Little Fish (2005) Movie Script

C'mon! I got a baby-sitter.
I don't wanna go.
I don't wanna go on my own.
You got some clothes here, haven't ya?
C'mon, show us!
Hey, Tran, don't you reckon Tracy
should come to the school reunion?
Is that right?
Tracy never goes out.
Listen. We'll have a look here.
You're alright?
Yeah! Good.
Good Evening. Can I
have you bags, please?
What have you got there?
This one.
How was it?
It was okay.
Did she behave herself?
Yeah, not a problem.
How was that?
It was alright.
Can we go?
I'll drive.
Can you give me a ride home?
No. You can walk, fatso.
Excuse me. Come here.
I had a message from
Lionel Dawson on my phone.
How did he get my number?
Hey, girl, it's a new world
let's have a little fun
Don't stay hitting away
They play this one. You should come.
I wish you were there.
You're gonna stay very long?
Kind of got sick of this.
I thought you were dead.
I got my sun messy.
Mom was there.
I had to drive her home.
Well, I gave her another call
but no, she didn't call back.
You should go see her.
Yeah, I've been thinking about that.
What's up?
Someone's, you know,
dropping something off for me.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I didn't know you were coming.
Go on, right on the front room.
Sorry, darling.
Just a moment, Steven.
What an honor.
I'll get you a drink.
Working hard?
I've sold quite a few jerseys this week.
Take the pressure off.
It's all yours now, mate.
Yeah, partnership's
dissolved. I understand.
It's all up to you now.
So, that's it.
Yeah, you're retiring. That's great!
As to this particular arrangement.
That's it. The enamel packages.
This is not for me.
Yeah. I nteresting timing. Like I've
been making arrangements for detox.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I reckon this will be good for us.
Clear the air.
Won't be so dependant at last.
You'll have more time not working.
We can take up golf.
Fucking bridge.
You're alright, then.
Yeah, I couldn't be happier.
It just began.
Good luck, mate.
Sorry. I... forgot you were there.
Yeah, you did.
It's you, ey?
Shinny girl.
I've gotta go.
I have to stay. It was spectacular.
Jesus Christ, Lionel!
Don't get on when I'm here, alright?
You wait till I go!
I thought you'd go in there and... -
Do you want this?
I'll see ya.
See ya, love.
Trace, are you up?
Tracy, this business plan is good.
It's very good. You've
obviously done a lot of research.
It's very impressive.
And this address where you live,
is this rented property?
That's my mom's house.
It's rented, yeah.
I n the last four years
there's steady employment,
but there's no savings, no capital.
You don't own a car?
No, I've had some debts to pay off.
We do a credit check
on all loan applications
and it is quite colorful
your file, Tracy.
This isn't really really safe estimate.
Did you, did you see these?
We get people coming in
to the shop all the time
asking if we've got internet,
'cause we're so close to the station.
The nearest place is...
Tracy, this is not a personal
decision. This is the bank's policy.
I cannot approve an unsecured line
against someone with your history.
Look, if you can come
back with some collateral
we might be able to talk again.
But the way it's currently
structured I can't approve that loan.
No, no, I won't do it.
No, Ray, I said no.
Hey, Trace.
The manager said the plan was, uhm,
What did he say? It's impressive.
I mpressive?
So, we'll sign off
our new shop on Monday.
That gives you a week.
Will the bank be able to
transfer the money by then?
By Monday? Yeah!
Oh! Did you tell your mom?
Trace... did you call you mom?
Yeah, on the mobile.
Net one plan.
Do they have any computers
can we actually fit in there?
Some shoes for your brother.
Ray gets his shoes done by that guy
of the street. I'm seeing him tonight.
How is he going? Come on, kids.
Ray is Ray.
Grab your bags.
Hey, thanks for opening up this morning.
No problem.
That'd be 12.
Computers. Next door.
Cool. I'll see ya.
See ya.
Girls! Wait up.
Hello. Ray Heart speaking.
This is where I work.
You get down here and get
the shit out of my shop.
Do you hear me, Ray?
Yeah. I'll get back to you in about five
minutes, alright? I'll call you straight back.
Forty'd be good.
What do you say?
See you tonight?
Yeah, give us a kiss.
Is it alright if I bring
a friend over for dinner?
Yeah, I do have him.
Good. It's okay.
See you tonight.
Hi, Trace.
Don't hang up on me,
Ray. You get down here
and get this fucking shit out of my shop
or I'll throw it in the bin.
Just get here.
I have to get a bus. I've only got
ten bucks to last me 'till Friday
and it's Tuesday. Can you hold on
to it 'till tonight for me, Trace?
It'd be a birthday present.
Last time, Ray.
Sorry. Your password?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
I suppose a cup of tea
is out of the question.
How's Ray?
He's good.
It's his birthday today.
There's milk if you...
No, still have it black.
Tracy's doing well?
Yes, she is. Lionel,
what are you doing here?
Just came round to
say hello, that's all.
Say hello.
Haven't been to a show in years.
You and the kids and me.
Had some times, ey?
Mainly in club and races.
I miss you.
Lionel, you gave my daughter heroin.
She's clean now. She's good.
This is for you.
I don't want anything from
you. You can call a cab.
It's Ray's birthday. I'm
cooking his favorite dinner.
Tracy will be home soon.
And you were never here.
Tran, I don't mind you
singing on the ship,
but you got to get the work done, too.
Remember we got that special?
Two D VDs and you get a pack of that
crap popcorn. Give it away, Tran.
Want me to pick him up later?
No, mate. I'll put him in a taxi.
U nless you want to
stay and watch the cable.
I gotta get home.
G'day, mate.
Over there.
Ray Heart?
Thanks for coming out here.
I got you a beer.
No, thanks.
So... is there a problem?
I got some money together
with a friend of mine.
We're looking for opportunities to...
How much money?
About 30 grand.
No bullshit.
Why would I do that, mate?
We're good for it.
Fair enough.
Give us a call tomorrow
and I'll see what we can do.
Well, he said a friend. Isn't
that what a friend means?
Could be someone he
talked to at the bus stop.
Look, it's his birthday.
Trace, get the door, will ya?
Why is he at the front...
You know where the key is. Use it!
Ray's not here yet?
I'll let you in the front.
Is that Ray?
It's Jonny.
Isn't he in Vancouver?
Not anymore.
Oh, well, what have we got here?
Come in.
Duty free. Do you still smoke?
Ray told you I was coming here?
When did you get back?
A couple of days ago.
Here. This is for you.
Not real ones.
Why are you wearing a suit?
Why I am wearing a suit?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
How are you going, Ray?
So, you know, in Vancouver
people are making money
24-7 and that's all they do.
They work and sleep.
I don't suppose they sleep much.
That sounds like shit.
You've been there, Janelle?
No. Overseas I've been in
New Zealand, Fiji, and Bali.
How long are you back for?
For good. Yeah.
I've got a job offer here, so...
What sort of a job?
A trader with a stockbroker.
I worked with my uncle
in Canada in his company.
They do the Asian market.
It'd be pretty good money, wouldn't it?
Yeah. It's alright.
I'm also thinking about importing
those flowers I gave you.
How are you going?
She's doing great. She's
opening her own shop.
Mom, I'm going into partnership with
Ming in my work at the video shop.
We're expanding into
internet on-line gaming.
And the bank.
The bank approved my loan today.
That's great!
That's amazing.
No, no, really!
That is amazing.
Don't just drop them in a plate.
How many times have I done this?
Happy birthday.
Don't drink it all.
Anything but alcohol.
A speech, Ray.
Get fucked. I want a big bit.
I'd like to say a few words.
Just a few, mom?
Ray's 30. My baby's 30.
Five years ago on this night,
I stayed in a hospital emergency room
not knowing if you were gonna live.
I never wanna go through another
night like that in my life.
It was a bad night.
Bad night.
And three years of rehab for Ray and me.
People from the past
knocking at the door.
I suppose you think
about it. The accident.
Every day, Janelle.
So, when do you start work?
Friday. I n the city.
So I suppose now you'll be moving
out to Stratfield, somewhere.
I don't know.
I'm just staying with
Kim and June for now.
You probably have noticed this but
people have been running from this place.
Almost everyone. All the
houses have changed hands.
Or kicking themselves. Prices
around here have gone up.
People just want the best
they can for their families.
Oh, right, and I don't!
That's not what I meant.
Five years ago one's nearly
killed in a car crash.
Other one is about to become a fully
blind junkie or find himself in jail.
Or maybe bloody both! So, what do I do?
Can I send them off to
a rich family overseas?
Can I get Tracy into the
clinics to get her clean? No!
Mom, sit down.
It'll be alright. No matter what you do,
always someone's there
to smooth it over.
Need it? Get it, sign the check.
That would be alright.
Maybe you shouldn't have married
such a loser asshole then.
You gonna blame your dad
for the rest of your life?
Probably yeah.
Janelle, you would have done the
same things if you had the money.
But I don't. I didn't, I never did.
You say you don't
understand these people.
They're doing what you
would do if you could.
Oh, I've had enough.
Happy fucking birthday, Ray.
Should I take it?
So you can be all in.
Yes, thank you. That will be very nice.
I'm fine, thank you.
Okay, there you go.
It's alright now. Ray.
Thanks for the shoot.
Good night.
Good night.
I'm gonna bed.
Trace, are we gonna fit
12 computers in here?
Yeah, easily.
Yeah, good. This is cool.
Fix the place up. Make a bit of money.
And you can refinance and buy me out.
What would you do?
Oh, I'll be up at businesses.
Other things I wanna do.
No, no, no.
C'mon, Trace! Why not?
You've been doing it for four years.
You're a bloody great manager.
You know, it's bad luck for tears to
fall in the ground of a new business.
Just think about it, ey?
Yeah, right.
The whales aren't believed
to be in any danger.
But National Parks will stand
in guard to ensure proper traffic
as well as whale watchers
give the mammals plenty of room to move.
You know, you should have told your
mom I was coming last night, prick.
Stay in memory.
Yeah, absolutely.
Give us a look at that fun, will you?
This is weird.
I don't know. I just feel...
Seeing you again we'll be more together.
What about this?
Did you speak to that guy?
I told him we had 30 grand,
mate, and his eyes went like this.
C'mon, let's get out of here. I want
you to take me somewhere, will you?
Ray, I can't drive like this.
What's wrong? You're worried
you might have a crash?
Thanks, mate.
No worries.
Change those prices for me.
No worries.
You're alright?
Yeah. I've just got a bit of a cold.
I'll drop in, uh, later in
the way. I'll give you a ring.
Tracy, it's me.
How did you get my number?
Ray gave it to me.
It's hard.
It's hard being back.
It's harder than I thought.
Tracy, you're there?
I gotta go.
See ya.
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
You're okay?
You're okay?
Yeah, just wanna get home.
And Jonny wouldn't speak.
He had just lost his parents.
A feeling I will never forget.
As time goes on...
But Jonny has been in
Vancouver for four years.
He has been working very hard.
And he has a new job here in Sydney.
A stockbroker.
Today is 20 years since I married June.
June, thank you.
I don't know, Lionel.
You've got to do something.
Never had to pay for it.
A straight price?
I never had to find it.
No, I won't stand up in front of a
bunch of people and say that I was wrong,
that my life was wrong,
because it wasn't. It isn't.
I gotta strip for this
Salbutan and just wait.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
One week and I'm clean.
One week? Yeah, right.
How good is that?
Aren't you having any?
Jonny's back.
How is he?
He's great. He's clean.
He's a stockbroker.
Let him on the phone in the morning.
Most stupid.
No boyfriend causes such a
commotion. What does that say?
It's okay.
Yeah. Is it?
Yeah, it is.
It's great.
The look on your face
after you spoke to him.
And now it's beyond that.
I'd kill for that feeling.
You got your stuff?
Trace... I haven't been
to the beach for years
and what is all. Like I'm on public.
I'll take you to the beach.
You're my darling.
Eat something.
See you, darling.
Do you like trading?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
It's fun playing with other
people's money, you know.
I'm impressed.
A car. Mr. Cool C.
The car's me uncle's.
How you're going?
I'm good. What are you doing?
Do you...
Do you wanna meet up?
Yeah, we could meet on
the corner, you know.
I don't have a car.
I can, I can pick you up.
At 7: 00?
I'll take you to the city.
This is a really cool restaurant.
Yeah, right.
Okay. Bye.
You wanna drive?
I've got to know if this is the real sea
How are you going?
You look great.
You really changed since I left.
Tracy, You know l...
I didn't have a choice.
My uncle sent me away
and my bags were packed.
I had no time to see anyone.
Four years.
Anyway, look at you. You look great.
Yeah, 32.
Living home with my mom
and work in a video shop.
Do you think if I'd stayed,
you'd be clean now?
Fuck knows where we'd be.
Scarlet for me and scarlet for you
What do you wanna eat?
I bet the food is pretty good here.
Is that what you heard? Like
you read restaurant reviews.
Certain times I do, yeah.
Are you ready to order?
What'd you like?
Take your time. I'll come back.
You're okay?
I don't wanna be here. I'm wanna go.
No, I just wanna go home, okay?
This is a bad idea.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
Let me drive.
No, no, no.
Don't grab me!
Don't think you can fucking... grab me.
Tracy, c'mon.
What am I doing here?
This is so easy for you!
Is it easy?
What do you reckon, huh?
I want to drive you home, okay?
Mr. Bush spoke to Mr. Howard
Mr. Bush spoke to Mr. Howard
about getting at least the understanding
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Is that loaded?
Nah, it's my farewell present when
I sold the bar in the Philippines.
Some bastard tried to impress me.
I never used it.
It's beautifully handcrafted.
Why don't you keep it? I'm retiring.
Oh, no.
No, I want you to have it.
I'm not a collector, mate.
Do you want a beer? I poured you one.
No, I might keep going.
There's some white wine in the fridge.
Jenny's getting a bit jacked
up at me showing up late.
So, if there's nothing
else, I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, alright.
At 10: 00?
what ever happened to that Barky couple
who ran the speed factory for us?
Merv and Eileen.
Where did they go?
Kangaroo Valley, I think.
They've got some goats up there.
I just wanna get things finalized.
Lawyer's on the case. You understand?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
just sit down for a minute, will you?
I know you wanna get
back to your family.
I know some things about me
that you found... difficult.
I wanna say this.
I know what sort of man you are,
and your thoughts about such
matters won't make things...
I'm not one to judge, mate.
I just wanna... thank you
for your trust and discretion.
Okay. Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, alright.
Bradly's got no idea.
He hasn't been down to
the speed factory in years.
He just wants to fuck
boys and play golf.
What if he goes down there?
Well, then he does.
Merv and Eileen can deal
with it. Honestly, Stevy.
I hurt my nose!
Is there any blood?
Is she alright?
Just a little bit.
My bunny, my bunny.
Oh, that's alright
'cause we've got him now!
We silly duffers. These toys are shit.
Bloody dangerous, too.
You know, Tiny and Jean
have got a new floor.
You can just lay straight over the slab.
Yeah? Good.
Here we go. It's okay, it's
okay, honey. There you go.
Sh, sh, sh, There.
There we go.
So, this is what we're doing.
So, we can save for a whole
new floor and we can have it.
It's worth it.
Move along the outside. Now
Springsfur is pushing up.
And now Camel has dropped to the tail.
Springsfur by four. Second is Camel.
Tracy, you're brother's
here. C'mon, please.
He's not here.
Having a good perv?
You're losing your touch.
Why didn't you wake
me? I missed my swim.
I did try to wake you, but
if my memory says me correctly
you told me to fuck off, mum.
M um, just drop her off
here. She can get the train.
I'm late.
Here's the station, Trace.
Where're you going, anyway?
I don't know. It's a surprise.
Yeah, it's just
somewhere never you mind.
Go right here. M um, mum? Go.
Oh, don't. Stop it, for goodness sake!
We're going to take forever
to get back on the freeway.
I'll take Tracy to work.
Laura picks her up, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
M um?
Just wait, please. Trace!
Did you go out with Jonny last night?
Hey, mom?
Give us a kiss.
Oh, no, no, no! Naughty girl!
Like the lesbians?
You have a good day.
Could you not clap lesbian...
Doesn't it go in the Ts?
I'll look for it Ivonne as a customer.
Would you?
When do you find out about the bank?
This afternoon.
You told Janelle you got
the loan approved already.
Did you tell her anything different?
The party's right here. It's right here!
Are you alright?
Just I didn't sleep much last night.
You're racing or you
just watching some TV?
I went out with Jonny.
Are you alright?
It's a change.
Didn't you and Janelle have
a chitty chat about that?
Lionel Dawson. Okay, I can
buy that. He's an old friend.
Do you think this is okay?
He's straight. Straighter than you.
Do you feel okay about being around him?
I can handle it.
You don't know him!
No, I don't.
He's a stockbroker.
Went to this really nice
restaurant in the city.
You look scared. I haven't
seen that look for a while.
There's this big fucking empty space.
Tracy, it's okay.
I'm fucking fine.
Take it easy.
Brad, it's Lionel.
If you're there, mate, please pick
up. I really need to talk to you.
Brad, it's Lionel again.
Please, call me, mate. Okay?
It's the third time today.
Your wife's outside.
She's got a key.
Look at these fucking boxes.
There are people waiting.
Can I stay today? Please?
If you want to arrange this,
you talk to me.
'Cause I fucking live here, not her.
I co-owned, Bradley.
C'mon, Steven.
You fucking prick.
Do you know whose house is this?
Bradley Thompson's. What?
Don't you want to have a look inside?
It's open for inspection,
mom! Look, anyone can go in.
How did you find out about it?
I just ready it in the paper. C'mon.
Hi, my name is Tracy Heart. I had
an appointment with Donna Suvani.
It's just that I need to secure
the loan as soon as possible.
Okay. No, that's great.
Yeah, yeah. I'll be there. Thank you.
Excuse me.
I've gotta close the
shop. Do you want anything?
I'm gonna get change.
I'll be two minutes.
It's Trace.
Oh, honey, I forgot how painful this is.
It's fucking horrible.
I'll be back in a
couple of hours, alright?
I call Brad so many times but he
hasn't called back. I don't understand.
Sorry, Lionel, but I gotta go.
I'll be back really soon, alright?
Hi. I'm here to see Donna Suvani.
Mh-hm. Take a seat.
Yeah, it's alright. It's
about half an hour trip.
Hi, Jonny. Steven Moss.
Steven, this is Jonny Nguyen.
How are ya?
Good, good, good.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Where are you?
With some friends at
the club. Where are you?
I'm just sorting out some...
Finishing up the bank stuff.
It's kind of hard for
me to talk right now.
Sure, sorry.
No, that's fine.
It's great you called.
I missed you.
I just, I wanted to
say that last night...
Tracy, listen, I'll call you.
Okay? I have to finish here.
Excuse me. You can go in now.
I've gotta go.
G'day, Tracy.
How are you?
Sit down. Wait me a second.
Bloody computers.
He's cute.
You want kids?
Don't know.
I've got a friend who's
having a second baby.
Really? He's nice.
A lot of work.
Have you got a boyfriend?
Would it help the loan if I did?
Now, the business loan.
I'm really sorry,
Tracy, but there's no way
I can approve this loan for you today.
I think you probably know why.
But what if I reduce
the amount a little bit?
I nstead of making it
40 thousand I made it 25.
The business is great but it's a lease
premises. There's no real capital.
If the bank did have to come in,
there'll be nothing to recoup on it.
The capital'll be
built into the new shop.
The computers, the
stock, the customer base.
Tracy, is there someone you
can get to help you out with it?
Maybe get your dad to go guarantor.
That's not gonna happen. I'm
not asking for a gift here.
I'll be paying it back.
Tracy, we did a credit check on you.
I'm paying it off. I've organized it.
Di... di... I'm paying it off!
Look here. "Have you been refused
credits in the last ten years?"
You ticked the box No when
you should've ticked yes.
No one ticks Yes. It
just meant fucking no!
You think by ticking No when you should've
ticked Yes is not gonna count against you?
We do check these things here, Tracy.
We know that you've been
charged with credit card fraud.
So this bank has never
lent money to criminals?
Okay, this is impolite. I think
we should just take a deep breath.
Yeah. Well, sorry to be taking
up your precious fucking time!
Is it good?
Good to meet you.
Hey, Ray.
What were you doing this morning?
I saw you on the street, idiot.
Open for inspection, mate.
We're good. We're good.
Any reason you're useful is you're a
fucking speck a thousand miles from anyone.
If by accident we do meet,
you look straight through me
and I'll do likewise. Yeh?
Yeh, yeh, sure. Whatever.
We're still home.
I'll get you a cup of tea.
I can't do this.
It's so fucking ugly.
I'm calling an ambulance.
No, I don't want an ambulance, Tracy.
What do you want?
The paid stuff. I n there!
I'm sorry, Trace.
It's alright.
I fucking stink.
Don't worry about it.
How many times do you do this?
Four. Fuck!
Is it worth it?
In reality bull fucking shit.
Lionel, if you can't
get it for free anymore,
your life is gonna get
fucked up really fast.
Just gotta be strong.
Tracy, shush.
No, Trace.
I went saw Janelle.
She hates me. She still hates me.
I'm no good, you know.
Turned everything to shit. Janelle, you.
You've no fucking idea.
Mom's life was up to
shit before she met you.
We were going out to Chinese
restaurants with Lionel Dawson.
Going down the beach with
fucking Lionel fucking Dawson!
Then when we went out,
we came home in taxis!
So we were famous, too.
Mom went, we went fucking
mad. We didn't know anyone.
This was like a fucking game.
No, no. God!
It's 'cause you loved us.
Alright? You fucking loved
us and you didn't have to.
I loved both of them.
You know I loved them both
and they're both fucking gone
for me. Your mum and Brad.
I really thought that I'd
get a happy-ever-after.
I didn't... Honestly, Trace, l...
I never thought this...
Trace, I'm fucking scared. I can't go
through another air of this, you know, please.
Darling, there's money
in the wardrobe, ey?
Please, darling, ey?
Look, I'm sorry.
You know, you know!
I can't school for you, Lionel.
How could you even ask me to?
'Cause there's no one
else that fucking has.
There's fucking no one.
There's fucking no one!
Tracy, what the fuck you've been doing?
It's not for me.
So, how much do you want?
Three Gs.
Yeah, I can do it.
You call this number in ten minutes.
You have the correct money?
Excuse me. Is there a toilet in there?
Yeah, in that door.
There's no change, there's no pace
Everything within its place
Just makes it harder to believe
she won't be around
And I'm wondering if he'll go
or if he'll stay
Do you remember
nothing stopped us on the field
in our day
Oh the flame trees will
blind the weary driver
And there's nothing else
could set fire to this town
There's no change, there's no pace
Everything within its place
Just ringing.
Trace, it's me.
Hey, where are you?
At your place. I mean, I
thought you might be here.
And your mom, she's...
Trace, you're alright? What's happened?
Did you shut the shop?
Ming rang here looking for you
because the shop was shut up,
so you did shut the shop.
Yeah, I had to do something.
What's that noise? Where are you?
She's at the train station.
Trace? Trace are you there?
Do you want a lift? Got me car here.
I'm on my way. Just wait.
Yeah, alright.
I'm gonna go get her.
Why is she there?
She's getting a train.
Oh, funny!
You've got no fucking idea what
you're dealing with here, have you?
You come swanning in here like
Lord Prince fucking up himself
and Tracy's at the train station, Jonny,
where people fucking buy
drugs, where they score.
Where I have to scrape off and kick
her up off the fucking pavement.
I'm gonna go get her.
Don't you hurt her!
Like I hurt Ray.
Just bring her home.
I'll take her where she wants to go.
It's alright, Trace.
Just have to ask him.
Can't you see what it costs?
You can't keep it up.
I own this place and
I have the business.
Look, I've got things there.
I have Jerseys, fine ones.
Some of them are priceless, you know.
From a priceless past.
You go right now, ey?
You're so beautiful.
Go, hon, you go away.
I won't do it again,
Lionel. Don't ask me.
No, yeah, I understand.
Thank you.
You know what I think about
when I think about you?
I think about kissing you.
When we used to...
just spend the whole
afternoon just lying in bed.
I don't think I've kissed
you when I wasn't out of it.
Give it a go.
That was okay.
A bit more.
What's wrong?
You used to love this.
Yeah, I do. I just...
I just fall away with it, you know.
I just fall away.
I told mom I had the loan.
And I don't.
Now the bank will take me on.
Ming thinks I'm turning up to the
restaurant on Monday with $40,000.
I've done everything I can
and I just can't get it.
How much have you got?
Have you got any money?
Yeah. $2,000.
How much can you...
How much can you borrow from the shop?
We've got what, Friday?
Saturday, Sunday.
You might be able to get near
if you had like ten or more.
I could put it into some sure markets.
I make more than this in a shorter time.
People make thousands and millions
all over the world this way every day.
It's not easy but it can be done.
What day is it today?
Today is Monday.
It's been a week since you crashed.
I cannot remember crashing.
But I did have this...
this terrible nightmare.
Hello, stranger.
This is, uh, this is all you can get?
How many shops you've got now?
Just one.
They used to be everywhere.
This is a good sport, ey?
How long ago did your mom die?
Three years ago now.
M ust be worth a bit.
Yeah, maybe.
So, I don't know. You can make it here
say twice a week or so. I mean,
this is not going to last long.
I put myself out enough
getting you there, alright?
Yeah, sure. N ice way.
Why the fuck did you call?
You've got friends in all places.
What about your boyfriend?
Your business parter.
He'd be better placed to help you.
A business man, huh?
What are you on about?
I didn't know who Bradley
"the junkie" Thompson is.
Yeah, he can't help me.
Are you kidding?
No. He's closed up. He's
retired. He can't help me.
Lionel, you've been talking to him?
Who have you been talking to, ey?
Steven Moss.
Ray, what are you doing with Moss?
Little Ray.
I won't ask you to do this again.
I gotta go.
Can I help you?
Is Jonny Nguyen here?
Here's his card. He gave me his card.
Just a minute, please.
Do you mind coming with
me? We can sort this out.
Sort what out?
Is he here or not?
This is our company card
and this is a forgery.
Jonny Nguyen doesn't work here.
If he's trading or doing
anything under our name
it's quite serious.
Do you know this man?
Excuse me!
Trace! Hi.
They are my family.
Everybody, do you remember
Tracy, Tracy Heart?
My uncle, June,
You know my... Her mom.
Join us, please. Jonny's
first day at work today.
What's happening?
What's going on?
No, everything's fine.
Yes, I can.
- Trace!
- Don't grab me!
Fuck off!
Fuck off.
Tracy! Okay.
Okay, alright! Look, this is...
Tracy, this is... Tracy,
I had to convince my uncle
that I had this career.
That, that I was okay.
I didn't send you away.
So, you made a shit, too?
I didn't know anything was
going to happen between us!
It doesn't matter! This
is all crap, all of this!
Trace... will you fucking look at me?
What was this about making $40,000?
What was that?
Ray and I have a trip
to do this weekend.
I'll still get you your money.
I can get it for you by Monday.
You can have what you want.
You and Ray?
So, you're not a stockbroker.
You're still a drug dealer.
I'm sorry, Trace.
I thought I could do this for you
and you wouldn't be involved.
I am fucked!
It's just this one time for me.
Look at me.
We do this with Ray together.
We can get what we want.
I can't get the loan, mom.
Does it mean no?
Is it so bad? I mean,
you still got your job.
You're the manager. That's
quite an achievement.
I don't want to just have a job!
Four years I've been
working in that place!
Turning up on time. Spending
hours chained up in there.
What do you want, Tracy?
I wanna turn up on Monday
with enough cash to be
an owner of that business.
What else?
When Jonny was here the other night,
shit, I gave him a hard time.
And I thought to myself afterwards,
"Where did that come from?"
I haven't seen you these last
few days since he's been back.
I see a bit of my little girl back.
Well, it's not that easy,
mom. I mean, you know.
No, it's not.
You would've done something different
if you could've, wouldn't you?
You would've changed thing for you?
Of course.
Trace, it's your life.
Darling, it's no one else's.
Got your card?
You've got $15 in overdue.
Do you want to fix it a month?
Would you pay a couple
of dollars off it today?
This guy will fix it.
Thanks for this.
No worries I need the money.
How much is here?
So, do you bring it back?
Yeah, we got a buyer.
How far out is it?
A couple of hours. South.
Okay, I'm coming with you.
No, she's not.
I go where that money goes.
Okay, Tania, it's discussed
if we don't reach the reserve.
You talk to him. You
have law in negotiations.
I can't go there today.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
Oh, this is very exciting.
U h!
What did you do that for?
'Cause you're here and
you fucking shouldn't be.
Fucking hurt my head. Is it bleeding?
Why are you in my house?
It was a fucking shit week.
I've heard from credible
sources that you aren't retiring.
That makes you a full
blind prick, you know.
Say it again.
You heard me.
Lionel, who told you I wasn't retiring?
You should talk to Steven.
Let's have a look at
that. That's alright.
I kind of liked it.
Come with me. I'll sort you out.
Steven, If I drive down
to my place at M ilton,
what am I gonna find there?
Don't know. I haven't
been there in years.
Well, they asked me.
Hey, hello! Long time.
Hi, Jenny.
Meet you at mom's?
Yeah, it'll be alright.
Hello, darling.
I'll brush your hair.
Good to see you, Brad. Lionel.
That stuff alone?
Yeah, four, please.
See ya.
I own that place. It's in my name.
I know that. Look... you
believe this old junkie?
This is what he wanted.
His name is Lionel Dawson.
He has done things
and been in situations
you can only dream of.
He's one of the greats, you prick!
Steven, c'mon! Fuck.
You can't smoke in here, mate.
This is nice, ey.
Yes, it's very nice.
Steven... I know how much you earn.
I know how much your
fucking mortgage is.
You tell me everything,
you bloody idiot.
This is all new!
Lionel, wait in the car, will you?
Just tell me the truth.
What have you been doing
under my name behind my fucking back?
One final call.
I'll find out.
You are in such... shit.
He's the one you have
to worry about, Bradley.
This feeling you've got now,
this worry, this terror,
I never had that.
You're in trouble now.
I can smell it coming off you.
Will you drive, Lionel?
Drive the car.
Yeah, sure.
I'm gonna fucking sort this out.
I need some information.
Lionel, are you there?
These are okay?
What's going on there?
C'mon, Trace.
You know how to love someone.
Just fucking dive in.
What put you down with the place, Brad?
Steven fucking Moss. That fuck.
I fucking warned him.
Come on.
A cup of tea, ey?
I'd like just to clear that quickly.
We passed him on the road.
What's wrong with you?
What about that shit I got you?
I'm not gonna get on.
Maybe when I'm clean we
can build a house here, ey?
Lionel is a fuck physique.
Yeah, but you know
what you said to Steven.
Like you said I've been in situations.
You know, you said I was great.
I love you, Brad. I miss you.
Anything you ever loved is this.
That's not the fucking true.
Listen to me, Lionel,
it's this Ray Heart. Do you know him?
No, no.
How much is the truth?
I don't know him, seriously.
You're a fucking liar.
That's not true.
Not you, Brad. Please.
There are things I can explain.
You are a fucking lying junkie cunt.
You've caused me nothing but trouble.
Don't be hard with me.
It's over, Lionel. It's fucking over.
You stay there.
Don't come anywhere near me.
Just sit there.
I'm tired.
Just stay there, Lionel.
Yeah, okay, Brad.
Straight up here then make a left.
What's that there?
I cannot see it.
It's black here.
There's nothing here. Call Moss.
Fucking voice mail.
[Knocking on window) Anyone there?
This is bullshit. Let's get out of here.
Trace, let's get out of here.
Shit, where is he? Lionel!
Is there any blood?
I don't know. Shit!
Not true.
It's not true.
Is he alright?
He's like dead.
We gonna get him to
the hospital. Help me.
What? Are you alright?
Get the car.
Bring the car. Quick, please!
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Keep going.
Don't stop. Keep going, go!
Keep going.
Let's get him in the car.
There's no pulse.
I can't feel it.
I can't.
Let's get him in the car, c'mon.
Hey, Ray.
What's happening?
I don't know what's going on, Steven.
I swear to fucking God. I
don't know what's going on.
Hey, buddy. Partner.
It's alright Jonny. I'm alright.
Fucking moron.
You two got get the
money out of the car.
Go on!
No, you can't have that money.
I know what you've done.
What have I done?
There's an old man dead
and his boyfriend is all dead.
What have I done?
Get the fucking money.
No, it's not your money.
We're just gonna go, alright?
We just gonna take Lionel.
Okay? Jonny.
Get the money, Ray.
You're fucked.
No, no, no, no, no! Just think, think!
I need that money.
If you take our money,
we're gonna go to the Police.
You're married, aren't you?
I need that money.
What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna kill us?
You'll have to kill all of us.
Otherwise you fucked your life.
But it's gone, your life.
We're just gonna go.
We're gonna take him
and you'll never hear
from us again, right?
We don't...
We don't want to run with nobody.
You have one new voice message.
Received yesterday at 3: 39 P. M.
Hi. This is Lionel here.
Tracy, I'm sorry about this week
about asking you that
and fuck up this for sure.
The last thing I ever wanna
do is put you in any danger
of sliding back, you know.
I understand you can't see
me for a while, but smile.
Just wanted to say
thank you for everything
you've done, you know.
Let you know that I'm really good.
Gonna really sort out this time
and next time I see you,
it'll be really good, ey?
So, my shiny, shiny girl,
take good care of yourself
and, yeah...
Alright, love. Bye, love.
Kids out driving Saturday afternoon
just pass me by
I'm just savouring familiar sights
We share some history
this town and I
And I can't stop that long
forgotten feeling of her
Try to book a room to stay tonight
N umber one is to find some friends
to say, "You're doing well
After all this time you
boys look just the same"
N umber two is the happy hour
at one of two hotels
Settle into play "Do
you remember so and so"
N umber three is never say her name
Oh the flame trees will
blind the weary driver
and there's nothing else
could set fire to this town
There's no change, there's no pace
Everything within its place
Just makes it harder to believe
she won't be around
And I'm wondering if he'll go
or if he'll stay
Do you remember
nothing stopped us on the field
in our days
Oh the flame trees will
blind the weary driver
and there's nothing else
could set fire to this town
There's no change, there's no pace
Everything within its place
Just makes it harder to believe
she won't be around
There's no change, there's no pace
Everything within its place
Just makes it harder to believe
she won't be around