Little Darlings (1980) Movie Script

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Endel, where are you going, huh?
Come on, do not run.
Come on, be good to me.
Show me something nice.
You know you do not like smoke.
Fine're wearing.
- Be good.
I watched Grease 6 times!
- Is anyone watching Beauty and the Beast?
My fiance is the same
John Travolta. - Really?
You know what my favorite movie?
Last Tango in Paris.
I watched it ten times.
- You know who I love? Andy Gibbons.
Beautiful. - Yes and yes!
God to love his ass.
It's so small, sweet.
See it.
Thinks he's tough.
- Are you really engaged?
Yes. My parents sent me to the camp
a little chill.
What are they like provincials.
- To mine.
- Hi! - See you there!
Ferris Whitney?
How picnuta.
This place is busy.
- When it is finished?
My guardian angel.
Then let me sit in your lap
He is masculine.
Then I'll have it
to sit in his lap.
Ooh, nasty.
- Make me.
No, no, do not
to tuete.
Hail, hail!
Hail, hail!
- Get up, get up!
What's the problem?
Hey, where did you learn to tuete?
- Madison Square Garden.
Hi, I'm Patty Garden.
- All is called Carrot.
I'm a Sunshine.
- Endel Bright.
Sounds like an ornament for the tree.
Girls! Wait, I have some
Take one.
Keep from
onesveti, come on. Take one.
Ferris Whitney.
'll Never grow.
No wonder,
suffocating them.
You look familiar.
- You've seen me on TV.
In some stupid ad?
I'm a dancer in an advertisement
to tango.
This is it!
Move your ass.
- Bullies.
I know a girl,
she did it on roller coaster.
Yes, Ferris, where you
a strange place you do that?
None of your business.
- Why?
You probably have no idea.
- I know enough.
You made it to the fourth base?
- I have 15 years. No one in the team
years does not go that far.
- I did it with 14
5 more minutes! - Well, it seems that some of us
And some girls.
What are you? - I think the guys
Two small device whining.
No wonder I keep
tue. Do you have excess energy
You probably lesbians.
Maybe it is,
but I'm straight.
And you jeziaro?
- What am I, airheads?
I think you like me
Shit! She tried to get me
,, Who goes to fourth base? "
Ferris probably not gay.
Only immature.
I bet he would have gone to end
had a chance.
Is that right? - Yes .
I'm ready.
- Hi Buck.
- O!
- You talking to me?
Yes. What's your name?
- Penny Schubert. I'm in a hurry.
I think you're going to the cottage C
, by those trees.
C hut for kids?
I do not know how it is to be surrounded
olds. get mad!
The brain will think I
You girls were there.
No way.
these beds are reserved months in advance.
I'll take that one.
- Very important.
Listen, I do not like to share with you
You do me out of my way,
and I'm you. Right?
That's to your taste, honey.
Zeist, clean, clean.
Thank you. My mom bought me.
Hey, Endel! You forgot
Hell, they put
are the burgers.
Dina, you know, you really should not eat meat
. Disrupt hormones.
I know a girl who are
grew a mustache because she ate meat.
Oh, God! Again? - Do you know what
working there? Story story
good night.
Can you believe it?
We really need to help
Ferris about its problems.
You're a lost case.
- Get out.
Time to our Ferris experience
sweetness of life.
Kladiu to his scholarship.
- What? The scholarship?
Yes Ferris will become women
by the end of the year.
How many?
$ 100!
You know, that's a lot of money!
- Oh, yes!
What should I do?
Just let nature
and water.
Cinder, sorry,
I do not get this.
This is a contest.
Ferris against ..
No, you would not have the guts.
- You just lost $ 100 moron.
Endel against Ferris.
Whatever loses her virginity first,
's winning.
We'll put ten bucks on it. - I!
I bet I'm right.
- Write that down. - Putting $ 5.
I bet!
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States
and the republic for which it represents.
One nation before God, undivided
with liberty and justice for all.
Endel Damn!
Can you pass the bread,
I need a fork.
- Hey!
A little magic. You'll be sexy.
Come on.
Do you bleed?
Hey, hut C bets on Ferris.
- Good.
Srediu said.
Bravo, C hut!
- Ferris Bravo!
Hey, yeah!
I'll smash you, guys!
How are you?
- Good.
Mr. Callahan.
- Miss. Whitney.
Are you married?
No, I'm not married.
No. Why? Are you?
- I'm not married.
What is your occupation?
I teach French in high school
French is my favorite language.
Do you watch French films?
(Mostly French)
(mostly French)
- Fine.
Where do you go to school this year?
- Here.
Is Roosevelt
private school? - No.
You have to go to private school
Worse. Dad insists
to be only for girls.
God, and I'm not interested
girls, if you get it.
Yes, I get it.
Mr. Callahan.
- What?
Can I ask you something personally
What's your sign?
- You want to ask me?
Yes. - You said you want to ask me
something personal.
I did personally.
I'm the lion.
I thought so. - Why,
it has something to do?
Yes, there is.
- Hey, Ferris, Endel progresses.
What's it all about?
- It is .. project.
Something to do with science.
Not concern me, are not you?
- Yes.
You have beautiful eyes, Mr. Callahan.
Do you often you do
Yes, the roofs of buildings,
fire escape, and so forth.
I do not see anything.
- Look across the water. - I'm watching!
What is it?
- I do not want to talk about it.
What formations.
What kind of enjoyment.
You should see what I see.
Do you see what I see?
Why now melt?
As the meat with the lions.
Do not you know anything?
- I know one thing.
Watching a crowd of naked boys
that Brek might come you
but to me it's bullshit.
From watching
can not be pregnant.
God, I hope not.
Hey, what will that do for protection?
- Protection?
Protection from pregnancy.
- God will take care of it.
Nonsense. The Pill.
- She will not need anything,
because nothing will not do it.
- Yeah, right, you will be
fear and you watch.
Hey, this is serious.
Jesus is our good friend,
carries all our sins and grief ..
Come on.
Come on!
Come on.
I went.
Come on!
- Shh!
Shut up! Hurry up.
- Come on!
I'm going to the window.
Come on, Endel!
- Come on!
Come on, Endel!
I knew you were going to succeed,
I knew.
Hey, Endel, take it easy!
I advise you to choose
experienced man.
I want.
- Good.
Already did.
What Gari?
- Shh!
.. He is so old.
- He's perfect.
I can not imagine
I have a relationship with him.
Do you have to say it so it sounds awful
? God!
Hey, Endel. I just heard them
Ferris already has its own target,
so you better hurry.
I bet in his entire summer
spending money on you, remember that.
Do not bother me, pobediu.
Pobediu. - Good.
But remember, guys &
reach their sexual peak at 17 years.
From then onwards.
You'll have to meet me
the Horny etrnaestogodinjaka.
If you do not mind
I'm going to choose.
Men's toilet
I wonder if you miss
Probably lacks
your boobs.
One day Endel, perhaps
and you become a sex object.
A above?
Yes, Penelope!
- Wait, wait. Come on.
1, 2, 3!
Hi, Penelope.
Can people tell us they have done little favor?
I can not! I'm afraid of heights!
- Oh, yes, you want!
I'm here.
- Come on!
We will not let you go.
Come on!
Come on, girls! Come on!
God ..
Let's get out of here.
- We can not leave Penelope.
Hi, girls.
- Someone inside.
- Yes.
Do you live here?
- I? - Yes, you.
I know where I live.
- I'm from Temkamola, across the lake.
Where did you get the car?
Auto? I borrowed it.
- A girl?
She ran with the wagon.
What is your name?
- I? - Yes, you.
I know what my name is.
- Endel.
But do not let the name fool you
You can not fool me.
're Drunk.
- You're cute.
Yet we still have not said how
name. - Is it? - Yes.
Do not let the name fool you.
Lord, what if she did.
What is called come prepared.
Why did you take it?
- I borrowed it.
We're going.
- Okay, see you.
Come on, come on.
You can take just a few
Come on, hit it.
- Hit him.
- Watch out, watch out!
- It!
- Listen, listen.
Grabs. - Stop.
- Hey, how do they look?
Come, gather them, Come.
- Come on, come on.
- Gather them.
Ma left them there.
- Hurry up.
Let's go!
Hey, wait!
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States
and the republic for which it represents.
One nation before God, undivided
with liberty and justice for all.
Can someone pass me the salt.
Well, well, Angie reincarnated.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
Oh, terrible. Let me
's Okay. It was an accident.
It was an accident? - Yes.
It's funny.
Yes ..
Come on!
- It's really cool.
Purple. My favorite color.
I hope it will be removed.
Do not!
- How about ..
little cream?
Hey, stop ..
Every time we meet,
this happen. Hey!
I think you need a little
See I have two!
Can you tell me that
the consequences of sex.
You sound as if it were a disease.
In a way it is.
I used a lot of thinking about
For me it was perfect.
You know, the kiss was somehow peak.
Now ..
Let's say it happens. Whether
I be different?
Well, yes.
In fact, it depends on what kind of connection you
This is really hard.
- I know.
Yes, I see.
If you did not .. You're now in a relationship?
- No.
We're talking about the future?
- Yes, tomorrow or the day after.
Just do not do it until
fall in love.
So if I really love
, you think it's okay?
Yes. I mean, later,
when you're older.
I have 15 years I
and modern.
I thought I was modern.
Come on, let's go again.
Is this good for the chest?
- What?
Say whether this is good for the chest
basket? - It is good for the brain.
Ferris does not have to practice,
in the excellent shape. - Shut up.
Mr. Callahan.
- What?
Ferris has great legs.
- Yes.
Probably trains.
Believe me, when you'll have
40, you'll be thanking me for this.
Honestly, I doubt.
G. Callahan, we think you'll
like this.
Hooked up.
What is this?
- Magic.
Tried a drink, darling.
Are you ready?
Bet. - Okay, let's try
to look good. - All right.
G. Callahan, g. Callahan!
Oh, God! Hurry!
Gary! Come on, Gary!
This is so romantic.
Give me your hand.
- Come on.
Are you okay? Come on.
- Gary.
I think she needs vetako
mouth-to-mouth. - Yes.
I think she needs vetako
How do you feel?
- Unstable.
She does not know how to swim.
It should be you learn.
Bazon closed until noon.
Play something sexy.
You saved my life yesterday.
In China, if somebody save my life,
forever, you are responsible for that person
. The souls get together.
Come .. - This is gonna be holding.
- Here we go again.
- Okay. I'm ready. Go.
It seems that is not working.
- I know. Come on ..
Turn me to try again.
Thus, the better. I'm ready.
Is that him?
- I think so.
The one in the green shirt?
- Yes, yes, it's him.
's Good is that you?
- Yes.
Let's go. - Okay.
- 1, 2, 3
Wow! It's awesome! Awesome!
You'll have to serve.
Thank you.
And how you got here?
Children are different.
Reading the book and how similar.
Well? Nobody prevented the
you read.
Oh, not bad.
Not bad.
I wondered ..
You probably do not concern ..
Can I ask you something?
I have nothing to hide.
Endel, I'm your mother.
You can ask me anything you want
When you are ..
When did you lose your virginity?
I just want to know.
Why? Why are you interested
I'm just curious.
I probably had
19 years. - 19?
Oh, that's nothing.
Still nothing.
So why is everyone making
such a fuss about it?
Forward Ferris!
Looks like you gained
a lot of new friends.
Where is the color?
- Red represents anger.
Do you agree or
may quarrel? - No.
We love each other!
I bet you love while we
me that, but when we go .. - No!
What are you doing?
. Sometimes I give her a treat.
Is has become more orderly.
- Oh, yes!
Perhaps will return.
It is very impulsive.
- Where did she go?
In Rino.
- People there are divorcing.
Why did you say returns?
.. She said that she needed time to think
Are you seeing someone?
I would not exactly call it that.
So it's over.
Let's try now the cake.
Hey, Ferris, you're not gonna do the cake?
I will!
- Hey!
Do not gain weight! Boys
refuses cellulite.
Get up! You've got time swimming!
Hey, Randy!
- Oh, Randy. Yes!
Who, me?
What's up?
Get in, you fool.
Oh my love,
for the first time in my life
eyes wide open.
Oh, my mistress, for the first time
in my life.
My eyes do not see.
I see the wind,
see the trees.
Everything is clear in my heart.
I see the clouds,
see the sky,
Everything is clear in my world.
Oh, my love,
for the first time in my life ..
Do I look dead?
- Very.
Well, how are you?
- Beer?
Where did you get?
- I brought from home.
Smart, Endel.
Do not let that fool you.
So cool you got here?
This nature is a little pain in the ass.
- Yes.
Here, have another one.
Slow down.
I finished the first.
Come on, drink up.
Ferris, I can not help you
if you tell me what's wrong.
You need to kick out, and not to faint
, you idiot.
Very good.
This is called setting
lightning. Observe.
You know, you're needed Ferris.
- You bet.
Know, persistently reminds me of that.
Draw an invisible line using
these three fingers. See?
- When are you going to go to her?
Soon. Set the arrowhead.
Pulled to the end.
- See.
I leave.
- Leave.
Wow! Macho man.
- Now you try it.
Please do not confuse me
more than we already have.
Did I show you this?
- No. - Okay.
I do not know why we do this.
My parents do not want to
participate in the competitive category
Shooting is not competitive category,
You know, I thought.
How do we know when it happens ..
Well, we can not look
when they know... Can we?
Oh, you sound inexperienced, dear.
When I became a woman,
my eyes sparkled.
Oh, yeah. A person becomes a sparkling
and it looks great.
Well, yes. Silly me.
How are you?
- Good.
Is it? I waited by the pool,
where have you been?
I forgot.
- Are you okay?
I do not believe you.
Is everything okay?
You know .. if you want to talk
about anything, I'm here.
Thank you.
Listen, I do not intend to lose it!
Endel will get to the fourth base tonight!
Listen, bitch. Get a grip!
No one can make me a fool,
Okay. Remember.
Do not be scared.
This is the most important.
I ..
Do not talk about his past
These men refused.
- I have no past, you fool.
Will you stop
with that?
I wanted to say, do not be too Lien
I do not know.
Men are afraid of falling in love.
- Do you advise.
And remember, all we will be
with you!
I remember, introduced lilies
stink more than weeds.
Good luck.
I do not worry, it's not so bad.
If it were, no one would work.
Think about it.
What if you get caught?
- I'll tell you I mesear.
What's wrong?
- Nothing!
This is for you.
Do not get pregnant, you idiot.
Why do not you use the pill?
- Are allergic to it.
- What?
I have to take my clothes off? - I'll help you.
I got it. - Is it?
- Yes. Okay?
Will you need to undress
or you will not?
I want.
- Come on.
Not here!
- You're a pervert.
Do not forget packet of.
- Do not worry.
Ispuie whole cigarette?
- Yes, why not? Smoking relaxes me.
You take it?
Is smoking non-stop?
- Shut up!
Do not stay all night.
The bed is ready.
- Stop me banging.
I'm freezing my ass here.
Are there leaks?
If leaks will not there to do it.
No way!
- It's dry.
Are you sure?
It is definitely not normal.
Yes, I'm sure! Come on. Come on.
Why are we here?
Are we gonna do this or we're not?
Do not shout at me!
And if you forget to put
what, I'll kill you, I swear!
I'm not going to get pregnant.
I'm not ready to lift someone's
I do not know what the men.
Always they come unprepared!
They think that it is the woman's responsibility
Are you ready?
- Do not rush me.
Feel free to rest all night.
I would not have touched it to my plate.
What is it?
I'm not interested, that's what.
- Why?
Too much talking.
- Why are you angry?
Who's angry?
I'm not into you.
You're not my type.
A and kids your age ..
- I have age as you!
I know what it is. It varnish your fish.
You're in love with her.
She has a way with men.
You just give me.
I know talve, just talking,
and when should be submitted to the action ..
I prepared.
- Well, too bad.
Get someone else.
No longer waste my time on you.
I did not sexy?
I have all the sexy girls.
Ok, now we can do that.
- Hey, some other time, okay?
I like you.
- Fuck you!
And when are you going back to see Randy?
I do not want a few days.
Has a busy schedule.
Might need you to find another boyfriend.
You know, I thought.
Loss of innocence should be
private matter.
Are you sure you're
still a virgin?
This is bad karma.
Good. Odustaemo.
Prei we in
Endzelna team, okay?
You really let us down.
I'm going to see him tonight.
You said if I want to talk
If you serve with something?
I hope there .. not.
Do you want an apple?
Do you like apples?
An Apple?
I'd like some of that.
're Underage.
Back home constantly drink wine.
Anyway not much of a wine.
Envy Juliet.
- To whom?
You know, Romeo and Juliet.
Do you not like it.
It was so romantic.
Tonight is very hot.
Do you want a Coke?
Little dizzy.
Well, because I do not practice enough
Tomorrow I'll miss. Nichols that you
leads to peaenje of some 40 kilometers.
I'm burning.
Oh, Gary, I'm in the prime of youth.
In July, even though she died in the arms of her lover
, knowing ..
Knowing what? - How is that to be a woman.
Doctors say that to me
left very little time.
Six more weeks of life.
Enjoy watching a movie you want tatuina
Get in.
How are you?
I'm sorry about last night.
- Stop apologizing.
What is it? - Nothing.
You want me, do not you?
Ferris .. maybe you and I ..
but not the point.
You see, I'm a sex poetry
phrases and everything about anything you been reading
in books. But when you're really in love
.. - I did!
Ferris, I'm not a prince.
I am a teacher.
In a year you'll look at me
pitae and how you could just look at me.
This is not true.
- Unfortunately it is.
What if I come back next year
and if you feel the same?
Then I will be old.
Do you realize that I almost
the only virgin in the camp?
Each girl has a secret life
except me.
Look at it this way.
It would be a learning experience.
Come on. - Where are you going?
- To get you back.
And can I stay here?
Just make it work.
Will you now go to the barn?
- Yes.
Now that I'm 21?
I'd have fallen in love with you.
- Really?
Ferris has done it!
- Her face is shining!
Hey, congratulations.
- A?
Are you ready?
- Ready.
I feel funny.
Something's bothering me.
Are you afraid?
- A little.
I am.
How so?
I do not know.
I've been thinking.
I am.
When I first laid eyes
seemed to me like a nice person.
Hair is soft.
Weird to be roughly
express ..
and leather and everything is so soft.
Is that good?
- You're kidding? It's great!
Talking like some evil fish,
and in fact you are ..
This was very nice.
Yes, I've been waiting for this.
Some guys like to hasten
things. I do not.
So you've been here before.
I mean, before us.
Yes. No.
Sometimes I come here to think.
I do not look like a clever, huh?
But in my head a lot of things going on
Have you thought about me here?
Yes. I was hoping that we would be together
I have not been with anyone
since I met you.
Come on.
I want .. I want to ..
Do you care
to me just a little?
What happened?
- Come on, tell us, tell us.
I liken us with
Romeo and Juliet. - Oh, God!
We drank champagne cool.
- Aphrodisiac. I spoke to you about it.
Did it hurt?
- No.
What are you brat.
Have you seen him naked?
- No.
It was dark.
- Do not be disgusting.
How .. -
He would not be ashamed, and turned off the lights.
- He's gonna die.
Come on, come on, come on.
- It was perfect.
We were enveloped in darkness.
- This is better than the book,
I tell you.
- Truth is always better.
Do not look at me.
You can leave if you want.
Do you want a cigarette?
What did I do wrong?
- Nothing.
So what's bugging you?
's Not how I imagined it.
God, it was so personal.
As you could see right through me
Do not get you. One minute
.. Fuck you, decide on!
You were hitting on me.
If you want to stop,
should have told me.
Very important.
There are a lot of other women.
I'm not a woman, Randy.
Lovemaking is ..
Differently than what I thought it was.
You mean this is your first time?
Jesus, why did not you tell me?
I thought it would refuse you.
Device are weird, is not it?
You're really pretty.
And what do we do now?
I do not know a lot.
I do not know anything.
I do not know, I
I love you.
You do not.
God, I feel so lonely
Hey, guys, here is Endel!
Well, if she did it,
it is a draw.
Works disappointed.
- It works differently.
Please tell me you did. I put the whole summer
allowance at you .. - Shut up!
I'm sorry.
- Well ..
That was it.
Fair won.
And this mouse.
Looking for Endel?
- Yes, if you see her. Tell her
that is waiting in the barn tonight.
OK, but not coming.
It was a game, you idiot.
What do you mean?
They wanted to see who will be first to be knocked
Fish are terrible.
What are you doing tonight?
You again?
Can we please talk to
Why not, we're lovers.
I thought you were a nice person
You're a little cheat.
You owe me an explanation.
Talk to me, Ferris.
I wanted to be liked
I wanted to at least one
I like them. I did not want to be
rich. - So you made up a stupid
story that you and I were together?
No, not really.
I tried to tell them the truth.
You have not tried hard enough.
- Please, Mr. Callahan.
Do not call me Mr. Callahan.
We're intimate, is not it?
In a way. That is,
I wish we did have.
I told them everything
I wanted to happen.
It did not seem like a lie.
Sometimes even I think
really happened.
If I was older.
I did not want to make you a problem.
I suppose now you do not have
very good opinion about me.
Maybe I would have done the same
I was your age.
I love you, Mr. Callahan.
Pirates of Penzance
I want to talk to you!
Long time no see.
As Cinder?
How much did you earn?
I know everything.
Why did not you tell me
comes to play?
It would be the same, easy
povaljivanje easy povaljivanje.
I lost.
I told them, you know?
You deliberately lost?
Yes, I'm a loser.
Let's try again,
's Too late.
We started from the middle,
we have never had a beginning.
We could try.
I do not even have to VIDAM if
do not. We can only talk.
Why not?
Because that would not be enough.
For either of us.
Never and never forget.
How did you and Randy?
Do you feel different?
's Not how you imagined?
Nothing special.
But now you're a woman.
My whole relationship is a lie.
Come on.
I do not even touched.
You know what?
Do not tell anyone.
Me and Randy ..
.. Man
Man ..
The only thing you have to say
a man?
For someone so many governments
vocabulary, apparently ..
We are really fools, you know?
My mother told me ..
- Can not we write
anonymous letter? - We'll tell
Miss. Nichols. We all participated.
And if you do not like it,
What good does it
we tell her?
We will help Gary!
You're so naive.
Nichols would not believe her.
They say that just wants
to protect her lover.
I think Endel and Ferris was right.
- Do not be so moral.
I am a moral.
It's stronger than me.
If the two of you spoke
'll never talk to you. Ever!
Lots of care,
so shut up!
Listen, if we stick together ..
Hey, shut the fuck!
- Do not talk to me like that.
Obratiu you want to.
Get it?
Do you think you're tough
because you're a model?
Well, I'd rather be
thick and was a good man.
Who cares what you think.
- I care.
She is my friend.
What you can not say.
Ferris, somehow glad that
There was nothing between you and Gary.
Kissing is romantinije.
What do you know?
Wow, little virgin, sweet.
Hey Cinder, we have four.
- Yes I do.
All you completely
Do not hit me in the face, never!
Con artist.
Wait for us.
Hey, Sunshine,
have a good shot.
You know, you're great Miss. Whitney.
Really are.
But to wait until 21 G. Callahan?
Have you heard from your mother?
No longer wants to be married.
He wants to open a boutique in Manhattan.
Will that is found. Something like that.
Looks like I will not see you again.
I can not breathe.
Juhu Endel! Here!
Hey, how's my little girl?
You look great.
I have to talk to you.
- Yeah, about what?
I think you'd better act.
What do you mean that sex is nothing?
I do not know, I do not understand.
Do you think ..?
Hanging out with cretins.
- Endel!
It's not nice to tell your mother.
- I'll have to keep an eye on.
Now you are 40 years old?
- 29
Hey, see you sledeeg July!
Wait a minute, you fool.
This is my friend.
Ferris Whitney.
My best friend.
Translation to listen to Mary