Little Dragon Maiden (1983) Movie Script

That witch is here!
Be careful. Got it.
Stand still.
Li Mochou, leave the girl alone.
You're evil.
I left nine handprints on Lu's wall.
I have to take her life.
Lu Zhanyuan and his wife are dead.
You killed his brother
and sister-in-law too.
She's only a child, let her go.
Lu Santong, mind your own business.
Li Mochou, you're heartless.
Although Yuan stole
your lover Lu Zhanyuan.
- But Yuan...
- I've sworn that
whoever mentions her name again,
I'd kill that person!
Bring it on! I'll kill you all!
Let's go!
Who are you?
Who am I? Who do you think I am?
I don't know.
I have no idea either.
Don't run so fast.
If the poison spreads, you could die.
Then what should I do?
No worries, take it easy.
Please help me.
This isn't easy.
I'm sure you can think of something.
- How do you know?
- You can walk fast on your hands,
I don't think anyone else can do that.
You must be the best fighter.
The best?
I'm the best?
All right then.
Call me "dad", then I'll save you.
My dad's dead.
Even better.
Then I can be your stepfather.
There are plenty who wish to be my son.
But I never commit myself.
It's your call. Adios.
Dad, where are you going?
Did you just call me "dad"?
That's right, Dad.
Good, son.
Well, let me teach you
how to get the poison out.
Do what I do.
Come on. Imitate me.
You know how to use
your inner "qi"?
- Like this?
- That's right.
Don't stop.
Keep going.
Focus, that's right.
It will take a while to heal.
Just do this every day.
Son. Now I'm gonna teach you a trick.
What do you call this, Dad?
Toad style kung fu.
- Teach me.
- Sure.
You need more strength.
- What's going on, Dad?
- It's them.
I don't want to see them.
Where are you going, Dad?
Wait for me, Dad.
Where are you?
Hey, little beggar,
did you see my condor?
Are you talking to me?
By the way you dress,
I'm sure you're a beggar.
You bark like a stray dog.
How dare you?
Fu, how many times have I told you
to stay away from trouble?
Mom, the beggar started it first.
Don't you think he looks like someone?
What's your name?
Ni Laozi.
Ni Laozi?
Strange name.
He's teasing you.
You are Yang Guo. Mu Nianci was your mom.
I don't know!
He'll recover soon
after taking my medicine.
Are you sure he's the son of Mu Nianci?
I grabbed his neck earlier.
He flipped backwards.
That's a unique Hong Qigong style.
Mu Nianci was a student of his.
I'm glad to see him today.
From today onwards, I'll take care of him.
Do you plan to keep him here?
Of course.
Let's speak outside.
This kid is cunning.
His eyes are full of hatred.
I don't think it's a good idea
to keep him.
Are you worried that
he'll know about his late father?
Although I didn't kill his father,
I was sort of responsible.
If he finds out the truth...
You're too paranoid.
I know you like him.
He's the son of a sworn brother.
I can't just leave him by himself.
I didn't say that.
In fact, we should give him guidance.
So he won't end up like his father.
To learn and review constantly
is a pleasure, right?
To have friends come from afar
is happiness, is it not?
To be unperturbed when not appreciated...
Be a gentleman! Stop spacing out.
Mrs. Guo, why can't you teach me kung fu?
Your Uncle Guo has seven masters.
They are called
"Jiangnan's Seven Monsters."
What I'm teaching you right now is
Scholar Zhu Cong's skills.
But I want to learn what they're learning.
Guo, one must learn to tell
right from wrong.
with the best martial arts skills,
you will harm yourself and others.
Like what my dad did, right?
The reason you aren't teaching me
is because
you're worried that
I'll avenge my dad?
You should just let me teach him kung fu.
It's for his own good.
I don't want him to end up like his dad.
Uncle Guo,
why are we here at Zhongnan Hill?
This is the base of Quanzhen Sect.
Your dad learnt his skills here once.
Uncle Guo, how did my dad die?
Were you and your wife part of it?
Sorry, I misspoke.
Guo. Are you upset that I sent you here?
I wouldn't dare.
This is for your own sake.
You'll understand someday.
Excuse me, dear sirs.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I am Guo Jing.
I'd like to see Chief Qiu.
Please tell him I'm here.
Who are you to see our chief?
Just take me to him, please.
You look like an old pervert.
Are you here to see the Dragon Girl?
What did you call me?
Old pervert.
You're calling me a pervert?
How dare you insult my Uncle Guo.
Watch your mouth.
Hold on, Brother Zhao.
He looks like Guo Jing the swordsman.
I don't care.
I've heard Guo Jing is very skilled.
Either you beat us both,
or leave this place now!
Stop it.
Please stop, masters!
The chief asks Mr. Guo to go up the hill.
Forgive my rudeness.
Chief, I've offended the two sirs earlier.
Please send them my apologies.
Guo Jing, you're still an honest man.
It's their fault that
they are so impulsive.
They can't tell who's on their side.
I'm worried about their future.
Right, when I was up the hill,
they were calling me...
Old pervert.
That's right.
I mean, I was used
to being called dumb or slow.
But no one has ever insulted me like this.
That's because of the Dragon Girl
in the ancient tomb.
Little Dragon Girl?
Right, she's very young.
Uncommonly beautiful.
She's the third generation
of the Ancient Tomb Sect.
Many came here
hoping to catch a glimpse of her.
Prince Huodu of Mongolia
was recently here,
and made a scene because of her.
We have strong ties
with the Ancient Tomb Sect.
Firstly, we need to
protect the Dragon Girl.
Secondly, we don't want any trespassing.
That's why we keep an eye on strangers.
Please pardon us
for not receiving you properly.
Not at all.
The Prince Huodu of Mongolia.
He's the student of Jinlun.
Since Jinlun was defeated
by the Lone Swordsman,
he's been practising his skills
in the desert.
I think Prince Huodu
must have been here
not just to get a glimpse of
the dragon girl.
Then the martial arts world
will be in trouble.
Chief, Prince Huodu is here again.
He said if he doesn't get to see you,
he'll torch down our temple.
I'll see him on the drill ground.
I'd like to go
to the ancient tomb through here.
Please allow me to go through.
What is your purpose there?
Meet the Dragon Girl
and learn Maiden kung fu.
The ancient tomb sect doesn't want
any connections with the outside world.
You better leave.
You see, I came from a long way off.
I'm not going to give up this easily.
Our sect has been
responsible for the security
of the ancient tomb.
Are you challenging us?
I've heard a lot about the famous
Big Dipper of Quanzhen Sect.
There's no need for that. Men!
The Big Dipper formation.
Forgive my rudeness.
Fine, you win this time.
I'll come back in three years.
If it weren't for you,
we would have been wiped out.
Don't mention it.
I'm glad to help.
He's your son?
No, he's the son of Yang Kang.
- Yang Kang?
- That's right.
You're a traitor!
I'm banishing you from the sect.
Yang Kang bids my master farewell.
What's his name?
Yang Guo.
He looks exactly like his father.
Yes, he's an orphan now.
I brought him here today,
hoping you can teach him some skills.
Zhiguang, summon Zhijing.
You're very experienced yourself.
Why don't you teach him?
I'll explain later.
Chief, Zhao's here.
Zhijing, his father was my student.
Now he's your student.
Teach him well.
Yes, chief.
Guo, greet your master.
Master Zhao.
This is our new student.
He's joining us from today onwards.
Lu Qingdu.
Guo, you go ahead.
Help me! Save me!
Master, can I fight with him too?
- Is that OK?
- Go ahead.
Are you trying to get me killed, master?
You all right?
Are you all right?
Don't push it.
Don't worry.
I'll torture him little by little.
All right?
I have got to get even.
Dad, had I learnt your Toad style kung fu,
I wouldn't be bullied.
Where are you now?
My son!
Have you seen my son?
What does he look like?
I'm not sure.
What does my son look like?
What does my son look like?
Hey, this chicken is mine!
You've got proof?
You must be blind.
The chicken has just eaten a centipede.
Of course it's mine.
No centipede, it's mine now!
You are crazy.
Come over here and get it.
All right.
It's gone, you toad.
You called me a toad?
Right, my name's toad.
You rotten toad.
Still crazy after 20 years.
What are you talking about? Who are you?
I'm your dad, Hong Qigong.
My dad?
Are you teasing me, you beggar?
Great, haven't had so much fun in a while.
You mock me? You old fool.
My chicken.
What does it take to be a mature fighter?
One must be full of energy
and high spirits.
Then, with intensive training,
one can drop all affectation
and return to
original purity and simplicity.
Then one would be a true master
in this universe.
You're slacking off.
I was reciting.
You dare talk back?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Don't get any closer.
What's going on?
Master, this student's very naughty.
He won't listen to us.
And he threw the pot at me.
We must teach him a lesson.
Yang Guo,
you have no respect for your seniors.
He keeps beating me up.
I quit. I don't want to recite
those useless rhymes.
Tough teachers can teach students
to be good.
Your master has good hopes for you.
So that you won't become
a burden to society.
I don't know.
I don't understand
what you mean by being a burden.
All I know is you treat me badly.
Yang Guo, come back.
Uncle Guo, why did you leave me here?
Why this godforsaken place?
Fine, I'll learn kung fu myself.
I'll learn the toad style kung fu.
I'll beat you all one day.
Yang Guo, still throwing tantrums?
You think the chief was wrong?
You are forbidden to eat tonight.
Think about what the chief said.
If Uncle Guo were here...
You wouldn't dare torture me.
But he has placed
you under my supervision.
You think I want to have you as my master?
Uncle Guo kicked your ass last time.
You useless guy.
- Little bastard.
- Stinky Taoist monk.
I'll rip your mouth off.
Who was that?
Fine, I'll let you go.
We'll have a duel in a couple of days.
You better perform then.
The fourth generation Quanzhen students
will have a duel.
Yang Guo, get over here.
Come on.
I told you to come out here!
You're the newest student we have.
Show us what you've learnt.
You will learn from your senior, Qingshiu.
But you only taught me to rhyme.
Well, that's also a type of kung fu.
That's right.
Yang Guo, you've been lazy.
And you are scared now, aren't you?
You're being a coward, eh?
What is he going to do now?
Fine, I will
beat you bunch of useless Taoist monks.
Tell me, who taught you this wicked style?
Catch him.
Stop running.
Yang Guo, stop.
Hurry, after him.
This is the ancient tomb. It's off limits.
We can't go beyond this line.
Let's go back.
Right, let's go.
The damn kid is there.
Let's go back.
Let me.
Brother Zhao.
Are you all right?
Hurry, help him.
Young man.
Are you all right?
Let me examine your wounds.
This is ridiculous.
They are way out of line.
Please help me, old lady.
Save me.
Drink up, this is honey, an antidote.
Drink up, you'll be fine.
Don't worry.
No one can harm you here.
Who are you talking to?
Who is he?
He's from Zhongyang Temple.
He was beaten up by the Taoist monks.
I saved him.
He should be fine now.
Take him back.
I don't think it's such a good idea,
Miss Long.
You should know our rules.
No outsiders.
But if I walk out,
they will kill me.
Please save me, old lady.
Miss Long, I humbly
ask you for this favor,
let him stay until he's recovered.
Old lady, these are my master's teachings.
But she didn't say
we can't help the needy.
All I know is I can't
go against the rules.
The young man's not going to die.
Take him back.
Yang Guo is hiding inside.
They are here!
Miss Long,
I'm Yin Zhiping of Quanzhen Sect.
With the chief's order,
please give us the antidote and Yang Guo.
Yeah! Hand it over!
No response.
Let's fight our way in.
Calm down.
If you don't give up Yang Guo,
we're coming in.
Right, we're coming in.
Listen up, Miss Long.
Give up Yang Guo and the antidote.
Or else...
So many of you against a kid.
I'm going to fight them.
Old lady!
- What are you doing here?
- Give him up.
He's under my care now.
Show me what you've got.
Excuse me, old lady.
Old lady!
Who did that?
I am Hao Datong.
It's the antidote. Take it.
Don't come back again.
Are you all right?
I need to ask you a favor.
Take good care of the young man.
You must take care of him
for the rest of your life.
Promise me.
Old lady!
She's dead!
Aren't you sad at all?
We all have to die someday, right?
Why so many coffins?
My late master's.
The grand master's.
And these two?
For my sister Li Mochou.
She isn't dead yet.
Will she come back?
My master has arranged everything.
Of course she will.
Then who is this one for?
It's mine.
My master didn't expect your arrival.
She didn't prepare a coffin for you.
I don't need that. Thanks.
I've promised the old lady that
I'll take care of you
as long as I'm alive.
What if you're dead?
Since I promised her...
then I won't die before you.
What if I live a long life?
Then I must kill you before I die.
Follow me.
Wait for me.
Are you all right?
This is my room.
And that's my bed.
You can sleep there now.
Go on.
It's as cold as ice,
- I'll sleep on the floor.
- How dare you!
Do what I say.
Or get out.
But it's freezing!
That's the icy bed.
Many heroes had wanted to sleep in it.
What's the big deal?
Of course it is.
You can train your inner strength.
It's for your own sake.
Do it.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Our sect never accepts male students.
But I have promised the old lady.
And you insisted on me being your master,
so I'll make this an exception.
You are staying in this
ancient tomb forever.
Any regrets?
I wanted to speak to you about something.
Go on.
Can I not call you "master"?
Why not?
My former master, a Taoist monk.
He tortured me every day.
I hated him and I wished him dead.
Can I call you auntie?
Or madam, sister?
It sounds horrible.
Just call me the dragon girl.
Dragon Girl?
Lesson number one.
If you can catch 81 sparrows,
and don't harm them in the process,
then you have learnt the basics.
Eighty-one of them?
I'm not hungry, you go ahead.
It's a beautiful world outside.
Let's go out and explore later.
There are plenty of interesting things
to see and good food to eat.
No, I swore to my master that
I'll never leave this area.
Do you regret staying here?
If that's the case, you can leave.
I won't blame you.
No, I'll never leave you.
I've made my oath.
You've learnt all the basics now.
Let's practise the Maiden kung fu later.
Please grant me the kung fu scripture.
This is the ultimate kung fu style
of our sect.
My master said that
it takes two to practise,
I wonder if I can practise this with you.
If only you were a girl.
Why's that?
My master once said that...
you have to take off all your clothes.
Otherwise the heat
will be built up within.
You will either fall sick or die.
Is that so?
we can't face each other naked.
We can practise on the icy bed.
No, the icy bed will
force the heat inside.
You will die.
I know of a place.
There are flowering shrubs,
a waterfall, very cool.
We can practise on
each side of the shrubs.
Then we won't see each other.
Really? Let's go have a look.
This is it.
Excellent spot.
We can practise here.
Sure, how?
You must concentrate.
You can get an internal injury
if you're shocked.
Give it back to me.
Still thinking of the Dragon Girl.
I knew it.
You've been tempted the first time
you saw her.
Sure, I won't tell the chief.
- I'll take this to the ancient tomb.
- Why?
So that she'll know
you're thinking of her.
Give it back to me.
Sure. On one condition.
- What's that?
- Master said you'll take over after him.
If you give up your position...
You're way out of line.
You've sinned,
you're not fit to be the chief.
I'll never give up my post.
Brother Yin, your dream girl is here
with this bastard doing you-know-what!
Nonsense, nothing happened.
Guo, kill him to silence him.
Miss Long, we will keep our mouths shut
about what we've seen here today.
I swear.
Me too.
If there's anyone else who finds out,
I'll be kicked out of the sect.
And die a terrible death.
You remember this.
Have some medicine.
Get me the dagger.
You are too weak to practise now.
I'll have to kill you.
I promised the old lady
to take care of you.
And I'm dying now.
You'll be alone later.
That's why I'll have to kill you first.
You won't die.
You won't die.
You won't.
Dragon Girl.
How much?
Ah fa?
Ah fa?
A bit more seasoning.
Looks like you're having a good meal.
Yes, it's delicious. Join me.
Come on.
You want to fight me?
Practise the maiden kung fu
in the ancient tomb.
Then come back for another duel.
Are you all right?
I've cleared all the extravasated blood.
I'm fine now.
I thought you were dead.
You said I won't die,
I have to take care of you.
We can practise again a few days later.
You won't blame me
for the fact that
I tried to kill you earlier?
Of course not.
Why are you crying?
I'm not.
We'll stay together forever.
You two are very affectionate.
Sister Li?
Who'd have thought, the master's
favourite student has taken in a boy toy!
You two are ruining
the sect's reputation.
He's my student.
Please don't misunderstand.
At least you've behaved modestly.
The rule is
we can't take any male students.
I must kill him.
The rule also states that
we can't leave the tomb.
You've been away for so long.
Where were you when our master died?
I think you broke the rule too.
I'd rather not discuss it.
Pass me the Maiden kung fu scripture.
Master said I can't pass that to you.
I know Master hated me.
But I was her student too.
Come on.
I have to obey Master's teachings.
Take it if you can.
Where is it?
The coffin chamber.
Why did you tell her?
For someone like her who has no respect
for the master, she'll never find it.
And she's going to come after us.
I can handle it. Go to the hall.
You lied.
There's no kung fu scripture
in the chamber.
I didn't lie, you just couldn't find it.
If you won't pass it to me,
you two will die here.
What is it?
I know we're no match for you.
That's why I sealed the tomb's exit.
So that the three of us will die here.
You should know that
once the exit is sealed,
it can never be opened again.
Good plan.
She will return.
She's vicious.
And she envies us for being so close.
We must finish practising the kung fu.
So there is a secret passage
inside the coffin.
Follow me.
This is the place we practised at.
Right, we've wasted a lot of time.
We better catch up on the training.
Who is your dad?
- You.
- Me? You are...
I'm Guo, can't you remember?
Who's Guo?
Do I know you?
This is the toad style you taught me.
You taught me to get rid of the poison.
Now I remember. You're my son.
That's right.
Who are you? You're in my way.
You are in my way.
Dad, she's a friend.
She's my master, Dragon Girl.
She's trying to steal my moves.
You must be joking.
Son, I'll teach you more,
let's go a bit further.
I'll be right back.
I'll come back to teach you later.
- Dad.
- I'm here.
Dragon Girl.
Son, get up.
Did your master teach you this?
Of course not.
My master, master!
Dragon Girl.
Dragon Girl!
Dragon Girl!
Are you all right?
It's my fault. Sorry.
Shouldn't have left you
waiting for so long.
Why are you being so polite?
It's my fault.
Since you've done it,
I don't need your apology.
What did I do?
Do you have to ask?
My mark has vanished!
What mark?
For all the students of our sect,
on each of our arms,
there's a red mark.
The mark will fade
if we've breached the rule.
Then... we'll be expelled.
Why are you telling me all this?
You're responsible.
You can take me anywhere from now on.
I'll follow your lead.
What are you talking about?
So you were lying before?
What did I say?
What kind of a person do you take me for?
You're my master, I'll always know that.
Don't you know what you've done?
What did I do?
Dragon Girl.
Dragon Girl!
Under the icy exterior
The heart blossoms
Like the winter plum blossom
Finally, I've found warmth
This is a brand new beginning
Such wonderful feelings
I wish things will stay the same
Innocent dreams
Remain the same as before
- Light in eyes...
- His light... shining
-...seems like it's shining for me
The joy is unparalleled
Excuse me.
Have you seen a girl in a white dress?
Girl in white?
Li, have you seen a girl in white?
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Have you seen a girl in a white dress?
- I haven't.
- Really?
Master, I've looked for you everywhere!
Was that a pick-up line?
Hurry, get out.
Let's go in.
What are you doing here?
Wait outside,
we're running a restaurant here.
Take some food for them.
Work with us, please.
Sorry to bother you.
We'd like you to
post this invitation here.
The reason is,
we are going to
have a new chief in our sect,
and would like to invite
all the heroes for a meal.
We didn't want to miss anyone.
That's why we'd like to post
an invitation here.
Please post it up for us.
Here's some food.
Let's go.
You're welcome.
Are you done, miss? Four cents.
Four cents?
You haven't paid yet.
What? Pay what?
Excuse me, miss.
Of course you'll have to pay
for your meal.
I never pay for what I eat.
What are you laughing at?
You have to pay.
You think this is a free lunch?
A pretty girl doesn't need to pay.
I'll pay for you.
I'm delighted we have this rare chance
to dine together.
Let me now introduce
the new chief of the Beggars Clan to you.
Mr. Lu Youjiao.
Let's drink to you.
To you.
Chief Huang, we'll drink to you.
To chief Huang.
Everyone, my wife's not feeling well.
Let me drink on her behalf.
Hao Datong of Quanzhen Sect.
Excuse me.
Sorry, we're late.
Where's Chief Qiu?
He wanted to be here.
But he has taken ill.
After you.
- Do you have an invitation?
- No.
Have you seen the Dragon Girl?
The Dragon Girl?
Uncle Guo.
Uncle Guo.
Uncle Guo.
Guo, you've grown stronger.
Your master has done a good job.
I can't take the credit,
I'm not qualified to be his master.
Brother Zhao, what do you mean?
He didn't listen to you?
That Taoist monk was so obnoxious.
Way out of line.
Come with me.
The Mongolians are invading our land.
And we are all here.
Everyone hopes the best for our country.
We should resist their invasion.
We'll need a leader.
Although we have many brave men,
we do need a good leader.
Mrs. Guo.
Sit here.
Fu, take good care of him.
We definitely need a leader, but who?
Brother Yin, the kid is here.
You think the Dragon Girl
will be here too?
I think Chief Hong should be our leader.
Right, have a drink.
There is a Mongolian named Huodu outside.
He's here with a gang.
- Send him in.
- Yes.
Please come in and have a drink.
Mr. Guo, this is Daerba.
He is the top warrior in Mongolia.
We didn't have an invitation,
but this is a rare chance for a reunion.
That's why we came uninvited.
Come in and have a drink then.
Also, my master has a message for you.
In this gathering,
we'll need a new leader.
We've chosen Chief Hong
to be our new leader.
Hong Qigong?
His skills and reputation
cannot compare to my master Jinlun's.
Listen up, everyone.
The leader
should be my master Jinlun.
Calm down!
We've already chosen a leader.
If your master won't agree to that,
I'd be glad to duel with him.
I don't think it's necessary
because you are no match for us.
You're very confident indeed.
Remember our duel at Chongyang Temple?
Seven against one, that was unfair.
Then what do you want?
One on one duel.
Sure. I'll see you tomorrow
at 7:00 a.m. by the valley.
No, let's get this over with now.
You're here to stir up trouble?
Let me be clear on this.
If you lose,
you must stay away
from the martial arts world.
If you lose,
my master will be the leader.
Fu, why so reckless?
So many heroes here,
none with this girl's courage.
Rong, you shouldn't be fighting now.
Let me.
Let me deal with him.
Who did that? That was so low!
I did.
That was me.
You can fight me if you wish.
You were in the wrong. Stay back.
Uncle Guo,
there's no need to be fair to them.
I'll teach them a lesson.
That's it.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Me too.
Let's chat here.
Guo. What are they doing?
Those Mongolians are troublemakers.
- They're bullying you?
- Not at all.
Let me down! Let me down!
Come on.
These two are very skilled.
They defeated the miscreants.
Young people are quite something.
That's right.
Your skills have improved greatly.
Right, this is...
My master, the Dragon Girl.
You changed to another sect?
How could he?
It's ridiculous.
Both of you must be tired, go to sleep.
Wu Dunru, take Yang Guo to his room.
Yes. Miss Long, you are with me.
I'll stay with Guo.
Ridiculous. The two of them in one room?
What's going on?
So ridiculous.
What do you call this?
Right, it's crazy.
They're not married.
Why not?
We were in one room in the tomb.
That's improper for an unmarried couple.
I know you two want to catch up.
You can do that tomorrow morning.
I know.
Follow me.
How could they?
I think you shouldn't...
Shouldn't be together, right?
It's impudent to change to another sect.
And sharing a room with your master
is even worse.
As your late father's sworn brother...
I know you look out for me.
But I'll never leave the Dragon Girl,
I don't care what the others say.
How could you say that?
The martial arts world will sneer at you.
I was bullied around.
And no one helped me out.
And they've all got their opinions now?
You're way out of line.
Miss Long,
I think you know what's best for him.
So you think I shouldn't be with him?
He'll be a laughing stock.
You've taught him well.
You wouldn't want to ruin him.
Ruin him?
I searched everywhere for him.
Never mind.
It's your choice.
This is for your own sake.
But I've decided
to return to the tomb with her.
I won't see anyone anymore.
You and Mrs. Guo take care of yourself.
Miss Long is gone.
Don't miss me, take care of yourself.
Dragon Girl.
Dragon Girl.
Dragon Girl.
You humiliated me last night.
Get up, another round.
What? Get up.
My name is Cheng Ying. You were injured.
That's why I brought you here.
- Old master.
- Have a seat.
My daughter has told me about you...
Your daughter is...
Mrs. Guo.
So you're the chief
of the Peach Blossoms Isle.
- Old master Huang.
- Get up.
There's no need to be formal.
I hate all the talks by the outsiders.
I mean, regarding you and Dragon Girl.
Who are they to interfere?
What rights have they got?
A star in the sky, on the ground...
You stay here and heal.
Then I'll teach you when you get better.
Thank you, old master.
I didn't kill you.
I didn't kill you.
She's a little crazy.
Don't worry about her.
Does she know me?
No, she knew your dad.
You look a lot like your dad.
That's why she got confused.
A star in the sky
Shines upon the ground...
Don't be afraid. I have a question.
What is it?
Sit down.
Let me ask you.
How did that Brother Yang die?
I don't know.
- Was he murdered?
- Not my fault.
I know it's not your fault.
I won't blame you.
That night in the ruined temple...
they were in a fight.
Give up the Will of Wu Mu!
I won't, for the sake of our country.
Then don't blame me
for what I'm about to do.
He died horribly!
What are you doing?
Let me ask you.
Did you and your wife kill my dad?
Reckon it's time I tell you the truth.
Your father was greedy and a traitor.
A lot of people wanted him dead.
So it was you?
All right then.
What? You think I won't kill you?
Your dad was killed partly
because of Ouyang Feng.
What proof have you got?
Ouyang Feng wanted me to give up
the Jiuyin Script.
He hit me with his palms.
And your father forced me
to hand out the Will of Wu Mu.
He hit my poison-covered armour.
Then he got poisoned.
The proof is the poison on my armour.
He deserved it though.
Come back, Guo.
Come back, Guo.
Come back, Guo.
Sister, forget about
what has happened.
You can start afresh.
Return to the tomb, clear your head.
And we'll both
practise the Maiden kung fu.
It's raining so hard!
I told you to stay in an inn.
And you said we had to hurry.
Look, I'm all soaked.
Lucky we've got shelter here.
I don't mean to nag,
but I just want to be clear on this.
You must promise me...
I never aspired to be the chief.
Especially now.
That's your call.
But you must give up the position to me.
Why are you forcing me?
If you won't promise me,
I'll tell everyone about you
and the Dragon Girl.
Brother Zhao, why?
I couldn't control myself.
I raped her and ruined her.
I deserve to die.
Miss Long is a good girl.
She's already gone through a lot.
Why ruin her reputation?
You rotten Taoist monks.
Miss Long.
You are so low.
I know I've sinned.
I deserve to die.
Just kill him,
don't listen to his nonsense.
Miss Long, I'm sorry.
You talking to me?
What is it?
What is it doing?
"The Tomb of the Sword."
"The Lone Swordsman had no enemies.
He buried his sword here."
So there's a sword underneath.
"The great sword
needs not to be sharpened."
You've been guarding the sword
all these years.
You're very loyal.
You want me to have it?
It's so heavy. How do I use it?
Why are you so angry?
Stop it.
Or I won't let you get away with it.
Condor, I did it!
What, Guo Jing was that arrogant?
That's right.
He insulted you
in front of all the heroes.
He asked you to go to their country.
And you're no match for him.
Xiao Xiangzi, Ni Moxing, Yin Kexi.
We will go show them our colors.
I'm impressed!
Never expected you could catch a rabbit.
Smells good.
You are too fat to fly.
Don't worry, I'll teach you.
Have faith in yourself.
With determination, you will succeed.
Be brave.
It's my fault. Are you all right?
Eat something.
Don't starve yourself.
You haven't eaten in two days.
What do you really want?
Leave me alone!
I can't. I'm the only one you have now.
I know you miss Yang Guo.
Then why don't you go find him?
Or you can't face him, is it?
No one will know about what happened,
except me. Don't worry,
I'll never ever tell anyone.
Most men are silly.
Yang Guo won't notice.
Even if he finds out, he won't mind.
If he does, he isn't worth your love.
Then what's the point of being miserable?
It's between the two of you.
If others gossip, let them.
You shouldn't let gossip
tear you apart from him.
Go to him.
You've got perseverance.
After you've learnt to fly,
take me and the Dragon Girl up in the sky.
I wonder where she is now.
I want to look for the Dragon Girl.
Then I'll come back to you.
You've been acting very strange today.
What's on your mind?
I don't know if Guo survived his fall.
If I weren't chasing after him,
he wouldn't have fallen.
He'll be fine.
Since we've found him,
I treated him like my own son.
I hoped he would turn out well.
That's the least I could do.
Where's Guo?
Are you all right?
Jinlun is fighting with them outside.
The Dragon Girl...
Dragon Girl?
Are you all right?
What is it?
- Guo.
- Are you all right?