Little Secrets (2001) Movie Script

- 'Bye, Dad.
- 'Bye, Em.
Oh, come on. I just had it.
It's got to be here. Hey, honey,
have you seen the Stainer file?
- No, I haven't.
- It's got to be around here someplace.
Wait a minute.
I'm so Late.
Oh, boy. Okay, all right, got everything.
All right. Okay, sport,
you have a good day.
- Happy birthday, Pops.
- Thanks.
There you go, Dixie.
You're safe with me now.
"My darling Jordan: I've missed you so.
"I've returned from camp early.
"It was just too infantile
for a 14-year-old Like me.
"Life is complicated when you Look Like...
"...Claudia Schiffer.
"Ta-ta for now.
Come on, honey, Lets get that
care package mailed off to your sister.
Just a sec, Mom.
It's cute. Aunt Lisa gave it to me.
It's Lame, Mom. No offense.
I'm running to the market.
Remember, we're going to the mall Later.
Tiny Sprouts.
I'm out of here. Love you.
Pull it up, No, up!
Dearest Emily:
We thought we'd give you an update
of the goings-on at camp,
We've been here for a month now,
and we realized something,
We rule this place,
Pull it back, you invalid,
While you've been training
for the midget symphony,,,
,,, we've been doing
rigorous training of our own,
As a warm-up for my in-person
encounter with the e-mail man,
It's crucial that you, too,
change the focus of your summer studies,
Remember Harold,
the loser we saw eating his own snot,,,
,,, at the life-saving movie?
Check him out a year later,
My heart aches for the vision
of your beauteousness,
I heard you're developing into
a beautiful young woman and...
That's enough, Less is more,
Call me,
Get your heinie back here
for the last two weeks of camp,
You can brush up for your audition
when you get home,
And that, Emily Lin, is the master plan,
- Love, Laurel,
- And Jenny,
P, S, Wwhap the o wit wwa!
Hit it, Shane,
'Bye, Emily! 'Bye!
I love you!
Thirty-five days until the swamp thing
is expected to hatch,
Today we're shopping for its bassinet,
My rabbit cage would serve the purpose,
The mother-to-be thinks not, I know,
The wounded toenail is much better,
I'll be playing the Mendelssohn
for the orchestra,
It's what my teacher played
to get into the symphony,
It requires a ton of work, and I don't think
I'll be able to make camp this summer,
About Harold,
I'd like to know if he plays an instrument,
And don't worry, even though the distance
may part us, I'll still never forget:
Wwhap the o wit wwa!
Okay, 'Bye,
- Do you think she can fix this?
- I don't know if she can fix that.
- Hello, everybody.
- Hi, Emily.
All right, Lea, you're first.
Divulge your secret.
I found a kitten. I named her Dixie,
and she's Living in my room.
The thing is, I'm not allowed.
My sister's allergic, so I can't tell her.
But I had to tell someone.
Did you get kitty Litter?
Look at all those kids.
Those are toddlers. I am pre-adolescent.
I'm counting down for takeoff.
- Congratulations. Where to?
- China.
I'm digging there.
You'll be my contact here at base.
Your codename is SK-14.
Once I've departed,
you'll deliver a message to my parents.
Tell them I'm safe,
but not where I've gone to.
Can I count on you, SK-14?
Your secret's safe with me.
This is Jenny's. I gave it to her.
Can it be restrung?
You saved my Life when you repaired
my mom's antique brooch.
Don't worry,
Jenny never wears it anymore.
When she gets back from camp,
she'll never even realize it's missing.
- Anything else?
- Yeah.
You're the best.
Is it stealing if you use the money
to buy a gift for the person you stole from?
What did you do?
I got my Dad cologne at Greenbacks
for his birthday...
...with the money I stole from his wallet.
Next time you should make him a gift.
Parents Love that.
Anything else, Gregory?
I used the change to buy candy,
and I'm not allowed to have anything...
...besides fruit juice gummy bears.
So I hid it in my sleeping bag case.
You have nothing to worry about. Parents
snoop under drawers and mattresses.
Your hiding place
shows a stroke of brilliance.
We just moved here.
Wait till next week to destroy it.
Go upstairs and unpack, okay?
Mom, I can't find my tennis shoes.
- Look harder, David.
- Dad, I've Looked everywhere.
He can't go off to tennis camp tomorrow
without tennis shoes.
Just give me a sec to find my keys, okay?
- Look at the little bears.
- I Love that.
Emily. Which one do you Like?
I'm trying to think neutral,
since we don't know the baby's sex, but...
This one, but I'm getting claustrophobic.
Ill wait outside.
Excuse me.
My mom abandoned me in a Linen sale
and I'm Lost.
Can you tell me where the escalators are?
It's complicated. Listen carefully.
Take about ten steps that way.
- Do you play an instrument?
- Yeah.
The harmonica.
- Checking out the neighborhood. 'Bye.
- Easy.
Nature calls. Grab the stuff
out of the trunk. I'm not going to make it!
Who are you? And what are you doing?
None of your business.
Of course it's my business.
These are my mother's roses.
What is this?
It's a knight. Part of a chess set.
Looks expensive.
Irreplaceable. I have news for you:
There are things
that make sense to cover up.
Like drinking glasses, dishes, maybe
costume jewelry that's rarely even worn.
If you think your parents won't notice
their missing chess piece...'re wrong.
They'll think the movers lost it.
They'll be upset,
but they won't be able to blame me.
If you want to properly conceal
the evidence come with me.
Come on.
- I need your name.
- Philip.
Did you just say, "fill it up"?
No, I said, "Philip." Like P-H-l-L-l-P.
You mean, Philip.
- Where'd you get that strange accent?
- Chicago.
Interesting. I'm Emily.
A milli-what?
Like a millimeter or millipede?
I don't get it.
Emily, Like Emily Dickinson
or Emily Bronte.
Who are they?
Only the most famous female poet
and author ever to Live.
You owe me 50 cents.
- For what?
- My services.
I've Labeled your item
in case you ever need it back.
Okay, there you go.
Wait, is there tons of broken stuff in there
of other people?
Is that what those kids were doing
waiting in Line?
They tell me their secrets,
which often involve broken merchandise.
How does somebody become
a professional secret keeper?
I didn't know anybody
who could keep a secret...
...and I've never spoiled a secret
in my entire Life.
So I knew it was a marketable skill.
Anything of yours in there?
You know my secret.
Didn't you hear me?
I keep secrets. I don't share them.
Especially my own.
The girls Look Like
they're having fun at camp.
I'm not sure about Harold,
but I think you should go up there.
I don't believe you, Mom.
You watched my video?
You Left it on the coffee table.
I was curious.
That's worse than reading my mail.
I'm sorry, Emily, I didn't know.
Rather than ship me off, why can't you
encourage me for what really matters?
You have our encouragement.
Can I please be excused?
I have to change.
Kurt Besters conducting Innovators
in Washington, D.C.
It's Live on PBS.
Samuel Cardon is the guest performer.
Neil is on his way over.
We're watching the Braves.
- I thought you knew.
- I've been planning this all week.
Can't you watch it someplace else?
Where do you suggest we go?
A sports bar?
You'd let your new child watch
whatever it wanted whenever.
Why don't I tape the concert
while we're watching the game?
I know you can do it.
- I know it can be done.
- It's not the same if it isn't Live.
Who has ever heard of a family
with only one TV?
Please be home.
I can't believe this.
It'll turn up when we unpack the rest,
or find that missing box of photos.
Or all of David's tennis clothes.
It's over 100 years old.
You know what that's worth?
- Probably those packers.
- Come on, Don. Worry about it tomorrow.
Pop the champagne.
Let's christen our new home.
Hey! Look on the bright side.
Burglars could have stolen the whole thing.
- Hello.
- Hi. I'm Emily Lindstrom. I Live next door.
- Maybe Philip told you about me.
- What are you doing here?
You didn't tell us you made
a friend already. Come on in.
I'm Elaine and this is my husband Don.
Emily is our next door neighbor.
- Hi.
- Hi. It's extremely nice to meet you.
This might sound odd,
but could I borrow your TV?
Just to watch something.
The program is just about to start.
We don't have cable yet,
but we can set the TV up with rabbit ears.
I don't get it. Don't you have a TV?
My Dad thinks the Braves are
more important than the concert series.
You hear that, Phil?
That means classical music.
- Philip!
- Don't worry.
I wouldnt expect your son
to appreciate fine music.
When Phils nana died,
she Left him her baby grand piano.
I've been trying to get him
to take Lessons for two years now.
So, Emily, do you have
brothers and sisters?
No. Yes, soon.
My parents always wanted another child,
but my mom couldnt get pregnant.
Now, at 40-something,
the miracle baby is on its way.
We have Philip. He's 12.
- 12 and a half.
- David's packing for camp. He's 15.
- And you're...
- 14.
- I got it.
- Channel 11, please.
There you go.
I didn't mean to intrude on
your first night in your new home.
No, Emily. It's a pleasure having you.
If you were 21,
we'd invite you to toast with us.
Come on, honey, Lets get back to work.
So what are you doing?
I wouldnt normally tell a stranger,
but since I'm in your house...
I Like to pretend that I'm in the symphony.
I get the piece and practice all week and...'ll see. Can you hold this?
Live from Washington, D, C,,,,
Why don't you just get into a symphony?
Kurt Bestor conducts Innovators,
Who's this?
Yeah, nice to meet you, too.
I'm in Love, Pauline.
Samuel Cardon is a dream in concert.
That's not Love, Emily.
True. I have stronger feelings
for Kurt Bestor.
Maybe we should shift your focus
from musicians to music.
The Mendelssohn, to be precise.
Okay, just one more thing.
- I don't know if this is asking too much.
- You sounded great.
Is there any way
you can get me into the concert?
We could go together,
and you could visit your friends backstage.
Then maybe I'd get to meet Kurt?
I wish I could, Em, but I used up my favors
for the year. Let's begin.
- What's up, Fill-it-up?
- Well...
...David's off to tennis camp,
and my mom's decorating stuff.
And my Dad started his new job.
- It's tough being the new kid.
- What do you want me to do about it?
I don't know.
Take me downtown. Show me around.
Afraid not. I was just going to practice.
Don't you have to take a break
once in a while?
Ill tell you what.
- Do you want to join me for high tea?
- I do.
What is it?
A lot of musicians take time out
for tea in the afternoon.
When my mom's gone,
I use her china to make it decadent.
- One or two?
- Two.
- May I?
- Yes, you may.
Cheers, Philip, darling.
Well, Looks Like you get what you wanted
after all.
Come to town with me to replace the cups.
- How much money do you have?
- Almost $50.
- Good. Bring it all. We'll split the cost.
- Guess we share a secret now.
Yeah. I guess we do.
Is there something particular
you're Looking for?
The pattern we're Looking for
is called Crown Darby.
Oh, shame. We've discontinued Darby.
Maybe I can suggest my personal favorite,
Regal Royal, instead?
- Follow me.
- Sir!
- It has to be that particular pattern.
- Oh, I see.
Has there been... accident?
Can you call another Location?
Place a special order?
Send us to an estate sale?
Want to know the best kept secret
in town?
- My mom's very anal. She'll know.
- So, go home and tell her the truth.
- What's anal mean?
- She's fussy.
If she doesn't turn it over,
shell never suspect.
It comes in a set of four,
including the saucers for $14.99.
We only need two cups.
With you in my Life,
the extras should come in handy.
Yeah, they're Lovely.
Well take them. Ready?
What are we going to do
with the extra money?
- Is he good?
- He's good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. I had a blast.
Come on. I want to show you
something amazing.
This is it.
This place is...
In 10 years, this chair will be mine.
Ten years?
You've already proven your talent.
Why don't you cash in
Like that guy we saw?
Become a street performer?
My aspirations are a Little higher.
My parents would never allow it.
They'd be mortified.
Are your parents as awful
as you make them sound?
They just don't get me.
Maybe they're not your real parents?
Why would you say that?
You might be one of those
switched-at-birth cases.
The truth is...
...all they seem to care about Lately
is the baby.
There are about a million things
I'd rather do than change a diaper.
Like watch Kurt Bestor conduct?
We have money Left,
why don't we get tickets to his concert?
It sold out months ago.
Could you ever fall in Love with someone
who wasn't a conductor?
I wouldnt mind if he were a pianist.
We could play Mozart's
violin and piano sonatas.
It would be so romantic
to make music together.
Got it. I need you to teach me this piece,
Mrs. Neiderhoffer.
I thought we'd start with something
more rudimentary.
Not if you want to get paid.
One more.
Guess what, Em?
We're throwing a party.
We'd Like you to help plan it.
What's the occasion?
End of summer, combo barbecue bash,
block party, baby shower.
In the front yard.
You're going to throw a party
for a child who hasn't been born yet?
Can't you at Least wait
for its first birthday?
Baby showers are a tradition.
People bring Little gifts.
Stuffed animals, mobiles, blankies.
This is going to be
the most spoiled child on earth.
Speaking of spoiled children...
This spoiled child
would Like to eat dinner in peace.
Emily, come back here.
- We're doing something wrong.
- It's not just us.
She doesn't tell us anything.
She's so secretive.
You know what we should do?
We should tell her a secret.
Each tell her a secret of our own.
They're so pretty and soft.
- You're sure this is cool with the 'rents?
- They're Like total animal Lovers.
"Dear Jenny: I hope
your modeling shoot went well.
"I can't wait to see the pictures.
I have good news.
"My dad has business
in your neighborhood...
"...and well finally get to meet
Like we've planned.
"I'll be at your house
next Wednesday at 2:00."
Holy guacamole!
I'm kind of in a hurry, Emily.
- Okay. Who's first?
- Me.
- I'm aborting my mission.
- I never thought of you as a quitter.
A shift of focus, SK-14.
I believe that we're not the first society... inhabit Cedar Street.
If word gets out,
anthropologists could take over my plot.
I don't know who can be trusted
these days, except for you.
I've been e-mailing Jordan,
and he buys that I'm Jenny.
He's coming to meet me. I mean, her.
I mean, do you think
I could pass for 14 in this outfit?
- Why are you in such a hurry to grow up?
- Because being 9 stinks.
Not as I remember it.
Anyway, that's no excuse for spoiling this
for your sister.
Why don't you e-mail Jordan
and tell him your entire scam?
Plead with him not to tell Jenny.
Explain to him that it could
put your Life in danger.
I couldve thought of that.
Don't you have a better idea?
Like what? Tell him she died?
Dixie got a sister: Noreen.
I was at Greenbacks getting Litter
and a Lady was giving her away.
- Are you sure it's not a boy?
- How am I supposed to tell?
If Dixie gets pregnant, that's a way.
It'd be a dream come true.
I'd better start planning for their future.
Ill keep you posted.
Get rid of the candy.
Then go to the market and ask for Raid.
Then get yourself an airtight container for
future stashes. I recommend Tupperware.
Go! Go!
- I want to share a secret with you.
- Oh, yeah?
You want to find out what we're having?
Is that its face?
Well, no. Actually, that's its butt.
Then stop calling it, it. Tell us!
Having your first child in your 40s
is a remarkable thing.
Beautiful, isn't she?
If you ladies will excuse me for a second.
Ill be right back, Caroline.
Everything looks real good.
You told him. How could you do that?
He's my doctor.
For health reasons, he has to know.
- It's my first successful pregnancy.
- What if he tells somebody?
I don't know why you think
of your adoption as such a negative.
We always said you could tell
on your own terms.
We never thought that would mean
not telling.
It's my secret, Mom.
I intend to keep it that way.
What do you think of the name Pauline?
I've always thought Martha
was a nice, solid name.
That's terrible.
How about Elizabeth?
They'd call her Libby, or Beth...
...or Lizzy.
Can I come out?
This tortures your mom, you know.
She thinks you're going to tumble
to your death.
I Love it out here.
...came out to tell you
something about myself.
A secret of my own.
What's up, Daddy?
I'm scared.
Scared of being a new father at 50.
You sure don't act Like it.
Does Mom know about this?
Emily, this is a miracle baby.
I don't want to make your mom
feel unsure about my commitment...
...or the Love that I have to offer
a newborn.
And your mother is much younger
than I am.
I'm going to be an old man
by the time he or she goes to college...
...gets married, you know, all that.
This baby's going to keep you young.
That's what it's going to do.
I'm sorry I've been so impossible.
I'm really going to try
and be more accepting.
Shall we?
- Ladies and gents,
- The Wit Wwa Rap.
Let's do it,
- "I'm Laurel
- "I'm Jenny
"Here's where Emmy should be
"Wwhap the o wit wwa
"Come along, come along
"Wwhap the o wit wwa
"We're together, so together
Yeah, together we'll be
"What does the wit wwa mean?
It's a secret, you'll see
"What does the wit wwa mean?
Don't you dare ask me
"We miss you so much
now that we're two, not three
"We're together forever
Together we'll be"
We love you,
'Bye, Emily, we love you, We miss you,
Andale, Andale. More, yeah,
Emily, wwhap the o wit wwa,
You've got to tell me what that means.
What are you doing here?
We had plans, remember?
The door was open.
So, what does "wit wwa" mean?
- That's between me and my friends.
- Ill do anything.
No, Phil. It's personal, okay?
So just drop it.
If you do me a favor, maybe Ill forgive you
for invading my privacy.
Bet it's a scrambled word.
I'm good at figuring out that stuff.
Would you just drop it?
You're starting to bug me.
Do you know how to use a camera?
This is the 21st century. I can edit, too.
Introduce yourself to my girlfriends
at camp.
Hello, ladies, my name is Philip, a, k, a,
Fill-it-up Lenox, new kid on the block,
I will be filming the virtuoso today,
The Mendelssohn,
Bravo! How'd you Like that, sweetie?
Going to grow up and become a musician
Like your big sister?
I don't know what you're planning.
I think more than one child per family
is irresponsible.
I loved having brothers and sisters.
I used to play Brahms' Lullaby...
...for my baby brother every night
until he was 5.
- Really?
- Yeah.
But children of my own
are not in the near future.
Oh, no, Pauline, you have to have children.
It would be genetically predisposed
to be a prodigy.
Or at least first violinist in the symphony.
Kurt Bestor comes from a lineage
of Irish accordion players.
What's wrong?
Maybe we should forget
about Mendelssohn and Bestor...
...and the symphony for a moment.
Try this.
- That was really wonderful, Emily.
- That's how Mikey Chan got so smart.
His parents played vocabulary tapes
to the womb.
I have a feeling that Grace will be a flutist.
Wit what wat.
The o wit wwa.
- Which...
- David?
David, slow down.
It's just so unlike him. He is...
That's Emily. We have plans.
Tell her it's not a good night.
It's okay. Go ahead.
So what are we supposed to do?
Can we get him?
No. David's okay,
that's the important thing.
So I realize I have a massive responsibility.
She's going to need guidance from
somebody who knows about pop culture.
That's not going to be
from Eddie and Caroline.
The thought of it
is still making you want to barf?
- You can tell?
- Phil!
- Do you guys want a slice?
- No. We're going to take a walk.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Yeah, right.
It's a secret.
- Do you really want to know?
- Lf it's okay with your parents.
Okay. We'll make a deal.
You tell me the mystery
of the wit wwa in return.
Forget it.
It's a big secret.
After I tell you, you'll feel obligated.
Try me.
My brother's getting kicked out
of tennis camp.
No way! What did he do?
He and some guys "borrowed"
the camp van...
...and got beer.
But David said he only had one.
Are you serious? Was David driving?
The other guy was...
...and he wasn't really drunk
according to some tests.
But he doesn't have a driver's license.
That's not all. They hit someone head-on.
David's not hurt, but...
...this woman, she's a waitress.
She broke a couple of ribs
and totaled her car.
My parents don't want
anyone here to know.
They think David will get a bad reputation.
- He'll probably be grounded for Life.
- He should be thrown in jail.
David wasn't even driving.
What's the difference?
He let his stupid friend drive drunk.
- They didn't kill anybody.
- They could have.
That's a big enough secret
to give me your side of the bargain.
- It's not that big of a deal.
- It is to me.
Why are you so freaked? You owe me.
"We will help and promise
to help each other...
"...wherever in the world we are."
Are you happy?
- What?
- That's what it means.
"We will help and promise,"
W-W-H-A-P is "wwhap."
If you take the first letter
from each word, it works.
- It's not grammatically correct.
- We were 8 when we wrote it.
It was a stupid secret.
You had no right to tell me
about your brother.
Wait. You're not going to tell my parents
I told you?
No, but you should know something, Philip.
A person that will do that once
will do it again.
- Gregory?
- What? Yes.
I bet you'd Like
some of these gummy bears?
Look, baby. They're on special.
Why don't you get three? Go ahead.
- One's enough, Mom.
- You are a good boy.
Hi, I'm Jordan. Is Jenny home?
She's already dead.
Ill leave these on her grave.
And if you really want to mourn,
I'd cancel your on-Line account.
That way you can stay loyal to her forever.
'Bye now.
They're totaled.
Excessive bleach caused the holes.
Use one cup and wash on medium heat.
Over and out.
I got another one.
- A kitten?
- A cat. A black one.
The Josephsons didn't care about her.
She was always outside.
You kidnapped Midnight?
Midnight is ordinary.
I renamed her Leticia.
They have signs up all over.
You have to give her back.
You can't force me,
and you better not tell on me.
I wouldnt, but if you don't let her go,
you can't be a client of mine.
Be that way! Fine!
I'm never going to steal
from my dad again.
- Good for you.
- It's easier to steal straight from the store.
Why are you telling me this?
- I got to tell someone, right?
- This isn't confession.
I know, but what I was thinking is
whatever you want, Ill steal for you.
- It's kind of fun.
- I earn my spending money.
We have to write the obituary by 6:00,
so we can run it in tomorrow's Chronicle.
You told him that she died?
- It was your idea.
- I didn't mean it.
Now you tell me.
You're going to have to tell Jenny.
This is not fair to her.
Shell never speak to me again.
It'll be Like being an only child.
Ill tell her.
Some secret keeper you are.
I should have never trusted you.
I won't tell. You're right, Isabelle.
I can't tell.
- Who are you expecting?
- My friends just got back into town.
- Can't you just forget what I told you?
- You keep reminding me.
Okay. I won't talk about it anymore.
I think Ill go for the chamomile.
We're reuniting. It's girls only.
I get it.
Do you mind putting this on the booth
on your way out?
Phil, Ill see you.
Yeah. See you.
I thought you kissed Harold.
Well, I did. But then I met Benji.
So she decides to drop Kip,
and hook up with Big H.
As far as I'm concerned it was
a waste of time and meant nothing.
I was doing it for Jordan... I'd have some experience
when we met.
What did he do?
Go for another subscriber?
He's not on-Line anymore.
He just vanished without a trace.
He didn't even say good-bye.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it,
there's more where that came from.
The Greenbacks' special.
Wwhap the o wit wwa.
Don't you think
we're getting too old for that?
Yeah, but who gives?
You seem different.
Did something happen?
Nothing happened.
I thought you were grounded.
I'm allowed to come outside, Phil.
And besides...
...what could Mom and Dad
take away from me?
There's nothing to do here.
See what I mean?
Here, kitty, kitty.
No wonder you settled for
that weirdo violinist next door.
Dad said she's coming over
to watch a concert tonight. I can't wait.
Nice shot.
Go get it, man.
Doesn't matter anyway.
She's a flake. Shell forget.
Are you the violin player?
No way. I'm David.
Her name is Emily.
- Like Emily...
- Dickinson?
And Emily Bronte.
Didn't I see you at the mall?
- Yeah, I think.
- When?
You probably have to get back
to your lesson, Emily?
Yeah, I do.
We'll see you later for the concert, right?
No, I'm not going to be able to make it.
I'm sorry, Philip.
Man, she is so pretty.
I don't think so. Her hair hangs in her face.
You're too young, man. You can't see it.
Wait a minute. You Like her, don't you?
Emily? I don't think so.
- Give it up, buddy. You're 12.
- David, you got it so wrong.
Then you won't be upset
when I make my move.
Of course not.
But you should give it up. She's in Love
with some middle-aged composer.
Excuse me.
Can't you guys read?
It says O-N-V...
It says, "On vacation," you illiterate.
That's right. In case you guys
haven't realized, I have a Life.
What am I supposed to do with this?
That's up to you.
I have to get rid of the stand.
Who wants to give me a hand here?
I need to tell you something.
Let me guess. You dug up human remains.
- They're not human.
- Let it be your own secret.
What's going on?
I need to get rid of this,
and nobody's willing to help.
Where to?
- Over here?
- Yeah.
All right.
- So what is this thing anyway?
- I'd rather not get into it.
Secret keeper?
- I could tell you anything?
- I'm not in business anymore.
I don't have to tell you a secret.
We could just hang out.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I appreciate your help. I just...
I told my mom
I would go someplace with her.
- Okay. What's up?
- What do you mean?
Why was this piece mastered
two weeks ago, and suddenly...
I just have a lot on my mind.
Put that down.
Come here.
So. Let's talk.
I can't, Pauline. It's a secret.
Well, whatever it is...
...I highly encourage you to resolve it
before Monday.
Why Monday?
Your audition.
Ill tell you what.
Ill meet you at your house on Sunday
for a run through.
See if you can sort out
what's bothering you.
That would be perfect. Youll already
be at my house for the baby shower.
You better be prepared to sign autographs.
I told everybody
you were in the symphony.
They're dying to meet you.
Ill see what I can do.
You know this piece.
The next couple of days,
relax and have fun.
Shouldn't you be playing tennis,
or your harmonica?
I got a lot on my mind,
so I'm taking time off.
Well, I wouldnt want to take time away
from your time off.
Emily, wait.
- Is this about Philip?
- No, it has nothing to do with Philip.
I have a lot on my mind, too.
I have this big audition in two days,
and I've never played worse.
Not that I can totally relate, but...
Maybe you're getting distracted
by all the outside stuff.
The competition.
That weird business you have.
Your mom having a baby.
When I play tennis,
I don't focus on the opponent.
Or that fight I had with my parents.
Or any of that bull.
It's not about that.
You just need to concentrate on the music.
What got you started in all this?
When I was 6 years old
I started ballet Lessons.
And I stunk as a ballerina.
But they played this music
that was extraordinary.
And I thought the only way
I could hear it is if I kept going to class.
And then we went on a trip to see
The Nutcracker.
And you saw the orchestra.
In the pit.
I was drawn to the violin. It excited me.
The manipulation of the bow,
the crafting of the instrument.
So I quit ballet Lessons.
I got a violin for my birthday,
and started my Lessons after that.
Come on. Get off your bike.
We can walk home together.
No. I have to go home and practice.
I'm sorry.
So Let me get this straight.
You think it's a Tyrannosaurus.
Are you high?
Keep it down.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
I've cashed in on
the basic economic principle:
Supply and demand.
I thought you'd be happy.
I'm your protg.
- 75 cents. That is robbery.
- Inflation. Plus, I give free lemonade.
This is a scam. You don't have credentials.
- As if you did.
- Yeah.
As you were saying.
I Love this.
Come in.
...why don't you play for our guests?
Mom would Love it.
I don't know, Dad.
You could use a dress rehearsal,
couldnt you?
Okay. Ill tell Mom.
Hi, Jordan. You getting
enough to eat, buddy?
- When is the baby due?
- Two weeks from yesterday.
The last weeks just fly.
As I'm sure you remember.
A babe in the 'hood. I can't believe it.
Save yourself the inevitable pain.
Stay away from him.
- Oh, come on. He can't be that bad.
- She's right.
That's Philip's brother. He's bad news.
He's just my type.
Just to Let you know,
I was forced against my will to come.
If it was up to me,
you never would have been invited.
The only reason Gregory came
was for the cake.
- And Mikey...
- I really could care less.
- What happened? These kids idolized you.
- Even Isabelle didn't want to come today.
- Did something happen between you guys?
- Why don't you ask her?
- Why don't you go get your violin?
- I want to wait for Pauline.
After we open the presents,
everybody'll leave.
Pauline will understand.
- Hey.
- Hi, Mrs. Lindstrom.
This is my competition?
What are you doing here?
I wanted a clue. I don't get you.
What you see is what you get.
I'm about to play for our guests.
Would you Like to watch?
You don't realize you're pretty, do you?
No. I mean, I'm not.
Why do you always turn away?
Because you're an idiot.
I know about the accident. Philip told me.
You know, for a herbal tea,
Citrus Spice is pretty zesty.
Excuse us.
- Dude, what did I do?
- David, stop.
- You were never supposed to tell a soul.
- Tell what?
He told me so I would tell him a secret
of my own.
You promised never to tell anyone.
I trusted you.
"We will help, and promise to help
each other wherever in the world we are."
She told me your stupid saying.
I'm sorry.
Emily! Emily!
- Emily, can I just explain?
- Go away!
Emily. There's someone here to see you.
No, Mom. Nobody comes in.
Emily. It's me, Pauline.
- Can I come in?
- Just you.
I know all this stuff
that I can't stand knowing.
I told something I swore I never would.
I have a secret nobody knows about.
- Secrets hurt.
- You have no idea.
Yes, I do. I have one of my own.
I don't want to know about it.
I think you should.
I didn't want to leave the symphony.
I was Let go.
I'm sorry.
When you're third chair for five seasons... start to realize
you're not exactly a principal player.
They brought in new musicians
from Julliard.
That's when they suggested I Leave.
Maybe you can work hard
and make a comeback.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I Love being a teacher.
I felt ashamed by how that came about.
I shouldve told you.
Your admiration just filled me up.
Keeping it from you was wrong.
It's held me back in many ways.
You can't keep secrets about yourself
and Lead a true Life, Emily.
And you shouldnt encourage others
to do the same.
I have a lot of explaining to do.
Are you going to make an announcement
from the rooftop?
I Left my violin out there.
That's another story.
But we're still going to rehearse, right?
In case you've forgotten,
I have an audition tomorrow.
Ill deal with my announcement after that.
Pauline, you want to know
why you're my role model?
Because of your discipline, your talent,
and your poise.
I will get into the symphony,
and it'll be because of you.
My mentor.
Shell be okay, Phil.
She will.
- I am a Liar.
- You didn't mean any harm.
No, I am a Liar.
I didn't want you to know it was my fault.
I'm sorry.
- Here's some water.
- Oh, thank you, sweetie.
It's going to be okay.
She's going to be okay.
Come on. She's going to be all right.
Hey, Mom's taking us to the hospital.
No. We have something
more important to do. Come on.
- Hello, may I help you?
- We got to get something in Jenny's room.
Well, wait! Where are you going?
- See it?
- No.
What are you Looking for?
Got it.
Hi. We're here to check in
for Emily Lindstrom.
If you just watch the tape,
Youll be convinced.
Emily is the most amazing violinist
you could find for your orchestra.
All cued up to go.
Even if this tape shows talent...
...when we audition someone
we try to find out about them.
We ask them
where their passion comes from.
Why they were inclined
to choose their instrument.
Do you remember the first time you saw
The Nutcracker?
Honey, what is it?
It's the baby.
I never even asked her why she played.
Caroline, you're doing great. Push.
Don't forget to breathe.
You're doing great, Caroline.
- Mr. Lindstrom, Emily's okay. She's awake.
- Oh, God.
Just a concussion.
She's going to be fine.
Thank you.
- Okay, Caroline. Here we go.
- It's coming.
Push hard.
Almost there. Just about, little bit more.
You have another beautiful daughter.
Oh, she's beautiful.
Oh, baby, you did it, you did it.
We were sitting there
and nobody knew what was going on.
We were all devastated,
and your mom's water breaks.
No way.
It was bizarrely good timing,
at such a bad time.
Wait, what time is it?
I missed my audition.
It may've been a great experience, but you
have many years to play in a symphony.
I'm sorry if you're disappointed
I blew our secret.
Forget about it. The only thing
that matters is what it stands for.
- Hey, Millipede.
- Hey, Fill-it-up.
We knew you were going to pull through.
Unfortunately, a little late.
David and I just got back
from Symphony Hall.
It's not a sure thing, but...
...we gave them the tape of you
playing the Mendelssohn.
It was Philips idea.
You're brilliant.
David won them over
with the story about your ballet classes.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
- Where's Grace?
- She's getting tests.
Does she Look Like Emily did
when she was born?
They wouldnt know.
I was adopted.
My biological parents were hit head-on
by a drunk driver.
I was in the back seat.
It's a miracle that I lived.
I was just a baby. Ten months old.
I never even knew them.
It was always easy
to keep my secret because...
...we moved from Minneapolis
when I was 6 and...
...I threatened to run away
if they ever told anybody.
Well, you found other reasons to run away.
I'm really glad I came back.
All right, troops. Everybody out.
The doc's on his way in.
He's going to give Emily
some routine tests.
- I Love you, guys.
- We do, too.
- 'Bye.
- 'Bye, Em.
Ill bring Grace back.
What happened to the drunk driver?
He served a year.
Not even a month Later,
he got into another accident.
That time he killed himself.
I will never do it again.
I wish I knew what to say
to make you believe me.
I mean, eventuality I would have told you.
If you want to be close to someone,
you can't keep secrets from them.
Emily, how we doing? Bump on the head?
Wow! You did it.
With help from my friend.
And his adorable big brother.
This is very cool.
There's still some unfinished business.
We'll go to everybody
and give them an ultimatum.
You think we can convince all of them
to give back the broken pieces?
You did it, didn't you?
Plus, under the condition that they fess up,
I'm going to give a refund.
Where you going to get that kind of cash?
Well, Pauline is on her way over
with a loaner violin.
Thank you. Great! Thanks.
- Very nice!
- Excellent!
I have some ideas for you.
Tell the manager that you stole from him...
...and volunteer to sweep the fronts
and clean the windows as a payback.
And think of something
to work off the $20 from your dad.
If you do this, Ill fork over a refund of $5.
You just have to pitch in $15.
What have we got for Gregory Jones?
One broken wristwatch.
One stained button-down.
One crystal vase.
A jade figurine.
I'm dead meat.
Okay, Isabelle, here's my proposal.
Tell Jenny the entire story.
Ill even take some blame for...
...planting the idea of her death.
And maybe we can do
a missing person search on the Internet...
...and try and find Jordan.
Might as Well get it over with.
We can forget about doing your inventory.
If you face your demons,
you're looking at $21 back.
I'm sorry, Emily.
If I didn't have Jenny,
I would want you to be my sister.
Grace is lucky.
All right, Lea.
Do it for your sister. I heard she's been
in bed with allergies all summer.
- She's allergic to the air. It's not my girls.
- Wait a minute. You did what?
That sounds Like it's going Well.
Anyway, I talked to my parents.
They said I could adopt Dixie.
You can visit her whenever you Like.
Phil will talk to his parents about Nadine.
- What have we got for Lea?
- I'm not accident prone.
Ill drop Dixie off this afternoon.
You better take extra care of her.
Maybe you can show me how.
Sorry, guys, we're taking cuts.
Can you really help me find Jordan?
First things first.
Where's the trash? My mom
barely remembers this Wedgwood box.
- I was 7 when I broke it.
- It's the point.
I didn't break this. It's my necklace.
I can't believe her. When will she stop?
You guys, I still have some clients waiting.
- Sorry. Well catch you later.
- Okay.
- Wwhap the o wit wwa.
- 'Bye.
Wait a minute. Where's Mikey?
I thought everybody agreed to come.
Guess Mikey will come by
to pick this up later.
Thank you, Philip.
I couldnt have done it without you.
- Neither could I.
- Could have what?
Learned how to play piano.
I think I'm going to be good.
When you're ready, we'll play the sonatas.
If you're not too busy
with symphony rehearsals.
Ill make time for you. Always.
The best.
- She's all yours.
- Thanks, buddy!
And David, I'm not too young to see it.
I never thanked you for helping me
get into the symphony.
It's just...
...I don't know how to because
I've never kissed anybody before.
Mom could use some tea
while Grace is napping.
- Good idea. Ill join her.
- That is a good idea.
You know, Dad, Let me tell her.
By the way, something came for you today.
It's up in your room.