Little Nikita (1988) Movie Script

-Where is he?
-He promised.
You know his promises.
-He's not gonna miss this, is he?
-He'll be here, sweetheart.
But.... Well, that's okay, Joaquin,
put them all on the front of the float.
Where's all the flags?
-Jeff, for God's sake.
-I'm here. I'm ready.
-I'm going. General Grant, right?
-Jeffrey. Jeff.
-Get dressed!
-I'm getting dressed!
-Go. Go!
-He had a beard, you know.
-Never mind! Never mind!
I love it! It's fabulous.
Hurry up!
-That looks like a blue ribbon.
-You say that every year.
I know, we're right up front, between
Valley Realty and Darrell's Body Shop.
I'm telling you.
-You're not dressed!
-What do you mean, I'm not dressed?
I'm dressed great.
-This is a parade.
-And I'm ready to march.
You look like you're ready to dance.
That outfit does not spell "defence."
-What does it spell?
Do you still prefer McDonald's
for work experience?
-McDonald's for work experience.
-I'm having second thoughts.
-Not now, Miguel.
Ms McLaughlin,
I'm considering Long John Silver's.
-I looked into the future and it may be fish.
-Miguel, after the parade.
I'm busy with other people's futures
right now.
Looks like you're doing fine, Sgt Leathers.
I'll be over at the Army booth.
They always need help.
And what are you gonna do after the parade,
Ms McLaughlin?
-I think I'm gonna lie down.
Stand by! Ten-hut!
-Hey, Jeff. Jeff.
-Come on down here.
-Hey, what are you guys doing?
-Air Force Academy.
-They're setting up interviews.
-We gotta sign up.
-Look here, cadet, how many fingers?
-What? What?
"Four," the man said. Kee-rect!
Now, what's the colour of your white jacket?
-You've lost it totally.
-The man said "white."
"White" is A-okay.
-Certify him for night flying.
-You're in.
-Congratulations, cadet.
-Sign right here.
Give me it. "Applicant," that's me.
All right.
What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be here.
What do you want? Are you crazy? No!
It was the first summit handshake
in years,,,,
-His tie comes from Paris.
-Certainly an improvement on Brezhnev.
The suit is ltalian.
Madam sends to Milan for her clothes.
-What about my roof?
-Your what?
His cover.
San Diego County Agricultural Exchange.
You know the area?
When you reach San Diego,
you have not only the FBl to deal with....
Also the Navy lnvestigative Service,
the Defence lnvestigative Service...
plus Customs and lmmigration officials.
San Diego is very active.
You do understand?
Young man, I was crossing into the West
before you could spell Bolshevik.
A canon is loose in San Diego.
-You know him. He belongs to us.
-The Americans have coded him "Scuba."
Their attempt to be amusing.
You are to apprehend Scuba.
He has killed one of our best agents.
-Scuba is an embarrassment to the premier.
-The premier prepares for the summit.
-A sideshow.
-This lRS man was working for us.
Scuba is blackmailing us. He will keep
killing our agents until we give him money.
Return Scuba to Russia, alive.
That is your assignment.
You have seen the dossier
on your backups?
I prefer our man in Vancouver.
-The operative word is discretion.
-No press.
No publicity.
No news at all.
What we fear most is the American media.
I remember when we used to fear the ClA.
Everything changes, Karpov.
This latest series of talks
between the two great superpowers,
Nothing changes.
The first historic meeting
between these two world leaders,,,
signals the beginning of a new chapter,,,,
More applications, Roy.
These didn't come up kosher, either.
I say that we've got a run
on the Air Force Academy this year.
That's one way to beat Army.
Chief, you're drowning me in paper.
Stats, Roy, stats.
The inspector's going to pay us a visit.
Did you see the thing
about the lRS man at Caliente?
What lRS man?
The one they found behind the pari-mutuel
with his throat cut.
What do you and Totten do in here
every morning at 6:.00 a.m?
Check the Hong Kong prices?
I know a horse player.
Forget about Scuba, Roy.
The man is a burnt-out double agent.
Scuba has been turned so many times
he looks like an omelette.
The man killed my partner.
You don't know if he killed him or not.
Jesus, Roy, that was 20 years ago.
So what?
I gotta go. I'm presenting
the hole-in-one trophy tonight.
Hey. Hang in there, Roy.
Okay, let's see this kid.
What have we got here?
I need a reading
on Richard and Elizabeth Grant.
Fountain Grove, California. Son, Jeffrey.
It doesn't track for me.
Did these people die or what?
-Go, Air Force!
-Yeah, go, Air Force.
Will you sit down?
-Turn the radio off.
-Hey, look at this guy.
Jeffrey Grant.
-All right.
-Go get them.
Good luck, buddy.
And remember,
"You live in fame or go down in flame."
Excuse me, Corporal.
-What do you think?
Corporal Hogan.
Oh, her.
-Yeah, yeah, she was very nice.
-Yes, very nice.
Sometimes I slip up
and call her Corporal Hogans.
Roy Howe, Jeff, Air Force Reserve Liaison.
I'll be conducting your Academy interview.
You got a wet palm there, son.
What's the matter? Nervous?
-Yeah, I'm nervous.
-What are you nervous about?
-I don't know. I want to pass.
-There's nothing to pass.
This isn't a test. Relax. Be yourself.
You are nervous, aren't you? Why?
Because you told me to be myself.
Whenever people tell me to be myself,
I don't know what to do.
-How come?
-'Cause I don't know what myself is.
-You like girls, Jim?
How do you feel about girls, Jeff?
I love them.
-You got a girl?
-You bet.
-You have one girl?
No. Yeah.
Yeah. I do have one girl,
and I like her a lot...
but I love girls in general.
You're doing fine.
Why do you want to go
to the Air Force Academy, John?
Jeff. Jeff, Jeff.
I hear you. You hear me?
I wanna fly. I wanna be a pilot.
That's it?
I love my country.
That's all?
Hey, what can I tell you? I gotta fly.
-I like to go fast.
-I can see that.
-Only three tickets.
In a month?
40 in a 35. I was on the freeway at 5:.00 a.m.
Alone on the road--
-You don't deserve the citation?
Yeah, yeah, I do.
I drive too fast. But I'm a good driver.
Sorry. I'm working on it, sir.
Work hard.
Yes, sir. I will, sir.
-Are you sucking up to me?
-Yes, sir.
No, sir. I....
What do your folks say
about your heavy foot?
-Dad.... You know how fathers are.
-No, I don't know how fathers are.
Well, he's not crazy about it.
And neither is Mum. I can understand them.
They don't want me to get hurt.
-What about your folks?
-What about them?
There's nothing much to tell.
My mum and dad,
they run a garden nursery, and....
And what?
I love them.
What do your folks think
about your going to the Academy?
They don't know about it.
I want to surprise them
with some good news.
Did I say the wrong thing?
No. Not at all, comrade.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
-ls that all?
-For now.
"Jeffrey N. Grant."
What does the "N" stand for?
You of Greek extraction...
or is your birthday near to Christmas?
I don't know. I used to hate the name.
Then I went through this period where
that's all I wanted to be called, "Nick."
-I thought it was tough. Now I hate it again.
-We'll be talking again.
-About something else.
-I thought I'd passed.
-For now.
Blue skies, Jeff.
Happy landings and pack a tight chute.
What was that?
No good?
I practised this morning. I thought I'd do it.
Now I blew it.
It wasn't too bad.
Bye, Corporal Hogans.
Good, Jeff, good.
You must be tired, Comrade Karpov.
No, just have nothing to say.
I still do not understand
why they sent you here.
To get the job done.
I think we should go through
the list of your contacts again.
-What for?
-To make sure you remember them all.
-Even you could forget.
-I doubt it. I put them here.
Too bad about our lovely water-skier,
She was a good agent,
Scuba made contact with you only once?
As I told you, a brief message...
"Pay $200,000
or I'll kill every agent on the list."
Only four more to go.
I heard you gave him
the code name "Scuba."
No, an FBl agent did.
But why?
He loves water.
Like a shark.
No, like a rat.
Stop here, before we get to the border.
We have organised a pickup
on the other side.
I prefer public transportation.
I guess that's okay,
but I don't have to tell you--
No, you don't.
Welcome aboard the San Diego trolley,
bound for the Santa Fe Depot in centre city,
We appreciate having you on board today
and hope you have a pleasant trip,
You call a taxi?
Are you the man
who wants to go to Fountain Grove?
He crossed the border yesterday.
Turned up in a coffee shop
in Fountain Grove.
He didn't give up
on public transportation, did he?
He was at the Union Station stakeout in D.C.
20 years ago when Scuba--
Oh, yeah, right, right.
Look at that son of a bitch.
He still looks real good.
Why did you ask me in here
before everyone else?
Because you're the best, Roy.
I should be reporting to you,
instead of the other way around.
-Don't stroke me, Jim.
-What do you want me to tell you?
That I got Scuba.
You know there's a case.
You can feel it inside, just like I do.
Karpov is here to get Scuba.
The Bureau is maintaining
a hands-off policy.
Screw the Bureau. What is your policy, Jim?
You know I'm right.
I don't give a damn
whether you're right or wrong, Roy.
I just wanna see you get on with your life.
Get it resolved. You owe it to yourself.
So I got Scuba?
Yeah, you got Scuba. He's all yours.
But you're on your own.
It is strictly unofficial.
No one but me knows about it.
Thanks, Jim.
Don't forget your Air Force applications.
So they spotted him
in a coffee shop in Fountain Grove.
Fountain Grove? Wait a minute.
Well, what's the big deal?
I'm just applying for traffic school.
-Down the hall, Grant. Room 1.
All I want is Saturday's class.
If I don't get in, I don't get my licence back.
Sorry, Grant. Room 1.
Room 1.
Department of Motor Vehicles, please hold.
-Hello, Jeff.
-Hi, Major. What are you doing here?
Let's take a ride.
Take a ride? Take a ride where?
What do I want to take a ride with you for?
Because I asked you to.
-Did you read it?
-I'll show you my lD.
It gets me a beer in a disco in Encinitas.
What does yours get you?
Mine gets me this.
I could fix the licence, but not that picture.
Am I under arrest?
-What for? Did you do something wrong?
-What's the matter?
I just want to ask you a few questions.
See that storefront over there? That's
Congressman Larkin's suburban office.
Someone in there is selling nominations
to the service academies.
If someone's selling, someone's buying.
Bingo. A-plus.
Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?
How long have you known Tony Stanton
and Tom Stubblefield?
-All my life. They're my friends.
-Friends have a way of changing.
-Now, wait a minute.
-How about their parents?
Their parents are my friends, too.
If you think someone did something funny,
go talk to someone else.
Which brings us to the Grants.
-Your folks working late?
-Yeah, they're in the potting shed.
-I guess the mushrooms are coming up.
-Can I go now?
-Keep your ears open.
-You mean, sneak around my friends?
You want to go to the Air Force Academy,
don't you?
You think it's fair for a guy
to buy his way in? Take your place?
No, no.
And don't mention anything to your folks.
-What do you mean?
-Let's keep this between us.
You wanted to surprise your parents,
didn't you?
And Jeff...
I'm glad you got your licence back.
This one's pretty.
I think I'll take this one, too.
No, if I take this one,
I'll have to have another one.
That one. That one over there.
-Jeff. Jeff, Jeff!
Didn't I tell you fruit trees?
Fruit trees? I thought this was a cactus sale.
I want to dress it up a bit
with a pair of dwarf persimmons.
Dwarf persimmons?
Fruit trees for short people.
Bring out a Mexican Old Man.
-Now I'm a social worker.
-You can take these right to the cashier.
-All right.
-Thank you very much.
There's nothing to be afraid of
with plants, sir.
I know what's coming. "Talk to them."
I don't want to talk to them.
I will water, but not a whole lot, however.
I don't have the time.
How is the light in your nook?
Don't start that.
That's what the last guy asked me,
and I was doing sun studies for a month.
I guess what I'm looking for
is something fat.
A fat plant?
-All fat with leaves.
-You tell me.
-Hold on, hold on.
The gentleman is looking for a fat plant
to fill a nook.
Lots of leaves, and he doesn't want to worry
about water or light.
Plastic. You want a plastic plant. Kmart.
-No, I don't want plastic. I want real.
-Excuse me.
What are you doing, mister?
-What do you think I'm doing?
-Not what I told you to do.
-You told me to find the Mexican Old Man.
-That's not a Mexican Old Man.
That's a candelabra cactus. Now put it back.
Put it back.
What is this?
-That's a meditation tree. They're from lndia.
-Help you relax.
That's for me.
What do you think, son?
Will it help me relax?
I certainly hope so.
Now, let them off there, folks,
then come on aboard.
Yeah, they're really biting today.
-What did you get, Richard?
-Bonita, sheephead, mackerel, bass.
-What about you, Jeff?
-Tell him. Tell him.
-Tell him what?
-What you got.
-I got a tyre and a tin can.
-Next time.
Okay, hit the smoker, anglers.
Oh, thanks.
Eight pounds.
-Where's Aurelio?
-Three-time loser.
Border patrol grabbed him.
Someone blew the whistle on him.
-I like your new helper.
-Yeah, he's Joe.
Yugo out of Vancouver.
Wouldn't you believe it?
He talks less English than Aurelio.
-Why don't you just get another bracero?
-I don't know. This guy just showed up.
-I'll see you in a couple of weeks, Bucky.
-Yo, Richard.
Do you have a file on Jeffrey Grant?
What kind of file?
extra-curricular activities.
Going back, say, a couple of years.
Why would I show you Jeffrey Grant's file?
I'm FBl.
You could be NFL for all I care.
-Good kid?
-Straight A's.
He tells his friends he gets C's.
Wonderful kid.
What about his parents?
PTA, the Rotary, the United Way.
They love their kid, their kid loves them.
It's a close family.
It's close in here.
"lf there's no window, there's no air."
An old saying.
Well, that do it for you?
How'd a pretty girl like you
get mixed up in guidance counselling?
How'd a nice guy like you
get mixed up in the FBl?
You ever guided any students
towards the Bureau, Verna?
-I hope not.
-How about me guiding you towards dinner?
You okay, Mum?
-Looks like a one-dash.
-No, a dash-one.
Two, three...
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, dash-one.
"Kirov opening."
Okay, Cindy, go get the ball!
Diego, the ring! Starbuck, the block!
Okay, good girl, Cindy, Great, guys,
Attaboy, Good boy, Diego,
Yeah, that's a good boy,
Where did this come from?
Where did you get this, you little devil?
There's a body in the water!
Call the harbour police.
Let's get the police!
What happened?
-ls he hurt?
-Oh, honey.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine. I'm fine.
Howdy, folks.
Roy Parmenter here,
your new neighbour from across the street.
I'm Richard Grant.
This is my wife, Elizabeth.
And this is our son, Jeffrey.
Are you okay, Jeff?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
-Have we met somewhere?
-You look so familiar.
Sure. I swung by once
to buy a plant for my office.
Hi, Jeff.
Put her there.
Now, that's what I call a handshake!
And I could use the other hand, too.
Help me load in over there,
you know what I mean?
-I don't think so.
-He'd love to, Mr Parmenter.
Call me Roy. May I call you Richard?
And you're Betty, right?
-Elizabeth is good enough.
-What happened to Sgt Juckett?
He got transferred back to Parris lsland.
Lucky me.
-I pay well.
-You don't have to pay Jeff a thing.
-You're in Fountain Grove now, Roy.
-And it's real pleasant to be here.
-Where do you hail from?
Navy. I write specs for ships
and they transferred me out here.
Talk about a break. Great weather,
San Diego. And nice neighbours.
And someone to shoot baskets with.
You ready to go one-on-one, Jeff?
Go along now. Help out Mr Parmenter.
What the hell are you doing here?
Every time I turn around, you're around.
Just trying to get to the bottom
of something. Come on.
Yeah, well, the last guy who kept running
into me accidentally on purpose...
was Maurice, a waiter I bussed for
at a country club.
-You gay, Roy?
-Can't say as I am.
Then why the hell
are you breathing down my neck?
Go live at Tom's. Go live at Tony's.
They have pools in their neighbourhood.
Please get off my block.
Ease this baby a little to the left.
What the hell kind of investigation
is this, anyway?
Are you going to tell me or aren't you?
You're asking all the right questions, Jeff.
Something big is coming down.
-Come on, Dad!
-I'm coming. I'm coming.
Now, look both ways.
I wanna go on the slide!
Me, too! Me, too!
Dad, can you get in trouble with the lRS
if you don't report all of your cash sales?
It's impossible to report all of them.
-Why? You gonna turn me in?
-Never in a million years.
-Have you ever been arrested?
-Now, why would you want to know that?
-Just curious.
-That's all.
-Are you trying to tell me something, Jeff?
No. Why?
-What do you mean?
-What's on your mind, Jeff?
-How about everything?
-Can we narrow it down a little bit?
-See, now you're making fun of me.
-Come on, Jeffrey, relax.
Can't worry about the whole world.
Okay, Dad, I'll just stick to our block.
-And it's fruit juice for Mr Morose.
-Thank you.
See you guys in a bit, okay?
-Do you wanna watch the movie?
Were you troubled at home, Roy?
I had a great home.
I can't imagine you as a kid.
I was a wonderful kid.
-What did your father do?
-A cop.
Good cop or bad cop?
Bad cop.
Wouldn't kiss arse. Good father.
You're making me revise my opinion
of the FBl.
You don't have to say anything.
You love me?
Only two left, Konstantin.
The money, comrade. The money.
-Come on, give me the ball.
-That's 1 1.
-Don't you have to win by two?
-I already won by four.
-Want something cold to drink?
-What have you got?
Everything. Help yourself.
I got chips to go with that.
Jeffrey Nicholas Grant.
-Well, that sounds official.
-Your parents are Russian spies.
Your parents are KGB agents.
Sleepers, they're called.
Deep cover. They blend
with the country they're assigned to.
Own homes, hold jobs, raise families.
They sleep for years.
But when they awake, they're lethal.
Let's go back to your Air Force Academy
investigation. What happened to that?
What about it?
-What happened to your investigation?
-There wasn't any.
Richard and Elizabeth Grant
entered this country through Canada.
Took their lDs off headstones
in the Spokane Cemetery.
Three years later, you were born.
Wanna see your birth certificate?
No, thanks.
Sure you don't want some chips?
I exist on corn chips and jalapen~os.
Not too swift around a stove.
Your dad loved Western music.
Hustled Beatles records
in Central Army Park.
What they call a fartsovsnchi,
a black marketeer.
Can you spell that for me?
He did two years in Lubyanka prison...
then they shipped him to Gaczyna,
KGB's Quantico.
Dad liked Gaczyna better.
-That's where he met Mum.
-I see.
Your mother was a dancer
in the Bolshoi Children's School.
She toured the U.S. when she was 17.
Picked up English so fast and so well,
they shipped her to Gaczyna...
American Department.
A marriage was approved.
KGB likes husband-wife teams.
Are you finished?
I'd like to go home.
Go ahead.
I'm Larry,
This is my brother Darryl,
and my other brother Darryl,
We was over at Peterson's Drugs,,,,
,,,when we heard
about your impending nuptials,
Which one of us
is going to be your best man?
I'm sorry, guys,
George is going to be my best man,
Me and our collective growing,
So we won't hurt your feelings
by not coming to the wedding?
Gee, I don't know, guys, After
what I've done to you, it'd serve me right,
Hey, Jeff.
Hello? Hello?
Who is this?
-Barbara, I gotta see you.
-What's wrong?
-I'm leaving. I gotta get out of here.
-Calm down, What's going on?
-I don't know anymore.
-I just want to run away.
-What happened?
-You get another ticket?
-I wish.
Listen, Barbara, will you come with me?
-I can't leave now,
-I thought you loved me.
Don't do that, That's not fair,
You're right. I'm sorry.
-Go home, please,
-Yeah, I will.
-You promise?
-I do.
Listen, get some rest.
I love you.
You had me there for a moment.
What time will you be home?
5:.00, 6:.00, something like that.
Could you be a little more specific?
I get tired of cooking dinner twice.
I'm gonna take my truck to the shop, Mum.
Your truck? Again?
It's my clutch. My clutch is all mushy.
Remember, I told you about it.
-What about it?
-The lining for the clutch.
Brett's gonna do the work for me.
He only needs $50 for the parts.
I gave you $50 for your truck last month.
-I told you about it, Mum. You said okay.
-I didn't say okay.
You didn't say okay, she said okay.
What are we doing here,
sitting in parliament? Might as well.
Forget the clutch. Forget you promised me.
I'll just strip my gears and scrap my 4x4.
-Hey, hold on.
-I gotta go.
Jeff. You know what it takes
to run that truck of yours?
Do you have any idea
what a teenager's insurance costs?
Do you know what a promise is?
What promise?
-Mum promised me she'd advance me $50.
-Okay, now she's unpromising.
-Dad's right, Jeff. It wasn't a promise.
-Forget the truth.
-Why bother with the truth?
-Where did that word come from?
Exactly! What's truth got to do with it?
-Truth has no meaning in this house!
-You're yelling, Jeffrey.
I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling at her.
Lower your voice, Jeff.
Act like a human being.
That's right. I'm an animal.
Well, this animal tells the truth.
All right! Apologise to your mother,
and then you apologise to me.
I will not! You're both liars!
-You watch what you're saying!
-Glad to!
You're both a pair of fucking liars!
Go on, hit the animal.
-Hit the animal. Go on, you....
-Richard, stop, for God's sake!
Go to school, Jeffrey.
Now, here's $40.
It's all I have until I get to the bank.
I'll leave $10 with Mrs Valdez
in the principal's office.
-I think I got $10.
-It's okay. It's okay, Dad. It's okay, Dad.
You can't go around with a busted clutch.
You'll have an accident.
Here's your lunch.
On your starboard,
notice those cigar shapes over there?
Those aren't cigars, ladies and gentlemen,
They're nuclear subs,
The big mamas next to them,
they're tenders,,,
floating machine shops that keep
these deadly defenders of our underseas,,,,
Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
,,,ready to take off from a runway
shorter than your high school football field,
Head for the rail and take your pictures,
Ladies and gentlemen, the jewel
of San Diego Bay, the USS Constellation.
Did you check
for personal belongings, folks?
Watch your step up the gangplank,
Carry on, mates,
Remember to tell your friends
about the SS Margarita.
-Bye, everybody,
Hey, friend, the tour's over.
The next cruise is two hours away.
Are you trying to beat the price of a ticket?
They've tried that before.
It's not gonna work.
Hey, you hear me?
Dead. Dead.
-I just saw this guy the other day.
-Did he talk with you?
What about your father? Did he talk to him?
No. I don't think he spoke English.
-He just gave us our fish.
-What fish?
The smoked fish.
We traded our catch for the smoked fish.
What do my parents have to do with all this?
You remember I told you about sleepers,
the inactive agents?
They were all sleepers.
Your parents are the only two left.
-Well, who's killing all these people? Us?
-No, of course not.
-A renegade Soviet agent named Scuba.
-This is too much!
What do you want from me?
Stay around the house. Watch them.
Look out for new faces.
Someone has got to contact them.
Spy on my parents?
You've gotta be kidding me.
You want me to help you put them away.
Look, Jeff, I know it's hard,
but you're going to have to face the facts.
Look, Mr FBl Man,
if you're so sure and if you're so right...
then why don't you arrest them?
Because they haven't done anything yet.
-You manipulating son of a bitch!
-Calm down!
You don't have much choice.
They could be next.
It wouldn't break your heart.
They're just bait for your Scuba guy, right?
All you care about is nailing him.
You can come and identify the bodies.
Good evening.
We can't help you.
We haven't done anything for 20 years.
I know what you haven't done.
That is precisely
what makes you so valuable right now.
Comrade Karpov, we are at your disposal.
-But we're ill-equipped.
-Just follow the story.
It's all right there in front of you.
A prick of a thorn and the princess sleeps.
And many years later...
the handsome prince awakens her.
It's all quite simple.
It's a true ensemble, the Kirov.
I prefer it to the stars of the Bolshoi,
don't you agree, Elizabeth?
We can't!
Don't you see? We can't anymore.
It's been too long. We can't serve you now.
We're of no use.
We can't,
-Please understand, we can't,
-Elizabeth is understandably upset,
But why be upset?
You're merely going to pay
a man some money.
How much money?
-What kind of man?
Your old classmate from Gaczyna,
I almost forgot.
I brought you a little something.
From Beriozka.
The good Beriozka on Gorky Street.
How is....
What is his name? Jeff?
It's a good likeness, don't you think?
Don't shoot!
Ms McLaughlin!
Is this work experience?
Go out in the yard. I'll be out in a minute.
-Life's little surprises.
-No problem.
I'll just go topless
for the rest of the student body.
There you go, Judy.
What are their names?
It's not important.
What are their names?
What are my parents' names?
Elizabeth Lazarova. Mikhail Stropovich.
And what's my name?
-That's not a Russian name.
You took a walk tonight, didn't you?
You found something
you didn't want to find, right?
Battle of Stalingrad.
Probably belonged to one of their fathers.
Pretty common. So many men went down.
Hey, do I detect a little admiration there?
For who, your parents? Yeah.
'Cause they had you.
-Spare me the violins, G-man.
-No violins.
Just a lot of hard work.
You gotta be crazy
to bring a child into this ugly world.
-What's so hard about it?
-Making a buck. Raising a family.
Keeping it all together takes talent. Love.
Put these back where you found them.
Back to business, huh?
G-man's onto something big.
I'm trying to look out for you.
Don't give me that crap!
You're out for yourself!
The big collar. The major bust.
The two-bit G-man will shove it up your ass!
Hey, hey, easy.
You're not my father.
You're not even my friend.
-Now we have to tell him.
-No. No.
It would destroy him.
You're wrong. He would understand.
I know he would.
We must send him away.
-I don't know.
We should call Bill,
have him put everything in Jeff's name.
It always was.
-You knew this would happen?
-We both did.
I'll never regret it. We had Jeff.
I don't think it's over.
Yes, it is.
-lt can never be the same.
-We could run with Jeff.
It wouldn't be fair to him.
He has his whole life ahead of him.
We have to tell him.
He probably wouldn't believe us.
How could he?
Hi, Mum. Hi, Dad. How was the ballet?
-Very nice.
Yeah. It was very nice.
Well, I think I'll turn in.
-How's the new clutch?
Here, I almost forgot your change.
What's my name?
Come on, Dad.
What could the head of the Grant family
have to hide...
from his first and oldest and only son?
What's my name?
J. Nicholas Grant. Nick.
Your moment has come.
I told you we're not ready,
You've had 20 years to get ready.
-Who is it?
-It's him.
-Let's get out of here.
-It's too late.
-How about if you give us time?
-Hang up the phone.
-How can we prevail?
-For God's sake, Dad!
We beseech you!
Your discipline is sorely wanting.
The directorate will be most unhappy.
You must go to work immediately.
And if we don't?
If we choose not to?
If we have the strength to turn our back
on Elizabeth's father and my mother?
You have neither the strength
nor the choice.
They are both dead,
-Our parents are dead?
And to answer your next question,
of old age.
-Now are you ready to proceed?
-Give me your answer.
The answer is no,
Roy! Come on, where are you? It's me, Jeff!
Then we will have to skip a generation.
Come in, Nikita. Sit down.
Oh, my God!
No, not God, Just Nikita,
You will make contact this morning at 5:30,
Meanwhile, Nikita and I
will keep each other company,
Please, Konstantin lvanovich...
I beg of you. Leave Jeff!
-Anything you say.
-You have heard what I said,
5:30 a,m,, the G Street Pier,
You give him the money,
The boy is charming.
He looks just like his mother.
You speak Russian, Nikita?
No. And the name's Jeff.
To me, you are Nikita. And I am Konstantin.
You may call me tovarich,
It's our Russian word for "friend."
Do you have another cigarette, Konstantin?
You smoke, Nikita?
What would the Surgeon General say?
Russian cigarettes.
You will acquire the taste, Nikita.
As you will for all things Russian.
I once had some Popov Vodka.
Did you? Bully for you, Nikita! What a guy!
On your feet. We're leaving.
-Where are you going?
-To the bathroom.
You have a weak bladder, Nikita?
Come again, Konstantin?
Make it snappy.
Leave the door open.
Stick this up your bladder, Boris.
Let's go.
-He's got him!
-You're next.
-You stay out of it!
You're the bait. Karpov wants Scuba.
We want Jeff.
You've got to take me with you.
-You need me!
-Step aside.
The payoff is a trap!
Here's the passports.
He wants money. Karpov wants him.
If Scuba doesn't like the rendezvous,
you are next.
-We'll take that chance.
-What do you think your odds are?
He'll kill you! He'll kill anybody!
-Okay, okay, what?
-You tell me where the rendezvous is, okay?
-Okay, what?
-You're not his father!
Hey, hey, you got to trust me.
Wait! Wait! Stop this damn truck!
-,,,is no,
Come in, Nikita, Sit down,
Oh, my God!
You are entering the United States illegally.
Out! Out, out, out!
No more of the monkey business! Drive!
Come, come. Come, come. We go, we go.
Welcome aboard the San Diego trolley,
bound for San Ysidro International Border,
Go! Go, go, go!
Up there.
Where the hell is he?
-Richard, there it is! Over there!
-All right.
-I see it! All right, all right!
-Faster! Faster!
Your attention, please,
I'd like to remind all passengers there is no
smoking, drinking, or eating permitted,,,
while onboard the trolley,
And in consideration to other passengers,,,
please do not place your feet on the seats,
Thank you,
Take a seat, please. Please.
We did our best. Don't take our son.
It wasn't good enough.
Take us.
But you are of no use to me
in Russia, Mikhail.
Our next station is Byer, Byer is next,
Anybody got any change?
Anybody got any change?
Hey, how about you, lady? You got change?
Anybody, change?
How about you guys, you got any change?
Hey, how about you guys?
You look like buddies.
Do you want to chip in together
to make change for me?
That's okay, hombre, I'll manage.
Don't move, folks.
Everybody, steady.
Roy, my friend.
I lost you. 1967, Union Station.
And now we have found each other.
On the trolley.
A chance encounter of old friends.
You bring me my assignment.
What a friendly gesture.
No? Did I presume too much?
Of course, of course.
I am mistaken.
You hold all the cards.
And all I have is a 17-year-old boy.
Get up, Jeff.
Like you always did, kid.
What are you laughing at, scum?
What did he say?
"How can you let me go
after I killed your friend?"
No, not friend, partner.
-He tried to be--
-I heard what he said.
"He tried to be a hero, he ended up a fool."
You heard me, kid.
Plant your feet and rise. Now!
On your feet, shithead! On your feet!
All right, Jeff, cross the aisle...
nice and slow.
I would never give up a man
who killed my partner.
You never had a partner.
I like you, Roy.
Out last station
is San Ysidro International Border,
All returning passengers are reminded
to purchase new tickets,,,,
You stay with me to the border.
You stay here!
You stay out of this!
Come on. You walk in front of us, kid,
and hide this mess.
-No! No!
-You don't want the cops here, do you?
Nikita, I'm going to miss you.
We could have had such a pleasant trip
together. Come visit me sometime.
And, by all means, bring Barbara with you.
Goodbye, Mr Parmenter.
Keep an eye out for me.
I always have, Konstantin.
You know, Roy...
Russians don't shoot their children.
-What's new, Roy?
-Nothing much.
-Tamales and cockfights.
-Yeah, I know.
-Same old, same old.
-Same old, same old.
Let's go home.