Little Fugitive (1953) Movie Script

Don't be such a sore head Joey
I was only teasing
I did not mean to drop
a bat on your head
Anyways I didn't think it
would hurt so much
Oh yeah. It hurts every time you throw it.
That's Lennie. He's my big brother
He's twelve today.
That's his birthday present,
the harmonica.
Lennie is a good harmonica player
He's a good baseball player too.
He shouldn't got no birthday present
'cause for all the time he's teasing me
not even lets me touch
his harmonica
That's my kid brother Joey
Everyone says quickety kisses
oh go ahead, kiss him
Joey isn't so bad
but he's a pain in the
neck in the summer
on account of my mom working
I take care of him.
Boy am I glad it's Saturday.
Joey's smart for his age,
especially about horses.
He don't hardly think
a nottin' else.
only in ya whole life you
never met a kid
that happened to be so
crazy about horses.
Come on let's play ball.
Okay, but anyways you
don't have to grab
Let me play Lennie
You play with us?
Okay, take your gun off.
I don't want to take it off.
Don't play!
I want to play!
Okay, come on.
Wanta get a lick Lennie?
Okay, Harry.
I want to be up first.
Listen to him.
You play in the out field pest.
Way out! Not fun!
Hey Charley!
How many times you been up?
Ahh Fifteen.
I ain't been up yet.
those paws without butter fingers?
You didn't hit anything to me.
Here's one Joey.
I got it. I'm up.
Come on, guys. Let's knock off.
What say Lennie?
It's my turn, my turn.
Oh, why should I worry about him?
You didn't give me a turn.
Boy I'm hot.
I hope its even hotter tomorrow
when we go to Coney Island.
Hey fellas, I almost forgot.
Look at this!
They're real!
Sure, my mom gave it
to me for my birthday.
to spend on Coney.
Wow, we can all go on a parachute!
Where do you get that all stuff?
Means I can go on the
parachute, plenty of times.
Give me the ball.
I'm going to practise throwing
so I can win a prize tomorrow.
You know where you
knock the bottles down.
Oh yeah. I think I
know the place.
Come on fellas.
Good shot!
Nice throwin'.
Let me try.
What for? You don't need no practise.
You ain't going to Coney with us.
Just 'coz Joey ain't even old enough to
come with us you don't have to rub it in.
Huh! I suppose you won't be glad
have him as a pet for a whole day.
Sure I will but you
don't have to rub it in.
Please Lennie, let me try.
Okay, knock 'em down
See, Stay!
Do you think the Dodgers
would hire him Harry?
He'd play for the giants.
Come on fellas,
I got to go.
Yeah, we better go too.
Come on Joey.
Ma! Ma!
Ma, Lennie's teasing me!
Quiet, l'm on long distance.
Have you had the doctor?
Are you sure that's what it is?
Or what he thinks.
Of course, of course.
You got to have someone ...
Did you call Helen?
Oh ...
All right.
Shut up, mom
is on long distance.
What's the matter mom?
Grandmother is very sick boys.
I've got to go to her.
Is grandma going to die ma?
Shut up you dope.
Don't worry ma, she'll be okay.
I will only be gone as able.
I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Tomorrow afternoon?
You mean you're going today?
Yes dear.
I'm making a 2 o'clock train.
But mom.. Come on!
Who's going to take care of Joey tomorrow?
You'll have to.
But mom ...
Aw, tomorrow's when I'm supposed to go
with the fellas to Coney Island.
My birthday present.
I don't want to take Joey with me.
No Dear.
Joey can't go to Coney Island.
Neither can you.
I'm sorry Lennie, but this is an emergency.
Why can't I go mom?
Why can't Joey stay home alone?
I don't want to stay home alone.
If your father were alive,
things would different
But you're the man
of the family now.
I don't want to be the man
of the family.
I want to go to Coney Island
with the fellas.
You don't want. You want.
You think I'm going to work every day
in a department store,
and stand on my feet behind a counter
at Polancer and Keethouse.
But I got to do it
or we don't eat.
And you got to stay home
with Joey tomorrow.
Don't look like that.
It's not such a big sacrifice.
You go to Coney Island some other time.
Come on have your lunch Lennie.
Oh Lennie!
See that Joey gets to bed on time tonight.
And you stay in with him.
Lennie. I am leaving you a
shopping list with six dollars
A five and a one.
Make sure you get the right
change for the five now.
Don't forget. Promise.
And remember Mrs. Carlson is always
home, in case anything happens.
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I can't go to Coney Island
and you can't too.
If it's nice tomorrow,
I think Joey to get some air.
I don't want you both cooped
up in the house all day long.
I know you think you take care of
your brother. Your a good boy Lennie.
I'm glad I have two wonderful boys.
Oh, Joey!
Oh gosh, what I put out and you
haven't touched a thing
I'm not hungry.
I don't know how you live.
Come on. Drink your milk.
I'm leaving money and the shopping list
right here under the telephone.
'bye, Lennie.
Bye, Joey.
Bye, mom.
Bye boys.
Get out of here!
Happy birthday.
Drop dead!
Play with me Lennie.
Mom says you should take care of me
I want to play.
Stop pestering me.
Do you want to play?
Okay. Let's play hide and seek.
Start counting.
10 ...
I can't go tomorrow fellas.
What do you mean you can't go?
I just can't go, that's all.
I got stay home and mind Joey.
Aw Jeez.
My mother went away.
I got to mind Joey
Aw Jeez.
Hey Lennie,
Look at this.
I bet you if this here
was Joey this was you.
Joey ain't got that much blood.
I know how you can get rid of Joey.
You bury him under the sidewalk
and cement it up again.
They'd never find the body.
Ah, you'd have to kill him first.
It was only an idea.
Wait a minute, I got it.
We stab him with an icicle.
So what?
They never find the
murder weapon. It melts.
Where'd we get an icicle
in the summertime?
I read a good one.
The Indians used to do it.
We take Joey on a desert
Then we take a keg of ice with a rattle
snake in it and put it on his chest.
Then the sun melts the ice.
I'm worried.
Last night on the television they
blood come out of a guy's ear.
Blood, you dope. That's ketchup!
So that's how they do it ...
You'd better change your shirt Lennie,
It's going to get full of ketchup.
Where was you?
Why didn't you find me?
I looked everywhere,
but you wasn't there.
I got tired tired of hiding.
Hey Joey, Harry has a real gun.
A real one?
Yeah, he's over on the big rock. Come on.
Hi Lennie.
Watch this.
Boing! Bull's-eye
There comes a lion.
Bam! Right between the eyes.
Let me have it.
Ain't she a beauty?
She's a beauty alright Harry.
Where'd you get it?
What do you think?
Where my old man hides it.
Don't let Joey touch it.
He's too young to handle Guns.
I am not.
Aw, Let him have a turn.
Well.. Okay.
But I'll have to keep my hands on it.
Let's see it.
Now here is how
you hold a real gun.
Where do you put the bullets?
Right here.
Say Joey, would you like
to shoot a real bullet?
But I don't got a real bullet.
First you put it in here.
Now you cock it.
That's good, Joey.
Now remember Joey,
This is a real gun
with a real bullet.
You could hurt someone,
even kill someone!
Now take Aim.
Perfect, now you pull the trigger.
Go ahead, Softy, Squeeze it!
Lennie! Lennie!
Lennie's shot, Lennie's shot!
Lennie? Lennie? Do you think
he's dead? Do you think he's dead?
Yeah, I think he's dead.
Dead, yeah.
You've shot him Joey
you shot your brother.
Yeah, you shot him Joey.
I didn't, I didn't!
Think we should we call the cops, Harry?
I guess so. They'll sure give Joey
the electric chair.
You'll fry Joey, you'll burn!
Won't he Charlie?
Poor Joey, What do ya say Harry?
Let's give the kid a break.
Well I guess so.
If you tell his mother
she has two kids dead.
Boy, what if she finds out
what happened to Lennie.
You got to beat it Joey!
We'll give you an hours
head start on the cops.
Better hide, Joey.
Take on the lam kid.
Yeah, hold up until this blows over.
Hey Joey. Wait a minute.
Hey Joey.
Something to remember Lennie by,
You don't need it no more.
You had to see him run!
You had to see him run, Lennie!
Hey, Lennie!
Keep ringing operator.
Boy, can't wait to see Joey's face
when he sees you Lennie.
Hey, I got an idea.
We get some flour, see, then you
you put it on your face ...
You mean like a ghost?
That's it.
Naw, we did enough.
I feel kind of sorry for Joey anyway.
Hey, my harmonica!
I left it back in the lot.
Oh no you didn't, I gave it to Joey.
You what?
That's right, I gave it to him.
Then he new you were dead.
If anything happens to that
harmonica, you'll pay.
Says who?
Says Me!
Aw fellas.
You stay out of this Charley.
This is all Harry's idea,
and I think it stinks.
Listen to him.
He's all the time picking on Joey instead
of picking on anybody that's his size.
Well your my size.
Hey fellas, I got to go now fellas.
Hey fellas, I got to go.
Give up?
I never want to talk to you
again as long as I live.
I'll get even with you yet.
Wait and see.
Hey Joey!
That a boy.
yep.. yup..
Perfect. Hold it, Hold it now. Smile
Joey! You can smile.
Smile Joey.
Please smile.
Smile, Joey.
That's right, that's good.
All right, same smile.
Come on now.. Good.
Good. Hold it.
I got it!
It won't take long.
No time at all.
3 minutes
Now Smile.
Hold it.
Look, my new assistant.
You seen Joey, Christy?
I seen him yesterday.
Give me a pop, please.
Three more!
Win a prize!
It's easy. It's fun, and its only a dime.
Step right up and knock em down.
10 cents. Everyone's a winner.
Come on sonny.
Everybody knocks them down.
Three balls for a dime.
10 cents.
Everyone's a winner.
Step right up folks,
Step right up.
Win a prize.
It's easy, it's fun.
And it's only a dime.
Step right up.
And knock em down.
You can't miss.
10 cents. Everyone's a winner.
Step right up folks. Step
right up and knock em down.
10 cents. Everyone's a winner.
Step right up.
Everybody knocks them down.
3 balls for a dime.
10 cents..
What ya doing?
Keeping score. You want
to play? 10 cents.
Last ball.
Last ball.
What's the score mister?
Come on down kid.
I'm next. That's it Bud.
He's in my way mister.
All right.
Hi mom.
We're okay.
We're both okay.
Sure I'm taking good care of him.
Don't worry mom.
When are you coming home?
6 o'clock
6 o'clock
There's nothing wrong mom.
I told you we are both okay.
Thank you.
Everyone's a winner
Step right up folks.
Step right up.
Everybody knocks them down.
Three balls for a dime.
You can't miss.
Win a prize. It's easy.
It's fun, and it's only a dime.
Good morning. Yes, good morning.
Ah Willy, put your hands here partner.
That does it.
Say, you're going to be a good rider.
Yes siree, torrific!
I'm going to show you some special
things about riding Willy.
Then I'll tell you a little story
about how I learned to ride.
We're going to have lots of fun together.
Gee, thanks.
Thanks again. This
ain't no deposit bottle.
What's deposit?
Deposit, that's where you
get money.
Come on, I'll show you.
I'll help you.
Come on Joey, here's the place.
5, 10, 15, 20, 25.
Come on, Joey.
Hurry up, here comes my brother.
Where do think you're going?
How much did you get?
25, but it is with Joey.
Are you crazy?
It ain't your money, it's ours!
Come on.
Come on, drink the water.
Stop wiggling. Come on.
Baby.. alright.
Ohh, Sonny, look what you did.
Now I have to go all the way
back to the fountain for some more.
I'll go, lady.
That's a nice boy.
It'll only take you a minute.
Hold my bottles please.
Put' em them there.
Hey mister.
Thank you.
Come on now, please
move back a little bit.
Can't you see the man needs air?
How did happen? He was just
swimming and all of sudden went down.
Come on, break it up, break it up.
Move back a little bit, please.
You know he didn't
even yell for help.
Stan, there right next to him.
I turned around to him....
Three more.
Here you are.
5, 10 ...
Can I have a quarter please.
You next kid?
I want him to put me on.
Hey Jay, a personal customer.
A personal customer, well,well.
What's your name?
Good. Mine's Jay.
Up you go Joey.
There we are.
Ready Joey?
Hey, You look like a real cowboy..
Oh, I got a saddle and a bridle
on him and I was all set.
And Further more..
Kit Carson said that's
the way to ride.
Hey, you're heavy.
Hey, that was great riding Joey.
You'll be a champ someday.
No kidding, a real champ.
Now its so long. Come see us again..
7, 9, 10 ...
Hey Jay!
Joey, You're back!
Four rides. Four hey, You must be
one of those Texas millionaires.
I'll tell what I'm going to do Joey,
I'm going to let you ride on Beauty.
He's a special horse.
Well Joey, you again.
Uh huh.
By golly.
Joey, Who you here with?
Here with your mother?
uh uh.
Not your mother?
With your father?
What's the matter, Joey?
Where're you going?
What's wrong?.. Joey!
Hey Joey!
Come here!
Come on. Give me
a hand with this pony.
You like horses, huh Joey?
You know, If you want to be a cowboy,
you got to learn to do a lot of things.
Like roping.
Cowboys got to learn
to handle a rope.
Like this.
Come on now Joey,
You do it.
Come on, take it.
That's it.
Now jump through it.
Good! And keep going
That a boy.
Another thing Joey. Cowboys have to
be able to hold off a steer too. Watch!
Joey look! Here comes a steer. oop!
Now you do it.
Thats it, up.
Here he comes. Get ready for him.
Come on now!
There he is. Atta boy. You got him.
Now rastle him down.
yep, come on, pin him down.
That's it.
Come on out.
You know you're pretty good with horses,
Joey. How'd you like to work here?
Well alright, you're hired.
Ahh, By the way Joey,
you got Social Security card?
Well uh, of course not,
this is your first job.
Well, I guess we uh ought a write
to Washington. What do you think?
Now, what's your name?
Joey Norton.
And your address?
11 Woodson Avenue.
What do I do now?
I'll uh.. look here. You water
the pony. uh..over there.
She ain't home.
This is Lennie.
Joey? ..Joey!
Listen, mister, I'm his big brother.
Tell him Lennie's alive.
Yeah, alive.
And keep him there, I will be right over.
Coney Island?
And the boardwalk.
Yeah, Yeah I know the place.
Okay, but keep him there.
Coney Island.
Gonna be a good crowd today.
Yup, looks like a good Sunday Pete.
That's right.
I'm Lennie Norton,
Where's my brother?
Not here
Not here?
No, not anymore.
Better tell me what this is all about.
It was.. It was only a joke.
And then you called me on the phone.
Look Lennie, I think you
better go to the cops.
But my mother will find out and she ...
And maybe she will..
But you can't a little kid like Joey
wander around Coney Island alone.
After all he's only seven!
Now I'm going tol tell you
how to find a police officer.
And tell the sergeant to check all the
merry-go-rounds and pony rides.
'cause your kid brother is
nuts about horses.
Yeah, I'll tell him. Thanks.
Hey mister, have you seen a red
headed kid with a cowboy gun?
Hmm.. Nope. Not today.
No sonny.
uh uh.
Not here.
Sorry kid.
That's Lennie?
Rolll them far and win a balloon.
Everybody wins a big balloon.
Everybody wins a big balloon.
This is looks like a good site.
Yeah, lots a room here.
Come on take an end.
Go away.
Where's your mother?
Hey mister.
Hey mister.
Hey mister you're laying on my pants.
Hey mister you're laying on my pants.
Hey, everyone bowls!
Everybody bowls!
Everyone wins a big balloon!
Everybody rolls!
Everybody bowls!
Everyone wins a big balloon!
Hey mister what time is it?
3 o'clock.
What time is it please?
A quarter to four.
Joey! Hey Joey!
Hey Joey!
What time is it please?
Quarter after five.
How do you find a policeman?
Policeman? You want a cop?
Well, under the boardwalk
there is a lost childrens Pen
About two blocks down, you'll
probably find a cop there.
Hey Joey!
What did you run away for?
It was only a joke.
Why didn't you tell me?
Here Lennie, I wouldn't a took it.
Except you was dead.
You can keep it, Joey,
'til we get home.
It's 6 o'clock! We made it!
6 o'clock. I telled myself.
Here comes the stagecoach now.
Dirty Morgan, you again.
Bring down that gold!
Oh, Ho, What's this?
Take your hands off me!
Are you alright miss?
Oh.. Yes.
Dirty Morgan is getting away.
Wait here, miss,
I'll be right back.
Sign of Morgan Din?
Narry a sign.
Hello boys.
Hello Joey.
look at...
Look at your eyes!
You've been sitting in front of that television
set ever since yesterday afternoon.
Never mind.
Grandma's going to be better.
I'll tell you what.
Next Sunday..
We're all going to get out in the air.
Iim going to take you to Coney Island!