Live by Night (2016) Movie Script

In 1917, I signed up to
fight the Huns in France.
Good men died all around me.
And I saw no reason for it.
The rules we lived by were lies.
and they didn't apply
to those who made them.
I swore If I made it home,
I would never follow orders again.
I left a soldier.
I came home an outlaw.
I lived one robbery to the next.
A good day was filled by sleep...
and a good night spent
running too hard to look back.
I lived that life for 10 years.
Until it caught up to me
It all started with an inside man.
The Albert White crew was
playing a high stakes poker game.
...and our inside man left
the back door open for us.
Three, two, one.
Where's the fuckin' money?
You know whose
fuckin' place this is?
Give it.
Well, you know whose fuckin' card
game this is, you fuckin' dunce?
You heard of Albert White?
Keep talkin', dead brother!
Miss, come here, come here.
Do you want a drink to
go with your robbery?
No, just the money,
put it in the bag..
In the bag, right here.
What's your name?
Emma Gould. What's yours?
You gonna put a sock in my mouth?
That's right. A sock? In my mouth?
Never been used before
and I wouldn't lie to you.
- That's what all the liars say.
- Open up.
Alright boys, Let's go!
You got some balls.
Slow down and stop driving
like we did something. Relax.
Made out pretty good.
It was a nice hit.
Yeah, it's all mine.
Very funny. Look forward!
Drive the car!
Good afternoon, I'm Albert White.
You must be Joe.
- Coughlin.
- Good to put a face to the name.
This is Brandon
Lumas...friend of mine
How are you?
You're too smart for the
stuff you been pullin'.
Nickel and dimin'
with two dumb guineas.
They're your friends but
they're stupid and they're Whops
And they won't live to see forty.
Take your time.
But you can't work on your own.
Not in this town.
Albert was rounding up the troops.
They was a war going on over rum.
- Dermott, go and have a word.
- Albert White ran the Irish mob.
...and Maso Pescatore
ran the Italians.
It was tit for tat.
The deadliest year in
the history of Boston.
White's gang set fire to rum trucks.
And a guy on Maso's
payroll went home
with a girl no one
had seen before.
The winner...disorder mess.
I wanted nothing to do with
Albert White and his war.
But I didn't have a choice.
His girlfriend was my inside man.
And I was in love with her.
He'd kill her if she
tried to leave him...
and he'd kill us both, 10 times over
if he found out we were together
But we were in love
and we were stupid..
And every time he was out of town,
we were together.
The fit was perfect.
Mind if I join you?
Sorry father,
but I've been waiting for someone.
Emma, this is my father,
Tom Coughlin.
Dad, this is my friend Emma Gould.
Pleasure, Ms. Gould.
Mind if I sit down?
- Where are you from, Miss Gould?
- Dorchester.
No, I meant before.
You're clearly Irish.
On my mother's favor from Cork.
- Really? What's her maiden name?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- She died. She's dead, me mamso
So, what is it you do?
It's a really swank place this,
isn't it?
I know well how my
son earns a living..
I can only assume that if you've
come into contact with him,
It was either during a crime...
or in an establishment
populated by rough characters.
Are my questions making
you feel uncomfortable?
I don't know what you're on about.
and to be honest,
I don't really care.
I'm on about you being the type of
lassie who consorts with criminals.
The fact that the criminal
is my son isn't the issue.
It is that my son is still my son.
and I have feelings that
cause me to question
the wisdom of consorting
with the type of woman..
who knowingly consorts
with criminals.
Did you follow all that?
Enough, Dad. Enough, ok?
My uncle mentioned a cop run
his payroll, name of Coughlin.
Is that you?
This uncle would be
your Uncle Robert?
Who everyone knows as Bobo?
The police officer you
refer to is Elmer Conklin.
He is stationed in Savin Hill.
He collects shakedowns from illegal
establishments such as Bobo's.
I rarely get out of Dorchester.
as Deputy Superintendent,
I'd be happy to take a
greater interest in BoBo..
I need to powder.
Was that necessary?
I didn't start the fight, Joseph... don't criticize me
for how I finished it.
I've been a police officer
for 37 years and I've learned
one thing above all.
Do you know what it is?
It's going to be another
yarn from the old country?
What you put out in the world
will always come back to you.
But never how you predict.
I'm sure it doesn't.
Unearned confidence of that
about which one is ignorant,
always has the brightest glow.
I think I've heard enough.
She's quite easy on the eyes.
Yeah, she is.
Apart from that,
I fail to grasp what you see in her.
She's from Dorchester?
Well, that doesn't help.
Her father's a pimp.
Her uncle killed two men.
I could overlook all that,
Joseph, if she wasn't...
She just doesn't pretend
to be something she's not.
Maybe she's just asleep.
Thanks for stopping by.
Maybe you should climb
under his covers tonight.
- What?
- He looked at me like I'm trash!
We're not people, We're just
the Goulds from Dorchester.
We tat the lace for your fuckin'
carpets. Jesus.
Don't fuckin' touch me!
My whole life,
I got the high hat
and the icy mitt from
people like your father.
We're not less than you.
- I never said you were..
- Oh, well, he did.
Fuck him! Ok? I love you.
You can glow so easy.
It can be.
- Come here.
- I don't want to. Leave me.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry..Let go.
Spare two bits?
Thanks a lot.
Joe Coughlin.
I Got an invitation.
I gotta check you.
Go ahead.
Joe Coughlin, yeah.
Do you know who I am?
I know enough to show
up here when I'm asked..
My name is Maso Pescatore.
I run the North End and
liquor coming up from Florida.
I'm the man with the power
over mens' lives in my hand
but the truth is...
...I'm just a simple wop
from the old country.
my only true rival is Albert White.
When that is no
longer the case...
we can see an end to the fighting
that has plagued this town.
Well, I got no beef with you.
But I don't truck with gangsters.
not even a sheik like you..
You do soup jobs and stickups,
but you're not a gangster.
- What does that make you?
- I don't know.
An outlaw, I guess. I just don't
want any part of that life.
How many things, good or bad,
come to us whether we
ask for them or not?
For example, one of my men
saw you with a young lady...
Well, not so much a lady,
but 'puttana moll'...
whose date is Albert White.
So, it no longer matters
so much what you want.
You're in this life and
it can only end two ways.
One. You get to Albert
and put an end to him.
Two. I tell Albert about the girl.
and he gets to you first.
Like I said, I ain't a gangster.
I've done enough killin'
in this life.
If you want to tell your enemy
some rumor you heard, go ahead.
If I kill Albert White,
someone's just going to
jump up and take his place.
And I'll be married to the Pescatore
mob for the rest of my life.
I stopped kissing
rings a long time ago.
Good afternoon.
Do you think he told Albert?
No, I'd be dead already. Christ!
We could leave.
Where would we go?
Somewhere warm.
My brother Danny
lives in California.
I don't know. I haven't
talked to him for ten years.
He sent back a bunch
of postcards sayin'
he was doing stunts,
trying to be a writer.
God, I'd go to California.
I don't know much about
honest work, I gotta tell you.
who said anything about honest work?
We do what we want to do,
go where we want to go.
Sleep by day.
I got a job in Lawrence on Saturday,
then I'll be free.
Free to leave? Yeah, free to leave.
I have to see
you-know-who on Saturday.
Fuck you, no! That's the idea..
Oh, come on, what's the alternative?
You want to wind up in the Charles?
I'm supposed to meet him
at the Statler on Saturday.
Turns him on to see me
when his wife's on his arm.
After that,
he's going to Detroit for a week.
Will you clean yourself up
and get to the Statler by 7?
I think I can clean myself up
and get to the Statler by 7.
Shut up.
The Lawrence Bank job, we got
enough to get us to California on.
It's true,
that's what I was thinkin' about.
Let's go!
What are you doing?
Start! Start!
Look out! Look out!
Get outa the way!
Move! Get out of the fuckin' way!
Come on! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Go!
In the car. Go!
I walked half a mile,
stole a car in North Reading...
and replaced it with a Dodge
I found in Summerville.
I came back to my childhood
home and considered my options.
The story was in all
the Late Editions.
The third dead cop was
a trooper who pulled
someone over near the state forest.
It had to be Dion.
Keep going!
There's a Service
Elevator up here.
I can't believe you came!
- Where was I going to go?
- I don't know.
- Waarheen?
- It's not what people do.
It's not what I do.
Come on.
Why you crying?
- Because I love you.
- Then smile.
I can't.
Come on.
I'm sure as you die, you'll tell
yourself you did it for love.
you feel guilty
about what you do...
So you spend your
life hoping someone
will punish you for your sins.
- Here I am.
- Joe, I'm so sorry!
She's sorry,
we're all fuckin' sorry..
- Take her out of here..
- You said you wouldn't kill him.
- Albert, that was the deal!
- Don't worry
I would never have
brought him here...
I'm going to be
humiliated by a whore?
Someone close to me
says some arsehole
is puttin' a hole
into my fuckin' head.
You're lucky I didn't
cut your tits off
and throw you in
the fuckin' dump.
- Take her to the car, Donny.
- No.
Joe, I'm Sorry! Sorry!
Ah, it's ok.
You should be more worried about
what I'm going to do to you.
- Don't kill her.
- What the fuck do you care?
She just sold you
down the the river..
I wasn't honest.
I said if she delivered you to us,
I wouldn't kill you.
But we both know I have to kill you,
don't we, Joe.
And then...
I'm going to kill her too.
Leave him, let's get out of here.
So you're a cop killer now, Joseph?
I didn't kill anybody.
Looks like your friends were about
to take you on the dead man's drive.
Dad, they're going to kill her.
Well, we won't kill you, Joseph...
...but some of my coworkers
would like a word.
Listen, Please.
They're gonna kill her.
She's in the car
with Donnie Gishler!
I don't know what his skull's
made of but it isn't bone.
In a coma two weeks.
No cranial bleeding.
No loss of memory
or speech disability.
His nose and half
his ribs are broken.
It'll be a long time
before he doesn't
see any blood in the bowl.
Go on in.
Dad, where is she?
Did they find her?
We followed her and Donnie Gishler.
His car went off the road
and into the ocean at 9:20.
An officer from Beverly
dove in lookin' for them.
Ended up in the hospital
for a week with hypothermia.
She was Albert White's girl.
She betrayed you.
She did...
I'm crazy about her.
Crazy isn't love.
I saw your marriage for 18 years.
It wasn't love.
No it wasn't.
Anyway, she's gone.
She's as dead as your mother,
God rest her..
They caught up with
Paolo in St. Albans,
about 10 miles
from the border.
A number of officers gave chase.
He was struck by at least 14 rounds.
Low for a cop killer.
What about Dion?
It's possible he made the border.
You were the child that
was supposed to fix
the distance between
me and your mother.
Were you aware of that?
I was aware of the distance.
People don't fix each other.
They never become anything
but what they've always been.
All we get sometimes
is a little luck.
Do not waste your's
pining for a dead girl.
- You make your own luck.
- Sometimes.
Sometimes it makes you.
If he pleads guilty...
I can take the death
penalty off the table.
3 years out, 20 probation.
Three years?
There are 3 dead police officers.
And he didn't kill them.
He may be the son of the
Deputy Superintendent...
but he will long know the inside
of the Charlestown Prison.
I promise you.
Chief Inspector.
I was demoted yesterday.
Then we can leave unsaid the notion
I was going to dispell for you.
I have no illusions.
I'm a practical man.
The photograph is of a door
to a row-house in Back Bay...
where you have been keeping time
with a young man of Mexican descent.
If you move the location
of your liaisons,
I will know within the hour.
Let me see what I can do.
Seeing what you can do is
of little interest to me.
I plead guilty to
abetting armed robbery...
and was given 3 years and 4
months in the Charlestown prison.
If my father had
lived 2 more weeks...
I could have said goodbye..
I got one guaranteed life.
and I was going to live it.
I would use Maso and his hatred
for Albert to get me started.
Funny, how things change.
What happened to all the talk
about not being a gangster?
Now you come to me
looking for a job.
I got nothin' left.
I don't want to be a gangster.
But I'll work for one if
I can get to Albert White.
From what I heard in prison, you're
still the man to see about that.
We ran Albert White out
of Boston like you heard.
Now he's making a run to our rum
operation in central Florida.
He wants Tampa.
It's true,
I could use someone who is committed
to putting an end to Mr. White.
You found your man right here.
Your duty would always have to be
to the Pescatore Family first...
then yourself second.
Can you live with that? Sounds fair.
I just need one guy,
Dion Bartolo from my old crew... help me go down
there and set up.
It's good to have
someone you can trust.
- It's hot down there.
- I don't mind hot.
You ain't never felt
hot like this one.
I spent some winters in Charlestown.
I could use the change.
Then get the narcotics running,
starting in Tampa.
Frank Ormino runs Tampa.
He's gonna decide he
doesn't need the headache.
- When's he gonna decide that?
- 10 minutes after you get there.
I see, so I gotta make
you and me equal partners?
Frank Ormino's an equal partner.
But look what's gonna
to happen to him.
I guess I work cheap.
Can you tolerate an
Irishman in your crew?
This is America. I've lived worse.
I realized it's not
enough to break the rules.
You have to be strong
enough to make your own.
- How ya doin'?
- You! Look at you!
- Hey, sorry about your father.
- Yeah, sorry about your brother.
Thank you, thank you.
Listen, when Lefty Downer
found me in Montreal told me
the Pescatores wanted me
to come work for them...
I thought it was a
straight bamboozle.
Then I thought if anyone
could charm the devil..
it's my old partner.
- Look at this!
- Holy shit!
Would you look at this?
- Here, after you.
- Get the fuck outta here!
I work for you now,
Boss Joe Coughlin.
Reach under the seat and
you'll find a friend.
Welcome to Ybor,
The Harlem of Tampa.
The gods built this place.
What you're smellin'
now is probably bolos or empanadas.
The rest of Tampa leaves Ybor alone.
As far as they're concerned we're
a bunch of dirty Spics and Whops...
And we can fuck off
and do what we need
to do as long as we
leave them alone.
You'd think we could all get along
but it don't work out that way.
The Italians and the
Cubans keep to themselves.
But the Cubans,
they hate the Spaniards.
And the Spaniards look at all
Cubans like they're uppity Coons...
who forgot their place since
America freed them in '98.
The Cubans and the Spanish, they
look down on the Puerto Ricans...
...and everyone, I mean everyone,
shits on the Dominicans.
The Italians only respect
you if you came off the boat.
How you doing, Ladies?
And the white people think anyone
gives a shit what they think.
You're a fuckin' piece of work.
Port of Tampa!
- Who is it?
- Fireplace.
Thanks, JT. No worries.
There is a whole network of tunnels
like this underneath the city.
Who owns this warehouse?
Frank Ormino did.
What do you mean Ormino did?
Ormino sprung a few
leaks the other day.
- That was quick.
- Look at this over here.
The best money can buy.
You gotta keep it at 186 Fahrenheit.
Yeah, these babies never lie.
Try to keep people from dying
when they drink your hootch.
Made a lot of toilet
booze in prison.
Looks to me like you're
missing two key ingredients.
- Which are?
- People and Molasace.
- Yeah, we got a problem.
- What?
Our distributor...
he's been comin' up empty.
- What is it?
- The boats have been sinkin'.
- What's his name?
- Gary L. Smith
- Gary Ellsmith.
- No. Gary L. Smith.
It's a middle initial. I don't know,
he wants people to use it.
- It's a Southern thing.
- Not just an asshole thing?
Thank you, Miss Roe.
You must be Maso's new find.
Well, I guess, somethin' like that.
How ya doin'?
So what brings you by?
I've been asked to take
over Frank Ormino's affairs.
Hope that's not permanent!
- No offense.
- None taken. Why is that?
Folks like dealing
with who they know.
And nobody knows you.
I see.
Well, what would you suggest?
I have no ambitions for it but,
to keep continuity...
...instead of doin' it for a term.
Well, we're mostly concerned with
why the last 3 supply runs were hit.
Well, that's the Cubans.
Then let's just go
to a new supplier.
It's not that simple.
Why not?
Well, because they're all paying
tribute to the Suarez family.
That's the Cubans that are all
down in that club on 7th, right?
We're going to need
to talk to them soon.
I'm afraid you don't understand
how things are done here.
I deal with Mr.
Suarez and his sister.
If you want,
I'm sure we can arrange
a table by tomorrow
night, 9 o'clock.
Now, Gary L., tell me this. Do you
work directly for Albert White?
Or is there some intermediary,
I should know about as well?
- What?
- We marked your bottles.
- You what?
- If you distilled it, we marked it.
And all these runs that were
supposedly lost at sea...
somehow made their way into
Albert White's speakeasies.
Can you explain that?
No, I don't understand.
Dion drove me by your
house on the way over here.
You got a lovely place.
You're gonna have to
bag up all that shit
and send it to wherever
it is you're going.
Where am I goin'?
- Are you fuckin' her?
- What? Who?
- Miss Roe.
- What?
- He's fuckin' her!
- Without question.
- Definitely fuckin' her.
- C'mon.
Afternoon taste of Miss Roe?
Sugar in the mornin',
sugar in...whatever.
I don't care what, who you fuck.
Here's some tickets.
This is the 11 o'clock
Seaboard tonight.
I don't care who you take with you
but you gotta be on that train.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute,
gentlemen. Come on, a second here.
if you don't do the whole thing.
I can bounce your head off the
floor like a fuckin' bowling ball.
But let's just make it easy.
Put yourself on that train, Gary L
Or we're gonna have
to put you under it.
Listen, I think...can we...?
Oh, no...c'mon,
Let's just sit and
visit with each other.
Is this... Mr. Cou...?
Miss Roe.
When did you mark the bottles?
The fuck are you talking about?
You been with me every
second since I been here.
You see me mark any bottles?
No, that's how come I
know it was bullshit
- Dion Bartolo.
- Yes of course. This way please.
Mr Esteban is waiting.
Mr. Suarez, nice to see you.
Let me introduce
you to Joe Coughlin.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Pleasure.
Have a drink.
Thank you very much.
I never agreed with the Spanish
that the lighter rums were superior.
Of course, we Cubans went along
because of our obsession..
lighter is greater in all things..
Dion... Joseph...
My sister, Graciela.
Nice to meet you.
- We've met.
- My mistake. Of course, we've met.
Yes, we have.
How you doin'?
Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you.
God, this rum is incredible!
It would be nice if we
could sell it up North.
When your country
treats you like adults.
Oh, I'd even be out of a job.
Esteban took those.
- The working people of Miami.
- Very good!
It is a hobby. Perhaps I photograph
you someday, Mr. Coughlin?
I don't know about that.
The fewer pictures of me out there,
the better.
I'm with the Indians on that one.
Speaking of captured souls...
I am told that Mr Gary L. Smith was
seen boarding a Seaboard Limited.
with his wife in one Pullman and
that puta maestra in the other.
Well, you never know. Sometimes a
change of scenery can do a man good.
Is that why you're here in Ybor?
A little change of scenery?
I'm here in Ybor to distill
and distribute the demon rum.
A task which is made more difficult
by your erratic import schedules.
We don't control the tides.
The tides would be fine
if we were in Miami.
We know nothing of
the boats to Miami.
Senor Famosa assures me the
tides have been calm all summer.
When you say Senor Famosa's name...
so we worry you may
overtake our supply routes..
No, I use Senor Famosa's
name to reassure you...
that from now on,
you can work directly with me...
and you can charge
me a higher price..
What do we get in Return?
You can get access to Ormino's cops
and judges which we now control.
And most them
wouldn't do business
with you otherwise
because you're Cuban.
And you want exclusive
access to our Molasace?
No. But you just can't sell
to the white operation.
Albert White is a paying customer.
We have never had
a problem with him.
I know Albert White.
I thought you might like
to deal with someone
who treats you like a human being.
It is possible that this
would bring bloodshed.
This would definitely
bring bloodshed.
These are very favorable times.
Albert White is what we get.
The local sheriff wanted to see us.
Apparently he was a custom
down there to talk
about how you really
break the law...
before you did it.
- What kind of guy is the chief?
He is a cop, so he is an asshole.
Other than that, he's okay.
What are you doing?
Don't fuck with the guy's stuff.
Sheriff will come in find some Diego
going through his fucking pages.
Hey this is Figgis right here.
Please, sit down.
I wouldn't insult you by asking
the nature of your business.
So you won't have to
insult me by lying.
Is it fair?
Sounds fair to me.
Is it true you're
Police captain's Son?
Yes, sir.
- Did he served overseas?
- France.
Tell that to the Marines.
Yes Sir, they told that to us.
I was a soldier and
then a US Marshall.
I have killed seven
men in my lifetime.
Truth be told their faces
horror me most nights.
You Keep your business
north of Second...
South of 27th and East of Nebraska.
You and I will have little
in the way of discord.
Sounds good.
I know we live in a fallen world...
But just because I
breath corrupt air...
Rub elbows with corrupt men...
Never make the mistake of
thinking that I am corruptible.
I won't make that mistake.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were alone.
It's alright, Loretta.
This gentlemen were just leaving.
Honey, your manners.
Oh. Yes, father.
Miss Loretta Figgis.
Please to meet you, miss.
I am Joe Coughlin.
Dion Bartolo.
Loretta is taking the train
on a long journey today.
He's going around.
- California.
- Is that right?
She's gonna be a star in hollywood.
- It's only a screen test, daddy.
- No.
A screen agent came here
and picked out a few girls.
- My brother's out there.
- Your brother's In Hollywood?
He's a stuntman on toes.
Born of horses.
Please to meet you, miss. Chief.
- You sure you don't want a banana?
- No, I had some.
You picked a fruit
like this in Boston.
Oh, I know.
It looks good.
- What?
- There she is.
Watch this.
Here you go.
Hello. Good afternoon.
How are you?
- I'm well. How are you?
- Excellent.
Do you...You and your brother
come to any decision...
Not yet, We are still
considering Mr Coughlin.
Yes, it would be quite
a upheaval for us.
- Alright, I understand. Of course
- We don't make changes easily.
Well There's all kinds of change.
Where I was staying,
we use'd to play chess a lot...
this is the kind
of change where you
get your pawn to the
end of the board...
and it changes into a queen.
It's not what you think about here.
- Yes. I do play chess.
- You do?
My father taught me.
Meanwhile you might
do well to remember
that the pawn,
the king end up in the same box...
at the end of the game.
The end, not about the end.
It's about when you
playing the game.
You hang me upside down
light me on fire again.
I will win while I'm playing.
I have feeling you win
most of the games you play.
Not yet. But playing hard.
Why don't you join me?
Some people say that liquor
is only a side business.
Is that so?
I heard rumors that you give
most of your money away.
A lot of it in Cuba.
Anything that's foolish?
Not foolish,
Just not my cause, that's all.
What is your cause?
Distribution of Demon Rum.
And no man should really
want out another man's life.
If you corner the Rum market,
you'll be a king.
I would still have to
deal with Albert White.
But how will you hold the
power once you have it?
You don't think I'm strong enough?
I don't know if you're cruel enough.
And if you are,
that would be very sad.
Powerful men don't have to be cruel.
But they usually are.
Tell me something,
do you think there is such
a thing as an noble man?
I have nothing against an noble man.
They just really look past Forty.
My father died for Cuba.
My mother died of a broken heart.
He would often tell us
"You can not truly live unless
there is something for
which you would die."
Sounds like a good man
He was.
- We will never be lovers.
- No?
Why's that?
We will not be lovers.
We cornered the rum market
and lived like kings
Fast. Come on. Hurry up.
Banks collapsed. Jobs dried up.
Okay. Let's go.
The Suarez-Coughlin partnership
created a rare stability.
We paid off Albert's guys in Central
Florida to put down their guns.
So when Albert wanted to hit us
he had to use his Miami Crews.
When they showed up,
we bushwhacked them.
Albert was living
on the run in Miami...
and there wasn't a spic in central
and North Florida we didn't sell to.
Put the shit out.
Get on the floor.
Get down.
Get down. Get Down.
This is what happen when Catholics
trying to sell liquor down here.
The guy's name is RD Pruitt.
Well, we better go find him.
- He is in the klan.
- So what?
So the five million other
guys in this country.
The klan has a lot
of fucking Juice.
They're immigrants with
4th graded education.
Oh. They're gonna love you.
A Catholic who works with
coloreds and lives with Cuban.
The bigger problem
RD's brother in law.
- Who is he?
- Chief Figgis.
Joe Coughlin.
Don't shake hands with papist.
No offense.
None taken.
Help if I tell you I haven't been
to church in half of my life?
Alright now.
Word is your cousin
troubled down in Ybor.
How's that?
Well we hear you are
stick enough places.
I don't know a damn
thing about that.
I'm just playing with you.
You all know that.
This is a businessman who
has come here to do business.
And I say yes that you do with him.
That man is a bootlegger...
and a fornicator with nigger.
He needs to be tared and feathered.
Not to be done business with.
I'm just fine.
You take a joke right?
Sure, I would take a joke.
Not when you become one, right?
So you like the Parisian, right?
And if I did?
I might be able to cut you
around 10% of the house stake.
- You'd do that?
- I wish.
I ought to be worth more than 10%.
What were you thinking?
- I was thinking 60.
- 60%?
The biggest club in town?
- That's right.
- For what exactly?
My friends might look
on you more kindly.
- What friends?
- 60%.
- Son, I ain't giving you 60%.
- I ain't your son.
Ain't nobody's son.
Save you father some embarrassment.
- What you say?
- 15%.
- I will beat you to death.
- Excuse me?
That does sounds like
a fair arrangement.
- You going 20?
- I think 15's pretty good...
for a job you won't have
to show up to work for.
It's a fair deal...
And I'm pleased to agree to it.
- How do I pick up my cut?
- Come by the Parisians.
Second Tuesday, every month.
7'o Clock.
Pleasure, Mr. Coughlin.
It sounds like we have a deal.
The boy's dumb as a grape.
I don't understand what Maso wants.
Arrests are down 70%,
revenues up 300%.
I don't like it some kid sent down
here like we need supervision.
No, no. We don't need supervision.
Digger want to look at the
Casion options, check progress.
That's all he's gonna
reply back to the old man.
It's real he'll make
a big thing of it.
Maso still gonna
listen to what his son
tells him about the
style of the Casino.
Don't worry about it..
- How did he get the name Digger?
- Because he's a fucking dummy.
All they let him do is dig
ditches for the bodies.
No shit! Yeah!
That's great.
I had come up with a plan
to invest in a casino with
stakeholders in Sarasota...
The new Ritz development site.
Ritz Hotel and Casino.
- Top shelf.
- Right to the casino.
Absolute top level.
Surely a rejoice experience
whether you're gambling or not...
For such a violent
business it was populated
with surprising number of guys...
Who would just put their
fluid on the table.
Digger wasn't one of those guys.
So this is it.
Volstead Act won't
last forever right?
What we gon'
do when the Probition ends?
We use the connections we put
together and get it legalized.
And we're the only ones
in the place to run it.
And this is it?
Will be. Ritz Longboat Key.
I set out with the other
owners of Serasota last week.
Why'd they let us?
Because the can't
get gambling legal...
and they can't run a casino.
The own the property, we run the
casino. We strip the profits 50-50.
Wait a minute.
Do we have a magic
stick to change in laws?
I heard You got bingo legal.
That's a step.
That's a pre-requisite.
Yes I know.
The Pre-requisite.
Your grandmother could come down.
She should play in the church.
Look I get Bag Man to buy inspectors
in Talahassee and Sarasota.
I got guys going after Senetors
and IRS agents who gamble.
We can gamble legal.
We are rich. Legit.
For a long fucking hour.
I talk of good game too.
But I like you.
He's very smart boy.
Maso went crazy for the casino.
He called every day for updates,
like it was his idea.
It was addressed to
"Sir Joseph Coughlin, Niggafucker."
Inside was a two word note.
"Sixty percent."
Same note. Same message.
We are doing everything we can,
but it's protected.
Its roots here are too deep.
Well, time to start digging.
Good afternoon gentlemen.
Virgil Beauregard.
What can I do for you today?
We hope you can talk some
sense into RD Pruitt.
Too many people ever had
no success doing that.
We would like you to try.
- And what will the reason be?
- His self-preservation.
And he is to stop
shooting in my clubs.
What kind of clubs?
Great clubs?
Because I belong to the Greater
Tampa Rotary Club myself...
and I don't recall ever seeing you.
I come here to do piece
of business with you
and you wanna play
fucking games?
Is that what I wanna do?
You're the grand wizard of
the Ku Klux Klan around here.
But do you think that we
got where we are by letting
some immigrant shit
pick us and muscle us?
If that's what you think we are,
you are making a fatal
miscalculation son.
We are clerks, bankers...
police officers, deputies and...
We even got a judge.
And if you're dare
enough to fight us...
We're gonna rain bloody hell fire
down on you and all your loved ones.
So you're threatening me with people
who are more powerful than you?
What the fuck am I
talking to you for?
You've come to my home.
I'll save you the
trouble of calling me in.
75 witnesses.
Not one who've come forward.
Do you want a beer?
- It's near beer. But it ain't bad
- Love one.
I need RD, Chief.
I'd expect you feel that way.
You know what happens
if you don't help me.
No, I don't know.
More bodies are gonna pile up.
More articles like "Cigar City"
slaughter are gonna get written.
And the chief gonna get pushed out.
- You too.
- Maybe.
'The difference is when
you get pushed out...
Someone does it with a bullet
to the back of your ear.
I am not selling out
my wife's brother.
- I don't wanna to do this.
- Do What?
I don't wanna what
you're making me do.
I'm not making you do anything.
Yeah, you are.
- What?
- She didn't make it to Hollywood.
She just made it to Los Angeles.
That's not right.
We got her with a
special doctor now.
She's alright.
What kind of doctor?
The kind that gets
people off Heroin, Irv.
You do not ever call me
by my Christian name.
You will call me Chief Figgis...
For whatever years or days
remain in our acquaintance.
- Are we clear?
- I didn't do this to her.
You just name me your price for
telling me where my daughter is.
She's in a clean,
safe facility and I'm not
gonna tell you where she is,
until we.
RD, you are going to
meet with this boy again.
And that's the end of the
discussion on the matter.
Yes, it'll just be the two of us.
Longboat Key...
by the Ritz. Tonight at Ten.
When do I get her location?
As soon as I get out
of this meeting alive.
You do it yourself.
What's that?
If you're going to kill him be
man enough to pull the trigger.
Ain't no pride in
having other people
do what you're too
weak to do yourself.
In my experience doesn't take
much to pull the trigger.
Where is my brother in law?
He didn't come.
Boys, this one here is rat chicken.
Take your eyes off that peashooter.
I promise it will be in his hands.
Not likely.
You a man of your word?
That's on who I give it to.
So you ain't come
alone like I ordered?
Shit RD that'll spoil the fun.
Where they at?
This could be the biggest
casino in the United States...
When they end prohibition.
They ain't gonna end prohibition
in a God fearing country.
Country's in a tank.
Banks going on,
the cities are bankrupt.
Cause we got a communist president.
Because we do not tax on liqueur.
And that's why the
states gonna change
its laws to legalize gambling.
And you could be part that.
I don't wanna be a part
of nothing with you.
How much is he paying you?
- Who?
- Albert White.
How much does he pay you
to shoot up my Spics?
Cause you're doing a
hell of a job for him.
Yeah, I took his Catholic money.
Do you know why?
Cause I'd done it for free.
You are a pestilence.
You and your nigger whore girlfriend
and your dirty Diego friends.
I'm gonna take the Parisians.
Not 60%, the whole thing.
I'm gonna take all your clubs.
I'm gonna take everything you got.
Might even go by your house...
tear out a piece of that Nigger
girl before I cut her throat.
You ain't got this shit
but you leavin' town, boy.
You just forgot to pack your bags.
Go ahead.
Bring the car around.
Alright, We'll get you to a doctor.
It hurts.
hurts but it's not gonna kill you.
We shouldn't have
show him the pictures.
- What pictures?
- Figgis.
All we had to do to put
this fucking guy down.
Price was too high.
- I can't think that you've shot me.
- What?
- I got him before he got a shot.
- It wasn't me who shot you.
It couldn't have been nobody else.
Fasani was back there.
It was Fasani who fucking shot you.
No, Fasani was coming
from back there.
Fasani came over here. He came on
this angle, like this, right here.
I was over here.
I got these motherfuckers.
You hit me.
Just get the fucking car.
It's gonna be a great casino.
Albert had been paying RD
on his own to come after us.
But once we killed
members of the Klan...
the Klan took it personal.
They came to finish me
off at the hospital,
but we had guards
posted at the doors.
When the Klan's men gave up and
went home Dion had them followed.
The subsequent string of beatings,
bombings and murders...
effectively put an end to the
power of the KKK in Tampa.
- How do you feel?
- Good.
Irv's wife moved out and
took their son with her.
No one saw Loretta
for the whole season.
Can I take your name?
You wanna get married?
We are married aren't we?
Graciela Isabella...
I think I can't remember them all.
Lunes, Martes...
- I don't have that many names.
- Wait.
Graciela Coughlin.
Best thing ever
happened to that name.
I bought buildings.
We're married and just like that,
now you bought some buildings?
Yes, I bought three buildings
by the Perez factory.
What are you going to
do with these buildings?
I want to give shelter to
abandoned women and children.
It's important, Joe.
What happened?
Cuban politics for a cause?
I fell in love with you.
You restrict my mobility.
Come here.
I love you.
After months of seclusion...
Loretta emerged from
home and declared
that she would only wear white.
A decision made for
her by Jesus Christ.
to whom she would now be with.
Her show was a hit.
And a vision of Tampa, cleansed
of sin, didn't include a casino.
What's the problem
with this preacher?
There's no problem
with the preacher.
Everything's gonna
work out fine.
Nothing can jeopardize
our casino deal.
- Absolutely, Maso. 100%.
- Do what you need to.
Look I'm gonna go down there.
I'm gonna talk to her and...
What needs to be done, will be done.
Just make sure that the problem goes
away. I don't want to hear about it.
Alright. Thanks a lot...
You do not need to
listen to know me.
Ask me anything you wanna
know about my business.
It's your business, not mine.
I'll tell anything you wanna know.
I came down here, it was all about
getting revenge, making money.
Now everything I do,
every step I take,
Is about You and Me
and protecting our future.
And that's what you
need to understand.
But if those steps make you,
little by little someone else...
then you will not be you anymore.
You are you, except for all
those bad things you did.
You're almost you.
I want the real you.
You have me. Come here.
You have me.
Gambling destroys the spirit.
- She's right.
- Amen.
One hears much...of
personal liberty.
But when you've seen
the barbarity of man...
and been treated to
personal dosages...
You see..It is simply
the liberty for gambler.
For the gambler to fritter
away the gifts of God...
- By using it for himself.
- Amen.
Personal liberty is the liberty...
of a Murderer.
A seducer.
A wolf who wants to
remain in a sheepfold.
I ask you...
How cheap is your virtue?
- No. Not cheap.
- Not at all.
- How cheap is your virtue?
- Not cheap.
My virtue's always
been pretty cheap.
What virtue?
And they seek to build a house
of gambling on our waterfront.
We act.
God bless you.
There is only one way to deal.
With her around the
casino gets voted down.
The casino gets voted down.
Me and you are on...
I'll handle it.
- Mr Coughlin.
- Miss Figgis. Such a pleasure.
Thanks so much for seeing us.
Great show today.
- You know my father.
- Ah! Chief.
And this is Mayweather.
Mayweather is taking the good
word and preaching it down south.
- Pleasure, sir.
- My Pleasure. That's good.
They need to hear about this in
Miami. Keep up the good work.
I'm trying, sir.
What can I do for you?
I was hoping I could just have
a word with you for a second.
I was hoping to...
talk a bit about the Ritz.
My father says there once
was a good man in you.
I was nowhere near to part it.
You do quite a lot
for the people here.
But we both know that your good work
is medicated by your evil deeds.
We do?
You profit from the illegal
addictions of others.
Their weakness,
sloth and lascivious behavior.
But you can free yourself of that.
I don't want to.
Of course you do.
Miss Figgis, you're a lovely woman.
And your story is amazing.
I'm not surprised
that that the folks
are up 3, 4 since
you started here.
More like 5 times.
More booze has been drunk in the
last ten years, than ever before.
People don't wanna be told
that they can't do it.
The same could be
said for fornication.
People want it, but don't wanna
be told they can't have it.
No why should they?
I'm sorry?
If people want to fornicate,
I see no reason to stop them.
And if they wish to
lie down with animals?
Do they?
I'm Sorry?
The people wish to lie
down with animals?
Some do.
And their sickness will
spread if you have your way.
Forgive me.
I see no co-relation between
alcohol and lying
down with animals.
There is a co-relation
across all sin.
It's all against the wishes of God,
therefore all equally offensive.
Let me apologize. I think we
got off to the wrong foot here.
I am just here to ask you
if you would be amenable
to omitting the Casino
issue from your sermons.
And in exchange we're gonna
bring a business here.
And business will create jobs...
which will reduce the sinfulness
that comes with poverty
and idle hands.
We would be want to
contribute to the church.
We would be want to
build a few churches.
If God rewrites the Bible to
cast gambling as virtuous...
I will refrain from
speaking against it.
But until then we don't get to
pick our sins, Mr. Coughlin.
I can't do it.
It's gonna fuck up the whole deal.
What do you mean, you can't do it?
I don't know. No one touches her.
That's a mistake.
No shit.
- Can we get you anything?
- No We are okay.
We know you men are busy and We
don't want to waste your time.
We are not going to invest
in the casino at the Ritz.
- Are you... sure about that?
- I'm afraid so.
The publicity is too much.
One woman who preaches
in a fucking tent?
Yes, because the
casino would represent
only 2% of our total holdings.
And we can't appear to be a company
of Irish and Italian Catholics...
turning white Protestant
girls into drug addicts.
People I work for are gonna
be very upset about this.
We aren't men to be
muscled or coned.
We are an institution.
We can't be bribed or bullied...
because I simply
represent the vested
interest of a board of governors.
We are the landed white,
gentry in this country...
and we have no plans to curve
off a strip of this country...
which we have gone to great
pains to break and colonize...
and hand it over to Catholics,
Jews, darkies or Diegos.
It's just bigger, better racket.
That's all.
Keeping money in your hands and
out of the hands of people like us.
All those people...
the negro, on whose back you went to
great pains to break this country...
and the immigrants who came
over here with nothing...
and worked their fingers
to the fucking...
I believed when you told
them they could get ahead.
And one day, I may not live to see
it. They're gonna figure it out.
But I tell you what,
I would hate to fucking be you.
Standing between those
people and what they deserve.
Good luck to you.
Would have been a hell of a casino.
You'll get another chance.
Things swing back around.
Not all things.
They announced it on the radio,
just when we got back.
President elector Roosevelt promised
to sign the Cullen-Harrison Act...
immediately he was elected,
effectively ending prohibition.
- Hello, Miss Figgis.
- Mr Coughlin.
May I?
- Yeah.
- Just for a minute.
You're looking very well.
I see,
You're not wearing white.
It's almost white.
- Would you like Menu?
- Thank you very much.
Care to pour a cup of coffee,
Thank you.
Why does my father hate you so much?
I'm a crook.
He is the chief of police.
That's how it goes, I guess.
No, he liked you.
He said you were the mayor of Ybor.
So He said?
What did you do?
To him?
We had photographs.
And you showed them to him.
I showed him two.
How many did you have?
All of them.
We are all going to hell.
I don't think you are going to hell.
You know what I learned...
...since I have been
trusting my soul out to God?
This is heaven... Right Here.
We are in it now.
And how come it looks like hell?
Because we fucked it all up.
After my trials...
I slept in the bed of my childhood.
I felt certain again.
I missed that.
I don't know if there is a God.
But I hope there is.
And I hope he is kind.
Wouldn't that be so well?
Yes it would be.
You seem not to disappear.
Do you have a secret?
No, no secrets.
I have my wife. That's enough.
But what if you lose her?
What are you going to do now?
You mean?
You stopped me,
stopped the casino.
Law couldn't do it.
The people couldn't do it.
The Klan couldn't do it. You did it.
- I didn't get rid off the alcohol.
- No, that was too big.
But you stopped gambling and before
you came along it was a lock.
- I did do that, didn't I?
- Yes you did.
What's your father gonna do?
Sitting in his chair, I guess.
Blind with rage that men
touched his daughter,
the way he used
to touch his wife.
And worse.
He goes around the house
whispering one word over and over.
What word?
Repent, repent.
Give him some time.
Maybe he'll come out of it.
We heard from Boston. All three
trucks made it up there fine.
Same payoff as last week.
So, there's no problem.
Very good.
And Loretta Figgis cut
her own throat yesterday.
Yeah, she did it in her home
in the chief's bed they say.
Thought I would give it to her.
I couldn't do that.
I guess some things are meant to be.
She could have done it
three months earlier
and done ourselves like a favor.
Well, too late.
You blame yourself?
She went out West as
so many other girls do.
And she was preyed upon.
Not by you.
Well, or by men like me.
Men who get the booze.
They get the girls, get the drugs.
One hand washes the other.
We are not our brother's keeper.
In fact it is an insult to
our brother to believe we are.
Look at these people.
If this man dies of
in drunkenness...
is it our fault?
When did you take this picture?
A month ago.
Are you sure?
I took this picture myself.
A month and three days ago. Why?
Because that woman died in 1927.
There has never been
anyone like you in my life.
One day I'm going to
be good enough for you.
- You sure it's her?
- You tell me.
- You told Graciela?
- Of course I told her.
Jesus Christ.
What? You wouldn't tell your woman?
No, I don't tell him shit.
But you're more of a nance to me.
What did you say?
"Look sorry, Hon,
that girl was bent out of shape
over for years, she is not dead.
She's in Miami."
"Don't make a big
fucking thing out of it."
When do you go home?
Going where?
What do you mean where?
You found out this girl who
used to be towards your mouth.
When you are going?
I'll go after this thing with Maso.
Give you something to live for.
What does that mean?
Him and his guys are talking over
half of the train to get down here.
That's a big fucking Entourage.
Nah. Bullshit.
I ain't worrying about it.
No percentage in killing us.
We do $ 11.5 million a year from
rum alone in this fucking cop town.
What's he gonna kill us for?
All we do is send him bags
of money up to his mansion
and he fuck in the huts.
- I don't like the Signs.
- What fucking signs?
We lost the casino,
we never moved our narcotics...
And you are a Irish
in a world where
there ain't much of a
shortage in guinies.
You are walking into a building
where he bought up every room.
I can't hide a weapon.
You're going in blind
and we'll be outside.
Is that enough signs for you?
I need you to do something for me.
I need you to go stay in
Miami for just a little while.
How long is "a little while"?
I don't know. Not too long.
I'm not gonna have your address.
I wish you give it to Dion.
When the time comes,
he will tell me
where you are, and
I'll come get you.
So you can find out if you are
as cruel as you need to be?
I guess so.
Even if you win today's battle,
there is so much
violence in what you do.
I love you.
Gino, where are you living now?
Two kids. "Mugghiera, casa."
Whole thing.
- Got any?
- Not for me.
There is never a right time.
This way.
How are you, my son?
Fausto, see if Dion needs anything.
- How've you been?
- Good. You?
- More good days than bad.
- Right.
This is the filly who fucked
up the whole casino thing?
Yeah, That's her.
Why didn't you clip her then?
- Too much blow-back.
- That's not it.
You're not a killer, Joseph.
You are a bandit in a suit.
That's why you didn't kill that
"puttana pazza."
You know how much money this
place was doing when I got here?
- And what's doing it now?
- But that's all rum.
You neglected the girls
and the narcotics.
I went after the rum because
it was most profitable.
And I added four houses
in my time here.
Yeah, but you could've added more.
- Maso, Look...
- Mr. Pescatore.
I ran Ybor. I ran Tampa.
- Do you ever have a problem?
- You did more than that.
You ran the whole coast.
You boxed out Albert.
Put him in a little
bish corner in Miami.
I've been through the books.
You made as a force down here.
And now what? No Irish need of life?
What can I be?
What I fucking tell you to be.
Before you get a fucking
pop in your mouth.
You can be conciliere.
You teach Digger the ropes.
Meet people.
Teach him to fish.
But you need to take a haircut.
What kind of a haircut?
Digger gets your take.
Look, Mr Pescatore.
I think it's a fabulous idea.
Digger comes out here takes over.
We'll run Florida.
We'll take over Cuba.
But my take's gotta stay
somewhere nearer it is.
And there is no power
in being crew-boss
to shake it down long showman.
You ever think maybe
that's the point, smart-guy.
You need me. I built this.
We could use you.
But I'm sensing a
lack of gratitude.
So am I.
You work for me, not the spics
of niggers you hang out with.
If I tell you to clean the shit out
of my toilet, Guess what you do?
I can kill your cunt
girlfriend and burn
your house to amber,
if I feel like it.
So do want to be crew boss or
clean the shit out of my toilet?
I'm accepting applications for both.
I guess it's crew boss.
That's my boy.
You want a dinner tonight?
We have a few night spots set aside.
You know, Joseph,
what I like about Albert White?
Is that he knows Tampa too.
Which means nobody needs you,
dumb fuck.
My fortune's have
changed a little bit.
Me and Maso we patched things off.
Turns out when you
blew the casino deal,
He looked to me to help his son.
And that was just the start.
You need to trust the
people you work with.
We don't get into this
game to play second.
To back the rumble horse.
That's it.
You thought you would be eating
tomorrow looking at the fucking sun.
Think again.
Take your last look
because you die now.
I have something you want to see.
Something that if you do not see,
you regret your whole life.
You would never forgive yourself.
- She is dead.
- She look dead to you?
Where is she?
She's in the fucking picture,
Where is she?
I would love to tell you,
I'd love walking out of here more.
That's an old one.
You just folded up an old one.
That's what I thought too.
Look at... the guy in the
corner with the newspaper.
That was last month.
So you tell me, or I'll put
you in the fucking ground.
I loved her too, Albert.
Like you loved that woman?
Yeah. She a nigger or a spic?
She's both.
Where the fuck are they?
Why don't you ask Albert?
He knows Tampa.
Do you know why all the molasace
and rum that come into Florida...
comes through Tampa, Maso?
- The tunnels.
- What tunnels?
The ones running underneath
this neighborhood.
That's how they get the booze in.
That's where my men are right now.
Your guys there, standing around,
guarding the front door...
but that ain't where we are coming.
We coming for you, Maso.
But we're coming from below.
Go. Go.
- You cleared the room?
- Everything. The whole floor.
Seppe, go get another look.
they spotted Coughlin downstairs.
- He even get a scratch?
- A cut on the head.
I don't suppose you can wait for
him to die of blood poisoning.
I don't think we got
that kind of time.
It's a hard thing for a man...
to have a son this stupid.
All clear, boss.
I want you to cover the
door and the stairs...
Like Roman fucking Centaurians.
Pour me one. Will you?
- Where were you hiding?
- Hiding?
When Seppe cleared the room?
He's sitting right here.
I asked him if he wanted to work for
someone who will be alive tomorrow.
That's all it took?
That, and you wanted to put a
fucking dance like Digger in charge.
We had a good thing going here,
and you fucked it all up in one day.
You know how many people died here
because of your simple wop bullshit?
Maybe someday you'll have a son,
and you will understand.
What will I understand?
How is my son?
Your son is dead now.
They would have killed
every last one of us
hunted us down,
you know that.
They did not expect to see old age.
Neither do I.
I had this whole thing I was
gonna set up before I killed them.
Too late.
I don't wanna see anyone
else getting killed today.
Hey you guys wanna die?
No, Mr Coughlin.
Well who wants to go back
up to Boston. Go ahead.
But if any one wants
to stay down here,
when the sun is warm and
the girls are pretty...
We got jobs for you.
But I'm finished.
You want the boss, go to him.
He runs things now.
Any confusion on that?
Hey, let's go.
We got this fucking mess.
Dion ran the crew for eight years,
and he was right.
He did not see the old age.
Say what you have to say.
Say what?
You had the record thought
you just make the best of it?
- No.
- Then what?
What happened, Emma?
Once the cops tried to chased me...
I said to the driver
that the only way
to get away was to
drive off the bridge...
- but he would not listen.
- So?
So I shot him.
We went into the water, I swam out,
ran to the nearest house.
He was a fisherman.
Oh he was happy to take me in.
you didn't wanna reach me?
If I put my head out they
would have killed me.
I didn't owe you.
I mourned you for years.
Why do not you tell me how bad
I'm supposed to feel for you?
Maybe if I had a police chief father
from a nice part of Ireland...
but I just had to make too.
Did you ever love me?
We had a laugh Joe.
Yeah. Sure there were moments,
but you had to make it
something it wasn't.
Which was what?
A lie.
You know we are not God's children.
We are not fairy tale
people in a true love book.
We dance like motherfuckers so
the grass can't grow under foot.
I'm free, Joseph.
If you wanna come by now,
you got an open invitation.
We always had a lot of laughs.
I don't wanna be free.
No, Come on.
That's all we ever wanted.
That's what you wanted,
and now you got it.
Goodbye, Emma.
We built Graciela's casitas for
abandoned women and children...
who needed a place to stay.
We named our son after my father.
But he was thoughtful,
kind like his mother.
Is that for me?
Come here, sweetheart.
- Tomas.
- Repent.
Are you alright?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
On Saturdays I take
my son to the shows.
Two tickets for Riders
of the Eastern Ridge.
Some little German guy is
making trouble overseas.
I don't believe they will
fight another war though.
No percentage.
My son loved the show.
It was about an honest
sheriff in a dirty town.
All he could talk about was getting
his own badge when he grew up.
That's my brother.
That was my brother's name.
That's your uncle.
In the afternoon we
fish for red-fins.
One day my son asked me
"Where is heaven in the sky?"
I told him what Loretta told to me.
This is heaven right here.
We are in it now.