Little Woods (2018) Movie Script

-What are you doing here, Dale?
-Sorry for the house call.
It's after midnight.
Just got off
my shift.
Uh, you got any Oxy?
Not for months.
Aw, shit.
-You out and out?
-Yeah, I've been out.
No, whoa! Okay.
All right. Come on.
- How long has
it been like this?
Uh, a couple weeks.
Happened when I was
back home for the season.
I can wrap you up,
but you're gonna need
to go to the hospital.
Tried. They made me wait
six hours.
By then it was time
to start my shift.
Well, next time
wait seven.
Till then?
I really don't have
anything for you, Dale.
Why'd you stop?
I got caught on the border
with my mom's meds.
No Oxy?
Nothin' nowhere?
Wouldn't tell me,
would ya?
I got 10 days left
on my probation
and the last thing
I need to do is
implicate myself
in a worse crime than
I got caught committing.
no, I wouldn't.
Keep it elevated,
stay off of it,
and go to the hospital,
I couldn't do more.
I get it.
It's a shame though.
Bill's selling for
a lot more than you did.
That's 'cause
he's a drug dealer.
You're okay, Bear.
- You're okay.
Get it all out.
Oh, yeah.
Get it all out.
You're okay, Bear.
You're okay.
You all done?
You're okay, Bear.
All right?
I ain't fit to
Be no mother
I ain't fit to
Be no wife yet
I been working
Like a man, y'all
I been working
All my life, yeah
All my life, y'all
All my life, yeah
I don't know
what's better, seeing you
or seeing clean laundry.
I don't know why
you don't get whoever left
that lipstick
on your nice shirt
to do it for you.
It'd be a lot cheaper.
Maybe so.
-Can I get two coffees?
Hey, I forgot the creamer today,
so you'll have to take it black.
-I hope that's okay.
-All right.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
-The usual, please.
-Yeah? Did you find a place yet?
-No. Still staying in the truck.
Well, at least
it's warmed up a little bit
-instead of being
so freaking cold.
-Good old
steak and eggs, huh?
-Thank you.
-Yeah. Okay.
-Let me have two. I'm gonna
take one back to Jeff.
- Jeff is your
secret lover, right?
- Nah.
-Keep the change.
All right.
-How are you doin', Bill?
-Good, Ollie. How are you?
I'm fine, Bill.
Heard Dale made
a house visit.
- Who?
- Funny.
You were always funny.
What can I do for you?
He just got
back to town.
And he had no idea
that I wasn't
selling anymore.
Could be, couldn't you,
if you wanted.
He mentioned you had
a foreclosure notice
on your door.
Not like you couldn't use
the money.
We'd make great partners.
I'm not interested.
If you change your mind,
let me know?
So did he buy
from you then? Dale.
Well, he's working today.
I've been applying
for something normal,
you know, so I can stop
all the odd jobs
and whatnot.
All legal, of course.
And the illegal stuff...
Getting better at saying no?
How's the living situation?
Not great.
I guess it's a good thing
that Mom passed
before we got evicted.
Just have me
to worry about now, so...
And how is your sister?
I haven't seen her much.
Well, even after...
You ever think
about leaving?
You know, one of the jobs
that I applied to
is out in Spokane,
so, I'm not just...
thinking about
thinking about it anymore.
Speaking of which,
I need a reference.
So I was wondering if maybe...
-What? Is that stupid?
-Not worried
about what I'll say?
-Why? What are you gonna say?
-I guess you'll find out.
I know you think
that that's funny,
but that's not funny.
All good things.
I think this is great.
A good opportunity
to start fresh.
Well, your restitution
is fully paid.
You've got one more check-in,
and then,
in eight days,
your probation is done.
You are so close.
Please stay out of trouble.
So, you thought
I forgot about
that fiver you owe me,
so last week I took
a pair of your socks.
If you want 'em back...
You know I write shit down.
-Hey, I'm Jack.
-Okay, Jack. Yeah?
-You're that
Oleander girl, aren't you?
-What's it to ya?
Well, I need to get
across the border.
My leg's getting worse,
and I can't see a doctor
on this side.
Excuse me.
You must be looking
for someone else.
I can't get work!
Hey, that's ten.
Oleander King,
you must miss me
something fierce.
Well, if I do, Ian,
it hasn't hit me yet.
-Hit you now?
-I can think of someone
who might miss you,
but it's not me.
Hey, you been talking
to the guys about me?
-What? Like how much
I admire you?
-No. You know what I mean.
No, of course not.
Okay, 'cause I've had
some new guys ask me,
and then Bill's
been on my ass. So...
You and Bill, huh?
Oh, shit.
You're getting the itch.
-No, I'm not.
You'd make a killing.
-Bill charges much more
than you used to.
-Yeah, I heard.
So if you want in,
come talk to me.
Why don't you help your kid
and my sister instead?
This is Oleander King
calling on behalf
of Bridget Sorensen.
Yeah, I'm her daughter.
No, adopted. That's...
She, uh...
Bridget passed away,
actually, so...
Yeah, I have 'em.
Wait, wait.
What-- What does that mean?
Come on, Bear.
Can I have
some apple juice,
Auntie Ollie?
"May I have some
apple juice, please?"
-May I?
-If you eat some peas.
- Squashed.
- Not with your fingers.
Come on.
May I be excused?
Had your fill?
Can you eat
a piece of chicken?
Okay, come on.
Want your coloring book?
-Say thank you.
-Thank you.
You're gonna be good,
right, while I go back inside
and talk to your aunt?
- Yeah?
- -I want my other coloring book.
You want your
other coloring book?
Are you gonna say "please"?
And I'm gonna color you a big, fat turd.
You're still sleeping
on the floor in Mom's room?
I kinda got used to it.
Well, what's wrong
with your room?
Nothing. It's just...
- What?
- Nothing.
I'm interviewing
for a job out in Spokane.
I'm thinking if I get it,
I'm just gonna let go
of the house.
So, you get this job,
you're leaving.
Yeah, hopefully.
You, Oleander,
are not hopeful.
Practical, yeah.
Resourceful, absolutely.
Y-- You never hope.
You do.
Well, sometimes I do
a little too much.
You'll be fine.
You'll get the job.
You'll get out of here.
Just like old times.
Want one?
Nah, I quit.
They're bad for you.
I'm picking my poison.
Hey, if I leave, Deb,
you're gonna
have to step up.
Stay out of trouble.
I'm clean.
I've been clean.
-Look, I know this is sudden
with the house...
-I'm pregnant.
Well, what are you
and the guy gonna do?
-It's Ian's.
-Oh, God.
Well, that answers that.
What are you gonna do?
Please don't. I don't need
any more of that from you.
Well, what do you need
from me, Deb?
-Well, what are you gonna do?
-I don't know.
-I don't have
a lot of options.
-Either you have it--
Or I don't?
Never mind.
You know,
I'll take care of it.
-What do you mean,
you'll take care of it?
-Means I'll take care of it.
What, with some
back-alley fix
at Taylor's?
You really wanna
take that risk?
God, you have a kid!
Johnny is exactly
why I can't.
-I live in a parking lot.
-No, that was your choice.
You could've lived in
the house if you wanted to.
You're giving away
our house, so...
-You could get seriously hurt.
-Hopefully not though, right?
-No, I don't hope, right?
-You do.
-Fine. You'll move in here.
-In a house we're about to lose?
What if I found a way
to make some money--
-It's not like
I wouldn't have bills.
-But you'd have a home.
An actual home.
And I could help you out
once I get a real job.
You want me to have
another kid?
I want you to be okay.
'Cause you're leaving.
Where are you gonna get
the money, Ollie?
I'll figure something out.
Your hair's longer.
Yours is too.
-I miss you sometimes.
I miss you
all the time.
You're tired.
Close your eyes.
Are you sleepy?
Me too.
All right.
So that is $5,682 due
to turn the home over
to Deborah Hale.
-And when would that be due?
-In one week.
We've sent many notices
of the foreclosure to your home.
I understand.
But is there something that
we could maybe work out?
I'm sorry.
It's been a rough time
for a lot of people.
Yeah. And here we are,
trying to keep the one thing
that we have
that nobody else
is gonna want.
Trust me.
If you saw the house,
you'd pay us to keep it.
Can you let us just
give you half the money?
I'll see what I can do.
I hate begging.
Yeah, it doesn't exactly
float my boat either,
but three grand would be
better than six.
Might as well be 50,000.
Money is money is money
when you ain't got it.
If you can get us half
the total mortgage in one week,
we can redistribute
the rest across future payments.
That's great.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Oh, somebody's late for work.
- What do you want?
- What do I want?
-Come on, bud.
-Oh, what's up, little man?
Come say hi to Daddy.
Oh, Jesus, he's drunk.
Are you sick too?
Am I sick?
No, I'm not sick.
Okay, let's get you inside.
-Leave. Leave.
-What, I can't hang out
with my son?
-Not like this.
Oh, but you can
ask me for money?
What are you feeding the little guy?
He looks like he's starving.
Starving? Well,
I'll put him on your diet,
nothing but beer.
Hope he grows up big and strong
and fucking worthless
like his daddy.
You're a bad mom.
Okay. I got that money
you begged me for.
-I didn't beg you for shit!
-Uh-huh. You should be
thanking me.
-I don't want it.
-That's what you
should be doing.
-You begged me for it!
-Fuck off! Get out!
Go! Leave!
You're a joke!
You're a fucking joke!
Hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no. Stop.
You need that!
You're good.
Come on.
- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
You ever heard
about knockin'?
What? Here to tell me
what a piece of shit I am?
You said if I wanted back in,
to come see you.
-I thought you were here
for Deb.
I am.
Well, answer the question.
-You want back in?
-Are you sellin'?
I know who's buying,
here in Little Woods,
Tioga, Watford City.
So you can move,
say, 500 pills?
What, you really have a bag
buried in the woods?
Five hundred pills.
We partners?
Look, you tell people the price,
and you don't say my name,
you don't say Little Woods,
you don't say
anything to anybody
about where you got 'em.
-That's it.
-Okay. But I don't sell.
-You don't or you won't?
-No, listen. You was the one
who was good at it.
You knew how to deal.
And you weren't wasting
your time out in Brandon
giving people prescriptions,
you were getting shit done.
So, like I said,
I know who's buying.
I will set you up.
But you gotta sell.
But I wanna move it in a week.
Can you make that happen?
"A week."
Ollie, what,
you making plans?
Yeah, Ian.
And don't fuck it up,
It's not just about me.
And it's not about you.
-It's about your family.
-You understand?
-Yeah, I get it.
All right.
-Then we start tomorrow.
-Aye-aye, Captain.
Just let me know when
and where to go.
Hey, Ollie.
Tell Deb
I said I'm sorry.
Why don't you
tell her yourself?
Can I make an appointment
with the doctor?
Susie can help you
with that.
We're pretty far behind.
It's gonna be
four to six weeks.
-Four to six weeks?
-I know. It's crazy.
Well, then can I just ask you
a couple of questions?
-How much
over the whole pregnancy?
I mean, you know,
bare minimum.
How much is that?
on your insurance.
Your co-pay could be
as little as 10, 20 a visit.
-Yeah. Well, what if
I lost my insurance?
-No reimbursement.
But if you do it right,
you can get
12 prenatal visits
and some prenatal vitamins.
So pregnancy and birth
is going to be
about 8,000 or 9,000.
And if you need
a Cesarean, 12.
-Being pregnant costs $8,000?
-I'm afraid so, honey.
Have you considered
going home and having
the baby with family?
I'm-- I'm from here. I don't...
I don't really have...
Um, what about
other options?
The sun burned hot
It burned my eyes
Burned so hot
I thought I'd died
Thought I'd died
And gone to hell
Looking for the water
From a deeper well
I went to the river
But the river was dry
I fell on my knees
And looked to the sky
Looked to the sky
And the spring rain fell
Saw the water
From a deeper well
Well, lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
Well, lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
I was ready for love
I was ready for the money
Ready for the blood
And ready for the honey
Ready for the winnin'
Ready for the bell
Lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
I found some love
And I found some money
Found that blood
Would drip from the honey
Found I had a thirst
That I could not quell
Lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
Well, lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
Well, lookin' for the water
From a deeper well
Well, I did it for kicks
And I did it for faith
I did it for lust
And I did it for hate
Did it for need
And I did it for love
Addiction stayed on
Tight tike a glove
So I ran with the moon
And I ran with the night
And the three of us
Were a terrible sight
Nipple to the bottle
To the gun to the cell
To the bottom of a hole
Of a deeper well...
Hey, Ollie.
Hey, ya.
You got any coffee
in that old beater of yours?
Yeah, you know I do.
Hey, uh, how's the ankle?
Been better.
Yeah? Go to the hospital
like I said?
Yeah. Waited for seven hours
and everything, but...
only so long
a man can wait.
You, uh...
You need anything for it?
You got something?
Yeah, Oxy.
Twelve a pill,
but 10 for you.
Yeah, I'll-- I'll...
I'll take 10.
Yep, I can be there
in about 35 minutes.
East end of Tioga?
Okay. Um, how many?
I guess you're pulling
your weight after all, huh?
Are you Ian's girl?
Hold up a minute.
How much?
You're Ian's girl,
-I'll give you five
for a bottle.
-Two for 900.
All right.
You're early.
Yeah, I thought
that I'd come
before the interview.
Just get this last check-in
out of the way,
if that's okay.
So just checking in?
how are you feeling?
Don't be nervous.
Just be yourself.
Carter, you usually have
better advice than that.
Just talk to her like
you're a person.
Be natural.
I really don't think
that I can. I've...
You can.
you deserve this.
Hey, uh, real quick.
Just be honest with me.
Was a thermal
under a blazer
a bad idea?
I'd have done an Oxford,
but it's okay.
Okay. I don't have
time to change.
I'm kidding.
-Sheila Andrews. Hi.
-Nice to meet you.
It was, uh, hard to find.
Oh, yeah.
Here. Uh...
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Let me know if I can get
you ladies anything, okay?
There you go.
It really is pricey here.
It's the boom.
It just...
everything has exploded.
The housing is even worse,
if you can find it.
That's why I started
selling things
at the rigs to the guys.
You know, just, uh,
coffee and whatnot.
'Cause if you get 'em at
some of the carts in town,
they can run you about
six bucks and they really
aren't that good.
Well, this is on me.
-Oh, I didn't mean...
-Oh, no, it's all right.
-Okay. Well, thank you.
-So, uh, Ollie...
um, your probation officer,
has told me so many things
about you.
And, um, I think it goes
without saying that
he must see a lot in you
if he's willing
to vouch for you.
He's, uh, pretty great.
So, why don't you tell me
a bit about you.
What you've been doing
and what you'd like to be doing.
You know what?
Will you just excuse me?
I have to go to the bathroom.
-I'm sorry.
-Oh, of course.
-What? What do you want?
-I just want to talk for a bit.
-About what? I'm busy.
-A little birdie told me--
Fuck your little birdie, Bill!
What do you want?
I want a cut.
Of what?
I know
you're selling again.
And I don't appreciate
losing customers
because you decided to
get back in the business.
So, I'll make you a deal.
You give me a cut,
I don't get greedy,
and I don't get angry.
I don't know
who told you, but I'm--
- I'm making this
real simple for you, King.
You keep selling,
you give me 30%,
or you do what you do best
and make a run
across the border for me.
Hey, I'll even pay you.
That's only fair.
You're not gonna lie to me.
So choose.
Mm. Mm.
I'm not crossing
the border again.
I'm not taking that risk.
So you're selling, then.
I'm glad
we figured that out.
You look nice.
We done?
- Sorry about that.
- Are you okay?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- I just, uh, have to pee
when I get nervous.
let's get started.
Carter. Hi.
Hope you don't mind me
stopping by.
Just wanted to see
how it went.
No, of course.
Come on in.
I haven't done
a drop-in for some time,
so I, uh, you know,
thought I'd double up
on my duties.
called me after.
Yeah? God.
Hope she didn't think
I was a crazy person.
No, she loved you.
She said she knows that
part of starting over
is having a good job,
having purpose.
At least,
that's what she said.
Did she say...
anything else?
She'll call you
in a couple days.
I'm proud of you.
-Hey, what's going on?
You've gotta be quiet.
Johnny's napping
in the back.
Oh, sorry.
-I need a favor.
-What kind?
I had a real close call
with my P.O.,
so I gotta
keep this here.
You're selling.
Nah, I'm just
having a big party
over the weekend.
How'd you think I was
gonna make three grand
in seven days?
So that's why
Bill roughed you up today.
You on his turf
or somethin'?
Isn't this getting old?
-I'm doing this for you.
-Well, what do you want?
What do you want?
For me to say I'm sorry?
For what?
You never do anything wrong.
You knew what I meant
when I said I'd figure it out.
Yeah, you did.
You used to make it sound
so good.
Going to Canada and coming back
with a ton of drugs.
Dana's mom got her ARBs,
Sarah got her abortion pills,
Tom got his kid's
antibiotics, and...
and Mom got her meds.
But you'd forget
to mention to me
the other stuff you brought.
You don't get it.
Every day I'm with Mom,
and she's dying,
and all I can do
is get her some medication
so it hurts less,
so that she lives
a little bit longer.
What'd you want me
to do, huh? Nothing?
-I get that we had no choice.
-No, I.
I had no choice.
Because you weren't there.
It's not what I wanted,
all right? It just kind of
turned into this.
And now I don't want
to leave you until you have
that house. I'm halfway there.
House or no house,
I can't keep this baby.
Your choices
are only as good
as your options are.
So are yours.
I know.
Can you do this
without getting caught?
-Are you sure?
Of course not.
I'll keep this here.
How'd your interview go?
I don't know.
I wore
a really stupid thing.
-You look...
-No, I look...
I mean, come on.
Would you hire me?
I would.
How many days you got left?
You're so close.
Don't worry
about me.
Worry about him.
I knew you'd be back.
I'm not here
about work.
Yeah? You come here
for a dance?
Uh, I heard you got
a procedure done
around here,
not at a hospital.
I ain't got nothin'
for you, honey.
Jenny, I'm not trying to
get anyone in trouble.
Yeah, well,
you ain't gotta try.
All you got to do is go around
asking too many questions,
-and you're doing that
right off the top.
-Come on.
I just need
Taylor's address.
There are a million girls
I could've got it from.
But you're asking me?
I'm asking you
to help me.
I like
your necklace.
-Your earrings.
What, you never seen
a woman before? Come on.
Eyeballs in your head,
You ain't gettin' none.
Fuck that guy.
Fucking guys
in this town. Here.
Oh, come on.
You know
where I live.
-All right.
-Yeah, I need more people.
People who want to
buy more and are willing
to spend more.
There's a rodeo tonight
in Minot.
Those guys pop Oxy
like there's no tomorrow.
-You know any of 'em?
-My boy Beau rides, man.
You trust
this boy, Beau?
Yeah, I do.
They're gentlemen.
No worries.
They got a lot of money.
Hey, are you Beau?
Well, well.
That was quick.
-Hold up.
I'm on a schedule. What?
Where'd you get
all this?
I sold.
More skills
than anyone needs,
you got it.
You sure you don't want
to make that trip
over for me?
How much would
you pay me?
Fifteen hundred.
You're thinking about it,
ain't ya?
I don't have to know you
to know you.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I can
pick it up today.
Nope. The wooden urn
is fine.
I'm glad you're here.
You wanna sit down?
Oh, that's just
too far.
Will you come here?
-Promise I'll just
hold your hand.
You shouldn't trust me.
But be adventurous.
See, that's all right.
I made a decision,
and... I want to
tell you.
It's okay.
I found out
I'm pregnant.
And I'm not
going to have it.
-Wait a minute. What...
-Okay, um...
Listen, if this is
about money...
No, it's not just
about money.
I can get food.
I can get clothes.
Having a baby is more than
buying food and clothes.
-Do you want to get married?
We can get married.
Johnny has always been
more than enough for me.
-And you know
I can't depend on you.
-I have a good thing
going with Ollie.
-Oh, no, Ollie's leaving, Ian.
Ollie is leaving,
and we've gotta let her go.
You can depend on me.
I... I can't.
-I can do better.
-You can.
I'm sorry.
Where is it?
What happened? Deb?
What's going on?
I had a plan, you know?
I was gonna go to
Taylor's tonight.
-Oh, no. Why?
-I didn't even make it.
I went home to drop Johnny off
at my neighbor's,
and, well, home was gone.
They towed it away,
everything I had,
everything was in there.
-Our money...
-Wait, what?
The trailer...
The trailer is gone.
How? What do you mean,
it's gone? Who took it?
They've been
threatening for weeks.
I never thought...
You didn't think to
mention that when I put
everything in there?
No, I never thought
that they'd actually do it.
'cause you never think.
Fine. I'll talk to Bill.
I'll borrow a couple hundred.
We'll get it out of the tow.
My name's not
on the paperwork.
I basically just took it over
when someone left.
-What if they find the stuff?
What if they search
the trailer?
Deb, why are you so good
at fucking things up?
-How was I supposed
to know that they--
-God, you are such a mess!
Everything is a mess
and I'm always the one
that has to clean it up!
I'm so tired of that.
I'm so fucking tired of you!
- No one is asking you to do anything for me, Ollie!
- -Mommy?
Johnny, stay in there!
What are you...
You don't get to do that.
You don't get to run off
and make me feel like shit!
You don't get to do that
You're too kind.
What are you doing here
all by yourself?
I'm not in the mood
to talk.
Come on, you'll talk
to me, won't ya?
I don't know you,
and I don't want to.
Fuck you, bitch!
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
Nothing is a color
I cross the desert
Nothing's alive
What does the blacktop know
That I have not cracked
With my mind?
Nothing is a color
Gray as the pill
Deep in the eye
Why do the street lamps
Shine on still
When nothing's alive?
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
Why does my heartbeat
Feel like a speaker?
Feeding back
Repeater, repeater
Why does my heartbeat
Feel like a speaker?
Feeding back
Repeater, repeater
Why does my heartbeat
Feel like a speaker?
Feeding back
Repeater, repeater
Why does my heartbeat
Feel like a speaker?
Feeding back
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
I feel love
Every million miles
I feel love
Every once in a while
I like the urn.
It's the cheapest one
they had.
Such a force of nature
in such a little box.
that's the way it goes.
Where'd you go?
Got drunk,
drove around.
I got into the trailer,
but all the money
and the pills were all gone.
Oh, Christ.
You were always
the better drunk driver.
There's no such thing
as a good drunk driver.
-Then what are you?
I did get some of your stuff.
And you've still got
clothes here, so...
Small victories,
I guess.
What happened
to the stuff?
I don't know.
There's not a lot
of legal recourse
for drug dealers,
you know.
Deb, come on.
You're pregnant.
It costs $8,000
just to have a baby.
I did try to figure things out
on my own, you know.
I went to
the women's clinic,
and they told me that
with check-ups and vitamins
and delivery,
without insurance,
it's $8,000.
She was sure
to give me this though.
Closest place
for an abortion,
she said.
Where is it?
-Hundreds of miles away.
-Well, I can get you there.
Hundreds of dollars more
than I can afford.
And if Taylor's
is off the table...
I'm starting to see why Canada's
so appealing to people.
-I'll take you up,
get you sorted out.
-Bring you back.
Bill's been asking me to take
something across for him.
I'll go up, he'll pay me,
I'll take you.
-Same difference, huh?
It's your choice.
I can get you up there
if you want.
What would I have to do?
Go to the Carabans
for a Canadian health card.
-They took over
when I stopped.
Hey, there's no way
around it.
What went wrong last time,
when you got caught?
I forgot to be scared,
'cause I liked it
too much.
Hey, Johnny.
Have you ever seen
a buffalo before?
- Look.
- Buffalo?
Yeah, buffalo.
Oh, it's a buffalo!
- Yeah.
They're usually
pretty grumpy,
but that one looks
like he's smiling.
Must be you.
Pretty neat, huh?
All right.
- All right, keep building.
- -Okay.
Oh, visit so soon.
Hey, kiddo.
Can we talk?
you remember Ollie, right?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Jody.
-This is Johnny.
Is it okay if he hangs out
with you for a little bit?
-Yeah? Okay.
Hey, sweetie, why don't
you tell Johnny about
what happened to Grumpy Bear?
"Grumpy Bear"-- that's what
we call him in the morning
when he wakes up.
Hey, Johnny?
When you cough, remember
to cover your mouth, okay?
Johnny, wanna
help me with this?
- Three thousand.
Take it or leave it.
I can go tomorrow.
MRIs are in here,
and what you're gonna drop off
is in here.
It's a pill mill run?
Why are you doing it
in Manitoba?
Mills are crawling with feds
this side of the border.
You can thank
the meth heads for that.
Besides, the closest one
is an hour away.
Just happens to be in Canada.
-What's in the bag?
-Nothing you need
to worry about.
I'm transporting it.
I should know.
To do your job,
you don't need to know shit.
That's half the 3K.
The rest
when you get back.
I'll see you
in a couple days.
You should go wake him up.
We gotta head out in a bit.
Get your ID.
It's not too
late to back out,
if you think
it might not be worth it.
It's worth it.
You sure this is it?
Yeah, this is the place.
It's exactly
how they described.
All right.
Call me if you need me.
You're brave.
Hi, I'm Deb.
I called earlier
Come on in.
So... can I see them?
We got our...
Manitoba Health, uh...
state IDs.
How do we know
we can trust you?
Why wouldn't you?
It's a fair question.
Here, take a look.
So, uh, mine-- mine
would look like this?
How much money you got?
It's what we agreed.
Take her in.
Follow him.
You'll sit there.
Do you have
another one of those?
The, uh, machine inside
is out.
Oh, yeah, sure.
-Do you need a light?
-No, no, I got it.
-Colder out here
than you expected, eh?
Freaking cold, yeah.
You from around
these parts?
What brings you out this way?
I just heard this was
the foremost pit stop
in North Dakota, so...
just checking it out.
So, just you
out tonight?
No, I got my, uh...
She needs to take
her coat off.
- What?
- Take off your coat.
No one wears
their coat in a picture.
Yeah, that's good.
-Yeah, that's good.
-Where are you going?
To print this out.
Who told you about us?
I don't think I know
who that is.
-Never heard of her.
-I thought...
-And I don't know you.
So what?
Well, here's the thing.
You're a stranger,
and you're asking us to do
something illegal.
So we're gonna
need more.
Money. Just to make sure
you're all right.
How much more?
A hundred.
I don't have that.
What do you have?
Uh, my watch.
You know, I...
Do you want my watch?
No. No, what else?
I don't...
My necklace?
This was my mom's,
though, so...
No, I don't think
that's gonna do it.
All right. Hold on,
hold on, hold on.
-Give me back my money.
-Just relax.
-Give me back my money. Okay?
I'm gonna go somewhere else.
-It's fine. Just relax.
Just relax.
Give me back...
-What are you doing?
-Let go! Get me go!
Let go of my arm.
You need to relax.
Okay. All right.
All right.
I have more money.
I have more.
Just let me get my jacket.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Just let me go get it.
Of course.
Of course I will.
Go get it.
You this boy's mother?
Do I look like it?
-I need you to step
over here, please.
-Sorry, I...
-Ma'am, I need you to come step
right over here, please.
-Oh, okay.
Thank you.
-Is there a problem?
-Well, we're about to find out.
I was just telling
the officer here how we're
on a little trip to see Mom.
Sorry I took so long.
Bathroom was out of service.
I had to go out back.
Yeah, she's pregnant.
Can't hold it
too good.
Where does Mom live?
- In Portal.
- Portal.
All right.
- All right, you drive safe.
- I'll do that.
Good night.
Go. Go.
Get up, Bear. Get up.
Drive. Drive. Drive.
What happened back there?
Well, it didn't exactly go
like we planned.
Those fuckers.
You're okay, Bear.
It's okay.
It's a long walk.
I'll carry him
if I have to.
All right.
Time to get up.
-Come on.
Come on, Bear.
-Come on.
Okay? Let's go.
- Come on, Bear.
- It's gotta be this way.
Come on.
I know you're tired.
Hey, Bear, look at me.
Look at me. We're so close,
and then we're gonna
get it done.
Come on, we got to move.
Sun's coming up, Deb.
-I know, but come on.
-We got to get a move-on.
Okay, I'm gonna carry him.
Careful. Come on.
All right.
I got you.
Come on.
Hey, Ger.
Be right back.
Hey, I forgot to say thanks
for picking us up.
I'm always here to help.
But I was sure
you meant it when you said
I wouldn't be seeing you again.
Yeah, I did.
It's a family emergency.
Well, you're lucky.
I happen to have a room free.
Oh, Gerry,
you always have
a room free.
You got me there.
-Also, I need a favor.
-What's that?
You think I could
borrow your car?
Just for a few hours?
-What's the second?
Uh, I need someone
to watch the kid.
Just while I'm out
with his mom.
it's the last time.
We'll see.
I don't know
about your part.
-It's quite far.
-Yeah, I know.
-What do you think?
-Yeah, I think that's good.
But I don't know.
I think it's
too much lipstick.
She doesn't look like
she wears that much makeup.
-Yeah. That's good.
-That's the best
we can do, I think.
-That's good.
They hardly look.
Hey, Bear.
Wake up.
Hey, my friend Gerry
is gonna
take care of you for a bit
while I go to the doctor.
-Are you okay?
Bear, don't worry.
I'll be right back.
I'm just going for a checkup.
Then I'll be as good as new.
-Pinky promise?
-Pinky promise.
Ignore 'em.
I mean, look at 'em.
- Their signs
aren't even that great.
You're all set, okay?
If you have any trouble,
anything happens,
call this number.
I'll be all right.
You're brave.
Do you have
an appointment?
Yeah. My name's Barbara.
Mulaney, Barbara Mulaney.
-At what time?
May I see
your health card, please?
Thank you.
Hmm. Uh...
Just one sec.
Yeah, it...
it's not working.
I've probably
got the numbers wrong.
I'm due for
a new prescription.
It... It might have expired.
I'll just...
Would you mind reading
the numbers out to me,
Zero, nine, five, one,
two, zero, four.
Is that right?
You're all set.
Uh... Just, uh,
fill out these forms,
and I'll call you
when the doctor's
ready for you.
What does he want?
Two hundred and forty
30-milligram Oxycodone.
One hundred and eighty
10-milligram Valium.
Here, maybe it's easier
if I give it to you.
This bag,
who do I give it to?
You can leave that
with me.
Hey, Ollie.
It's Sheila Andrews.
We'd love you to
come out to Spokane
and work with us.
I was wondering
where you'd run off to.
Just here.
You want one?
Go on.
Don't look so guilty.
You earned it.
Good girl.
How was your day?
You know, the best part
about the day...
is when it's over.
I hear that.
I'm done.
Done with all of it.
You're leaving.
You're gonna be okay,
I don't know.
Come on.
-You've got college.
-Yeah, if I ace
the entrance exam.
Which you will.
You're gonna have
the house.
You've got
the cutest little boy ever,
who loves you to bits.
You've got me.
You're not allowed to
really grow old without me.
You know that
I love you, right?
I love you, too.