Little Red Wagon (2012) Movie Script

roar of Hurricane Charley
We have reports from the National
Hurricane Center of 15 foot waves.
Others are staying put...
are preparing to hunker down,
bracing for what could be
devastating winds.
are going to leave, leave now.
The latest update
from the Hurricane Center
puts Charley on a fast
track for the Tampa area.
We have heard reports of
extremely long lines
at gas stations,
and we do know that many
are running low on fuel.
MALE NEWSCASTER 2: ...bracing for
what could be devastating winds.
The emergency workers of this area are
designating Red Cross and Salvation Army...
I-75 at this time are clear.
Now, you shouldn't get
too secure with that
because, you know,
as this progresses
those, uh, roads are going
to get very, very busy.
My suggestion...
Let's put all this stuff in
as fast as we can,
before it starts
coming down, all right?
(SIGHS) Okay.
BOY: Hey, Zach.
My mom's all freaked.
We're evacuating to
my uncle's in Huntsville.
I wanna stay here.
It might be cool, you know?
Yeah, well, we're staying.
You're not evacuating?
I'd rather be in our
safe room in my own home,
than stuck on the highway
with a million other folks.
We sat out a half dozen
of these things.
Mandatory evacuation orders
have been issued for all
residents of the Florida Keys
and people are packing up
and heading to the mainland.
Thousands of cars, many towing boats
crammed the highway... (LAURIE SIGHS)
What now?
We wait it out.
update from the Hurricane Center
puts Charley on a fast track
for the Tampa area.
Though they do caution
that it wouldn't take much
to force a deviation
anywhere along
that trajectory.
long lines at gas stations.
And we do know that many
are running low on fuel.
MALE NEWSCASTER 1: There's a staggering
number of people left homeless.
Shelters are packed...
The volunteers are doing the best
they can with the supplies they have.
Hurricane Charley made
a last minute right turn,
veering 70 miles
to the south of Tampa Bay.
The communities around Punta
Gorda and Port Charlotte
saw the worst of it.
So far 16 people are dead.
What's going on?
Just another day
in paradise.
...hundreds are missing.
When it comes to homes
at least 3,000
conventional homes
and 9,000 mobile homes
are destroyed.
At least 20,000 people
are homeless
and thousands
are trying to find
food and water
in the merciless heat.
One relief worker described
it to me as organized chaos.
There are so many needs out
there for people right now,
and patience and provisions
are both in short supply.
What these people want, need
desperately is ice and clean water.
The American Red Cross and
other disaster relief agencies
are setting up collection
points across Florida.
If you'd like to help,
you can take your donations
to any one of the locatis scrolling
at the bottom of your screen.
We should give them
some of the water we got.
Oh, we could do that.
Zach, please wash up.
I'll bet everybody in the
neighborhood has lots of water like us.
Tons of emergency stuff, too.
I should go around and ask
them if they want to donate...
Well, I wouldn't do it.
Right now
people are off to work.
Why don't you
give them some notice?
Collect it on Saturday.
People work
on Saturday, too.
You could make flyers.
Tell them to sit stuff out on
the porch if they're not home.
Yeah, you should
help him with that, Kel.
I'm busy.
You're busy?
Come on,
help him out.
You two kids don't do
anything together anymore.
I'm not a kid anymore,
in case you haven't noticed.
Hey, Mom, Kelley.
Where's that list of
emergency supplies we had?
We can put it on the flyers,
so people know what's needed.
Zach, hands.
Wash 'em. Now.
Kelley, come on.
Let's do this.
BOY: Hey, Zach. You
wanna play some Horse?
Uh, I gotta go pick up
the hurricane stuff first,
but it won't take long.
So after, okay?
Your loss, dude.
Cool. Kelley!
Right here.
Let's do this.
Brenda and I are
going to the mall.
Oh, no. No, I'm sorry, you're not.
You gotta keep an eye
on your little brother
while I go
check my property.
Good luck.
Kelley, look at this!
Oh, my gosh. This is so
cool. I hit the jackpot.
Yeah, over here, too.
Hey, what did you find?
Wow. Look at all that.
Good for you.
You know, it's pretty
hot out here.
Maybe you shouldn't
leave that in the sun.
Why don't you, uh,
load up the van,
I'll change and then we can go
right over to the collection center.
That's not all, Mom.
What do you mean?
Hit the remote.
We are going to have
to make more than one trip.
Hey! Hey!
Look who's here with
another load. It's the Z-Man.
What's up, dude?
Good to see you.
You, too.
Thanks, son. You're picking
the cupboards bare, huh?
How many loads is that?
Oh, I want you to meet
a friend of mine.
This is Ashley Legare,
a reporter.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
So, young man,
I hear you're personally
responsible for bringing in
two truckloads
of relief supplies?
Well, actually three.
But my mom
and my sister helped.
Excuse me, what...
What's going on?
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're with Channel 5.
Are you his mother?
Well, we thought it would
be nice to do an interview
about you and your family
and all the good work
you're doing here.
Um, well...
It was Zach's idea.
So, you know, you
should just talk to him.
ASHLEY: All right.
Okay. Where you
wanna do this?
ASHLEY: Well, how did
all of this get started?
Well, we were watching
the news one day, I guess,
and how it missed us,
Hurricane Charley.
So, I was thinking of all
those people in Punta Gorda.
You know,
they lost like
So, we made flyers and I
got my little red wagon.
This wagon my mom got e
when I was little.
You know?
So, people just...
There was...
There was donations
and we brought them here.
Three truckloads,
and he's not done yet,
says young Zach Bonner.
Oh, I can't watch it.
I acted like a dumb kid.
That's okay.
You are a kid.
As for the dumb part...
LAURIE: Kelley.
It's still good, Zach.
People see you on TV, they
might give you more stuff.
Yeah. That'd be cool.
I don't know about that.
I think you pretty much
played out the neighborhood.
Yeah, you're right.
But we could do other
neighborhoods around here.
Come on, let's go
make some more flyers.
I do not have time to go
traipsing after him
all over Florida.
I have a life, you know!
Let me see.
Where did I put that box?
Here it is.
Do I really have to
get rid of all this stuff?
I told you, you can only
take half that stuff.
There won't be room
in the apartment.
Thank you very much.
Oh. Hey, hold on! I have
some more stuff for you.
I've got this
water purifier.
My husband got it for
our camping trip together.
I'm sure someone could
find some use for it.
Sure, I guess.
Oh! Don't you
just hate moving?
Oh, I hate it.
And we're moving
to a smaller place.
House load of stuff in a
tiny apartment. I don't know.
I bet you some of those hurricane
kids would like a Rock Band.
Oh, for sure.
Here, take the box.
ZACH: Thanks.
Wait. Not that.
My dad gave me that.
I have a tent.
That would be handy,
wouldn't it?
Uh, yeah.
Those poor people. I hear
some of them lost everything.
Oh, they sure did.
Tell your husband
get a checkup.
Well, it's just me
and my two kids.
Uh, lost my husband.
Motorcycle accident.
Cancer. Six months ago.
I'm... I'm sorry.
So you manage with no,
uh, father in the house?
Um, yeah.
I mean, we get by.
I'm in real estate and I
manage some property, so...
We do okay.
Well, get a checkup.
My late husband, he, uh...
Well, you never know you're gonna
get sick until it's too late.
Um, this is very generous.
I appreciate it.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
Well, we better get
going, Zach. Okay? Okay.
Again, thank you so much.
Good luck.
Good luck to you.
Well, you can't
be doing that.
You gotta
wait in the car.
Where's Mr. Parrish?
Never heard of him.
You gotta
sit in the car.
No minors allowed
around the loading dock.
Excuse me,
what's going on here?
No kids around the loading
dock. It's the rules.
But Zach's helped
unload before.
I don't care about that.
He's brought in 27
freaking loads here.
Helped unload 26 of them
his own self.
I don't make
the rules, lady.
I just enforce them.
That is just
the most ridicu...
But it's the rules.
It's the rules, so...
Go wait in the van, Zach.
Kelley, you and I will
unload the rest of this.
KELLEY: That uptight,
anal-retentive bureaucrat.
You give little people a
little power and you just...
Okay. All right, all right.
Zach, you okay?
Come on. Are you gonna let
Princess Red Tape ruin your day?
You've been doing
a good thing.
Is it 'cause you didn't get a high-five
and a great big attaboy from Mr. Parrish?
'Cause you didn't get
to be on TV again?
Is that why you've
been doing this?
You know what? We're
gonna go on a road trip.
Wait. What?
Where? Right now? All
right, just calm down.
You'll see.
No! I can't go anywhere,
I gotta go home.
I have a date.
A date? With who?
That Murch kid again?
What? Uh...
Somebody else. I already told you. Oh.
But he's picking me up
in, like, an hour
and I have to go home
and get ready. Okay, okay.
Then it'll just be Zach and me. Yes.
Road trip, Zach?
WOMAN: Come over here
for a second, please.
LAURIE: I thought you should see where
all that stuff you collected was going.
Some of these folks
have been here for weeks.
Can you believe that?
But they are being fed,
clothed, taken care of.
But people like you, if you
hadn't done what you did,
it would have been
a whole lot worse for them.
ZACH: It's so...
I know.
Breaks your heart.
From one day you're just
living your life and then...
Bam! Something happens.
And the next thing
you know you're...
You're struggling with things
that you always took for granted.
How am I gonna
feed my kids?
Put clothes
on their back,
roof over their heads.
It's just the simplest,
little thing can become a
mountain that you have to climb.
I have my own room.
Where's your home?
Ain't there no more.
I'm sorry.
Can I get a new memory card
for my Battle Box?
We're not gonna buy anything
new. Not for a while.
I lost my job today.
You got fired?
No. They closed the bank.
You know, my manager
came in this morning
and said that they would cease
operations by the end of the day.
And then,
they just shut it down.
I mean, the whole branch.
Locked everything up
and sent us all home.
You'll get another job.
You'll get another job.
I will.
Absolutely. I will.
Hey, made curfew
with time to spare.
Give Kelley an "attagirl". (CHUCKLES)
For doing what you're
supposed to do? (CHUCKLES)
Now what's the gnome doing?
I took him to see some of
the folks he's been helping.
A bunch of people made
homeless by the hurricanes.
Seems he took it to heart.
He does that.
How was your date?
His name is Ian. And...
(SIGHING) I don't know.
He's super cute.
We like the same books
and movies and music and...
I don't know.
I gotta call Brenda.
Well, I thought
she was with you.
No, she was. But,
you know...
I gotta give her
the post-date review.
LAURIE: Yep. Caulk the shower,
guest bath, that piece of molding.
Master bedroom,
loose vents, living room.
Uh-huh, and when the punch list is
done then you'll get the balance.
Please hurry, okay?
I need to lease
that place ASAP.
What... Okay, just hang
on one second, please.
Yes, honey.
I know what
I'm gonna do.
About what?
I'm gonna help
homeless kids.
LAURIE: No, I said when you complete the
punch list then you'll get the payment.
Well, I'm sorry, but otherwise what
incentive do you have to finish?
ZACH: They're all
so expensive.
Well, if you insist
on including a toy,
why don't you just leave
out some of the other things?
No, Mom, I don't want to.
Hey, do you want some
cheese with that whine?
Just skip the toy,
it's not a big deal.
No. The toy's important.
I've been thinking...
If you have nothing,
no home, nothing,
then a toy
would mean a lot.
Well, then it doesn't matter
if it's cheap or expensive.
Just has to be a good toy.
Uh, excuse me. Do you
have any cheap toys?
How cheap?
Real cheap. (SIGHS)
What is this, like a birthday
present for somebody you don't like?
No. It's gotta be
a great toy.
But I need a lot of them.
Couple hundred.
I have money,
but not a lot.
Let's go with
the classics.
Follow me.
How about a yo-yo?
Yo-yo's are nice.
How much?
Well, the Duncan Butterfly
is $4.99.
But the Duncan Imperial,
a very good yo-yo, is $3.49.
I don't know.
Sir, we are, um...
We're trying to put together
these, sort of, um,
care packages
for homeless kids,
and they've got, um,
some food in them,
hygiene kits, underwear.
Maybe candy, something
to read and, uh...
And a toy
if we can afford it.
A toy for sure.
You see, Zach here has been
raising the money all by himself.
He's been
collecting donations.
Selling bottles of water at
various events, things like that.
Well, no kidding.
My brother goes homeless
on me every once in a while.
He's, uh...
He's a bit schizo.
Well, actually
he's full schizo.
And every once in a while
he stops taking his meds
and he finds himself back out on
the streets and I go looking for him.
I've seen some stuff.
So, I'll tell you what I'm
gonna do for you, young man.
I am gonna sell you
these yo-yo's at wholesale,
and just for nothing I'm gonna
throw in a gross of Gertie Balls.
Gertie Balls are cool.
Yeah, you bet
Gertie Balls are cool.
What's a wholesale?
What it cost me.
It's about a buck
per unit, per yo-yo.
I like wholesale.
All right, now what are you
gonna put all those things in?
I can give you
a couple of bags.
Did you remember
your wallet, Son?
Yes, Mom.
Good boy.
Every kid needs a backpack.
Something to put
their stuff in.
Backpacks, too?
Okay, I'm gonna need
to see your 501(c)(3).
My what?
WARREN: Your 501(c)(3)?
You're gonna need one of those if
you're gonna call yourself a charity.
And I'm gonna need to see one if
I'm gonna get an okay from corporate.
Oh. Okay,
I can do that.
WARREN: Well, okay.
You go do that.
And I'll get your stuff together
here and you come back and get it.
Okay, thanks.
Right. Ask for me.
Hey, Mom.
What you doing?
Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Your father used
to handle all this.
He used to handle
everything, really.
How was school?
Same old, same old.
Mrs. Moon is taking us
on a field trip
to the Museum of
Science and Industry.
Hey! That's gonna be fun.
Yeah, and you need to sign
this permission slip.
Okay. And I need $25 for
tickets, lunch, and everything.
You want something to drink? I'm okay.
You might have
to be sick that day.
Don't get it. Jim.
Hey, Mr. Deason.
Hi, Jimmy. Mrs. Craig.
Hi, Mr. Deason.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Deason, I am trying.
I really am.
But my unemployment just ran
out and my part-time job...
I hardly make enough money
to put food on the table.
If you could just
give me a little more time.
It isn't me, Mrs. Craig.
It's, uh...
I mean, all I do is fix
toilets and collect the rent.
It's my bosses.
I mean, they're on
my back constantly.
It's like, uh...
Maybe if you could put
some money on the back rent.
Do you think you could give
me to the end of the week
to put some
money together?
I'm sorry, there's really
nothing I can do about that.
Mr. Deason, do you know
anybody who wants a TV?
It's a big screen.
It's practically brand new.
Well, I don't know anyone,
but I can ask around.
Uh, we're here
about a 501(c)(3).
Did you get
the instructions?
Yes, ma'am, we did.
And, um, they just served to confuse
us more, if you know what I mean.
There's an 800 number
helpline. Did you call it?
Yes, ma'am,
we did call that helpline
and, uh,
there was quite a wait
and when we finally did get
a human being on the line,
um, how shall I put it, that human
being seemed just as confused as we were.
I don't know
what to tell you then.
You want to establish
a tax-free exempt status,
you have to apply
like everyone else.
Well, ma'am,
what we were hoping
is that somebody could just
walk us through the application.
What? There's no one here
who does that.
That's what the 800 number
is for. And the instructions.
Right. The instructions.
Okay, well,
thank you for your help.
You know any kids?
Of course.
I have
three grandchildren.
Well, I'm trying
to help kids.
Kids without homes.
You? You're trying
to help them?
This 501(c)(3) thing
is for me.
You see, um,
Zach here has been
collecting donations
for hurricane victim relief
for most of the year.
And now he wants to do the
same thing for homeless kids.
But I need this
501(c)(3) thing...
Yeah. To make it all legal.
This 501(c)(3) thing.
What if one of your
grandchildren was homeless?
Oh, don't try and
soft soap me, mister.
How would you like
to go to lunch with me?
Hey, Mom.
Where were you?
I was worried.
Oh, um, I sold the rest
of my games and those DVDs.
I got over $40.
Oh, sweets.
Listen, I need you
to go and pack a bag.
Are we going on a trip?
We have to move. Tonight.
And we have to be
very quiet about it.
We can't let
Mr. Deason see us.
Why? Where are we going?
Are we going to a hotel?
We don't have enough
money for a hotel,
we're gonna have
to stay in the car.
In the car?
It's just for a little while.
Till I can figure out some things.
Well, what about school?
You go to school
like you always do.
Now go pack.
Suitcase on the bed.
What about all my stuff?
My computer,
my Gamebite, my stuff.
We're gonna have to leave
a lot of the stuff behind.
I'm leaving a note
for Mr. Deason,
telling him he can sell it
to make up for what we owe...
Sell my stuff. No!
I am leaving a lot
of my stuff behind, too.
Most of my clothes.
Now go on.
Mom, it's not fair. I already
moved and I lost all my...
No, it's not fair.
It's not fair.
I'm sorry.
I'm begging you. Please
just go and pack a bag.
Look at their faces.
It's just like watching
Christmas morning.
We cannot thank you enough
for everything, Miss Bonner.
Oh, well, it was
all Zach's doing.
Well, Zach, we thank you.
You did a good thing here.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) I just wish
we had room for them all.
Well, thank you again,
so much.
LAURIE: Oh, it was
a pleasure meeting you.
It was nice meeting you,
too. Zach, thank you.
All Zach's doing? Really?
Mom, what am I?
Hired help?
Well, I just meant it
was his idea, that's all.
Don't get all huffy.
You got that boy,
and Zach has this.
Whoa! Not the same thing.
Not even close
to the same thing.
That boy... You can't even say his name.
His name is Ian.
I know his name.
I hear it enough.
You don't know
anything about him.
And have you ever even
invited him over for dinner
and tried to get
to know him? No!
Well, I don't need to know
him to know that you're...
That you're too young
to be going steady.
"Going steady"?
What is this?
The '50s?
Mom, be honest. You wouldn't
like any boy I went out with.
That is...
This boy that...
This Ian...
You really like him?
KELLEY: He makes me
feel special.
You're special to me.
Zach's special to you.
You always wanted me to
be special, but I'm not.
I cannot...
Zach, let's go.
Here, you drive.
Zach, in the back.
Come on. Let's go.
Face it, Mom.
Dance classes,
tennis classes,
photography, cheerleading, the hospice,
all those things
that you made me do.
Made? You...
You wanted to
do those things!
I was encouraging
your interests.
No, you wanted me
to do those things.
And even when I did, you pushed
me until I didn't any more.
The tennis matches
and camp?
I just wanted to play once
in a while, not compete.
Roll the window down.
The window.
Roll it down.
Ma'am, I'm afraid
you can't sleep here.
This is commercial property and
I could cite you for trespassing.
Really? I'm sorry.
If you don't have
any money for a hotel room,
there's a homeless
shelter downtown,
the Metropolitan Ministry
on Florida Avenue.
If they're full, I got a
24-hour number I can give you.
No, no, we're not
homeless, Officer.
Okay. Well,
you still have to move on.
There's a rest stop about
eight miles up the 75.
You think
you can find it?
Uh, up the 75? Okay.
Be careful.
Lock your doors.
You take care of
your mom now, okay?
Thank you, Officer.
So you would be willing to take
some domestic work? Housekeeping...
At this point,
I would take anything.
I just need to work.
A paycheck of some sort.
Um, you haven't listed
an address here?
What about
a phone number?
I don't have
one right now.
Um, is that a problem?
Well, how are we supposed to
contact you if something opens up?
Well, how about I call you?
Say, once a day to check
whether you have anything for me?
Yeah, we can try that.
But don't harass me
with a lot of phone calls?
No, of course not.
Thanks for your application,
and we'll give you a call...
I'll be waiting
for your call.
Did you give any more thought about what
we talked about, about the college thing?
I don't think I'm really
the college type.
You've seen my grades.
I dunno.
How about your
Stop with
the photography thing.
That's just,
you know, for fun.
I like cooking.
I don't know.
I love to eat.
So, you know...
Cooking thing, maybe?
Well, maybe you should take
some classes over the summer.
See if you like it.
Are they expensive?
I don't know. It's gotta
be cheaper than college.
You know, we could
take 'em together.
(LAUGHING) Seriously?
That would be so cool.
All right.
Huh. Wonder who that is.
Hi, Z. Bonner?
His mother, but I'm willing
to give that up for some quiet.
I got a package here
for Zach Bonner.
Can you sign this, please?
Thank you very much.
All right.
Um, excuse me?
Where's our package?
It's not one.
It's 500 of them.
500 what?
500 Build-A-Bear bears.
Yes! Whoo! Yes!
Oh, my...
Zach, what did you do?
Well, I sent 100 e-mails
to big companies
asking for donations,
and one answered.
So, where do you want 'em?
In the garage,
I guess. Zach?
What are we supposed to do
with 500 stuffed bears?
(OVER PA) On behalf of
myself, Kristy Kilgo,
and all the employees here
at the Lazydays RV center,
we would like to welcome
the mothers and children
of the Tampa Bay
Shelter for Women
and wish them
a very merry Christmas.
I got a bear.
Oh, that hurt!
They're really good.
Merry Christmas.
MAN: Enjoy.
Oh, I will. Thank you.
Enjoy. Merry Christmas.
SANTA: You've been a good
girl, right? You promise?
(LAUGHS) Okay.
You have a merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas.
Hi! Merry Christmas!
This is for you.
You promise?
All right.
I promise.
Merry Christmas.
How are you?
MAN: Merry Christmas.
Um, I'm sorry, Nana. I was told
that CNN would pick it up...
I was promised CNN.
Stand over here.
Okay, let's get
some kids over here
and kick this puppy
down the stairs.
Thank you. Let's get you some presents.
Thank you. You were
great. Merry Christmas.
TV legend Nana Galloway
stopped in Tampa recently.
Santa, I need to borrow
you just a second. promote
her charitable foundation
and her recently
released box set
of her TV series, Busybody.
She's here to help less
fortunate women and children.
Let's have a word with her.
Miss Galloway...
Excuse me, chief. Nana...
What drives you to interrupt your
busy schedule to do things like this?
I'm always looking to help.
It's what I do.
It's part of who I am.
It was a little
before your time.
It was about this old lady who
snoops around her neighborhood,
solving everyone's problems.
I'm always
looking to help.
Big smile. It's in my
nature, what I'm all about.
I'm just hoping that tonight
we can give a little joy
to these women
and children...
It was opposite
Fantasy Island.
The looks on their little faces
when they open these presents
is the only gift I need
this Christmas.
Laurie. Hi!
I haven't seen you
since the Be More Awards.
Kristy, I'm so sorry.
I didn't see you
standing there.
And I'm sorry we didn't come
over earlier to say hello.
You did such a good job
putting this all on for Zach.
Oh, well, me and Harold
and our foundation.
But, really, it's
our employees here.
They volunteer
their time,
but they also have
a portion of their income
deducted from every paycheck to
help fund our charitable works.
At Lazydays, we like to say,
"We pay the kids first." collection.
I'm glad I could help.
We really appreciate it.
Doesn't it just grind
your middle kidney
that Galloway's riding
on your son's coattails?
You know what?
You should get in
on this photo opportunity.
You're responsible
for most of this.
Miss Galloway?
Yes? Um...
Miss Galloway,
this is Zach Bonner.
His foundation helped
make this event happen.
A lot of it.
I think you should get a
picture with the Bonner family.
No, that's okay.
You go.
All right, let's bring
you right over here.
And maybe just with
the kid for now.
(LAUGHS) A little young to have
your own foundation, mister.
Maybe you could help us.
Some autographed photos,
or some DVDs.
We like to sell that kind of
stuff on eBay to raise money.
Sorry, son, but Nana doesn't
get involved in anything
that raises less than
a million dollars.
I can raise
a million dollars.
A bit of advice, Jack?
Do kid things. Stay a
kid as long as you can.
You leave this kind
of thing to us adults.
PUBLICIST: We'll be late for the
next appointment. Bye, everyone.
Ugh! Did you see me
get ganked?
Ganked? What kind of
word is that?
And then that d-bag pushed me
out of the picture. Hey! Hush!
Don't you be calling people
d- bags in the middle...
Like I was gonna break their
freakin' camera! You be quiet now!
Okay, you were mistreated.
What do you want me to do?
Just say the word.
Don't say that word. Say any
other word. Hey, hey, hey!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Consider me vented. Lord!
Yes, honey.
You think Nana Galloway really
raised a million dollars?
Well, I don't doubt it.
I mean, she's famous.
You get that much attention from the
media, you can do just about anything.
Oh, the power of publicity.
Yeah, you know.
The TV and the news people,
and, like, when papers and
magazines write about you.
Or, you know, when you were on TV
and you got all those donations.
It was... It was just
ginormous. It was huge!
Yeah, I know
what publicity is,
but how do you get it?
Well, you just gotta do something
that'll get their attention.
You know,
like Paris Hilton.
Um, excuse me. Yeah,
that's good. Like she has...
Paris Hilton? Don't be
giving him any ideas.
I wasn't gonna... Okay. Fine.
That's a... (MIMICS ZIPPING)
I was just gonna tell
him... Fine. Thank you.
The tape...
Stop it right there.
All right.
There's no smoking,
no alcohol,
no drugs,
no fighting,
and no loud noises.
(COUGHING) Thank you, Mom.
And don't give
my staff any grief.
There'll be a hot breakfast
from 7:30 to 9:00.
You have to be out by 9:30.
This is your room.
Please be considerate,
and clean up
after yourselves.
Have a good night.
Thank you. Good night.
I get the top bunk.
It's not bad.
It's clean.
MAN: Wakey,
eggs and bakey!
Wakey, wakey,
eggs and bakey!
You okay?
Did you sleep okay?
Yeah. You?
I slept pretty good.
I smell bacon.
Mmm. Should we get
some breakfast?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
where's my backpack?
Did you bring it in
from the car?
Yeah, it was right here.
My bag's gone.
How could... They came
in while we were sleeping?
My purse...
My wallet's gone. Somebody...
How? It was... I mean, it was
right under my pillow! How could...
My food stamp card,
my driver's license.
Oh, God, no.
(SOFTLY) My Gamebite.
Your Gamebite?
Your Gamebite.
Do you realize what
we just lost? Do you?
So what do we do now?
I don't know.
If I knew, I would tell you!
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
From 1953 to 1981,
a silver haired woman calling
herself only Peace Pilgrim,
walked more than 25,000 miles on
a personal pilgrimage for peace.
She vowed to
remain a wanderer
until mankind has
learned the way of peace.
Walking until
given shelter,
and fasting
until given food.
Ian and I broke up.
ZACH: Hey, guys, look at
this. We could do this.
Do what?
Walk across America to raise
awareness. About homeless kids.
(SCOFFS) Across America?
Zach, I don't think so.
(SIGHS) Well,
to Washington D.C. then.
It'd be great publicity.
It would get people to care
more about homeless kids.
Good idea, Zach, but...
Do you know
how far that is?
I mean,
that'd take months.
Well, to somewhere closer.
Maybe to the state capital,
(SCOFFS) The state capital
is Tallahassee.
No, I meant
capital to capital.
Tallahassee to Atlanta.
Anyone can walk to Tallahassee.
Oh, you think so?
Maybe when you're older.
How old?
Oh, um...
Can I get a job?
Just, you know...
But, Mom, I need
to do something big.
Kelley, you said
that's what gets publicity,
and publicity is
what gets donations.
Look, don't get me involved in any
more of your cranial rectal ideas.
Mom, you wanna
do something together.
We could all
do this together.
Honey, what did I say?
Maybe when you're older.
LAURIE: I don't know, Mama.
He does it 'cause he likes it.
Yeah, and things.
Hundreds of Build-A-Bears,
these things
called Gertie Balls.
Why what?
Why does he do it or
why do they give him money?
Oh, hang on, Mama.
Ms. Bonner.
Ashley Legare, remember?
Channel 5 News.
I received an e-mail
from Zach
and we'd like to interview him
about his walk to Tallahassee.
My Zach?
Mama, I'm gonna
have to call you back.
All right.
Zach Bonner!
Did you check the map? Do you
know how far it is to Tallahassee?
Not really, no.
Well, who is
going with you?
My mom and my sister.
So why is it you really wanna do this?
Well, because, you know,
it's helping homeless kids,
and it's fun.
For Channel 5,
this is Ashley Legare.
And cut.
That was great.
All right. Nice work,
little man. Thanks.
I'll get your mic, here.
You must be so proud.
Yeah, I'm about to bust.
You know, I was wondering... Excuse me.
All right, stay on
the state roads for sure.
That way you don't have to deal
with all the red tape and stuff
you need on
federal highways...
And try to go through the
media market towns, you know?
Oh, man! I know some of the
TV stations along the way.
We can give 'em
a heads up, you know?
You know what we can do?
Hook you up
with a GPS tracker.
You know, so people can
follow you on the Internet.
That'd be so cool!
The "Zach Tracker".
Hey, Mom,
did you hear that?
Oh, yeah, I heard it.
I cannot believe
that you went behind my
back after I told you no.
There's no way
we can do this.
But I already
announced it.
Well, that is your problem,
young man.
You are just gonna have to call them up
and tell them that you changed your mind.
What? But I wanna do it!
Do you know
how far it is?
Have you even thought
about this?
I mean, who would
take care of the house?
And have you
thought about money?
We don't have the money
for all this.
And then
what about my business?
I mean, I can't just be
traipsing halfway across Florida.
Mom, it's just walking.
It doesn't cost a thing
just to walk.
Are you serious?
What about hotel rooms?
What about food?
Well, I can
raise money for food.
Get donations
from restaurants, I bet.
And I called Kristy
from Lazydays
to see if we can
borrow an RV
so we wouldn't have
to go to hotels.
Their charity might give
us some money for gas.
Are you telling me
that you called
after I told you no?
I was just doing research.
I asked her "if". They
said that they "might" help.
"Might", Zach.
That is a long way
from "yes".
But, Mom,
if I get the RV
and raise enough money
and figure out
the house thing,
can I do it?
Do you know how long it
would take to walk that far?
Most of the summer,
And your sister and I
have plans.
Kelley, you can help, too.
It'd be fun. You could
do the publicity stuff.
You're really
good at that.
Look, you can go on ahead,
but you're doing
this one without me.
No, Kel, it's for
all of us to do.
It would be fun.
It could be like
our family project
for the summer.
Whenever we do
something together,
we have so much fun.
Remember making the Christmas
ornaments for the old folks' home?
Christmas caroling? That was
fun. And it'll be like that.
But better.
Oh, come on, Kel.
Say yes.
Say yes.
I'll do anything you
want me to do after this.
Okay. Maybe.
Maybe. That's it.
Thanks, Kel.
Just hold on, mister.
You still have some big hoops to jump
through before this is a done deal.
No sweat. I'm gonna go e
- mail Kristy.
So much for those
cooking classes, huh?
Don't worry about it.
This is such
a long shot, Kel.
Any further business?
Okay, before we go,
Kristy and Harold have someone
who would like to speak to us.
Zach Bonner.
You can do it.
WOMAN: Zach?
"Thank you for this
opportunity to speak to you.
"There are estimated 1.3 million
homeless children in the United States.
"2% of the children
in this country,
"10% of all poor children.
"The major causes
of child homelessness
"are family problems, economic
or money-related problems.
"Homelessness makes these children
vulnerable to violence or abuse."
Okay, you know what?
You all got a Be More Awd
for helping homeless children
get off the streets.
You all know that.
So, I guess when you find out
what these kids are going through,
it's hard not
to do something.
But it's a really
big problem.
Over one million kids.
I can't even put that
in my head. That's like...
Raymond James Stadium 15 times
overfilled with kids without homes.
So, you ask yourself,
"How can only
one person help?"
So, you got together and created your
own foundation to help these kids.
That's so cool!
And now you're probably
looking at me and thinking,
"How can this one
little kid help?"
But the way I see it,
it's like
cleaning your room.
Whenever it's really messy
and too big of a problem,
you ignore it.
you shove it
under the bed, whatever.
But if you pick
one small spot,
work on it, then another,
eventually it gets done.
My mom taught me that.
That's how I think we should go
about with helping these kids.
So my small part
is to walk to our
state capital in Tallahassee.
Along the way, I hope to speak
to schools and media outlets
to raise awareness
about the homeless kids.
So, I'll pick up
the dirty clothes,
and you guys put away
the toys or make the bed.
One day,
our room will be clean.
And one day, there won't be
any more homeless kids to help.
Thank you.
I move that we see if we
can get that RV for him
and donate $1,000 from
the fund to Zach's walk.
(APPLAUDING) Do we have
a second to that motion?
ALL: Seconded!
You know what?
$1,000 isn't gonna do it.
Here you go, Zach.
Anyone else?
MAN: Good luck, kid.
ZACH: Thanks.
Thank you. Thank you.
Come on.
Did you think...
Yeah, he... He wouldn't
be able to do it, huh?
Well, I mean, did you think that he'd
be able to do it? But look at him.
Thank you.
LAURIE: It's unbelievable.
Thank you. Thank you.
Look, I'm so sorry.
I know that
you're disappointed.
But we can always do those cooking
classes next summer, all right?
Come on.
Hmm, it's not
a done deal yet.
I still have to figure out
how we survive.
But you can do it, right?
I'll give it my best.
That's all
I can tell you.
Where do you think you're
going? Anywhere but here.
Um, no, you're not.
You're 16.
17 in a month.
I call the cops, they'll
drag you right back here.
You wouldn't.
You wanna try me?
Look, Kelley,
I know you're upset.
Upset? Upset?
You promised!
It was a plan.
Plans change.
Life does that to us
all the time. I had plans.
All sorts of plans.
I made the best out
of what was dealt me.
Does your life suck?
Because mine sucks!
Are you kidding me?
I want you to
go to bed right now.
But... Right now, I
don't care. Go ahead.
Go in there right now.
Right now.
So your life sucks, huh?
Do you want
for anything?
I provide for your
every need,
for your every
little whim.
Girl, poke your head
out of that
sheltered life of yours
and take a look
at mine for a second.
I am the sole provider
for this family.
Every day I have to find a way
to keep our heads above water.
Every day,
whether we eat or not,
it is all on me and some days,
that is plain bone crushing.
But I do it.
Is that why you're trying
to ruin my life?
Because yours
is so pathetic?
My life is in no way
pathetic, Kelley,
and I'm so sorry
it seems that way to you.
Yes, maybe before this
I was just treading water,
before Zach started on
his... His mission here.
But this has
given him a purpose,
a dream.
For me, too.
And maybe just once, instead
of only thinking about yourself,
maybe just once you could
think about climbing aboard.
You know what?
(SHOUTING) I don't give
a damn about his dream!
My life is a nightmare!
You better watch it,
young lady.
(SCREAMING) I will not!
You will watch it
in my house!
You wanna
grow up so fast?
Well, every once in
a while, us grown-ups,
more than we'd like,
have to suck it up
and move on.
So get your butt
back in your room.
Clean that up.
You clean it up!
Listen to me.
You don't get the life
you want, you know.
You get what comes
down the line.
You live with that
or you be miserable.
It is your choice.
ZACH: Kelley?
You mad at me?
What do you think?
You wouldn't really go,
would you?
I didn't pack
for a vacation.
But I don't want you
to go. Ever.
I'm gonna go someday.
So will you.
We're in this together.
We're a team.
The Dynamic Trio.
Us against the world.
You remember that?
You were so little.
I still am little.
Don't give me that
"puppy dog Zach" act.
You can play everyone
else, including Mom,
but you can't
play your sister.
But this would
be fun, Kel.
I was thinking you'd be like
the publicity whatchamacallit.
You know, calling the
newspaper and the radio people,
and the TV stations
during the walk.
I bet you'll like it
much more than the cooking.
You never quit, do you?
What do you mean?
Go all innocent on me.
You're such a selfish
little jerk sometimes.
I wish I cared about
something as much as you do.
But I don't.
So I just...
People walk all over me
like a doormat.
But you're not a doormat.
Yeah, I am.
Mom said to
come eat breakfast.
She make biscuits?
(SIGHS) She thinks she
can buy me with biscuits.
Well, that works for me.
Look, I was thinking...
I guess I could be your
publicity whatchamacallit, okay?
Thank you so much. Thank
you, thank you, thank you.
This will be fun, Kel.
You watch.
Hey, Mom,
guess what?
Guess what?
Did you get a new
driver's license?
There's a $10 fee.
Hey, I was in the line
and I was thinking,
"What else could
we get with $10?"
A couple of meals, enough
gas to get us somewhere else.
And then I was thinking...
Somewhere else?
Do you remember Daddy talked about
that aunt he had up in Waukeenah?
Um, yeah.
Well, I haven't communicated with
her for ages, but she was so nice.
She really liked me.
I don't know. What do you think?
We could go up there and...
Let's do it.
You'll like her.
Yeah, she's funny.
(EXHALES) Come on.
May I help you?
I'm looking for
Cynthia McHugh.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I tried calling earlier,
but she must have changed
the number or something.
Is she at home?
Um, I don't know
a Cynthia McHugh.
Well, she...
She used to live here.
I just moved but
six months ago myself.
I'm sorry.
Did she, um...
Did she leave
a forwarding address?
Thank you.
SENATOR OVER PA: You know, he may
have coined the term Little Red Wagon
from his vibrant red hair,
as well as his
vibrant red wagon.
But, uh, he is
probably the youngest
founder, president of any non-profit
organization that you'll ever meet.
Quite a remarkable
young man,
and of course, I am
speaking of Zach Bonner
with the Little
Red Wagon Foundation.
Zach is being tracked.
I say young man...
Look at this, Zach.
All these people. (LAUGHS)
All this commotion.
Look what you started
with your little red wagon.
You've done something
Just give yourself a minute
and take it all in.
SENATOR: Not only does
he do these good works,
but he also inspires
others to help him
and to do these good works
themselves. Very admirable.
Kel, I think you should get
to the first rendezvous point.
Can't I wait until
the ribbon cutting?
Oh, of course.
Of course.
Then you should get going.
Hey, I'm driving,
you're walking.
Who's gonna get there
first? Duh. Okay, okay.
Kelley, listen to me.
This is gonna be hard
on all of us, okay?
But it has become bigger
than just you and me.
So let's just
try our best,
and get along.
I will make an effort
if you will.
Yes, I'm sorry, all right?
The state of Florida
is walking with him,
and I am walking with him
every step of the way.
CROWD: Yeah!
Bonner! Bonner! Bonner!
MAN: Yeah!
Look at that, it's really pretty. Yeah.
I'd like to be
in a boat out there.
All these items look like
they belong to old folks.
They look like
they belong to old folks?
They probably do
belong to old folks.
At some point they were...
Young people...
How you guys doing?
Oh, we're doing all right,
aren't we, Zach?
But you know what? We need
to refresh the bug juice.
Those flies are
mean out there.
And, uh...
You know what?
You need to put more
sunblock on and then hydrate.
Yeah, I've been keeping
the water cold on ice.
Thank you.
Zach, how you doing?
On the way here,
we saw a crow
with a lizard in its claws.
No way.
LAURIE: We did.
Or it could've been
a baby alligator.
That's so cool.
LAURIE: You think?
Oh! Oh, um...
Do you want us to move
the next stop closer
or keep it
where we planned?
No, I think we're okay.
Right, Zach?
I'm good.
We're good.
Oh, you know what?
Did you get the Tampa papers?
Yeah, they're right here.
Oh, good.
Can you believe it? That
they spelled my name wrong?
Oh, terrible!
That's awful.
It's not a big deal,
honey. It is a big deal!
Oh, come on.
No, it is a big deal.
It's my name!
Kelley. K-E-L-L-E-Y.
E- Y! It's not a big deal.
And they're like, "L-Y".
Oh, come on. Do you want
me... How hard is that?
Do you want me to call
the editor? I will.
I will call him tomorrow and I
will say... What are they gonna do?
"Listen, Mr. Man, you
put her name K- E-L-L-E-Y
"in big bold print letters and big
picture and it'll be really pretty."
I see what you're doing. Sorry.
Vented. I'm okay.
All right. Let's hydrate and keep on.
Zach, do you need to pee?
KELLEY: Take your water.
I guess he
doesn't need to pee.
I do,
but I guess
that doesn't matter.
I'll see you at the next one.
I'll see you at the next...
Bye. Bye.
Oh, sweet! A dollar.
JIM: Ugh! Gross!
What's that smell?
I think it's a dead cat!
Just go into the next one.
Jackpot, Mom!
Be careful.
Look what I got!
Are you okay?
Okay, it's okay,
it's gonna be okay.
Let me check.
(SOBS) Oh, I'm sorry.
Just let me take a look. Just
let me take a little look.
Okay, come on.
We're gonna go, okay?
We're gonna go.
What's a profit?
ZACH: I have no idea.
Probably, like, a spice.
LAURIE: With all that money...
Hey, guys.
Oh, I swear,
every bone in my body hurts.
Well, dinner
on the table for you
and here's some
epsom salts for your feet.
Kelley, I think
you're an angel.
I do.
I got some coming up
for you, too, Zach.
I take back every bad thing
I ever said about you.
Aw, thanks.
Well, we did it.
One day down.
Quite a few more to go.
But we don't look
at it like that,
we take it
one day at a time,
one mile at a time,
one foot in front
of the other.
Right, Zach?
It's chicken
in his hand.
Oh, that's not cool.
Here you go.
Cover him with this.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
(LOUDLY) Excuse me.
We have been waiting
six and a half hours.
When are we gonna
see a doctor?
Ma'am, we take
the priority cases first.
Priority? My son
could have a concussion.
His arm could be broken.
Priority here means
life or death.
There are patients here who
have waited longer than you.
But he's a kid.
He's a kid.
I'm sorry.
Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Wait, wait.
Let me get some ice.
There's more.
Is it good?
LAURIE: I would not.
No, thank you.
Yes, Mr. Senator.
Well, I do believe you should be there
around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m., I would say.
You all right?
Oh! Oh, honey, honey.
Zach? Oh, Zach!
Oh, honey. Oh!
Oh, babe. All right. Okay. (GROANING)
Wait. Let's go find Kel.
She's over here. Come on.
Hey, Zach?
I think we should
call it a day.
You've done so many
miles... No! We can't cheat.
The homeless
don't get a day off.
All right. I'll meet you
at the next rest stop.
All right, buddy?
Take it slow, okay?
I beat you.
All right.
WOMAN: Mrs. Bonner!
Excuse me. Hi.
Um, the girls... We were wondering
if we could walk with Zach?
You know, they want
to do their part.
Uh, sure, I guess.
How... How did you
find out about us?
Um, well, we've actually...
We've been using
the Zach Tracker
and we've been following
you guys since Tampa.
Oh, really?
The Zach Tracker,
isn't that nice?
So, what do you say, Zach?
Sure, I guess.
All right.
Let's go.
Very interesting.
Nice work, chick magnet.
Quite a show.
Like how you want it.
Look, where are we going?
We need to get you
something to eat.
But we don't have any
money. I know that!
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're gonna
steal some food?
I'm gonna do
what I have to do.
Come on, come on.
Here we go.
What do you want? Uh...
Tuna, ham and cheese,
veggie roll?
Um, the tuna?
Come on, come on.
Aren't you gonna
get one for you?
Does that look weird?
No. Come on.
What's wrong, Momma?
We're not these
kind of people.
We're not. Stay there.
(SIGHS) Oh, Lord.
What am I supposed to do?
Here, honey.
Come on.
We're the homeless,
those who have nothing.
A small thing that
we take for granted,
a book, clean underwear,
or a simple toy can give
them just a little happiness.
Maybe for only a moment.
Sometimes the smallest act of
kindness can change a person's life.
Or it could be the one thing that
gives them enough hope to go on,
or to start again.
to make your own bed,
and in case you get cold you're
gonna have a couple of those.
Thank you.
And I have
something for you.
We have a couple
of these left.
What's this?
They call 'em Zach Packs.
Some kid puts them together
and that one's yours to keep.
You're welcome.
Okay. Why don't you
follow me this way
and I'll show you
to your room. All right?
Go ahead and get settled in.
Take your time, but
dinner's in about an hour.
Okay? So why don't you
come down to the dining hall.
All right?
Thank you.
Okay, thanks.
Here you go.
Mom, look,
there's food.
Chef Boyardee.
deodorant, soap...
Oh, can I see?
Some cool comic.
"Kid Fuel." (CHUCKLES)
Oh, man! Socks.
Mom, look, a yo-yo!
Remember that yo-yo
Dad gave me?
That lit up.
Oh, I loved that.
I may need to borrow
some of this toothpaste.
Is that okay?
Look, Spider-Man.
And I can do a lap
around the world.
Good job!
Oh, man.
This is tough.
There. There.
Hold on.
I can do it.
What do you wanna
talk about?
I'm talked out.
No, we got Greek myths.
Stupid human tricks?
Mom, I'm talked out.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm just
talked out.
I was hoping you could amuse
me some, but... Mom, please.
Oh. All right,
all right.
If you're too
worn out, then...
You ready?
Do you wanna get something
to eat? Are you... You hungry?
Mmm, okay.
What you so happy about?
(WHISPERS) I got a job.
A job?
Really? No way!
I did. Yes!
People at the Hope Center got
me an interview, just temp work,
but it could be
a permanent thing.
Depends on how I perform.
Thank you. Sorry.
You'll be great.
First thing we gotta do
is get you back into school.
Get you registered.
But where're
we gonna live?
I'm working on that, too.
You know what?
I think we're
gonna be okay.
I mean, I really do.
I know it's been
hard on you, but...
I think your dad
would be so proud,
how you got
through all this.
Do you know
what I miss most?
When Dad would
come back from a trip
and he would
give me a high-five
for getting an A in social
studies or something.
Up top for some props.
I miss those. You know?
Well, I can give
you a high-five!
No, Mom.
You got a job,
you get a high-five.
Down low,
for both of us.
KELLEY: Keep going, keep
going. Come on, back, Mom!
Come on, come on.
Oh, stop, stop, stop!
I can't believe it.
She wasn't paying
attention again.
Oh! Look what you did.
You smashed up the RV.
What, I did? You were driving. Oh, my.
You were supposed to be
looking out for me.
Who cares?
We have insurance.
Lazydays has insurance.
It's their RV.
They trusted me with
this very expensive beast
and now we've busted it!
Mom! Kelley!
You know what, the problem is you
don't care about other people's things.
You only care
about yourself.
Me, me, me.
And all you care
about is Zach!
You and everybody else.
Oh, you are going
down this road again.
Nobody takes my photo.
You know, they can't
even spell my name right.
I do all the scut work.
I wake up at the ass-crack of
dawn and work my tail off...
Watch your language...
all day!
And all I get
is yelled at!
Well, you know what?
Not anymore.
I'm out of here!
Go ahead and quit.
Just like you quit
everything else you ever did!
you made me do!
Of course,
I made you do it.
Mom, make her come back.
All right, Kelley, get... Just get
back here, we need to finish this.
You know what?
You get yourself a maid.
I'm gonna go get her.
Zach! No. No.
No, no, no.
I'll deal with her.
Can you just manage by
yourself for a minute, please?
Go inside,
lock the door
behind you, okay?
I'll be right back.
With Kelley.
Lock it.
It's dangerous for a young
girl to be out on the road.
At night, alone.
But you know that.
I know a lot of things.
Not that you've ever
given me credit for...
But you don't know
everything. And neither do you.
Well, I know... And I'll
be the first to admit it.
Look, I apologize.
I'm just tired,
we're all tired.
Come back.
Where're you gonna go?
Ian's been calling me,
trying to get back.
I know you don't like him. (SIGHS)
Like I said, I don't know
everything but I do know this...
The wrong man
can ruin everything.
Not every man, just some.
Are you really gonna
start with this again?
I understand
what you're going through.
I was young
and in love once.
I loved and then I lost.
And I loved again,
and lost again.
And somewhere between
the hurt and the hollow...
I just figured
I wasn't much good at that.
So, I gave it up.
I put everything I have,
my heart and my soul
into my children.
Family is everything to me.
You know that.
I'm asking you
to come back.
I can't do that.
You treat Zach
better than me.
Admit it.
Yes, I do.
But do you know why?
Because you love him more
than me, you always have.
That's where
you're wrong, Kel.
I treat him better
because I learned how.
And I learned it
messing up with you.
I admit it.
I messed up.
It was on the job training
and I didn't know what I
was doing half the time.
I still mess up with Zach.
Sometimes I feel like
I'm just barely hanging on...
I don't know
what you want from me.
I'm sorry.
I know that's not enough.
It breaks my heart
to see you in pain,
and knowing that I am the
cause of it makes it even worse.
Please, hear me.
I'm sorry.
(SOBBING) It's...
It's too late.
It is?
Then I guess you better
take the van.
I don't want
you hitching.
But what about
you and Zach?
Um, we have the RV.
And tomorrow?
Um, we'll manage.
Did you ever think about doing
something just for yourself?
Cut me and Zach
a little bit of slack?
But I'm very happy
with you kids.
All I've ever wanted
was a family.
You be safe.
(SOFTLY) Zach, come here.
Come here, darling.
I never told you this.
But when you were
just a baby and...
I was first a mom
with you kids...
We, uh...
We were in bad shape.
I was in bad shape.
We didn't wind up
homeless, but, um...
We came real, real close.
I was as frightened as
I've ever been in my life.
I was scared to death.
And I look at those moms
and their kids,
and I know that
could have been us.
What you're doing here,
it touches me, Zach.
In ways
I can't even explain.
I am so proud of you.
And I'm so glad I get
to help you with this.
So, let's you and me
finish this, okay?
Let's go help those kids
and then we'll go home,
we'll fix our own problems.
All right?
Come on, buck up.
Tomorrow's the big day.
Think about all you've
accomplished here.
You did it, Zach.
You did it.
I see her.
I'm glad you came back.
Took our first step together.
We're gonna take
our last step together.
# Close your eyes
# Remember when
# Your first
little wagon came
# Shiny new and red
# And your daddy pulled you
around and around
# You felt so loved
You felt so proud
# Now open up your eyes
and you will see
# Children waiting
for the love they need
# So reach out your hand
# And change the world
# Make this promise
to every boy and every girl
# Reach out your hands
# We will change the word
# One little red wagon
# At a time
# Each one loved
Not left alone
# Fills their eyes
with light and hope
# And all these children
they belong to you and I
# They're yellow and brown
# They're red
and black and white
# So reach out your hand
and change the world
# Make this promise
to every boy and every girl
# Reach out your hands
we will change the world
# One little red wagon
# One little red wagon
# One little red wagon
# At a time