Little Boxes (2016) Movie Script

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
You good?
I'm ready.
- Checkmate!
- Oh!
Oh, I... I almost forgot.
You loaned this to me
in like second grade.
Keep it. You can bring it
when you visit.
I asked my mom,
and she said it's way too far.
Hey, Chester, your mom texted!
Hey, sweetie.
So, tell her we're going
to come up
and say goodbye one more time
before tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Bye! Bye, mack!
- Mack: Bye, Chester.
Gina: Bye, hon.
Clark: Bye, Chester!
- Oh! Hey!
- Hey, buddy!
Nathaniel: Hey,
what's going on, man!
Chester: How's it going?
Mack: What is up?
Mack: What up, man?
Ross & daughters!
You guys, I can't take
another goodbye. I can't.
No problem,
because we're kidnapping you.
You guys are
like a little behind in here.
- Dude, we got packers.
- Gina: Mmm-hmm.
- You got packers?
- Mack: Packers.
Okay! You really did get
a good job. Congratulations!
Tenure track!
- You making money!
- Nathaniel: Nice!
Mack: I'm gonna miss you guys.
Ben: Miss you too, man.
- To your second book, man!
- I hope so.
- Nathaniel: Yeah, yeah.
- I have to.
If I don't want to write about
food the rest of my life.
Mack: Wow!
Ben: Whoo!
Mack: Age-defying!
I still don't understand what's
so great about this job, though.
Man, New York is over
if you're a real artist.
She started out, so...
It's stability.
It's health insurance.
- It's retirement.
- Okay.
Plus, we just want to see
what else is out there.
That's everywhere.
You racist.
I'm a little racist.
We'll visit every summer.
We can come to the studio too.
But someone else will be in it.
Yeah, but we'll still have
friends in the building.
- Can I get three of these?
- Baker: Biscotchos?
And some Dulce de leche.
- All right.
- And pasta fulla.
Big order?
Yeah, just in need of memories
at this point.
Hi, Clarky!
I was really hoping
I would see you today.
Sorry, again, about the party.
- Oh, don't worry.
- Amir's going too.
I had to see him off, you know.
They are doing so great!
Oh, they're struggling,
like everybody, believe me.
Gina: I mean,
we bought a house,
and I'm the only one
who's had a chance to see it.
What if they hate it?
Denise: Hey!
You're taking a risk.
- You are such a strong person!
- Mmm.
It might get nutty,
but you are moving to Rome!
It's an adventure.
Rome, Washington.
Gina: You know, we're so close
to aunt Vizey and uncle Joe now.
And you haven't seen your
cousin, William, for years.
I... I bet he wants
to see you.
Yeah, to make fun of me.
He called me a "Blerd."
He's an honor student too.
Uh... this is huge.
Let's look around!
Let's see stuff.
Whoa, we could play
Nerf in here!
Yeah, I know. We can have
like a whole like...
Was gonna say ping-pong table,
but that might be a bit crazy.
That smell...
Yeah, it smells like g...
Green, right? Like trees.
Clark, do you want to see
your room?
Behold! This is your room!
- It's nice, right?
- Yeah.
And listen.
It's so quiet.
And this is our room, I think.
There's a bathroom!
- We have our own bathroom!
- Gina: Uh-huh!
It's amazing, right?
There's like bathrooms
Mack: There's another closet
right there.
Gina: Do you like it?
I like it.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Very nice!
- Yeah, right? We got a car!
I guess we'll be living off
big mart for a while.
What's this?
I kind of put off telling you,
but the gas range is broken.
- What?
- But they said they'd fix it.
They promised soon.
Oh, but I need to cook
for my article.
I know, I'm sorry, but
we'll have fun, though, right?
With our plastic forks.
One shared towel.
All right, all right.
Just don't expect much gourmet
cooking for a while.
And no smoking
in my brand new car.
- Your car?
- My car.
- Your car?
- My car.
You know what?
I am quitting.
And it's starting right now.
- So...
- Excellent!
Gina: Mmm-hmm.
Come into my lair.
You mean, your raft.
Yes. It's recently inflated.
Oh, my god, I get to...
It feels so weird.
Oh, shit...
- Mack: What happened?
- What?
I did something wrong.
That was so scary!
Are you okay?
- Come to my lair.
- It's kind of fun.
We're going to sink!
I'm your new neighbor,
Diane Hansen, five down.
Oh, hi! Gina Mcnulty.
I have a little gift for ya.
Aw, thanks.
A little friend in there.
He's so cute!
Diane: Yeah.
Diane: Biscotti and coffee
is the perfect morning snack.
Oh, good!
Okay, it's all I have, so...
First time I had biscotti
was in Rome, Italy.
Oh! Hey, hon.
This is my son, Clark.
This is our new neighbor, Diane.
Oops. You mean Mrs. Hansen.
- Oh! Of course.
- Hi.
Hi! Nice shirt!
So, y'all are from Seattle,
I hear.
We're from New York City.
- New York City?
- Mmm-hmm.
Oh, my gosh! Why on earth
did you move here?
Well, I, uh, got a job
at the college.
In the school of art.
I'm a photographer.
I thought all the art
was in New York!
I know. Well...
So, Clark, what's your dad
gonna do while you're here?
He's gonna try to write
another novel,
but right now, he's on deadline
from his gastronomica piece.
- Gastronomica?
- Oh, it's um...
It's a food magazine.
He's actually writing
this piece about, uh,
cooking video blogs,
where they cook French food.
Yum! You are so interesting!
I hope you like it here.
Oh, I was just done, honestly.
You know, competing with
droves of 20-year-olds
for some gallery show in outer Bushwick,
where nothing is even gonna...
- Mack: Hey!
- Oh, hey!
Hi! I'm mack burns.
Oh, my gosh. I am so rude!
Hey, Clark,
what are you doing later?
I have two rising six-graders up the
street who are dying to meet you!
- Do you swim?
- No.
- Yes, you do.
- Yes, you do!
Since you were three.
- Julie: Hi!
- Hi.
- Ambrosia Lynn Reid.
- Julie Ann Hansen.
Clark Clayton burns.
Nice to meet you.
Charmed, indeedy!
Sit there.
Julie and I have to talk.
Oh, my god!
- What?
- I can't believe it!
He's cute!
We like totally needed
a black kid!
Ambrosia: This town.
It's like so white!
This thing is for hobbits.
- Welcome
to coast to coast movers.
All of our operators
are currently busy.
We appreciate your Patience
and will be with you shortly.
So, do you like rap?
Um... depends on what kind.
What about 2-bit?
I've never really liked her.
So what, then?
Afropunk, uh... Bjork,
'90s hip-hop, and free jazz?
- But where are you from again?
- Brooklyn.
All the rappers
are from Brooklyn.
So what's that like?
Well, it's just really busy
and crazy and fun.
And annoying and loud,
but it's worth it.
You see famous people.
Customer service:
Mr. burns?
Yes, yes, I'm here!
Yeah, unfortunately,
your truck is delayed, but...
- Ugh!
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'll put you through
to the tracking system now.
No, no, please!
- Nice.
- Hi.
Oh, no!
This sucks.
'Cause these clowns
keep putting me on hold.
Oh, I'm sorry, babe.
Um... isn't the delivery
window seven to 10 days?
Well, now, I don't even know.
- You want half this?
- Sure. Thanks.
Recording on phone: Welcome
to coast to coast movers.
I can't understand
what you said.
Mack: Because I wasn't
speaking to you.
Okay, to schedule a move, say,
"make reservation."
For your vehicle's location,
say, "track my truck."
Mack: Track my truck!
Please hold for a customer
service representative.
Oh, hey, what's the Wi-Fi?
No Wi-Fi.
They won't be in our area
until the end of the month,
which is why I have to do
everything on this.
Oh. Hey, look.
This got mixed in somehow.
- Nice!
- Yeah.
When was that?
Well, it was your birthday.
So it was probably two years
ago this week?
Mack: Hmm.
I really want your birthday
to be special.
Do you think that William and
Joe and Vizey can come visit?
She arguing a big case.
Yeah. Oh! Maybe William
can just come by himself.
- He could. -Yeah. It's
like three hours away.
Mack: Mmm-hmm. Gina: He
can just take the bus.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Mack: How did it go?
For your vehicle's location,
- say, "track my truck."
- Say it, say it.
Track my truck!
I can't understand
what you said. Please hold.
Clark: It was good.
They're popular girls.
They're allowed to have phones.
They text all the time.
- Okay.
- Mack: So you like them?
They invited me back tomorrow.
Did they? Are you going?
I don't know.
Hello, young ladies!
I'm Clark's father.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Is one of your parents home,
so I can just say, "hi"?
Uh, mom's at work.
Dad's at the store.
Oh, okay. Um...
And they're okay with this?
Bye, dad!
Bye. But, Clark,
borrow a phone, and call me.
- Okay?
- Clark: Okay.
- Tom: Can I help you?
- Can you help me?
Oh, oh, hey, hi! Yes!
welcome to the neighborhood!
Thank you! Do I know you?
Oh, no, no, no. I... I heard
that you guys were moving in.
You bought the Mckorzel place,
- Yes. -Your wife is
the new hire in art!
- Yes.
- I'm tom Gibson.
Mack burns.
But I'm sure you knew that.
Yeah. I'm the head
of the block association.
- Really? -So I've got
to be extra friendly.
- Man: Hey, tom!
- You are!
Aw, thank you!
- Great to meet you.
- Good to meet you too.
Yeah. Hey, you guys
ever need anything,
I'm your man!
- Okay!
- All right.
- All right, block association.
- Take care.
Mack: Protecting us!
Tom: Actually,
that's neighborhood watch.
Dean Maureen: So what
I'm hearing is that we agree
that the phrase "epistemological
journey" is working,
but that we disagree on the
meaning of "epistemological."
- Helena: Did I get you?
- Yes.
I'm sorry.
Helena wisdom-Vickstein.
Computer historian,
dramaturge, klutz.
Gina Mcnulty.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So are you a fancy consultant from
the "we'll make you better" firm
that the Dean brought in?
No. No, definitely not.
I'm art department.
The new hire!
- Yeah.
- I've heard about you!
- Welcome!
- Thank you.
I am so sorry
you have to sit through
- this orientation retreat BS.
- Oh...
Total ass-numb-er.
You through, Helena?
I am, Maureen. Please.
Dean Maureen: I'm...
I'm sorry, everyone, but...
Control freak!
- Shh!
- Shh!
Dean Maureen: And really drill
down to our values as educators,
to remain steadfast in our
commitment to liberal arts colleges
that don't have to engage
- with responsibility
center management. -Psst!
Dean Maureen: That is the core
of the liberal arts education.
Hi, I'm Adam Roberts,
the amateur gourmet,
here with my cameraman and husband, Craig.
Say hi, Craig.
Bonjour, Adam and Craig!
Okay, so today we're going
to learn some things
that everyone should know
how to do.
It's a simple bechamel sauce.
I'm two steps ahead of you,
It's an easy sauce.
And the foolproof way to get
a perfect consistency,
is to have the sauce like this when
you add the butter. And you know,
it sounds like a small thing, but
it's actually a really big deal.
-It uses an extra pot, but...
- God!
- This cautionary measure
may be seen to be necessary.
It's a lot like the souffle
we made on our last show.
It sounds intimidating, but once you get
the basics down, it's really simple,
and people will enjoy it.
So, let's get going.
First, we'll need
a few ingredients.
Prepare flour, heated milk,
and salt and pepper.
And that's it! That's your
bechamel sauce.
I know it's a really fancy name
for something really simple.
Gina: And finally, I just
wanted to share a few images
from a series involving women
performing private
stereotypically female, uh,
domestic acts on the streets
of New York.
My work is always engaged with the
idea of gender performativity.
And here, specifically,
I'm looking to Cindy Sherman,
Nan Goldin and Lorna Simpson who
also interrogate social categories.
This series was shown last
year at the ICP triennial.
So that's... that's it.
And I... I just really wanted
to say, again,
how excited I am to be joining
this community of...
Well, fine minds.
Mack: Hey!
Hi! It went great!
That's awesome, baby!
Yeah, I mean,
they really liked it
and I met a few people.
See? You focus on the present
tense, good things happen.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you, sweetie. Bye.
Woman: It's supposed to be
really nice.
Oh, my god, look! No glasses!
Oh, my god!
You actually look really, really
good without your glasses.
- Thanks! -But I mean,
I like them on too.
Just make sure you don't wear them
to Julie's end-of-the-summer party.
Um, okay.
- What're you gonna wear?
- I don't know.
Not your lion's t-shirt,
I hope.
You need to make those pajamas.
Both: Make those pajamas!
Can I help you find something?
No, just browsing.
Browse away!
You know, actually, yes.
Contemporary fiction.
- It's right this way.
- Okay.
Are you looking for something
in particular?
No, just...
Actually, tenor sax.
Tenor sax?
By Marcus burns.
Definitely have never heard
of it.
- Okay. Thank you.
- But...
I can order it.
- No, that's okay. Thank you, though.
- Sure!
Group: Missionaries!
Missionaries! We're on top!
your mom's on the phone.
Oh. Thank you, Mr. Hansen.
Julie: Well?
That was good.
You know 2-bit
used to be a ho?
Yeah, I knew... I knew that.
She's rich now, I guess.
- Oh, my god!
- What happened?
I can't believe it!
She asked what we were doing, and I told
her that we were practicing our routine!
She says I should never listen
to 2-bit
and I can never dance
in front of a boy!
But you weren't doing
anything wrong.
Right? Clark?
I hate my mom!
Don't you guys hate yours?
- I don't know.
- I guess.
Mine's such a c-word!
- Gina: Hi!
- Hi, mom!
Did you get new furniture?
A few things.
We'll figure it out.
You didn't smoke, did you?
No, sweetie, I didn't.
What is this?
Mind if I look?
- Where did you get this?
- Julie's.
- I don't like it.
- It's fine.
Clark, it's not and you know it!
Can't you read a book?
I don't have my books.
So then,
let's go to the library.
Can you go see
what your son is reading?
- Intro to sexism.
- What?
He's reading some article called,
"the 2-bit slutty don't cut it."
Uh... I'm sorry. It's just...
It's more ridiculous
than anything else.
Just fix it, please!
Come in.
Mom want you to talk to me?
But I'm just gonna sit
here for a minute.
It's normal music, dad.
It's mainstream.
I just want to add
to your collection.
- I don't have my collection.
- I know, I know.
When it gets here.
But listen to this.
Do you want to learn how to make
saffron creme caramel from Somalia?
Your job's weird.
Yeah, I know. Listen to this.
Mack: Mmm, got to love my man,
butch Morris.
Oh, look at you!
Oh, it looks great!
Okay, picture time,
both of you, get together.
Okay. One, two.
Ooh! Ogie-sogie.
You're gonna have so much fun!
- Okay. I'll be in the car.
- Okay.
- All right. I'll see ya later.
- Bye.
- You smell that?
- What?
Smells like mold.
Babe, I don't think
we have mold.
Yeah. It's mold.
Okay, so let's call someone.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Oh. Hi, Clark!
Dad, please take this.
Hey, Brittany! Um...
This is Clark.
- Is that Clark?
- Yeah.
Okay, then. Hi, girls.
Mack burns.
Hi, I'm Joan Reid.
I'm ambrosia's mother.
Clark is my son.
Mr. burns,
can Clark come with us?
We're gonna just get a book
and then eat.
Um... we'll drive him home,
Okay, no need to beg, ambrosia.
Oh, I can drive everyone up.
I plan on staying anyway
to keep an eye on Clark.
Out of sight, of course.
Thank you.
That would be terrific.
- And it's a very safe place.
I assure you. -Okay.
- Yeah. All right, you good?
- Yeah.
I'll see you later.
Thank you, again.
You're welcome.
A new Megan episode approaches.
I frickin' hate Nigel fishponds.
It's for children!
It is not! Clark,
you like it, right?
Nigel fishpond is feeling brilliant on
that foggy, soggy Yorkshire morning.
Nigel was in the garden
with his swan,
happily planting hyacinths.
I mean...
Let's get the hell out of here.
Please hold for a customer
service representative.
Oh, my god, oh, my god,
we got my brother.
He is such a tool.
Welcome to the sidecar.
May I take your order, please.
Don't pretend like you
don't know us, Cooper.
You, ma'am.
Uh, double nachos, please.
- Am I next, Cooper?
- Yeah.
Oh, my god,
the world is so racist.
Why did you wait
to take his order last?
Because he's black?
Just kidding, everybody!
Hey, baby, how'd it go?
Gina: It went fine.
It ran a little later
than I thought.
Sorry, I missed dinner.
Mack: It's no big deal. Food
in the fridge if you want.
Gina: So there's just one session
today, at noon, and then I'm done.
And I thought you might think
about your birthday dinner.
Because you know, you always
do such a great feast,
- and I can help you.
- Clark: I'm out.
Hey, um... I hear you didn't
get a book.
Do you want to walk into town with
dad and get one and hang out?
I don't want a book.
The gastro people have been
asking me for pages.
Hey, Clark! Glasses!
Bye, Clark!
"I'm out"? Have you ever
heard him say that before?
I don't know.
What's wrong with it?
Every time he's hit, let's say,
"yo, mommy!
You gots to stick it."
- Yo, mommy,
you gots to stick it.
Gina. Gina! Hang on.
The doctor ladies
would love to meet you.
Doctor ladies?
Yes! We are the fun ones!
- Oh, my!
- We have tenure,
so we do whatever we want.
The three of us make up the
faculty deep listening committee.
- So ridiculous!
- We loved your work.
Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.
Thank you, thank you.
Seriously, even though it's
like really new-York-centric,
it has this universally
authentic feel! It's great!
And the images did not reject
humor. They were funny.
Okay, show-offs. We get it.
No, I mean. Thank you so much.
That really means a lot.
What are you doing right now?
We are going to have
a liquid lunch.
- We usually get f'd up.
- Gina: Right.
I... gosh, I would love to,
but I gotta get back
to my kid. But...
No? No, no.
This is committee work,
I'm the chair, deep listening,
- Come on!
- Yes.
Please come! We'd really like
to hear more about your art.
- Sure, great. Okay.
- Helena: Okay, wonderful!
This is not happening.
Steve: Hey, man.
Hey, wow! This is so nice.
Well, I thought I'd just order
the book for you,
and then I saw your photo.
And I realized,
"oh, he actually wrote
the book!"
And then I did a little more
research and I saw that you
and your wife live here now,
which is really cool.
Thanks, but I didn't mean
for you to do this.
Oh, no! It's...
It's my pleasure.
Tom: Hey!
I'm... I'm Steve, by the way.
I'm mack burns.
I know.
Hey, we should do a reading!
- Hey, there!
- No, we... we...
What's going on, man?
You got a day off?
No, I'm... I'm writing.
Hey, buddy. Is that...
Is that you?
Yes, that's me.
You wrote a book?
A while ago.
Oh, man. Hey, look, look.
If you ever want to talk,
like process, inspiration
versus perspiration...
I'm... I'm a writer too.
I mean, I... I dabble.
I'm not... I don't have a...
You know, sometime that would
be cool.
If the opportunity
presented itself, then...
Hey, I see my wife.
So I'll, uh...
I'll see you guys later.
Oh, okay. All right. Uh...
- See ya around the hood!
- Yes!
You should invite her
to the reading!
- Hi, you!
- Oh, hey! Hi!
I am just running into
everybody today!
Yeah, that's so funny! Um...
Well, these are my colleagues.
Uh... this is Sarita.
This is Helena. This is Maya.
This is my husband, mack!
- Oh! -Helena: Oh, hello!
Nice to meet you!
It's very nice to meet you all.
- Gina: Oh.
- Come join us!
- I thought you were working!
- I thought you were working.
Oh, I am. This is a, um...
This is like a work thing,
like the lunch-y situation.
- Oh, okay, cool.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Should we grab another chair?
- No. No, no, no.
- Yeah, do you wanna...
- No, no.
- I'm dealing with the house.
- Okay, are you sure?
Yeah, yeah, it looks like
y'all have a lot to discuss.
And give Gina some fine insight.
I've got some insight
for you too, mack.
- If you don't mind.
- Uh, sure.
Well, as the husband of a tenure
track assistant professor,
you should become accustomed
to your wife's marked absence.
- Marked?
- Distinct.
I know what it is.
I'm sorry. I know. I...
I didn't mean to imply
you didn't know what it meant.
Maya: I think
what she's trying to say
is that the first year
can be really intense.
- Okay. -We're gonna help
her get through it.
- Absolutely.
- I'm sure you will.
So you're sure
you won't join us?
- No, thank you.
- Okay.
- I'll let you work.
- Gotta do stuff at the house.
Helena: Nice to meet you.
Gina: Okay.
All: Bye!
Mack: Make sure you save
a plate for your mama.
Clark: Yeah.
So, what goes on at Julie's?
- Nothing.
- Come on, Clark!
You can tell me.
Well, we watch stuff, grab ass.
Grab ass?
Did you just say, "grab ass"?
My bad.
"My bad"?
It's sort of over as a phrase,
you know, right?
- I mean, I'm just saying.
- I don't think it's over.
It's over, Clark.
I mean, it may not be
in these parts, but...
May I be excused?
Oh, god. What time is it?
Truck driver: Mack burns?
It's coast to coast movers.
Oh, hey.
It's the truck.
They called before.
Why didn't you tell me?
Truck driver: There is no need
to keep calling.
We are back on the road now.
Oh, but, it never tells me
where you are, man.
Not my problem, man.
I'm sorry, what?
Complaining to my supervisor
does not speed things up.
And it's also not polite.
Listen, bubba, this is
no longer about politeness.
You have everything we own
right now.
We just want to get
our shit back.
Is that too much to ask?
And now you curse.
I don't have to take this.
Well, I'm gonna curse again,
Do you want your stuff...
You want your jazz collection,
$800 Espresso machine?
Now I'm not going to be
able to go back to sleep.
And I have a huge work day
All you have to do is show up.
Oh, great.
While I'm writing crap
that you don't even care about
in a moldy,
moldy-ass house.
Okay, let's just try to sleep,
Yeah. My bad.
You scared the shit out of me.
I brought you a welcome present.
Oh, wow.
That's nice of you.
It's actually my favorite
I've got Stilton and crackers.
That sound good?
Sounds great! Thanks!
You want to crack that open?
It's actually nice to hang out with
somebody other than my family.
You're telling me.
Hey, um...
I was wondering if maybe
you wanted to hang out
with, uh, these too?
What's that?
Around here,
we call them pharmies.
- They're not like methy or oxy...
- No, no.
- But just stuff you get from a doctor.
- No, no, no.
I'm too... I'm too old
to be doing all that.
Well, okay, yeah,
I hear ya, man.
But you know, small town living
sometimes it could use
a little boost.
Helena: Oh, yeah.
Gina: What's... okay.
Maya: Yes, you, you, you, you.
- Helena: Thank you.
- Do you guys always, uh,
- work this way?
- It breaks up the monotony.
Yeah. Here's to you.
Ah. Yes!
Sarita: Yeah, these short-term
committees are the worst!
Oh, and now she is torturing us
with three consecutive days
of crap,
like right before
the students arrive
I hope your family's okay
with all this.
Yeah, they're... They're great!
They're fine! Yeah.
If I had a dime for every tenure
turned divorce in this town.
Sarita: Ah,
you'd still be poor.
Yes, but I'd have some dimes.
I'd have some dimes in case
pay phones make a comeback.
Oh, man, I'm so glad I met you!
A fellow scribe?
Hey! To scribes!
If I don't get book number two
out soon,
I don't know but I'm gonna be
just a man with an agent.
- You have an agent?
- Mmm-hmm.
I thought I'd made it.
Until I found out I didn't.
But hey, thank god for advances.
What do you do?
Oh, um...
Erotic thrillers.
I e-publish.
They're very sexy.
But very high-class.
Erotic um...
I'm writing an ass chapter
right now, all about asses.
You're into it.
Hey, everybody!
This is my new buddy.
His name is mack.
He's from New York!
His wife is a professor!
He is a writer!
And he's going to write his
new book right here in Rome!
To Mike!
I'm humbled. Thank you.
And the thing about this guy is,
if you close your eyes, you can't
even tell he's black, you know?
I mean, in a good way.
He's just very impressive.
Come on.
- Clark: Dad! I'm home!
- Yeah, Clarky.
I'm cooking.
Mom's not home, right?
Mack: No.
Can I do a few games
on your phone?
Mack: Yes, that's fine.
Sorry, that's not the bit
where you do that.
Hi. This is like...
You okay?
Oh, yes.
You just gotta learn to
pace yourself a little better.
I think I just didn't
really realize
that this job was like
a license to imbibe.
Oh, yeah.
You know, you have
a really good singing voice.
No, no!
- Yeah, yeah.
- No, I don't.
It's li...
I have a friend in New York
who's like an actual
Broadway singer,
like professional,
and she is amazing!
She's like...
Agh! My New York friends
are so talented.
Well, hooray for them!
All right, heavy door.
- I'm...
- Heavy door.
I'm very sorry.
She got it.
She just grabbed it.
Watch your step.
I'll watch.
- You guys, good?
- We'll be right behind you.
Thank you. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- I've been there. No worries.
- It's okay!
I'm sorry,
you have to drive my car.
There's stuff in
the passenger seat.
I know. Just uh...
Just move it.
Oh, god, I have not
been like this for years!
You know what? It's fine.
But I have to tell you, getting
sloppy is embarrassing.
This is a very small town.
Okay, it's fine, it's fine.
- I'm sorry.
- Put your seatbelt on, please.
- I'm really sorry about that.
- Yes.
Stop! What?
What is wrong with you?
Look what you did! Look!
Oh, god, what is that?
I told you.
It's mold!
But you forgot, because
you haven't been here.
I have been working! Okay.
You're drunk!
So are you!
Oh, god, oh, god.
It's just mold, Clarky.
- Everything's all right.
- Everything's not all right!
Go to your room, Clark.
Daddy just got angry.
He-he's all right.
Go to your room, Clark!
What did he do?
- Hi.
- What the hell happened?
It's over now.
Your dad got upset
because there was mold,
and we just had
a little fight about it.
What is that?
Wait, don't!
This is not how I want you
to understand women.
- Mom, give it back!
- No, I won't give it back.
- Yes!
- No!
Shit! You ruin everything.
Don't swear!
Are we going to say anything
to each other today?
I'm waiting for the mold guy.
What's happening
for your birthday tonight?
Did you call Vizey,
about William coming?
Well, that's sad.
Well, I don't have a kitchen.
I'm going to Julie's.
Man: Signed editions, 'cause
I want to put those out.
Okay, I have to go,
bye. Hello!
Uh, yeah, hi. Um...
Do you have
any more of the, the Nigel?
Oh, no.
We're completely sold out.
So is big mart.
They went so fast!
Everything just...
My son is having a...
Really hard time.
And I would really love it,
it would be great
if I could get him uh...
- One of the Nigel's.
- The Nigel's.
No, I completely get it.
But we...
- We just don't have any.
- Can you look in the back?
I did a full inventory
right before I had my coffee.
I don't care
if you had your coffee,
okay? That's irrelevant.
Okay. I understand.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay. Um...
I heard that they have books
in Wenatchee,
so you might want to try there.
- Thank you. Okay.
- Good luck.
Call Vizey burns Steiner,
Ohhh! So chilly.
Is this okay with Julie?
I mean, I don't know.
But I don't care.
What did you say to her?
That we don't have to do
everything together.
I made these for us.
- What is it?
- Grown-up drinks.
Watch this.
Yeah, I know,
it's kind of stupid.
- Do you feel anything?
- I don't feel anything.
Maybe a little.
Oh, shit!
I should change.
Want to watch me?
Um... yeah.
Okay. You go behind
the curtain.
Um... you guys?
You guys!
here's the performance.
This is for you.
Yo, mommy, you gots to stick it.
Yo, mommy, you gots to stick it.
Hey, sweetie.
Is ambrosia ready?
Um... not yet.
She and Clark
shut themselves in my room.
Excuse me?
What in god's name
is happening here?
Nothing. Sorry.
Hello! Look who's here!
Hey, what's up, everybody?
What? How're you here?
What's up, uncle mack?
Happy birthday!
- Thank you!
- How you been?
- I've been good. How you?
- Well, good.
I'm all right.
What's up, Clark?
Gina: Surprise!
- Thought it was worth
the drive to um...
Surprise you guys.
What's wrong?
Um... if there's a problem,
I could step outside real fast.
Actually, William, Clark's
bedroom is right upstairs.
Can you go up, please?
- No problem.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. See ya in a minute.
- All right.
I was behind her curtains,
so we wouldn't see each other.
It was an accident.
Grabbing at a girl's naked torso
is something, Clark.
You're too young.
I didn't mean it!
A physical relationship
is to be considered
very carefully.
Well, sorry!
You know, I have to say
I am not sure she's the
right friend for you anyway.
You've never even met her.
Well, think about the girls
that you knew in New York.
Would any of them
behave that way?
I can think of a few.
It's hard, you know?
Ambrosia's family
is probably struggling.
And they probably don't have the same
background or education that we do.
Are you calling them dumb?
It's about access
and opportunities.
You sure
you want to go there, g?
All I'm saying is
that ambrosia's parents
may not be able to help her
make the greatest choices.
Like smoking?
That's a terrible choice!
That's not entirely fair,
cl... I'm really trying.
But he does have a point, baby.
Thank you.
Mack, thanks a lot.
No party at Julie's.
That's not fair!
This is my first party.
That's it!
Here, I did get you this.
They had plenty in Seattle.
You really want to call me
classist right in front of him?
We can eat at any time.
- Did you cook?
- Take-out.
Dude, so what happened?
I got caught with a girl.
- Your girlfriend?
- Yeah.
They got black people here?
She's white.
Another black man succumbs.
So am I gonna meet her?
There's a party tomorrow,
but I'm not allowed to go.
You know, you still could go.
Especially if it's the whole
Romeo and Juliet thing.
Then you have to go!
Look, man,
chicks, they dig intrigue.
If it's boring, they out.
Boys! Let's eat!
But you won't do that, right,
Clark Kent?
You're too good.
So should we say grace?
That would be lovely,
William. Yeah.
Nobody here believes in god.
Enough, Clark.
Heavenly father,
thank you for this food,
for the superiority of
the west coast,
and for this lovely family,
that always does right
by one another.
- Amen.
- Mack: Amen.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Hello, boys!
- What's up?
- Hi.
- Welcome in.
- Thank you!
Hey, dude, where is she?
Think she's ignoring you?
Maybe she's feeling shy or mad?
No, I just don't see her yet.
Nah, she ignoring you.
I know this may sound
but you got to ignore her
even meaner or harder
than she's ignoring you.
Yeah, they go nutty for it.
Wow, son, you were right.
It is white out here.
- Hey, Clark.
- What's up?
Who's your friend?
- I'm William.
- None of your business.
Let's go.
Dude, what are you doing?
Looking for ambrosia.
Hey, yo! What's up?
Stop! I don't want to
look at her,
because she might look at me.
Dude, what you talking about?
Why you acting so crazy
and nervous today?
Actin' cool, she's coming.
Hey, I thought
you might be grounded.
Uh... hey.
I don't think we've been
formally introduced.
Uh... hi.
I'm William, Clark's cousin.
what's wrong with you?
Why aren't you talking to me?
Dude, you gonna say something?
- Clark!
- Mom!
Wow, guys, so, uh...
Here we are at the pool party.
Honestly, it's my fault,
aunt Gina.
I just wanted to meet ambrosia.
Hi, um...
You're ambrosia.
Okay. I've been
wanting to meet you.
I'm Clark's mom, Gina.
What's going on, you all right?
You know how love is.
I didn't mean to ignore you.
That was so dumb.
Why didn't you tell me?
Tell you what?
Your mom is white!
I had already
told people about...
You're not even...
You acted like you were...
You lied!
Hey, stop!
Ambrosia hates me now!
Because of you!
Clark, please!
It's your fault!
Just leave me alone!
- Can we talk about this?
- No!
G, I got this. Okay?
You all right, aunt Gina?
Oh, yeah. I'm okay.
I just got the timing wrong.
But I get it.
You know I get it, right?
Yeah, it'll be all right.
Y'all'll work it out.
Oh, okay.
Let's get you to your bus.
I don't like white people!
There are good white people.
- Maybe in New York.
- Your mother!
- Not here!
- That's a generalization.
People generalize about me.
It doesn't matter, Clarky.
You can't treat people
like they're groups.
You have to treat people
like they're individuals.
We've talked about this.
I know we talked about this,
over and over!
And we're gonna talk about it
over and over and over again.
That's not the way
it actually works!
Joan: Oh, my god!
Wait here, wait here!
Oh, oh, ow!
Mom what happened?
Oh, oh. Be careful, there's glass.
There's lots of glass here.
Hi, Joan.
What's the matter?
You want to come in?
What happened?
Mr. burns, last night your son
put a huge rock
through my front window.
It sliced my foot.
He hasn't left here.
He's asleep.
I don't believe he's asleep,
Mr. burns.
Okay, just... um...
Clark, we need you right now.
You saw him?
I did.
He has never done anything
like this ever in his life.
Mrs. Reid says you put
a rock through her window.
Shattered it.
And it'll be at least
$200 to replace.
Is this true?
No. I was in bed, dad.
I believe that's
a lie right there!
- Wait a minute.
- That is a lie!
Let's be reasonable here.
just look at me, okay.
You can tell us.
Did you do this?
I saw him!
You saw him?
Wasn't it dark?
Or is it just
easy to imagine that he did it?
Okay, I think, Clark, I think you
should wait upstairs. Just...
Mr. burns, I think
you find me to be ignorant.
I think you find me
to be a racist.
I didn't say that, Joan.
You think I assume
your son is delinquent
because he's African American?
Um... yes.
I found him practically naked
with my daughter,
and now he destroyed
my property!
I think that's a good reason
to call the police!
- Which I plan to do!
- Are you crazy?
Is something wrong with you?
He's an 11-year-old child.
You want to call
the police on him? For what?
- Okay. -Are you trying
to ruin my son's life?
Okay, I think
we should just stop.
Just stop.
Should we have some coffee?
Can you come in?
No, I will not come in.
No, let her go.
You know I have credit towards
a master's degree,
and I raised two children
by myself!
- We did, we did not mean...
- Uh... just stop!
You can't do that.
What did I do?
This is our new community.
Y-you have to engage.
Just try.
Oh, I'm trying.
By destroying our kitchen?
By making strangers cry?
Did you not just witness
what happened?
She profiled our son.
He didn't break her window.
And then she was
about to call the police!
We don't know
if he broke the window.
And she,
she didn't call the police.
There's no need to malign her.
Not everyone is a racist, mack!
Where have you been, Gina?
- Oh, that's how you think
I see things?
- I, I see the gray, okay. -I'll tell
you how I think you see things.
I'm not an idiot.
Pretty much
whatever concerns you!
- You know... -And if it
makes you look bad...
- It's not that easy!
- What's not that easy, Gina?
Being the very pale third
wheel between the two of you.
You try going through
our bullshit.
Absolutely alone.
Are you kidding me?
Mold removal.
- What are you doing?
- I'm packing us up.
- Where are we going?
- C'mon! C'mon!
You all about ready
for me, then?
I'm sorry, yes.
Can you start in the kitchen?
Clark, throw your stuff in here.
Where the hell
are we going, Gina?
Gina! Where we going?
You sure that you want to
drive on the highway?
You're driving really,
really fast.
Well, I'm in a big rush.
Where are we going?
We're going to New York.
Baby, come on!
I should never have done this.
I should, I should never have
brought us all here.
I just... I'm...
I shouldn't have.
It was such a mistake!
I ruined everything!
I ruined everything forever.
Gina, you didn't ruin anything.
And this is not forever.
This is just a chapter.
Now, please, pull over!
Come on, baby!
I broke the window.
- What?
- What?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
I was mad.
What the hell?
Oh, my god.
You call and call and call.
I come, and I cannot access
the interior.
- So I unload it. -But it,
it needs to go inside.
That's it.
I'm done with this family.
You are bad people.
- What?
- Can he do that?
I guess, I mean...
He did it.
We're not bad people.
I said we're not bad people!
We're not bad people!
Are you okay?
Just breathe, Clark.
I'm going to buy a new window.
Because it's
the right thing to do.
Oh, let's go in! I need to
lie down for a minute.
Uh... folks,
three hours till I can
get you back inside.
Oh, Jesus, really?
Best I can do.
Cooper'll help you bag.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Hey, babe, can you come check?
Like this or smaller?
- It's perfect.
- Oh! Thank you.
Gina: Hey, Clarky,
dinner's in an hour.
Why were you so mean
to me at the party?
I'm sorry.
And I'm not going to say it.
- See ya tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Gina: Okay, does everyone have
the syllabus,
"the female gaze,
"gender and visuality in
contemporary art photography,"
professor Mcnulty.
Mack: You want to take
a picture for mommy?
- No.
- Yes, come on!
And you better smile.
Come here.
Have fun.
Be curious,
and be yourself.
- Okay?
- 'Kay.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
All right. Now go have fun.
- I know! Bye, dad.
- Bye.
Okay, so in chapter one
of your textbooks,
there is a series
of photographs,
they start on page 10.
I'm gonna give you all
a second to find that,
and then we'll start discussing.
Okay, has everyone found it?
Teacher: Welcome
to sixth grade everyone!
My name's Mrs. Howell.
And let's just start
by taking attendance.
- Wyatt Anderson.
- Here.
- Olivia Baker.
- Here.
- Clark burns.
- Here.