Listen to Britain (1942) Movie Script

I am a Canadian.
I have been listening to Britain.
I have heard the sound of her life
by day and by night.
Many years ago, a great American,
speaking of Britain,
said that in the storm
of battle and conflict
she had a secret vigour
and a pulse like a cannon.
In the great sound picture
that is here presented,
you, too, will hear that heart beating.
For blended together
in one great symphony
is the music of Britain at war.
The evening hymn of the lark.
The roar of Spitfires.
The dancers in the Great Ballroom
at Blackpool.
The clank of machinery
and shunting trains.
Soldiers of Canada holding in memory,
in proud memory,
their home on the range.
The BBC sending truth on its journey
around the world.
The trumpet call of freedom.
The war song of a great people.
The first sure notes
of the march of victory,
as you and I listen to Britain.
This is the BBC
Home & Forces Programmes.
Here is the news,
and this is Joseph McLeod reading it.
- No!
- Is that you?
- It's such an old one!
- Oh, let me see, come on!
# Band plays "Beer Barrel Polka"
# Roll out the barrel
# We'll have a barrel of fun
# Roll out the barrel
# We've got the blues on the run
# Zing, boom, tararrel
# Ring out a song of good cheer
# Now's the time to roll the barrel
# For the gang's all here I
I... give me a home
where the buffalo roam... night, the RSM with a...
big electric lamp.
I... where seldom is heard
a discouraging word...
And remember Tommy
and the Branden babe?
- Oh, yes, do I? A great night!
- Took him all day to ditch her.
# Home, home on the range
# Where the deer and the antelope play
This is London calling.
London calling at the beginning
of tonight's broadcast
in the African service.
- London is calling you...
- (Different languages)
This is the Pacific service
from London,
sending you all greetings
and wishing the best of luck
to those of you listening
who are serving in our armed forces
on sea, land or in the air,
and in the Merchant Navy.
# The right, press, left, press again
# Right and press...
Look well up!
# Lift your tess when you press,
there, now turn, press again
# And a twist and a press... swing!
Press and stop.
Drop your arms and look to the front.
Calling all workers!
Music while you work
this morning on Rhythmic Records.
I... I shall see old pals again
round the back of the arches
# Down in Sunnyside Lane
# I'm a guy who's never
going to roam again
# Once I'm in the old home town
# By and by,
I'll see my little home again
# Then I'm going to settle down
# Round the back of the arches
# Down in Sunnyside Lane
# Where the black of the arches
never seems to remain
# That's where I used to be
as happy as a multi-millionaire
# Everybody there a jolly good pal
# Round the back of the grey skies
# There's a lining of blue...
- (Whistling)
# And when the storm clouds all roll over
# I'll shall see old pals again
# Round the back of the arches
# Down in Sunnyside Lane
# Rule Britannia
# Britannia rule the waves
# Britons never never never
shall be slaves
# Rule Britannia
# Britannia rule the waves
# Britons never never never
shall be slaves