Little Pink House (2017) Movie Script

[PAULETTE] We were watching TV
and then I looked over at her,
and she was just
sort of slumped over.
And when was the last time
that she had something
to eat or drink?
About an hour ago, she had...
she was drinking some tea.
She had a couple cookies.
[MAN] Has she had any
fainting spells recently?
No. Never.
How you doing, Agnes?
You getting better?
Hey, I still need
to try that famous
Bolognese of yours.
How'd you know
about Mom's Bolognese?
Who doesn't?
Much better. Yeah.
Your blood pressure's up.
I think you just
needed some fluids.
- Do you feel better?
- [PAULETTE] Is she gonna be okay?
Yeah, her color is coming back
and her heart rate is down.
You just got kind of
wiped out there, huh?
Wait a minute.
Are you, um... Susette?
- It's Paulette.
- I knew it was you.
Oh, my God.
Mama, it's Susette.
- Remember her from school?
- [SUSETTE] I remember you
because you were one of the...
I guess the only parent
who would let me call you
by your first name.
I thought you were so cool.
Look at you!
It's so good to see you
- back in the old neighborhood.
- [SUSETTE] I know.
- Hi.
- [SUSETTE] I was just leaving you
- a note with my number.
- [PAULETTE] Oh, great.
I'm just running
to the hospital
because Mom wants
some of her stuff.
All right. Here you go, and...
it was so great to see you.
- I am calling.
- [SUSETTE] Great.
- Bye.
Good morning, New London.
Sports and weather
at the bottom of the hour,
and now our top story.
A new jobs report tells us
what you already knew.
The regional economy
isn't getting any better.
This according to economists
from the University
of Connecticut.
Now, they're saying
jobs are scarce,
and that there's no indication
that's going to change
any time soon.
Of course, unemployment has
been a big concern for years,
many finding it difficult
to secure even part-time work.
So, what should we do
about the lousy economy?
Our lines are wide open
right now,
so call us and tell us
what you think...
Holy shit.
Oh, my God.
[BILLY] Well, I'd heard somebody
finally bought this place.
I had to meet the person
ballsy enough to paint it pink.
Well, it's not pink.
It's "Odessa Rose".
- If you say so.
Hi. I'm Billy.
- Billy Von Winkle.
- Oh, sorry. Susette Kelo.
Nice to meet you,
Susette Kelo.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Thank you.
So, how do you like it?
Well, the view sucks.
Other than that, it's nice.
- It's fantastic.
- Yeah.
- [SUSETTE] Do you live nearby?
- I own the deli on the corner,
and a couple other buildings
that I rent out.
Cool. I've been
meaning to come by.
It's great to have a deli.
- How about now?
- I can't. Thank you, but...
Come on. I'll let you
buy me a cup of coffee.
I just have a lot
of work to do, so...
Come on, Red.
We need the business.
All right. You know,
let me just wash up
and I'll meet you over there.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
- I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- [BILLY] So what's your story?
- [SUSETTE] What?
- You married? What?
- [SUSETTE] Oh. Twice.
Yeah. One ex-husband
and one soon to be.
Yeah? Which one
pays the mortgage?
- This one.
- [BILLY] Good for you.
So, what do you do? Huh?
How do you make a living?
I'm a paramedic.
- No kidding, huh?
- [SUSETTE] Nope.
Well, you'll do good business
in this town.
Half the neighborhood's
on its last legs.
Oh, yeah, I noticed.
Man, does it always...
is it like this all the time?
Because it stinks.
You'd think the pastrami
would kind of cover
- the smell of the sewage plant.
- Well, not quite.
[BILLY] I mean, we've been
complaining as far back
as anybody can remember.
What are you gonna do?
It's like talking
to a rock, right?
Which is why I spearheaded
Operation Caca de Pollo.
What? Did you say "Caca"?
I got a couple of big containers
- of chicken shit.
[BILLY] I brought it to City
Hall, basically, dumped it,
and everyone was gagging
and dry heaving.
It took 'em weeks
to clean it up.
[BILLY] Yeah. But, spent an
afternoon in jail for it
but it was worth it.
It was worth it.
- And I got on Leno.
- [SUSETTE] You did?
- [BILLY] Jay Leno.
- Was he... was he nice?
- Very nice.
- Yeah.
Very, very nice man.
Your numbers are still strong.
Hell, you've even got
some Democrats who like you.
That is why
you're on my payroll.
You do work miracles.
But I do need one more.
I want you to get me New London.
What the hell's in New London?
Absolutely nothing.
I do like the concept.
I just don't know
who could pull that off.
We need somebody with clout,
integrity, popularity,
not tied to any party.
- Riding in on a unicorn.
- [PETER] I know someone.
- [GOVERNOR] What's his name?
- Her name...
is Charlotte Wells.
[PETER] She's president
of Walthrop College...
with a Rolodex to kill for.
PhD in French literature.
Brains, relentless ambition.
And a real charmer,
if you know what I mean.
Even her own husband
has never seen her unkempt,
shall we say.
Those of us who are blessed
with gifts must design
a better world for the poor.
- But first...
- [WOMAN ON PA] Mr. Governor.
Charlotte Wells
here to see you.
Send her in.
- Charlotte.
- [CHARLOTTE] Peter.
Thanks for coming
on such short notice.
Always lovely to see you.
Mr. Governor.
Strong handshake.
- [GOVERNOR] Please.
[PETER] We take this
blighted plot of land
by the sewage treatment plant
and we redevelop it.
We lure a world-class company
to build some high-tech facility
and boom.
Add jobs, tax revenue,
economic miracle.
[GOVERNOR] It'll certainly
compliment the work
you've already been doing.
We rescue a struggling
blue-collar city,
- and everyone wins.
- Well, Mr. Governor...
I've been in the trenches,
and it is a tall task
trying to pull off
something like this
in a town that takes
five years to approve
a stop sign.
All we need is the land.
Land under jurisdiction
of a mayor
who would give zero support.
The State of Connecticut
will make sure that you succeed.
New London
Development Corporation.
It sounds familiar.
NLDC was established in 1978
with the goal of assisting
with economic development.
Oh, that's right.
It's been gathering dust
ever since, so,
we simply dust it off
and give it to you.
How generous.
Now, why would you do that?
You lead the NLDC,
but the city officials
are familiar with it,
so, they're comfortable.
The NLDC finds a worthy project,
and it gets funded
thanks to the governor.
I simply just can't be the face
of the operation, obviously.
Just the mastermind.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you sleep on it?
I have a fundraiser.
It has been such a pleasure.
- Hello?
- [TIM] Hi, it's Tim LeBlanc here.
Your number came up
on my caller ID.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have misdialed.
Sorry about that.
- [TIM] Okay, well, I thought...
- Thank you.
- [TIM] ...maybe you were the
customer who came in...
Listen, I can't...
I can't buy anything.
I can't donate anything.
I apologize, it was a mistake,
and would you please
take me off your list?
- Okay? Thanks a lot.
- Bye-bye.
- [TIM] Okay.
I'm not actually
a telemarketer...
Oh, shoot.
[TIM] If you go down this aisle,
you'll see picture frames
up on the... up on the left.
Hi. Tim LeBlanc,
telemarketer speaking.
I'm so sorry.
Anyway, are you open right now?
You know what? I'm gonna be here
right up to the point
- where I leave.
- [SUSETTE] Oh. Good. All right...
- Good. You gonna come by?
- [SUSETTE] No, I'll come over.
Risk it.
Oh, my God.
Now I have to go.
- I do... I like the red one.
- Yeah.
- It's just...
- Well, everything is half off.
Well, it's just
that one's a little
- out of my price range, so...
- How's that?
- Oh, that's nice.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- That's in excellent shape.
- Cushions are good.
- [SUSETTE] Oh, they're beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- And everything's a half off.
- [SUSETTE] Great.
- Even this?
- No, that's a million dollars.
Oh, I'm... I...
- do you deliver?
- [TIM] Sure.
- And... oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
How much would that cost?
How about a meal?
Oh. I got...
it doesn't have
to be a big meal.
Do you take checks?
[GOVERNOR] No. No. Move
Jason to the morning.
[WOMAN ON PA] Mr. Governor,
I have Charlotte Wells...
- Just a sec.
- [WOMAN ON PA] ...on line one for you.
Is this the call
I've been waiting for?
Well, it very well might be,
Mr. Governor.
Just one question.
Why the sudden interest
in my little town?
Well, I care deeply
about revitalizing
distressed communities.
Well, if you would allow me
to take a wild guess
at another reason...
And what's that, Charlotte?
Republican governor
of Democratic state
rescues struggling
Democratic city?
You're the hero.
You woo plenty of voters.
Maybe even myself
and you win reelection
in a landslide
and more importantly,
that kind of narrative
plays well
on a national stage.
- Am I right?
- Are you in?
It's not gonna be easy
trying to convince
a world-class company
to redevelop next
to a sewage plant.
you're creative.
I'm sure you have
some great ideas.
I'm in.
But you better take my calls
when you're in the White House.
It was nice chatting again
with you, Charlotte.
Au revoir.
[WOMAN ON RADIO] And you're back
with the Lyndon and Power Show.
[MAN ON RADIO] So did you guys hear?
Something called
the New London
Development Corporation
is supposedly gonna rescue
our local economy.
well, good luck with that.
wanna hear what you think.
Economic development
and social justice,
they go hand in hand.
And with this project,
well, we might actually
make New London hip.
Imagine a Fortune 500 company
in New London.
- Sante.
- [MAN] Cheers.
Thank you again for joining me
ce soir, Howard.
It's too bad your husband
couldn't join us.
[CHARLOTTE] Well, if you
weren't such a slave driver,
David might have been able to.
David tells me you have
some important business
to discuss.
- C'est tellement vrai.
- I'm sorry?
So very true.
Fuck you.
[TIM] I found the problem.
There's a tampon
- in your faucet.
- Really?
Yeah. Okay, well, I'm gonna go
to the hardware store
and pick you up a toilet kit
'cause your chain's
all fucked up.
Oh, great. I'll just...
I'll pay you back whatever.
- Oh, man.
- This thing.
How much is that thing?
I wanna pay you for that.
Fifty bucks.
[SUSETTE] Are you kidding?
That was in the junk pile
in the back.
That's not worth 50 bucks.
All right, it's got
a bit of rot. Maybe...
minus pizza,
- Twenty bucks.
- [SUSETTE] Okay.
And then if you go
to the hardware store,
I'll pay you back.
Here. Move.
We should probably stain that
before we start
hammering on it.
You know?
I'm tired.
New London Mills is ripe
for development.
All we need is
the right partner.
The city is hungry, Howard.
A project like this
would bring so much good
to so many people.
- There.
- It's funny.
- What's funny?
I don't know how much
David has told you
about what's going on over here.
Not a thing.
Well, I'll tell you,
since it's about to go
public very soon.
We've hit on something big.
So big that we're
gonna need to expand.
Oh, do tell.
What is it?
Don't let erectile dysfunction
get in the way
of your golden years.
Millions of men struggle
with erectile dysfunction.
Get your prescription today.
Results may vary.
Talk to your doctor
about possible side effects.
- Side effects may...
- [SUSETTE] Tim?
- Voila. What do you think?
- Beautiful.
- I'm gonna kill them.
- Yeah.
Are you my permanent gardener?
All part of the master plan.
- Oh.
- Hmm.
- Lunch is ready.
- [TIM] Yeah?
Turkey, cigarette.
Do you have beer?
I got two!
- [TIM] Yeah?
- [SUSETTE] Yeah.
Judging by the smell of things,
this is going to be
quite the cleanup job.
- Sorry.
Well, I cringe to think
how much it would cost.
We're talking tens of millions
at least.
All right.
Well, hold on a moment.
Let's just look at the positive.
I mean,
you're right across the river.
Everything is accessible.
Research facilities.
Hotel for guests.
I don't know, Charlotte.
I don't think this is the spot.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Do you realize Pfizer
could be New London's savior?
Pfizer is in the pharmaceutical
business, Charlotte,
not the savior business.
Besides, we need
far more space than this.
Thank you, Howard.
For what?
For telling me what you need.
It's so peaceful.
I feel happy here.
I feel like I'm home.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I love you.
That's... I mean...
- [TIM] What?
- No. Just...
- I'm surprised. That's all.
- [TIM] Okay.
I wasn't expecting...
I was just thinking
how nice it is how...
that we're friends, and I...
I love that, and...
I just want it to...
- kind of be this way.
- [TIM] Nothing stays the same,
you know?
I know.
Can't we...
you know, just be
the way we are?
This is wonderful.
I'd have to think about that.
- Okay.
- [TIM] Thanks for lunch.
This better be good.
The governor asked me
to pass along
three numbers to you.
- [HOWARD] Okay.
- Zero.
The number of sewage
treatment plants
Pfizer will have to bother with.
Seventy-five million.
The amount of state funding
that the governor will commit
to ensure Pfizer's
successful expansion
into New London.
What's the third number?
That's entirely up to you.
I don't follow.
How many acres do you need?
- [HOWARD] All right.
- Welcome to New London,
Mr. Munson.
Damn, it stinks.
Hi, this is Tim.
I'm either not home
or I'm screening my calls
because I'm avoiding someone.
If I don't call you back,
it's you.
- Hi.
- [TIM] Hi there.
How are you?
- Can I help?
- No.
- I'm good.
- No? Okay.
So, how have you been?
All right.
Well... I just...
you said you were
gonna think about it
and I haven't heard
from you, so...
I'm still thinking.
Okay. Yeah.
I just wanted to say I miss you.
I miss you too.
I do.
I'll see you.
Guess who's coming to town?
Iron Maiden.
Pfizer expansion
may bring more than 1,000 jobs.
New London
Development Corporation
non-profit is redeveloping
I guess for Pfizer
in the historic
Fort Trumbull neighborhood.
- Mrs. Kelo. How are you?
- [SUSETTE] Yes. Hello.
- It's Kelo. Thank you.
- Oh, Kelo. Sorry.
Can I help you with something?
I'm Lynn Vargas.
I'm a realtor
working with the NLDC.
Do you have
a few moments to chat?
- Sure. Please come on in.
- Okay. Thank you.
Can I get you
something to drink?
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Wow. It looks
really nice in here.
I take it you've done
quite the renovation
on this place.
I have. I love it.
Thank you. Have a seat, please.
- [LYNN] Thank you.
- Sure.
- So...
- Hmm.
...the NLDC would like
to make you an offer
to buy your house.
Oh, but it's not for sale.
[LYNN] But we're offering
you 68,000 dollars.
That's significantly more
than what you paid for it.
I don't want to sell it.
Thank you.
Mrs. Kelo,
we're making you a...
- It's Kelo.
- Kelo, excuse me.
- We're making you a...
- No problem.
...a very generous offer
on this house.
I'm sure you're aware
of the redevelopments?
No, not really.
[LYNN] Well, your property
is in the area designated
for the expansion effort.
Let me ask you something.
Do you work for Pfizer?
No. New London
Development Corporation.
But it's for Pfizer
ultimately, right?
- Not exactly.
- Then who exactly is it for?
It doesn't matter.
Either way, I don't wanna sell.
But thank you so much.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
- Oh.
- [SUSETTE] And I appreciate it.
- Thanks for coming by.
- Well, you know, I have a card
- that I would love to give to you.
- Great. You can just leave it
right there in the mailbox,
and I'll get them all later.
- [LYNN] Oh, sorry. Okay.
- Thank you so much.
- If you'd like to discuss...
- Take care. Bye-bye.
So that's why I'm here.
I wanted to talk to you
about the exciting
new development...
I strongly suggest
that you sell.
[FEMALE REALTOR] What will happen
to this area is just unbelievable,
and we are so excited
to be a part of it.
I think you're going
to be excited too
once you see
what the possibilities
are in your neighborhood.
Look, if you wait,
we may not be able
to offer you market value,
which is what you'd get
right now.
This check allows us to option
your property for purchase.
[SUSETTE] "Please contact
an NLDC representative
at your earliest..."
- are you listening?
- [TIM] Yeah!
Okay. "At your
earliest convenience.
It is not our intention
to cause any
unnecessary hardship
and we will...
we will endeavor
to make your move
as convenient as possible.
Sincerely, Charlotte Wells."
Oh, I'm sure, Charlotte Wells.
[TIM] Do we at least
get some free Viagra?
- I don't believe this stuff.
- I mean, not for me, obviously.
Who is... who is this person?
These letters are more and more
frickin' ridiculous.
I mean, they really think
I'm gonna move.
Here, give me a hug, baby.
No, Tim. You know,
it's not funny.
- You're not even listening to me. Forget it.
- Yes, I am.
- Where are you going?
- [SUSETTE] I'm gonna go for a walk.
Billy! Did you get that letter?
I mean, they're relentless.
They're idiots.
I'm so pissed.
Yeah. Susette, look.
I can barely make my payroll.
- I know.
- [BILLY] So...
I'm thinking maybe
it's not such a bad thing.
- Oh, no.
- [BILLY] Oh, no, no. Hang on, hang on.
So, right, I make
a couple of bucks finally.
You're kidding, right?
I mean, you're kidding.
[BILLY] Don't do that.
No, don't do that.
- Me, don't do that?
- No, no, no, hang on.
[SUSETTE] You don't do that.
You don't do that.
You see anybody lining up
to get in here? I don't!
You are not gonna sell.
Please, Billy.
You're not gonna sell, please.
I gave them a number.
If they match it, we got a deal,
- I told them.
- Oh, my God.
That's great.
That sucks! That sucks!
Susette, come on!
Oh. Mrs. Kelo! Hi!
- Mrs. Kelo, I have great news.
They've agreed
to increase their offer
by 10,000 dollars.
- Over market value.
- Really?
- [LYNN] Yes!
- Oh, wow.
You know,
I never noticed that locket.
- It's beautiful.
- Oh.
- [SUSETTE] Yeah.
- Thank you.
- It was my great grandmother's.
- Oh. Yeah.
Would you be interested
in selling it?
Oh. No. It's an heirloom, so...
500? 1,000?
2,000? I'll give you...
What would it take, Lynn?
Mrs. Kelo,
If you don't sell now,
the NLDC could pursue
acquiring the property
through other means.
Okay. Thank you
for telling me that.
Will you do me a favor
and just relay a message?
Tell them...
good luck.
Thank you, Lynn.
Listen, you take care.
Thank you.
Hi. Sorry.
Hey. That's okay.
I just got here.
I think I might
have figured out
what your new
best friend meant
by "other means".
Oh, yeah? What's that?
Hi, I'll just...
a pint of beer.
Thank you.
What is that?
In the Constitution,
in the Fifth Amendment, there...
listen, it's eminent domain.
They can take your home,
they can take your land,
if they wanna build a hospital,
highway, school,
something for public use.
But nobody's talking about
building a highway
or hospital.
I know.
They just want my home.
How could somebody
break into my house
and take everything I have
and go to jail?
Hell, you could shoot 'em.
I could shoot them!
I could kill them.
But if they want
the whole thing,
it's perfectly legal.
Perfectly legal.
- Are you kidding me?
- [TIM] No.
Oh, my God.
I'm freaking out.
This land is everything
I have, Tim.
It's all I own,
it's the only thing
that protects me from them.
Uh, hello.
I'm here to see
Charlotte Wells.
And your name?
Susette Kelo.
There's a Susette Kelo here
to see you.
Well, I did hear, or read,
that Pfizer was...
wants to build in Fort Trumbull.
Is that true?
Oh, yes.
Yes. Once we take care
of the blight in the area,
we can finally
make this city hip.
It's very...
it's very exciting.
Is that...
this is my house.
- Where?
- [SUSETTE] It's right there.
It's right in the blight.
Well, you have an exquisite view
of the river.
I don't really care
how exciting all of this is.
I just...
nobody can force me
out of my own home.
Oh, no... oh.
No one is forcing you, Susette.
We wanna buy your home.
I don't wanna sell it.
I don't wanna sell it.
Right, but your house
is in a parcel
that has been designated
for the redevelopment plan.
The city will help
relocate you.
I mean, this is a collaboration
between us and the residents.
Well, how are we...
Well, we'll work together
and come to a mutual agreement.
Oh, I'll never agree.
There's no other house
with this "exquisite view"
of the water
that I could afford.
Have you ever worked
with the poor?
Those people standing around
outside of those
vacant storefronts,
in your neighborhood.
I talk to them.
You should see
their faces light up
when they hear about
all of this.
What about eminent domain?
It's an option.
But only as a last resort
if people refuse to sell.
If you even try to take
my property away from me,
the whole world
is gonna hear about it.
I want to set up a meeting
with the Fort Trumbull residents
and nip this in the bud
before it spreads.
Hi. My name is Susette Kelo.
I live in Fort Trumbull
and I need to talk
to the Mayor please,
- right away.
- [WOMAN] Okay.
And can I tell him
what this is regarding?
It's regarding the people
who are trying
to steal my house.
Okay. Please hold.
[LLOYD] Well, I'll tell you,
I can see why they want
this place.
Come on, Beachy.
Is this real?
It might be.
Is there anything
you can do to help us?
Well, Susette,
the way city government works,
in particular New London,
my options
are a little bit limited.
But if you get out there,
start knocking on doors,
get people engaged,
gather up some letters
from everybody,
I can take those letters
down to City Council.
Because then I'll have
your support.
And that gives me
a little bit more power.
But you have to hit
the ground running.
You understand?
Rally the troops.
We have troops?
My name's Susette Kelo.
I live in the pink house.
We're having Saturday cleanup,
so please come if you're free.
And bring people.
Please. Yeah.
Yeah. Invite friends.
Thank you.
Stop trying
to give them both.
We don't have to give
each person in a couple one.
It's just a waste.
So I'm having this gathering
on Saturday.
Invited most of the people
in the neighborhood.
My house is that pink one.
- [TIM] Hey.
You brought your own rake.
How great.
If you don't mind signing in,
and your address,
even though I know
where you are.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Dobbs.
Thanks for coming in.
I've been living here
for 40 years.
To be a bus driver,
and have a view
like this, huh?
It's incredible.
And that's why
we have to fight.
I don't think this is gonna make
any difference.
Look, I know these people.
I don't want to join a group
of whiners.
Well, will you at least
write a letter?
This is all gonna blow over.
Oh, what the hell?
I thought I was the bad one,
but really,
your daughter was the bad one.
- No, she instigated everything.
- No, I didn't.
- Oh, stop.
- No, I didn't.
My husband gave up the ghost
in this house.
It's where he wanted to be.
And it's where I want to be too
when my time comes.
My wife and I grew up
in this neighborhood.
This is the only house
we've ever lived in.
We raised our children here.
This is my home.
We want...
to stay...
Good evening.
Good evening.
Well, I love a man
who yells my name.
I know there's been
a lot of speculation
about what's going on
in the neighborhood,
and I thought it would be good
to get together tonight
and talk about it.
Now first...
let me tell you
about a new vision
for New London.
And I am here tonight
to invite each
and every one of you
to be a part of our team
to create this vision.
A New London
that is vital and hip.
Hip? You mean...
"High Income People" hip?
All right. All right, please.
Please everyone,
let's keep this civil.
- [MAN] What?
- [SUSETTE] Oh, okay.
While we're keeping it civil
you'll be stealing our homes.
Is that right?
No, no, no.
That is not true.
Everyone, no final decisions
have been made.
We are still looking
into every alternative.
Well, then why did you fire
the engineering firm
that suggested
these homes might be spared?
Well, actually,
they weren't fired.
Their work was done and...
we both moved on.
Oh, oh, excuse me.
You moved on because Pfizer
told you to move on.
You're all a bunch
of kiss-asses!
Let me be clear,
because I know that there are
some of you who view
this redevelopment
as a bad thing.
I'm sorry, but do you see
kicking us out of our homes
as a bad thing?
- [MAN] You don't think it's bad.
- [WOMAN] Exactly!
I assure you
no one wants to kick you
out of your homes.
[BILLY] You sure got a
funny way of showing it.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Please understand
our perspective here.
The most important thing
to us, to me,
and I'm sure you'll all agree,
is to help those in need.
The jobless, the homeless,
the people on the fringes
of society,
they will benefit the most
from this plan.
Pfizer's expansion to New London
will increase
this city's tax revenue
by $12 million a year.
[CHARLOTTE] We are only
here to make this city
that you live
in a better place.
Who decides
what a better place is?
Oh, no. No, no.
Not me.
Your community wants this.
- [CROWD] No.
- Oh, yes.
And your city needs this.
Charlotte. Charlotte.
What are you gonna do
so that these people
can keep their homes?
Yeah, that's right. Yeah.
The best course for us
to improve our city
would be to acquire
all the homes.
What? This is bullshit!
This is bullshit!
It's bullshit.
It's absolute bullshit.
You're gonna help the homeless
by kicking people
out of their homes?
Where do you people get off?
- This is unbelievable.
- [SUSETTE] No. I think I get it.
You took one look
at our neighborhood
and saw this great water view
and said,
"Hey, this is pretty nice.
What are all these scumbags
doing here?"
Yeah. Yeah!
No. No, no, no, no.
"Their houses
aren't good enough.
They can't be next to Pfizer.
They just don't fit in."
That's right. That's right.
No. Here's the thing.
Social justice
and economic development,
they go hand in hand.
Do you think we fit in?
Susette, I would like to think
there's a place here
for all of us.
- Thank you.
- [MAN] What does that mean?
Any other comments?
[BILLY] Pfizer tells the
NLDC what it wants,
the NLDC goes over
to the governor's office,
they funnel all the money
back to the NLDC
to make all Pfizer's dreams
come true.
They got Charlotte
talking to Pfizer,
Pfizer's talking to Charlotte.
At one point, she even says,
"I don't want Pfizer
to have to look down
on the tenements.
Sleazy, yeah.
But not necessarily illegal.
The city takes our property
by force,
using our own tax money,
sells it back to Pfizer
for a fucking dollar?
In what fantasy world
is that legal?
Who's your source?
The dumpster,
at the back
of the NLDC building.
You're joking, right?
- No, I'm not.
- You're not joking?
No. Who cares
where I got it, man?
You're at the paper.
Can you print it or not?
- I don't know.
- [BILLY] What do you mean,
- you don't know?
- Seriously, I don't know.
- This what you do!
- Billy.
Look, Billy, there's another way
to handle this.
We can ask the NLDC
to show us the documents.
Right. Yeah.
Like that's gonna happen.
At which point,
we'll file a complaint
for not being compliant
with the Freedom
of Information Act.
Yeah, that'll be a fun headline
for the Governor.
Get me Charlotte.
[GOVERNOR] We are getting
hammered in the press.
In addition to your plan
to demolish the homes,
you violate the Freedom
of Information act?
a private corporation.
You could have shown them
All right, Mr. Governor,
I think this little bump
in the road is far better
than had I shown them
even one document.
Now, if you remember,
I told you
from the very beginning
that this was going
to be an uphill battle,
if I may toot my own horn,
I have come in on time
and on budget.
I am not authorizing
another dime
until you clean up
this PR shitstorm.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
Are you the owner
of this house?
I live there. Yeah.
- What happened?
- There was a fire.
I'm not quite sure
of the cause.
Yeah. Is everything okay?
- Are the people all right?
- They're fine.
They're in Family Services.
They're fine.
Okay. And my house?
Can I go in, or...
[FIREMAN] You can, but
we had to soak it down
to protect it from the fire,
but there could be
some water damage,
- or smoke damage.
- Okay. Thank you.
Okay. All right.
[FIREMAN] Well, that's one
way to get rid of her.
This is unbelievable.
Damn it!
All right, everybody,
here's the deal.
The NLDC...
has gotten permits to demolish
five buildings in Fort Trumbull,
including the house
right next door
to this one.
- So, we need a lawyer.
- I think so.
You need ten lawyers.
What are you talking
about "a" lawyer?
I deal with this
kind of stuff.
I have in the past.
It is a pain in the ass.
Business that great
over at the antique store?
What are you suggesting?
You, like... I mean,
you could always sell
your Jag, Billy.
- I mean...
- [BILLY] No, I'd sell the Jag.
- I'd sell the Jag.
- I'd sell it, but I'm telling you we need more money...
- What else you gonna chip in?
- Guys.
I think I can get a guy
who'll take the case for free.
Is he any good?
[SCOTT] No, the hearing
isn't until February.
No, no, I've been here
15 minutes.
I'm circling.
I don't know where I am.
East, East, East...
Hey, hey, Chip, I gotta call
you right back, okay?
[SAM] Eating, talking
on your cell phone,
looking on a map.
It appears that driving
made it last
on your to-do list.
What brings you to New London,
Mr. Bullock?
I'm on my way
to Susette Kelo's house.
I'm with the Institute
for Justice.
What's the Institute
for Justice?
We're a non-profit law firm.
Are you here to help
the Fort Trumbull folks?
I am.
My Aunt lives
in Fort Trumbull.
You go get 'em, Mr. Bullock.
Two blocks down.
On the right.
Okay. Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
This is blight?
So, Scott, so glad you could
come down here to help us.
- Yeah, of course.
- I think this is gonna be right up your street.
[TIM] Can I get anybody
anything else?
- [LLOYD] No, no, we're good.
- [SAM] No, we're good to go.
Okay, so I'd just like to start
with asking you all
a few questions.
How long have you been
a lawyer?
Nine years.
Why do you ask?
I just wondered
if it was long enough.
For... for what?
To take this case?
Yeah. I think so.
[TIM] Don't, don't worry about her.
She doesn't know any lawyers.
So I don't know any lawyers.
Susette, I can assure you,
all of you,
that Scott here comes
from a pedigree firm.
I think it's a great thing
that you're so young.
You won't wear out as fast.
That and I like
your bicycle out front.
So, is that you? You're the
"Mayor of Jones Street"?
No, this was
Frederick Colonardi's hat.
- [SAM] The man who passed away.
- Yeah. And I'll tell you,
he's be looking down right now
and he's absolutely disgusted
with what he sees.
- With good reason.
- [PAULETTE] Excuse me.
Even though I have shirts
older than you...
I was just wondering
if you're gonna take our case.
That's what I'm here
to find out.
What was that?
I simply want to know
if it's on city council's agenda
to vote on the demolition.
You don't know.
All right.
I'll keep checking.
And finally, a vote to permit
the Bunny Choir Players
from New London Elementary
to perform Christmas Carols
in the town center.
All in favor say aye.
- [ALL] Aye.
- [MEMBER] All right.
One remaining issue.
A vote for permits allowing
the NLDC to demolish
at East and Trumbull.
All in favor say Aye.
[BILLY] They just tore
down Terry's house.
- [SUSETTE] What?
- Yeah. Look. Excuse me.
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Sir, we're with the NLDC...
No, I know who you're with.
- [SUSETTE] Oh, my God.
- [LLOYD] You don't have a permit
- to do this!
- [MAN] The NLDC put the paperwork
- in last night.
- [LLOYD] No. That's bullshit!
I was just at City Council
last night.
I got this.
Go get my knitting.
- What?
- [WOMAN] Get my knitting.
Oh, jeez.
- I'm just doing my job.
- You are unbelievable.
- Let me see this.
- These are private documents.
- This is such bullshit.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
Ma'am, you can't do that.
- I'm going.
- Be my guest, Ms. Kelo.
- [SUSETTE] She's right. Stop.
- You are not sitting
- on the steps.
- I am. Billy!
No, you're not,
if you want Bullock
to take the case
we gotta to do it his way.
Red, we have to do it his way.
- Susette.
- [SUSETTE] Okay. Okay.
All right. Okay.
- Billy, let me...
- Yeah. Police, please.
Well, here they come.
You know the drill.
Oh, for God...
Well, you might as well
arrest us
'cause we're not moving.
Mayor Beachy,
please come with us.
Sam, you know we're not
leaving voluntarily.
This is wrong, you know.
What if this was your house?
You should be ashamed
of yourselves.
How do you sleep at night?
[MAN] All right, let's move
these people out of the way.
Start it up.
No, no, no.
- How can they do that?
- I don't know.
Oh, God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
This is somebody's home!
To hell with you.
Oh, God! My house!
Please, just my house.
It's right here.
Let me just go inside
and get the...
Get it off my porch.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey! Hey, hey!
Hey! Hey!
Cut it, man.
She's on her porch!
Cut it!
Cut the goddamn engine!
You see her standing
right there!
Don't you see that?
Oh, no.
Susette, come on down
from there.
[SCOTT] It was a cock show to
illustrate the inevitability.
To say, "This is a done deal.
You can't stop it".
Legally, the city did own
those homes, Scott.
They had the right
to tear them down.
Yeah, but they didn't have to.
They did it to intimidate
To let her know she's next.
I could get every reporter
in America on this.
We need to take
these people on.
He's right.
We're gonna take your case.
And you won't have
to pay us a fee.
Good, because, you know,
we don't have any money.
But we do need something
of you in return.
What's that?
I.J. wants this story covered
by every major media outlet.
We want full public exposure.
That means talk shows,
magazine interviews...
We need you to be the face
of this fight.
Oh, I don't... no.
I don't want to be the face
of anything.
Make Billy do it.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Susette, it's got to be you.
Why does it have to be me?
I mean...
- I...
- [TIM] Because it's your house.
Because you have more strength
and resilience
than any woman I know.
Plus, you're hot.
Smoking hot.
No. I, it's...
Okay. I'll do it.
- Yeah?
- [SUSETTE] Yeah.
Then we're in.
Okay. Thank you.
Evening, everyone.
Interesting way
to champion the cause
of "social justice,"
This Institute for Justice,
do we need to be concerned?
Well, thanks to their lawsuit,
I've got reporters
crawling up my ass
every time I set foot
outside my own house.
Well, what are they asking?
They're wanting to know
why the city
is trying to throw people
out of their homes.
And when the city's attorney
can't answer that question,
there tends to be some
cause for concern.
What are we looking at?
I.J. filed a restraining order.
It'll do some short-term damage
in the court of public opinion,
but, technically,
you own those homes,
so you're in the clear.
Any judge will lift the RO.
[MAN] So Father, we now commend
Agnes to you in your hands.
Hang in there, okay?
- See you there.
- Okay. Yeah.
Mom was so scared.
She kept worrying
that they were gonna
kick her out.
Well, at least she got to die
in her own home, huh?
And now I'm gonna lose
that too.
It's fine.
- I'll see you later, okay?
- [SUSETTE] Okay. Okay.
Hold my calls.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
There are allegations
that the amount of time
you've put into the NLDC
has lead to financial distress
at Walthrop College.
- Is this true?
- No.
No, a lot of people
want to attack a woman
for trying to do it all.
I'm not concerned
about Walthrop.
These are just critics.
Getting back to Fort Trumbull,
Mrs. Colonardi, the widow...
- [CHARLOTTE] We told her she could stay.
- She can?
Yeah, we wouldn't need her house
until after she dies, so...
Next question.
Our top story tonight.
Residents of the historic
Fort Trumbull area
of New London
are fighting to save
their homes.
On Monday they'll head to Court
to resolve
their dispute over land
proposed for the multimillion
dollar redevelopment
of the waterfront neighborhood.
Let me tell you something
that should put you
instantly at ease
in an interview.
You're already the world's
greatest expert on your story.
You've lived it.
You know it.
All you have to do
is tell the truth
about what you've
experienced here.
What you're doing is right.
What they're doing, it's wrong.
Oh, sure, sometimes reporters
they'll ask you questions
you might not know
the answer to.
It might be a question
about the law
or the Constitution.
Just be honest and say,
"You know what?
I don't know the answer
to that, but...
let me tell you
about this home.
And what it means to me...
- [SUSETTE] Thank you.
- [JOHN] ...and my family."
That's it.
It isn't any more complicated
than that.
are you the world's greatest
expert on your story?
Then tell your story.
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
I don't...
You can do this.
Let's just get this over with.
Hands off our homes!
- Hands off our homes!
- All right?
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Yes, go.
Hands off our homes!
Hi. Good morning.
- My name's Susette Kelo.
- [MAN] Yeah, we know!
We look forward
to presenting our case today.
We've waited
a long time for this.
And we look forward to having
our day in court.
- Thank you.
Ms. Kelo, do you truly believe
that the city's in violation
of the Constitution?
I just know...
that we should be able
to keep our homes.
No, and then,
one more thing,
and that...
what they're doing is wrong.
That's it.
[JIM] I guess some lawyers
file their papers
with the media first,
then the court.
Mr. Bullock.
You may proceed, sir.
[SCOTT] Your Honor.
Government can,
through the power
of eminent domain,
lawfully seize private property
for public use
to build hospitals,
But in this case,
the government
has misused its power
to enrich private parties,
namely Pfizer Pharmaceutical.
[JIM] Your Honor, simply stated,
the City of New London
followed state statutes.
I would also like
to point out that the NLDC
has spent 73 million dollars
upgrading roads,
street lights,
all of which has resulted
in public benefit.
[SCOTT] How did you learn eminent
domain was filed against you?
I came home
from work one day
and a letter was taped
to my front door.
Was there anything
about an occupancy fee?
You mean the eviction notice?
[SCOTT] So you also received
an eviction notice?
Prior to that,
was there anything
about a rental fee?
They wanted me
to pay rent
on the house that I own.
[SCOTT] What, if anything, Mrs.
do you wanna get
out of this lawsuit?
I just want
to be left in peace.
I don't...
I wanna come home and...
relax, finally,
and be left alone.
Which is why
it is so important
for us to integrate
the infrastructure
of large corporations
to the brass tacks needs
- of our city's most needful...
- [JUDGE] Okay, okay, okay.
Mrs. Wells,
let's see something new.
- Oh.
- [JUDGE] Realizing that life is short,
when someone
asks you a "yes"
or "no" question,
how about you answer
with a "yes" or "no"?
[SCOTT] So, was the
answer to my question...
I said yes.
I said it at the end
instead of the beginning.
That's the way the French
frame their answers,
so I'm sorry
and I will try
to think more Anglo-American.
Billy, you're gonna wear a hole
- in the carpet.
- I'm good.
Let me put you on speaker.
Are you there?
- [SCOTT] Mm-hm.
- We're all here, buddy.
- Bull. Tim here.
- Billy here.
All right.
You, Billy,
and the Vecchiarellis
get to keep your properties.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, yes.
What, what?
What, what, what?
- What else, brother?
- [SCOTT] The rest isn't good.
See, the judge split the baby.
- What does that mean?
- [SCOTT] Developers won't build anything
on your land,
but they might build something
- on theirs.
- What?
How does that work?
How would that work?
[SCOTT] Listen, you guys.
Go get a drink.
Celebrate a little.
You deserve it.
- Okay? We'll talk tomorrow.
- Okay. Thank you, brother.
Thank you very much.
We're going for a drink.
Come on.
Let's hit the bar.
Let's do that.
Let's celebrate.
- Let's get out of here!
- Let's go.
We're getting drunk.
Come on.
Okay, let me just get my...
let me get my wallet
and stuff.
No, I got money.
I've got money.
So what do we do now?
This one's above my pay grade.
Basically, they're saying that
if nobody appeals the decision,
they won't appeal either.
[TIM] I don't trust a damn
thing they say anyway.
They're trying to pit us
against each other.
I can't even believe
they can do this.
We get to keep our homes
and they gotta take it.
Fuck 'em.
Either all of us stay,
- or all of us go.
[BILLY] I mean, what's
the point, right?
I got a deli
with nobody in it?
Hey, how's the new thing?
Oh, since Pfizer moved in,
it's great.
I got no neighbors,
but I got this raging boner
all the time.
Who needs that?
We fight 'em.
Thanks, sweetie.
I'm scared.
I got your back.
I know.
Thank you.
Thank you.
No, I mean it.
Thank you.
[JOSH] First thing tomorrow,
we're gonna file an appeal
so the Kelo, Von Winkle,
and Vecchiarelli properties
- go back to the NDLC.
- This is ludicrous.
Everybody's talking about it.
Just yesterday,
my 11-year-old granddaughter,
she asks me why
it's okay for the city
to steal people's homes.
My own granddaughter.
They grow up fast nowadays.
What's next?
We need to block I.J.'s move
to overturn the ruling.
Got it.
No, I don't care
what he's doing.
I need to speak with him.
[WOMAN] And will he know what
it's regarding, Mrs. Wells?
Yes, he knows exactly
what this is regarding.
- [WOMAN] Charlotte Wells for you...
Hello, Charlotte.
I got a call
from one of your lackies.
You didn't have the balls
to fire me yourself.
- Now hold on.
- No, you hold on.
You hired me to turn
this city around
and I did exactly that.
And now you're throwing me out?
You've become a liability.
A fucking liability?!
Charlotte, the only thing
that both sides can agree on
is how much they despise you.
You're out of control.
You don't seem to care
who you step on
or who sees you do it.
I do what is necessary.
If I haven't left
some blood on the battlefield,
I haven't done enough.
You clearly don't understand
the power of perception.
Oh, I do.
What about the perception
of the governor
who's trying to avoid
more controversy
because he's now the target
of a corruption investigation?
My legal issues have nothing
to do with this.
They have everything
to do with this.
This is where we part ways,
Thank you for everything
you've done.
[WOMAN] Major head
trauma coming in.
- It was a car accident.
- [SUSETTE] Oh, my God.
- [WOMAN] What? You know him?
- [SUSETTE] Yes.
- [WOMAN] Okay. Stay here, Susette.
- [SUSETTE] No, no...
[WOMAN] You can't come in.
You know you can't come in.
I know I can't come in!
Oh, my God!
Please don't do this.
So this is where we stand.
There was spinal fluid
in his nose and ears.
There was free air
in his brain
as a result
of the skull fracture.
He will be permanently disabled
both mentally and physically
and he will need full-time care
through his recovery.
Do you and your husband
have any support
through this process?
He's not my husband.
I thought you were married.
Are you asleep?
Okay, so here are the things
that I wanted to say to you
that I couldn't.
I wrote them in a letter to you.
I wish I had mailed it.
On the arms right here.
I said, "Dear Tim,
I wish I could tell you
how much I love you.
"But I'm afraid
I'll need you too much
and then one day
you'll stop loving me back.
The scariest part
is that I finally found
the house of my dreams
and it means nothing to me
without you in it."
By the authority vested in me
by the laws of the state
of Connecticut,
I now pronounce
you husband and wife.
Here we go.
This can't be possible.
[ANCHOR] Property owners in
one New London neighborhood
may be losing a long battle
to save their homes.
The State Supreme Court
has ruled
that the New London
Development Corporation
can take the remaining 15 homes
from near
Fort Trumbull state park...
Pack your bags and get out.
That's what New London
is telling homeowners
in the city's Fort Trumbull
The city wants to clear the way
for a new Pfizer
corporate facility
that would include luxury
condos and a hotel.
And officials are using
eminent domain
to take
the Fort Trumbull homes.
The problem is the people
don't want to move.
It was too close.
A four-three margin?
There was clear dissent, okay?
Look, it says it right here.
"The court is going further
than it has ever gone
in the past."
It says this right
in the very first paragraph.
- Oh, my God.
- What? What?
You're actually considering it,
aren't you?
The dissenting opinion makes
the exact points we need.
[SCOTT] It's right there
in the opinion, Dana.
We're taking this appeal
to the U.S. Supreme Court.
- We have to.
- [DANA] They'll never take it.
Chip, you're the boss.
It's your call.
[CHIP] The Connecticut Supreme
Court reversed the good parts
and affirmed the bad ones.
We need to at least
take a shot.
I guess I'd better
clear my schedule off
- for the next year.
- Yes!
- I'll bang out a press release.
- [SCOTT] Okay.
Let's get to work.
But this is something
we should be concerned about.
[JOSH] Jim, they have about
a one in a hundred chance
of having this petition granted
by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Look, Kelo's case
simply doesn't conflict
with any existing decisions from
any other State Trial Court.
So you're telling me
I can sleep at night.
It's a pretty safe bet.
This city needs to move on.
I'll be in touch.
Sounds good.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Bring Harrigan back.
- [JOSH] Son of a bitch.
- Oh, and it gets worse.
Michigan Supreme Court just
prevented the City of Detroit
from bulldozing
a neighborhood in order
to make room for guess who?
- A private corporation.
- Kelo and company's chances
of getting in front
of the Supremes
just went up to 50-50.
I guess so.
- Hey, Bull.
- [SCOTT] You got a second?
- Yeah. Just.
- Susette,
the U.S. Supreme Court
has agreed to hear your case.
- [SUSETTE] Are you shitting me?
- No, I shit you not.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I don't know what to say.
You think we might...
- We might win this thing?
- That's the plan.
- Oh, Bull.
- [SCOTT] Don't worry. Don't worry.
We're gonna... we're gonna do
the best that we can, okay?
We'll talk soon, okay?
Thank you.
- [APRIL] Hey, Susette. Hi.
- Hi, April.
- How's it going?
- [APRIL] Crazy.
Some guy got wheeled
into the ER by his buddy...
Uh-huh. a wheelbarrow.
- Really?
- [APRIL] Really.
- Amazing.
- [APRIL] Drunk, in his underwear,
covered in blood
in a wheelbarrow.
- Yeah, so, what else is new?
- [APRIL] Yeah, right?
- Yeah.
The Supreme Court has agreed
to decide if governments
can seize people's homes
and businesses
for economic
development projects.
Eminent domain is now the focus
of a Supreme Court showdown.
It's become a contentious issue
across the country.
[REPORTER] So this means
if the Supreme Court
does not side
with Susette Kelo,
then no homeowner
of limited means is safe.
I have another reporter
on the line.
Dallas Morning News.
- Take a message.
- [RECEPTIONIST] It's the seventh time
he's called, sir.
- This is Bratten.
Mr. Bratten, Tony Keller
- with the Dallas Morning News.
- Yes.
I hear you're throwing
an 87-year-old woman
out of her home.
Am I hearing that right?
You really think that...
Now, we're obviously gonna need
to address the majority...
- [WOMAN] Scott?
- Yeah.
Sorry to disturb you,
but Jim Bratten is here
to see you.
He's here?
Physically here?
We'll pick this up later.
Is that okay?
Thank you.
Okay. Send him in,
I guess.
[WOMAN] He's actually
on his way right now.
I've been practicing law
for over 20 years, Mr. Bullock.
I've met a lot of scum
on this planet,
but none as dishonest
- and manipulative as you.
- Excuse me?
This is the most insulting trash
anyone's ever said about me
in my entire career.
You're joking.
"The city's lawyers should hang
their heads in shame
at what they're doing
to their citizens
and to the Constitution
of the United States."
Come on, Scott!
You can continue this shit show
for the entire world to see.
I can't do anything about that.
But what you're doing is wrong,
plain and simple.
You're handing
people's homes over
to a private corporation
and I'm the villain?
[JIM] The city is
taking the property.
For Pfizer's benefit.
Let's just say you're right,
which you're not.
How is any city
supposed to grow
if you're handcuffing leaders
with vision?
This whole plan
is for the greater good.
- Why can't you see that?
- Some of the worst acts
in history were justified
because they were in pursuit
of a "greater good".
Some of the worst acts
in history?
Why don't you try that line
before the Supreme Court?
You flew here for that?
Have a nice flight.
[MAN] The Honorable Justice
O'Connor presiding.
We will now hear argument
in the case of Kelo
v. New London.
[SCOTT] Justice O'Connor, and
may it please the Court.
This case is about whether
there are any limits
on eminent domain under
the public-use requirement
of the Fifth Amendment.
Every home, church,
or corner store
would produce
more tax revenue and jobs
if it were a Costco,
a shopping mall,
or a private office building.
If that's the justification
for the use,
then any city can take
property anywhere
within its borders for any use
that might make more money
than what is there now.
Mr. Bullock, you are leaving out
that New London was in
a depressed economic condition.
The critical fact
on the city side
is that they wanted
to build it up,
- get more jobs.
- Every city would like more tax revenue.
GINSBURG But you concede
that on the fact,
more than tax revenue
was at stake.
The city wants
to improve the economy
through tax revenue and jobs.
But that cannot be
a justification
for the use
of eminent domain.
[GINSBURG] Then what
standard do you propose
should draw a line
between when a city
can take private land
and when they cannot?
Municipalities should
never be able to take land
- for private uses.
- [BREYER] But every taking
has some public benefit,
even if it's for private use.
So, given the fact
of the world,
why shouldn't the law
say virtually
every taking is all right,
as long as there
is some public benefit?
Because, Your Honor,
then every property,
every business,
every home can be taken
for any private use.
Only if there is a public use.
And there almost always is.
- Do you agree with that?
- [SCALIA] Do you want us to sit here
and evaluate the prospects
of each condemnation,
one by one?
No, Your Honor.
Your Honors, I would like
to save my remaining time
for after Mr. Harrigan's
Very well.
Mr. Harrigan.
Your Honors.
There is no principled basis
for a Court
to make a value judgment
about a plan
to revive an economically
depressed city.
And where do you draw the line,
Mr. Harrigan?
I wouldn't draw one.
[O'CONNOR] Say you had a
Motel 6 and the city says,
"Well, if we had a Ritz-Carlton,
we would have higher taxes."
- Now, is that okay?
- Yes, Your Honor.
That would be okay.
[SCALIA] So, you can
take from A to give to B
if B pays more taxes?
If it is a significant
amount, yes.
[JUDGE] Mr. Bullock, you
have time remaining.
Would you like to use it
for a rebuttal?
Thank you, your Honor.
Can you take a Motel 6
and give it to a fancier hotel?
Their answer is yes.
The one thing that all
poor neighborhoods share
is that they don't produce
much tax revenue.
If the Court affirms
the lower court's decision,
then you would put
poor neighborhoods
and working-class neighborhoods
like Fort Trumbull
in jeopardy.
Congratulations, Jim.
We won.
Five to four.
The U.S. Supreme Court today
made it a whole lot easier
for someone to come in
and take your house,
take your private property
against your will.
The U.S. Supreme Court today
affirmed the power
of local governments
to seize private property.
The government's right
to seize your home
just received
a broad stamp of approval
from the Supreme Court
of the United States.
Man, it just seems
outrageous to me
that you can take
private property
from someone
and not build a highway
or something that's really
just for the public
but actually transfer
that property
to another private owner.
This decision
could be felt and soon
in every city and town
in this country.
And it seems to me sort
of a reverse Robin Hood
where they're taking
from the poor, essentially,
and giving to the rich.
They can say, "You know what?
We see a better public use
in your land for a Walmart.
In fact, maybe
a parking lot is best."
[REPORTER] New London homeowners
who spent five years fighting
to keep their own houses
now have 90 days to move out.
- [JOHN] Susette?
- [CROWD] Save our homes!
- [JOHN] They're ready for you.
- [CROWD] Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
Thank you.
I see so many faces I know.
Thank you all
for fighting so hard.
This isn't about us
keeping our homes anymore.
It's about people's
property rights
all over the United States.
There is no amount of money
that could replace our homes.
Or our memories.
- And we will fight.
- [MAN] Right!
I know that.
Because we won't quit now.
This decision was so close.
We finally shed some light
on what happened here.
This is where we chose to settle
and this is where
we want to stay.
This is America,
the home of the free,
isn't it?
Hands off our homes!
Hands off our homes!
The two most important things,
social justice
and economic development,
they go hand in hand.
Now, what kind of world
do we want to live in?
But that cannot be
a justification
for the use of eminent domain.
[ANCHOR] Ms. Kelo
came to Washington,
and was in no mood
to compromise.
This battle against
eminent domain abuse
may have started as a way for me
to save my little pink cottage,
but has rightfully grown
into something much larger.