Little Jar (2022) Movie Script

[cassette tape inserts]
[tape whirring]
[foot steps running away]
[upbeat music]
Put on your red dress,
shine your shoes
We're going dancing till
we shake out the blues
No guarantee we're
going home tonight
But I'm your
good time lucky
I'm coming to
ya hold on tight
She come out dancing,
she go out of sight
I'll be right there.
Ya know I feel so lucky,
you're my ride or die
I'm coming to you
I'm coming to you, yeah
I'm coming to you
Ride or die
I'm coming to you
I'm coming to you, yeah
I'm coming to you
Ride or die
I'm coming to you
I'm coming to you, ooh
[heavy breathing]
This is crazy.
[gentle music]
I'm not crazy. I just...
So you gonna ask me
questions or am I just
gonna start sharing...
all these thoughts?
It's not that I don't
like people.
I just don't like people.
Be empty, be empty,
be empty, be empty.
[happy elevator music]
[man groans]
Oh, hey Ainsley.
[Ainsley] Wayne.
[Wayne sighs]
Ainsley, do you
have a guess on this?
It's a 13 letter word,
1978 Atari game.
Now, I was thinking Super
Breakout might be it
but see, it doesn't fit
with the rest of, ya know,
-[Wayne] of the crossword--
-It's... it's my...
-[Wayne] Yeah.
-It's my floor. So I'll just...
[Ainsley] Ya know? Have a day.
All right, catch you
when I catch you.
[Wayne] Space Invaders!
[Tammy] Like look up hangry
in a dictionary,
you're gonna find my face.
And I'm just holding
Chompers, right?
And I'm just like, my wrist
is just killing me, right?
Fibromyalgia is just acting up
depending on what
-mood I'm in right?
-[Co-Worker] Totally.
[Tammy] And so I'm just
standing there and I'm wondering
how long am I supposed to
stand there and wait for them
-to remake my nachos?
-[Co-worker] Yeah. Yeah.
[Tammy] I mean, it
should be simple.
It's their people's food,
Hey, Gary.
Just the person
I was looking for.
Is this about my margins?
No but your margins
are consistently off.
I know. I-i-it's--
We should really discuss that
but that is not why
I was looking for you.
Sure you heard there's
a virus going around?
Yeah, yeah. I've read
some headlines.
Well, since it's uh,
spreading so quickly,
corporate unfortunately has
decided to send us all home.
Are you telling me what
I think you're telling me?
It's sad, I know, but
effective immediately...
...we're all working from home.
[squeals] Yes!
[upbeat music]
Keep up on those margins.
[neighbor] Oh, hey Ainsley.
Hey neighbor.
Did you get sent home too?
This is just crazy, right?
I mean, over the flu?
Well, hey, now you got two
weeks off, I got two weeks off,
how about stop being a stranger?
Come on over.
Let's have a beer.
I don't really-- I don't
really drink, so...
Did you know that
birds aren't real?
[laughs awkwardly]
It's something I read online.
-I have to clean my oven, so--
-[neighbor] Oh, okay.
Well, rain check, right?
I mean, hey, we got all
the time in the world now.
Hey, look at this bird.
[bird chirps]
[brother] This is really
working out for you huh, sis?
You get to finally stay at home
and avoid all human contact.
I know, right?
Total upgrade!
Yeah, except for the terrifying
virus that's out there.
Yeah, aside from that,
stop killing my joy.
Mm-hm, I bet you're
gonna miss them.
Who, my coworkers?
I mean everybody.
Two weeks by yourself
is a long time.
Are you kidding?
Two weeks with no people?
This is gonna be great.
Yeah, you say that now,
you wait till you're
talking to the walls.
Hm... doubtful.
Look, I'm not gonna let you
become some crazy hermit lady.
I'm not crazy.
No, not yet. But you're
on your way.
Which is why you're lucky that
I'm also working from home,
because now I can talk
to you all the time.
Actually, um Emre, I was
thinking like...
no people.
That kind of includes you.
No. Nuh-uh. No, no, no.
Absolutely not, no. This is--
This is not some
episode of "Alone".
Oh my God, I love that show.
Oh my God, of course
you love that show.
I didn't know that
you were watching.
People need other
people, Ainsley.
Mm. Do we though?
I do.
Emre, relax, you'll be fine--
And what if something
happens to you?
What's gonna happen to
me? I live in the woods.
People get murdered
in the woods.
Yeah, by other people.
Oh my God.
This is why I'm isolating.
You know, I'm really glad
that you're staying
safe or whatever,
but this feels
extreme, even for you.
You are being so dramatic.
You know what, I give you a
week before
-[Emre] you're calling me...
- [Ainsley mocking] I give you
[Ainsley mocking] a week
before you're calling me
desperate to hear
another voice.
Oh my God, I hate you.
You love me.
Fine, whatever.
I love you.
Look, Ainsley, just do
me a favor, okay?
Don't die.
I'll talk to you in a week.
No, you won't.
Honestly, in the
beginning it was awesome.
[alarm buzzing]
[upbeat music]
Thank you for asking
Yes I'm doing fine
Bees are all buzzing
Sun's out all the time
[Ainsley] Things were so great,
I almost forgot about the virus.
-[party chatter]
-[neighbor coughing]
[door slams]
Lucky me...
[windows shutting]
Then, it wasn't so great.
[vacuum whirring]
But the lockdown kept going...
and going...
-[alarm buzzing]
-...and going.
Turns out, maybe my
brother was right.
[upbeat music]
[pen scratches]
[pen scratches]
[person humming]
[door knocking]
[man] Hello! Fresh and Local.
Um, I have groceries
for... Ainsley.
[window cranking]
Food for Ainsley.
Please don't hurt me.
I come in peace. [chuckles]
[man] Um...
Oh, hello.
-You startled me.
-[man] Oh...
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm Marvin, the new guy.
My boss wanted me to tell you
we are so sorry about
the delay last week.
I mean, things have
been absolutely slammed
as you can imagine
but, moving forward
we should have everything
dialed in for your deliveries.
We have two weeks of groceries
for you and we took off 20%
plus we threw in a
complimentary bottle of wine
as a sign of our
sincerest apologies.
That was um, a little
gift from the owner, so...
Don't you guys just leave
the groceries and go now?
Well, it's protocol,
to sign for the delivery.
You holding up okay?
Yeah, wine will help with that?
I mean, who wants to be
conscious during a pandemic?
Not me, am I right? [chuckles]
[Marvin] Do, um...
Do you want me to sign for you?
What should I put for the tip?
Oh, thank you.
That is great. Okay.
Wow, you have no
idea how few people
aren't tipping right now.
Why do people think that's okay?
I mean like, do you think
I'm doing this for
fun or something?
Not fun.
-[pen scribbling]
Okay. [laughs]
Again, I am so sorry
about the delay last week,
but moving forward, we should be
all set for your deliveries,
which means you'll be seeing
a lot more of this guy.
Lucky you. [laughs]
Thanks again and, uh, get
plastered. Just, you know,
operate heavy machinery.
Go crazy. [laughs]
See ya.
Oh, that was a joke.
Don't do that. Oh my god.
Fresh and Local does
not condone drinking
and operating heavy machinery,
no matter how heavy it is.
Be safe, have fun.
Don't get plastered or do
get plastered and stay home.
[high-spirited music]
[Ainsley] I don't really drink.
I'm not what you'd
call a drinker.
I'm not really good at it.
But yeah, I had a few.
[water splashing]
Siri, call Emre.
[Siri] Okay, calling Emre.
[Siri] Sorry, I'm having trouble
with the connection.
Oh, come on.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
[uneasy music]
[chair squeaking]
[clock ticks]
[uneasy music continues]
[door creaking]
[Ainsley's voice]
Knock knock.
Who's there?
[Ainsley's voice]
Armageddon, who?
[Ainsley's voice]
Arma-gettin' bored.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ugh. [whimpers]
[Ainsley as Tammy] Where's my
moonstone bracelet?
[Ainsley as Gary] Margins...
talk to you about your margins.
[Ainsley as Wayne] Any guesses
on a ten letter word for edges?
Yeah, boundaries Wayne.
[music stops]
Did those reports come
in with the correct margins?
How about the...
...six feet apart rule?
How will you manage?
Your accessories are...
You have a bracelet...
and it's a nice one.
Okay, well if no one's
in the mood to talk.
[Gary] So, how's working
from home going for you?
[Tammy] Being alone isn't
all it's cracked up to be.
Is it?
[Wayne] Yeah maybe if
you hadn't been so distant.
[Tammy] Oh yeah.
She loves her distance,
especially from you Wayne.
[Wayne] What, from me?
[Tammy] She thinks you
crowd people's personal space.
[Wayne] I definitely
do not do that.
You're doing it right now.
[Tammy] Oh, and by the way, this
bracelet is not an accessory.
It's medicinal.
Everyone knows I struggle with
acute fibromyalgia wrist pain.
I was just saying that
it is what some people
might consider nice.
Well, having to wear
it isn't nice.
Wayne! Personal space.
[Wayne] Oh wh-what? I can't
stretch now?
-A guy can't stretch now?
-[Ainsley] Ugh.
[Gary] So why'd you call this
meeting? Oh, margins!
I was just trying to
make friendly conversation.
[Tammy] Well you've never wanted
to be our friend before.
Because you're all
horrible, horrible people.
[Tammy] Well, thanks for making
us feel special Ainsley.
[Wayne] Yeah, way to
make us feel wanted.
That was never part of the plan.
[Gary] So... no margins?
I just... [sighs]
wanted someone to talk to.
Fresh and Local!
Hey Ainsley, it's me Marvin.
Marvin! Hi, yes, hello.
[Tammy] Oh good, yeah,
now he knows you're crazy.
I'll be right there.
[frantic music]
Are you doing okay?
Just gimme a sec, okay.
[Marvin] Oh.
[window cranking]
Hi. Hello.
How you doing in there?
Things could be better.
I dropped my phone
in the bathtub.
-Oh no.
-So now my phone is dead
and my internet has been
out for quite some time now.
You poor thing.
That is awful, I am so sorry.
Do you wanna use my phone?
Okay, let me just unlock it.
No, Marvin, the virus!
Can't you just
call them for me?
Sure, let me just
look up their number.
[slams] Here you go!
[chuckles] Thanks.
[phone beeping]
[phone ringing]
[Phone Operator]
Thank you for calling,
we are experiencing higher
than normal caller volume...
[Marvin] They have a lot of
calls so I'm on ho--
They have a lot of calls?
Seems that wa--
So you're on hold?
Uh-huh-- Yeah.
[gentle hold music]
[slaps] Ah!
Yeah, I'm allergic
to the bug spray.
You should get longer socks.
[phone chimes]
[Phone Operator]
Thank you for holding.
We are unable to take
your call at this time.
If you are experiencing
a service outage,
please know we are addressing
all outages as
quickly as possible.
And thank you for understanding
that we are all
-[window squeaking]
Oh, that sucks.
I'm so sorry, Ainsley.
I really have to go, if I'm
late with my deliveries,
you'd swear my customers
think I'm secret eating
their produce in my car.
I'm not.
[footsteps walking]
I'll tell you what, I don't
live very far from here.
I could just come by
when I can and say hi.
You know, see how you're doing.
Just uh, chat if you're bored.
I can bring
you a newspaper
or a magazine, dealer's choice.
I mean, okay, that would be--
that would be okay.
I'll see you later.
Okay, thanks Marvin.
[Ainsley sighs]
[inquisitive music]
[objects clattering]
[door slams]
[anxious music]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[neighbor coughing]
[anxious music intensifies]
[garbage disposal whirring]
[dramatic music rising]
[garbage disposal roaring]
-[garbage disposal winding down]
-[music stops]
[wary music]
[door creaking]
[object rattling]
[music stops]
[objects banging]
How is that possible?
[puzzled music]
[liquid spraying]
-[scissors cutting]
-[energetic music]
[beads spilling]
[insects chirping]
[owl hooting]
Goodnight Ulysses.
[Ainsley snoring]
So how'd you sleep?
I'm gonna go brush my teeth.
[teeth brushing]
I got that at a yard sale.
It's a globe.
It's like the map of the world.
Like, the world that
is basically everything
outside these windows.
Like here, they're
mountains and trees...
...but there's also like
rivers and oceans and plains
and plateaus and deserts and...
but a whole lot of people.
It's a shame to go
from being stuck
in one small space to another.
It's a bummer that you
can't go out there
but it's-- it's just not safe.
I have an idea.
[happy music]
[pictures flicking]
I'm pretty good at solitaire
I'm laissez faire they say
All at once I'm upside down
You come around again
[water whirring]
Ooh ooh
I didn't know I'd want to do
The things I do with you
I see we're adventure bound
Let's spin it round again
Ooh ooh
With you
Who knows where we
two will even go but
Darling I hope it will
make my heart brand new
I have something
special for you.
Are you ready?
[heart-warming music]
Do you love it?
Tell me you love it.
It's the best thing
you've ever seen, right?
Tell me it's the best
thing you've ever seen.
It's definitely the best
thing I've ever made.
I know, I made
every single detail.
Did you see the toilet?
I think it's great too.
Let's take a picture.
Okay, say cheese.
Get it?
Say cheese. [laughing]
[camera clicks]
It's like we're neighbors
or roommates
or like something in between.
We're like something in
between those two things.
Who knew that building
tiny furniture
would give me so much joy?
But I did get a lot of
So many splinters.
How much are you loving this?
Are you loving this
as much as I am?
Because this is like--
this is tops. This is great!
This is-- okay!
[gasps] It's like we're
living in a duplex.
It's like the duplex
of our dreams.
It's like dream-plex!
Okay, let's take another
just in case the
others didn't turn out.
It's too much, isn't it?
Yeah, I know. It's--
Really? Because
we really don't have to.
I mean, if you insist,
then we will.
[clicks] Oh no, it's out.
You know what?
I have more film, I'll get it.
You know, I'm sure
one of these is great.
You know, I mean, look at them.
There's enough that one of them
is definitely...
definitely great.
So, what do you wanna do now?
A story? No, I don't
really know any stories.
I mean, I could make
one up, but no, I mean,
that's not really
something that I do.
I mean, sure, okay.
I can... [scoffs] I can try.
It's just-- it's probably
not gonna be any good.
Okay. [chuckles]
Story, story.
Well, there once was a...
little jar.
And this little jar
so very little. [laughs]
And so very empty.
Until one day it had a thought.
[playful music]
And that thought led
to another thought...
and another thought...
and another thought.
Pretty soon the little jar
was thinking about
everything, all the time.
Like, why is the sky blue?
And why do the stars
only come out at night?
Why is that man homeless?
And why don't we wanna see
each other's private parts?
I mean, it also had
other thoughts, like...
Why is everything so
important all the time?
And why do I think about
things over and over
and over and over again?
I mean, the little jar was so
full of all types of thoughts
that eventually they just
started spilling out.
When people came
across the little jar
they didn't like the
mess that it made.
So they pushed the thoughts
into the little jar
and they put a lid on it and
they screwed it on tight.
And while that made
the other people happy...
the little jar felt wrong.
And then one day...
someone special appeared.
She was a very special girl
and she loved everything
that was in the little jar.
And she was so eager to
see all of the things
that she forced open the lid
and she poured all of
those thoughts right out.
And the little jar was so
excited to finally share
all of those thoughts with
somebody that truly understood.
The little jar had
never been happier.
[sad music]
But nobody likes a mess.
And while... it was fun
for the special girl at first,
eventually she even
grew tired of it.
She started picking
up all of those thoughts
and she put them back
into the little jar.
But at this point
there were so many
thoughts that they...
they hardly all fit.
But the special girl
just pushed and
pushed and pushed,
and then she got a lid
and screwed it tighter
and tighter and tighter,
so that those thoughts
would never come out.
The little jar realized
that nobody wanted
the mess that it made,
so it didn't want them either.
So it tucked itself
away into a dark place
where it would never
be opened again.
I'm sorry, did I wake you?
I just...
I wanted to thank
you for listening to me.
I don't normally emotionally
blabber on like that.
I don't even know
where it came from.
I mean, I guess if I had to
put it in words,
I would say that, I don't know,
maybe it could be just as
simple as...
I'm really grateful that we met
because I feel like when we talk
I can really let...
let my lid off.
I guess what I'm trying
to say is that...
Thank you for...
being... [sighs]
a friend.
Okay, yeah.
I mean, right,
we're friends, okay.
That's awesome, okay.
I have something for you.
[playful music]
It's great, right?
Just like two peas in a pod.
Just you and me.
Here's an oddball idea, and
I'm just throwing it out there,
no expectations but
what are the chances
that you and I take
things further?
[awkward music rises]
I'm not sure about you,
but it would be a
definite first for me.
And it just feels like,
it just feels like it
makes sense, right?
We laugh all the time and
we hang out constantly
and we never have
any awkwardness.
No, I'm just saying that like...
maybe we could...
I don't know-- you know,
Be more than friends?
And again, no
pressure whatsoever,
but just don't say no because
it'll definitely kill me.
[awkwardly laughs]
No, I'm just playing.
It's a joke.
What are the chances
that we could be...
best friends?
I've never had one before.
And Lord knows I have
tried and I have failed,
but it just feels
like for you and me,
it just... maybe it's right,
you know?
Like, what do you think?
[joyous music swells]
That's awesome, that's great!
That's amazing, that's the best.
I mean, I see that too.
I'm so glad you do.
What do you think?
Like, no rush,
but if you were thinking
of like a timeline
for the whole thing,
like what do you think?
Like a month or--
No, no, no, no rush.
Of course, of course.
I mean, these things, they
have to just flow naturally.
They have to just be authentic.
There's no way to
like push them.
Oh man, I'm so glad
that we had this talk.
It went way better than
I thought it would.
This is great.
Okay, well, goodnight Ulysses.
[insects chirping]
[gentle music]
[Ainsley] Good night
future best friend.
[neighbor coughing]
[tense music]
Oh God, hi.
Hi, I brought you
a weird magazine.
It's mostly pale
people and baby bangs,
but some of the articles
are pretty in depth.
Oh, I like... I like bangs.
I also brought you coffee.
It's from Woody's.
You been there?
The place with all the wood
carvings of little animals
and creatures on the patio.
Oh, innovative.
Oh, it's so cute.
I miss coffee shops.
I miss friends
at coffee shops.
You lost me.
Well, I'll leave you
coffee at the door.
Um, don't worry, I
didn't breathe on it.
I'm still gonna spray it down.
Of course you will.
Okay, well I gotta
be getting to work.
You enjoy the rest of your day.
Oh, I'll see you later?
Yeah, probably
later in the week.
Cool, you got a lot going on?
Yeah, I have a lot of cooped
up people that need food.
See you later.
Catch you when I catch you.
Oh, hey Ulysses.
You just standing there?
Okay bud.
Again, you okay?
[tense music]
Okay, you're acting funny.
Okay Ulysses.
What's going on?
That's just Marvin, he
delivers our groceries.
He has to be outside because
he brings us our food.
No, it is dangerous out there.
Bud, he has to be outside
so that the rest of
us can be inside.
You're not going outside.
Okay, you're not gonna
start delivering groceries.
No, you won't go with Marvin
because you live with me.
Okay, Ulysses, this is insane.
You're not going out there.
That's just the end
of discussion.
I get it, okay, but
you could get sick.
You could get me sick, I mean,
I just can't allow it.
Too much?
Okay, well I'm sorry if keeping
you safe has been too much.
Hell, I'm sorry if making
you a home has been too much.
Please forgive me for letting
you out of that little teeny
tiny glass jar if
that was too much.
You know what, you wanna
go and explore the outside?
Be my guest.
Enjoy the grand solo viral
trip around the world.
Oh, you're gonna go
find someone else.
Ulysses, I found you
in a little glass jar
at the bottom of an old box.
Good luck with that.
[intense music rises]
I'm not too much.
You're too much.
What does he even mean?
It's totally insensitive.
Just rude.
Look, Ulysses.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.
We need to be kinder
to each other
and that starts with me.
It's just you and me a kid.
Who are you?
[tense harmonica music]
That's a lovely--
Ulysses, you made a friend?
That's splendid.
[tense laughter]
So splendid. [clears throat]
And um, where might ask
did you come from?
Will you give me just like,
just the tiniest moment?
I'm just gonna step, um...
I-I'll be ri--
I'll be right back.
[footsteps walking]
If you'll just hold still
for just one second.
Ulysses, your friend
looks a little dirty.
I'm trying to keep us safe.
I mean, have you forgotten
completely about the virus?
Oh, no.
I guess it is a bit much.
No, no, no.
It's totally fine, like
she can totally stay.
I'm not gonna kick
out your brand new,
just-like-you friend.
I'm not evil.
Under one condition though,
she has to go into
quarantine under there.
I mean, that's only fair, right?
And better safe than sorry...
Cool. Just gimme like...
I-I'll be right back.
One more second.
[footsteps walking]
Okay, so I'm just
gonna tape this up.
Ulysses, if you'll
just step out.
Ulysses, she has to
go into quarantine.
So come on bud.
What? No.
She needs to be in there
for two weeks and
that could be
putting you in danger.
Plus, I'll be out here...
Okay, yeah.
No, no, no, it's totally fine.
I'll be completely
okay out here, alone.
I'll just...
I guess I'll just tape
this up here then?
[fabric crinkling]
This is fine.
He's not gone, he's
just staying in.
Nothing's changing.
We're still friends.
We're just taking
some time apart.
Don't personalize this.
He didn't choose her.
He didn't choose her.
[distraught music]
I don't care if he chose her.
I welcomed him into my own
home, I built him his own home.
I fed him. I confided in him.
I-I-I... I-I bathed him
and then this is
how he repays me
by abandoning his best
friend in her time of need?
I hope they get it.
I hope they just die under
the damn bed together.
He doesn't wanna
hang out with me.
He probably never did.
He was just doing it because
he felt sorry for me.
Maybe it's been enough time.
Maybe they don't need to
wait the full two weeks.
Maybe the virus can't even
spread between humans and them.
That makes sense, right?
It's fine.
This is fine.
I'm okay.
I've been alone before
and I thrive on it.
They'll be out soon, very soon.
And until then I
have myself, so yeah.
[clock ticking]
[eerie music]
I wish you would just tell me.
Is this about Marvin?
I don't have to be
his friend anymore.
[door creaking]
I'll do whatever it takes
if we can just
go back to normal.
It can be just you and me again.
[fabric crinkling]
Ainsley, you alive?
Open up.
Open up, open up, open up.
- I have coffee for you
[Ainsley] My friend!
-[Marvin] Come on. Look!
-[window cranking]
I'm so happy to see you!
How are you doing?
What's going on? What's new?
Tell me everything.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just same old
friendly Ainsley.
Okay, well I'm doing good.
Um, I brought you coffee.
That is so considerate of you.
You are such a great friend.
I mean, some might
even say the best.
What's going on?
Just leave it at
the door and go.
You're not normally this weird.
Do you wanna talk about it?
Not necessarily.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Because I'm a
really good listener.
Just leave it and go.
What do you want, Marvin?
You want me to thank you
profusely for the pity coffee?
Thank you.
Pity coffee?
And thank you for
stopping by the needy,
isolated girl's house who so
desperately craves attention.
She really, really
appreciates it.
I'm not trying to
pity you, Ainsley.
But frankly,
this is what's too much.
What's too much?
Not me.
Can you just...
Can you hold on for a second?
You know what?
I'm gonna say it.
I think you need to go back to
just delivering my groceries.
[door cranking]
I don't know what the--
hell is happening with you
but I absolutely didn't
deserve any of that.
I'm sorry if I'm too much.
I actually enjoyed
our little visits.
I guess I read that wrong.
I'll see you later when
I have your groceries.
[footsteps walking]
I did it.
[Ainsley] 19, 18, 17,
16, 15, 14, 13, 12,
11, 10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two,
Happy two weeks!
[dramatic music]
Your place is nice.
You redecorated?
Well, your quarantine's up...
I made a cheese board,
[clears throat]
You guys wanna hang?
[lounge music]
[Ainsley mumbling]
I finished that book, Ulysses.
It was really long, but I had
two weeks, so plenty of time.
What did you do in
your quarantine?
Oh, that's...
Ulysses, could I speak to you
alone for just a second?
Okay, great.
Notice you
redecorated. It's nice.
Also notice that the picture
of the two of us
didn't make the cut.
Not enough wall space?
No, no, it's fine, really.
Yeah, I mean...
I apologize if I'm taking
it the wrong way.
It did take me hours
to build everything
from scratch by hand.
And especially
that picture frame.
I mean so many splinters.
And how was I supposed to
know that the best placement
for our picture was actually
upside down on the ground?
I mean, fuck me, right?
Tell me this, Ulysses.
Picture frame, is it broken
or you just in the business
of breaking my heart?
No, it's fine.
I'm happy for you too. You
spent the last two weeks,
you know, nesting and
enjoying yourselves.
And I spent the last two
weeks talking to walls again.
So you clearly have priorities
and I'm just not one of them.
[door banging]
I'm so sorry.
Please don't do this.
Didn't we have fun together
when it was just the two of us?
We can go back to that.
Marvin, he's already gone
and we don't have to
tell her anything.
We'll just say that
it wasn't working out
and I'm sure she will be fine
out there in her one red dress.
[fire raging]
You have been totally different
ever since she came around.
The Ulysses I know would
never blow off his friend
for some random floozie.
Do you even consider
me your friend anymore?
[crickets chirping]
Silent treatment?
Real mature.
I can forgive you for
taking down our picture,
but I cannot forgive
you for choosing her.
I mean, I did everything
for you, Ulysses,
and then you just
blindside me like this.
I thought that we
understood each other,
but I was clearly wrong.
I kept telling myself that
it was all just in my head,
that it was making it
up, but here it is.
Plain is day, right
in front of my face.
You are just like everyone else.
Just leave then,
I don't need you.
I don't need anyone.
Enjoy your life
with your sewer rat!
[door slams]
[regretful music]
I'm sorry if I got
emotional last night.
Maybe if you hadn't chosen
her, then I wouldn't have--
Look, I'm sorry if I
was an ass last night.
I was an ass last night...
and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[dramatic music]
Ulysses? Guys, where are you?
This isn't funny.
Are you leaving?
You're leaving?
Ulysses, you can't.
It's not safe.
What do you mean
there's no other choice?
There's a virus
out there that's--
Please don't do this.
I am so, so sorry
about last night.
I was completely out of line.
I was out of my head.
I said things
that I didn't mean
and honestly, you two did
not deserve any of it.
Come on. Look, Penelope
I'm sorry, okay.
I know that we got
off on the wrong foot
I came in hot but you
came in hot first.
That's besides the point.
I'm just saying that
I get it, it happens
and I think-- I think that
given enough time that,
we could be friends
or at least friendly,
we could be--
we could be friendly.
Just gimme a chance.
Just please stay with me.
Please don't go.
[tense emotional music]
No, I just--
What do you mean--
Okay, well I get--
Well if you'd just let me--
How was I supposed to feel?
I know, I know, I'm too much.
I can be better.
No, I know you have a point.
No, please don't go.
Please don't, I'm so sorry.
Give me another
chance. I'll be better.
Don't do it.
If you leave, you
can never come back.
Did you hear me?
If you leave, you
can never come back.
[emotional music rises]
[door slams]
[sad trumpet playing]
What'll I do
When you are far away
And I am blue
What'll I do
What'll I do
When I am wondering how
You feel just now
What'll I do
What'll I do
With just a photograph
To tell my troubles to
When I'm alone
With only dreams of you
That won't come true
What'll I do
[sad trumpet solo]
[laptop ringing]
What'll I do
With just a photograph
To tell my troubles to
When I'm alone
With only dreams of you
That won't come true
What'll I do
[drunkenly singing] Doooo
What am I supposed to do?
[Ainsley] I had this terrible
dream last night.
I was frolicking
looking in a field.
[blissful music]
It was a place I'd never
been before. It was...
It was beautiful.
There was all these yellow
flowers all over hilltop.
And it felt so good
to be outside again.
Sun on my skin and
breathing clean air,
all by myself.
And then I see this
figure on a hilltop,
but I can't make out
any of his features.
He's not scary.
I'm not scared.
I am upset.
And here I am in this
beautiful scenery,
alone and content for the
first time since...
since he left.
And there's this random person
just standing there,
ruining my solitude.
So I turn to myself.
There's not another me
there, that's crazy.
I just mean like, I was
looking into my own eyes,
you know, like as I'm
looking at myself,
he gets closer and closer
and starts crowding me
and it makes me so angry.
What do you think it means?
[loud crunch]
I don't know, Ainsley.
I'm not your damn therapist.
-You wanna stop eating nachos?
It took me an hour to get
them in the first place.
I'm surprised you can
even lift those chips
with all that wrist pain.
It ain't easy.
Where even is your bracelet?
Where even is your friend?
What friend?
Fucking Tammy.
Don't get salty
like these chips.
[loud crunch]
I don't wanna hang out
with you in the first place.
You don't wanna hang
out with anybody ever.
Yeah, I don't.
And that's your problem.
That's what your dream
means, obviously.
That is absurd.
I don't know why I
asked you anyway.
Because you know
I am super intuitive
about these things.
I have crystals.
You have problems.
I used to have
this rescue cat.
Poor thing was so
abused it always thought
that we were gonna hurt her.
Well, I mean, I get it.
Shut up.
This cat was super skittish.
Didn't want anything
to do with nobody.
I mean, sure we catch
every now and then,
but she avoided us
like the plague.
Well, pretty soon we forgot
that that cat ever existed.
You see what I'm
getting at here?
That cat
died alone.
Oh my God.
We think.
We don't actually know.
And that is the point.
You keep thinking that
everyone is gonna hurt you
and you keep hiding
yourself away like that cat
and you watch how everyone
will forget you ever existed.
News flash, Ainsley,
you can be too much.
But maybe, just maybe
if you stopped overthinking
and opened yourself
every once in a while
up to other people,
you might just find
someone who didn't care.
[loud crunch]
Thanks Tammy.
[somber music]
[engine idling]
Oh no.
Did you die?
I'm so sorry...
I didn't even know your name.
I've been here the entire time
and I never even
learned your name.
I'm sorry, neighbor.
[delicate music]
And I don't want
to waste time
With anyone else
[jubilant music]
Ulysses, is that really you?
What are you doing here?
You miss me?
I-- well I was just--
I was just doing dishes.
I was just doing
a lot of dishes.
You know, not because they
got away from me or anything,
but because I had a really
big, um, dinner party thing
with a bunch of friends
and it was really fun.
It was really lovely, and
there was so many courses.
It was a lot of food.
Not too much.
Just enough.
Just the right amount.
A-a-and it turns out I
am an amazing hostess
and people really like me.
No, different group, you
don't know any of them.
How's the outside world
been treating you?
It's been pretty
great in here too.
You know, uh, I've gotten a lot
done and had so much fun.
It's just been a riot,
so, I mean, whew.
And truthfully, I think
I really need this time to
recharge and rediscover.
Um... I've needed-- wanted--
I have wanted that time
and I-- I don't think
I even realized it.
I don't think I
knew it until now.
Stay here?
Stay here.
But you chose to be outside.
What if you've been
exposed to the virus?
What if you have it and
you don't even know it yet?
I don't think...
I mean, I don't know
if it's a good idea if...
Look, I'm just
gonna say, Ulysses.
You hurt me, Ulysses.
And I can't pretend that
everything's been all peachy
since you left because...
it hasn't.
I know I am not easy
to be friends with.
I know I can be too much.
But I was so happy when it
was just us in this together...
and then you left.
How do I know that you're not
just gonna disappear
on me again?
[gentle apologetic music]
Then you shouldn't have gone.
You should feel guilty.
[light-hearted music]
That was not funny.
Okay, it was kind of funny.
It's not that easy.
Can't just show up
and say you're sorry
and then have me like
forget everything.
I mean...
I missed you.
[playful music]
I missed you.
[jubilant music]
You're right.
Shut up, you idiot.
I missed you and
I am so sorry, too.
No, it was me.
I-- I pushed you away and
I shouldn't have done that.
No, I missed you more.
What are we doing?
I'm just gonna
come get you, yeah.
Hey Ulysses, I'm so happy
that you're back, bud.
And you came back
without Penelope.
[music stops]
Penelope, hey.
[jubilant music]
I mean, you guys came
back together, obviously.
I mean that you're both
here, and that's so great.
That's so great that it's
gonna be the three of us.
Okay, that's-- I'm just gonna
go get my stuff on
and I'll come out
and get you, both.
[rockin' upbeat music]
This is crazy.
-[Marvin] Oh my God!
-[music stops]
Oh, Ainsley, scared
the hell outta me.
Where are they?
Where's who?
Ulysses? Penelope!
Did you see them?
See who?
Ulysses and
Penelope, my friends.
They were gone, but
then they came back
and they were right here.
They were right here.
They were--
They were standing next to
a little cassette radio.
They were playing
my favorite song.
What did they look like?
What were they wearing?
He's wearing a black tuxedo
with a little black beret
and she's wearing a
red polka dotted dress.
They're wearing evening wear?
Maybe you scared them away.
I didn't see anyone out here.
I'm here! Where are you bud?
Are you okay?
[footsteps walking]
I'm sorry.
This lockdown's got us
all acting a little crazy.
I'm not crazy.
Of course not.
I just miss him.
Your friend?
Sure he misses you, too.
The last time I saw him
I said awful things.
Things I truly didn't mean.
I get it.
Everything feels hard,
especially being
alone right now.
You're alone too?
None of my other customers
really chat with me
the way you did.
This might sound crazy,
so please don't judge me.
But sometimes I sleep
with the TV on at night,
so it feels like I'm
living with someone else.
I've been talking to myself.
A lot.
I put a mirror up
next to the table
so it always feels like
I have company at dinner.
That's smart.
I arranged a bunch of
clothing on my couch
and then I had a meeting
with my co-workers.
I got really drunk
and I bought three
different body pillows
so now I never
have to sleep alone.
Oh my God,
My best friend is a dead mouse
that I made a little outfit
for and a home under my bed.
And then one day this other
mouse showed up, a female mouse
and-- and they started
doing things without me
and I got super jealous
and I had a meltdown
and then they walked out the
door to travel the world
and now I am a cat that
won't open up to people
and I'm probably
just gonna die alone.
[awkward laughter]
I'm sorry about your friend.
I know what it's like
to lose something...
someone, I know what
it's like to feel alone.
I miss my ducks.
I don't personally own
any but every Wednesday
I would go down to the lake
and I would feed
a family of ducks.
I kept their food
in this little jar
and when they saw it,
they would go crazy.
I used to talk to them a lot.
I even named them.
Patricia and Eugene
-are the parents
-Good names.
and then their kids...
Well, they had so
many hatchlings,
I couldn't even bother to name
them all except for Reginald,
the smallest one, he
is an ugly little guy,
but he is gonna grow up
to be the most
beautiful swan one day.
Ducks don't turn into swans.
I'm sure they miss you too.
Hey, do you need
some help with this?
That's okay, I think
I've got it from here.
You sure?
Thanks, Marvin.
Well, thanks for hanging.
Hey, if you ever wanna chat
sometime, just order groceries.
[Ainsley] Okay.
[Marvin] What?
I'd like to hang again,
but without the groceries.
In person, with no windows.
How about on the first
Wednesday when this is all over,
we go and we feed
ducks together.
[laptop ringing]
Oh my God, Ainsley.
I thought you
were dead, Jesus.
Can you not return one
text or phone call?
It's been months.
I, uh-- My phone--
You know what,
I know you wanted to do
this alone or whatever,
but you can't just
fall off the grid
in the middle of a pandemic.
I was really worried about you.
How are you doing?
I'm good.
Yeah, I'm good. Adjusting
to the new normal, I guess.
But I'm happy
to see your face.
I'm happy to see yours.
It's been a really,
really weird time.
You and me both.
What's been going on over there?
Nothing crazy.
Okay, sure.
I ma-- I made a friend.
Hey, that's great, sis.
Yeah, we're gonna go
and hang out together
once all of this is done.
Yeah, great,
yeah, that's great.
Get outside. I've been out
the last couple of days.
It's still a little
weird out there,
but happy to be
out of the house.
Yeah, yeah.
People can go outside.
Did you not know that?
I've been really--
I've been really isolated.
Yeah, things opened
up officially on Friday.
Wait, what's today?
Wednesday, why?
Oh my God, Emre, I have to go.
What, no!
Ainsley, no, I haven't
talked to you in months.
No, I have so
much I have to do
before I go and feed the ducks.
What are you,
a Hallmark movie?
I'll explain it
all to you later.
I'm really sorry, but
I really do have to go.
Ainsley, no. Come on--
-Yeah, I love you.
-No, absolutely not--
-You love me, too.
Best brother ever!
Do you see what
I'm talking about, Ewan?
That's exactly-- every
single time, every time.
I know, I know.
[gentle music]
-[door creaking]
-[birds chirping]
[door banging]
[jar rattling]
[upbeat music]
Wake up in the morning
Sun warms my face
Tomorrow's gonna be a whole
Lot better than yesterday
You open up my little jar
And let it all come out
Cold times have
been and gone
And now the sun is out
Today's another day
Today's another day
We can work it out
It doesn't matter if
your heart feels heavy
Your head's like a cloud
You opened up my little jar
You let it all come out
Cold times have been and
gone and now the sun is out
Shining, shining on
You opened up my little jar
Shining, shining on
I know the sun will
come out tomorrow
Shining, shining on
You opened up my little jar
Shining, shining on
Over you
Today's another day
Today's another day