Live and Let Die (1973) Movie Script

..was so ably pointed out
by the Secretary-General
in his opening remarks.
But - and I must emphasise this point -
no formula can, or will,
ever cover each case.
For instance...
..when three or more applicants
have been recognised,
which is in direct contradiction to...
Whose funeral is it?
One more time again.
Not married, by any chance, are you?
Good morning, 007.
Good... good morning.
Insomnia, sir?
You haven't much time.
I'll explain as you pack.
Pack, sir?
Three agents have been killed
in the last 24 hours.
Dawes in New York, Hamilton in
New Orleans and Baines in the Caribbean.
Baines. I rather liked Baines.
We shared the same boot maker.
I take it these killings are connected?
That's precisely
what you're going to find out.
Baines was working on a small
Caribbean island called San Monique.
Dawes was in New York,
keeping an eye on its prime minister,
one Dr Kananga.
Hamilton was on loan to the Americans
in New Orleans.
Is that all it does?
By the way, congratulations.
The ltalians were most impressed
by the way you handled the Rome affair.
Thank you, sir.
The authorities
were more than helpful.
There's one small complaint.
They seem to be missing
one of their agents.
A Miss... Caruso.
You wouldn't happen to know
where she is?
Miss Moneypenny.
- Morning, Moneypenny.
- Good morning, sir.
- It's only the hour that's indecent.
- Really?
I've got your ticket to New York.
Q has repaired your wristwatch.
- And some background on San Monique.
- Thank you, Moneypenny.
I'm sure the overburdened British
taxpayer will be fascinated to know
will how the Special Ordnance Section
disburses its funds.
In future, Commander, may I suggest
a perfectly adequate watchmaker
just down the street.
Good God!
Pulling out this button turns the watch
into a hyper-intensified magnetic field,
powerful enough to deflect
the path of a bullet
- at long range - or so Q claims.
- I feel tempted to test that theory now.
If you don't mind, Commander, my spoon.
Sorry, sir.
Thank you.
Dr Kananga is at present in New York.
The CIA have been informed.
They are helping with surveillance.
Your flight arrives at 1 1 .30am.
Now, where did I leave my coat?
Allow me.
Thank you.
Come along, Miss Moneypenny.
- Morning, Bond.
- Sir.
Miss Moneypenny.
Thank you.
Goodbye, James.
Or should I say... ciao, bello?
Such a delicate touch.
Sheer magnetism, darling.
A man comes.
He travels quickly.
He has purpose.
He comes over water.
He travels with others.
He will oppose.
He brings violence and destruction.
- Mr Leiter for you, sir.
- Thank you.
Hello, Felix. How are you?
Traffic permitting,
I should be with you in halfan hour.
Then you can buy me
the best lunch in New York.
Hi, James. Your friend Kananga
has just left the UN.
He's probably headed back
to his embassy.
No, don't worry. The place is eyeballed,
wired for sound - the works.
Right. I'll see you in a half-hour.
Easy, Charlie.
Let's get there in one piece.
Right, stand by.
Here comes Kananga's limousine.
Out he gets
with the usual goon squad
and the girl.
Time: 1 1 .46.
What is that?!
Felix? You know I hate to trouble you,
but I've run into a little bother.
You what?!
Get me a make on a white pimpmobile.
3-4-7. Nelson David George.
It would seem, Dr Kananga,
that the conference has not
Iived up to your expectations.
We can only hope that
this is a temporary setback.
However, I do have
some observations to make.
Take a letter, please.
To Secretary-General,
Pan-lsland Unity Conference.
I wish to point out...
too many
of our island neighbours
have once again let themselves be...
bullied by United States industry.
The story is an old one,
the record a clear one.
Since my historic statement ofprinciples
was delivered and acted upon
some six months ago,
our economic outlook
has improved dramatically.
By exercising our policy of friendship
to all with favouritism towards none,
new respect for the entire area
has been injected.
And even though some ofmy...
James? That car is registered
to a shop at 33 East 65th Street.
That's only a block away from here.
Right. Take your time, buddy.
Kananga's knitting a flag in there.
It might be the easiest thing to do.
Something... in heads?
Just browsing, thank you.
Five dollars.
Do you think you could
giftwrap it for me, please?
Lengthwise, if you don't mind.
Thank you.
..remains my first concern.
Thus San Monique's obligations to
her island neighbours would seem clear.
Those who fawn and crawl
in the face ofintimidation
must perforce look up
to those who stand, proudly,
wrapped in ajustifiable self-confidence.
The time has come,
painful as it may be,
to gaze out among our sister nations
in the area and see ifany stands...
He's tailing.
I got him in my sights.
- You know where you're goin', man?
- Uptown, I believe.
Uptown? We headin' into Harlem, man.
Just keep on the tail of that jukebox
and there's an extra $20 for you.
Man, for 20 bucks,
I'd take you to a Ku Klux Klan cookout.
1 25th. You got a honky on your tail.
He's heading east.
Can't miss him.
It's like following a cue ball.
That's the car.
They must have gone inside.
Pull up where you can.
Sure hope you make friends easy.
Right on, brother.
He's headin' on in!
Good afternoon.
- Bourbon and water, please.
- The first booth will do.
Tell him neat, would you?
- No ice.
- That's extra, man.
I'd like something on the side as well.
Three men and a girl came in...
Relax, baby.
Mr Big's gonna take care of you
in a minute.
Black queen on the red king, Miss...?
My name's Bond.
James Bond.
I know who you are,
what you are, and why you've come.
You've made a mistake.
You will not succeed.
Rather a sweeping statement,
considering we've never met.
The cards have followed you for me.
You get ripped off in Detroit,
you yell out to me! D'you hear?
Is he armed?
You can't be too careful in New York City.
Funny how the least little thing
amuses him.
That's you, quite obviously.
An amazing resemblance.
Am I in there as well?
Pick a card.
Turn it over.
You have found yourself.
I'm telling you,
go out to LA and clean it up
or I'm coming out there
and clean you up. And I mean that!
Is this the stupid mother
that tailed you uptown?
There seems to be some mistake.
My name...
Names is for tombstones, baby.
Y'all take this honky out
and waste him - now!
- "Waste him"? ls that a good thing?
- The reading is over.
Nothing about my future?
Now, promise you'll stay right there.
I shan't be long.
Thank you.
Keep your hands up, honky.
What's he think this is?
Blow his friggin' head off.
Drop it!
Harold Strutter, CIA. Where were you
when I didn't need you?
It got obvious
you weren't coming out front.
Not even with that clever disguise
you were wearing.
A white face in Harlem.
Good thinking, Bond.
Let's get outta here.
I'm surprised they didn't spot you.
There's a remarkable girl back there
with a deck of cards.
I saw those cards on the way up.
Spades, James. Every one.
You were nailed the minute you left 74.
Only one man can pull together
that much black muscle in this town.
Calls himself Mr Big.
You name the business.
They say he has a black concession.
What would a foreign prime minister
like Kananga
want with an American gangster?
Question is, what would Mr Big
want with a two-bit island diplomat?
Mr Big? Where the hell
does he fit into this mess?
A genuine Felix lighter. Illuminating.
Now listen, James,
Kananga's got a private plane and he's
leaving for San Monique within the hour.
- Get me on the next available flight.
- I already did.
I knew you wouldn't pass up a chance
to get away from where the real action is.
The legendary Baron Samedi, folks.
That's Saturday,
for those who speak French.
Voodoo god of cemeteries
and chief of the legion of the dead.
The man who cannot die.
But, for our purposes,
just a performer in a musical
extravaganza we've cooked up
for you wonderful people.
Good evening. The name's Bond.
I have a reservation.
Mr Bond. Of course.
Mrs Bond's been expecting you.
- Mrs Bond?
- She arrived earlier this afternoon.
Said she preferred
something a little more... private.
Bungalow 1 2.
An incurable romantic - Mrs Bond.
Room service, please.
Room service?
This is Mr Bond. Bungalow 1 2.
I'd like a bottle of Bollinger, please.
Slightly chilled.
Two glasses. Thank you.
Anybody home?
Your champagne, sir.
- What was that?
- Your champagne.
Put it on the table, thanks.
- Shall I open it?
- What?
Shall I open it?
Oh, no. I can manage. Thank you.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Mrs Bond, I presume?
I'm Rosie Carver.
I guess I have a little explaining to do.
Yes. Either you or
dear Uncle Felix.
Custom 38, Smith & Wesson.
Corrugated three-inch stock,
no serial number, standard CIA issue.
The question is: why point it at me?
The man who delivered your champagne
is not a hotel waiter.
I was just trying to be careful.
As for Felix Leiter, you're right.
I've worked for CIA down here
for some time now.
He cabled me you were coming
and asked if I would help out if I could.
Perhaps you'd better start
by getting your head together.
- There's a mirror in the bathroom.
- Yes.
You're only my second mission,
you know.
My first was Baines.
The agent who was killed.
It's a relief to know I'm next in line
for the same kind of aid.
- There's a...
- A snake! I should have told you.
You should never go in there
without a mongoose.
I should have never
gotten into any of this!
I'm going to be completely useless to you.
I'm sure we'll be able
to lick you into shape.
It's... getting late, Mrs Bond.
Tomorrow will be a very busy day.
You see, Kananga is
protecting something down here.
Something which Baines
obviously discovered.
You're going to show me the spot
where Baines' body was found.
That, I'm afraid,
only leaves us tonight to...
catch up on old times.
Felix told me there'd be
moments like this.
What did good old Felix suggest?
If all else failed,
cyanide pills.
I settled for two bedrooms.
Good night, Mr Bond.
Mrs Bond.
It's just a hat, darling,
belonging to a small-headed man
who lost a fight with a chicken.
It's a warning. Get it outta here!
Oh, please!
Please don't leave me alone tonight.
James, please promise me!
All right, darling,
if you insist... I promise.
Thank you.
Breakfast's up!
- Are you ready yet?
- What?
I have to see about organising a car.
I'll see you in the lobby.
Over here, sir!
Guarantee big fish. Catch big fish, sir!
Hey, baby! Over here!
Bring your man over here!
Just $20! Have a date!
You got warm lady?
We got cold beer over here, man.
You wanna catch a big fish, sir?
It's only 2 over here.
Good morning.
Come on, Rosie.
This one seems eager enough.
Excuse me!
Where can I change?
Me... clothes off... where?
Stop right there.
Turn around slowly.
Keep your hands up!
As I was saying, Quarrel, a lousy agent.
But the compensations
speak for themselves.
Rosie Carver, meet the man
who shares my hairbrush.
Quarrel Junior.
I'm really sorry. I could have shot you.
You might have even killed me
if you'd taken off the safety catch.
Never mind, darling.
You just let us know when we get
to the spot where Baines was killed.
It's up in the hills,
just after we clear the next cove.
Hey, Quarrel!
Who the hell lives up there?
That's the house of the Kananga woman.
She's supposed to have
the power of the obeah.
No one on the island
dare go up there except him.
He comes again.
There will be violence.
He approaches even now.
By land or water?
He has arrived.
Rosie's been more efficient
than I anticipated.
I know where
we could rustle up a car.
Beautiful, brave, and now resourceful.
Rosie, you seem to be staging
a remarkable comeback.
Tell me about the future.
Is it death?
I said, is it death?
It is death.
They're coming.
Rosie knows what to do.
Now, I want no bodies this time. No trace.
It's down there.
But... I thought you said
Baines was killed up in the hills, darling.
Up in the hills, down there.
Why don't we have a bite of lunch
and discuss it?
There's an excellent pt in the hamper.
I'm in no hurry.
Are you?
You don't know
what finding you has meant to me.
I can imagine.
And you've no idea
what finding this has meant to me.
You do know what the Queen of Cups
means in an upside-down position?
A deceitful, perverse woman.
A liar, a cheat.
And I'd like some answers now.
You don't understand, sir.
They'll kill me if I do.
And I'll kill you if you don't.
But you couldn't. You wouldn't.
Not after what we've just done.
I certainly wouldn't
have killed you before.
It used to be a convincing act, Rosie.
It's wearing a little thin now.
It's not an act. It's...
Make your choice.
You will explain what went wrong.
I see the intervention of a woman.
The girl was about to confess.
We had to kill her.
The trap was set.
Tee Hee was waiting.
And you saw death.
It must have been the girl's death.
If you do not ask specific questions,
I cannot be responsible for your
misinterpretation of the answers.
These growing signs of impertinence
begin to disturb me, Solitaire.
As they did with your mother before you.
She had the power and lost it.
Became useless to me.
You will not make the same mistake,
Where is Bond now?
Where is Bond now?!
I cannot see
when you are this way with me.
Things become unclear.
Let us hope these momentary lapses
do not become a habit.
Your power exists to serve me.
And it is mine to control.
If and when the time comes I decide you
are to lose it, I myself will take it away.
Solitaire, go to sleep. You have made me
angry with you, and I have no wish to be.
Tee Hee...
Put down those cards!
It is a blasphemy!
They tell nothing
to those who cannot see.
But they do. That's a... a bit of luck.
Good luck, for both of us.
The cards say we will be lovers.
You are mistaken.
It's impossible. Forbidden for me.
Now you must go.
But you do believe,...
I mean really believe in the cards?
They have never lied to me.
Then they won't now.
Pick one.
You knew the answer before it was given.
Strangely enough, somehow,...
so did l.
So it's finally happened.
Just as it did to my mother...
and her mother before her.
Of course it did.
You're visual proof of that, aren't you?
Come on, cheer up, darling.
There has to be a first time for everyone.
Now tell me,
where's Kananga?
I cannot see.
- Oh, yes, the cards. I'll get them.
- No!
There's no need to be frightened.
You'll soon be rid of him, I promise.
I promise.
I just need a
Iittle bit of information, that's all.
The power...
I've lost it.
The High Priestess is wife
to the Prince no longer of this world.
The spiritual bridge to the secret church.
It was my fate.
By compelling me to earthly love,
the cards themselves
have taken away my powers.
Darling, I've...
a small confession to make.
Now, try not to be too upset.
The deck was slightly stacked
in my favour.
It makes no difference.
The physical violation cannot be undone.
When he finds out I've lost my power,...
he'll kill me.
Oh, now, come on.
He'll have to find you first.
Lovers' lesson number one:
we have no secrets.
For example, I have a boat waiting.
You can be on it.
All I have to know before we leave is...
what goes on back there in voodoo land.
Darling, three men and a girl
have been killed in the last four days.
Not counting the times
they've tried to stop me
from discovering
what Kananga's protecting.
Now, do you want to be
on that boat or not?
I simply read the cards for him.
I have never been there,
and he's never taken me there.
I've never dared to go.
But I've looked in the cards.
I've seen great riches there.
They'll kill you.
Us, darling.
They will kill us.
Lovers' lesson number two: togetherness.
Till death do us part, or thereabouts.
Is there time before we leave
for lesson number three?
There's no sense in going off half-cocked.
- This way.
- How can you be so sure?
These scarecrows are to scare
people away. You're not scared, are you?
Lesson number four:
follow the scarecrows.
- Good morning, boss.
- Morning.
It's sure gonna be a beautiful day.
Yes, sir, a beautiful day!
They're heading for the hill.
They're here.
If he finds it, kill him.
We've lost him. He has the girl.
They're somewhere under the nets.
At any cost - any - Bond must die.
Unit 2-5. We have picked them up.
Base to 2-5. Arrest Bond.
But I repeat, the girl is not to be touched.
Message received and understood.
Over and out.
Base to all units.
I repeat, the girl is not to be touched.
Get out of the way!
Sweet mother of pearl!
All change! End of the line!
Get down below, quickly!
Here, I'll do that. You get her started.
It appears... a bus.
He'll be looking for me now.
I know he'll never stop.
Come on, darling.
It's all over.
Voodoo land was just poppy fields.
A simple matter of heroin smuggling.
I'll have a word with a man named Felix,
turn the case over to him,
and you and I will be off.
By the way, where would you like to go?
Anywhere where we can find
one of these.
How quickly can we make it
to New Orleans?
Santa Mina, four hours away...
You could catch a flight
and be there in the morning.
Get in touch with Felix. Tell him to meet
me there tomorrow. Royal Orleans Hotel.
Tampa is closer.
Hamilton was killed in New Orleans,
so there has to be a connection.
And this is a valuable piece
of merchandise we're carrying.
Which, with any luck, they'll want back.
Royal Orleans Hotel, please.
Are you sure this is the way
to New Orleans?
I don't know, but this sure
beats the hell out of Harlem, don't it?
Well, hello, Jim!
What's happenin', baby?
Just ease back now, Jim. Relax!
Mr Big wants to see you.
You made a mistake
back on that island, Bond.
You took something that didn't belong
to you, from a friend of Mr Big's.
That type of mistake
is tough to bounce back from.
- But I've only just arrived.
- Today is your lucky day, Jim!
You're going skydiving!
There's a helluva view of the lake
from 10,000 feet.
My only regret is I won't be there to see it.
Let's go!
- Good morning. You're...
- Mrs Bell.
You're not my instructor.
Where's Mr Bleeker?
Indisposed. I'll be giving the lesson.
What's on for today?
Let's just wing it, shall we, Mrs Bell?
You're over-revving.
- Leroy, slow down, for Pete's sake!
- Do what the man say!
I can't... I can't find the brake!
Close those doors!
Holy shit!
OK, Don. Don't worry,
I'll take care of it. Right.
Talk to you later.
I've got to go and give a lesson.
Same time tomorrow, Mrs Bell?
Yes, Mr Bleeker.
Yes, sir. I know you just can't
glue the wings back on.
Now, Mr Bleeker, I'm sure
there's no reason for name-calling.
That's fine. Don't forget the double vents.
I appreciate she's one of your best pupils.
That's a little frantic.
I'll keep the other three.
Any such suggestion
should be put in writing to Washington.
- How is Mrs Bell?
- Intensive care, but she'll pull through.
Yes, sir.
No one's questioning your patriotism.
I'm sure you're a veteran, sir.
Felix, find out if there's
a Fillet Of Soul restaurant in town.
We're way ahead of you. It's on
Docker Street. Strutter's watching it now.
Hell of a send-off.
This way.
- Where's Strutter?
- He's gotta be inside somewhere.
Two, gentlemen?
I got a nice booth over here,
just against the wall.
Do you think you could find something
a little closer to the stage?
- What's wrong with a booth?
- I once had a nasty turn in a booth.
- Bourbon. No ice, please.
- Two Sazeracs.
Where's your sense of adventure?
This is New Orleans. Relax!
- One of you Felix Leiter?
- Yeah, right here.
- Call for you. A guy called Strutter.
- Thanks.
For a minute, I thought Harry
was laying down on a job.
What happened to my...
- What happened to my friend?
- What happened? Listen.
Thanks for droppin' in, baby.
Yeah, you're one tough pig to nail down.
You've been picking at me
like some kind of maggot.
First, you go up to Harlem
and kill one of the brothers.
And that disturbed me.
And then you go and steal
this valuable young lady
from my good friend, Dr Kananga.
Now, old Kananga, he believes
in all that card crap.
I mean, he's mad.
Well, possession being
nine points of the law,
I would say Kananga
is your problem now.
Thank you.
In fact, if I were you,
I'd... watch my step from now on.
Yeah, well, you just let me handle
our business with the man.
I got my own plans for you, baby.
But first
there's one little question
that he wants answers for.
Then you'd better ship me back
to the island and let him ask in person.
I'm not in the habit
of giving answers to lackeys.
You damn lucky you got an ear left
to hear the question with.
Which is... did you mess with that?
That's between Solitaire and myself...
and Kananga. I'll tell him when I see him.
You won't see sunlight
unless you answer!
I'd no idea you were so frightened of him.
Did you touch her?!
When I see Kananga.
Quite revealing.
Kananga: poppy grower
in thousands of acres
of well-camouflaged fields,
protected by the voodoo threat
of Baron Samedi.
Then there's Mr Big,
distributor and wholesaler through
a chain of Fillet Of Soul restaurants.
Sell heroin, for money?!
My apologies. I'm sure
you simply give it away.
Excellent, Mr Bond.
That's precisely what I intend to do.
Two tons of it, to be exact.
When entering into
a fiercely competitive field,
one finds it advisable
to give away free samples.
Man or woman, black or white.
I don't discriminate.
Two tons of heroin with a street value
well over a billion dollars
nationally distributed free?
That should make a certain group of
families rather angry, wouldn't you say?
Why, my dear Mr Bond,
it'll positively drive them
out of their minds.
- And subsequently out of the business.
- Quite ingenious.
A sort of junkies' welfare system.
Merely until the number of addicts
in the country has doubled, shall we say?
Then I will market that acreage
you blundered into the other day.
That heroin will be very expensive indeed,
leaving myself and the phone company
the only two going monopolies
in this nation for years to come.
And here I thought it was Solitaire
who did the fortune-telling.
Let's hope for both your sakes
she still can.
The question still stands, Mr Bond.
Asked by the gentleman concerned.
Did you touch her?
Well, it's not the sort of question...
a gentleman answers.
Well, having set the example,
I don't expect Miss Solitaire
to be any less the lady.
By the way,
that's a particularly handsome watch
you're wearing, Mr Bond.
- May I see it, please?
- You'll forgive me if I don't get up.
Tee Hee.
On the first wrong answer
from Miss Solitaire,
you will snip the little finger
of Mr Bond's right hand.
Starting with the second wrong answer,
you will proceed
to the more... vital areas.
my dear,
I want you to listen to me very carefully.
On the back of Mr Bond's watch
the registration number: 3-2-6-
Do I speak the truth?
You speak the truth.
if nothing else,
at least I've laid your fears to rest.
My compliments on a splendid operation.
There is one thing, however, the...
Take him to the farm.
When do we start back?
Soon, Solitaire.
Solitaire, why?
I treated you well. You lacked for nothing.
I don't understand what you...
Mr Bond's watch, my dear.
I gave you every break possible.
You had a 50-50 chance.
You weren't even close.
I had no choice.
Please believe me... The cards!
When the time came, I myself
would have given you love.
You knew that.
You knew that!
There's only one proper way
to deal with this.
And one proper time.
The tonnage order is nearly complete.
We move it out tonight.
And I mean tonight!
Mr Bond.
How much do you know
about crocodiles, Bond?
I've... always tried
to keep them at arm's length myself.
Cute little nippers, ain't they?
I don't suppose those potential
overnight bags are orphans.
Oh, no! We have
some moms and dads as well.
In fact, quite a few thousand.
This is the part I like best: feeding time.
I suspect, the highlight of the tour.
Some of these babies
live to be 200 years old.
Look over there.
That's an alligator.
You can always tell by its round nose.
There's old Albert.
He's a croc.
Got careless with him some time back,
and he took my whole arm off.
Well done, Albert!
They'll eat anything. Even each other.
Then again, sometime they can go
a whole year without eating.
I was rather counting on that.
There are two ways
to disable a crocodile, you know.
I... don't suppose you'd care
to share that information with me?
One way is to jam a pencil
into the depression hole behind his eyes.
And the other?
The other's twice as simple.
You just put your hand in his mouth
and pull his teeth out.
Evans, get him!
Adam, in the car! Head him off!
Hector, move, damn it!
Bond ripped off one of our boats.
He's headed for the lrish Bayou.
The man that gets him, stays alive!
Now move, you mothers!
I got me a regular Ben Hur down here.
Doin' 95, minimum.
- Need any help, JW?
- Hell, no!
You got a set of wheels
that just won't quit, boy!
If they's yours, that is.
You spin around, boy.
Ten fingers on the fender.
Legs apart.
I'm sure this ain't exactly your debut
at this sort of thing.
You picked the wrong parish
to haul ass through, boy.
Nobody cuts and runs
on Sheriff JW Pepper.
And that's him speakin' that, by the bye!
What the...
Soon as you nail that offendin' vehicle,
Miss Pearsonjust called.
Seems her dog's
foamin' all at the mouth.
She's got him locked up in the shed
and wondered ifyou'd like to
come over and shoot it for her.
You tell Miss Pearson to take a flyin'...
That look like a boat stuck
in the Sheriff's car there, Eddie?
Boy, where you been all your life?
That there's one of them new car-boats.
By the powers invested in me
by this parish,
I hereby do commandeer this vehicle
and all those persons within.
And that means you, smartass!
Unit 23 in position.
Ten-four, 23. Come in, 28.
Hey, JW. Seems like Deke Rogers
done got his boat stole offthe river
but got a new one in his swimming pool.
- Sheriff, get your boys offmy frequency!
- Give me that!
Now you listen to me, trooper boy!
We got a swamp full of Black Russians
drivin' boats to beat the band down here!
Relax, Sheriff. We've got a roadblock
waiting for them at Miller's Bridge.
Unit 26 at Miller's Bridge.
We're just about all set here.
Make that secure there! D'you hear?
OK, fellas. Here they come!
All right, out of my way!
I'm in charge here!
You two boys, come on!
I want those two men and
their boats apprehended immediately!
Yes, sir, Captain. I understand.
But, I don't know where we're gonna find
a boat fast enough to catch 'em.
Call my brother-in-law, Billy Bob. He's got
the fastest boat on the whole damn river.
Billy Bob'll sure enough fix their ass!
Yeah, call Billy Bob.
There's two boats, Billy Bob.
They're movin' like buttered pigs!
Now, I promised these boys here
you'd get 'em. Don't let me down.
Cool down, JW. I'm on my way.
- Want something, boy?
- Yes. I'd like to borrow this boat, if I may.
Everybody on the river
would like to borrow this boat.
Billy Bob, we've got 'em spotted.
They're headed for Hayley's Landing.
That's my brother-in-law!
That's Billy Bob!
He'll get 'em! Billy Bob'll get 'em!
Hot damn!
If one side of the Pepper family
don't get 'em, the other side will! Let's go!
If any man can show just cause why they
may not lawfully be joined together,
Iet him now speak, or else hereafter...
Headquarters to all units.
Suspects seen proceeding down
by Liberty towards Highway 11.
Proceed with caution.
Would you get that chicken coop
off the road?!
Did you ever think of gettin'
a driver's licence, boy?!
Are you sure that was
your brother-in-law, Sheriff?
- Felix, what are you doing here?
- We'll get to that later.
Kananga's in town. He's got your girl.
They just took off.
There's the son of a bitch! I got him!
What are you?
Some kind of doomsday machine, boy?
Well, we've got a cage strong enough
to hold an animal like you here!
- Captain, enlighten the sheriff, please.
- Yes, sir.
JW, let me have a word with you.
JW, now this fella's
from London, England.
He's an Englishman workin'
in cooperation with our boys.
- A sort of secret agent.
- Secret agent?!
On whose side?!
We busted the Fillet of Soul an hour ago.
We came up with nothing but these.
Kananga's clear.
You should have seen the size
of the guy on the boat with him.
Nine feet tall, I swear.
Big top hat, a cockamamie flute
in one hand and Solitaire in the other.
The incendiary bombs
are set for midnight.
Now, that gives you exactly... 30 minutes.
Watch out for sharks on the way back.
We'll see you for breakfast, Felix.
Good hunting!
You're going to need these
and the shark gun on the way back.
Seems like the party's started.
My regards to Baron Samedi, man -
right between the eyes.
Mr Bond! There you are!
And Miss Solitaire as well.
Hardly unexpected, but most welcome.
Two more glasses for our guests!
- What shall we drink to, Mr Bond?
- How about an earthquake?
Welcome home. Where's our boy?
He'll be along any time now.
I checked behind a rock
and his wet suit is gone.
Keep the change.
It is unfortunate your wet suit was found
only minutes before
the field was destroyed.
Don't tell me you're not insured?
The poppy is a very sturdy flower.
You have been
a relatively minor nuisance, in fact.
But this gun...
I find it particularly fascinating.
What is it?
A shark gun, naturally.
With compressed gas pellets.
pull the pin out. The air in here
is foul enough already.
Somehow I never thought of you
as a poor loser.
I was hoping you would join me
to drink to the future.
Miss Solitaire used to know all about
the future. Especially predicting death.
An underground monorail.
Connected to the last refuge
of a scoundrel, no doubt.
The heroin leaves here, I take it,
carried somewhere by that winch.
Correct again, Mr Bond.
What a quick study you are.
Let me show you exactly how it works.
Where in hell can the man be?
He must have got tied up somewhere.
These cans hold 25 pounds each.
There are 20 cans to a shipment,
packed in watertight
metal containers.
It's your show, but isn't there
a simpler way of drowning someone?
Drown, Mr Bond?
I doubt you'd get the chance to drown.
Perhaps we could try something
on an even simpler vein.
On the contrary, Mr Bond,
I think you'll find those wounds quite
The gate.
Slowly, Whisper, slowly, slowly.
Let our diners assemble.
Look out!
Where's Kananga?
He always did have
an inflated opinion of himself.
Oh, James!
How do we get out of here?
We take the train, of course.
Thanks for everything, Felix.
See you tomorrow night at the 21 Club.
Why do you want to travel this way?
What the hell can the two of you do
on the train for 16 hours?
Say goodbye to Felix, darling.
Now, the first thing to learn
in playing gin rummy
is never take a card from the exposed
pile unless you really need it.
James! What are you doing?
Just testing an old adage.
"Unlucky at cards..."
- Do hurry up, James.
- Won't be a moment, darling.
Lock the door as well on your way up,
would you, James?
After all, we wouldn't want anyone
to just walk in on us, would we?
For the first time in my life,
I feel like a complete woman.
The slightest touch of your hand...
I was always so afraid that
a part of me would stay with the past.
But now I know
there's no chance of that any longer.
To be able to reach out and touch you...
Mr Bond. It's good to see you again.
Well, that wasn't very funny!
Now what are you doing?
Just being disarming, darling.