Little Boy (2015) Movie Script

This is O'Hare, California.
Back then, it was nothing more
than a sleepy fishing village
with a hill at the end
of Main Street.
Like you see in postcards.
My story takes
place on the home front,
in the midst of World War II.
That's me, the little fella.
Stop causing trouble,
you midget.
Nobody in
that town liked me much.
One, two, three.
I was eight years old.
But the story really starts
the day I met my dad.
My only friend.
My partner.
He's a boy.
Wow. He's so...
What? Little?
Well, he'll grow. Right?
I got you covered, okay?
'Cause we're partners.
I wanted to be just like him.
And do everything he did.
And everything we did
became a great adventure.
Hey, watch out!
I'm very proud of you, partner.
You handled the pain
like a true hero.
Actually, you remind me
of another hero,
Ben Eagle, the magician.
Ben Eagle.
Ben Eagle said to his sidekick,
"Do you believe
you can do this?"
"Do you believe you can do this?"
That became our motto.
Do you believe we can do this?
Yes, I believe we can do this!
Let's go, partner.
The mast is broken.
Partner, do you believe
you can do this?
Yes, I believe I can do this.
This is the police.
Partner, do you believe
we can do this?
Yes, partner.
Pepper Flynt Busbee,
I've been yelling for 20 minutes.
That's my mom.
Come on,
we're in the middle of a great story.
Always there
to snap us back to reality.
It's time to go to bed.
Come on.
And that's my brother, London.
Finally old enough
to sign up for the fight.
Bye, Mom.
All was good
in the old Busbee home.
Or so I thought.
The new Ben Eagle.
You've got to bring your
quarter for a look-see.
What are you having,
your usual today?
Yeah, give me the usual.
Me, too.
The war was still raging.
The enemy
has infiltrated the U.S.A.
Stupid America.
You know not what all you do.
Not on my watch, little fella.
Everyone was pitching in,
doing their part.
Uncle Sam had all the teens lining up,
ready to fight.
Busbee, London.
Sorry, son. 4F.
Hoffman, William.
Sergeant, sir?
With all due respect, what do flat
feet have to do with killing Japs?
That's just the way it is, kid.
to the U.S. Army.
Landry, Gene.
How's the weather down there, midget?
Two vanillas.
Hey, the world looks
bigger from down here.
He sure is small.
Hey, where's your cane,
Tiny Tim?
You think you're gonna
buy 'em this time?
No, not today.
Piece of junk.
4F. Stupid war.
I can't let you do this, Dad.
This is my fight.
But you always knew
one of us had to go.
And it was supposed to be me.
Come on, London.
Aren't you gonna eat anything?
London's not going
to war, right?
Does that mean
you're going instead?
He'll be back
before you know it.
Why can't we stay together?
Partner, I have to go.
I don't want you to go.
Time's up, Privates.
You have nothing
to blame yourself about.
You take care of yourself, okay?
I'm not a midget, right?
We, shouldn't use that word.
Midget is a, mean word
for people with dwarfism.
Um, I'm afraid your son had
something to do with the nickname.
That's okay, Pepper.
I will make sure
Freddy makes things right.
Any news from James?
He should be there on the 15th.
He said his tour
would end by summer.
That's what he said
in his last letter.
Do I have dwarfism, or what?
You know what?
Let's just keep an eye on you.
You know, it's really too soon
to make any type of diagnosis.
I will, however,
suggest we see each other regularly.
But for now, Pepper,
let's just say you're a...
Little boy.
Come on, get up.
Mr. Jones yelled
at me yesterday.
He really blew a fuse about his car.
He said you were a...
- Do you want to know what he called you?
- No, I don't.
Let's hear this baby hum.
Why is this thing not working?
The old one works fine.
Your dad was happy with it.
What do you know?
He's gonna love this.
Now mind your own and get
the lousy Packard ready!
Can I go?
Yeah, go.
Don't need
your pestering, either.
And what about my money?
I don't have any.
But Mom told you.
"But Mom told you."
This ain't time to be
spending money like that.
What a waste.
Your dad's been eyeing these
boots for a long time, hasn't he?
Yes, he has.
Thank you.
Hi, Jenny. Can I have two
tickets for the Ben Eagle show?
Does this mean your
father's coming back?
Yes, he should be here soon.
Bye, Jenny. Thank you.
Good morning, Mrs. Busbee.
On March 11th, your husband,
James L. Busbee,
was part of a
tactical operation.
His platoon was sent
to secure Malabang,
a village in the Philippines.
I can't wait to see him.
He's the best.
Hey, look. It's the midget
who ratted on me.
Let's go! Let's get him!
Midget! Midget!
Midget! Midget!
We can't call him "Midget."
It could traumatize him.
Gimme that.
In the name of the freakiest thing alive,
I baptize you, "Little Boy."
Is my husband dead or alive?
We don't know, ma'am.
His body wasn't located at the scene.
We believe he's been taken
as a prisoner of war.
Good luck getting out.
What's wrong?
He's barely eaten all week.
Just take him, would you?
He got the extra
ticket for your dad.
Elegant in his top hat and floating cane,
Ben Eagle, the magician..., in reality,
a super crime fighter!
In today's episode,
is Tyra finally safe from
the clutches of Sir Pent?
Hey! Going for a drink.
But the live show is next.
This is what happens to Ben
Eagle's precious interest.
You'll never get away with it.
What are we gonna do?
There are too many.
Teleportation, Kid Falcon.
I hope this works.
Ben Eagle.
Ben Eagle!
And now, the moment of truth.
I am searching.
Searching for the one who the
High Lama of Tibet told me
would be in this very room.
The chosen one.
Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
Look who's here.
My boy.
Hey, Sam.
Hey, London. The usual?
What you are about
to see is not an illusion.
You will bear witness
to a profound experience.
The movement of an inanimate
object through inner power.
But I'm not gonna perform it.
My new colleague will.
Lamac lamec, bachalyos cabahagi!
Now you have the power.
It's up to you to achieve
the impossible.
But they're gonna
make fun of me.
Not if you move the bottle,
they won't.
You just do as I say.
Raise your hands and
point them at the bottle.
Get off the stage, runt!
Ignore the world.
Ignore the world.
Stand up, Little Boy.
He is standing.
Get him a step stool.
Do you believe you can do this?
Partner, do you
believe you can do this?
Do you believe you can move it,
yes or no?
Yes, I believe
I can move the bottle.
I don't believe you.
Yes, I believe I can move it!
Yes! I can move the bottle!
That's the kind of faith that Moses got
when he parted the Red Sea.
The kind of faith
that little David had
when he defeated
Goliath with a little stone.
That's what we need, my friends,
in these difficult times.
So, like Father Oliver used to ask,
what can we do?
What can we do for
our relatives at war?
What can we do if we are
here and they are there?
And the answer is,
if we have faith
the size of a mustard seed,
we can move a mountain.
If we can move a mountain,
then nothing will be impossible for us.
Not even ending this war.
And having our loved ones back.
I already knew someone
who could move a mountain.
I wondered if the source of his
powers was the mustard seed.
This was the source
of unlimited powers?
So, if this was true,
this was all I needed to...
And there he was.
The enemy.
There's a Jap at Gilliam's.
I couldn't understand how
one of them was free in O'Hare.
After Pearl Harbor,
they put them all in camps.
After years of internment,
the Army, in its wisdom,
has decided to release
those of Japanese ancestry
who have proven
loyal to the U.S.
They seem harmless, don't they?
But can we trust 'em?
Well, I, for one, remember Pearl Harbor,
so I say, "Remain vigilant."
Store doesn't serve Japs.
Everything okay here?
You forgot the onions,
Put these on my tab.
Father, with all due respect...
Now, Gilliam.
These, too.
Of course, Father.
I'm getting sick and
tired of hearing again
and again and again
about Pearl Harbor,
and about how my son gave
his life for his country.
Because he didn't.
Those Japs took his life.
And they did it the most
cowardly way you can imagine.
We need to do something
about that Jap.
If I could,
I would smash every Jap with my bare hands.
That's the rat's dump.
You want to smash him
with your bare hands?
Here you go.
Have at him.
Go on.
There he is!
Take that, dirty Jap!
Maybe this'll let him know
that slants ain't welcome...
I finally understood why they don't let
flat feet into the Army.
Five groups of 10
"Hail Marys" and five "Our Fathers."
In Latin.
Sancta Maria, mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.
Now you.
In Latin?
Thank God nothing
happened to Hashimoto.
I've finished.
Very good.
Something else?
The seed itself doesn't do anything.
What I said is,
"If you have faith,
the invisible power..."
Like Ben Eagle's powers?
Ben Eagle?
Well, no, that's just fantasy.
How can you say that?
I met Ben Eagle and he showed
me how to move a bottle.
He can also move a mountain
just like you said.
No, no, no.
That's not the same thing.
That's not faith.
Let's see.
If you have faith,
"fides" in Latin...
Father Crispin,
I'll take it from here.
I understand.
Take a seat.
Why don't you show me
how you moved the bottle?
You want to see?
Yes, I do.
I guess that was stupid of me.
Why don't you try again?
There, it moved.
No, you moved it.
Yes, because you
moved me to move it.
See, I moved it because you wanted
the bottle to move so much.
And that, you could say,
is how faith works.
At least some of the time.
And this is as much as I
need to move a mountain?
Well, in theory, yes.
But it's up to him.
He's the mover.
How could I get bigger faith?
The list, the ancient list.
For centuries,
people believe that if you do this list,
it'll make your faith powerful.
This is what you have to do.
"Feed the hungry,
"shelter the homeless,
"visit those in prison,
"clothe the naked."
How is that supposed to...
"Visit the sick,
"bury the dead."
Just one more thing.
In order to make
this list work for you,
I'm gonna add
one essential item.
"Befriend Hashimoto"?
Are you crazy?
It's your choice, Pepper.
What does that Jap
have to do with anything?
Your faith won't work
if you have
even the slightest
bit of hatred in you.
I'll do it, if that's what it
takes to bring my dad back.
Come again?
Bring my dad back.
Yes, but only
if it's God's will.
Why wouldn't God
want to bring my dad back?
I don't know.
But if I get enough faith,
nothing's impossible, right?
What do you want?
I'm sorry about the other day.
So were you nice to him?
How can anyone
be friends with a Jap?
Take him a gift,
as a peace offering.
Hey, Jap.
Want a soda?
And all he did was
throw it in the trash.
I think you'll be okay.
Hang out with him.
Hang out?
Just, get to know him.
why are you getting me involved in this?
I just don't see
how this helps anyone.
Yes, yes, he did.
But I don't even drink soda.
Just tell the kid to stop.
No, he's back again.
What are you doing
monkeying around my house?
I want to hang out.
Go hang out somewhere else.
I meant with you.
Let's hang out.
Come on, get in, Little Boy.
Bad nicknames
travel fast in this town.
My family knows where I am.
Especially London.
Okay, let's hang out.
Go ahead, I'll meet you inside.
No, no.
What's he doing here?
What can I get you?
I'll have
a chocolate sundae with...
Hey, I ain't talking
to you, nip.
What do you want, Little Boy?
Two scoops of vanilla.
I haven't had
ice cream in years.
Why are you eating my ice cream?
You can get ice cream anytime.
Next time, try chocolate.
Now are we finished hanging out?
Then can I scratch you
from my list?
What list?
Father Oliver's ancient list.
You told the boy that
if he waves a magic wand,
he can bring his father back.
You don't believe that, do you?
Maybe not.
If it's God's will,
yes, he can do anything.
He could turn you into a
rabbit if he wanted to.
Have faith, Hashimoto.
You should try it.
Not again.
I do have faith.
Faith in oneself.
Not in your imaginary friend in the sky.
Let's hope this
little game of yours
doesn't mess
with the boy's mind.
Two weeks?
But what about the list?
I already finished with the Jap.
We're friends now.
You continue
with Mr. Hashimoto
till I can't see the hate
in your eyes anymore.
Go and visit a prisoner.
You already know one.
I'll help you with the
list when I get back.
I promise.
Befriend that rat
in order to get Dad back?
By doing this stupid list?
By befriending him,
all you're doing is betraying Dad.
Where do you think
you're going, Little Boy?
Come on.
Jap lover!
You can drop me off here.
I don't have anyone
to help me with my list.
First things first,
my name is not "Jap."
It's Hashimoto.
All right, come in.
Okay, come.
Show me what you got.
Where do we start?
"Visit those in prison."
Why is this crossed out?
My brother.
At least that schmuck
was good for something.
"Visit the sick."
I can help you with that one.
Okay, just wait for me
over here.
I'm here for my
monthly check-up.
Who's your friend?
He's not my friend.
Thank you.
Come on.
He's not his friend.
I was just visiting.
You can keep it.
Thanks, kid.
"Shelter the homeless."
Is that one-eared oaf
still working at the shop?
Yeah, he sleeps there.
Not quite a home, right?
What about London's vacant bed?
Hey, they fit.
I've never worn
one of these before.
It feels nice.
Then I guess
you can keep 'em, Teacup.
Next one.
"Clothe the naked."
Spider ladies.
They knit and bite all day.
Shouldn't you be somewhere,
playing with sticks
or something,
with your friends?
He has no friends.
You want these two
to be best friends.
I think the baby's
gonna like it.
Thank you.
With Hashimoto's help,
I'd finish the list in no time.
And maybe he wasn't
so bad after all.
Things were looking up.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Busbee.
I took the liberty of stopping
by today because I...
I heard about
your husband and...
Get your hat off.
Mrs. Busbee,
I want you to know if you need anything,
you can count on me.
Thank you, Dr. Fox.
Boy, it smells good in here.
Is that a casserole I smell?
It is.
Yeah, I thought I could...
Would you like to join us?
Seems Dr. Fox always
gets what he wants.
Dr. Fox?
This is great.
Thank you so much.
Here we go.
Emma, Freddy and I haven't
eaten like this since,
well, Clarice passed.
Thank you for
getting me out of jail.
No trouble at all, son.
I would do anything
for your mother.
That's my dad's seat, you know.
I can see why.
Best view in the house.
May I be excused?
Yes, you may.
What are you doing...
I heard about your
stupid magic list.
And if you want it back,
you're gonna have to get it from me.
But that was the list,
the ancient list.
I need that one.
If you need it so bad,
take it back from him.
He's bigger than me.
Everybody's bigger than me.
Okay, stand up.
Let's see how small you are.
You're right.
Very, very small boy, indeed.
Toothpick arms, cricket legs.
Size of Masao Kume.
Who's Masao...
- Samurai.
- What's that?
You don't know
what a samurai is?
These are samurai,
Japanese warriors.
What one's Masao Kume?
This is Masao Kume.
He doesn't look like a warrior.
He wasn't.
Not yet.
Masao Kume was small.
Nothing but a servant.
But in every man's life,
there comes a day of truth,
and that day came when the
Mongols invaded Japan.
Who are the Mongols?
They were bullies.
Samurai tried
to defend their land.
But the Mongols,
they had Bukha the Immense.
The Mongols issued a challenge.
If anyone could
defeat Bukha in battle,
they would leave Japan,
never to return.
Masao Kume believed that
nothing was more
powerful than the will.
The will to face one's fear...
And to act.
Now, don't measure yourself
from here to the floor.
Measure yourself
from here to the sky.
That makes you
the tallest boy in town.
Hey, Freddy.
Someone's giving you the stink eye.
Looking for something,
Little Boy?
Maybe this.
It's a magic list, right?
Give it back.
You fat motherless pig!
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy.
This'll teach you
to never mess with me.
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy,
Freddy, Freddy, Freddy.
I'm finishing you this time.
Invite a friend over.
Feed the hungry also means
inviting a friend to eat.
Soda pop, cherry on top
Who's your boyfriend?
Freddy boxed him and he whacked
him with his lunchbox so hard.
I'll get it.
Good day, Mrs. Busbee.
I, seem to have made a mistake.
Would you wait there a moment?
I said for you
to invite a friend.
He is my friend.
There's been no mistake.
Please come in,
Mr. Hashimoto.
Thank you, Mrs. Busbee.
Do you have hot dogs
in Japan, Mr. Hashimoto?
No, Mrs. Busbee.
It's been 42 years
since I've been in Japan.
Seems like a lifetime ago.
And do you still have
relatives over there?
All I have left of all my relatives
is a photo of my two nephews,
Takeshi and Koji.
They probably live
in my hometown still.
Haven't heard from them since...
The war changed everything.
Yes, it has.
For everyone.
Why did they send
you away to the camps?
that is not the kind of question you ask.
Mrs. Busbee, it's okay.
It's simple.
I have the face of the enemy.
Doesn't matter if
this is my home.
Doesn't matter if I love this land,
this country.
Mom, where's that
other set of keys?
That lame-brain
Teacup forgot...
Maybe we should...
Yes, I'll help you clean up.
Thank you.
London, what are you doing?
Put that down right now.
London, put it down right now.
Please, London,
think about your dad.
Get out.
think about what you're doing.
Please stop.
Mrs. Busbee,
Get out.
Or I'll shoot you
where you stand.
Get out.
A Jap will not eat
at my father's table.
This is all your fault.
Dad had to go to war
because you couldn't.
Listen to me.
If I see you
hanging out with that rat,
I will smack you in front of everyone,
do you underst...
You need to stop this nonsense.
Stop what?
Stop an eight-year-old boy from thinking
that he can do something
to help his dad?
Tell me, London,
what is so wrong with that?
Except for when the day
comes to tell him
the Japs killed his father...
Stop saying your dad is dead.
Mom, I'm just trying
to be prepared.
Shut up.
Look at that.
Maybe you should go home now.
Is this man bothering you?
He's my friend.
Look, I have
no business here with you.
All due respect,
I'm going my way.
With all due respect,
you're not going anywhere just yet.
Am I a joke to you?
Listen to me, if I see you
around my brother again...
I will put a bullet in your head.
- Do you understand me?
- That won't be needed.
I think Mr. Buddha-head
here understands.
You've got one week
to pack your crap
and get your yellow hide
out of here.
What, you don't believe me?
You stay and find out.
Hey, listen to me.
You want to do
something for Dad,
then you stop palling
around with this rat.
Stupid priest filling your head
with a bunch of fairy tales.
What if I can?
What if I can bring Dad back?
Dad back?
How are you gonna
bring Dad back, you idiot?
Like with the mustard seed.
You can move a mountain.
Get the kid home, London.
You want to move a mountain?
There's one. Go ahead.
Move it.
Move it!
Move it for everyone!
You don't have to do it.
He's just trying to humiliate you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Not now. No.
Calm down.
Do you know when
Father Oliver's coming back?
That's the little boy.
This was much more
than just an earthquake.
What was it?
It's a miracle.
Let people believe
what they want.
They need crap
like this to believe
that there's something
bigger than them.
Truth is, that earthquake
would have happened
whether that boy
was there or not.
I've been walking to work for
35 years and I'm telling you
that mountain was definitely
more to the right.
Father Oliver, have you heard?
What? What?
Look, look.
Yes, I heard about it on the...
No, the boy moved a mountain.
He moved a what?
I figured it out!
Japan is practically
straight in front of us.
Now, if you point to where
the sun touches the sea,
you'd be pointing
directly at Japan.
Why the sudden interest?
I need to end the war.
My dad can't come back
until it's over.
You mean doing this?
All right, maybe it's time
I'm honest with you.
I don't believe that
you moved any mountain
or you had anything to do
with the earthquake.
You were there.
How could you say that?
I just don't believe that anyone in
the world could do such a thing.
Then are you saying
I should stop?
I would say do what
makes sense for you.
It's just a loan,
for goodness' sake.
A loan from that Fox has enough
strings to start a puppet factory.
And what do you suggest,
then? Lose your father's shop?
We can pay him back
when your dad gets home.
I think Dr. Fox is counting
on Dad never coming home.
And his loan required you
to get all dolled up?
Today is me and your dad's
wedding anniversary.
I'm sorry.
What's Little Boy doing?
I do believe men can
move mountains, Ollie.
With dynamite.
I believe that what
happened to the mountain
can't be reduced
to a game of chance.
Much of life is a gamble, Ollie.
You're advising
a desperate child
who's ready to believe
anything that he is told.
So, tell me, Ollie,
what happens when
your imaginary friend
works in his mysterious ways
and his father dies?
Then my imaginary friend
will also help him through it.
Tell the kid to stop.
If he doesn't, he could
lose faith in himself.
That's what you
should be worrying about.
Right there!
In the paper.
Little Boy.
It's Little Boy.
There he is!
Little Boy's here.
You did it!
You did it, son!
Yes, you did!
He has no idea.
Read it to him.
Give me that.
Listen to this, Little Boy.
"The greatest power known
to man has been unleashed.
"Yesterday at 5:15
our time,
"Hiroshima was destroyed by
the force of the atomic bomb,
"code name,
"'Little Boy."'
You did it.
You did it.
I did it!
My daddy's coming home.
Way to go, Little Boy.
I did it!
You did it, Little Boy.
My daddy's coming home!
I did it!
My daddy's coming home!
Did they say
when Dad's coming back?
I wish things were that simple.
Colonel Bob said that...
The bomb may not be good
for American prisoners.
What do you mean?
It means that the Japanese
may try to harm your dad
in revenge for the bomb.
It wiped out an entire city.
Hello, Hashimoto.
I warned you.
But you dared stay.
And looking on the bright side,
I ended up doing you a favor.
It's imprudent
to keep all these traitorous
Japanese souvenirs.
Since we are at war
against Japan.
It was evil rats just like you
who cowardly murdered my son.
The yellow fella don't take
a hint, does he?
Doing this
won't bring back your son.
Sam, that's enough, Sam!
Let's get outta here.
Sam, we can't just leave him in there.
He's gonna die.
If we get caught here and he dies,
we rot in jail.
Do you understand me?
Get in the truck.
Get in the truck now!
Okay, you want to play the hero?
That's your choice.
But you better be man enough
to face the consequences
on your own.
How is he?
His heart is very weak.
But he's gonna be okay, right?
I don't know.
You have to let one die.
Make your choice.
Get the doctor.
Dr. Foley!
I need oxygen right away.
Mr. Hashimoto,
can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
He's stopped breathing.
Please don't die.
You're free.
The Jap dropped the charges.
Says you saved his life,
whatever that means.
It's time.
We were told my father was
laid to rest in the Philippines.
My mother still chose to have
a memorial for him back home.
Let us commit
James L. Busbee's body
to the ground, earth to earth,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
in the sure and certain hope
of the resurrection
to eternal life.
In the name of
the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit, amen.
You're my only partner.
Do you mind if I sit here?
You know,
I never got to say goodbye to my wife.
By the time I got
to the hospital,
she was already in a coma.
She died the next morning.
I think it was stupid
of me to believe
that a midget
like me could bring
my dad back with
some stupid list.
It was not stupid.
It takes courage to believe.
Your father would be
more than proud of you.
All the love you have for him
was contained in that list.
I did this for you.
39 inches.
Same as before.
I'm afraid I still
don't have a diagnosis
for his irregular development,
but I do have some theories.
Maybe I could come over
to the house later
and we could discuss them.
Perhaps tonight?
I really appreciate
the help you've given us.
I really do,
but right now,
my family needs some time alone.
Maybe after some time.
You're a good man, Dr. Fox.
But I will always be
Mrs. James Busbee.
Come on.
Any more bandages?
What's the name on this one?
I got him, I got him.
James L. Busbee, 39627771.
You did it, you little runt.
You did it.
Father Oliver said God was
responsible for bringing my dad back.
Hashimoto said it was
my father's will to live.
He survived an extremely
severe trauma.
I was holding on
to my mustard seed
because the journey
was not over yet.
I got the boots
you really wanted.
It's me, partner.