Live (2018) Movie Script

This is
Linda Johnson's residence,
this is my fourth time here,
no contact.
Linda's car is not here.
It was here on two
previous occasions.
We're at the front of
the residence, front door.
The windows are still shut,
the door appears to be locked.
I'm on the south
side of the building
observing a, uh,
door in the, uh, basement part.
Curious thing, the, uh,
air conditioner is going.
I'm at the rear
of the residence, uh...
I'm looking at the back door,
doesn't appear to be any damage.
The lock is intact.
At the rear of the building,
there are two windows
and the door.
Windows appear to be shut,
the curtains are drawn,
and I can't see inside.
Along the west side
of the building,
there's several windows.
There's another air conditioner,
and that air conditioner
is functioning.
There's also a door...
what appears to be a door
into a crawl space.
I'm at the rear of
Linda Johnson's residence,
the house behind it...
has security cameras
mounted on the building.
HEY! Hey!
Hey, hold on partner,
hold on, hey, settle down.
Who the fuck are you man, and
what the fuck are you
doing here?
I'm an investigator and I'm looking
for your neighbor, Linda Johnson.
She ain't my neighbor, I'm her
fucking landlord. What do you want?
Better yet, man.
I'm trying to find her.
Have you seen her?
No... no... no...
No, please no!
- Hey Eddie, Detective Ceda.
- Hey. Detective.
- Good to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
Jerry says a lot of
great things about you.
That's very complimentary,
he's a good guy.
We worked together
back in the day, you know.
He's enjoying retirement,
I tell ya that.
Some guys do.
- Right.
- Some guys do.
So I'll tell you what man,
I got a heavy load today.
What do you got for me?
Understood. Look I've got
something that I think is urgent.
You have a case, Linda Johnson.
And, uh...
Or it's in your office,
and I think she's, uh...
Being held against her will.
Well, that's pretty big.
And you're saying
that we have this case?
I believe you do.
It's probably about five
or six weeks old.
You still on the job?
No, no. I'm a private
investigator, a PI.
Oh right on. Okay so do
You have credentials?
Yeah, I do.
You mind if I take a look
at them?
No, don't mind at all.
Look at that. Still
doing it, huh?
Hey, still trying to
make that buck, man.
I don't blame you.
Alright, so keep going.
So... I've got
some information...
and I've got some things
I want to show you...
that, uh, indicate, I think,
that she's being
held against her will.
So that information
is on that thumb drive?
Yes, some of it, yes.
I tell you what, man,
Let me grab this.
No... um, it's not that
kind of thing.
It's where I have to...
because of the urgency...
I have to show it to you.
I have to explain to you what
you're gonna be seeing on this.
Okay, alright you seem
pretty serious about this.
I'll tell you what, Eddie...
Let me make a copy of this...
pull up the case, and I'll be back.
My brothers and sisters,
I come to you today...
as things are not
right in the world.
I often talk
about how we live in
a disconnected world
because we're so connected...
to our phones, to our laptops,
to our iPads...
that nobody ever
really communicates.
I'm happy people are following,
they're watching, they're...
checking in with me,
we're talking, we are...
we are... we are...
becoming activists and
anarchists together,
because we all align ourselves
with the same...
ideals of...
we need change and
we need to bring about
this change through
any means necessary.
Alright so... pushing
that... I guess I'm
doing this right, I
believe I'm live...
Hello, Facebook family.
It's, uh...
My name's Linda Johnson
and, umm...
This is my very first live post.
And, umm... this feels
kind of weird...
but kind of fun at
the same time. Umm...
Just kind of feeling
liberated and everything,
and just... um...
just wanting to reach out
a little bit, you know,
I never had Facebook.
This is my first time actually
having a Facebook account,
so this is cool. Umm...
My friends call me I., umm...
I live in Los Angeles, uh...
Uh... I'm a social
worker... I don't know...
I don't know what to
say on these things...
So, umm... Anyway yeah,
that's it.
Just introducing myself
to you guys, and...
Anyway, I hope, uh...
I can meet some cool new
friends out of this.
Okay, bye.
This is my jam, I love this
girl! Woo!
Gotta turn this up!
I don't want to be
somebody else
This is so right on right now.
With what's going
on in the world!
You can't pull me, push me
Change me,
I know what's right
I can't believe how much
this place has changed.
I mean, you just gotta
look at this.
Water used to be in here, just
filled with water. Now...
There's nothing. I
actually don't know what
they're gonna put in there...
but it's crazy, it's just crazy
how much this place has changed.
I'm off coffee and...
this is my second day
and... I'm drinking tea...
Yeah, tea, there's
nothing in this,
but I felt like I needed
to get off coffee,
because... I read
some article about
how bad coffee is... for women.
So I thought I'd give it a go.
But I'm experiencing these
weird headaches right now.
It's just really weird, my...
I don't know, I don't
know if it's gonna
be worth it or not...
But... yeah, tea's
not very tasty...
Thirsty guy. That's weird.
Anyway, so I don't
know if any of you
have ever gotten off coffee,
how does that make you feel? I don't
know, I... feel a little weird.
She gets abducted
live on Facebook...
Nobody gives a shit.
Nobody fucking cares.
There's no news report,
there's nothing on
there's nothing
in the newspaper,
whichever one they...
since they, they
fucking choked that
industry out.
There's less and less people
watching these motherfuckers.
Gets abducted, nobody cares...
Why is that?
Why, why? Why, is it
because she's black?
Probably. Did she not fit?
Was she not the
type of black woman
that they need
to actually care about?
I don't know what
the fuck it is, man,
but it's driving me...
I'm just like I'm sick of it.
Every day it's someone else.
And it's gotten to the point
where they want
you to be numb to it...
where you get so
used to it you stop
fucking caring.
That's what it's about
and that's where we
are, nobody fucking cares!
Linda, I care.
We're gonna find out what
the fuck happened to you
while we all... Everybody!
Let this not be another
person we forget.
We have to find out what
happened to Linda Johnson.
I'm thinking of changing
my hair color,
I'm kind of sick of the
blonde, I need to
become myself and
I'm figuring the hair
color needs to go. So,
I'm thinking...
Maybe this auburn, just
right here, auburn,
maybe possibly might
be a good color for
Or this jet black
might be a good color
for me? Or, I could
just go really wild and
just go extra blonde,
and just,
you know, kind of go
Beyonce-esque, just super
blonde? What do you
guys think about that?
Or I could be really
drastic, which I've
always wanted to do this...
I've really... never had...
the courage to do it, or...
wasn't really
empowered to do it,
but this short
haircut right here,
just be real natural.
I think that's what I might do,
I think I just might go the
short route. I think.
I'm not sure. Anyway.
- Sex and the city!
- Yes!
She's Carrie.
I'm Carrie!
Andres, you better stay
up, 2 AM is not that late.
You need to stay up and
party with us
cause it's only...
It's only 10:45 here.
Bye - Peace out.
- Adios.
- Deuces.
[EDDIE:] How did you meet her?
I met her through my
boyfriend, Sentwali.
- [EDDIE:] Okay.
- They're close friends, umm
and we just kind of
hit it off after that.
[EDDIE:] Okay so, tell me a
little about her, was she...
Linda's fun, I like
hanging out with her.
She's a good time,
she's always you know
has a really good
outlook on life.
Good personality,
so it's fun, I liked
hanging out with her every
time we would hang out.
[EDDIE:] Okay, so what do
you mean by hanging out?
Do you mean clubbing, or...
No, we don't really do that.
She's, um, we've gone out
to eat a few times
we've hung out at her
house, had girls night...
um, yeah, so it's
just, she's fun.
[EDDIE:] How long did you
work with her?
About two, three years.
[EDDIE:] Okay, so you knew
her pretty well?
For the most part I'd say
yeah, I knew her well.
[EDDIE:] Okay, alright. Tell me
a little about her, her make-up,
who was she, you know?
What, what did...
how did she interact with you?
At first things were
she was a bit
standoffish at first.
And then eventually she
warmed up to me and
we started hanging
out more. Her husband,
I guess wasn't very
nice... and that's what
prevented her from
not going out with
other people in the office.
[EDDIE:] Did you know she
was in the process of
getting a divorce?
Yeah, yeah that was one of the
last times that we
were hanging out was
to celebrate her being single.
[EDDIE:] Did you ever meet him?
No seriously what's going
on with social media,
like, you've been on it
a little bit too much,
I'm a little, I'm a little
I'm not gonna lie,
I'm a little concerned.
Doesn't need to be concerned.
It's fun, everybody's doing it
I don't know these people!
Y'all can throw up as
many thumbs downs and, and
ugly face emojis if
you want, I don't
know y'all. I'm just
trying to figure out
why my homegirl is
streaming every other
day. Help me, help me
understand the allure.
And that's why
he's my big brother
cuz he's always
looking out for me.
I ain't that old.
Didn't say you were old,
I'm just saying you're
my big brother...
I'm a young man.
You're my big brother, like...
That don't cry, baby.
Yeah big, like big.
Big doesn't necessarily
mean old, right?
That's true.
My big brother
always looking out.
- So how do you umm.
- That's what's up
always looking out for me.
How's everything
going with you and umm.
This is not a confessional,
not a confessional.
I ain't worried about y'all.
I'm act like you're
not even there.
I'm eating my food, I'm
hanging out with my homegirl,
Eat your food - I don't care
about none of y'all emoji and the
- eat your food.
- And the hearts and whatever it is
y'all do on your little phones.
- What's going with you and umm...
- Nope!
- My boy?
- Nope.
Like I said, not a
confessional. We're
chillin, we're eating.
I got my greens
here, and my potato
salad, and my ribs.
- Shot me down.
- St. Louis ribs...
Peace out.
Hey Facebook fam, it's me, LJ.
I'm just chilling in my
house with my nice glass
of Cabernet right here,
my separation.
And just enjoying the fact
that I am in my house
all by myself.
I am alone.
Nobody here but me, and
it's freaking awesome,
I love it. I can
watch whatever I
want to, if I'm gonna
watch Real House...
Housewives of Atlanta,
I can watch that, umm...
I could've run around here
naked if I want to...
Nobody gives a shit,
I don't care. Umm...
I don't have to cook if I
don't want to, you
know? I can dress how I
want to dress, put
on makeup or not put
on makeup or whatever.
I can do whatever
the fuck I want
to do, because...
for the first time in my
life, I am alone.
I am by myself, all alone.
I just can't even
I think I just...
heard something...
I think that was just the
neighbors, or whatever, but...
Anyway, I'm just...
I'm celebrating,
like I said...
for the first time...
I'm all by myself.
I'm alone.
And... that's it.
All of this is
bullshit, everything
you seeing right
there is bullshit.
She ain't happy to be alone,
she's hurt, she's in pain.
Everything with
Brent is... is...
is out the window, going south
and this is her outlet,
it's her escape, it's...
it's a facade. That's
not who Linda is.
You know, and...
as her friend...
I see the breakdown happening
outside of...
the thread, outside of
her timeline.
I can look at her eyes and
I know what's going on.
And I don't believe any of it.
Yeah, I think she's having
a hard time, you know?
[EDDIE:] Why do you think that?
Well, 'cause, you know,
every now and then I hear
her crying, or you know,
what I think is, I mean, I
think she's crying, I mean,
you know, it's kind of...
[EDDIE:] Have you ever thought
of knocking on the door
to see if she's okay?
Yeah, but you know, I mean,
I'm the landlord, I don't
want to, you know,
I, you know, it's like...
- [EDDIE:] Yeah.
- You know?
[EDDIE:] I understand.
I understand.
I kind of mind my own
business, I, you know. I
don't, I don't want to...
I don't want to creep
her out, you know?
- [EDDIE:] Yeah.
- I mean I'm not like, you know.
[EDDIE:] Understood.
To me, I think she's using
that as an outlet,
you know, it's, it's
kind of the new wave
of, you know, writing
a diary or something
like that, you know?
It's kind of just that
release so... I've
seen a little bit,
um, but again, I think
she's just she's
going through stuff.
It's a hard time,
you know, and she's
trying to be as
positive as possible.
Okay so it's crazy,
I'm down here at the.
Women's March in I. And
I don't know if you can
see all this but look at...
all these people, it's crazy.
Tried to take the
train down here,
couldn't do it
because all the trains
were full, They
were just going by,
people trying to hop
on the train, the
buses were full, so
I didn't want to miss
this historical
occasion, so I got a Uber.
But look at this,
this is amazing,
what's happening here.
It's just so much power
and love and energy.
Women, men, children,
babies, dogs.
Absolutely amazing.
Look at this.
We couldn't go anywhere
I first, I thought it
was gonna be a...
stand instead of a march,
but then we got it
going, they had to open
up all the streets
around to get people
Estimated at, uh, two
hundred thousand, but
I think it's more than that.
It's amazing.
Love trumps hate.
Peace out.
Brent's stuff.
All this shit.
Guess what this is?
Lighter fluid.
All ready for Brent's.
Yeah baby, get it nice
and doused.
Yeah, a neighbor's
dog is cheering me on.
Yeah, here we go.
Another one of his favorites.
Whew, this feels good.
It's cathartic.
It's therapy.
It's a thing of beauty.
Yeah, I'm getting sentimental
but what the fuck,
I don't give a shit.
Why am I getting sad,
this is awesome.
This is my fucking
Angela Bassett
"Waiting to Exhale" moment.
Fuck that fuck. Fuck
him, fuck him, I don't
give a shit. Yes. Yes.
That's right, take that!
All your shit is
fucking burned [DISTORTION]
Called the police and
it was fairly obvious
very quickly that
this was a sweep it
under the rug situation.
No information,
no interest in
following up on anything
other than just them
being completely
letting her disappear.
Which has led me to believe that
perhaps the police are involved
in this entire thing.
I don't know how,
but based off of
their attitude...
I'm pretty certain something
weird is fucking going on.
I don't know if it
might have anything to
do with her ex-husband...
perhaps old boyfriend,
I don't know, uh...
Something fishy is
up with this lady.
Hey, so, umm...
I'm selling a jacket,
a Coogi jacket
um... that used to
be my husband's. Um...
I had a liberating
bonfire the other day,
and I didn't put that
in there because...
Umm... I don't think it
deserved to go in there
because I bought the
shit and now I want
to get rid of it.
Cost me five grand and
this jacket has seen
more dinners out
than I have, so, um, I'm
getting rid of things
I don't need anymore
and I'm just gonna
show you what it
looks like. Here it is
it's a lovely pony hair jacket,
really good condition.
I'm gonna be
posting this bad
boy up for sale on
Facebook. You can see
that's the sleeves
it's beautifully
detailed. You can't see
it here but um I
can put up better
pictures it actually
has coogi within the
stitching, within the
pattern of the pony hair.
So, yeah, I'm
getting rid of things
that are toxic in my life and...
this jacket is one of them.
Don't need it don't want it.
And for the right price,
It can be yours!
Okay, peace out.
Okay so my ex is here.
This should be interesting.
I don't see why that's
any of your business.
What's... why are you here?
Get what?
I got it a while
ago in celebration.
I guess, I don't know...
I'm not corny.
Okay whatever.
I don't have your jacket.
I don't have any of your stuff.
Then why are you here?
I don't have your jacket.
It burned up with the rest
of your stuff.
I just answered your question.
I just answered your question.
I just answered your question.
I just answered your question.
I'm not emotional.
I don't have your stuff.
Let's see...
Okay, so we talked
to the husband.
Mm-hmm. And what
did he have to say?
Seems like he's okay,
but I'm not so sure...
Neither am I, but, you know,
he defused the situation
when he was... talking to
her, you know. It escalated...
That doesn't mean
anything, you know that.
Yeah, you're right. It
doesn't mean anything...
but we have to look for...
we have to look for more...
You know. There's more
there, I'm telling you.
There's more there.
Hold on a second, okay?
Hey, Eddie, this is my
partner, Sergeant Culvert.
Sergeant, pleased to meet you.
So, I hear you got
a story to tell.
Entertain me.
I've been around
them when it's just...
it gets a little...
a little uncomfortable,
the way they argue.
But what I saw...
with what she posted...
I was disgusted.
Brent really surprised me,
a little bit,
this motherfucker...
I wanted to whoop his ass.
My personal opinion.
I don't care how
cool we were you
don't talk to nobody
like that, especially
a friend of mine.
And, just made me
wonder what's really
going on...
Is that normal,
was that regular?
Is that what he does
when nobody else is around?
Is he hitting her?
You know... a lot
of shit happens behind
closed doors, you
never know about
somebody. But when I saw
that, I saw somebody
who wasn't a real man.
[EDDIE:] Okay.
[EDDIE:] You seem to be
pretty involved with
their friend, did
it ever go past the
point of friendship?
Hey everyone, I just
want to say, um... I just
want to thank everyone
for... reaching out
to me I really
appreciate it, with the
whole fire burning thing.
I just want you know
I'm... I'm okay, I'm
okay... and I just, you
know, needed to release
some stuff. But I
just got finished
hanging out with some
really cool friends,
and, I'm okay.
I'm really chilled
out, and... you know,
everything's good, and...
Okay, that's really weird...
Can you all see that?
Okay, so, apparently...
I've been stood up.
Yeah, dating these days
really sucks, you know?
But whatever Look at me,
I think I look pretty
good, I've got my...
my beret on, and...
my funky...
funky shades, and uh...
Whatever. It's all good.
Look-I've got my
turmeric tea here,
which is, uh,
good for the skin, good
for the brain, good for
the liver, good, fuzzy, hot.
It's absolutely delicious.
This the shiznik.
Anyway, c'est la vie,
whatever, Busta.
Peace out. [DISTORTION]
I hate that we live in this
world where...
there's just no
connection anymore.
Connected or
disconnected, it's just,
it's impossible to
fucking meet anyone in
this world unless
you've been vetted by
your Facebook profile,
your Tinder profile,
your bumble profile,
profile. You try to talk
to people, you try to
establish a connection,
it's not there.
You fucking make
plans to meet up,
you get there... no one
fucking shows up.
They get there... they're...
oh, hold on my
girlfriend just
called, never fucking
hear from them again.
And it's just, it's...
we just need to fucking
start over. We need to
fucking start everything over.
Hey, Facebook fam. Just
checking in with everyone.
If anyone's out there
listening, I had a
really good morning this
morning. I... I got up
and I made myself breakfast.
I haven't done that in
a really long time. I
made myself some scrambled
eggs, bacon, sourdough
toast, put a little bit
of blueberry jam on
there, absolutely amazing.
"You seem sad today"?
Sad, really?
Josh Jones, I seem sad?
Do you guys think I seem sad?
I don't feel like I seem sad.
I feel pretty great actually,
you know, I...
you know...
I don't know if
it's sad that I feel,
maybe... a little...
disappointment, possibly?
I was supposed to meet somebody
to go hiking with me today and
I got stood up, so
maybe disappointment
is what I feel if
anything, I don't know...
You know what, maybe I do
feel a little mad, not
sad, but, Josh Jones,
if you want me to
clarify things maybe I
feel a little mad
because I was stood up,
you know, I don't
understand the whole
dating thing these
days, you know.
Back in the, you know, day
when I started dating
there were no apps
or anything like that
for dating and, you
know, I got on these
apps and stuff and
for dating and it's
supposed to make
it easier but it
doesn't seem easier to me.
You know, seems really
frustrating, and...
disappointing, if you
want me to really
be honest about
everything. It's just,
you know, I...
I don't know, I, I don't
get it. I don't, I don't
get the whole dating
app that, you know,
just feels really
stupid to me actually,
if you think about it,
you know, you're...
you're waiting for
people to... someone to
meet you, but then they
don't show up, and...
and you're sitting
there... So, if anything,
if you're... if you're
sensing anything for
me, maybe it's... it's...
it's not sadness, it's
just disappointment,
and maybe a little
bit of anger, I don't know. I...
I guess I just felt like.
I wouldn't be at this point
in my life where.
am going on some...
app trying to meet
somebody, and... and...
I don't know it just... it just
it just feels really...
upsetting to me,
I guess, I don't
know. I... I'm more
disappointed because...
people should do
what they say they're
gonna do, and when
they don't do that,
that's very upsetting
to me, I guess, it
is more disappointment
than anything because
I've had enough disappointments
in my life where
people haven't done
what they say they're
gonna do, and...
I just felt like when
I got married that
would have been it,
so, I don't know. I...
I can't do this
anymore, so I'm sorry.
Alright Eddie, I need
to know how you got
ahold of this security
cam footage, how you
got ahold of these
text messages,
where'd this come from?
Came from a guy by the
name of Patrick Flannagan.
Okay, who's he?
He's the guy who's paying
me to find Linda Johnson.
So, the guy paying you
has acquired all this
footage, how does
he get this footage?
Look, this guy's a
hacker, man. He's hooked
into the city, he's hooked
into traffic, he might
even be watching us
right now, I don't know.
[CEDA:] How is this guy paying
you, is he sending checks, cash?
It's through Bitcoin.
Do you know whether or not
Patrick Flannagan
is involved in this?
I don't. I was paid
to find this woman.
At this point...
So this guy may or may
not be our kidnapper.
This guy may or may
not have acquired
this footage
illegally, or for the
purposes of throwing
you off of his scent.
I need help.
[CEDA:] So you hit a wall.
[EDDIE:] I hit a wall.
Alright, well how do you
get ahold of Patrick Flannagan?
Well he sends me
stuff over the net.
So he emails you.
Well, it's not email,
it's through... uh,
live postings on uh...
[CEDA:] Have you
ever seen his face?
Have you ever had any sort of...
I sort of saw his face.
You know, I don't like
anybody who's not... I
don't know who's paying me.
So what do you
mean you sorta saw
his face? Do... Have
you seen him in person?
Have you ever met
this man in person?
I have never met
him in person, I
think I've seen him
in person. I tracked
him down to his IP
address... to where I
believe his IP was
coming from. I saw a
guy, a guy came out...
but, when I tried to
make contact with
this guy, he's... he's
disappeared, I can't find him.
[CEDA:] Do you have any
photos of him, when you...
- any surveillance?
- No.
Alright so now he's a ghost.
Look here's the, here's
the bottom line, sergeant:
I know this woman is being
held against her will.
If we don't do something soon,
it's gonna be another
kind of case.
Doesn't make sense why the
police, her ex-husband,
her family, like, she
disappears and no one fucking
cares. How is it that I
care the most about this?
I mean, am I wrong
in the... the sense...
that we should... that...
we're... that we're...
we're supposed to be in
a... that we... we still
have family values
and your own fucking
flesh and blood
and people that are
supposed to love you?
Like, how is it that
I'm the most concerned
person about this
whole fuck-it doesn't
make any sense.
Other than there are
layers to this as
to who is involved,
and I'm going to
figure out what the
fuck is going on.
We just got laid off.
Everybody, it's
a pink slip party.
It's a pink slip party.
Woohoo! Happy-sad moment.
Happy, sad, happy
moment, kind of.
We shouldn't be sad, 'cause we
get to hang out for the rest
of the day. Margaritas and
flights and flatbread. Food.
What about your husband?
What about my husband?
He's not really...
I mean in my mind, he's not
my husband anymore.
Yeah, I mean you're separated...
You could get alimony from him?
Can I?
Really? Is that true?
Really, is that
true? Do y'all know...
can... I can collect alimony?
You guys, tell her,
she totally can.
- Alimony!
- You're still technically married!
Woohoo! Alimony, ooh...
We can collect unemployment.
We got fired.
- We totally could.
- We can collect unemployment.
That's right.
That'll come at a
nice handy time.
I mean, you know, it'll
help... ease, you know, the
struggle, the... suffering
through the next few months
trying to find work.
Let's go to the beach.
Anybody want to meet us
at the beach? We're
gonna go to the beach.
We won't tell you which
beash, you'll have to guess.
Hear? I said "beash". "Beash".
I think I've had
too much to drink.
I think you have
too, but that's fine.
'Cause you don't have
to go to work tomorrow.
Cats are serial
killers. You know that?
Yeah, cats... cats don't care.
But you don't really
know about that, do you?
What do you mean?
- Look, cats are serial killers.
- Also having a beer.
Let me tell you something.
They did a study on cats.
- Mm-hmm.
- 40 cats in Atlanta.
- Yeah.
- True story. They put little cameras on they little
necks, little serial
killer necks. They were
outside cats, outdoor
cats, they ran out the
house. You know, those
stupid people that
let they cats outside
the house, like they,
like they gonna come
back. These cats come back.
20, 30 percent
of these cats hunted
from the moment they
left the house. Not for
food, hunted to kill.
Straight serial killers.
You know, there was a guy
on... on Facebook. She thought
he was really cute. She
had sold a jacket to him or
something, and they were
supposed to meet up for coffee,
or tea, but I didn't hear
anything else after that.
[EDDIE:] Okay, did she
mention a name?
Okay, I'm recording this
because I just got pulled
over by what I think is a
cop... I think he's a cop?
He hit a red light in his
car, I'm not sure, but...
I... want to make sure
that... whatever happens,
you all see this, because
this is some fucking bullshit.
Makes me think
about Sandra Bland,
you know? This is... I'm
really scared right now.
I don't even know, this
is... I didn't even do
anything wrong. I
know... this is crazy.
This guy looks real suspect.
Oh my God... here he comes.
I don't know who you
are, can you show me
some ID or something? I
don't know who you are.
My hands, see my hands
are on the steering wheel.
Yes I see them, thank you.
Turn the engine off, please.
- What'd I do wrong?
- Thank you.
Can you turn the
music down please?
Great, thank you. Can
I have your license
and registration and
proof of insurance?
What did I do
wrong, first of all?
Why... I don't understand,
what did I do wrong?
You don't know why
I pulled you over?
- No, I don't.
- You changed lanes in the
middle of the intersection.
Are you kidding
me? Are you kidding?
No, I'm not kidding.
That's a traffic
violation. Can I please
have your license,
registration, and
proof of insurance?
Going in my purse... okay?
Thank you.
That's my ID, and
my proof of insurance.
My registration is in
here... I'm going in here...
Yes, thank you.
Alright Miss Johnson,
wait here please.
This is bullshit. Changing
lanes, in the middle
of an intersection...
Has anyone ever been
pulled over for
that? This is crazy.
This is absolutely
crazy, I don't...
All I can think about
is Castile, this is...
Yes, I've seen The
Wire, what the fuck?
The badge looked real,
I don't know! Looked
real, he had a red...
light in his car, so...
he seems-oh, I don't know.
He's coming back.
Alright, Miss Johnson.
Thank you, here you go.
Do you have your
Medical Marijuana card?
What? I don't smoke marijuana.
- Well...
- I don't like...
Your car reeks of marijuana.
I don't... I don't smell
anything, I don't smoke
marijuana so I don't know
how you're smelling that.
Alright, I need you
to step out of the
car please.
Why? I don't smoke marijuana,
I don't... I don't...
Well, if you don't smoke
marijuana, then you
won't mind if I search
your car, will you?
You don't have the
right to search my
car. I know my rights,
you don't have the
right to search my car.
Miss Johnson,
there's two ways
we can do this, alright?
If you decline, and do not let
me search your car,
then... I will call it in,
I will have the impound
come, we'll impound
your car-which
you're right, it's
perfectly in your
legal rights to
decline me to search your car.
But if you do that, I
will call the impound,
we will impound your car...
- I don't even believe this.
- We'll do it at the station.
Are you guys hearing...
I... Fine. Fine.
Alright, great! Thank you.
Come on out.
Pop the trunk, please.
I can't pop the
truck. I mean, I have to
use my keys.
Okay, well then grab your key.
Oh my God... Oh my God...
Oh my God...
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God...
This guy is fucking
following me?
The hell...
Why is he following
me! Oh my God.
This is fucking nuts.
This is crazy!
Get out of the way!
Okay, think I lost him...
How... Turn...
Turn this phone off.
[EDDIE:] When is the last
time you saw her?
I mean last time I
heard from her, some crazy
shit happened, she hit
me up, she was really,
really shaken. She said
some cop had tried to
pull her over, but it
wasn't a cop...
I freaked the fuck out.
And she said somebody was
trying to impersonate a cop or
some shit, or was a cop, and...
and tried to take her.
And she ran off, and
fought the dude off.
[EDDIE:] Does she have
many visitors?
I never saw a lot of
people come over.
One guy, tall black guy.
[EDDIE:] Okay...
[EDDIE:] was his
name ever mentioned?
Do you know his name?
I don't remember,
I mean it's like...
a weird name. I don't know.
[EDDIE:] Okay. When's the
last time you saw him?
Maybe a couple days ago?
[EDDIE:] Okay...
Did he go in the house,
or... do you know?
Dude, I don't make it
my business to spy on
people. I don't know
what he did, I was doing
something, you know, and
I look, and he was there,
and then next thing
I know he was gone.
[EDDIE:] When is the last time
you've been by her house?
Probably a couple
weeks after I got back.
[EDDIE:] Okay, are you sure?
I'm busy. I'm a busy
person, so sometime in that
timeframe. I dunno. Might
have been less than a
week, I don't know. I'm
a little... my... my
timeline right now is
just a little... all over
the place. Because
you gotta understand,
like, my friend is missing.
I got 10 million other
things going on...
[EDDIE:] Okay.
And I got to worry
about that, so, I don't
really know... My days
is rolling into the next.
[EDDIE:] Okay, let me
tell you why I asked.
I talked to her landlord
and she said... he
said that you were there
a couple of days ago.
Nah, that wasn't me.
So... I had a wonderful
day today. Just kidding.
Starting to calm down a
little bit. Shaking still
from... what happened.
Just really scared and...
went to the cops,
to police station...
and... apparently they
really didn't give a
shit. Unless they
can catch them in the
act, there's really
fucking nothing,
nothing they can do
about it. Fucking
nothing. We're fucking
screwed. We are screwed.
The horrible thing is...
is the cop who said to me,
he said just be happy you
weren't raped.
Fucking raped!
Can you believe he actually
said that shit? I mean...
What are we supposed to do now?
Cops are supposed
to protect us, got
people out here
impersonating cops, you
go to the cops, they
say they can't do
shit, because they
have to catch these
motherfuckers in the act?
But they can't
catch him in the
act because it's too
hard, it's just too hard,
I guess. So...
What do we do? What
do we do, ladies?
And then some asshole
fucking stops me.
Stops me!
Because of what,
I guess I looked
interesting or whatever?
I don't know, but...
I don't know...
I don't know...
Where was I...
I was on Effie.
Effie and Silverlake.
That's where I was. I mean, you
never think something
like this could
happen in I., but I
guess it does,
you know?
You know, I'm driving through
a great neighborhood...
God, I practically... I
mean, I've lived in
Silverlake for years.
You never think
something like that's
gonna happen in Silverlake.
And then I just...
so scared...
I just...
I didn't know what to do!
This guy just pulls me over,
and... I pull over, because
I think he's a cop...
because he's got...
the red... light in his
car, like a cop,
like it's an unmarked
police car, so I
pull over and... this
motherfucker tells
me that I make an
illegal lane change...
in the intersection.
Who gets pulled over
for shit like that?
So, you know, I ask
him to show me some
ID 'cause I'm fuckin
scared because, you
know, the Sandra Bland
stuff. So he shows
me his badge. It
looks legitimate, so I
roll down my window,
like he asks me. He
asked for my driver's
license, and my
freakin... um... proof
of insurance, and my
registration, and I
give it to him and
stuff, and he takes
it back, and I am just
sitting there just
like... thinking...
Am I gonna die today? I
don't know!
Just really scared.
And then... he comes back,
and is just like,
"I smell weed in your car."
Weed? I don't even
smoke marijuana.
I don't smoke, I don't even...
I drink wine, that's all I do...
when I get home.
It was just...
It's a horrible ordeal, so...
he tells me...
to get out of the car
because he wants to
search my car and I
tell him you can't
even search my car,
I know my rights. And
then he starts
explaining to me that it
would be easier than
having to impound
the car, and so I get
out of the car, and
I get out...
he grabs me, this guy fucking
grabs me, he just... grabs me.
Out of nowhere.
And he's trying
to fucking take me...
take me somewhere.
And so I just...
everything I had
fucking... punched that
fucker in the nuts, and
then I get the fuck out
of there, and then
he's chasing me and shit.
As soon as I
get the chance, I go
straight to the cops
and they don't do
shit. They don't
even care, they just
patronized me, is what they did.
They didn't even care.
Did anybody else
see what happened?
I don't think so,
I don't know...
I looked around...
and I didn't really see
anybody, but I really
wasn't paying
attention, I was just
really, really scared.
I didn't know...
I didn't know if that was going
to be the end of my life.
So ladies, you...
you really have to be
careful out there. You
really have to be careful...
because I really... I really
thought this guy was a cop.
I really did.
I started recording because
I felt like...
I could get it all on video, and
people would see
if something were
to happen, you know.
People would see
if... if this cop was
gonna shoot me, or do
whatever, that you
were gonna see, but
I didn't... I thought that
recording it would be the...
the best thing to do.
So I just...
I just gotta say,
I just want to thank everybody
that... is out there.
Thank you so much. I'm
okay, I'm alright.
It's gonna take a lot more
than some motherfucker...
trying to...
take me to bring me
down. I'm pretty strong.
But, seriously, thank you all,
so, so much...
for your... concerns about me.
I really, really appreciate it.
Doesn't he have your address?
No, I don think so. I don't
think he has my address.
I don't think...
he had my stuff...
long enough to get
my address... I... I didn't
see him doing anything...
Just... glad to be home...
and sound...
in my own home.
Okay, so, umm... my power
just went out, so... I
think... I'm gonna go
check and see if... it's
a blackout in my
neighborhood? Let's see...
It's... number... 10...
[DOOR OPENS] Oh my God!
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my
fucking God. [POUNDING ON DOOR]
Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God. No! [CRYING]
OW! Fucking bitch! Shut UP!
Shut your fucking mouth, goddammit!
(MAN 1) Yo where's the fucking phone?
(MAN 2) What fucking phone?
(MAN 1) Her fucking phone, where is it?
(MAN 2) What are you talking about?
Where's her fucking phone?
Ah shit!
I notice you have cameras
around your house,
video cameras. Are they live?
- Yeah, I got 8 of 'em. 1080p.
- Are you recording?
- 24/7, 365.
- How long do you store the data?
Lets see... my hard drive will
keep that for... about a year.
Great, great. Would you
have any objections to me
- looking at that data?
- No.
So I'm gonna state the
obvious but I think this guy
- had a key.
- Yeah, he got in there pretty quick.
Top it off, he knows exactly
where the fuse box is.
He goes in, the power
goes off in an instant...
So he's definitely out of
the house, he maybe has a
key... I'm looking at the
husband again. Maybe the
husband hires this guy to
do some dirt to his wife.
Alright, lets play this
back to the beginning.
So. Josh Jones, who bought
the jacket... lures her
to the... to the vinyl shop,
right? He doesn't show.
On the way home from the
vinyl shop, she... failed
abduction. This perp tries
to abduct her. So now,
later here at the house,
that same perp... shows up,
successfully abducts her,
but then there's a second
perp that shows
up. Who's that guy?
This is a guy that we
think was at Linda's home,
based on the footage we
got from the... landlord.
This is Josh Jones, he's the
guy that bought the jacket.
- Right.
- Alright.
And made the date that he stood
up on. This guy, in one of
her initial postings, was
observed behind her, standing
behind her, and she sort
of noticed that someone
was standing behind her.
Alright, so you're
saying that you think that
this guy, is Josh Jones
Patrick has been a bad boy.
As you all know, I hacked
Linda's phone. And I
notice that her ex-husband
installed spyware on there
so he can track her every
move. Oh, put that kind
of technology in someone
like my hands and
things start to happen.
Josh Jones, you may have
deleted your accounts, and
think you have vanished
off the face of the earth
but I found you. [LAUGHTER]
What up. Been staking
out Linda's house and
slowly starting to
figure some shit out.
You know I, I know,
I reached out to a
buddy who... we saw the
pin of Linda, and it made
it seem like she was
this, she was out in the
middle of fucking Korea. But
that was actually a ping,
it bounced... and this is
coming... from Los Angeles.
And... I've seen this sort
of thing before... where
people, they get...
kidnapped, inside of their own
homes, and they're basically
forced to, you know,
that Linda, uh...
she just lost her job. I
mean, we know she's getting
unemployment, I mean,
I'm just... I'm positive
these fucking sick leeches
are living off of her,
and they got her in
her own fucking house.
And I'll show you how
I know, here, watch...
Look, look, look at
that fucking car. Look.
Not a speck of dirt
on it. I mean like,
What car that's been
sitting in Los Angeles for
three motherfucking weeks
doesn't have dust all
over it? When you come
to Los Angeles you're
guaranteed two... you're
guaranteed two things,
Alright? You see a homeless
person taking a dump
in broad daylight, and
you're gonna get a dusty
fucking car. And, beyond
that, beyond that... Look
right here, look look
look look look...
No mail. Three weeks,
no mail. No flyers, no
newspapers, no nothing.
No nothing, nothing.
Who's... who's getting
her mail? Like I just...
I know... these
motherfuckers got her inside
her own goddamn
house. I know it.
Look. You guys know there's
something there. Look,
I used to sit where you
work, you know. 20 years ago,
I was right there. I know
you think there's something
here, but time is of the
essence. You can't roll
- this around, you know. We... we got to start somewhere.
- Okay.
- Let me... Let me...
- What makes this so urgent?
Let me show you what was
sent to me, it's a live
- feed, I know she's being held.
- Alright, Eddie,
I get that you needed
to bring us up to speed,
but you're telling us
all this time we've been
sitting here, you've had
access to a live feed,
- and we're just hearing about this now?
- Yes.
Well you might
want to call it up
so we can see what's going on.
Alright, first thing,
we need to get a tech
in here and geotag this now.
Look, thats... that's
not gonna happen.
- Well how do you know?
- I know, I tried.
I've been in the tech
industry, I know that
this fucking thing is
impossible to find.
We have to do something
else and that's
why I'm here. This is
on the dark web, and
you're not gonna
fuckin find this thing.
Sarge, my first
instinct's to get a warrant
- for the house.
- Yeah, do that. [PHONE DINGS]
- What the fuck is this?
- It's Flannagan, man.
He... He's sending
through the live feed.
- Wait, Facebook live... live feed or...
- Yes.
- Well, can you call that up?
- Yes.
But don't minimize
that, I want to keep an
- eye on it.
- Okay, alright.
Know what I saw in there?
That was the fuckin jacket.
First guy that walked
out of the house.
We need to go see that
house right now. Roll units
- over there right now.
- On it. I'm also calling in.
- Linda Johnson's car.
- Yeah. And if.
Flannagan's still
parked outside of the
house, bring him in
too. I got a shitload of
questions for him.
[WHISPERING] What the fuck?
What the fuck? Oh shit!
Oh my... Linda? Linda?
Stay awake, stay with me, I
got you. Here we go, we're...
Oh shit.
We are live at what
appears to be an active
crime scene investigation.
I have with me
here the owner of
the property. I
understand that there
is one confirmed
dead. Do you know about this?
I don't know anything.
Have the investigators
given you any information?
Haven't told me a
thing, I wish they would.
I'm at an active crime scene,
in the Silver lake area
of Los Angeles. It's
crazy. I'm go see if I can get
a better look, some details.
- Hey, officer! Hey!
- Sir! I...
Can you tell me a
little bit of information?
Sir, I need you to go across
the street with the others
I just wanna know... I just
wanna... Did somebody die here?
- Across the street.
- Alright, alright. Alright.
Somebody definitely died
here. Do you guys see
anything over here?
Nothing? Oh man. Oh, they're
bringing a body down.
Coroners are removing the body
from the crime scene... Excuse
me guys, I just got a...
Hey, who's in the body
bag? Is it male or female?
Sir, do not engage! Go across
the street with the others.
Could you just tell
me is it male or female?
- Alright, alright.
- Across the street, right now.
- Alright, okay. - I'm not gonna say it again.
- Okay!
Okay... There's some people,
they gotta know something.
Yeah, ask them some
questions. Hey guys?
Did you see anything
over here? You got
- any witnesses, no nothing?
- Nothing.
- Nobody saw the murderer, no nothing?
- No, nothing at all.
Alright, alright shit. Wait
what's this on the floor?
Hey I think I found
something! Hey, I... I got
something for sure, this
has to be something.
- Hey asshole.
- What, I think I found something!
Sir, get across the
street [SHOUTING]
Hey, hey don't shove me, man.
I think I found something,
- I just wanna give you something.
- Back the fuck up!
Hey, hey, alright. What,
are you gonna tase me?
- This is your last warning!
- I'm live-streaming, man,
I'm live-streaming. You guys
saw that. [CROWD AGREES]
Jeez. Hurt my leg, man.
Boys in blue can't
suppress the truth!
You see me out here in
the trenches. I'm out
here for you guys.
Always trending, never
sleep. Real news, real
time. Like, comment, share.
Oh shit, it's still on, check
this out... What is that?
It's got to be something...
Good evening, sir, how are you?
Good, good, can you
turn your music down?
Thank you. Can I see
your license, proof of
insurance, your registration
for this vehicle?
- Okay, Shawn... Who's Linda Johnson?
- Oh, uh, Linda
Johnson is my girlfriend,
she let me borrow her car.
Okay. What I need you
to do is, uh... this is a
residential area. A lot of
kids are out here playing, so
- I need you to slow it down.
- Okay, yes, Officer,
I'm so sorry. I really
didn't realize I was
going that fast. Uh, I'll
definitely slow it down.
Okay, we appreciate
that. Alright just gonna
get you off with just
a warning this time.
Thank you so much, Officer.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Keep it within the speed limit
- I will.
- Alright, have a great day, sir.
- Thank you so much, Officer.
- Okay.