Little Miss Perfect (2016) Movie Script

- I believe in control,
the only force mighty
enough to bring order
in the chaos that is my world.
- Congrats!
- Oh, thanks.
- "Oh thanks." Like
it's not a big deal?
- It's really not.
- To some people, it is.
- Hey Lyla.
Sorry about the...
- Oh, please.
I'd much rather
be your VP anyway.
- Okay.
Alright ladies, settle
down, settle down.
Alright, see we're all here.
Oh, I had a chance to read
these and I have to say,
these are really, really great.
Thought-provoking and
critically engaging.
I am very, very
impressed with your work.
Now, anyone who's interested
in a little extra credit
should consider
applying to Columbia's
annual Young Writer's Program.
They're accepting applicants
for their pre-college workshop.
I think you'd be a great fit.
Yes, Lyla.
- If we apply, can we
come by after school
for some extra one-on-one help?
- Um,
you can use the rest
of the class time
to work on the assignment.
If you have any questions,
feel free to ask.
- I got a freaking B+,
can you believe it?
- You did so bad.
- Well, what did you get?
- Um,
I passed.
- He said he wasn't
gonna be easy on us.
- Well, you got
an A, didn't you?
- Of course she did.
- Hey Belle!
- Oh my God.
- Look what I got.
Want a ride?
You have to say yes.
- Say no.
- Hi guys.
Hey Gus, nice car.
- Come on, get in.
- No way.
- Well, why not?
Look, I'll just drive you home.
- Gus, you don't have a license.
- Yeah, I do.
- No, you don't.
You have a permit, you're
supposed to be driving
with a parent.
- Yeah, well yeah
yeah, whatever.
Just come on, get in.
- Sorry.
Then, Mr. Davy said
I had a good chance
at getting into the program, so
I'm gonna apply for the summer.
Well, that's perfect.
- Which means I have to go
to Columbia for the workshop,
which means I already
have a good chance
at getting in there for college.
I know it's early, but
you have to start thinking
about college early, because
one thing affects another
and everything else.
- Hmm.
- Why don't you ever ask me
how my day at school goes, dad?
- We know we don't have
to worry about you, Belle.
- I got elected class president.
- That's great,
sweetie, congratulations.
- Thanks.
- President of the school, wow.
My baby is so smart.
- Not of the school,
dad, just my class.
Like the freshman class.
- Sorry.
Yeah, Bob.
- - Annabelle.
- Freshman.
- English Honors.
- Mr. Davy.
My role model...
My role model is my mom
because she is the person
in my life who
cares most about me.
She is smart, beautiful,
and hard-working,
everything I wanna be.
She helped me make
pins and posters
for my presidential campaign,
helped me write my speech,
and even baked cupcakes
for the PTA.
She wants to see me
succeed and pushes me
to live up to my full potential.
I try to make her proud.
- Mom, mom can I come in?
Mom! I'm coming in!
Dad, where's mom?
- Uh, in the darkroom.
- No she's not, I
was just in there.
- I don't know, sweetie.
She must have stepped out.
- All her photos,
everything's gone.
- You know, she must have
had an exhibition tonight.
- She didn't tell me about it.
Hey mom, it's your Anabelle.
Just wanna know when
you were coming home.
I got some really good
news at school today.
Call me back when you get this.
Oh! I'm applying for
this writer's program
and I've been working on my
application essay all day.
I should really take a break,
but I kinda wanna finish it.
Are you at an exhibition?
I can come visit.
Call me back when you get this.
Mom, I didn't get to tell
you about the PTA meeting.
It's Friday at seven and
I'm gonna give my speech
as class president.
Oh, that's my good news, I
got elected class president.
So if you get home early,
maybe we can go to dinner
or something to celebrate.
I mean, it's not president
of the school, but
it's still good, right?
Mom, where are you?
- Everything alright?
- Fine.
- You can take a break
every once in a while.
- That's alright.
- Belle, if you ever
need someone to talk to,
well, you know where I
am, so you can always...
- I'm good, Mr. Davy.
Is mom home?
Have you talked to her?
- Yeah, this morning.
- Really? Why hasn't she
been answering my calls?
- She just needs time.
- For what?
- For herself.
Belle, you know how she is.
- So, are you guys doing
a theme for the dance?
- Belle and I haven't
really discussed it.
We'll probably talk about
it at the next meeting.
- A fire-hot freshman theme,
kinda like an inferno!
- Are you going with Gus?
- To the dance?
- No, to the moon.
- She doesn't even wanna
go with him anyway, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- I don't know.
In some sort of weird way,
they're kind of cute together.
- You're too good for him.
There's so many other
cute Briary boys.
- That your parents won't hate.
- Oh yeah, what's up
with your mom anyway?
Heard she hasn't been
home in like a week.
- Where'd you hear that?
- Small town.
- Yeah well, she's
away on business.
- Photographers
do business trips?
- Where'd she go?
- Anybody want the rest?
I had a big breakfast.
- I'll take it.
- Hey Belle.
- Hey Gus.
- What's going on, Belle?
- Nothing much, Gus.
- Want a ride?
- Not today, Gus.
- Next on
the agenda, committees.
Now, we're looking for
parents who have not yet
signed up for a committee
to help with fundraising.
- Is your mom still heading
publicity this year?
- Yes, of course.
- When is she coming
back from her trip?
- I'm not sure.
- Haven't you talked to her?
- Yes.
I left a message.
- A message, so you haven't
actually spoken to her?
She didn't really leave
for work, did she?
- Excuse me.
- And now,
I'd like to turn it over
to our headmaster...
- Welcome
to the first PTA meeting
of freshman year.
- Where's Belle?
- I think she went
to the bathroom.
- Now?
- Hey, uh, nervous?
- I'm good.
- Yeah, you are, but
do you know that?
- Know what?
- You're good.
- I gotta make my speech.
- Look, how about
we get out of here?
How about I drive you home?
Look, you know you
don't have to do
anything you don't
want to, right?
- Now, I'll turn it
over to our executive
board freshman class president
who will give a
couple of remarks
discussing some of the upcoming
events this year, so...
- Thanks, I got this.
Thanks, Mr. Davy.
Firstly, I just want to
thank all the parents
in attendance today
who are so engaged
in their children's education.
I want to believe
my mom is coming back.
I mean, it's not like
she's done this before,
but for some reason,
I'm not surprised.
No matter how involved
in my life she was,
she's always seemed distracted,
not really listening, there,
but not like really there.
Well, she was there for
everyone else to see,
but come to think of it, I...
I don't remember the
last time she hugged me.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Your dad let me in.
New hobby?
- It's my mom's.
- She won't get mad?
- No, she said I could use it.
- You talked to her?
- Yeah, she just gotta
figure some stuff out.
- Right.
- Um, so do you wanna do
just traditional pink and red
or red and black?
I was actually thinking we
could do something classy.
Maybe black and white
with pink and red accents,
but Olivia's so set on red-hot
theme, that I don't know.
- Right.
- Yeah.
I found this great website.
Here, I'll show you
some of my ideas.
- Who is this person?
- Who?
- This person, right there.
- I don't know who that is.
- But why are you on this page?
- I mean, it's just...
- Why does it say
your name is Ana?
- Nobody uses their real names.
- So you lie?
- Well, Ana is the
first part of my name,
so technically, no.
- Wow.
- It's not a big deal.
- You're not planning
on killing yourself
or anything, right?
- What? No.
Why would you say that?
- I don't know, it
just looks like that.
- No, it's just thinspo.
- Right.
- Thinspiration, just
inspiration to keep thin.
- I know what thinspo is.
- Don't tell anyone?
- Of course.
- How does the 25th
work for you?
We should set up a meeting
of the executive council.
I was thinking we
could get started
on the dance early this year.
It is our big fundraiser
for the spring trip,
and I was wondering if your mom
could give us some of the photos
that she has from
last year's dance
to help them with his year's.
I didn't see her
at the PTA meeting.
- Oh, she was there.
- She was?
- Mhm.
You know what?
I'll tell her to bring it
to back-to-school night.
- Sounds great.
- So how are you gonna
pull that one off?
- What do you mean?
- You're only lying to yourself.
- Let's go.
- Uh, are you sure?
- Hurry up.
- That is Belle.
That can't be Belle.
- Well, that's Gus's car.
Grab my hand and let's go far
We'll never leave
this little car
We'll travel here
and go to there
You'll never be alone I swear
I love you
We'll smile when
others laugh at us
Grab my hand and let's go far
We'll never leave
this little car
I'll take you here,
I'll take you there
You'll never
have to fear again
But fear
Grab my hand and let's go far
We'll never leave
this little car
I'll take you here,
I'll take you there
I'll take you all the
way to the moon, I swear
I love you
We'll smile when
others laugh at us
Whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa
I love you so
Whoa whoa
Whoa whoa
Not one two three, but four
Times more than
any lover before
Yeah, me
Well grab my hand
and let's go far
We'll never leave
this little car
- Belle.
I'm glad I ran into you,
I still haven't received
your essay for the
application yet.
- Oh, I'm not finished.
- Okay, well please hurry.
That deadline is
fast approaching.
- Of course. I'll
have it done soon.
- Perfect.
- Whipped!
- Joey, just shut up.
- You know, you smell like ass.
- Oh yeah?
Well, you are an ass.
- How precious.
- Joey, I swear to God,
if you don't leave me...
- Uh oh, uh oh, preppy's
gonna get serious.
- Joey, get the
hell out of my room.
- Yeah, well
tell someone who cares.
- Joey, get out of my room now.
- You get out.
- God!
- Really?
- Hey Belle, how was your break?
- Great.
- We didn't hear
from you at all.
I was the lucky one who
didn't get a present.
- Oh, I'm so sorry,
I completely forgot
about our Secret Santa.
- Yeah, and the student
council meeting.
- Don't worry, I'll be there.
- It was yesterday.
Are you still planning
for the dance?
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, because it just
seems like Lyla's been doing
all the work and the party
committee was just wondering
if we should listen to
her because you haven't
really been telling
us what to do.
- Yeah, I spoke to Lyla.
Just listen to her.
- Next.
Come on, put that down. Step up.
- What?
- You're 85.
- Really?
- Yep.
- Excuse me, hi, yes.
This is Mr. Davy, I'm looking
for one of my students,
I was wondering what class
she's in this period.
The freshman, that's right.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yes, have a seat.
I was going over
the applications
for the program the other day,
and I couldn't find your essay.
So I was wondering
when you handed it in.
- I didn't.
- Why not?
Do you still want to?
Do you want me to
pull a few strings?
Want me to get you
some more time?
- No,
that's okay Mr. Davy.
- Are you sure?
Is everything alright?
- Fine.
- Belle, I know you're
upset about the grade
you received this
marking period,
but that doesn't mean
that you should give up.
- I know.
- Look, when I was
first starting out, I wanted
to be a science teacher,
but I got stuck
teaching English instead
which turned out to be okay
because I still got to
do what I wanted to do.
I got to teach you guys.
I guess what I'm saying
is life isn't perfect
and you can't always
get what you want,
but you can get pretty close.
- What took you so long?
- Sorry,
a teacher kept me.
- Was it Mr. Davy?
And give you that rose?
- Do you have to smoke in here?
- You kinda stress me out.
- It's nasty.
- So open the window.
- It's freezing.
- You complain way too much.
- You really shouldn't smoke.
- Why, because
you don't like it?
- No,
well, yeah, but it's
not good for you.
- Well starving yourself
isn't good for you neither.
So I was wondering,
wanna go to the dance?
- Is this a trick question?
- Uh, why you gotta
make it so difficult?
- Are you asking
me if I wanna go
or if I wanna go with you?
- Do you wanna go to the
dance with me? Yes or no.
- Yes, yes, I wanna go with you.
- Cool.
- What changed your mind?
- You know, I just
thought I'd steal you
before Mr. Davy gets a chance.
- Shut up.
- Make me.
- Shut up.
- No, hey make me, make me,
- No stop!
- Come one, make me, come on.
- So, I really need
to lose a few pounds
to fit into this gorgeous
dress that I tried on.
But it's gonna be
totally worth it
when somebody actually
asks me to go.
- You should ask Belle
to teach you her secrets.
You could do that, right?
You slimmed down from
all that thinspo.
- Oh.
I mean, it was just nothing.
I was just stressed.
- What? When I'm
stressed, I eat more.
- So, are you
guys have any date to the dance?
- We should all go together.
No, I have a date.
- Who?
- Ryan asked me.
Does that mean Gus is going too?
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
that's amazing, can
you guys believe this?
I mean, it's a bad idea.
- Come on, it's not a bad idea.
It's not a bad idea,
it's a great idea.
It's okay, I mean come on,
be happy for her.
- Now, to get us in the
mood for Valentine's Day,
we are going to be reading
some of your love sonnets.
Who would like to go first?
Great, Belle, thank you
so much for volunteering.
Why don't you come up to
the front of the class
to present for us.
Oh my God.
- Did I...
Did I pass out?
- Mhm.
- I think I'm still
queasy from biology.
We're dissecting frogs.
- Everything okay?
- She's fine.
I just called her
father, he's on his way
to pick her up.
- Oh no, you didn't
have to do that.
- Oh yes she did.
School protocol,
right Nurse Duffy?
Mind if I have a moment
to speak with Belle?
Thank you.
Belle, I'm worried about you.
- Well you shouldn't be.
- You've been missing
class quite frequently.
- Kids miss class all the time.
- Not kids with perfect
attendance records.
How's everything
with your friends?
- Fine.
- How are things
at home? How's dad?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- I haven't seen him lately.
- Well, what about mom?
Belle, you're a really wonderful
role model for this school.
- I should get going.
- All the girls look up to you.
- I have to go...
- And I know your mom would
be very proud if she knew...
- Enough!
- I'm here if you wanna talk.
- She doesn't need you, Gus.
All she needs is a
car and a way out.
Don't be stupid, okay?
You really think she's
gonna give a shit
about you as much as
you care about her?
Huh? Do you?
- I'm fine, dad.
- What's the problem now?
- I just forgot
to eat breakfast.
- Why aren't you eating?
We have food in this house.
- It's not a big deal,
I'm just stressed.
- You're stressed?
You don't have to pay the bills.
You don't have to
get the groceries.
You don't have to
do the laundry.
You don't have one
person to worry about.
You go to school, you
keep your room clean,
you do your homework, that's it.
- Don't you think that's
hard enough sometimes?
- Then why don't you spend
more time on your work
and less time in the darkroom?
- Dad, come on.
- What are you
trying to be anyway?
You trying to be more
like your mother?
I don't want you
in there anymore.
- Dad!
- You've gotta learn to
be responsible, Belle.
- I'm trying really hard.
- Look, I've gotta
get back to work,
but I need you to eat something.
- I'm really not that hungry.
- The nurse said I have to
watch you eat it, Belle.
- I'll eat it in a little bit.
- One bite.
Thank you.
I'll be home in time for dinner.
I love you.
- Hey dad.
I think you should be
on your way home by now,
but if you're staying
late, that's cool.
I ordered in tonight, just
call me back when you get this
and maybe I can call them
to come a little later.
Never mind.
- Hey, ready to go?
- Where?
Oh, I forgot, I
forgot to call you.
I'm gonna have to
cancel tonight.
- You're kidding, right?
- Well, my dad is on
his way home, so...
- So?
- So he sort of picked
me up from school today
after I fainted.
- Wait, you fainted?
Why didn't you call me?
You know, when he wasn't
there for you, I was.
- Oh, back so soon?
What happened?
- It's just her stupid dad.
Can't mess with the pops.
- Hey girls.
- Oh, hi Mr. Davy.
- Where's Belle today?
- I don't know, we haven't
really seen her much lately.
- Is that so?
- Yeah, she's been hanging
out with her boy toy.
- Shut up.
- Well, if she's not
in school tomorrow,
please let her know that she
will not be going to the dance.
She should be
setting an example.
- Are you messaging her?
- Of course.
- Can I get my
girlfriend for like,
five minutes please?
- Can you untwist this please?
- Okay.
There you go.
So do you like the movie so far?
- It's okay, it's boring.
- But you're the one
that suggested it.
- Well, I suggested it
because you like it.
- Okay, then what
do you wanna watch?
People kissing in the rain
or something like that?
- No.
- Okay, seriously.
Are you ever gonna
put that thing down?
- Um, no.
- Hey, do you want my zip-up?
- I'll just turn the heat up.
- But it's hot.
- I'll just get a sweater then.
- Okay, what's
with your attitude?
- Sorry I'm not perfect!
- You could just be
a little nicer to me.
- Well, I can't
please everybody.
- What? Okay, what
is your problem?
- So now, I have a problem?
- Look, that's not
what I said, it's just...
God, um.
Okay, how about this?
How about I'll just
pause the movie
and you can go get your sweater?
- Don't bother, I'm just
gonna go to the darkroom.
I've got stuff to do.
- Wait, hold up. Stuff to do?
What, is it more
important than me?
- I guess.
- Alright fine.
I guess I'm not important enough
to take you to the dance then.
- What?
- You heard me, I
said I'm not going.
- Stop, stop being ridiculous.
- Really? 'Cause I was thinking
the same thing about you.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You can be so smart sometimes,
but yet, so dumb
at the same time.
- I'm dumb? You're dumb.
I'm not the one failing
out of high school.
- I'm missing my math test
right now because of you.
- Whatever.
You're dumb!
- I'm not dumb enough
to starve myself
and think that it's gonna bring
my mommy back or something.
- Your call has been forwarded
to an automated voice message.
- Belle, open the door.
Belle, come on, open the door.
- I'm fine, get out!
- Come on, Belle, open the
- Mom.
- No sweetie, it's just me.
- I'm sorry.
- It's
okay. It's okay, sweetie.
- I really messed up.
- You're perfect.
- Hey Gus.
- Hey Lyla.
- I heard you were going
to the dance with Belle.
- Okay look, I don't have
time for this right now.
- Where is Belle anyway?
- Don't worry about it.
- Wasn't she with you today?
- Well yeah, she was.
- Another fight?
- Why don't you just
stay out of it, okay?
- That's not what
you usually say.
- What do you want from me?
- Just a concerned friend.
- Look Mr. Davy,
we need to talk, okay?
- Gus, right.
I heard a lot about you.
- One and only.
- Look, I'm sorry.
I don't have time
for whatever trouble
you've gotten
yourself into now, I...
- Just give me two
minutes, just two minutes.
- Don't they have
counselors over at Briary?
I really don't
have time to spare
for any of you
boys, I apologize.
- Yeah, that's right.
Focus most of your time
on these ladies, huh?
- Excuse me?
That was extremely
I take my job seriously.
I worked very hard for it.
- Okay look, I know
you don't like me,
right back at ya, this
is very important.
- What do you mean?
- Belle, I've scheduled
a follow-up meeting
with the nurse today.
I'd appreciate it if you
saw her after school.
- But I'm supposed to help
set up for the
dance after school.
- Without a pass from the nurse,
you won't even be
allowed into the dance.
School policy.
- Did you steal
those from the gym?
- I'll give them back.
That's not the point.
- Drink plenty
of water to add weight
without adding calories.
- I can't believe
we're doing this.
- I find it quite
admirable, actually.
- Olivia!
- What?
If I can't go to the dance,
we might as well help Belle.
- Why can't you go to the dance?
- You failed math, didn't you?
- Whatever.
Like, as soon as
this dance is over,
you have to eat something and
we'll get you help and
we'll tell someone.
- No, I'm fine, stay out of it.
- I don't think
that's an option anymore.
- Why don't you just
eat something now?
- Really, I'm okay,
and thank you.
Okay, now give me
all of your change.
- Have a seat.
- Alright class.
I'd like to congratulate
a very special student
for getting into the
Columbia program.
I'd like to share that
Lyla has been accepted
and will be taking part
in this great
opportunity this summer.
So let's go ahead
and give her a hand.
- Do I need to undress.
- Not necessary.
- So will I be able
to go to the dance?
Hey Gus.
I'm sorry again.
Can we please go
together tonight?
Call me.
- I can do your hair next.
- Nah, I think I'm just
gonna leave it alone.
- Since when do you smoke?
- Helps with nerves.
- What are you nervous about?
- And it doesn't
make me that hungry.
- There we go.
Is that from the
Columbia program?
I thought you didn't apply.
- I didn't.
- Did you get in?
What do you think?
- Looks great.
- Try yours on so
we can compare.
- I can't wear this.
- Why not?
- I don't like it anymore.
I think I'm just gonna
wear something else.
- You spent all your
allowance on that dress.
Isn't that why you've been
practically starving yourself?
- What?
I mean, yeah, I used the money,
but I didn't do it for a dress.
- Then why?
For Gus?
- For me.
- Oh.
Well, just throw a
jacket on over it.
I wasn't counting
on breaking your heart
Now, I'm just counting on luck
- Belle, what are
you doing here?
- Why shouldn't I be?
- Do you have a note?
Where'd you get this?
- The nurse.
- Where's Gus?
- He couldn't come.
- Don't pull this shit
with me, I need the car.
- Hell no.
- Joey, I need the car.
Please, just give me the keys.
- Why, so you can see
your little girlfriend?
- Come on Joey.
- Do you still think
I can give my speech
to the class on behalf
of the executive council?
- Hey, where's Belle?
- Why don't you just
leave her alone already?
- I need to talk to her,
do you know where she is?
- Maybe, maybe not.
- You know, you're
unbelievable. You know that?
- You love it.
- Hello, and welcome
to our school dance.
I had a fantastic year
with you all here.
There have been
many great moments,
like the time when...
- Alright, everybody settle
down for just a second.
We'll continue.
For now, oh,
I'd like to thank Dear Luna
for so graciously being here,
so let's go ahead
and give them a hand.
Thank you, gentleman.
- I'm gonna talk, I have
a speech and everything.
- But Mr. Davy
said I could do it.
- It's okay, I can
do it. I'm fine.
- I know, but you haven't
been here for the meetings.
I spent weeks on this.
- I know, but I have to do it.
- Why? Nobody even cares.
- I care.
- Well, so do I.
- Since when?
- Since you fell off
the face of the earth
and I took your place.
- Now, I'd like to welcome up
your freshman class
president to say a few words.
- Maybe next election, Lyla.
- You know what? I'm so
done with this. You win.
Thinner is the winner.
- What?
- Ally?
Yeah, it's me.
- What?
- I'm Ally.
You can starve yourself
until you're nothing.
It's all I ever wanted
you to be anyway.
I believe in control,
the only force mighty enough
to bring order in the
chaos that is my world.
I believe that
I'm the most vile,
worthless, and useless
person ever to have existed
on this planet and that
I am totally unworthy
of anyone's time and attention.
I believe in oughts,
musts, and shoulds,
as unbreakable laws to
determine my daily behavior.
I believe in perfection
and strive to attain it.
I believe in salvation
through starvation.
I believe in calorie counters
as the inspired word of God
and memorize them accordingly.
I believe in bathroom
scales as an indicator
of my daily successes
and failures.
I believe in Hell,
'cause sometimes,
I think I live in it.
I believe in a holy
black and white world.
The losing of weight,
recrimination for sins,
elongation of the body
and a life ever fasting.
- Let's not tell mom about this.
- You still think
she might come back?
- Actually, no.
It's okay though.
Can I have my bag?
- You know, you gave
us all quite a scare.
- Belle, you know you're
not supposed to have that.
- I'm sorry, I just wanted
to see if it was still there.
- If what was still there?
- Nothing, never mind.
- Belle, you have
someone here to see you.
Are you up for visitors?
- Okay.
- Hi there.
- It's okay, Dad.
I'm fine for now, thanks.
- You're doing great, we just
don't wanna trigger a relapse.
- But she wouldn't go through
this again, would she?
- Most do.
- What do you want from me?
- I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
- You knew it was me.
You knew I was Ana.
You were the only
one who knew, and
you took advantage of it.
- Everyone's a little insecure.
I didn't know anyone took
it that seriously, Belle.
I never imagined you,
of all people, would.
- Then you did know, Lyla
and you pushed me even further.
- You didn't tell anyone
it was me, did you?
- Do you realize how many
people look up to you?
Do you realize how many
followers you have?
How many girls must
be doing crazy things
because what you told them?
What you posted?
I mean, I don't think we
could ever be friends again.
- You're so lucky.
I could never be that skinny.
Belle, dinner's ready!
- Smells great, dad.
- Hey.
I hope you like it.
Not terrible?
- Did you get
any of my messages?
- I didn't really
wanna speak to anyone.
- Figures.
So how you feeling?
- Better.
- That's good.
- Hey, Belle.
- Hey.
- I received a letter
from the writer's program.
You didn't have to apply for me.
- I know,
but I also know how much
you really wanted it.
Sometimes, we tend to
get a little off-track
and that's when we could
use the help of others
to straighten us out again.
- I'm done being on the
track everyone thinks
I want to be on.
- No, I understand.
- I didn't get it.
- That's okay.
- I know.
For the longest time,
I've tried to be perfect
because I thought that
making even one
little mistake meant
disappointing the
people who love me.
But the people who love you
will accept your B pluses
and rejection letters
just as much as your
presidential victories.
I guess, at the end of the day,
I can't really say
who my role model is.
Even the people we look up
to most, believe in most,
disappoint us sometimes.
But that's okay,
because I know my worth
isn't measured by numbers,
numbers of friends,
votes, likes, or pounds.
If we think that way, when
will smart be smart enough?
When will skinny
be skinny enough?
Sometimes, you
have to be reminded
to turn around and see
how far you've come.
I'm Belle, I'm in recovery,
I'm worth something.
We all are.