Little Heroes (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat music]

ANNOUNCER: Good morning
We hope you're
enjoying the sunshine
and warm breeze off the coast
on this beautiful
first day of summer.
With all the
xcitement of the new ownershipe
and grand reopening
of the Smithson Paper Factory
and the dozens of new jobs it
has created for our community,
we here at AM WKNY 88.3
wish you the start of
nother happy and healthy week.a

Hey Ms. Saunders.
Hi Robbie.


Come on, come on...

Hey nerd.
Didn't you hear it's summer?
Why are you still
fiddling with that thing?
Summer doesn't take
the summer off, Robbie.
You need a new hobby.
Come on Brewster.
Let's go to the water.
I didn't forget
my sunblock this time.

Eric the Bull.
What are you reading?
The Toxic Avenger.
And you think I'm a nerd?
- Apparently you both are.
- Excuse me Boy Scout.
Don't you still sleep
with your teddy bear?
Shut up, man. Winston
was given to me at birth.
What am I supposed to do?
Throw him in the trash?
- He's a part of history.
- That's funny.
When I slept at
your house last week
I coulda swore I saw you
squeezing that poor teddy bear
in the middle of the night.
And you were
mumbling someone's name.
You are so full of it.
"Diana. Oh, Diana."
Diana? You don't mean
my sister Diana?
That's bull.
Don't listen to him, Brewster.
I'm serious.
You've been
reading too many comics
and mixing up
fantasy with reality.
Deny it all you want, man.
I'm just telling you what I saw.
Well, ditch the paperback.
We're going to the water.
Fine. But I'm bringing
the paperback.

Are you boys going to
stay out of trouble this summer?
Of course. I'll keep
them in line, Mr. Stineman.
Now why do I doubt that?

Well, what do we have here?
- Come on, Eric.
- Hey! Hey!
[mischievous music]
What took you guys so long?
I thought I'd finish
my whole paper route
before you got
your training wheels off.
How many
deliveries you got left?
So, where are we going?
The water.
So, did I miss anything.
Just Brewster
working on his cure for acne
or creating a new
flavor of Kool-Aid.
Bet you 50 bucks
that contraption explodes
in your dad's garage.
even have 50 bucks?
No, that's why I'm betting
you so I can get 50 bucks.
- That's how that works, right?
- No, it's not.
For real though, Brewster,
you think you might
have a cure for acne?
I'm starting to break out.
GRACE: Aw, little
Robbie going through puberty.
ERIC: Yeah, he wishes.
The cafeteria lady has more hair
on her upper lip than he does.
Maybe my next
science fair project
could be on whether your guys'
brains are fully developed.
Go ahead.
Maybe you'll actually win.
Speaking of win...
["Money" by Chantry Smith]
Diamonds are
a girl's best friend
But if I had to choose
Classic ones and zeros, baby,
I'm obsessed with you
Give it to me baby
Give it, give it to me baby
Yeah, that money
Yeah, that money
Everything I need
Nice wheels, kids.
Who gave you a license?

Hey Brewster, if I knew
your sister was on the road
I would have wore a helmet.
You and me both.
[warm adventurous music]
ROBBIE: Hey Brewster, since
when does Diana have a car?
Why are you so
obsessed with Diana?
I'm not obsessed. Just curious.
My dad promised to get
her a car when she turned 16
if she got good grades.
Now that he finally
got a job at the new factory
we can actually afford it.
If Diana got a car what are
you gonna get when you turn 16?
A rocket ship?
Man, the fish just aren't
biting like they usually do.
With this heat
I'd stay below the surface too.
Spoken like a true girl.
What did you just say?
You heard me.
GRACE: Take it back!
You're strong--
you're stronger than you look.
Take back what you said.
- ERIC: Never!
- GRACE: Take it back!
I take it-- take it back.
GRACE: That's what I thought.
Well played, Grace. Well played.

No wonder
the fish aren't biting.
Look at the worms.
Well, all right.
That's it for today.
That's the last time
we let Eric find the bait.
What? They're fresh
from my mom's garden.
Probably just pesticides.
Common types include herbicide,
nematicide, molluscicide,
piscicide, avicide,
GRACE: Anyone want ice cream?
ROBBIE: You read my mind.
Did I mention organophosphates?
That's a big one.
[shop bell tinkling]
Hey, Brewster. There's your dad.
Must be his lunch break.
Hey, I'll be right back.
Hey, Dad! Wait up!
Oh, hey son.
Why aren't you at work?
Taking a quick lunch break.
They're gonna need me
to stay late again tonight.
But there's left over lasagna
that you and Diana
can heat up in the fridge.
But you promised you'd help me
with my water
filtration experiment.
I tried three new processes
this morning but still no luck.
I'm not an engineer, buddy.
But I'll try and help
you when I get the time, okay?
What about your friends?
They have any ideas for it?
They don't know anything
about that science-y stuff.
Well, you're a smart kid.
That's why you're in the
eighth grade at 12-years-old.
You'll be
smarter than me one day.
Hey kiddo.
I know things have been tough.
And I want to help you with
your science experiment, I do.
But this job is the only thing
keeping food on
the table right now.
I love you and
your sister so much.
I need you to know that's
why I'm working all these hours.
I know.
All right. I gotta
get back to the factory.
Supply line is all backed up.
We just can't
keep up with the demand.
I'm sure your
friends will help you out.
Or, hey, ask Diana.
[sad music]
There is no way
that the Toxic Avenger
is the best superhero.
Come on, man,
you can't even argue it.
He shoots radioactive
beams of acid out of his chest.
Hey, Brewster. You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
GRACE: Here you go.
I'm not really hungry anymore.
Oh, don't have to tell me twice.
[tense music]
WOMAN: Come in.
Sorry I was
late clocking back in.
I got held up with my son.
I was told you wanted to see me?
Yes, yes, Drew.
Please have a seat.
I believe you
know Mayor Randolph.
- DREW: Yes.
- Of course. We go way back.
And how is
clever little Brewster?
Well, he's not doing
so well with me being gone.
Although I can't
express how thankful I am
for having this job.
I was just commending Kerri here
on the fast
success of the factory.
She's created dozens
of new job opportunities
for our little community.
Small local business owners
have been struggling
to stay afloat, as you know.
Our economy is hurting.
But with Kerri here following
in the Smithson family footsteps
and bringing new
life to this old factory
this may just be
an answered prayer
to bringing this town
back to what it used to be.
And Drew, as you've
been here since day one
and I admire your
impeccable work ethic,
I would like to promote
you to assistant manager.
- What? Really?
- Really.
And since
production has been ramping up
at twice the
speed we anticipated,
how does double
your salary sound?
That sounds like a godsend.
But what about the
safety of expanding so quickly?
I don't
understand your concerns.
At our initial safety meetings
we would
discuss potential dangers
if we couldn't
keep up with the waste.
Especially considering
our filtration system
is over 50 years old.
We already knew that we were
pushing the boundaries
- of what this factory--
- Drew.
I assure you we will
be as safe as possible.
As Mayor Randolph has said,
the opportunities that can
be created for this community
far outweigh
any unlikely danger.
Don't you want to see
your friends and neighbors
have the same new opportunities
like you've been given?
It's everything
I promised the community
when I was elected mayor.
I'll be working
closely with Kerri
to ensure all
growth is sustainable.
Well, Drew, what do you say?
You've got yourself
a new assistant manager.
Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

[microwave humming]
[microwave dinging]
[gentle music]

ROBBIE: Brewster. Brewster.
Do you copy?
I copy.
Hey man,
just wanted to follow up
on the cure for acne
you've been working on.
I'm seriously
breaking out over here.
Washing your face once in
a while might help with that.
Then again, what do I know?
I've got at least another
year before I hit puberty.
Good one smart guy.
Is your dad home yet?
No, he's working late again.
ROBBIE: Copy that.
Well, hey, we can stay
up all night and talk sports.
Sports are boring. Let's talk
about science instead.
[Robbie scoffing]
Come on, science is awesome.
That's literally the nerdiest
thing you could have said.
[Brewster laughing]
Hey, Robbie...
ROBBIE: What's up
little Brewster?
Thanks for checking in on me.
Of course, man.
I know things are
hard right now, but...
I want you to know you
have friends that love you.
I love you guys too.
Now get some sleep, nerd.
I'll see you at the clubhouse
bright and early.
See you there.
Over and out.
Over and out.
[whimsical music]
And the bunt will fall short
to end that inning.
Still can't believe
you can do that, Brewster.
It's just the acidity
in the potatoes. Baby stuff.
No wonder they let
you skip two grades.
Did you guys here that
one about the McCluskeys?
- And their haunted radio?
- Come on, Bull,
you know Brewster can't sleep
after hearing your ghost story.
I'm fine. What's so
scary about a radio anyway?
Well, the McCluskeys
lived in this really old house.
And every night
before they went to sleep
they would listen to
their favorite radio show.
But one night it
kept cutting in and out.
In and out.
And the voices they were
hearing were different.
Almost as if they were
coming from the other side.
They were
scared for their lives.
When all of a sudden
there was a knock at the door.
Very funny, Eric.
What? That wasn't me.
- No way.
- Who is it?
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
What are you doing here?
My car broke down.
I need to get a hold of dad.
Do you have a phone.
We have a radio
made of potatoes.
He's at work.
Not surprising.
My uncle's a mechanic.
I could take a look
at your car for you.
It's right down the street.

Be right back.
You and Robbie are
gonna become in-laws.
Don't be gross.
[steam hissing]
So what do you know about cars?
Well, for starters, brands,
types, makes, and models.
Now what do you know
about fixing cars?
Well, my uncle showed me
how to change a tire once.
- What?
- Just pop the hood.
Oh, okay.
ROBBIE: Okay...
[Diana coughing]
Okay, um...
battery is connected...
Tubes seem loose.
Can you hurry up?
It's so hot out here.
Wait. That's probably it.
This is the hottest day
so far this year.
The engine
probably just overheated.
ROBBIE: Well, yeah,
it makes sense, right?
DIANA: Yeah, it makes sense.
Yeah, we just
need to cool it down.
We've got some buckets
down at our fishing spot.
Come on, let's go.
DIANA: Okay.
KERRI: Thanks for stopping by.
Keep up the good work, Drew.
I'm excited for the success
of this operation.
Thanks. Me too.
What's on your mind?
I still have my concerns.
Drew, there is
nothing to worry about.
Except maybe the gold bars
you'll be making
the company today.
But Drew if
you're that concerned
maybe just tell
your boy and his friends
just to stay out of that water.
Just to be safe.
[tense music]
You guys have this
whole place to yourselves?
Pretty cool, right?
Do you, like, swim in there?
Yeah, totally.
I know it looks
a little murky right now
but it's not so bad.
Feels great on a hot day.
Are you serious?
Robbie. Stop, stop, stop.
- What?
- No.
Are you crazy?
Come on, what are you, chicken?
Chicken! Chicken!
[Diana gasping]
- Diana!
- Robbie, help,
my leg's caught on something!
Just-- just keep
your head above the water.
It's stuck! I can't keep it up.
[Diana coughing]
It's too murky.
I think your foot is
caught on a log or something.
Eric! Grace! Brewster! Somebody!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No! Help! Help!
Is that Diana? Diana!
ROBBIE: Get over here.
Her foot is caught on something.
Come on she's--
Toxic Avenger to the rescue!
GRACE: Hurry!
ROBBIE: Eric, go under with me.
Help me get her foot unstuck.
Copy that.
Diana! Come on, come on.
GRACE: Come on.
Got it. Okay, let's go.
Grace, Brewster,
give us a hand getting her up.
Oh, my gosh. She's dead.
Diana, no!
She's not dead, she needs CPR.
CPR, you mean,
like, mouth to mouth?
No, I mean head to butt.
Of course I mean
mouth to mouth you moron!
BREWSTER: Please, Robbie.
[tense music]
Come on.

Are you doing it right?
I don't know. I think so.

Come on, Diana.
We can't lose you.
Come on.
[Diana coughing]
She's alive.
She's alive.
[Diana coughing]
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
[Diana gasping]
You saved me.
Um, we saved you.
I thought you were a goner!
[gentle music]
[Drew sighing]
Kids, I am so grateful you
were there to help Diana today.
I don't know how
I'll ever repay you.
This chicken will suffice.
Of course, Mr. Brewster.
But after that incident today
I think it's best
to stay out of the water.
It's just not safe.
What? But Dad,
it was just a freak accident.
The water is completely safe.
Just 'cause Diana
doesn't know how to swim--
There are plenty
of things for you guys
to do with the summer.
You'll find
ways to pass the time.
What about my car?
We'll get that fixed
on my next paycheck.
But Dad, the water
is completely harmless.
I said no more water.
But it's our
favorite summer spot.
Brewster, don't argue with me.
I said it's too dangerous.
Diana almost died today.
I can't lose another
member of this family.
Don't you understand that?
[sad music]
Kids, I-- I am sorry.
I'm very sorry.
Please eat all the food,
stay as long as
you guys want, okay?
I'll-- I'll just be upstairs.

[indistinct chatter]


What's the matter with you?
I-- I just don't feel so well.
DREW: Yes, yes,
I told them it wasn't safe.
But Mr. Mayor, I--
No, no, no,
I want this job. I need it.
Yeah, Kerri has all the
new paperwork in her desk.
All the numbers.
Yes, I know the benefits.
They'll stay out of the water.
I just-- I just wish
there was a better way.
Yes. Yeah, we-- no,
we can talk tomorrow.
I'll be in the
office first thing.
Heck yeah, that's three.
That's bull, Bull.
I counted five.
Yeah, no cheating, Eric.
I counted five as well.
Can either of you even count?
That was three. Put three.
- I'm putting five.
- ERIC: Give me that.
- Stop it.
- ERIC: Give me that.
[both grumbling]
This is such a bust.
Wish we were at the water.
ERIC: Yeah,
too bad we told Mr. Brewster
we wouldn't go
back down there. Ow!
- Earth to Brewster!
- What?
We were just saying we
wish we were at the water.
That's the thing.
I heard my dad on the phone
with the mayor yesterday.
They mayor? Why?
I dunno.
He was talking about his job
at the factory,
and the water,
and how he told us to stay away.
Maybe the paper factory
is dumping toxic
chemicals into the water.
Maybe we'll become super heroes,
like the Toxic Avenger.
[Robbie scoffing]
Who's turn is it to
set up the next course?
- Robbie's.
- All right.
Eric, say that again.
What? Super heroes?
No, the other thing.
About the paper factory
dumping toxic
chemicals into the water.
I was joking.
No, I think you might
be on to something.
What if that's why my dad didn't
tell us about the water
being unsafe,
like toxic chemicals?
ROBBIE: Done. Your turn.
Don't you think so?
I don't know, Brew.
Seems a little
far-fetched to me.
We swam in it and didn't die.
Or get any super powers.
Yeah, but Diana
swallowed a whole bunch of it
and she's been
home sick all day.
It's gotta be the water.
Oh, really? She's sick, huh?
Blue chunks all night.
What does it matter anyway?
It's not like we're allowed
to go back to the water.
Yeah, uh... sorry guys,
I gotta go.
I told my mom I would
help her with something.
Wait, you're leaving?
We haven't
finished our game of golf.
Yeah, I told my mom
I would help her.
Sorry guys, I gotta go.
You can't bull the Bull.
I'm the king of bull.
You're lying.
I'm not lying.
I told her I would help
her with...
With what?
Yeah, I garden
with her all the time.
I'll see you guys later.
That's five.
[rock clattering]
[rock clattering]
[rock clattering]
[rock clattering]
Hey. I heard you
weren't feeling well, so...
No, I'm feeling
a little better today.
Probably just
swallowed too much pond water.
How did you know
which window was mine?
I mean, I've only
spent the night at your house,
like, 800 times.
Okay. Fair enough.
I know what always makes
me feel better when I'm sick.
Ice cream.
Do you wanna go?
Um, sure.
That actually sounds nice.
Have a bike?
A bike?
So, what are all your cool
high school friends doing today?
Don't know, don't care.
Ever since my mom died
things have been different.
I just don't really connect
with my friends like I used to.
I'm sorry.
Who needs them anyways?
["R.T.G." by Luna Wave]
There you go.
All right, thank you.
There's yours, and for you.
So, what do I owe you?
You know, Mrs. Stineman
was five years older than me,
God rest her soul.
Good choice, son. It's on me.
- Thank you.
- Thanks Mr. Stineman.
Mm hmm.
To know that you believe it
In summer all that I want
You know
In summer we got it all
You were right.
I do feel a lot better.
Great. So you really
think the water got you sick?
I mean,
that's all I can think of.
I swallowed a lot of it.
Your brother seems
to think that it's toxic.
Oh, my brother?
Golden boy? Boy genius Brewster?
I don't know
how you all can stand
to hang out with him all day.
Ah, he's not so bad.
Plus, he can make some pretty
cool stuff out of produce.
I don't know how we're related.
He'll win a Pulitzer before
I can get above a C in geometry.
Well, you don't have to be
smart, because you're pretty.
[Diana chuckling]
Wow, Robert. That was smooth.
Okay, I am so sorry.
I, uh, uh...
Wait, speak of
my brother, there he is.
Right there.
- Oh-- hold this.
- What--
ROBBIE: Brewster, wait!
I knew you were lying.
Oh, be quiet, Bull. Brewster--
Don't talk to me!
Hey, man, what's wrong?
What's wrong? What's wrong?
You ditched us to
hang out with my sister.
I was only
trying to help her out
since she was
feeling sick and all.
Stop lying!
I know you like her,
it's all over your face.
Come on, man.
Is that why
you're friends with me?
Because you
wanted to date my sister?
you know that's not true.
Sure it is!
Why would someone cool like you
want to hang out
with a nerd like me?
Brewster, how many
times do I have to tell you?
I don't care what
you have to say, Robbie,
just leave me alone.
[sad music]
He'll come around. Don't worry.
Yeah, I know. I just feel bad.
Listen, you're his best friend.
He's not gonna stay mad at you.
I hope not.
Mayor Randolph it's happening--
Quicker than anticipated.
But this was our goal.
This is what we wanted.
Is that the mayor?
Yeah, and I think
that's my dad's boss with him.
What are you doing?
Stay low.
DIANA: Okay...
Just make sure Drew
is prepared for expansion.
Your resources can handle it?
Of course.
There might be some overflow
but it's nothing
we can't handle.
Right now expanding the factory
to meet up with
production demands
is our highest priority.
Overflow. Maybe he
actually is on to something.
- Who?
- Your brother.
This morning he was telling us
about something
that he overheard
with your dad on
the phone with his boss
and something about the water.
What if that overflow is
actually toxic, like he thinks?
Oh, great. Just when I
thought you were too mature
to play Hardy Boys
with my kid brother.
What? No, it's not that.
You know, Brewster tries
to scheme things up, right?
Like uses experiments
to try to save the day.
Well, yeah, I know, but...
Just take care of it.
And don't make me look bad.
[dramatic music]
Okay, you don't think
anything is going on here?
I dunno, Robbie. Let's go.
It's past your bedtime.
Come on.
All right.
Hey guys.
What are you doing here?
Have you guys
gone down to the water?
Don't know if you remember,
since it's been a few
years since we've seen you,
but we were
banned from the water.
Just listen to me.
I think what Brewster
was saying yesterday
might actually be true.
What do you mean? Why?
Last night I saw your dad's
boss in town with the mayor.
They seem to be up to something.
I told you!
Why don't you guys
ever listen to me
when I'm trying
to tell you something?
You're supposed
to be my friends!
You're supposed to believe me
when something is happening!
Hang on.
We don't know anything yet.
Let's check it out.
See if anything seems off.

ERIC: Brewster, you better
not tell your dad about this.
BREWSTER: I won't.
So, Diana got
stuck right over here.
I'm not seeing anything.
It's too murky.
Me neither.
Well, when her foot
was caught it felt smooth,
like-- like it could've
been a pipe or something.
Smooth? Like plastic?
I mean, I guess so.
Don't fall, Eric.
Wait. That looks
like a trash barrel.
So, maybe that overflow is
trash from the paper factory.
we have a problem.
[tense music]
What is this?

No wonder the fish
haven't been biting.
But what does this mean?
Would a little
trash in the water
be enough to kill all the fish?
I read an article once that
particles of litter in waterways
can cause stunted
growth and altered behavior
in some of the
fish that feed on them.
Well, yeah, I'd say their
growth was stunted all right.
It's hard to get any
bigger when you're D-E-A-Dead.
That's why I think
this is something bigger.
And remember the worms?
They were all melted.
Plus, Diana got sick
after swallowing some.
Ah, she probably just swallowed
a big old
mouthful of turtle poo.
- Eric!
- We saw the barrel.
It's more than that.
There's something
going on with the water
and dad knows what it is.
We need to get
into that factory.
- What?
- What?
- Are you crazy?
- It's the only way
we're going to find out
what's really going on.
It sounds like we've got
ourselves a mission.
Look here.
The trail in the forest will
lead us right to the factory.
No one will see us.
Then we can sneak in.
Are you guys sure about this?
Isn't this like
breaking and entering?
We could get arrested.
I don't want this to end
up on my permanent record.
Yeah, Brew. A little guy like
you would not do well in juvie.
But we have to get
to the bottom of this.
Like super heroes?
Exactly. Just like
your nerdy comic books.
I'm in.
What do you guys say?
I'm in too.
I'm in too.
All right.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
The factory
closes early on weekends.
The path in the
woods should lead us
to a pretty good vantage point.
I can bring my binoculars.
- We can scout it out.
- Perfect.
So we'll meet at the
hiking trail. 9:00 AM?
- It's a stakeout.
- Yeah.
I'll pack a lunch. Or two.
Where have you been?
At the clubhouse
with my friends.
Where's dad?
He had to work late.
- Brew?
- What?
Robbie told me
about your little game.
Thinking the mayor is
poisoning the pond or something.
Well, if you don't like it
then you should stop
hanging out with Robbie.
This isn't about Robbie.
Look, just don't do anything
that will get Dad in trouble.
He needs this job, Brewster.
Don't let your big
imagination mess things up.
[sad music]
GRACE: What's in the pack, Eric?
ERIC: Four sandwiches,
six chewie bars,
pack of hot dogs,
and some Little Debbies.
Just the necessities.
Did you pack anything for us?
Hardy har.
You better be nice to me
if you want to share the rest of
the raisins from my trail mix.
Leave it to Eric for
chocolate covered raisins
to be the healthiest thing
he brought.
Twinkies are healthy, man.
They give you
dopamine and carbohydrates.
Right, Brewster?
Um, earth to Brewster.
I think this is it, guys.
[dramatic music]
This might not be
as easy as we thought.
Yeah, no kidding.

Wait. Someone is coming out.
Those must be the doors
where the main offices are.
BREWSTER: Let me see.

You know, Drew,
I just have to say
the work you're doing
is really above and beyond.
Enjoy your
weekend while you can.
You start training
the next group of new hires
first thing Monday.
What are they saying?
I don't know.
I can't read mouths.
ERIC: I can. Give me those.
"Oh, my stomach hurts
"from all that mac and
cheese I ate for breakfast."
"Don't worry scary boss lady,
"I have some Pepto Bismol that
will help your gas problems."
"That would be lovely,
Mr. Brewster.
"That way I can eat
mac and cheese every day.
"Even though
I'm lactose intolerant."
Is food all you
ever think about?
No. But did anybody
bring any mac and cheese?
Because suddenly I'm hungry.
- Come on.
- Let me try.
Well, thanks, Kerri.
And despite everything
I can't say I'm not thankful
for this job.
Hopefully you can
take some time off too?
Ah, later. Still need to finish
going over the latest reports.
The lady isn't leaving yet.
She says she needs to
keep going over the... rewards?
- Rewards?
- Rewards?
How are those numbers looking?
Nothing to worry about.
Have a great night.
Rewards... re... wards...
Re-poreds-- reports!
I bet she said reports.
And that's exactly what
we need to get our hands on.
Well, I guess we'll
just have to wait her out.
Who knows how long that'll take.
Whatever you say, man.
And so the stakeout begins.
- ERIC: What?
- Those are raw!
They aren't even refrigerated.
You're gonna get worms.
Package says fully cooked, man.
Calm down.
Just wait a minute, will you?
Still nothing.
Did you guys ever hear the one
about the old ghost
lady who haunts this forest?
Stop, stop, stop!
No scary stories, Eric.
This one isn't a scary one.
But it is true.
[dramatic music]
Old Ms. Murphy lived in a cabin
all alone in these woods.
In fact, right on this very spot
now that I think about it.
Well, one night she was making
her usual hot tea over
the fire in her fire place
when a strange, fierce
wind blew through the chimney.
And the flame
brushed towards her.
Suddenly her blanket
caught on fire.
The house burned down
with her inside it.
So, she died in the fire?
Well, the thing
about old Ms. Murphy
was she always wanted a kid.
So, still to this day
she haunts this forest
preying on children who
end up here on summer nights.
That's why all the kids
go missing here.
That's such bull, Bull.
Kids don't go
missing here at all.
Look, I'm just saying if
you feel a strange gust of wind
and smell smoke, run.
Or she might get you.
Is he done yet.
Yeah, he's done.
I give it a three out of five.
What? That was
at least a solid 4.5.
Come on,
I worked hard on that one.
- No, it's not. It was boring.
- Come on. Please.
All right, guys.
We need to make a game plan.
What are we gonna do
when the big wig leaves?
I mean, it's not like she's just
gonna forget to lock the door.
Okay, so, I may have
done something kind of bad.
You stole your dad's key?
What? No, I didn't steal it.
It's only stealing if
you don't give it back.
I'm only borrowing it.
Your dad is gonna kill you.
Forget juvie, they're gonna
throw you straight in prison.
He won't know.
I'll put it back
as soon as I get home.
It's pretty gutsy, Brew.
But I gotta admit
I'm a little proud of you.
[door unlatching]
Wait. I heard something.
Brew, hand me the binoculars.
Good night Ms. Smithson.
I'll hold down the fort.
Thanks, Ralphie.
Little problem, guys.
There's a security guard.
BOYS: What?

New plan...
Okay, I think I've got one.
[Ralphie whistling]
Little girl.
Where did you come from?
I was lost in
the woods for days.
RALPHIE: For days?
I mean hours.
I was lost in the woods
for hours.
Well, let me call someone.
No, no, no. No.
Why not?
Because they're all in Canada.
On vacation.
Canada. Huh.
But wait.
Why aren't you with them?
Because they left me.
They left you?
GRACE: Yeah. Super messed up.
[Ralphie mumbling]
But wait a minute, wait.
How did you end up
in these woods?
I was, um,
trying to walk to Canada.
To find my family.
You know that's, like,
1000 miles from here, right?
Yeah, something like that.
You're more
adventurous than I am.
[tense music]

There it is.

[Brewster sighing]
What's wrong?
It doesn't fit.
This key must do the main door.
Oh, great.
Uh, did you bring a lock pick?
No, because I brought a key.

ROBBIE: There, there.
get on my shoulders, quick.
What? I can't go through there.
You know I suffer from
one of the most common phobias
in children and adults
of all races, ethnicities,
- ages four through 72.
- What?
I'm claustrophobic, Robbie!
Why do you think I avoid
the tunnel slide at Splash USA?
And everyone knows
those are the best slides.
You're the only one that'll fit.
Do you wanna do this or not?
But if I die in there
don't let Diana take my room.
Whatever. Just make this quick.

Do you have a coin?

Robbie? You still out there?
Where else would I be, Brew?

Well, I guess I'll be going now.
Now wait just a minute,
little girl.
I'm just not sure being out
in the woods, alone, at night,
is the best idea.
But I won't be alone,
see, because my...
my brother will be
coming for me any minute now.
[whispering] Brother?

Are you almost there?
I think so.
Robbie, I think I'm stuck.
What? On what?
I dunno.
This is it. This is how it ends.
Pull it together, Brewster.
Easy for you to say.
Oh, no.
Code red, code red.
The big wig just pulled up.
She's walking
towards the building now.
Oh shoot.
Come on, Brewster.
How's it going up there?
[Brewster panting]
Hey boss.
I left my bag inside.
What is going on here?
She was lost in the woods.
I'm helping her out now.
Uh, lost in the woods?
Don't worry, boss.
I'm already taking care of it.
Oh, geez.
Grace is totally busted.
You guys have
to get out of there.
[Brewster grunting]
I don't have time for this.
Just see that she gets home.
Copy that, boss.
She's entering the building.
I repeat,
she's entering the building.
Hey, I got it.


[static hissing]
[door latching]
Okay, that was way too close.
Says the one who didn't almost
die in a small, confined space.
Quick, let's
see what we can find.
Goodbye boss.
[Kerri sighing]
If your brother
doesn't come soon
I'm going to
have to call someone.
Standard procedure.
She's gone. Phew.
[fire crackling]
Ms. Murphy.

[wolf howling]

All I'm seeing are
purchase orders and pay stubs.
BREWSTER: It's gotta be here.

Check this out.

This report is
dated from two days ago.
What do all these numbers mean?
"Warning. Nitrogen,
phosphorous, and mercury levels
"exceed the acceptable amounts.
"Extreme precaution
should be used
"when disposing of pollutants."
So, they aren't just
dumping trash in the water...
They're dumping chemicals.
Dangerous ones.
And this is all
the proof we need.
We've got what we need.
Eric, can you
create a distraction?
You've got it.
I'm gonna be here all night,
but article five section--
ERIC: Oh my. There you are, sis.
Thank you so much for
finding my deranged twin sister.
- Oh.
- She's always wandering off
making up silly stories.
Come on sis.
You're twins?
Um, I was premature.
Not all twins are
identical you know.
There's a word for it.
I came from triplets myself.
Made for an
interesting childhood.
So, your family
didn't go to Canada?
Canada. Oh, sis, you told
him we went to Canada. Classic.
Sorry she wasted your time,
sir. She's a little...
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,
if you know what I mean.
We've tried to hire
doctors from everywhere
but no one can help her.
we live just up the street
and it's about time
for her to take her medicine,
so we should-- we're gonna
head out. Is that okay with you?
Oh, if you kids are all right
I better get back to my post.
Thank you, sir.
[Ralphie whistling]
I'm the crazy one
in the family? Really?
[Ralphie whistling]
ROBBIE: Come on, guys, hurry up.
I've gotta show you this.
Look, not one, not two,
but six different
types of chemicals
are being poured
into the watering hole.
And it's all right here.
You stole that?
How else are we gonna
get my dad to believe us?
First thing tomorrow we tell
him everything that's going on.
He must know a way to
help us put a stop to this.
Why do I have a feeling you're
gonna be in so much trouble?
No way. He'll understand.
He has to.
DREW: You are
in so much trouble.
You broke into the factory
and stole from my boss's office?
But Dad, the papers.
These papers don't
belong to you, Brewster.
Just like they
don't belong to me.
Just read them, Dad.
The water tests for
higher than normal levels--
Higher than normal? Oh!
Higher than normal can
mean a lot of things, son.
The Smithson family has been in
the factory business for years.
Kerri Smithson knows full well
how to properly dispose
of waste from the factory.
But how do you know that?
Because we talk about it often.
We have meetings about it.
And we strategize
how to continue to keep up
with production demand
while safely
handling the chemical refuse.
- Mr. Brewster?
- Yeah?
It's just that Diana and I
saw Ms. Smithson
with Mayor Randolph
and they were talking about--
You're involved in this too?
I told them not to do this, Dad.
Ugh! What you kids have done
could compromise my
entire future at the factory.
The future of our family,
Where do you think
the money comes from
that puts this
roof over our heads?
With your mother gone
I'm doing everything I can
to provide for this family, and
that starts with the factory.
- But Dad--
- No.
Brewster, if my having a job
means that you kids can't swim
at the watering hole
for the summer, then so be it.
Now, let's hope and pray
that I can get these papers
back into Kerri's office before
she discovers that they're gone.
- Uh, Dad?
- What?
BREWSTER: You'll need this.
We will talk about your
punishment when I get back.
I am so
disappointed in you, son.
I'm disappointed in all of you.
[sad music]
Ah, he took the proof.
The proof? Brewster, let it go!
Dad's right. This whole
thing is childish and stupid.
Brew, I hate to say it
but I think she's right.
We just need to let it go.
But if the
levels of those chemicals
are as dangerous as I think--
Then we'll find
a new place to swim.
Yeah, we can always
hang out at the community pool.
You know kids
pee in that, right?
You mean you pee in it?
Well, maybe when I was,
like, five.
Guys, cut it out.
What do you say?
Fine. Whatever.
I need to work on
my experiment anyway.
You guys want to go
get a soda or something?
Can't. Told my mom
I'd help with dinner.
Yeah, my brother
promised to take me to a movie.
Hey, Brew.
Missed you today.
- I'd better get going.
- ERIC: Yeah, me too.
Where were you today?
I thought you were gonna go
golf with us at the clubhouse.
I just felt like staying home.
Well, I was
thinking of going and grabbing
a soda or ice cream
or something. Wanna go?
- Hey Robbie.
- Hey.
If Brewster
doesn't want to, I will.
Go for, like, a soda,
or ice cream, or something.
Oh. Okay then. Cool.
You sure you
don't want to go with us.
Science calls.
Well, see you later then?
Yeah. Bye.
So, how much trouble
did you guys get into?
Kitchen and yard duty
for two weeks.
Well, that's not too bad.
If you say so.
My dad kinda calmed down
once he put everything back
before his boss noticed,
but Brewster,
he's still convinced
there's something going on.
He's been moping for days.
It's pretty pathetic.
And a little cute,
but don't tell him I said that.
DIANA: I don't think
it's ever been closed.
ROBBIE: I don't think
so either. This is crazy.
Oh, hello kids.
- Hi.
- Hi Mrs. Rose.
Do you know
where Mr. Stineman is?
Uh, it was the strangest thing.
Couple days ago he
said he wasn't feeling well
and then yesterday he
couldn't even get out of bed.
His son just put that sign
on the door a couple hours ago.
What's wrong with him.
No one knows for sure.
You know, if you ask me,
I think it's heat exhaustion.
I've been feeling a
little off myself lately.
I can't remember the
last time we had a good rain
to cool things off.
You know,
I'm sure he'll be fine.
You tell your
parents I said hello, okay?
I hope he'll be okay.
Robbie, what's wrong?
It's just what she
said about the rain.
DIANA: What about it?
When we were in
the factory office
I saw this picture on the wall.
It seemed sort
of like a blueprint.
I'm pretty sure that
it showed that in a drought
the water from the watering
hole would become the source
for some of the
town's drinking water.
And if there really
are higher than average
levels of
pollutants in that water...
I got sick and I only
swallowed a little bit of it.
Mr. Stineman lives near
the edge of town near the water.
If the water
from the swimming hole
is filtering into
the drinking water...
His house would
be one of the first.
What's all this about?
I'm missing
fast cars and big guns
on my brother's dime for this.
I think Brewster was right
about the pollution
in the swimming hole.
- I told you.
- But we knew that already.
There's just
nothing we can do about it.
But, see,
it's bigger than we thought.
The pollution isn't
just affecting the fish
and us being able to swim,
that water has gotten
into the town drinking supply.
- What?
- You're sure?
Okay. That blueprint on the
wall in the office, remember?
It showed a graph of
the path of the waterways.
But what do we do if
my dad won't believe us?
- Go to the police?
- Police? Whoa.
Hold on, Brew.
If we go to the police
they could shut
the whole factory down.
A lot more people than
dad could lose their jobs.
She's right. And it's not
just the factory workers.
My mom said that if
business slows down again
she'd have to
close the restaurant.
But don't you get it?
This isn't just about jobs,
it's about lives.
Our mom died of cancer.
And you know
what can cause cancer?
If we don't do this a lot
more than jobs are at stake.
People could get sick.
People could die.
Well, if we're going
to do anything about this
we need a plan, and a good one.
What if we came up with a plan
that didn't involve
the factory needing to close?
That's kind of the whole point.
I mean, what if we came up with,
like, a solution?
Like, to get the
chemicals out of the water
with the factory still
remaining fully operational.
Like what?
Well, I don't know,
but he might.
Science calling.
Yes. I've got a plan.
[upbeat, determined music]

Um, guys? It worked.
It worked?
A simple
reverse osmosis process.
I can't believe I
didn't think of this before.
- Brewster.
- It worked.
[overlapping cheering]
I'm proud of you, nerd.
Okay, wait.
It worked, but now what?
First thing tomorrow we
take the plan to the factory
and show
Ms. Smithson the solution.
Ah, the solution to pollution.
When she sees how
easy it will be to implement
she won't be able to say no.
Why do I have a feeling
it won't be that easy?
Yeah, Brew, I dunno.
It will work. It has to.
Where are they?
We said 8:00, right?
Brew, did you see
Diana this morning?
Forget about her.
Where's Robbie?
We can't wait much longer.
The factory
starts production at 9:00.
Are you sure we can
do this without them?
Yeah, come on.
We've got a town to save.
[determined music]
Can I help you...
Wait, I know you.
And you.
And who are you?
Drew Brewster is my dad.
We're here to see Ms. Smithson.
I wasn't told Ms. Kerri
was expecting any visitors.
I think you ought to let us in.
I'd hate for her to find out
how easily distracted you are
when you're supposed
to be manning your post.
[Ralphie chuckling]
You tricked me.
You were never lost--
Just let us in, man.
Right this way.
9000 more units than last month.
Daddy would be so proud.
What the-- who are you?
Who let you in here?
What on earth is this?
We know about the pollution
in the watering hole.
And we know it's affecting
the town's water supply.
I have no clue what
you're talking about.
Everything all right-- Brewster?
What are you doing here?
You know these kids?
Uh, this is my son
and his friends.
What's going on here?
Dad, listen. The pollution
from the watering hole
is not just affecting the fish
and the ecosystem there.
It's being filtered through
the town's drinking supply.
Please, he's just a child.
He has no idea
what he's talking about.
It's all right here.
Kerri? Is this true?
If there is a drought
a small amount of water
from the watering hole
is filtered into
the drinking supply.
Sure, but I don't see how that--
Those chemical levels.
I saw the reports
describing abnormally
high levels of pollutants.
If that got into
the drinking water--
Wait, reports? What re--
Were you going
through my things?
We saw it all, lady.
Drew, I think it's time
you got your son
and these other
children out of my office.
The factory is no place for
kids and obviously none of them
have any idea what
they're talking about.
Kerri, just answer me.
Are you knowingly
allowing the factory waste
with higher levels of chemicals
to pollute
the town water supply?
Okay, the levels are high.
So is production.
So is the economic growth
that I brought to
your miserable little town.
You know what else is high?
Your paycheck that I write.
So, if you want to
keep bread on your table
I suggest that you
and your bratty little kids
keep your mouths shut.
That sounds a lot
like extortion Ms. Smithson.
You know, Kerri?
I thought I wanted this too.
The money,
the power, the success.
But if these kids have
taught me anything this week
it's that if we can't
take care of ourselves,
our loved ones,
and our community,
none of that matters.
No amount of money is
worth hurting people for.
Says the poor small town dad.
You are nothing
without me and this factory.
Ralphie. Take her outside.
What? Ralphie, you work
for me. Don't listen to him.
Sorry boss.
Ralphie. You-- ugh!
Ralphie, let me go.
When your little town
falls apart you'll regret this.
- Come on.
- Ah!
Sorry we're late.
Robert and Diana found me
in my office this morning.
While I admit I knew
Kerri was pushing the limits
of what the factory
could safely produce
I had no idea it
had gone this far.
Son, I'm sorry for not
listening to you before.
It's just so disappointing.
Just when we were
really starting to see
a boom in this economy.
Wait. Brewster, tell him.
Mr. Mayor, the factory
doesn't need to slow down
or stop production.
We found a solution
to the pollution.
What in the world is that?
It's a water
filtration experiment
that Brewster
has been working on.
Simple reverse osmosis process.
Can we show you how it works?
Well sure.
Okay, so first
you have the Kool-Aid
and the Kool-Aid
comes up through the tube.
DIANA: This is
the contaminated water.
ROBBIE: Yes. And
then it flows through here...
Kids, I am very
impressed with what you've done.
I'll be in
contact with the board
and see about
implementing the process
as early as next week.
I expect it will be costly,
but with the income
from the increased production
over the last few weeks,
we'll find a way to cover it.
I am proud of you kids.
And your mom would be too.
I suppose the only problem
now with Kerri being gone,
who will be in
charge of the factory?
I'd be happy
to step up to the task.
Wonderful. We'll be
in touch with the details.
We did it!
[overlapping cheering]
Good job, good job.
Congrats, Mr. Brewster.
Little sneak attack.
Hey, don't let us get caught
in the crossfire, okay man?
ERIC: You'll be fine, Robbie.
So, what's next?
I mean, we just
saved a whole town.
Every good super
hero has a whole series,
not just a one off.
Well, let's see.
There's global warming,
and world hunger.
There's animal testing
and cosmetics.
What? That's, like,
a real prob-- don't.
That's not funny?
We could start
a recycling movement.
Or shelters for the homeless.
What do you say, Brewster?
Got anymore genius
ideas up your sleeve?
I can think of something.
Oh no! Ah!
Come on, let's get Diana.
Ah! Ah!
Stop it, stop it!
[indistinct conversation]
[whimsical music]
WOMAN: Action.
MAYOR RUDOLPH: So serious.
That was serious.
Scene A85 Friends. Take two.
- WOMAN: Pick up.
- Pick up.
Thank you.
WOMAN: It was so good.
Sorry, I'm trying to melt it.
WOMAN: 14 [indistinct],
take one.
Dude! Sorry.
[gentle music]
Sorry, just hair,
like, fully in my face.
You look like you've seen a--
I'm so sorry.
WOMAN: Get a big
mouthful of stuff.
All right, and action.
All right, you need
more food in your mouth?
Don't you understand that?
The vantage po-- the-- the...
Tomorrow is Saturday.
ROBBIE: Wait a minute, will you?
WOMAN: All right, let's
go back to one on the roll.
Robbie, just end up--
ROBBIE: Just wait a minute,
will you?
Did water test
for higher... levels of...
The levels of the
chem-- the chemicals...
What is this line? I keep--
ERIC: Sits in this woods--