Live or Die in La Honda (2017) Movie Script

(skateboard rolling)
(acoustic guitar)
(gun firing)
(heavy breathing)
Things always got complicated
with Vic.
(motor running)
(blues music)
Mmm mmm
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
A hard day coming down
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
I got back late
and I'm all alone
Open up my door
ain't nobody home
There's a few things
of mine layin' 'round
It's a hard day comin' down
I once was a king
now I'm overthrown
Out here in the world
tryin' to hold my own
Got no pillow to cry upon
It's a hard day comin' down
(eerie music)
(eerie music)
That's the rest of it.
Is there a problem?
(gun firing)
(eerie music)
(eerie rhythmic music)
What's your poison?
Whiskey neat.
[Lindsey] A little hair
of the dog, eh?
(country music playing
on the radio)
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
It's a hard day coming down
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
It's a hard day coming down
Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh
Hard day coming down
It's a hard day coming down
It's a hard day coming down
It's hard day coming down
(soft dramatic theme)
[Jack] You want me to
see if I can get you in?
[Tom] Yeah.
[Jack] I know some people
at the top.
[Tom] Is there
an initiation process?
Good morning, gentlemen.
[Lucas] Hey, look who's here.
[Jack] Hey Vic, come on,
open up.
[Tom] Yeah, we're thirsty.
[Lucas] Take our money, Vic,
I open at noon.
Same as always
Morning, Michelle.
Hey Vic, how are you doing?
What'll you have?
I'll have an Egg La
Honda and a cup of Joe.
Horseradish and mayo on that?
You bet your sweet ass.
(soft rhythmic theme)
And with the eyes closed,
let's take one last moment
to remember not to do harm,
to yourself, to others.
Thank you for your practice.
(soft music)
(ringtone sounding)
Hiya, Vic.
How ya doing?
I'm doing alright.
I'm getting by.
And you?
[Vic] Same.
[Blake] You still
running Apple Jack's?
Opening up as we speak.
How about you?
Still teaching people
how to stretch?
You know, there's a
little more to it than that?
I had a shrink who told
me to go to yoga once.
That was the last time
I talked to him.
But hey,
whatever gets you out of bed.
Well, it helps me sleep
through the night, you know.
That is a feat.
I wish I could watch you
sleep through the night.
What do you want, Vic?
(Vic sighing)
I need your help.
I thought we agreed
it would be better
if we didn't see each other.
I know we didn't end
things on a good note.
Yeah, you could say that.
You must think I'm a
really horrible person.
I don't think you're
a horrible person, Vic.
It's just you and I when
we get together, it's like,
we're like live wires.
Yeah, but you must admit the
sparks are pretty exciting.
If you won't help me, maybe
you'll help my brother.
Ryan went missing
a few days ago,
and today I got a weird letter.
I'm worried something
might have happened to him.
Well, this sounds like
a police matter, Vic.
I don't know what you
want me to do about it.
I don't need the police,
I need you.
Come to La Honda.
I can't, now it's just
not a good time for me.
Well, you know Fallujah
wasn't exactly a good time
for me either.
But I was there for you.
Good bye, Vic.
(intense instrumental)
(gun firing)
(birds chirping)
OK, Vic.
You win.
(blues guitar)
I had six hours
on the drive north
to come to my senses
before she was close enough
to pull me back in.
But one thing kept me going.
Semper fi.
It didn't matter that
she was toxic or that
she threatened to kill me
when we finally split up.
What mattered is
when I needed her most,
Vic was there.
She'd never let me forget that.
(blues guitar)
But the closer I got and
despite my better judgment,
there was something
I couldn't deny.
I was excited to see her.
(folk guitar)
God of love,
it's Cupid, right?
One, two, three, four, this
puzzle says it's four letters.
Try Eros.
Eros, of course.
It's Greek, not Roman.
There you go.
I'll give you
a couple of minutes.
I'll just have a Cobb
salad and some water, please.
Can I get you anything else?
Well, actually I'm hoping
you can help me with something.
I'm looking for a friend
of mine, Ryan Taylor?
Yeah, I know Ryan.
Sometimes I wish I didn't.
He's better in small doses.
Yeah, small doses.
That's a nice way of putting it.
When was the last time
you saw him?
[Waitress] He was in here
a few days ago with Coops.
What did they talk about?
Ryan was going on and on about
how he was onto something big.
Maybe Coops
could help me find him.
He works over at Duarte's,
you could ask him.
Duarte's, OK, thanks.
You're welcome.
Mail and my husbands in bed
Get a disconnection notice
on my door...
Thanks for your help.
You're welcome,
thank you for your help.
Have a good one.
Won't even drive me home
[Waitress] Oh hey,
Rita, how was everything?
Do you always
gossip this much?
Excuse me?
You just watch your mouth
about things
that don't concern you.
(blues music)
So reservation for four
at 6:00?
You got it, thank you.
Hi, welcome to Duarte's,
will you be dining alone?
I'm looking for Joe Cooper.
[Hostess] Oh, he just
finished his shift,
which means you'll find him
at the bar.
What'll you have?
Much obliged.
Thank you.
Are you Joe Cooper?
Blake Baker, how you doing?
A lot better now that
I'm finished with work.
Hey, I'm looking
for a friend of mine.
Oh yeah, who?
Chances are I might know
him if he lives around here.
Yeah, Ryan Taylor.
The less I know about
where that douchebag is
and who he's with, the better.
That's kind of funny because
I heard that you two guys
are into something together.
Oh yeah, you heard that?
I don't know nothing about that.
Ah, I'm just,
getting this impression
that you're bullshitting me.
I don't give a shit
what impression you get.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to finish
my beer in peace.
Actually, I do mind, Coop.
So what if you do?
Get the fuck out of my face!
Oh fuck!
We don't want any of that
in here.
Let him go,
or I'll call the cops.
Go ahead, call them.
Do you feel that?
I could tear your shoulder
right out of its fucking socket.
Do you feel it?
Now talk to me.
Alright, shit!
The last time I saw Ryan he
was talking out of his ass
about making a move
to the big time.
OK, so what did you say,
It's taken me a long time
to turn my life around.
I don't want to book a
ticket back to San Quentin
because of that fuck stick.
Who's his supplier?
I doubt he even exists.
Who would trust him to run
a major drug operation?
I wouldn't trust Ryan
to tie his fucking shoe.
Hey, uh,
the beers are on me.
You're the first dead
man to buy me a beer.
[Rita] Joe, it's Rita.
I'm gonna keep an eye on
your new friend for a while.
Keep you posted.
[Jack] Did you ever
see an elk fuck a priest?
[Lucas] Not today.
(Jack and Lucas laughing)
You guys
the welcoming committee?
Yeah, I'm the mayor.
I'm the governor.
And I'm in need
of another drink.
How often does a man like me
Meet up with a woman
like you
How often does a man like me
May I have another
delicious alcoholic beverage?
Yeah, sure thing, Lucas,
just give me a minute.
I just wanna know
How often does a man like me
stay gone
I'll have
the bartender's choice.
On a old rotten law
I bust them up just
like a one eyed dog
With nothing but holes left
In my last pair of shoes
You walked right up
You took away all my blues
And you ask me
do I wanna know
How often does like a
man like me stay gone
You came.
I did.
How often does a man like me
Meet up with a woman
like you
How often does a man like me
- Ooh-rah.
- Ooh-rah.
(Lucas clearing throat)
Just a minute, Lucas.
- Ooh-rah.
- Ooh-rah.
(country music
playing on radio)
Hey, this bar
is a historical landmark.
Take those shoes off,
or get the fuck out.
[Blake] I see you
haven't lost your charm.
Well, these douchebags
from over the hill,
they come in here and scuff
up my floor with their shoes
on their way to the shitter,
and they don't even
buy a fucking drink.
I swear to God if we had
one of those Purge days
where all crime was legal,
I'd take out about
20 of those Silicon Valley
twats with my truck.
Amen to that.
Muchas gracias.
It's good to see you, Vic.
It's good to see you.
[Lucas] So you guys
get laid last night or?
- Well, not together.
- No.
Why ask me up here
to do something
you can handle yourself?
What are you not telling me?
There's a lot of things
I'm not telling you.
But if you stick around,
I might be willing
to share my secrets.
I'll stick around long
enough to help you find Ryan.
But that's it, then I'm gone.
I'm going home,
I'm going back to L.A.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
I'm tired,
I'm just gonna relax.
You can chill out here,
drink on the house.
You need some R&R,
you know my place is only
two blocks away.
I can't relax with you around.
I know.
Rock bottom
Seeing her again
brought back memories,
so I went to clear my head.
The more I thought about her
reasons for wanting me there,
the less they made sense.
I could have left then,
I should have left,
but there's a big
difference between knowing
the right thing to do
and actually doing it.
I should never have come.
(soft music)
[Michelle] So Egg La Honda
and a coffee
will be $6.50, please.
[Blake] There you go.
[Michelle] Out of 10?
Good morning.
Where'd you sleep?
Out among the redwoods.
I'm going over the
hill to run some errands.
You wanna join me?
No, I'm good right here.
Then can you come over
in a couple of hours?
I've got something
I need to show you.
Will you come?
Yeah, OK.
Sweet titty pie.
What do you think?
Let's see where he goes.
(blues music)
It just won't go
Oh River
River won't come oh no
Beautiful, huh?
Dude, I've been shooting
this coast for over a decade.
Hey, isn't this where that
big drug bust just happened
somewhere around here?
Yeah, right over there.
The rumor is that some
dipshit drove down on the sand
and got stuck
while they were loading.
Some dipshit, huh?
He probably got himself killed.
[Rita] He's camping just
outside of Sam MacDonald.
Yeah, you're on tonight.
Make sure you come heavy.
[Vic] It was my mother's.
He never took it off.
Wake up, Vic, Ryan's dead.
You need to go to the police.
Let's go, I'll take you.
I ain't going to the police.
Because what I'm about to do
is illegal.
You knew, didn't you?
I suspected.
You knew.
You knew, and you know
who killed him.
Don't bullshit me, Vic!
You knew!
I knew.
That was your fucking plan
all along.
To bring me up here
and uproot my life
to help you kill the people
who murdered your brother.
Is that so crazy?
Yeah, it's fucking insane.
We're civilians, we can't go
around killing people anymore.
We made promises to
each other back then.
That day.
You told me
you'd always have my back.
I'm a Marine, not a mercenary.
Mercenaries kill for money.
This is about honor.
I don't kill at all.
Not anymore,
can you understand that?
Then back me up.
Be here with me.
I can't, I'm trying to be
a different kind of person.
I'm sorry.
You and me, we're a team,
Blake Baker.
We're at our best together.
Yeah, and our worst.
San Gregorio.
(upbeat music)
Well one I met a woman
And I thought
that she was nice
We spent
the night together
Your coffee's ready.
What's your poison?
[Lindsey] Okey dokey, smokey.
Were you working here
Tuesday morning?
Sure was.
Did you happen
to notice anybody
mailing anything unusual?
You mean, like, a necklace?
Yeah, yeah, that's it.
Do you remember who it was?
Yeah, don't know his name,
but a hella good tipper.
I'm wondering if you could
do me, like, a big favor.
The next time he comes in here,
would you call me?
No need to let him know we had
this conversation, alright?
Whatever floats your boat,
(soft music)
Ryan was gone,
and he wasn't coming back.
There was no reason
for me to stay.
I did my part to help.
Come morning, I was going home.
(soft dramatic theme)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
Three, four, five.
(gun firing)
[Gunman] Ah.
Who sent you?
I'm not gonna ask again.
[Gunman] Fuck you!
(gun firing)
(intense theme music)
(Blake breathing heavily)
[Vic] Hello again.
[Blake] Is anyone else here?
[Vic] Nope, just me
and the boys.
I'm gonna need your help.
You need a drink.
Listen to me,
I just killed two men.
[Vic] Who?
I don't know.
I've never seen them before.
They slashed my tires, come on,
let's go.
Gentlemen, would you mind
holding the fort down for a bit?
Do I get to drink on the job?
I insist.
I'm in.
Feel free to take
all the time you need.
And don't give him any more.
(Lucas speaking in Spanish)
(soft music)
You still got it, Sergeant.
We should go to the police.
What, I was defending myself.
You have no idea
what's going on up here.
Why don't you enlighten me?
I'll explain everything later.
Come on, we gotta roll.
(suspenseful music)
[Blake] What if someone
heard the gunshots?
[Vic] You were too far
out of town
for most people to hear.
Those who could
probably don't care.
[Blake] Someone always
cares when you fire a gun.
[Vic] Even if they did,
they'll assume someone
was firing off rounds
in the woods.
Happens all the time
around here.
What the hell is going on?
I'm guessing you've
talked to Joe Cooper.
How'd you know?
Word is he's upped his game
from weed to the harder stuff.
The guys we dropped off
were a couple of burnouts.
They'd kill their own kids
for a little bit of meth.
I guess Joe didn't
like our conversation.
Let's see
how he likes the next one.
How are the cops involved?
Joe's partner, Rita,
she's a cop.
(suspenseful music)
Thanks for having my back.
(soft dramatic theme)
Thanks again, guys.
Yeah, no problem.
I'll drink on the house
whenever you need me to.
[Vic] Good night, Tom.
Just set him here on the porch.
It's not the first
time he's slept out here.
[Blake] There you go, buddy.
[Vic] Sweet dreams.
(patron moaning)
(Vic chuckling)
(Vic sighing)
Night cap?
I'd love one.
So what have you been up to?
How's your family?
You seeing anyone?
(Blake chuckling)
What's her name?
Joe Cooper just put a hit out
on me.
I'm not interested
in Joe Cooper.
He's a D-league operator, shit,
he's probably shitting
himself right now as we speak.
All we have is the here and now.
The present.
Isn't that what you teach?
Teach people how to breathe,
how to relax.
So just show me how you breathe.
Goodnight, Vic.
(country music playing)
Her name's Jessica.
She'll never know you
like I know you.
[Blake] Good night.
[Vic] Good night.
(country music playing)
[Blake] I didn't come to
La Honda out of loyalty.
Vic was an addiction,
and the longer I stayed
the more likely a relapse
was coming.
(ominous music)
[Rita] Are you sure
about this?
Trust me, they'll never know
what hit them.
Then giddyup, motherfucker.
(ominous music)
(soft dramatic theme)
(intense dramatic music)
(door opening)
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
[Vic] Shit.
(heavy panting)
[Blake] Put your weapon
on the ground.
Set it down, and we'll talk.
(gun firing)
(blues music playing)
[Vic] Let's get her in this.
(blues guitar)
What are the shovels for?
Joe and Rita require TLC.
Cover 'em up.
(blues song continues)
I thought we left this shit
in Iraq.
(unsettling music)
[Vic] Hey, Lucas!
It's not a hooker, Mom.
How would you like drinks
on the house tonight?
The catch is you've gotta
get your truck right now.
Where's the car
and where do I tow it?
You're the shit, Lucas.
(rapid knocking at the door)
(soft tense theme)
[Blake] There's always
something you miss
when you cover up a crime.
We covered up two.
It was only a matter
of time before someone
started asking questions.
(suspenseful music)
Hey, baby.
[Blake] Jesus.
You alright?
Where were you?
Getting groceries.
Are you seriously walking
around town
after what just happened?
I can take care of myself.
Then why am I here?
Just because I can take care
of myself
doesn't mean I want to.
If last night repeats itself,
you're the only one
I want backing me up.
We need to get out of here,
We need to leave La Honda.
I can't.
Why not?
I was there the night my
brother screwed up on the beach.
I picked him up.
Goddammit, Vic.
What was I supposed to do?
He's my brother, was I
supposed to leave him stranded?
Jesus Christ.
He stuffed his backpack
full of weed,
and the cartel thought
he was trying to run.
So I told him to take it back.
I killed my brother.
When were you planning
on telling me this?
I didn't want you to leave.
The cartel is probably
watching us right now.
If we lay low,
this will blow over.
If we run, they'll suspect
we're up to something.
No, we gotta get out of here.
We'll take our chances,
we'll leave at night, let's go.
Cartels, dirty cops, fuck 'em!
They'll either come
after us, or they won't.
This is my home, and I
ain't running from anybody.
Are you?
[Blake] I assaulted
Joe Cooper in public,
and now he
and a local cop were missing.
We had a day, maybe two,
before the cops
came looking for us.
And even if we someone flew
under the police radar,
we still had the cartel
to deal with.
The only sane thing
to do was run.
We could stay in La Honda,
start a life together.
Start a life together?
I haven't seen you
in five years,
and you follow it up with this.
Start a life.
You're afraid, aren't you?
You're gonna back out.
The things I did up here,
I did because I had to.
I don't want
to be that way anymore.
What do you want to do?
I know a place
where we can go,
just lay low
until things calm down.
Let's go.
We'll go tomorrow.
Let's go tonight.
Let's go now.
Just let me stay
another night.
One more night.
[Bruce] Hey, Vic!
You got a minute?
[Vic] Sure.
Who's that?
My neighbor Bruce.
[Blake] I'll come with you.
No, no, it's alright.
Go raid the fridge
for something to grill.
It's alright, he's harmless.
Be right up.
Hey, Bruce.
What's up?
Oh nothing, just wanted
to make sure you're alright.
I'm fine, why do you ask?
Well, the thing is I
could've sworn I heard gunshots
coming from your place
last night.
Maybe some kids blowing
off M-80s in the street.
What are you gonna do?
Sure it was, my mistake.
Anything else?
Yeah, I think so.
What's that?
Well, you see, I was out
on my porch last night,
and I didn't see any kids
in the street.
But I did see you and your
friend tear out of here
right after those M-80s
went off.
And you didn't get back
until dawn.
Which made me wonder what
was so goddamn important
that it took you all night
to get done.
What do you want?
Well, Vicki, you and I
never had any problems, right?
I'd like to keep it that way.
Right, and how do
you propose we do that?
Enjoy your day, Bruce.
(phone vibrating)
Yeah, hold on.
(soft rhythmic theme)
Don't be too long.
I'll take care of it.
[Tom] Two sixes.
Three fours.
Three sixes.
Ha, fist your ass.
Thanks, Pat.
Lucas, my man, the Prius
is looking great.
Thank you so much.
You know me, Vic.
Always happy to help a friend,
especially one
who gives me free drinks.
You know what, free drinks
on the house tonight for Lucas.
That's what I said.
Enjoy your night.
I intend to.
(country rock music playing)
We are hindering our
ability to defend ourselves.
This is only our second drink.
Look who forgot how to drink.
- Ooh-rah.
- Ooh-rah.
[Jack] Three threes.
Did you say three threes?
Oh fuck.
This morning was amazing.
This morning happened under
extenuating circumstances.
Bottoms up.
I'm pacing.
[Bruce] I'll take it
if he don't want it,
the drink.
Drinks on the house tonight
for Bruce.
Is anybody paying?
You'll be
if you don't button your lip.
Why is Bruce drinking
on the house?
Because he agreed to
mind his own business.
(radio band music playing)
(bell ringing)
What the hell? Drinks on the
house for everyone tonight.
- Yeah, right on!
- Yeah!
[Lucas] Greatest bartender
in all the world.
You guys are amazing.
part of me is glad I came here,
even with everything
that's happened.
Maybe because of
everything that's happened.
But I don't trust you.
And I really wish
that I could.
I was thinking about
what you said the other day
about becoming a better person.
And I thought maybe we could
become better people together.
I want to, I just don't know
how to do it.
You're bullshitting me, right?
Blake, if there
is a chance that
this could work between us...
I love you.
Fuck, you're the only one
for me.
(country rock playing)
Let's get out of here.
(gun firing)
(gun firing)
You still got it, sergeant.
(Vic weeping)
(Vic sobbing and weeping)
[Blake] Vic never talked about
it, but she'd been having
nightmares since the war.
hey Vic.
It's OK.
It's OK.
You're alright.
You're gonna be OK.
(Vic screaming and weeping)
I'm not going anywhere.
(Vic weeping)
[Vic] Fuck me.
Did you see
the way she looked at me?
You don't like me much, do you?
I'm tapping out.
Give yourself a $100 tip.
For sure, Bruce. Get home
(engine starting)
(soft rhythmic music)
Hey, do you need a lift?
[Bruce] Say what, man?
[Assassin] I said,
do you need a lift?
Oh no, I'm just up the hill.
You sure? It's no trouble.
Fuck this hill.
(soft rhythmic music)
[Blake] I slept better that
night than I had in years.
For a moment I forgot what
happened over the past two days.
I was just...
This is nice.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
[Blake] On my way
to get breakfast,
I almost convinced myself
that I could make a life
with Vic in La Honda.
[Jack] Yeah,
he fell over the rail
and broke his neck in the creek.
[Tom] Bruce was pretty
annihilated last night.
I heard they found
two more dead bodies
thrown off a cliff by Pomponio.
Yeah, shit's getting a
little Ted Bundy around here.
You came.
Be here with me.
This is my home.
We could stay in La Honda,
start a life together.
Where's my breakfast?
I recall mention
of an Egg La Honda.
I didn't get them.
Am I mistaken
or am I detecting a bit of
a chill in your tone?
Oh no, you're not mistaken.
And here I thought I
turned a corner with you.
Are you gonna tell me
what's making you upset
or am I supposed to guess?
Your neighbor Bruce is dead.
Oh, come on, Vic.
You must think I'm really stupid
that I can't connect these dots.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about murder.
You gonna to deny it?
I was with you all night.
[Blake] Which means you had
someone else do it for you,
which means...
Go on, I can't wait
to hear what it is
that you think I'm up to.
This was a murder made
to look like an accident.
That's not something you
trust someone else to do
unless they're a pro.
Why would I be associating
with professional assassins?
Because you're
a fucking drug dealer.
I'm a businesswoman who's
diversified her interests.
Goddammit, Vic.
It's not like
I'm slinging heroin or meth.
A little pot never hurt anyone.
Six people are dead!
Bruce was trying
to blackmail me.
I was defending us.
You were protecting us,
that doesn't mean
you go and kill him.
If I thought
I could trust him,
he'd be breathing right now.
But Bruce is a wild card,
and I can't trust
a wild card,
not in this business.
Was Ryan business?
Ryan made his own bed,
there was nothing I could do.
And that's why
you're not worried.
Because you're working for them.
They're a necessary evil
as we become the pipeline
from Santa Cruz to the city.
I knew that Joe and Rita
would move against us
sooner or later, and that's
when I realized I need
a partner to make this work.
I got big plans for us, baby.
I don't give a shit
what your plans are, Vic.
I did not sign up for this.
Well, it's too late now, you're
up to your neck in it now.
I am done.
You're done
when I say you're done.
Don't bet on it.
Oh, I'll bet my life on it.
Because we'll always
have Fallujah.
What the fuck are you
talking about? That was war.
Things happen in a war.
Oh, you don't have to
convince me, I'm on your side.
But the courts might see
things a little differently,
especially considering the
efforts we took to cover it up.
Why are you doing this to me?
Did I ever hesitate
to help you?
Did I ever question your ethics?
You know why?
Because I've got your back.
And you'll have mine.
These past few days have
proven you're the perfect man
for the job.
Hell, you're the only man
for the job.
But I don't want it!
It's alright
if you don't like the work.
I don't like it either.
But these next few years
we'll make more money
than we ever dreamed of.
After everything
that we have done,
what we've seen,
what we lived with every day,
we've earned this.
We deserve this.
Not like this.
The guilt will pass, trust me.
What about
becoming better people?
We'll have time for that.
But we've got a lot of work
ahead of us.
And I'm starving.
Can I get you an Egg La Honda?
I've lost my appetite.
I'll get you one
for when it comes back.
Was last night business
or pleasure?
Last night was love.
(soft music)
(ringtone sounding)
[Blake] Hello?
Hey, it's Lindsey
from the San G Store.
Is he there?
Sure is.
(phone ringing)
San Gregorio Store.
Hey there,
is he still in there?
(phone ringing)
Are we friends again?
You say you own me?
Well, I own you.
If I'm going down, I promise
I'm not going down alone.
What's that supposed to mean?
I mean I'm gonna have
a lot to say
if the police show up
at my door.
Remember who I work with.
Who you work for.
How fast do you think
they're gonna to sever ties
if the DEA
starts sniffing around?
Or what if the county
sheriff's office gets a tip
about the location
of two buried bodies?
You'd be digging
your own grave.
I'm digging it anyway.
This is disappointing.
I thought we had something.
Oh, you've made it very clear
where we stand.
Well, let me be clear. Fuck you!
If I knew you'd be
so sensitive,
I would have watered down
my sales pitch.
You're poison, Vic.
And I don't want you in my life.
What a nasty thing to say.
So long, Vic.
(phone ringing)
I've got one last job for you.
(phone ringing)
San Gregorio Store.
Hey, is that him just leaving?
[Lindsey] Yep.
Alright, thanks.
Thanks a lot.
No problemo.
(folk band music)
Don't fucking move.
Turn around, slowly.
You got a phone?
- Yeah.
- Let me see it.
Slow, slow.
(gun firing)
(blues music)
(blues music continues)
(jazzy blues music playing)
Give me another.
You sure?
Give me another!
(no audible dialogue
over blues music)
(folk band music playing)
(crowd cheering)
Pat, just,
I'll finish your drawer.
Just give me another drink,
and get out of here.
Are you sure?
Stop asking me if I'm sure.
Give me another drink,
and get the fuck out of here.
You're the boss.
That's right.
To Sergeant Baker.
(soft rhythmic theme)
It was you or him.
(soft rhythmic theme)
(pool balls knocking)
Bar's closed!
Fancy meeting you here.
Hey, Vic.
Have a seat.
Put your hands on the table.
I was under the impression
that we wouldn't be
seeing each other anymore.
What changed your mind?
[Blake] I took that
from a friend of yours.
How did you find him?
Does it matter?
I suppose not.
So what do we do now?
Now you tell me
why you did it.
Does it matter?
Yeah, it matters.
Because I love you.
And I thought that maybe
somewhere under all your crazy,
that you love me too.
I do love you.
You put a fucking hit out
on me!
You're here to kill me,
and yet you claim to love me.
You forced my hand.
You forced mine.
No, you could have
just let me go.
You know I wouldn't
have said anything if
you just let me be.
You know I can't let you go.
(intense music)
(Vic gasping)
(guns firing)
(acoustic guitar)
(Blake gasping)
(Blake coughing)
(Blake gasping)
(Vic gasping)
(acoustic guitar)
(Vic gasping)
(Vic gasping)
I'm sorry.
I always thought it was
gonna end like this.
Only, I thought it was
gonna be the desert.
We'll just have to settle...
for a redwood.
(soft acoustic guitar)
(Vic coughing)
(Blake gasping)
I missed the action.
I missed the fight.
Me too.
Me too.
(Blake gasping)
I'm glad I get to die
with you.
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
(bluesy country music)
You could love for hours
And never see the light
Slide guitar
until I'm blue yeah
Never get it right
Open up to my world
And help me
through the night
I can tell by the
look in your eyes now
You're getting mad again
Don't shut me out
and leave me flat now
I wanna accept the blame
Open up to my world
And try to feel my pain
It's a sorry reason
That I have to give
I had no time to listen
And no time to make amends
It may not sound too fancy
What I have to say
And I'm sorry for
the pain I caused you
When I went away
It's a sorry reason
That I have to give
I had no time to listen
And no time to make amends
It may not sound too fancy
What I have to say
And I'm sorry for
the pain I caused you
When I went away
It may not sound too fancy
What I have to say
And I'm sorry for the
pain the caused you
Yes I'm sorry for
the pain I caused you
Yes I'm sorry for
the pain I caused you
When I went away
(bluesy country music)