Live Alone (2015) Movie Script

Jessica: I really, like, love the one you did of the bus stop.
It's so posh.
And can you believe Bri uploaded a bus shelter pic the next day?
I mean, she's so emulous!
Oh yeah, did you hear about the Pinstagram gallery contest?
Aimee? You there?
Aimee: Uh, yeah. Sorry. What did you say?
Jessica: They're holding a competition on Pinsta. The winners are going on display in a gallery in New York
and the top prize gets a high end camera.
You should enter. You could totally win.
Aimee: Yeah, maybe I will.
Oh, you must be the new neighbor!
That's me. Aimee.
Tucker. How are you liking it so far?
It's nice. Kind of scary living alone though.
Yeah? Must be nice having all that extra space.
Yeah, I have all these empty closets.
I take it you're new to the area?
Mhm. Still adapting. Trying to figure out what restaurants deliver and where the cheapest gas stations are.
We have a list of that stuff on our fridge from when we moved in. We don't need it anymore.
You can have it if you want.
Thank you. I'd appreciate that.
What unit are you? I'll bring it by.
Okay. I'll drop by later. It was nice meeting you.
Yes, this is our stationary, but anyone can get ahold of this.
Is it possible that someone made a copy of the key? Maintenance? Maybe an old tenant?
We just changed the locks and maintenance is out of here before 9PM.
Did you actually SEE someone?
No... I guess it's probably nothing.
Aimee? Is this your first time living alone?
Sounds to me like your imagination has gotten to your head. Classic monophobia.
So I'm gonna write you a prescription for a sleep medication.
Just until you've acclimated to the move.
Jessica: So how you feeling?
Aimee: A lot better actually. The doctor gave me some pills to help me get to sleep and the nightmares
have subsided.
Oh and I took the perfect photo to submit for the contest!
Jessica: That's great! I'm glad you're feeling better and I just know you're going to win that camera.
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