Little Thirteen (2012) Movie Script

I don't want to leave here.
The guys dig me.
I want them to desire me.
The good thing about sex is
that I can always have it.
I love it when I turn them on.
That's what makes screwing hot!
But it always ends too soon.
Right after the guy comes.
I don't really care who it is.
I know how you can be happy here.
I simply close my eyes and
imagine it's the same guy every time.
Stop it!
Maik, stop it!
I've got one more.
- I just want to turn it up.
This one's hot, right?
- Yeah, it's mine.
- Looks better on her.
You'll stretch it!
Who'll stretch what?
- Man, you're just too fat, okay?
Fat! You're not fat.
You're fat yourself.
I'm not fat.
Man, they're fucking again!
Who do you think?
And buy yourself a new headset.
I met the guy from the "Blubber".
He's really cute.
He's in high school.
"Story" is with a Y, Madame.
No, but really, he's very cute.
I think I have a crush on him.
What are you thinking?
No, really,
he's different from all the others.
"Story" is still with a Y.
- Robert, shove off!
Get lost!
Do you know what you're gonna wear?
Up to a hundred shooting stars per hour...
I don't know, want to come to dinner?
Then we can dress up together.
You randy bitch!
... Today wishes may come true.
Have you all made a wish list yet?
As of today it's not only raining water,
but also stars.
Lots and lots of stars.
Turn off that crap.
I don't want to listen to that crap.
- Do it yourself.
Why can we see so many
shooting stars as of today?
What are you up to today?
I'll have to water the flowers,
that's for sure.
Oh, man! Not enough feeling, I guess.
- We're not here to have fun.
Let's have a look.
She does have hot tits, right?
What about me?
Since when do you have tits?
- That's not what I meant.
How old is she?
- Fifteen.
Why's she going inside again?
Forgotten something?
- I guess.
She looks eighteen.
- It's the make-up.
Do you think it's okay?
She shouldn't be wearing make-up.
That's cool.
- Ciao.
What's with that chick of yours?
What was her name?
- That's the one!
Her real name's Sarah.
- Sarah!
Since when do you care about names?
- She wanted me to call her that!
I see.
You two!
- Hello.
What are you doing here?
I've never seen you before. Who are you?
Are you with Detlef?
We could use some rain.
Everything's way too dry!
The roses can take it,
but the vetches need water.
Yeah, I like it wet, too.
- They can't survive without water.
What're vetches?
- You don't know what vetches are?
Vetches are flowers.
Roses are roses and vetches are vetches.
Daffodils are bliss,
they'll get you a kiss.
Roses are snug,
they'll get you a hug.
Vetches with luck will get you a...
Good one!
If you see Detlef, say hello.
Tell him to come round.
It's been too long.
- Will do!
His garden looks like a pigsty.
What a moron.
He's cool.
Could you remind Dad
it's my birthday tomorrow?
It's so embarrassing when he forgets it.
I'm such a scatterbrain today.
So what present could we get you?
My perfume.
Could you cut that out?
What's up with you?
- Any other water left?
So where's the sugar?
Where's the sugar?
Thank you.
Can I have the car tonight?
I'm on night duty.
Can't you drive her?
- No.
It's the holidays!
- You drive your mother. End of story.
I can drive myself!
Don't you get spots when you shave?
- No.
Why don't you wax?
Because it hurts.
- Try sugaring.
Is that him?
Don't you mind...
that Maik and Doreen...
- Nonsense, Maik's a moron.
I don't care what he does.
This is hot!
Just look at me!
There's still some left there.
Go down a bit more.
That's gotta be him.
Could someone get that?
It's for me!
- Yeah.
Come in.
No, just leave them on.
Sarah's freshening up.
Hurry up!
Doreen can be so...
- You're pretty enough as you are.
God, how low-life!
- And don't use my shaver again!
Sit down.
Want a beer?
- Yeah.
I'll have one, too, thanks.
So you're Sarah's latest, right?
What are you up to tonight?
Don't know.
I saw your profile, earlier.
Sarah showed it to me.
You're even more handsome in the flesh.
Anyone want anything from the bathroom?
Didn't know you were here.
- So?
You look great.
- Thanks. What's up? Do you have to piss?
How've you been?
Or crap?
- What's up, Maik?
We're busy.
Man, Doreen's on heat.
Is the anti-cellulite cream yours?
We'll need one more minute.
I'll be right there.
So who was that?
My mother.
- Your mother?
Looks great, huh?
- Awesome!
I'm Charly, by the way.
And she's Sarah, by the way.
- Diggensck.
What? - Diggensck.
- Excuse me?
D, I, double G...
It's not my car!
Alright then, Diggie...
Are you a high-school nerd, too?
- Yeah, you, too? - As you can see.
You made me all wet!
What kind of swill is it anyway?
You do know it was meant for me.
- First I'll have a sip.
What are they up to?
- Drugs, what else?
Do you think he's any different?
I want the keys.
Hey, dude, come back a sec.
- What's up?
We want some music, we're bored.
- Charly.
A camera?
- Know how to switch it on?
Here. No, that's...
- He's coming.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Give it to me. Give me that camera!
Give it to me, I said.
First put some music on.
Pokmon, get over here, will you?
- Nothing happening down there.
It's you, right?
So, anything happening?
Sell it to children's TV,
not to me.
Like I told you:
younger and especially bad-asser.
Alright, but...
- Bad-asser,
you wanker!
Okay, how much for this one?
What, you want money for this vanilla sex?
Give him 40.
What do you mean, 40?
It's work.
I want 80.
Well 70 then!
German marks.
I'll take four pills then.
Over there, dude.
I'll have six for a 20.
I brought your jacket.
It's really tame.
Where are you going?
- Where do you think? In there.
It's not a children's birthday party.
Who are the children here?
I can't see any.
Not even got hair on your balls yet.
- More than you on your head!
Come on, beat it. Go home.
- What?
What's the problem?
- Go away and take your buddy with you.
Don't touch me, man!
- You two are with them, so beat it.
Hurry up.
Move along.
Don't touch me.
- Move along, I said! Your ID, please.
What year were you born?
- 1991.
Must be the short hair. Go in.
Wonderful! How come they
get to go in and we don't?
Leave it, okay?
Come on.
What are you looking at?
- Quit staring. What do you want?
Take off your shades, dude,
you can't see anything like that.
Shut the fuck up, man!
Relax, okay?
- Go home.
What do we do now?
No idea.
Any suggestions?
- What?
Any suggestions?
The garden.
- What?
The garden!
Want to suck at my drink?
- Yeah, sure.
You're getting me all wet.
What are we doing here?
- Not so loud.
This way.
But what are we doing here?
What's with your garden, dude?
It smells of shit here!
It's not our garden.
- We're almost there.
Not so loud.
Don't you mow the grass at all?
- Man, it's not our garden!
So why are we here at all?
Why's the grass all wet?
This keeps getting worse.
Why are you drawing tits on him?
- Tits're all I can draw.
They look like shit.
- I'm sure yours are prettier.
You'll fall down!
Where did you leave the key, man?
- I thought you put it down here.
There it is!
We've got some kind of schnapps, a beer
and vodka.
It's apricot brandy.
Did you bring the camera?
- No.
Why not?
What are you doing?
Squeaking around a little.
Sounds like you're fucking the camp bed.
Can't you picture it?
- Lack of imagination.
You call that imagination?
Fucking a camp bed?
What's wrong with you, dude?
So tell us about your fantasies.
An electric toothbrush.
What are you laughing at?
I like a cell phone's vibration alarm.
And gyrating's good.
And towards the end you have to do it harder.
That's important.
Never just rub.
That's no good.
- We're no scratch cards.
It's not luck, but technique.
- First prize! Scratch card...
No, you need the right technique...
Want to show me the garden?
- Definitely. With pleasure.
Well, you go and
"have a look at the garden".
Got a blanket or something?
I'm cold.
Hey, wait, it's god-awful wet here.
- Wet?
Wait a sec.
I'll be right back.
Hey, I need the blanket. Give it to me.
- Are you crazy? Hey!
Got us a blanket.
Good thinking, right?
Are they still sitting there?
- Yes.
Go on!
Want the blanket?
- No...
My braces chafe a bit.
Get back on the blanket.
- Wait...
Did you bring a condom?
- No.
- Never mind that now.
It's alright, I'm on the pill. Go on.
- You sure?
Dead sure?
You worry too much.
Let's wait a little, okay?
We don't have to fuck
on our first date, do we?
It's the second time we meet.
- Yes.
Do you think I'm stupid?
- You're not stupid, not ugly, either!
I never said that.
- Right, but...
We don't have to rush things, do we?
We can just wait a little, can't we?
You really don't think I'm pretty.
I think you're dead pretty!
You've got a wonderful smile.
And you're a great dancer.
- I saw you in the Manhattan.
So now what?
I don't know.
Tell me something about yourself.
What you like to do, don't like to do.
Doreen must've told you all that.
Is your mother always that way?
This place is full of slugs
and other creepy-crawlies.
Fucking mosquitoes,
I hate them and everything that bites.
Here's a bad joke:
I only see one thing that bites around here.
And who might that be?
You're a great one to talk to.
I like that.
So how was it?
Pretty good.
- Pretty good?
- What's up with you? Everything okay?
He's a little tense.
He needs a massage.
What's up?
- Cut it out, dude.
What's going on with you two?
A little uptight?
What's wrong with you?
- Stop it, man!
Calm down, will you?
- What's up with you two?
- Fuck you, man!
Why did you throw away my cap?
- Because you were punching me, man!
Hold that.
- I'll do my best.
No, not over there.
Come here.
Hold still.
It's gonna look cool anyway.
Hold that.
- Like this?
Stop laughing.
Could you not smoke?
There are kids here!
So get your own apartment!
shall I cut your brother's hair, too?
Hey, little man.
Shall we cut those? No?
- He's my son!
And the little girl?
- Hers, too.
Nothing to do with me.
Did you hurt yourself?
It happens in a flash, Doreen.
Before you know it you're a grandma.
Nele's woken up!
Nele's woken up.
Nele's woken up!
Nele's woken up!
Here's something to drink...
Mom's asleep.
... and here you can see a shooting star,
so make a wish!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow...
When are the holidays over?
When are the holidays over?
Not for a while.
I don't want jam!
I want Nutella.
I want Nutella!
I want Nutella!
Stop bugging me!
But I want Nutella!
- There is no Nutella!
Show us your ass cheeks, baby!
Hey, darling.
Still here?
I'm starving.
Make me one, too.
Jessi's already got two grandchildren.
What was that about?
- Nothing. Carry on.
- Shit.
So how was it?
- What's he like?
You saw for yourself.
Do I have to worm everything out of you?
- He's better than Maik anyway.
Does he still serve the same
old three-course meal?
Groping, on top and doggie style?
- He gave me a curve.
A what?
A curve.
It's a dildo, but it's bent.
For a better feeling.
So, a dildo with a handle?
It's very practical.
Wanna see it?
I'll lend it to you.
- No...
- In the kitchen.
He's damn sexy.
I know.
- So tell me about him.
Well, he's...
He's very different.
- Different? How?
Just different.
The way...
The way he touches you is so...
- Yes!
Yes, he's very gentle.
I think he's real sexy.
He looks so natural.
Listen, I'll lend you my curve,
you lend me Lukas.
Can I at least join in some time?
You're a real square,
you know that?
I'm a square, am I?
- Yes.
I mean, we always share everything.
- But not Lukas.
Don't get all huffy.
Go on, piss off.
Fuck you then.
- Yeah, fuck you, too.
You take Nele.
I can't.
- Please take Nele.
I'm busy.
- I have to work.
Take her.
See you later.
Good morning, Ms. Panitz.
Or shall I call you Charlotte?
How are you?
What's with the employment training
the job center offered you? - Can't go.
You can't go?
- I can't go.
Why not?
I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
If you want to test me,
I could piss into your coffee cup.
By the way,
what did the guy say yesterday?
I've been meaning to ask you, man.
- What?
What did the guy say yesterday?
- Yeah.
What do you mean, yeah?
- Do you think I should work out, too?
Hey, why did he pay us so damn little?
He wants them younger and
the film bad-asser. Now close this thing.
I always told you so!
What age is that chick of yours?
- 13.
How old?
- She's 13, man!
That's the perfect age!
I won't do it with Sarah, okay?
- What? Why not?
Fuck you.
- No, fuck you, man!
Yeah, yeah.
Are you in love?
- Yeah, dream on!
Sure you are.
Look at this.
- Can they be reprogrammed?
No idea.
It matches my nails.
It's even got a crown!
Can I help you?
What are you doing?
Can they be reset?
- Excuse me?
So they'll say "daddy".
- Well, I think...
No, they...
All they can say is "mommy".
- No wonder you men can't practice.
Hey, are you crazy?
Lisa told me about Ben.
They have a kid, too, now.
With you it doesn't matter
what undies you wear.
I look hot anyway,
or because they never stay on long?
They never stay on long!
Let's keep an eye out.
You look to the right, I'll look to the left.
Look, it bites her nipple.
Oh, this is nice.
How may I help you?
- We're fine.
Do you have the right size?
- We won't steal them. Yes, we have.
On second thoughts,
you can help us.
Hang on.
Is that the right size?
- Yes!
We don't have A-cups.
- You can only take three items.
One, two... and three.
- That's five.
No, it looks like a granny's bra.
- Think so? - Don't you?
Try this one on. - That one?
- It's a bit see-through.
How much is it?
- Let's have a look.
What are you doing?
Just see how much it is.
49.90, my dear. - Really?
- Yep. - Shit.
But it looks really hot on you.
- Please!
Hand it over.
Don't you want to buy some undies, too?
I don't feel like trying anything on.
Oh, come on!
I'll have a fat belly soon
and I'll look like shit.
- I think pregnant women are beautiful.
You may, but guys don't.
Put it in a bag to wash it.
Excuse me? - Yes?
- Do you have a trash bin?
Over there.
- Give it to me.
I'll throw it away.
You're welcome!
Have a nice day.
Daddy! - What's up?
- It's me. Let me in.
- I've brought you something.
- I've got a job. Let me in. - Daddy.
Go on, Yvonne, let me in.
I've got a job as a warehouseman.
Now I can give you some money.
Open the door, man!
- Get lost.
Let me in, man! - No.
- Yvonne, let me in, now!
Let me... Robert, open the door.
- Robert!
Open the door, son.
Open it, buddy.
- I want to see Dad!
Yvonne, come on, let me in.
You stupid cunt, let me in!
Let me in right now!
I'll kick this door in, you stupid cunt!
- Man!
I'm sorry.
Where's the puzzle piece?
- No idea.
Give me the puzzle piece.
- I don't have it... - Robert, give it to me!
Where is it?
- I don't have it! - Where is it?
Look at this place! It could be anywhere.
I don't have it. - Where is it?
Leave me alone.
Go on.
Nele, come on.
"A real shame.
"A real shame.
So, did you ask?
Yeah, but I have to name the dad
for maintenance reasons.
Then they'll talk about an apartment.
- Melli got one without naming him.
Why did you let them brush you off like that?
It's not like you. - No idea.
Now where can I find a dad?
Got a smoke?
You really should quit.
You drank a lot yesterday, too.
It doesn't matter at first.
If they're harmed, they'll push off.
- And you can kiss the apartment goodbye.
What do I care.
Nothing I look forward to ever works out.
I wanna have fun now.
See which one of these guys would make
the best dad. - How do you mean?
Before you name anyone,
you first see who's best for you.
You think of some criteria he has to meet,
like does he drink?
Then you meet them and
whoever scores the most points,
is the daddy.
Maybe the Turk wouldn't be bad.
- Whatever.
He's doing an apprenticeship, right?
- Yes.
I've forgotten where.
The deal was that we see
each other once and never again.
Crappy rules are there to be broken.
Just meet him again.
Yeah, wouldn't be bad, maybe.
- What about Tim?
I can't talk to Tim.
And the other one?
No dick is as hard as life.
Why won't you tell me who the other guy is?
- I forgot his name.
I told you three times already.
- What did he look like?
Don't know.
You're worse than the welfare office!
We shouldn't have secrets from each other.
We don't.
Like I said, I forgot. What's the problem?
Fuck yourself! What's gotten into you?
- Slut!
Shouldn't you put them in the mailboxes?
- No.
Have you been doing this long?
- Two weeks.
Does it earn well?
- So-so.
What do you do it for?
Shall we go on?
It's cold...
- You're cold?
He's coming.
What's he doing?
- I can't see anything.
Come on.
Charly, come on!
I've decided to do as you proposed.
- What?
I'm meeting all three of them again.
- I see. What made you change your mind?
Nothing much.
I already saw one of them today.
Which one?
- Tim. - And?
He's none the wiser.
I've got it!
Really pretty.
Lukas will be pleased.
You look really hot, now come on!
- Yeah. - I'll be...
He's coming!
- Shit!
Get down!
Come over here!
Shit, shit!
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Come into my arms!
- No!
Have you got the stuff?
- In my bag.
Come on.
Get your dirty fingers off of me!
What's wrong?
Who are you chatting with?
None of your business.
We've just fucked!
And you're chatting with the next guy?
Do we have a problem?
Do we...
- You have!
Oh, yeah?
- What?
You keep serving the same three-course meal.
I didn't know I was running a restaurant.
What three-course meal?
Groping, on top and doggie style!
It's boring. Boring!
You're obsessed by sex. It's all you think of!
- I'm just being honest.
You drool over every guy you meet!
You're a nymphomaniac. You're sick!
- Piss off. Get out of my apartment!
Are you crazy?
Piss off!
Now who's drooling?
Get out.
And you, put some clothes on!
You're way too old for me anyway.
You're old. You're not a child anymore.
- Piss off! - You're not a teen!
You're a mother!
Do you really want this?
Fuck this!
Did you have a fight?
You look pretty.
So what are you up to?
- A party.
At Dennis's.
- Wanna come along?
It's okay.
Go on.
We have to go left, right?
- I don't know.
Make a decision.
- Where are we going?
You have some awesome plans.
Then what?
I don't know.
Get married, a cool wife,
three kids,
all of them good-looking,
intelligent, just like their mom.
How about you?
What do you want to do one day?
Go on welfare.
Chill and get money.
Why did you call me?
Let's go in the back. This is no good.
- Wait.
Go on.
- Wait...
You coming?
I'm not in right now, or I can't talk.
Call again, or tell me what you want.
Your time starts now!
It's me.
I just met Kadir.
He's a square.
A slick bastard.
I don't know if I can make it to the party.
Although I'd like to.
Absolutely. I'd really like to.
I'd really like to have a dad.
Someone to look after the little one and...
and after me, too.
- Remember?
Your first true love.
The day you learned to swim.
"I don't want your kids.
Stop wasting time..."
No, that wasn't right.
"Stop wasting time.
I don't wanna talk.
Better go and have an intimate shave!
I don't want your kids, so hurry up!
I just wanna fuck you..."
"... now take off your clothes
or I'll put you on the next bus home!"
Come on.
Well, fuck you!
Come on, man, I can't.
What's up?
A beer, please.
A large beer.
Don't drop your ash on the floor!
This is a decent bar.
Excuse me?
Excuse me, do you know where Maik is?
- Who? - Maik.
I can't hear you, it's so loud here!
- Maik! - He was just here.
Where's he gone?
He probably went to the bathroom.
Put it on my tab, okay?
Have you seen Lukas?
No. No idea.
- Man, where is he?
- Upstairs?
Stop it.
It's mine.
You'll get it back.
Come here.
Go on.
This sucks.
Then leave.
Gimme a shooter, please.
- What? - A shooter.
- What? Come on, Frank...
Come on, leave it.
I wanted to clink glasses.
- What for?
To us.
- Us?
I just wanted you to know,
what happened between us
was something very special.
I'll never forget it.
No, man.
Leave it.
I can't handle that just now.
Just leave me alone.
Charly, what's your problem?
What, Maik?
- Why are you running away from me?
What do I want here?
I was so happy to see you.
Have I hurt you?
Do you want me to run after you?
What, Maik?
- Did you see that just now?
There was a shooting star!
And at that very moment
I wished
for us two to maybe...
You fucked it up now, Maik.
You mustn't say what you wished for,
or it won't come true.
Come on!
This sucks.
Man, is she ugly.
Not pretty at all.
Beat it, you slut!
Gonna run to your mommy?
Gonna call your mommy now?
- Shit.
Everyone says it sucks here.
Everyone's alone.
But I don't want to leave here.
Fucking, screwing, humping!
I'm gonna keep doing it until someone says,
"I don't want to leave you."
Because I know how you can be happy here.