Live Cargo (2016) Movie Script

It's time.
What? He's dead.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Right here.
You comin'?
Let's go.
The black man in the picture.
Has a situation.
I love a married man.
Roy: Hey.
I missed you.
Roy: I love to see you, girl.
- Roy, Lewis.
- Hey.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
The grand master.
One second.
So, how you do, girl?
Come on, go upstairs.
We have some conch salad
for you.
It's gonna be all right.
I promise.
My old spear.
It's yours now.
Thank you.
You don't have to.
We will never have to.
You all right, Nadine?
It's been a couple months now.
Everything will be all right.
You know, if I had a woman to
drive the boat over to Miami,
they'd be content to get a
service at the end of the month.
That's a long way.
You telling me?
Yeah, well I'll take
Brooks with me.
I go and top
the motor up for tomorrow.
Brooks gonna be
down there with you, now.
What do you mean?
I don't dive no more.
Hey, you guy, what's up?
- Hey baby.
- Hey babes.
How you doin'?
Smell good.
I got good news,
dolphin no biting today.
Huh? Hey.
- Nadine's back.
- Oh, really.
Yeah, we get some konkan
fish tomorrow.
Where did you get that?
Did you steal that or what?
I'm gonna try to maintain his position.
It was my engine...
I got my engine up now.
Think I'm pushing
against my anchor though.
All right. Okay.
- Hey, wait a second.
- Yeah.
Have some breakfast?
Yeah, boy, good.
Roy, I've been seeing some
things lately down by the docks.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What's that?
- That doughboy...
- Hmm.
- You know, he got more boats now.
He's still taking a cut of the catch
and he ain't giving us our share.
He there now?
Yeah, filleting fish in front
of them all.
Blood, all in the water.
A recorded propaganda video
use to recruit new members
headlines the news this hour.
About 13 Haitian
migrants have drowned,
after an overloaded boat
capsized in the Bahamas.
Haitian migrants often travel by the
Bahamas en route to the United States.
The man have one boat, man.
He can't get
the business he need,
if you take all the business
and undercharge the tourism.
Roy: Huh?
We have a system here, man.
Man, look.
Do you know what time
it is, man?
I already have
just one strike left.
- Eh?
- Maybe they should get more boats.
Myron, boy.
Roy: Come, let me talk to you.
I have some business
for you, boy.
Come on.
Best be careful, hanging out
with doughboy and his crew, boy.
Yeah, man.
You know, it's
my birthday tomorrow?
You mother call?
No, man.
She's not coming back.
What you gonna do
for your birthday?
I'm not sure.
Tickets! Come get
your tickets.
California, right?
Tickets, tickets, get your
tickets, Miami right?
- Which one?
- All right, my boy, good luck.
What's goin' on my boy!
What you sayin'?
Hey man, I have some tools
to pick up and sort out.
All right, all right.
Buy me a ticket now.
Chicago, you know my number.
- Five, eight, nine, right?
- Yeah, same one.
All right, all right,
i got you.
You want ticket for your
birthday, boy?
We ought to buy them on your
birthday, lottery time.
Give me a number.
And what seat do you want?
Colorado. Four, two,
nine, four.
Four, two, nine, four.
Boy, these some good numbers.
You know boy, these numbers
are always coming by.
Good luck my boy.
Tickets, tickets!
Roy: Hey boy.
You still drive a good boat?
- Yeah.
- Tickets! Tickets!
Right, tomorrow we go fishing
for your birthday.
Tickets! Tickets!
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey Roy.
Hey myron, boy.
Good man, put those tools
right up front there.
And set up a nice place
for Lewis and Nadine, huh?
- Is Brooks coming?
- We'll get him.
Come here darling.
Ah, Lewis.
Got sea legs, huh?
You dive?
No, not me.
Ever done this type
of thing before?
No, man.
Just look at the horizon
if you feel funny.
Right there is a good place
for you boy.
It's a nice little
wedding ring, you got there.
It's my girl.
It must be nice, coming home
to that, every night, huh?
I'd kill for a girl
like Nadine, man.
Yeah. Yeah.
You have a good day today?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Ah. All right. Come on.
You ready for the ride?
- Yeah.
- Here we go.
Hold on tight, baby.
Hold on tight.
You know...
Everything I do,
i do it for you, yeah?
Sing daddy a song.
- Any song?
- Any song.
Sing a song.
Sing a song for daddy, yeah?
- What you got?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
Oh, my sweetness.
I wanna be over there.
over where?
- There.
- Wanna go over by the water?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
- Yes. - Then we walking
in the water a little bit, yeah?
Let's walk by the water.
All right.
We walk by the water.
- Hey, papa Roy, what's good?
- Good, darling.
- How you doing?
- Good. Good.
That's good.
You brought a t-shirt for me?
I forget.
Why you
forget the t-shirt?
I never write it down.
So, you're going
fishing today?
I am, mama.
Is she all right?
All right.
Just take this home.
All right. Thank you so much.
- Ah. Cool.
- See you later.
Roy: Hey, man.
Those numbers come up?
What them numbers be?
Your number, boy?
Four, two, ninety-four.
No boy.
No birthday luck for you.
Good luck next year, boy.
Roy: Myron.
What you gonna do with all
that money anyway, boy?
All right. Look, I've a...
Call me some people.
Come to the jungle
later tonight, huh?
All right. Good.
Doughboy: Hey, boy.
Where you been all day?
Just out fishing with Roy.
And, uh...
One girl from
the south island.
Yeah, I see you leave this am.
Nice contender.
How many horse power?
Five hundred.
You got a shower up
at your place?
All right. Come on.
Oh, yeah.
It ain't warm but it'll get
that smell off you.
Boy, you stinking.
All right. All right. You
know myron. He's Jenny's boy.
Come on.
All right. That's good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Turn it off.
You been here
for how long now?
Long enough.
Roy think he run the island
but he look out for himself.
Everybody look out
for themself.
Look at them
big boats out there.
You don't think them white people
look out for themselves too?
Come on. Get dressed.
Come on.
Don't take all day now.
You want a beer, boy?
Myron: Yeah.
You wanna get married one day?
Well, then,
you need money, don't you?
Yeah, you gotta
show them ladies you
got something to offer.
Ain't that what
they about, boy?
I was thinking
maybe next year I go to
the mainland and get my ged.
Doughboy: Ged?
Myron, you're too old now.
No. No.
Now, what you need to get
is capital.
Close the door.
Now, you need to diversify.
Maybe you work for me
exclusively and not for Roy.
All right.
You like a roley?
I got a drawer
of them right here.
You know how I got them?
By being resourceful.
Women like resourceful.
Don't they, myron?
No bank accounts.
My money in bags.
And we got work
to do together.
Every day we hustling.
Every day.
Go on.
She cook something for you.
Are you all right?
Did you take care of the situation
with doughboy down by the docks?
Get some lumber
for me at the yard.
Pick it up and bring it
to my house.
All right. No problem.
It's a full moon tonight.
How long have you known Roy?
I told you.
My whole life.
He taught me to swim.
He lost his daughter
when I was young.
Hey, can I get a rum runner?
What do you want?
Whatever. A beer.
And a beer. Thanks.
Drink up.
So what are we here for?
Just a drink?
Whatever, Lewis.
Can I get a shot?
Lewis: Come on, Nadine.
Hey. What you crashing
here for, boy?
Stop it!
Roy: Lewis, get on up.
What's your problem?
Come on.
Sit with me.
Roy: It's full moon
tonight, Lewis.
Lewis: Is it?
It doesn't really
look like a full moon.
Trust me, Lewis.
Full moon.
It's definitely
not a full moon.
Who says?
Roy: Enjoy the weather, boy.
Don't fight the island.
Hey, mom.
It's myron.
It's my birthday and I just wanted
to say that i love you and that...
We can't.
We have to try.
You weren't there.
I was there.
It's just those little feet.
- I...
- I needed you then.
So what's the point then?
I can't do this.
Hey, baby.
Full moon tonight.
Thank you, baby.
I'll be inside right now.
Radio announcer: Off the Bahamas,
at least 30 people were killed
when a sailboat packed
with immigrants from Haiti
struck a reef and...
More than 100 were rescued.
The search for victims
continues through the rough seas.
Lewis: Why don't we just
call the police?
It's not
like that here, Lewis.
Roy is the police.
Hey, man.
Anything about a boat get
picked up?
What boat?
Phillip's boat.
It's gone stolen.
No, no.
I ain't hear nothing about
no boat got stolen.
You see myron?
No, I ain't seen myron today.
All right. You hear anything,
you call me.
For sure, no problem.
Should you tell your dad?
No, Roy will figure it out.
Hey. Hey,
maybe we should just go.
I don't know, maybe.
Everyone going out,
with the stars tonight,
for a lookout
there on the ports.
Got a full moon, you tourists look out
for the low tides, gonna be a major party.
Right, right.
Roy: Doughboy.
I told you I can't be having
that shipment coming late.
Hey, I am waiting for it,
yeah? Yeah.
Roy: The fuckery!
What you have me
doing that for?
The village people.
They've been here a long time.
You know
they're my people, eh?
Yeah? They your people, boy?
"They your people"
meaning what?
They property is my property.
Everything on this island
ain't yours, boy.
That boat not back here by sundown,
boy, there gonna be trouble.
If I see it,
I'll let you know.
Mayday. Mayday.
Captain Roy, over.
Reef crash emergency.
Capsized, stolen contender.
A lot of people in the water.
Full personnel needed...
All vessels turn
to channel 60. Over.
What happened?
Nurse: Help me with this one.
Nurse: Another boat
they found on the river.
Contender, they using
for human trafficking.
Hold him down. I have to give
him a shot of Albuterol.
Nurse: Sit him up.
He can't stay lying down.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be...
What's your name?
You're gonna be fine, okay?
You're safe.
Okay? Good.
Nadine, hold this.
Where's his mom?
Andre's here.
Andre's here. Hey...
Look, look, Andre's here.
Right there.
Here you go. Andre's here.
Hey, you okay?
Nadine? Lewis?
You okay, son?
Nurse: Roy, I need your help.
Myron, how you doin', boy?
Captain Roy!
You think you can handle all of
these problems all by yourself, Roy?
It don't look good for you
or for me
having to report all this
nonsense back to Nassau.
They expect me to handle it
and get to the bottom of it.
We've been calling these south
islands the "wild, wild west"
with all the things
been going on around here.
Yes, and I call this home.
You're getting old, boy.
You're slipping away.
You know they've been
smuggling around these parts
trafficking everything
from coke, pot, live cargo.
You see, captain Roy.
You all are just the same.
You work with the things
of the old time.
Of the land and the ocean.
The damn boat that was stolen
is the boat that capsized.
How do you figure
how that be, huh?
How do you explain?
And how am i gonna look
talking to the tourism minister
when they're watching
the fox and the CNN
with a flood of Haitian bodies
floating in our waters,
from rich, white peoples'
stolen boats?
This island
is my responsibility.
I take care of it,
you understand?
Then do it.
Remember that morning
we named him?
I wanna feel like that again.
And I do too.
I miss you.
Hey, hey.
Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre,
oh shit!
Jean-Pierre, hey, hey, hey.
Jean-Pierre, Jean-Pierre.
Fuck, can we get some help?
- Somebody come help, man.
- Help!
- Help!
- Oh, shit.
- Help!
- Help!
Come on.
Just bring it...
He's dead.
She said we have to take
the baby.
She said, "take the baby. "
No, no.
- Listen...
- I can't do this.
- I can't do this.
- Listen to me.
He's got nobody, all right?
I'm here now.
Roy: What's the matter,
eh, girl?
Where doughboy?
He here?
Even he ain't real.
Where is he?
Where's doughboy, tell me?
He went to go find myron.
Hey, my friend.
We're fine, okay?
I love you.
Want a beer, boy?
I'm not gonna say nothing.
I'm gonna tell nobody
about the boat.
You play
your numbers yesterday?
I lost.
But sometimes you win.
Sometimes you lose.
Ain't nothing I can do
about that, huh boy?
If you're gonna do it, do it!
Take your time, boy.
It only happens once.
Sometimes you get
your number called.
Numbers, numbers.
What are you waiting for?
Yeah, boy.
I like you.
Friendship ain't got
nothing to do with this.
Yeah, you see!
This is how it is.
Men gotta do things
they don't want to do.
I come with the goods,
the merchandise.
I've got great things...
I've got...
Drink! Drink up boy.
People are dead.
People are always dead.
All right.
Myron: Fuck.