Little Sorcerer (2021) Movie Script

Once upon a time,
there was a handsome
prince named Alex.
One day, an evil witch
turned him into a mouse
and replaced him with a
fake prince named Olaf.
But then, came a brave and
resourceful woman named Ella
to Alex's rescue.
Along with her friends,
a sorcerer named Crystal
and a pair of mice
named Walter and Manny
joined forces to defeat
the evil witch and Olaf.
However, just as
she was defeated,
the wicked witch mustered
her magic one last time
and turned Ella into stone.
Looking at all Ella
sacrificed for him,
Alex gave up his human body
so that Ella could
come back to life
becoming a mouse once more.
Now, Ella and her
friends search every day
to figure out a way
to restore Alex.
Guys finally, I found a
way to break Alex's curse.
Really, how?
We need some
special ingredients.
Then, we'll extract
the magic potion
and turn Alex back into a human.
Okay Crystal, tell
me what you need.
Hmm, it says here in this book
that we first need
a black feather.
Ella needs a black feather.
Ella needs some
black feathers.
Ella needs some
black feathers.
Ella needs lots
of black feathers.
I don't have any
black feathers.
- Hmm?
- Hmm?
Oh, thank you
but we only needed one.
I also need one stamen
from a boom bloom.
Just remember, be extremely
careful because it will
An egg from a rainbow bird.
Careful not to get caught
because she can be a bit
Okay everyone,
show me what you've got.
Rainbow bird egg.
Oh, mystical goo,
violet, liquidy,
make me a potion that
will write what's true.
Alex, are you ready?
I'm ready.
So how do you feel?
I feel a bit strange,
like I'm light as a feather.
Alex, you all right?
Thank heavens we
didn't drink it.
Maybe he's got to
drink the entire pot
to turn back into the prince.
Crystal, what on
Earth is going on?
I don't know.
I did exactly what it said.
Wait, I think I
know what happened.
The reason it failed is
because I'm only an
apprentice sorcerer.
So what
should we do now?
This is all my fault.
Dr. Know-it-all.
Oh, we should talk to him!
Yes, he can help us.
How do you know?
Because he's a Know-it-all.
I'm so weak.
You stay here and rest.
We'll find a way to save you.
This is Dr.
Know-it-all's house?
Looks pretty ordinary to me.
You would now.
The greatest masters all
know to hide their power.
Oh, uh huh.
Excuse me?
Anybody home?
No, nobody's home.
He said nobody's home.
Let's be off.
Only you'd believe that.
we're coming in.
Ah, hey.
So someone is home.
I knew it.
Are you Dr. Know-it-all?
You're not welcome here.
Get out, all of you.
Sorry to disturb you,
but we need your help.
not Dr. Know-it-all.
You're really not.
Dr. Know-it-all?
Then you won't mind if I go
and flip through his things.
Don't you dare.
I already am.
The only thing I
dislike more than mice
are mice on my desk.
Shoo, shoo.
Are you the doctor?
I am not a doctor.
Message for you,
Dr. Know-it-all.
Doctor, here's your letter.
I told you I am not.
This is your invitation to
the Great Forest Marathon.
Oh wonderful.
If you win again, you'll
be a three time champion.
I'm definitely going.
Fine, I'm Dr. Know-it-all.
So what?
We really need...
If you're actually
Dr. Know-it-all,
how can you not
know why we're here?
You just wanna know how to
save your friend, don't you?
Can you tell us?
Everyone always comes in
here with a pile of questions.
It's so annoying.
I bet he has no idea.
He is definitely
not Dr. Know-it-all.
Nonsense, my
reputation is impeccable.
The answers are right here.
See for yourself.
Only the spell binder,
wielder of the life
stone can help you.
The Lifestone.
Lifestone is hidden away
in a forest castle on the
other side of the ocean.
The Guardian of the
Forest uses the Lifestone
to nurture life.
And she is not gonna
hand it over easily.
Oh you.
Dr, Know-it-all, we hear
that you're the wisest person
in the entire world.
And always helping others.
Will you please help us?
Mmm, helping you
would mean provoking the
Guardian of the Forest.
Don't believe
him, he's a liar.
Right, I'm a liar.
Now get outta here, get out now.
I've said too much.
Now leave me alone.
Shoo, shoo.
Please doctor, our
friend needs your help.
Please help us.
You're back.
Hmm, get outta here.
Well that was the rudest
turtle I've ever met.
How many turtles have you met?
Just one.
Please doctor, we
really need your help.
Come on.
I don't think that
turtle knows anything.
Our friend
desperately needs help.
Ella, let's go.
He's just an ornery old hermit.
a cloud in the backyard
that can take you
across the ocean.
But good luck
convincing him to help you.
Dr. Know-it-all,
I wish you success
on your marathon.
Hope you win three
A turtle winning a marathon?
That sounds ridiculous.
Maybe he'll turn
into a book and fly.
Look at the sky, not
a cloud in sight.
Finding a cloud
on a day like this
is about as likely as a
turtle winning a foot race.
You don't think that turtle
is pulling our leg, do you?
I don't think so.
Come on, let's take a break.
I'm tired.
You guys can keep looking.
Manny, oh.
It's got a tail
and a nose and a mouth, too.
It's a monster.
Manny got eaten by the monster.
Let me go.
Let me go, you
big pile of fluff.
Uh oh.
There really is a cloud
and you must be him.
I'll show you.
Hey, give me back my wand.
Okay cloud, game on.
I'm gonna make you pay.
Take that and that
and a little bit of this
and some more of that.
Crystal, stop.
We still need him to
take us across the ocean.
Watch me tame him.
- Good job, Crystal.
- Good job, Crystal.
I won't go easy
on you this time.
What do we do now?
stay away from me.
No, no, no, no.
I know you are a good boy.
You don't mean to harm us.
You just want to
play with us, right?
Uh huh.
Look at this.
Go fetch.
Oh, good boy.
You're so sweet.
We'd like to cross the ocean.
Can you take us there?
Uh huh.
From now on
we'll call you snowball.
Welcome to the crew, Snowball.
over here.
Never dreamed of a day
that a mouse could fly.
I hope every vacation
is as great as this one.
Hold on, Alex.
We're coming.
Isn't the view stunning?
What's wrong?
You look sad.
I just feel like,
like I haven't been any
help since the start.
What do you mean?
Without you, we wouldn't
have found Dr. Know-It-All.
But you are the one who
convinced them to help us.
You used your magic to protect
us every step of the way.
Ever since I was
little, I loved magic.
Loved it so much.
I've always wanted to
become a real sorcerer.
Ever since my master left,
I started to practice on my own.
But no matter how hard I tried,
I just wasn't getting it.
After all these years,
I'm still just an apprentice.
Crystal, what are
you talking about?
You're going to be a
great sorcerer one day.
This magic wand looks so
out of place in my hand.
No wonder I can
never hold onto it.
Maybe I should just stop
daydreaming and quit magic.
Snowball, quickly, fetch.
Ella, are you okay?
What were you thinking?
You could have died.
A magic wand is the most
important thing for a sorcerer.
But even if I
had a magic wand,
I would never become
a great sorcerer.
When I was little,
my dad once told me
that nobody knows who they will
become before they grow up.
Thanks Ella.
I am sure you're gonna
be a great sorcerer.
Oh yeah, Crystal.
We definitely second that.
You're allowed to fall.
It's what we all do,
but what's really important
is how we pick ourselves up.
Friends, we're are all
gonna achieve our dreams.
Yes, we will.
we're gonna miss you.
Thank you for ride.
Goodbye for now.
Hope we get fly like
that again one day.
Oh, can I come along?
I wanna try too.
- Ah, a talking tree!
- A talking tree!
Mice can't talk.
Stay back.
Get away.
What is that?
I'm the forest guide
around these parts.
We're looking for the
palace of the forest.
Can you show us the way?
Of course.
But how did you hear
about this place?
Dr. Know-It-All told us.
Know-It-All, that champion
from the great forest marathon?
You know him?
Of course.
I came in second
place in that race.
That's great.
Let's head out.
The forest is not far.
We'll get there in a bit.
Race you there.
I wanna race too.
Whatever you do,
don't get lost.
Set, go!
How are you guys
running so fast?
This is how fast
the second place runs?
What kinda race did you win?
I joined the slow run event.
Then the slow runner wins.
I know all the famous
landmarks around here.
What may look like nothing.
Oh, there look over there.
Over there.
That's Little Red
Riding Hood's forest.
I can take you guys to
get lost once for free.
Yeah, enough already.
But we really need to get
to the palace in the forest.
What about the
tooth fairy lake?
Anyone wanna get tooth back?
No, we don't
wanna go anywhere.
Oh, you'll definitely
wanna check this out.
Alice's rabbit hole.
There you can meet my cousin.
Just don't tell him how
Santa Claus' slay is made.
- No.
- No.
I can't take this anymore.
How long is it gonna
take us to get there?
Here we are.
It's right ahead.
We're here!
Where's the forest palace?
Mr. Tree, what's
going on here?
It's right over there.
I see it, I see it.
But if the road to the palace
at the base of this mountain,
why did you bring us all
the way to the summit?
If we didn't come up here,
I'd never be able to show
you where the road goes.
Are you kidding me right now?
No need to thank me.
I can take you
guys there myself.
We'll get there in a bit.
See you later.
- Bye, thanks.
- Thanks, bye.
No worries.
Wouldn't take long at all.
Where'd they go?
are some big guards.
We'll lure them away.
I wanna help.
Hi, we're here to see
the Guardian of the Forest.
Can you tell her we're here?
Her Highness, the
garden of the forest,
isn't going to see just any
riff raff off the street.
Oh, so that's how it is?
Especially a silly
girl with two mice.
That's the windy side.
Let's climb that way.
Stop right there.
What do you think you're doing?
Who are you?
I'm, a.
You're a thief
who has come to steal
things, aren't you?
No, no, no.
I, I promise.
I'm not.
Let me explain.
I just...
Don't try to fool me.
Because if you are.
That would be fantastic.
Wait, what?
Please steal me.
I can shine like the bright sun
and help light your way
in time of darkness.
That's nice of you,
but actually I'm
looking for, oh.
You should steal me.
What is this?
Well, obviously this
is my head, silly.
Have some manners, please.
You should take me.
I can protect you.
No thanks.
I'm good.
I'm actually looking
for something.
Can anyone help me find it?
someone call for me?
Who's that?
My master, I'm a genie
who knows everything.
I can answer three
of your questions.
Shouldn't that
be three wishes?
Next one.
Wait, that counts.
You only have one question left.
Use it wisely.
Do you know where I
can find the Lifestone?
Of course I do.
Ooh, sorry.
You ran out of questions.
Wait, please don't go.
Well if you bring me with you,
I'll make an exception and
grant you one more wish.
Don't believe him.
- Oh.
- He knows nothing.
You are
definitely looking for me.
No one can
refuse a great meal from me.
That's nice of you, but
I'm not really hungry.
That's okay
if you don't want to eat,
I can offer you
something to drink.
Go away.
I found her first.
But I talked you her first.
- No, I saw her first.
- It's clear
that I'm the...
- Steal me.
- Steal me.
You should steal me.
Me, me, me.
Oh my,
she's in big trouble.
What is this place?
Oh, what is this thing?
Hey, who are you?
Stop right there.
Where did she go?
She's gone.
Look up there.
The queen is back.
Everyone go.
Excuse me.
- Do you where I...
- I beg your pardon.
Don't just lie there.
Quickly, follow me.
Such a pretty young thing.
And yet still a thief.
I'm not a thief.
Breaking into a house
while the master is out
and you deny being a thief.
Please, let me explain.
Did you get the thing?
Don't worry, we'll
help you look.
Can I help you look?
All the better.
Thank you.
Care to explain anything else?
I think we walked
in the wrong house.
Let me go.
Let her go.
I'm gonna teach this forest
lady a lesson, that's what.
Are you threatening me?
Stop tickling me.
I apologize.
I'm sorry.
We only wanna borrow
the Lifestone.
You can do whatever
you want to punish me.
I beg you, please let them go.
If you are here for the
Lifestone, you're too late.
The queen of desert
has already stolen it.
Oh no.
The Lifestone has been stolen?
Yes, and why on
earth do you need it?
We just wanna use the
Lifestone to save our friend.
Now that's a sweet
sounding excuse.
Ella, don't beg her.
I can be outta this myself.
A lot of spunk
for a little kid.
Hang on.
We can recover the
Lifestone for you.
But in return, you
have to lend it to us.
The desert queen is too
powerful, even for me.
We have to save our friend.
Please let us try.
That's a pretty good offer.
You've been worrying about
finding the Lifestone.
No one's been able to help.
You think they can?
There's no harm in trying.
There's no downside
for you at all.
I agree.
You dare to mess with me.
This map will guide
you to the desert palace.
And this?
It will keep an
eye on you for me.
Should you succeed,
I will help save your friend.
Good luck.
Your Highness.
The Forest Guardian
has dispatched a party
to reclaim the
Lifestone from you.
The Forest Guardian couldn't
even defeat me herself.
And she thinks this rag tag,
bunch of kids can
take back the stone.
Are you not seeking a
sorcerer for your army?
One of the ones in that
bunch is an apprentice mage.
I can help you bring her in.
Not a bad idea.
And if I can convince
her to join you,
that in exchange,
you can help me.
You want me to help
you retake your kingdom?
Yes, your majesty.
Very well.
I'll leave immediately.
Thank God for Ella
or we wouldn't have gotten
away from that Forest Guardian.
Guys over here.
I think I found a shortcut.
This could be a
much quicker way.
What are we waiting for?
Let's get going.
Hold on.
Don't go that way.
I can sense something.
Someone is spying on us.
It'll be fine.
No, it won't be fine.
None of this is fine.
I'm worried for our safety.
Would you stop worrying?
We need to find the Lifestone.
What's wrong?
Why do you think?
That's squirrel is
conjured up by dark magic?
Ooh, maybe it is.
No need to worry, Crystal.
It's only a little squirrel.
Watch out!
And that's gotta be a
flock of black magic birds.
Stop missing around, Crystal.
Let's go.
It's really dangerous here.
We have to take the other path.
How dangerous
can it possibly be?
Can you believe in a
sorcerer just for once?
Crystal, you don't have to
be so on guard all the time.
I can sense a really
strong power here.
We don't have time for this.
We have to get back to save
Alex as soon as we can.
You don't think
I wanna save Alex?
Did you forget who's been
protecting us with magic?
But not everything
needs magic to solve it.
Crystal, I didn't mean that.
Looks like I'm
not needed here.
No, no.
I, I didn't mean that.
I'll leave now.
Don't touch me.
- Crystal, please don't go.
- Crystal,
please don't go.
Come back.
Is she really
going to leave us?
I'm getting the feeling
that this path is
really dangerous.
So now what do we do?
We have to keep going.
Maybe we could find a place
to rest to continue tomorrow.
I'm so hungry.
I wish I had a nice Munster,
or cheddar, or provolone
or even a mozzarella would do.
Guys, guys,
check it out.
I don't think we should go in.
Let's go.
Wait, where did you go?
Whoever owns this
place is really generous.
Look at all this yummy food.
I can totally pig out here.
I'm starved skinny.
Need to replenish my physique.
Guys wait,
we need to say hello
to our host first.
Sounds good.
We can eat while we wait.
- Ella!
- Ella!
Welcome to Cat's kitchen.
Leaving so soon?
I insist you stay for dinner.
Oh, that's awesome.
There's a dinner.
Stupid, we're gonna
be the first course.
Should I fry you
or grill you?
- Run!
- Uh oh.
Please, don't hurt him.
You can't see me.
You can't see me.
You can't see me.
I'm a pumpkin.
Oh, I'm a pumpkin.
I'm a pumpkin.
Ha ha.
You ate all my
pairing vegetables!
So there's a main course too?
You'll see.
That's delicious.
What's did you say?
Mm, this is the
best food I ever had.
You are a true
gourmet connoisseur.
I wanna taste
anything but fish.
With an unbelievable aftertaste.
I've long dreamed of
becoming a great chef,
but no one ever seems to know
how to appreciate my creations.
If you don't try,
you would never know
what you're capable of.
This doesn't sound like you.
Ella told me.
Ever since I was
little, I loved magic.
Loved it so much.
I've always wanted to
become a real sorcerer.
How dare they doubt my magic.
Who do they think they are?
Did you forget who helped
you when you needed a hand?
Do you still
consider me a friend?
Will they make it to
the castle without me?
Poor little girl, all alone.
Olaf, stay away from me!
Where did all your buddies go?
Let's me guess,
they ditched you.
No, they didn't.
Don't kid yourself.
They only cared about
using your magic.
They denied your contributions
and even your magic skills.
As soon as they saw
your magic was useless,
they kicked you aside.
They don't care
about you at all.
It's not like that.
Oh, how so?
They will come looking for me.
And yet they haven't,
all because you're an
apprentice sorcerer.
But if you were to
join the desert queen,
then that would be an
entirely different story.
The desert queen?
Do you think she
would understand me?
Not only would
she understand you,
she would see great
value in your potential.
My potential?
That's right.
She possesses the most
powerful magic in the world
and can help you become
a real master sorcerer.
Very well.
Just need you to do
something for her.
To reach
the desert castle,
you have to pass through
the Goby desert caves.
But rumor has it
that those caves are
filled with untold dangers,
monsters even.
You must be very careful.
What kind of
dangerous monsters?
I could take on anything
as long as it isn't cats.
Oh man, I wish I
had feet so much.
Excuse me, Mr. Bear.
We didn't mean to disturb you.
We're trying to
save a dear friend.
Please let us pass.
You're trying to
rescue a friend?
You better not be lying to me.
No, no, no.
We'd never lie to you.
In that case, you can go.
But first you must
help me with something.
What is it?
Some time ago, a while back,
I got into a fight
with my brother.
Eventually he sent me a letter,
but I'm too old and I can't
see clearly enough to read it.
If you can help me read
the letter, you can leave.
I'll help you.
Dear brother.
How have you been
these past few years?
I don't know if you're
still upset with me.
Ever since I stormed
out after our fight,
not a day has gone by that I
don't regret what happened.
Now that I've become a father,
every time I see my boy playing
and arguing with his buddies,
I would remember how we
used to play and fight.
I shouldn't have said such
hurtful things to you in anger.
And I really wanna
say that I'm sorry.
If you can find it in
your heart to forgive me,
then I would like to
invite you to visit us
in the Northern forest.
You will always be welcome
in my home, dear brother.
Hard to believe
he's already a father.
All these years in regret, it's.
You know, I'm gonna
go pack my bags.
I need to see my brother.
Only those who you care most
about can hurt you so deep.
- Huh?
- Ella, what is it?
I'm thinking of Crystal.
Me too.
Friends, were going
back to find her.
How are we
supposed to find Crystal
searching aimlessly like this?
What's Crystal gonna
do without any food?
Crystal is all by herself.
How is she gonna pass the
night out there all on her own?
Hey Walter, look,
it's the Lifestone.
Are you hurt?
What was that?
What happened to the stone?
I think it's a trap.
We need to get out of here now.
- Ah.
- Whoa.
Careful, everyone.
Winning the battle without
firing a single shot.
What are you up to?
Calm down.
The real surprises yet to come.
Olaf, you creep, let her go.
No, I'm working with him.
But, Crystal,
we're your friends.
Friends don't turn their backs
on each other like you did.
Crystal, you can't trust him.
Are you really qualified
to speak about trust?
How does it feel to be
betrayed by your old friend?
You say that Crystal
was your friend
and yet all you
really cared about
was saving prince charming.
Did you ever really
care about Crystal?
Hey, we love Crystal.
It's not your place to...
And you two,
Crystal, please
help me with this.
Help me with your magic.
Have you ever done
anything for Crystal
besides bossing her around?
Have you?
Crystal, I'm sorry.
This entire time you're
always watching out for us,
protecting us,
yet I completely
ignored your feelings.
I was wrong.
No, you were right.
My abilities aren't enough.
I'm not good enough
to be your friend.
Crystal, that's not true.
We've all felt horrible
about this entire thing.
It's all my fault.
I didn't listen.
Crystal, you were
absolutely right.
And I've regretted not
listening to you ever since.
Don't lie.
You never cared about a
useless sorcerer like me.
No, that's not true.
I know everyone has talents
that should be recognized
and appreciated.
As your friend,
I should have been
more supportive.
But deep in my heart,
you always been a
brilliant sorcerer.
That's it.
The desert queen
is waiting for us.
Let's go.
We're not gonna rescue
Alex by just standing here.
what are you doing?
Did you really think I
double cross my friends?
Wait, I don't get it.
Crystal, I.
So what do you think?
This sorcerer useful
after all, huh?
Do you,
do you forgive me?
I feel much better now
after giving you a
piece of my mind.
Way to go, Chrystal.
Oh, for a second there,
we really thought you
were working with Olaf.
You little double crosser.
Didn't I tell you they'd
never turned their backs on me?
Looks like Crystal made a
fool of you all on our own
with no help from us.
Okay, let's head to the
Desert Queen's castle.
We'll go together.
Uh huh.
Hey, hey,
don't leave me here like this.
Save me.
Always knew that
with you as my friend
We couldn't lose in the end
Never thought there
would once come a day
We'd go our separate ways
And there's a reason why
I sparkle and you shine
We are two different kinds
And we gotta find our light
When you were gone
and the magic was lost
My world was dark as night
I realized we were
wrong at the time
We're stronger when we fight
Side by side
Our powers undeniable
Nothing can tear us down
Together we're unstoppable
Now that you're here
and the magic is back
My world is
filled with light
I realized you were
Wrong at the time
We're strong when we fight
Side by side
It's the
castle of the desert!
What kind of
anti-social hermit
would live all the way out here?
I'll show you what
the Queen's like.
What are you, two little
lice talking about?
- Eh?
- Huh?
Oh great Queen of the deserts,
our friend needs the
Lifestone to live.
Please have mercy and help us.
No, it took me quite the
effort to steal the stone.
So, the rumors are true.
You stole the Lifestone!
Did I say steal?
We all heard you.
- We heard you.
- We heard you.
So what?
I suggest you gently and
peacefully hand the Lifestone over
or else we'll tell the
entire world what you did.
Please don't say
anything to anyone.
The stone is yours.
You honestly thank the stone
is enough to get
you off the hook.
That's right,
hand over all your
delicious food as well.
My food?
I'll fight you to the death.
Maybe the queen of the desert
is actually a reasonable person.
I don't know.
She managed to get
Olaf under her spell.
We should be careful.
Did you guys hear that?
What's going on here?
Did I collapse the bridge?
Welcome to my desert castle.
The queen of the desert?
Your Highness, we're
here to get the Lifestone
so that we can save our friend.
That's the wrong line.
What you should say is,
oh great and revered
queen of the desert,
our dear friend must have
the Lifestone to live.
Please kindly show your
infinite mercy and help us.
No, it took me quite the
effort to steal this stone.
You don't think she heard
all the stuff we said
about her, do you?
You don't think she's really
gonna fight us for food, right?
It was you who stole the stone
from the Guardians
of the Forests.
The stone didn't
always is belong
the Guardian of the Forest.
Besides, I needed it to
bring this place back to life
and turn this barren waste
into a lush oasis.
This is my destiny.
Isn't there another way?
we can come to an arrangement.
And what would that be?
If the sorcerer agrees
to stay here and help me,
then I can let you
borrow the stone.
Do you promise that
if I'd stay as your apprentice,
you'd hand over the stone?
Of course.
- No.
- Fine,
I'll stay.
No, Crystal.
We can't leave you behind.
The Desert Queen's magic
is more powerful than mine.
This is our best chance
of getting the stone.
Remember you told me I'd
be a great sorcerer one day.
This is my chance.
You'll see.
we're not leaving
you here alone.
Don't worry.
I'll be all right.
I promise I'll stay.
But first give us the Lifestone.
Very well.
We're really getting
the stone, just like that?
What are you doing?
Treacherous Desert Queen.
What did you give me?
The real stone is right here.
Ella get outta the way.
I can't control myself.
You despicable queen!
No Ella, no!
Now you can stay
with your mind at rest.
I won't.
- Ella.
- Ella.
Crystal really hit
us with her magic.
She's gone cuckoo-kaju.
Crystal was being controlled.
We have to save her.
That's a really steep climb.
How are you gonna get up there?
I promised Crystal
that I never abandon her again.
Let it go, Ella.
I'm fine.
You can't Ella, please.
You could get hurt.
Even if we could
make it up there,
we'd never be able to
defeat the evil queen.
I'm not gonna let Crystal
face this all by herself.
Even Crystal was captured
and she's a sorcerer.
How are you possibly
going to save her?
I have to try
no matter what,
otherwise I regret it.
She is nuts and
not in a good way.
What do we do now?
What can we do?
Just pray she won't fall.
Don't fall down,
don't fall down.
Stop that.
Come on, Walter.
Let's catch up.
Ella, careful.
Got it.
I got it.
Hang on Crystal.
We're coming.
I just did half a year's
worth of work out in one day.
How are we gonna
get over there?
You two climb on my shoulders.
Come on, let's all
go nuts together.
It's the only way.
No matter what,
we're with you.
We made it.
Okay guys,
when we get up there,
I'm going to need your help.
My little magician,
have you thought it through yet?
Let me go!
I know you've always wanted
to become a real sorcerer.
Join me and you will have the
chance to realize your dream.
You're the one who
killed my friends.
Don't forget.
You were the one who
threw them over the edge.
Why, that was you.
I'd rather die I than help you.
Ella, get away from here.
You're no match for her.
You're just full of
surprises little girl.
Still alive after that fall?
You're deceitful witch.
Let Crystal go.
You had a chance to
escape with your life,
but decided to come
meet your fate instead.
I'm not gonna abandon Crystal.
And I would never back
down from the likes of you.
Such a touching friendship.
I'm not gonna let
you hurt my friends.
If you wanna fight
anyone, fight me.
there's no reason
to waste talent like yours
on the likes of them.
Hey, hey.
- Huh?
- Hey.
What are you planning
to do with Crystal?
My purpose, very well.
Since you're going to die,
I might as well tell you
she can help me
expand the desert.
Why would you want
to expand the desert?
The bigger the desert grows,
the greater my power will be.
And in time,
I shall become the most
powerful sorcerer on earth.
So you wanna use my magic
and the Lifestone's powers
to desiccate the forest
and destroy the world.
Crystal, I see great promise
in your magical potential.
I sincerely hope you could
succeed in my place one day.
Well what gives you the
right to set Crystal's future?
Because I will allow her
to become the most powerful
sorcerer apart for myself.
I've learned magic so
I can protect my friends.
I want nothing to do with power
gained by sacrificing that.
Crystal, you are still young.
You have no idea what you
should be focusing on in life.
You honestly believe Crystal
should listen to a
common thief like you.
Keep blathering your slander
and I won't be merciful.
Heh, what's the matter
did I touch a nerve?
If that's how you want to
play, don't blame me for.
You sneaking little mouse.
Get back here with my stone.
Don't even dream escaping.
Get outta here now.
Not one of you are
getting away today.
Dare to get my way!
Where's the stone?
The stone is no
longer your concern.
If you refuse to follow me,
you will suffer my wrath.
Hand over the Lifestone
or you'll be next.
You evil witch.
I'm gonna make you pay!
Ella, bring back the stone.
As long as it's with us,
she won't be able to defeat me.
Out of my way.
Don't even think about it.
You think that stone will
make you a match for me?
If you're so great,
then why steal the stone?
The stone is wasted
in your weak hands.
Your corruption is not
fit to possess the stone.
Walter, hurry up.
wait for me.
Hurry, Alex is waiting for us.
You are not so hard
to find after all.
Give me the stone.
Manny, get the stone.
Got it.
But we gotta take care of
this annoying guy first.
Stop where you are.
Over here.
Watch me.
Walter, quick!
Manny, catch.
Give me the stone.
Keep dreaming.
Hand it over.
Let her go!
Finally got ya.
Get out of here.
Oh, Snowball.
Just in time.
It must be Dr. Know-It-All
who told you to come save us.
The Lifestone.
Guys, look at this.
Don't leave me.
You can't this to me again.
Is that all you've got?
I overestimated you.
The Lifestone would
never accept the touch
of an evil witch like you.
Heh, the Lifestone belongs
with the most powerful sorcerer
in the land.
You again.
Silly little wench.
Snowball, let's go.
Get the stone to
the Forest Guardian.
Just in time.
Catch the stone.
No you don't.
Flash your light.
Finally, I come in handy.
You're gonna pay for that.
What else do you have
to say for yourself?
The stone is yours.
I won't fight you.
Don't believe her.
She's a liar and a cheat.
She has deceived us before.
I never meant to harm anyone.
I did it all for
these barren lands.
Did you forget when
you did your Crystal?
I was just going to
take you to see her.
Did we win?
We defeated the
Queen of the Desert.
Before, I never
would've believed in you,
but now you're all
truly impressive.
But we lost Crystal.
I can't
believe she's gone.
She gave her life for us.
Please, you have to save her.
I'll do whatever you want.
Please save her.
I'm afraid I can't help you.
However, the stone only
has enough remaining power
to save one of your friends.
You must choose.
Oh no.
How can we choose?
This is bad.
But our entire journey has
been to bring back Alex.
Well, the only reason
Crystal ended up this way
is because she helped save us.
No, no.
There's gotta be another way.
I'm very sorry.
This is beyond my powers.
We have to save them both.
We have to.
That's not possible.
You must make a choice.
What, now?
Your Highness, if I may,
save Crystal instead of me,
please, I insist.
Why did you say that?
Crystal sacrificed herself
in order to save my life.
It is my honor to
return the favor.
If you don't bring her back,
I'll never be able
to forgive myself
for the rest of my days.
But you need
the stone's power.
Oh Alex,
now you'll never be able
to live as a prince again.
It's okay.
As long as we're together,
that's all that matters.
Please, your Highness.
I've made my decision.
Very well.
What happened?
We're so glad to have you back.
We were afraid we lost you.
I missed you too, Ella.
- Crystal!
- Crystal!
Manny, Walter,
you guys are okay.
Welcome back, Crystal.
what happened?
Did we fail?
What about the Lifestone?
We defeated the Desert Queen.
And got back the Lifestone.
Then let's use the
stone to save Alex.
What are we waiting for?
Guys, say something.
In order to save you,
Alex sacrificed the
chance to become human.
Wait, what?
It's all my fault.
I'm the one who.
You've done more
than enough, Crystal.
But Alex, I don't.
As long as we're together,
I know we'll figure it out.
There's a book for sorcerers
that describes an ancient spell.
I mean I've heard of it,
but I'm only an
apprentice sorcerer.
Take a look at yourself.
What happened?
In being healed,
you have absorbed all of
the Lifestone's power.
Through the journey
you've endured,
you've already proven
your worth and potential.
Crystal, you're now
the new Spellbinder.
Does that mean?
We have to find
ingredients again.
First, the steaming
from a boom bloom.
Then an egg from
a Rainbow bird.
Oh, at a Raven's feather.
You know about this spell?
All right.
Seems our
Journey's at its end
With all our friends
We fought hard
We pushed on even
when we're scared
So whatever the
future brings
We will be prepared
We can handle anything
Summer, winter,
fall, or spring
Climb the mountains,
soar the sky
We can do it, you and I
When we stand
together, we're
Stronger than our
greatest fears
Faced with any obstacle
We know we're unstoppable
And with darkness closing in
We know we can never win
Long as we give it a try
We can do it, you and I
Seems our
Journey's at it's end
With all our friends
We fought hard
We pushed on even
when we're scared
So whatever the
future brings
We will be prepared
We can handle anything
Summer, winter,
fall or spring
Climb the mountains,
soar the sky
We can do it, you and I
When we stand
together, we're
Stronger than our
greatest fears
Faced with any obstacle
We know we're unstoppable
And when darkness closing in
We know we can never win
Long as we give it a try
We can do it, you and I
We can handle anything
Summer, winter,
fall or spring
Climb the mountain,
soar the sky
We can do it, you and I
When we stand
together, we're
Stronger than our
greatest fears
Faced with any obstacle
We know we're unstoppable
And when darkness closing in
We know we can never win
Long as we give it a try
We can do it, you and I
We can handle anything
Summer, winter,
fall or spring
Climb the mountains,
soar the sky
We can do it, you and I
When we stand
together, we're
Stronger than our
greatest fears
Faced with any obstacle
We know we're unstoppable
And when darkness closing in
We know we can never win
Long as we give it a try
We can do it, you and I
Always knew
That with you as my friend
We couldn't lose in the end
Never thought there
would once come a day
We'd go our separate ways
But there's a reason why
I sparkly when you shine
We are two different kinds
And we gotta find our light
When you were gone and the
Magic was lost
My world was dark as night
I realized we were
Wrong all this time
We're stronger when we fight
Side by side
We're defined in our
own different ways
We're like
diamonds and pearls
When we let go of the
hurt and the pride
Then we see eye to eye
And there's a reason why
I sparkle when you shine
We are two different kinds
And we gotta find our light
When you were gone
And the magic was lost
My world was dark as night
I realized we were
Wrong all this time
We're stronger when we fight
Side by side
I know with you around
Our powers undeniable
Nothing can tear us down
Together we're unstoppable
Now that you're here
And the magic is back
My world is
filled with light
I realized we were
wrong all this time
We're stronger when we fight
Side by side