhavi and Aditi loved to travel.
It was Aditi's spring break,
so we left for
Ranikhet, early in the morning.
There used to be a
small restaurant on the way,
where Madhavi loved to stop for tea.
So we stopped"
Aditi was asleep on the seat behind,
so I opened the door
and picked her up in my arms.
Madhavi said, lets
leave after a cup of tea.
Since Aditi woke up hungry,
I asked them
to fetch sandwiches lying in the car.
I was loading a new
roll of film in the camera.
It suddenly started
to pour down with rain,
so, I asked them to stay in the car,
while I paid up.
As I turned to leave after paying,
I saw a truck speeding towards our car.
Before I could say or do anything"
It crashed straight into our car.
My Aditi and Madhavi
died on the spot.
My daughter was only 9 years old Leela.
She was so small..
For years thereafter, I cursed myself.
Why was I not in the car with them"
I'm sorry.
Listen Amaya..
'I'm listening Ma'
'I'm listening Ma'
'I'm listening Ma'
I want to go to Bangalore.
I want to meet Aunty.
Amaya..can we talk?
I want to leave tomorrow.
I'll call her.
Leela? What a lovely surprise!
Mummy was asking
about you all yesterday.
How are you'll doing?
Amaya wants to come to Bangalore.
Oh great!
Is she coming for an interview?
No. She wants to meet with you.
Everything okay?
I don't know..
I'll book her on an evening flight.
Well please tell Amaya,
I'm really looking
forward to seeing her.
I will.
Take care, bye.
Aunty will be at the
airport to pick you up.
I don't want to go.
But, didn't you just say..
I can change my mind Ma!
Your father was my best friend.
The day he died,
it almost felt like
I'd died with him too.
But then I saw you
and realized that life stops for no one.
You became my strength Amaya.
I really missed your father.
These twelve years have been tough,
and I had no one to
tell me right from wrong.
Bringing you up alone
was a challenge by itself,
but I've enjoyed every moment of it.
I'm proud of who you've grown up to be.
Dad would have been too"
ambitious young woman.
An exciting world awaits you,
full of opportunities.
So a few years ago, I thought to myself
why not start living my life again?
I started Book a Coffee.
I met with some old friends,
and I made some new ones too.
Jayant and I just clicked.
We didn't know,
if we both wanted
the same things from life.
We'd often be afraid.
In fact,
the biggest fear was
whether you would
be fond of Jayant or not.
You put that fear to rest yourself.
And Amaya,
I'm sure you'll understand this,
Jayant made me feel like a woman again.
We want to spend the
rest of our lives together.
Good morning!
What do you think?
I don't like the title..
But why? I think it's very appropriate.
Because memories are very personal,
And we have no right to
dig up other peoples' memories.
Maybe we should
never have started this book.
It's not too late yet,
but I believe
if you start something,
it's only right to
see it through to its end.
Uncle, listen to this joke..
Santa whispers
something into Banta's ear.
Banta dies instantly.
What is it that Santa
whispered into Banta's ear?
Say say..
It wasn't so bad was it?
Leela aunty, give this to me..
You go sit down.
No no..I'll earn some
tips in the meanwhile too!
When are you leaving for Ranikhet?
In a couple of days.
Bye Mrs. K
Bye Bye..
Tell me something,
what do you feel when you go back now?
It doesn't hurt so much now.
I stop for tea at the same restaurant,
the same owner still chats with me..
Cars come and go as usual..
It doesn't hurt so much now.
When I spoke with Amaya yesterday,
she didn't react at all.
She didn't say a word.
She will.
You just need to give her some time.
But what is this Busy Bazaar?
A little girl
who gets lost in a market
and goes looking for her father"
Amaya's first story,
and now, possibly her first book.
Oh Abhay!
What a lovely surprise.
This is for you.
Oh, thank you!
Come in.
Not angry any more I hope!
I'm so sorry about that day!
Don't bother"
I'm an idiot.
It's okay..
So tell me,
how is Devika? Where is she?
She's just gone to
look at a few places to rent..
For the clinic, I told you about.
Right, you mentioned earlier.
It's a family day in?
Is Jayant not at home?
Jayant must be at home only..
Of course.
The weather's become really erratic"
Yeah.. but,
It's nice..l like it!
It rains every year at the same time?
It rains whenever!
One never knows..
He asked me actually,
Jayant only told me to
come over in the evening.
So you left the
wine at Leela's home too?
You're something else..
Why didn't you tell me?
Okay, I'm forgetful as a person,
I forgot to SMS you the address..
But my dear sir, you went ahead
and decided everything in your own mind!
All black and white?
They are life's two
basic shades after all,
black and white.
Actually quite ordinary.
A common man's everyday life..
Which we always tend to overlook.
There lies the
difference between you and us.
Oh boy!
Angry young woman.
Maybe just a
misunderstood young woman...?
And after all, anger is
also an important emotion,
it must also be present in one's life.
Shall we sit?
Aren't you ready yet?
For what?
The sample of the new chairs is ready,
we have to approve it.
Why do I need to come?
You go and see them yourself..
Go and see them myself?
I'm not deciding on this alone,
I need your opinion.
MY Opinion?
Lucky me!
Hi sorry..
What is it?
Just give me two minutes"
- Need any help? - No thanks.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry!
That's alright.
I think I'll help anyway..
For the cups at least.
Chaos huh?
Where is Leela?
She's not feeling well.
What's happened to her?
I don't know.
please give mummy this medicine
before she goes to bed.
What's happened to her?
Nothing serious,
just a little bit stressed I think.
- Okay bye! - Thank you.
Here, I'll pick up the medicines.
Look Raghav, I don't need..
You don't need my help?
I know.
Amaya, I'm not
doing this to impress you,
I actually happen to
be fond of Leela aunty.
This is for her.
So..if you don't mind,
Clean up.
I read your draft.
It's touching.
Talk to me.
Good night Ma.
Please talk to me..
So, what'll you have?
I'll have one of these..
Okay..that one? And what'll you have?
I'll have a regular Mexican..
Okay. That's what you have every time!
Why did you get UP?
Aren't you supposed to go rest?
It's okay.
You have a publisher
meeting today don't you?
Go and meet him.
And please don't slap him or anything!
Devika's invited us
over for dinner tonight.
Who is us?
You and me Amaya..
I'll try.
And I said to him..
Raghav, why do you
always insist on helping me?
I'm sorry..
"A little girl does a stranger meet"
"Light of step, she skips a beat"
"Within her heart is a to and fro"
"A little bit of come and go"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
"A little girl does a stranger meet"
"Light of step, she skips a beat"
"Within her heart is a to and fro"
"A little bit of come and go"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
"Prancing, dancing and romancing"
"To herself she would happiness bring"
"Prancing, dancing and romancing"
"To herself she would happiness bring"
"And with the stranger whom she met"
"Into a trance she would get"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"And with the stranger whom she met"
"Into a trance she would get"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
"A little girl does a stranger meet"
"Light of step, she skips a beat"
"Within her heart is a to and fro"
"A little bit of come and go"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
"In the drizzle that now gently fell"
"Drops of rain clung to her"
"Crazy as only she could be"
"In the drizzle that now gently fell"
"Drops of rain clung to her"
"Crazy as only she could be"
"Sensuous yet sensuously demure"
"In the dark of night with the stranger"
"In full flow the lissome lass"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
"A little girl does a stranger meet"
"Light of step, she skips a beat"
"Within her heart is a to and fro"
"A little bit of come and go"
"Wide awake on a sleepy night"
"How strange was she you tell me!"
Oh hi..
When did you get back?
Just are you?
I'll just be back, sit..
Ms Krishnamoorthy..
on your first publication.
I can hardly believe,
Memories of the Busy Bazaar,
is the work of a first time author.
I was so looking forward
to meeting Mr. Sinha as well.
His photography is outstanding.
I think, he's not in town sir.
Sir, there's just one more thing"
I wanted to change
the title of the book.
Absolutely not!
The title will sell first,
people will love the book after that.
Thank you Mr. Khanna.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much!
I have been thinking Leela..
Why do I keep returning to Ranikhet?
Because somewhere in my subconscious,
I've hoarded my most precious memories.
Amaya is doing the same thing.
I'm afraid to even speak with her now,
I never know what
she will say and when..
Naturally, till now
she has never had
to take your permission,
to enter your room.
She could do so at any
time, without so much as knocking..
Now, she will need to knock,
ask if she can enter..
It's a small thing,
but it has a different meaning for her.
So, how's the book coming along?
- Here.. - Thanks.
Thank you..
Actually it's about to be published.
I wanted Ma to be
the first person to know..
But, you'll are..
So cheers I guess!
She is coming right?
Yeah of course..
Actually, let me check.
She must be on her way.
So, nice house!
Thank you!
We all live within our
individual comfort zones,
when they're disturbed, it bothers us.
But she's very comfortable with you.
Yes she is,
but only as a friend.
She's missing her father Leela,
and now her biggest fear,
is that I may be
replacing him in her life.
So..why don't you speak with her,
if only as a friend?
I don't believe
anyone can explain this to her,
she needs to work it out for herself.
She always picks up.
I can't get through
on the home line either.
I hope she's feeling well..
Lets not waste anymore time,
come..lets go.
This is my colour,
You're playing this.
Red is my colour.
Abhay? I'm so sorry..
I just forgot.
No's okay.
We'll do the dinner some other time.
Weren't you the one who said,
we were having dinner at their place?
- Actually Amaya.. -
I'm not speaking with you.
I'm speaking to my
mother if you don't mind.
- Just stay out of
this. - Amaya how dare you?
It's okay Leela, I should be leaving.
No. You stay right here.
I think Amaya just over-reacted.
look at it from Amaya's point of view..
How can she accept this relationship?
Amaya is a modern girl,
she knows her mind.
Being modern does not mean
that she's totally emotionless.
Don't confuse both issues.
- Listen Amaya. - No!
You listen.
I've heard whatever you have had to say,
Now you listen.
You've betrayed my father,
you've embarrassed me,
and you've changed..
Suddenly now that
he's entered your life,
your whole life has changed?
I'm no longer important?
And what were you thinking exactly?
What am I supposed to say to my friends?
Here's a wedding invitation,
not to mine, but to my mother's wedding!
And how will you break this to granny
and aunt?
What will you say to them?
How will they feel?
Have you even considered that at all?
I hate you Ma.
I hate who you've become.
- Amaya I.. - Let her speak Leela.
You obviously don't love dad.
I loved your father,
my husband.
But I don't want to
spend the rest of my life,
looking over my
shoulder at what could have been.
He can never be my father.
He will never take dad's place.
But you of course..
What have I done?
That was dad's and your bedroom Ma..
You could have at least respected that.
Amaya stop.
That's it.
Enough now.
He makes me feel like a woman again.
Isn't that what you said?
What is it Ma?
Is it just the sex?
Had it been Aditi
who had just said this,
I would have slapped her.
I'll see you Leela.
"O the dilemma,"
"To do or not to do and what"
"My heart and mind are far apart"
"Love is strange"
"For it makes you laugh and cry both"
"Makes you dream.."
"and takes sleep away"
"What do I make of this dreamlike state"
"For I know I am wide awake"
"I walk on air and time stands still"
"Do I even have a free will"
"What is fact and what fiction?"
"What is peace and what friction?"
"O the dilemma,"
"To do or not to do and what"
"My heart and mind are far apart"
"O the dilemma,"
"To do or not to do and what"
"My heart and mind are far apart"
"O the dilemma"
Am I really being selfish?
Have I betrayed Bala?
"Closeness is a dilemma thing"
"Because it does a distance bring"
"And when you feel you're not alone"
"You feel so far from yourself"
"Like the sky that's
clear but for some cloud"
"like gentle tears
that deep sorrow carry"
"what then is close and what afar"
"shall I go or shall I tarry"
Hey! What's up?
What's wrong?
Cheer up darling..
We all understand
what you're going through.
No you don't Tariq.
Okay okay..change topic, change topic.
What's happening with the book?
I really don't want to
talk about the book please.
We thought you were
really excited about this.
Was excited"
Look, can we please stop
talking about this damn book?
Amaya, we're on your side by the way!
Oh thank you!
What makes you think,
I need people on my side?
I should never have come here.
"O the dilemma,"
"To do or not to do and what"
"My heart and mind are far apart"
"O the dilemma"
"O the dilemma,"
"O the dilemma,"
"O the dilemma,"
Sir, may I come in?
Leela aunty?
Aunty Leela..
I'm the store room.
Come on out.
What's this?
Has your labour union called a strike?
Our demands be met, our only taunt.
Cappuccinos twice a
day, are what we want!
Raghav, what are you saying...?
For the past two days, I've
been lugging this elephant around
and your factory's
been locked up all this time!
Factory? Elephant"?
Forget it aunty,
look what I have for you..
So what is it?
Drum roll please.
I like it, it's lovely!
Yeah, but looking at this place,
It actually looks like it
needs people more than a signboard!
Where is everyone?
You want to get married, live
together" do whatever you want.
It's your life, I really don't care.
But you please tell Jazz..
You please tell Jayant not to call me.
I will not take his calls.
From here on, please
don't call Amaya again.
You okay aunty?
Hey Amaya..
You only pretend to be a modern,
open minded girl.
The truth is that you
are actually a hypocrite.
Fuck of Raghav!
Oh I will,
but why do you have to hurt her so much?
Hurt her?
Nobody understands how I'm feeling,
it doesn't make a difference to anyone!
And in any case, this is
none of your business, so..
Listen listen" Do you actually believe
that it doesn't make
a difference to anybody?
Are you a child Amaya?
- Look I'm not interested
in your.. - I'm not done yet.
I was eight when my parents separated.
Mum married again,
but dad didn't..for us.
My sister and I got
busy with our own lives,
But dad..
He just got so very lonely.
It was sad to see him like that Amaya.
We convinced him to get married again,
and he did get married again.
Look Amaya, I can understand
that it might be embarrassing for you.
What will people say and all of that.
We were too"
but we can't be so selfish.
Amaya.. everything is not about you.
Everyone knows that
you're fond of Jayant,
so what is the problem?
I'll tell you what
the problem is Raghav.
The problem is that.
Well the problem is..
Problem is
to know that your mother
is sleeping with another man.
You disappoint me Amaya.
Rizwaan bhai?
Please come..have a seat.
Did you have a watch for repair?
No! I only came along to meet him.
My father passed away last week.
Your father was an extraordinary man.
I had some of his snaps
that I wanted to give to him.
So you are the one my father spoke of!
He spoke of me?
Everyone comes here
to simply have their watches repaired.
You were the only one,
who came here to simply spend time..
Which is probably why,
you stuck in my father's memory.
These pictures will always bring back
happy memories of my father.
Rizwaan used to say that memories
were never meant to
be stored in photographs,
but in the mind instead.
Lunch is on the table.
I'm not hungry.
What is the problem Amaya?
When I am to eat,
what time I'm to
sleep, whom I want to meet..
Is my decision Ma.
I'm not a child, and
you need to realize that.
But you also need to
realize, that I am still your mother.
Please Ma, I'm really
in no mood to have a fight.
So, now I can't even
ask you to eat on time?
Amaya, listen to me!
You constantly claim
that you're grown up and mature.
But grown up's don't behave like this!
And when have I
treated you like a child?
You've always done
what you've wanted to do,
but that doesn't mean,
that I'll stop looking after you.
Whenever you falter or fall,
I will always be
there to help you back up.
And that's never going to change.
And I..
I think I deserve a
little more respect from you.
Is it just the sex?
Isn't that what you asked me?
Maybe we truly don't know each other.
A part of me
which died along with Bala,
will probably never come back..
But it's only after I met you,
I realized that life is not
lived for the sake of memories,
memories are only a
small part of our lives.
How long have we known each other?
Three? Three and a half years?
It's really strange,
how seamlessly and
naturally you fit into my life..
It didn't feel like
anything had ever changed.
I don't even remember,
when I began trusting
you, more than l trusted myself.
When you began to understand me,
without me saying a single word.
Which was that moment,
where without so
much as holding my hand,
you completely enveloped me.
And irrespective of when this happened,
I always felt that if I could
live out the rest of my life like this,
so where was the harm?
To be honest with you,
it never crossed my mind,
that I needed to define,
or justify this relationship to anyone.
Any happiness that I seek for myself,
in which my daughter is unhappy..
Is unacceptable to me.
I wish we could have
spent our lives together.
I've expressed it many times,
but never openly said it before.
I love you Leela,
and I love Amaya too.
I know..
Thanks to this book,
I've seen parts of this city
that I myself didn't know existed!
Hi Mr. Khanna,
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Hi Amaya!
What a pleasure to see you..
I was just giving
Mr. Sinha the good news,
that the first prints of your book,
should arrive later this week.
So lets further
this budding relationship.
Why don't the both of you,
start work on the sequel to this book?
Mr. Khanna, this was one of my
last surviving ambitions
in life, which is in the process
of coming true through Amaya.
So after this,
I'm going to
actually retire into the hills.
Spend some time alone,
away from everyone and all attachments.
And in any case,
not all relationships get
to their desired destinations.
Many remain
unfulfilled and incomplete too"
Well, you're right.
However, my offer is on the table.
All the best to both of you,
you two make a really good team.
How are you Bahadur?
All well?
Oh God!
I almost forgot.
Here, I forgot to give you
something that belongs to you!
What do you think?
Isn't it nice!
You're looking like a
complete film star here!
So, will you send
these back to your village?
Take care of yourself..
What happened to your hand?
Why didn't you tell me?
So what can I get you, tell me?
Two Costa Ricans
Anything else?
Can I help with anything?
Why are you asking?
There are so many mugs lying there..
Go clear them.
To my little girl,
who wrote The Busy Bazaar.
The night you were born,
it was pouring rain.
Dad and I waited 15 hours
to see you for the first time.
We'd already
decided that if it was a girl,
we would name her Amaya..
Night rain.
You brought us so much joy,
and still do..
I never meant to hurt you Amaya
and I love you always.
It's open.
Hello Amaya!
Come..let me look at you!
You look gorgeous!
I missed you.
So did I!
Why didn't you come to meet me?
I really wanted to see you..
I know.
Okay, so tell me are you?
Not okay.
Hmmm..l know that as well.
I'm not evil aunty,
I'm not a bad person.
So why does everyone think I am?
I feel like such a villain!
Of course you're not a bad person Amaya,
but since when has it
started mattering to you,
what other people think?
It didn't matter earlier,
but it's started mattering to me now.
The situation you are in now,
is not easy to deal with at all.
What would you have done in my place?
Now what's the point Amaya?
Please tell me aunty,
I really want to know.
To tell you the truth,
I don't know what I
would have done myself.
Does grandma know?
Mummy always wanted
Leela to settle down again.
Leela's probably spent the
best years of her life alone,
which is why we were very happy,
to see Leela and Jayant together.
Come on aunty,
dad was your brother after all..
That relationship
can never change Amaya,
but on the back of old relationships,
you don't stop making new ones.
Anyhow, now nothing will change.
What you want, is what will happen.
You're right,
what I fought for
against the entire world,
has now happened.
But I'm not happy.
Why is that?
I don't know..
I can't seem to help thinking"
not only did I lose dad a long time ago,
but now I think, I've lost Ma too.
I'm so sorry Ma..
I'm so sorry.
Very nice!
It works.
I want to meet with Jayant.
A lot of thought went
behind the decision we've taken.
The decision may be wrong though?
Well, if it's wrong, so be it.
Don't worry.
Why isn't someone opening the door?
Please sit.
Our book is being published today"
I'm very happy for You-
Why do you never get angry?
How can anybody be so good?
You know, If dad were around,
he would have
slapped some sense into me,
a long time ago.
I'm sorry.
This book would never
have been completed without you.
Come on!
are you going to give Ma a ring?
Very Poor joke..
Very poor!
Didn't you say you were leaving?
Well if you so wish,
I can leave right now..
My God, both of you
are such drama queens!
I'm a drama queen?
Don't tell me..
The book!
My God!
Look at this"
Dear Ma,
Thank you for always being
the most important part of my life,
even when I lost my way recently.
Dear Leela,
for memories that will
last the rest of my life,
Someone had once said,
the day your first book gets published,
we'll celebrate it with Champagne.
Memories of the Busy Bazaar.
why don't you get the book?
Lets get a reading!
Photo time"
This is the time to get it all in!
Photo, photo, photo..
Lets have all your teeth in..
Memories of the Busy Bazaar,
foreword by
Amaya Krishnamoorthy.
No matter who you are,
where you belong and
what language you speak,
everyone at some time or
the other, has always said,
I remember when..
I remember the first
time my father slapped me.
I remember when he said to me,
you'll be famous.
And I remember the day my father died.
I remember when I learnt to write,
I wrote a story in my own mind.
I don't remember the
number of times I wept,
But I cannot forget
each moment that I laughed.
Everything that was dear to me,
I preserved in my memories.
Bye Ma!
I saw happiness,
and I saw my fair share of sorrow.
But with time,
even that stopped stinging.
Why are you standing here?
What's happened?
I can't remember where I wanted to go.
What do you mean, the
cafe's just around the corner..
I never considered,
whether I made my memories,
or whether memories made up my life.
Though I lived my
life through my memories..
I can't remember,
which way I have to go.
What can't you remember Jazz?
The cafe is right here,
are you okay?
I can't remember Aditi..
I can't remember, where I have to go.
I can't remember..
I kept every moment alive.
I relived every memory,
I often even spoke
with them like old friends.
Not realizing, that
like sand through ones fingers,
memories also don't
stay with you forever.
Ma, Jazz can't remember..
You knew?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Living each moment that life offered up,
maybe in this one
moment, I've found life itself.
And this moment,
even my memories can't snatch from me.
Jayant had said one day,
Leela you and I will
travel the world together.
I hope he remembers.
I'm listening Ma.