Live Once, Die Twice (2006) Movie Script

[ Machinery ]
- OK, come on.
[ Buzzer ]
Hands up.
Go ahead.
[ Sighing ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Chuckling ]
- I love you.
- I love you.
[ Sighing ]
- Mmm...
Well, that's one
hell of an argument
for me to let you keep
travelling for work.
- I was trying to
make an argument
against travelling for work.
- Well then, I have
one word for you: "overkill."
[ Laughing ]
- You know,
I better get going.
You know how George is about
the annual fishing trip.
- Maybe I'll go with you.
- I don't know if
that's a very good idea.
You know, it's
kind of a guy thing.
- I meant to the dock.
I'm not gonna
set foot on that boat.
Testosterone alone would
put hair on my chest.
- Mmm. We wouldn't want that?
- No. No.
[ Horn honking ]
- Good morning, Evan.
- Hey, hey!
- How was your
beauty sleep?
- I've had better.
- You're giving it all
to your beautiful wife.
- You're right.
- Good morning, Nicole.
- Good morning, George.
- Let's grab some gak!
[ Grunting ]
[ Grunting ]
- Oh, damn! What did you
pack for lunch, lead?
- You know better than that.
We drink our lunch
on these trips.
- Yeah, and our dinner too.
[ Laughing ]
- And our dinner too.
- Some fishing trip!
Did anyone bring bait?
- Bait...
[ Cellular ringing ]
Ah, you're kidding me!
- What is it, work?
- What happened?
Are you all right?
Well, you want us
to wait for you?
All right. Bye.
- What is it?
What happened?
- Dan got in an accident
coming off the expressway.
- Is he hurt?
- No, he's fine.
Just a couple stitches,
but he's stuck at the hospital.
Dan's not gonna make it.
- So?
More fish for us.
- Hey, sweetie, don't
let it spoil your trip.
George is right.
Just look at the bright
side. More beer too.
[ Chuckling ]
- How did I get
so lucky with you, huh?
- You know how to travel.
- I'll miss you.
- Come on. What are you
talking about? It's 3 days.
- Yeah, I know
it's 3 days.
But I'm still
gonna miss you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Have fun.
- I will.
- Bye.
- OK.
[ Sighing ]
[ Motor starting ]
- It was weird.
When you add up all the time
he travels for work,
I only ever see him
half the year anyway.
He kissed me like he was
saying goodbye for a month.
- We have 3 days to
cut loose and have some fun.
I say we take the ferry
to Fire Island,
maybe swing by the Pines,
level out the playing field.
- The Pines? I would
rather spend my night
trying to look 10 years
younger in Hampton Bay.
- Ooh! Hampton Bay!
Young college boys
looking for seasoned pros!
I like the way you think.
- Lucy!
You make us sound
like a bunch of hookers.
- What is a hooker
but a woman who sleeps with
someone of her own choosing?
- Well, I choose
my husband. Thank you.
- I respect that.
But I'm single.
I want to make my own
choices. What do you say?
A couple drinks,
we see what nibbles,
you're home for hardball.
- I don't think so.
I've got a hot date with
Sunday's crossword puzzle.
[ Sighing ]
[ Rain pattering on roof ]
[ Thunder ]
[ Thunder ]
[ Thunder ]
[ Speed dialling ]
[ Line ringing ]
[ Cellular ringing ]
Come on, Evan.
[ Ringing ]
[ Loud thunder clap ]
[ Sighing ]
[ Doorbell ringing ]
[ Doorbell ]
[ Knocking ]
[ Loud knocking ]
[ Doorbell twice ]
Sid, come in!
- Sorry to wake
you, Nicole.
- What is it?
What's wrong?
- There's been an accident.
- Oh my God! It's Evan.
- A trawler came
across some...
some debris
from the boat
a few miles out
to sea, due east.
It looks like Evan's.
- Is he dead?
- They're gonna ask you
for a DNA sample.
- I'm Agent Carter
with the FBI.
This is Agent
Wayne Bolton.
Let us first
extend our condolences
for the apparent
death of your husband.
We know this is
uncomfortable for you,
but we have to ask
you some questions.
- I don't understand
why the FBI is here.
- There wasn't much left
to the boat, Nicole.
The FBI doesn't think
it was an accident.
- The debris isn't
proportionately consistent
with the magnitude
of an explosion
created by a boat
of that size.
- An explosion?
- Yes, and judging by
the debris, a big one.
Too big for the fuel
the boat was carrying.
It's the kind of thing
we see associated with drugs.
- Evan wasn't
involved with drugs.
- No one's
saying he is.
Do you know if anybody
else was on the boat
with your husband?
- Yes, George Babich.
- What can you
tell us about him?
- Um... nothing really.
He was a friend of Evan's.
They went fishing together.
- How long did you know him?
- I didn't know him long.
I only met him twice.
- Was he a close friend
of your husband's?
- They were fishing buddies.
- So it was just the two
of them on a fishing trip?
- Yes.
There was another man
who was supposed to be there,
but he had an
accident on the way.
His name was Dan.
He was a friend of George's.
- Do you remember
his last name?
- No, I'm sorry.
I never met him.
- Had he gone fishing
with your husband before?
- No.
- You sound pretty certain.
- My husband told me
where he was going
and who he was
going with, OK?
We didn't have secrets.
- Please. We're
almost done.
Your husband travelled
a lot for work.
Was he out of the country much?
- Why are you asking me that?
- At this point,
we're investigating
a murder, Mrs. Lauker.
And the victims appear to be
George Babich and your husband.
Do you know anybody who would
want to see your husband dead?
- Absolutely not.
- Are you certain?
- Everybody loved Evan
as long as I knew him.
- How long is that?
- Three years!
Three years.
- What's your
take on her, Wayne?
- I'm not sure.
She seems distraught,
but something about
her feels guarded.
- Yeah, I got that too.
She's smart, though.
Too smart to be
duped for 3 years.
- You think
she's a player?
- I'm not ready to say that.
- Beachfront property,
swanky boat...
He must have been
one hell of a salesman.
[ Sighing ]
[ Sighing ]
- Oh God!
[ Knocking on door ]
[ Knocking ]
- Nicole?
Nicole? Nicole?
I just found out.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
- I can't imagine why anyone
would want to see Evan dead.
- Impossible.
He didn't have
an enemy in the world.
- The FBI thinks he might
have been involved
in some kind of
drug trafficking.
- What?
Hey, listen to me.
These guys will
twist things around
to make it fit
whatever agenda they have.
Don't let them shake
your faith in Evan.
You know more than they do
the kind of man you married.
- Mrs. Lauker.
- What do you want?
- We need to talk.
- Wait--wait a minute.
How can that be?
- The DNA samples of the
remains were of 2 males.
We have a positive match
on a George Babich,
but the other
one is unknown.
It's not your husband.
- Are you saying Evan
is still alive?
- I'm saying Evan Lauker
was not on the boat
at the time
of the explosion.
- Mrs. Lauker, were you and your
husband having marital problems?
- What?
No! We weren't
having any problems.
- I know this
is hard for you.
We're just trying to get to
the bottom of what happened.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Excuse me.
- She's gotta know more
than she's letting on.
- Let's get the
search warrant.
My gut tells me
she married a player
and he set her up
to disappear.
The question is why.
- Sorry.
- Nicole, one of
the possibilities
we have to consider
is that your husband
faked his own death.
- To get away from me?
I would have known if he had
wanted to get away from me.
- We spoke to his boss,
Mike Harney.
He said that Evan was his top
salesman for the first 3 years,
then seemed to lose
interest the last two.
- That is not true.
In fact, Evan travelled more
this last year then he ever has.
It's how we could
afford our boat.
- Really? Well,
according to Mr. Harney,
your husband's
expense account was cut
because he wasn't
travelling at all.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- Nicole Lauker?
- Yes, who is this?
- My name's Dugan.
I was supposed to be on
that boat with your husband.
- You're Dan. You were
in the car accident.
- There's a club in Islip
on Mendoza Street,
the Sand Chest.
Be at the bar in one hour.
- But wait a second.
I don't even know you.
Why should I trust you?
- That was no accident
on your husband's boat.
Somebody killed them.
You're next if they
don't get their money.
- What money?
Do you know who's
trying to kill Evan?
- Just meet me at the bar.
And come alone.
Loud rock
You get so close
We move so well
You really got me hypnotized
You look so good
And you get me just right
So won't you please
stay by my side...
Nicole Lauker?
- You're Dugan?
- Have a seat.
So, Lady Tease,
come make my dreams
So, Lady Tease...
You look uncomfortable.
- Not my kind of place.
- This is where Evan and I
met when we did our business.
- I can't imagine Evan coming
to a place like this.
- You didn't know
him very well, did you?
Want a martini?
- Why am I here?
- Two martinis.
Do you know
what platinum is?
- It's a metal
used to make jewellery.
- It's rarer than gold
and worth almost twice as much.
Evan was the fence
for our operation.
I was the bag man.
George was the supplier.
George worked
as a platinum melter
in a refinery in Chester County.
He'd scrape away
shards of raw platinum
and secretly melt them
down into small bars.
It was my job to smuggle them
through the metal detectors
and deliver them to Evan.
We did it for 2 years.
Thousands of ounces.
Evan had a buyer
at 500 bucks an ounce.
- Well, where's the money?
I never saw any of it.
- That's between you and Evan.
I blew all mine
in joints like this.
But that last boat trip
was going to be
our biggest score yet.
Evan said he could
get a better price
if we had more to bargain
with, so we stockpiled.
There was so much
platinum on that boat,
I'm surprised it
didn't sink at the dock.
- Oh, damn! What did you
pack for lunch, lead?
- Over $5 million
in precious metal.
What did the police tell ya?
- Uh, they think the
accident was drug related.
- There were
no drugs involved.
Evan sold this stuff
to a guy in Philly.
But I know for a fact
he'd been talking lately
with a guy in Detroit.
I've a feeling Evan tried
to rip off his usual client
and he paid the price for it.
- I can't hear any more of this.
- You're in this now.
Whoever killed Evan won't
assume you know nothing.
They'll think you know
where the money is.
You need to disappear just like
I do, and it takes lots of cash.
You better find the money before
they take you on a boat ride.
- There isn't any money!
- Then why is Evan dead?
I'm not the
bad guy here, Nicole.
You look like
a pretty smart girl to me.
You better find that money
before they find you.
- It's a credit card
I never knew about.
- Maybe it was for work.
- I called for the
most recent activity.
It was used yesterday.
- Is it possible someone
found it after the accident?
- I went through
our tax returns,
and his travelling
expenses are consistent,
except for the
last two years.
And then there's
nothing spent on hotels.
How do you take a business trip
without staying at a hotel?
- I don't know.
- Oh my God!
- What?
- It's the man I met last night.
- The victim's body was found
in the trunk of his car,
mutilated and decapitated.
The police are saying this
unusually grisly murder
may be drug related.
In other news--
[ Turns off TV ]
- You really need
to call the FBI.
- June 14, meeting
with Luke Ravena.
[ Clicking ]
Luke Ravena...
That's a lot of trips
to Detroit.
[ Beeping ]
[ Static ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Gasping ]
- How are you feeling?
- Scared.
- Good.
It shows your
instincts are sharp.
Now... where
is the money?
- I don't know anything
about any money.
- This is
not true, is it?
You did have a discussion
with Mr. Dugan last night.
I know he enlightened you.
My associate had
a little talk with him also.
In this very room.
- This is about my husband.
- This is about $5 million.
- I told Dugan I don't know
anything about this money.
My husband sells
commercial real estate--
- Your husband made a deal
with my employer.
That means you either
find your husband
or you find the money.
You have one week.
- I am telling you! I don't
know anything about this!
I--I don't have the money!
And as far as I know
my husband is dead!
- Then I suggest you get busy.
Just fill in the blanks like you
do the Sunday crossword puzzle.
If you go to the police...
if you try to disappear...
I'll pay a visit
to your mother
in, uh, Cape May, is it?
Then to your sister
in Wilmington,
North Carolina.
One week.
[ Exhaling ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Cutting rope ]
[ Panting ]
- Operator 911.
- Nothing to be scared about.
You never even have to look
at it again, all right?
God forbid, something
happens while I'm out of town,
then you know where it is.
- Luke Ravena.
Detroit, Michigan.
[ Engine starting ]
I have a huge
favour to ask you.
- I really think you should let
the FBI handle this, Nicole.
- The FBI thinks
I was somehow involved.
Besides, the FBI
can't help me.
Lucy, I was with the men
who killed Dugan.
I saw where they killed him.
If I don't find Evan,
they're gonna kill me,
my mother, my sister.
Listen, I found a letter
addressed to a man
named Luke Ravena.
It's a name that keeps
coming up in Evan's files.
He might be the man
Evan was dealing with.
I have an address
for him in Detroit.
- Oh no, Nicole!
- Look, it's all I've got.
I have to find this man,
whoever he is--
- And what?
Ask for his help?
How do you know he's not
the one that had Evan killed?
- I don't, but I can't
hide out in my house
and wait for these men
to come kill me.
I have to get to Detroit
without anyone knowing.
- How're you gonna do that?
- With your help.
- Sure, just tell me
what to do.
- Take off your clothes.
- What?
- The FBI
is following me.
So I need you to be me,
and take a drive
to Washington D.C. in my car.
- I get it. I lead them
the wrong way.
- And I'm going to drive to
Detroit to look for Luke Ravena.
And if I actually find him,
then I'll have something
to take to the authorities.
Here. These are
my credit cards.
Use them once you're there.
I'm sure the FBI
will be tracing them.
I'm gonna use cash.
- Smart.
- Look. Look, I know
this is a lot to ask.
- No. Hey, we're friends.
You'd do it for me, right?
Besides, I've always wanted
to spend the night in D.C.,
hunting senators.
- You're the best.
Thank you.
- [Both]: I love you.
[ Starting engine ]
- I'll miss you.
- What're you talking
about? It's 3 days.
- Yeah, I know, but
I'm still gonna miss you.
- I love you.
[ Breathing deeply ]
[ Buzzer ringing ]
- Yes?
- Hi. I'm Nicole Lauker.
This is going to
sound strange,
but I just drove here
from Long Island.
I'm looking for Luke Ravena.
- Luke Ravena was my husband.
He was killed
last week in a fire.
I'm sorry you wasted
your time coming here.
- I just lost my husband too.
He was killed a few days ago
when his boat exploded.
I found this in a book
my husband was reading.
I think our husbands may have
been doing business together.
- What kind of
business was he in?
- Commercial real estate.
But I don't think their business
together was real estate.
- Come in.
Would you like
something to drink?
- No, thanks.
- I'll be honest with you.
I don't know much
about Luke's work,
except that he
travelled a lot.
- Evan travelled
all the time too.
Did your husband ever
mention platinum to you?
- Not that I remember. Why?
- A man came to me
and said that Evan
was part of a group of men
stealing and selling platinum.
They would meet at
the local strip club.
I didn't believe him.
And the next day, he was
found tortured and murdered.
- I met Luke at
the strip club where I work.
- This letter implies
they knew each other.
He never mentioned
Evan Lauker to you?
- No, but I never met
many of his friends.
He only lived in this area
a little over a year.
I met him just after
he moved here.
We got married a month later.
He was gone so much of the time,
it felt like we were newlyweds.
That's me and Luke on
our honeymoon in Quebec.
We went fishing up North.
- Oh my God!
- Do you recognize him?
- That's Evan.
- What?
- Oh my God.
I had no idea.
- There was never a sign he was
involved with someone else?
- No.
- This doesn't seem possible.
- The idea of him
living a double life.
Fidelity was never an issue
in our relationship.
I loved him.
That was enough for me.
What I can't understand is
why he would fake his own death
when he was free to walk away.
- Are you certain
he faked his death?
- You saw him Sunday,
didn't you?
- Oh my God!
If this is true,
Evan is responsible
for killing 2 people.
- We should go to the police.
- No! The people Evan sold
platinum to will kill me
if I go home without
the money he stole.
- Go to the police here.
I'm sure they can coordinate--
- You don't get it!
Police can't stop them.
They'll kill me, my family.
- Well then,
we have to find him.
Look, whoever threatened you
is gonna come looking for me.
I'm in the same
danger you are.
Luke, Evan, whatever his name
is, he's alive somewhere.
We're just gonna have to find
him, before they find us.
- This friend of yours
actually lives here?
- Some of the time.
Mac's a bit
- Yeah, I can see that.
- He used to be
an undercover cop.
He was part
of a sting operation
that busted a dealer out
of the club where I dance.
That's how I met him.
- Is he retired?
- No. Don't let
looks deceive you.
[ Knocking ]
Mac, you in there?
Mac's what you'd
call a bounty hunter.
- A bounty hunter?
- Yeah, you know,
he finds people for money.
Mostly bail jumpers,
but he'll track anybody
if the price is right.
- Will he take a cheque?
- He will from me.
[ Whistling ]
- Well, I'll be damned!
- You're not actually
eating anything
that lives in that
water, are you?
- I may be old
but I ain't crazy.
- Well, aren't you gonna
offer us something to drink?
- I might be a little
light on singles,
but make yourself at home.
- Light on singles?
- Yeah, it's a running
gag between us.
He was always a cheapskate.
- So, you're
a stripper too, are ya?
- Oh, no! She's...
She's a friend.
- It's good to have friends.
- Luke was married to Nicole
before he married me.
- I knew him as Evan Lauker.
- You know how he died
in the warehouse fire?
He went and did
the same thing to Nicole
a couple of days later
in a boating accident.
He was stealing
and selling platinum.
Apparently, he
double-crossed his partner
and they're after Nicole
to make good on the deal.
- I have less than
a week to find him.
- They threatened
to kill her, Mac.
- I'm surprised
you're not dead already.
Anybody threaten you, Zoe?
- No. Why?
- If they didn't know
about you before,
they might know
about you now.
- I wasn't followed.
- Oh yeah? How do
you know that?
- I switched cars
with my friend.
The FBI followed her to
Washington thinking it was me.
- The FBI?
- They're investigating
the explosion
that killed my husband.
They think he's still alive.
- If he's gonna be found,
I think the FBI is a
safe place to lay a bet.
Why come to me?
- We need to find
him first.
And you're better than the Feds.
- Well, that's true.
But even the FBI
can track a housewife.
Did you buy gas on the way up?
- Yes, I did.
- How did you pay for it?
- Cash.
I gave my credit cards to my
friend to use in Washington.
There is no way
they know I'm here.
- Let's hope you're right.
- Inspector Clouseau!
Good to have you back so soon.
- Go ahead, laugh.
Get it out your system.
- Oh relax, Bolton.
You're not the first
agent to be duped at night
by a desperate housewife.
Give Lauker some credit.
It was well thought out.
- Mmm.
So? Your gut still tell
you she's innocent?
- My gut tells me she's
in way over her head.
And if we don't find her soon,
she's gonna turn up in the
trunk of her friend's car.
- So how did you and Evan
eventually get together?
Sorry. I keep forgetting
you know him as Luke.
- No need to apologize
for where we're at.
Luke, Evan... It doesn't matter.
He lied to us both.
So to answer your question,
in my line of work there are two
types of men who wanna date you.
Men that wanna nail a
stripper, and married men.
I could tell right away that
Luke wasn't the first kind.
He was charming
and respectful.
I assumed he was married,
but he told me he was a
widower and I believed him.
Married men lie about
availability and time,
and he seemed to
have plenty of both.
I was sceptical at first but
he was so convincing.
Plus he wasn't threatened
by me being a dancer,
so we started dating.
He was fun, romantic and normal.
It wasn't hard to fall for him.
- They're anagrams.
- What?
- The names Evan Lauker
and Luke Ravena.
They're spelled with
the same letters.
I can't believe I
didn't see it before.
- That's amazing. What a jerk!
- So do you think your friend
Mac can really find him?
- If anyone can
find him, Mac can.
- I guess the question is,
what do we do if we find him?
- Maybe we should toss a coin.
See who gets the first shot.
[ Water bubbling over ]
- Where did you get this?
- Luke gave it to me on
our first anniversary.
- He gave me one on our last.
- Hmm... So you're sure
it's the same artist, huh?
- Absolutely.
The sculptures
are almost identical
and I recognize the signature.
- Where is that?
- Here.
- Oh yeah...
"Rmi Benoit," huh?
Sounds French.
No, thanks.
Did your husband
ever travel to Europe?
- We honeymooned in Quebec.
- I know an art thief who
lives on the west side.
Why don't I ask him, huh?
Thanks for dinner.
So have you
heard from the Feds?
- No.
- If you see them,
or if you think you see them,
you let me know,
you understand?
- Yeah, I understand.
- Things aren't always what
they seem with the FBI.
People have a way of
turning up dead around 'em.
[ Door opening and closing ]
- Here's some clean sheets.
The spare bedroom is
upstairs, end of the hall.
- Thanks.
- Bathroom's first
door on the right.
There's a new toothbrush
in the cabinet.
- Thanks for
everything, Zoe.
- Sisters of the pole.
- Excuse me?
- It's just something the
dancers say at the club.
You know, we're in it together.
[ Water running ]
[ Muffled scream ]
[ Distant screaming ]
- Zoe! Zoe, wake up!
Zoe, come on!
We got to go!
Zoe, come on, please!
We have to go!
- You OK?
- I'm OK.
- Any idea who the guy was?
- I don't know.
One of my adoring fans?
- Here. Hold
that against it.
Well, did either of you
get a look at him?
- He was like 6-foot,
- What about his face?
- He was wearing a mask.
But he had a
tattoo on his arm.
- So, what kind of tattoo?
- It was a symbol.
Like this.
- You two are
staying here tonight.
You'll be safe here.
Me, I got some
business in town.
Be back late.
- Did you find out
anything about this?
- Yeah. That I should've
been an artist.
I showed it to my guy.
He said it was
an original
and that there are idiots out
there willing to pay $10,000
for the privilege of owning it.
- $10,000?
- Well, that was my reaction.
The good news is when
you're that rich,
there's usually a paper trail.
OK, here's a list
of 5 galleries
that actually handle
these sculptures.
The bad news is
they're all in Montreal.
So guess where I'm
headed tomorrow?
- You mean guess
where we're headed?
[ Sighing ]
[ Vehicle speeds past ]
What's going on?
- We're moving.
- Oh, good morning,
sleeping beauties.
We've a long ride ahead of us.
- You got to be kidding me.
We're not actually going to
Montreal in this old tin can?
- What did you expect?
A private jet?
- Well, with gas prices
the way they are
it might have been
cheaper to fly.
- Seriously, what
kind of mileage
do you get with this tub?
Five gallons to the mile?
- Yeah, yeah. Very funny.
- I really don't think this
thing is gonna make to Canada.
- She's got a point, Mac.
When's the last time you
actually took it for a spin?
- You know, this is a
classic recreation vehicle.
They don't even make
them like this anymore.
Besides, I don't like to fly.
- Really?
Why Earl McDuff, I didn't think
you could be afraid of anything.
- Well, not everybody is
as tough as you two, huh?
- What do you mean?
- I'm talking about last night.
It was a professional hit man
you were tousling with.
- What?
- Well, I told you I
recognized the tattoo.
I did a little
digging around town
and apparently the
loser who married you,
also set somebody up in Detroit
and disappeared with the money.
Which is why that punk
came after you, Zoe.
- That's exactly what
happened to me in Long Island.
- Your lover boy is a
real class act, isn't he?
Ah, you two sure know
how to pick 'em.
Oh, your clothes
are in the back.
- So, thought of what you'll
say when we find him?
- I think part of me just
doesn't want to believe
he's still alive.
I was kind of taken
in so completely.
It's... hard not
to feel humiliated.
- No, it takes courage
to lay your heart out
there and trust someone.
He's the one who should
feel humiliated.
How many guys do you know
that have to fake
their own death twice?
- Have you thought
about what you'd say?
- Yeah. I can see
it clear as day.
I'll say, "Good."
- You'd say, "Good"?
- Yeah, right after I
kick him where it hurts,
and watch him fall to the ground
and gasp with his last breath,
"I can't breathe."
- Oh!
[ All chuckling ]
Why don't you get some sleep?
It's gonna be
a long trip.
- What about you?
You hardly slept
at all last night.
I don't know how
you keep going.
- Oh, I don't sleep much.
- Why not?
Why do you do this, Mac?
- The money.
- Zoe said you used to be a cop.
What made you quit?
- Just got tired
of watching dirtbags
buying their way
out of doin' time.
If it wasn't the lawyers or
the judges getting paid off,
it was some dirty cop taking
a skim to look the other way.
- I have a feeling it's a little
more personal than that.
- It's just easier
to help people
if you don't play by the rules.
- Are you really
that noble, Mac?
- There's nothing noble
about wanting justice.
And you may just find that
out before this is all over.
Why don't you go
and get some sleep?
[ Sighing ]
- So this is Montreal.
It's beautiful.
- Oh yeah, it's a
very beautiful city.
I wish I spoke French.
- It looks like our
luck is turning.
We just got a hit on
the Canadian border.
Nicole Lauker crossed a few
hours ago with two other people,
Earl McDuff and Zoe Ravena,
driving an RV.
- An RV?
- That's what it says.
- Do we know where
they're headed?
- Not at this point.
The best guess is Toronto,
but they can be going
anywhere at this point.
Canada's a big place.
- Well, wherever they're headed,
leaving the country is not
the act of an innocent woman.
Let's get more info on the
travelling companions
and get our Canadian friends
looking for American tags.
- OK, here it is.
3700 block, rue St. Denis.
- All right.
That's all of them,
but the gallery on St. Laurent.
- Where's Mac? He said
he'd be here by now.
I hope nothing happened.
- Mac's sense of time
is a little different.
He'll be here.
[ Sighing ]
Found it.
- OK.
[ Horn honking ]
- Hey, ladies!
What do you think
of the new wheels?
Sorry I'm late.
All the damn streets
are named after saints!
- Where did you get the car?
- Oh, I rented it.
- You rented it? Did you
use a credit card?
- Relax. I got my own alias.
We can't be driving
around Canada
with Detroit
tags, now can we?
Besides, the FBI probably got
a hit by now from the border
where we crossed.
- Where's the RV?
- I hid it.
So how did you make
out with the list?
- Well, we found all of them.
- Yeah?
- And the closest one
is the Laurier Gallery.
- All right, girls.
Let's go bird huntin'!
- I was looking for a similar
sculpture by Rmi Benoit.
Would you happen to have
anything like it?
- Birds? Oui.
I have a beautiful
piece right over here.
- That isn't by Benoit, is it?
- No, but it is exquisite.
- Yes, it is.
Look, my husband bought me
this sculpture last year
and I was hoping to get
him a matching piece.
Is there anyway you could check
to see if he bought it here?
- Oh, I'm sorry. No.
We have a very strict policy
regarding the privacy
of our clientele.
But I can tell you I didn't
sell this piece you have.
- Thanks. I guess I'll
just keep looking.
- Oh, any luck?
- No. Afraid not.
We got one left.
- Earl McDuff. He goes by Mac.
He quit the force two
years before retirement.
Now works as a bounty hunter.
As a cop though, he
was loyal to a fault.
First man in under
any circumstances.
He was shot in action 4 times.
Brought up on excessive
force charges twice that.
- My kind of cop.
- They loved him on
the Detroit police force.
He got tired of playing by the
rules, started head hunting.
- What about the woman?
- Zoe Ravena. Local stripper.
Widowed last week
when her husband was
killed in a warehouse fire.
- That sounds familiar.
Do we know where they are yet?
- Nuh-uh.
- OK. What's the
name of the street?
- St. Maurice.
- See? What did I tell ya?
What's up with
all these saints?
- It's there. Take a left.
- Right.
[ Horn honking ]
- Ah!
- There you go, ladies.
Door to door service.
[ Siren ]
Oh, no...
[ Speaking French ]
- Excuse me? What?
- License and
registrations, please.
- All right.
- I don't how people
drive where you're from
but here we try to
do it on the roads,
not the sidewalks.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah well, let me
tell you something.
Here you go, officer.
- Thank you.
- Uh, you go do whatever
you have to do
and I'll take care of this.
- Bonjour, Mesdames...
- Hi there.
- May I be of assistance?
- I hope so.
- We're looking
for a specific sculpture
by a Montreal artist
named Benoit.
- Rmi Benoit, of course.
Very beautiful work.
And very expensive.
- Do you have
some of his work?
- Yes. Let me show you.
Here we are.
There's a few pieces.
- That's it! That's exactly
what I'm looking for.
- You have excellent
taste, Madame.
- I'll buy it!
- You'll buy it?
- You're buying it?
Um... if you'll
follow me.
We accept of course,
all major credit cards,
but first I would need
to ask you a few questions
for the registry.
You are Madame...
- Nicole Lauker.
- Nicole, it's not fair
that you found what you're
looking for so quickly
and I go away empty-handed.
You must let Mr...
- Gillette. Adrien Gillette.
- You must let Monsieur
Gillette show me around
before you do your business.
- Of course. Please,
go right ahead.
- It will be my pleasure.
- So I've actually started a
small sculpture collection...
[ Zoe talking ]
- I think the artist is
trying to convey--
- I am so sorry,
Monsieur Gillette,
but we'll have
to come back later.
I forgot my wallet
back at the hotel.
- Oh no!
Uh... But perhaps I could
just put it aside and--
- See you, Adrien.
- We close at 9:00.
- We got him.
- Nicely done.
- You were so good!
He used another anagram.
- Yeah? What's he
called this time?
- Ken Varleau.
- How'd you girls make out?
- Name, address, and he
lives right here in Montreal.
- OK...
So, how do we play this?
- I say we bust down the
door and kick his ass.
- I'd like the chance
to confront him first.
- Forget it.
We go in together.
- No, let her go, Mac.
- What?
All right.
[ Sighing ]
But she takes this with her.
See, it's a taser.
You hold it like this.
You press it here...
[ Zapping ]
You touch anybody with that,
they'll regret coming near you.
All right? Be careful.
[ Exhaling ]
- OK.
[ Exhaling ]
- Oui?
- Hi. I'm looking
for Ken Varleau.
Are you Mrs. Varleau?
- You think that's
wife number 3?
- If it is, I've some intense
therapy ahead of me.
- It's his place
but he's not here.
- Who's the chick?
- The maid.
- OK. So what do we do now?
- She said I can stay
and wait for him.
- Fine. Then we wait.
- I'm OK by myself.
- No, forget it.
We're in this together.
- Zoe, I need to see him alone.
- This guy isn't
who you think he is.
He killed to
get away before.
There's no reason to think
he's not gonna do it again.
All right, look.
You do what you have to do
and we'll park down the street
and keep an eye on you.
[ Engine starting ]
And if you want him to
show his true colours,
don't tell him we're here.
- OK.
- Yeah.
Are you sure?
They found McDuff's
camper in Montreal.
- Abandoned?
- It looks like it.
Let's get their
pictures out there
and get the locals to
check for stolen vehicles,
car rentals, hotels...
all in the last 48 hours.
If I were you I'd
pack your bags.
- Merci.
- Bienvenue.
- So you're all right
with all this?
- Well, she married him first.
She deserves the first shot.
- You know, I mean
a guy like this...
Zoe, he's no reflection
on who you are.
- Yeah, but I married him too.
I mean, I have
to live with that.
- Well you know, once this guy
shows up, my job here is done.
- I understand, Mac.
- But you know, I have no
problem taking you back with me.
I mean, once you're done
doing whatever it is
that you're gonna do.
I mean, I'm not
gonna bail on you.
- It's OK, Mac.
Look, I got my head
around what he did to me.
Nicole has her own issues,
but me, I just need one good
shot at his family jewels.
[ Dishes being washed ]
[ Door closing ]
[ Footsteps ]
- Oh, we should go in.
- No. She knows we're here.
Give her a few minutes.
- Nicole! How did
you find me?
[ Breathing heavily ]
You have to believe me.
It's not what it looks like.
- You lied to me!
- I did.
I'm sorry. But I never meant
to hurt you in any way.
- You made me think
you were dead!
- I know, but I didn't have
any choice in the matter.
- You had no choice?
- There are things about
me that you don't know.
- That's an understatement.
- I couldn't tell you before.
Since you're standing here,
I assume that you
have put together
that I don't sell real
estate for a living.
I work for the
State Department.
Right now, I'm so
deep undercover,
that you being here can
endanger both of our lives.
- The State Department?
- Look. We've been putting
this together for over a year.
We're about to close
on the biggest black
market deal in history.
- You expect me to believe
that all this is part of
some government operation?
Evan, you killed two people
to pretend you were dead.
- No, no! I just
stepped off a boat!
I had no idea! I had nothing
to do with the explosion!
I just followed directions. I
had no control over the outcome.
- I know about Zoe.
- Zoe was necessary.
She became part of the plan.
- You married her, Evan!
- Look, I didn't have
any other options!
I had to convince
my contact in Detroit
that I was stable,
that I was legitimate.
We met in a night club
where she worked.
He got used to seeing her
around. It just made sense.
She didn't have the same
expectations of a relationship
that you did.
That we did.
I make the final exchange
today, and then it is over.
I am out.
You and I, we can do all the
things that we talked about.
We can sail
to the Caribbean.
- I don't trust you anymore.
- I understand
why you wouldn't.
What can I do, though?
I love you.
What do you want me to do?
- I want to be there.
I want to be there when you
do whatever it is you do.
- No. You shouldn't
even be here.
- Evan, it's up to you!
Either I go with you or
I go to the authorities.
- I don't think
you understand
how delicate a
situation this is.
I'm about to sell
$5 million in platinum
and expose some very
dangerous people.
- I know how
dangerous they are.
- Where'd you park?
- I took a cab.
[ Engine starting ]
- [Mac]: Oh boy...
- What's she doing, Mac?
- She's making me earn my money.
- So where's this exchange
supposed to take place?
- In a restaurant downtown.
You sure about this?
- Yeah.
- Do you think she
told him about us?
- No, no, no. She's smart.
She's just letting
him play his hand.
- What are you doing?
- Just being careful.
- Godammit!
- Now what?
- Now, we wait for her call.
[ Chatter ]
- Nobody knows who you are.
They'll just think
you're my arm piece.
So we'll make the exchange
and then we'll leave.
Don't talk to anybody.
Stay with me.
- May I help you?
- A table for Mr. Varleau.
- Right this way.
- Don't worry.
Just stay with me.
Monsieur Chartrand...
- Mr. Varleau...
You were meant
to come here alone.
- This is my
uh... associate.
- They say it's
not good for business
to mix business with
pleasure, you know?
Why don't you tell me
who you really are?
- Only if you promise
not to tell his wife.
[ All laughing ]
- You pick your associates
very well, my friend.
I should be so lucky.
- You'll find the merchandise
in the trunk of my car out back.
Ha! You're amazing!
I can't believe you
handled him like that!
- I was scared to death!
- You were a rock.
It didn't show at all.
It did not show at all.
I just have to go back to the
marina and meet my handler.
The agency's got a boat there.
I get debriefed,
and then that's it.
What is it?
- This.
It's all real, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.
- Evan, I have
something to tell you.
- What's that?
- Zoe's here too.
We hired a private
detective to find you and...
They were following us until
you gave them the slip,
but I got to call her.
- OK. Why don't you tell them
to meet us at the marina?
I guess I have a little bit
more explaining to do.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Nicole? My God!
Are you all right?
Where are you?
OK, yeah. We'll
leave right now.
Are you sure
everything's all right?
All right.
She wants us to meet
them at the marina,
so he can explain everything.
She says everything is fine.
- Tell that to the
coroner in Long Island.
- Yeah, and Detroit.
- Nice bunch of guys.
- Well, that's what happens when
a country has real gun control.
- So, what do you
make of our subject
stopping at an art gallery?
- My guess is as
good as yours.
Let's find out.
- So when this is done, what do
you say we highjack this boat,
sail through the St. Lawrence,
hang a right at the Atlantic
and follow the sun
down to St. Thomas, hmm?
- There they are.
- So are you OK with how I'm
thinking about doing this?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- He wants to talk to you alone.
- Is he going to
hypnotize me too?
- It's his place to explain
to you, Zoe. Not mine.
- You're right. It is.
- It's a long story, and
I promise to fill you in,
but I've decided
to stay with him.
I know it sounds crazy
but I saw first hand
what he was up against.
This should cover
your time and expenses.
- Thank you.
Very generous.
Oh, Nicole...
Is this really how
you want to play it?
Don't you maybe want to take
some-- just take some time.
Think about it.
Think about your future.
- He was my future.
I just don't want to walk
away from it. I can't.
- Well, he's one
hell of a talker.
I'll give him that.
All right...
So uh... look, can you tell Zoe
that I'm gonna be up
there catching a beer
in the pub up there.
- Hey, Mac?
You're cheap at
twice the price.
Hey, guys?
- You always
were an easy sell.
[ Grunting ]
Well, ladies...
I thought a little
toast was in order
to celebrate our
unexpected reunion.
I guess we're far enough out
that you can join
in the party.
Care for a taste?
Oh, that's right.
You don't like
champagne, now do you?
- Why are you doing this?
I trusted you!
- Oh, and I want to thank you
for that. Both of you.
Loyalty is a very
admirable quality.
How about you, Zoe? Huh?
You were never one to turn
down a drink from an admirer.
- Yeah? Well, I never
took one from a pig.
- Same old Zoe.
Yeah, heart of gold,
mouth like a garbage can.
Well, I guess it's just me then.
OK. To the two ladies who have
made me a very rich man.
- Why this charade?
Why didn't you just leave?
- Well, I tried to,
now didn't I? Hmm?
But you followed me
all the way up here.
That was quite remarkable
how you found me.
How did you do that?
- It wasn't hard.
We just put our noses to the
wind and followed the stench!
- Leave her alone!
- You know...
Your sarcasm is wearing
just a little thin, Zoe.
- I'm the one who found Zoe!
I'm the one who figured
out your aliases!
- My little puzzle genius.
- Who are you?
- Come on now...
You know me, Nicky.
I'm the man who's
gonna kill you, hmm?
Unfortunately, it's not gonna
be in such a dramatic way
as exploding a boat,
but then I don't have
anything to hide this time.
With the exception
of your bodies.
Don't go anywhere.
I'll be right back.
- Zoe, come here.
I've almost gotten through
it. Just try, come on.
[ Grunting ]
- [Evan]: All right. Here we go.
- He's almost here.
You're insane if you think
you can get away with this.
- I already have.
You know, you're taking this
way too personally, Nicky.
- It's a little overkill,
don't you think?
What am I supposed to do?
Swim with no arms?
- No, you're not.
See, this just encourages the
fish to chew away your neck,
removing your head
from your torso.
- No!
No! Don't do that!
Help! Somebody help!
Evan, don't do that!
Leave her alone! Stop it!
Leave her alone!
No! Evan, please stop it!
[ Gunshot ]
- Zoe! Nicole!
- Mac!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, we're OK!
- Mac!
- Mac!
- Mac!
- Zoe!
OK, I got you.
This way. OK.
Just stay with me, Zoe.
[ Zoe coughing ]
You stay here.
- Well...
It looks like it's back down
to you and me, Nicole!
What do you say?
You think we can put
all this behind us?
Start a new life?
Learn to trust each other again?
No, I guess not, huh?
Come on, Nicole.
Let's just get this thing done.
[ Coughing ]
Look who we have here.
Well, I guess this is
goodbye again, huh Zoe?
- I told you to
leave her alone.
[ Chuckles ]
- That's great, Nick.
You're a regular action hero.
Can you really
shoot me with that spear?
Can you really do it?
Can you kill me?
I didn't think so.
[ Knocking ]
- Good morning.
- Oh, thank you.
- How are you two feeling?
- Like a Shakespeare tragedy.
Stabbed in the back,
then shot in the back.
- The bullet caught her rib
before it could
do any real damage.
Doctor said she was lucky
she had so much muscle
mass on her back.
[ Chuckles ]
- I guess I can thank
my time on the pole.
- How about you?
- The fleshy part of my thigh.
I guess I can thank
my time on the couch.
The thing I don't understand
is how you found us so quickly?
- About half an hour before
the Coast Guard got your mayday,
we received an
anonymous phone call
about an abandoned
SUV on the marina.
We found this on the seat.
You guys take care.
- Thank you.
"If I'm dead, this belongs
to the other two stooges."
At least, the cheap rascal
learned how to tip.
- No screaming.
Shh, shh...
No screaming.
I'm here to close our deal.
I know you found your husband.
Unfortunately, the FBI
beat me to the money.
It's OK.
Shh, shh... It's OK.
My employer was impressed
with the way you took
care of the problem.
You're tougher than you look.
By the way...
if you're ever looking for work,
I could use a woman
with your talents.
[ Distant siren ]
[ Exhaling ]
You never doubt
until you doubt
And when you doubt
there is no turnabout
You never doubt
until you find out
And then you know
what it's all about
For things aren't
always what they seem
Life isn't always
what you've dreamed of
There's a difference between
The life you
live and your dreams
Closed captions:Global Vision