Live Wire (1992) Movie Script

All right now gentleman,
bring me up to speed on your meeting
With hallswell's people this morning.
Senator, we're going to have to
move fast to gather the support we need.
Senator hallswell is determined
to reign all those regions in the mideast.
If we've learned anything in the
past 50 years, it is that every
Gun, locket and tank we sell
will eventually be used against us.
Screw Hallswell.
We have enough support to get by
him and the vice president has-
been making calls.
That is what I'm afraid of.
Son, you forgot my glass.
Excuse me.
Listen richard, you can think
whatever you want of this guy.
But just remember he's got
a lot of friends in this town.
Yeah, and most of them democrats.
That's funny.
Did you hear they're making a movie
about Dan Quail's military career?
It's called full dinner jacket.
Just a hot flash.
Are you okay?
Jesus he is having a seizure.
Call the paramedics!
I know CPR.
Amazing, it is exactly what we need.
And you shall have it alright.
You shall have it.
Well, for the dog days,
it's another beautiful day-
- in the capital city.
It's hot.
And we've just been informed
that police have completely shut
Down all lanes on the Whitehurst
Freeway between Pennsylvania and-
- the 3rd street exit.
We are told that it is
some sort of bomb scare.
Emergency vehicles are on the
scene and as you may imagine,
Traffic is already backed
up all the way to Virginia.
This is WNLC and
I'm Terry in the morning.
We'll keep you posted for
any further developments.
Am I going to?
I mean today.
We've got one eccentric husband.
Do you believe this?
Have one little affair..
And this is what he does.
How does it look?
Your husband certainly
knows what he's doing.
Which color do you prefer?
Red or green?
Red or green?
No, wait, wait, wait.
Too late it's green.
Oh god...
Gimme your gum quick.
Your gum!
I got an idea.
You're cheating on your husband.
Put on some underwear.
Nice job, Eddie.
Way to do Dan.
What you thought my becoming
a Fed would change anything?
I was hoping..
What's that?
You ever seen this?
What's this your lucky charm?
I just like taping pictures to my chest.
Are you Danny O'Neil?
That's right, why?
Does this have something to
do with the edwards mcmahon
Sweepstakes or something?
It's a restraining order to
keep you away from your wife.
Have a nice day.
This is a secured area.
No one!
No one is allowed in here.
Sorry about this Dan.
There was a detonation at
a restaurant on Delaware.
They sent in a copter for you.
Oh man, love mondays.
Mobile captain 61 this is chopper 14.
We're bringing your man in.
You gut a place for us
to land over there, over?
Roger, this is 61.
We're at 5th and Delaware.
Land in front of the tracks, over.
I copy that over.
You got about 5 people with...
What's this wrapping ceraming.
Have fun in there, Danny.
Fidelity Insurance strikes again.
Well, Danny O'Neill.
You guys are going to be
paying out big time on this one.
Tell me about it.
4 deaths and 15 injuries.
Maybe is was a gas leak?
Well if it was a gas leak,
somebody has serious gas
Did you really try and throw
Traveres off the balcony at your house.
I couldn't get his fat ass over the rail.
I just want you to know how
sorry I am about you and your wife.
How come everybody knows about this?
I mean was this on CNN or something?
I know everything that goes on
in this town danny, you know that.
What about senator Wilkins?
The pink panties in the desk.
See ya.
You're bad.
Will you get this horny
can of tuna away from me?
What can I say, Dan?
Madonna wants you.
I'm not doing it dan, I swear.
I don't know why she
reacts to you that way?
Well you must not be
treating her right.
Pick yourself up a can of
Wd40 and go to town with it.
James is looking for you.
Where is he?
Right behind you.
James, James.
Terrorist attack it looks like, huh?
Where's the device?
Can't find it.
Excuse me?
They say that senator Victor
had a seizure and then boom.
You mean he spontaneously combusted?
You tell me.
Okay what do you know guys?
No metal, plastic or chemical residue.
C'mon what is this guys your
first day on the job, keep digging.
People don't just explode.
I mean if they did, I would have
heard about it a long time ago.
What do we got here?
Shane, look at this.
Looks like the fingers
have been blown right off.
Either that or he should fire is manicurist.
Terry, what I'm saying is that I support you.
I just want you to be happy.
And with dan, until recently
you were so unhappy.
This isn't about me.
I know.
I think senator Traveres is good for you.
You just seem happier with him.
Frank and I are friends.
Hi honey, I'm home.
- Terry, I'll call the police if you want.
- No, mom
Hi mom.
Good to see you.
Listen, you're still my wife
and this is still my house.
Court orders, hmm?
And this is still my garbage pail.
Danny, I've been though this too
many times before and I'm sick-
- of getting hurt.
I'm always the one who gets hurt.
Listen, how about the one
that is seeing other people?
Frank Traveres is not the problem with us.
Mom, could you do something?
Thanks mom.
Frank and I work together.
We got to be friends.
I can't live with you anymore.
Not since...
C'mon say it for god's sake.
It was an accident.
Oh god..
Daddy, when are you going to be up?
In a minute, sweet pea.
Please, okay.
C'mon daddy, can we play?
Amanda, please just go to
your room, okay darling.
- Go to your room and I'll be there.
- Okay
Oh jesus christ no!
Don't' please breathe, please breathe.
How's the temperature?
76 degrees, perfect.
Dr. Bernard?
Oh Mikail.
How do you like your new job?
It's fine.
Mikail just heard it on the news.
Now you have the proof you
wanted so when do I get paid?
I've given you the formula
now I what about my money?
What money?
What do you mean?
Just kidding.
Patience Dr. Bernard, patience.
Yes, but you are not patient
when you wanted the formula.
You know you're absolutely right.
I'll tell you what,
I'll give you a check right now.
Do you have a pen?
Yes, of course, thank you.
I'll be out of your way soon.
That fool was right, it is
completely undetectable.
With the power this formula can
give us, nothing will stand in-
- our way, nothing.
Sometimes I wonder.
What is it all for?
And we'll set the press conference
for first thing tomorrow morning.
Yeah, I want something prepared.
Something um, something emotional.
Senator victor was a friend.
I can't believe this happened.
Remember emotion, feeling.
I think we both know
just how serious I am now.
Uh, senator Victor's wife,
just let me take this in private.
You got balls calling me here.
And you displayed yours when
you cut me out of $10 million.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well let me refresh your memory.
The arms sale.
I don't have your money.
Do you know that's what Victor said.
And look what happened to him.
Victor was responsible for
cutting you out of the deal.
You got you're retribution.
Yes, but you can't buy
italian villas with retribution.
I don't have your money.
Do you know what is
stopping me going public?
I can make sure that
you never get to me.
Nobody will believe
anything that you say anyway.
I can see that you hang for killing Victor.
No damn it, I'm warning you.
No matter who you put around you,
or how many precautions-
- you take, you're a dead man.
I could get to you
wherever and whenever I want.
And I shall enjoy doing it.
Okay, now.
What does R2D2 think?
Stone rat.
Great, okay so how did they do it?
I been doing this for 10 years Dan.
I've always found something but
we cannot find anything man,
I don't know, what the hell.
Victor was here,
had a seizure fell this way.
Then whatever it was exploded
under him or around him.
It doesn't make any sense.
It does if he had a
pacemaker made of plastique.
Gentleman, what you got?
Well uh, madonna and I have
analyzed three quarters of this
Material and there is absolutely
no trace of any kind of-
- explosive or fragments from a
detonating device, nothing.
We're making a lot of headway.
Danny, I want to talk with you
outside just for a minute please.
You're not supposed to be
diffusing explosives for-
- Metro anymore,
you know that, don't you?
Keeps me in practice.
Some people play golf,
some people play tennis.
I diffuse high explosives.
You're working for me now Danny
and we don't do the dirty work
We leave that for Metro.
I'm not an after the fact kind of guy.
C'mon, you've paid your dues.
FBI is a promotion.
It may not feel like it but it is one.
I can handle myself.
I know that.
But I'm a bit worried about
you Dan with Mandy and now with Terry.
You know it's really too bad
more people don't know about my-
- marital problems.
This is me talking to you.
It's coming from me.
I'm fine.
In every way I'm fine.
I'm not losing it.
Just let metro do their work.
Hold it right here sir, please.
Sign in, sir.
Double on security today?
We've been on blue alert
since senator Victor's death.
Speaking of which I have an
appointment in his office.
4th floor to your right, 407.
Thank you.
Excuse me, ma'am.
So next time you go
spreading rumors about my wife.
Check the facts with me first.
Yes sir.
Mira, thank you.
Way to go Stu.
Man's not dead a day and they're
already moving someone else into his office.
That's not true.
He was dead a day.
They should use the vulture.
Hi James.
What are you doing here?
I uh, we have business.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about the other day,
I didn't think.
I'm sorry.
You look great.
You want to go and have some lunch,
maybe something like that?
Uh, i can't i've got meetings.
I got a meeting too.
I gotta go.
Sorry I'm late, sorry.
I hope it is because Madonna has
come up with something new.
No, no, she's recharging.
We're still picking up
pieces of the senator.
The guys have never
seen anything like this.
We're talking pieces, pieces this small.
I mean we're talking
about his you know what.
Gentleman, we're ready for you.
He had not had time to file that...
Fine, why don't you just
read just his schedule.
Mr. O'neill.
Did you know about this?
I found out this morning but
I didn't think you would come.
I would have come with a blowtorch.
Senator Traveres is
heading up this investigation.
That's right.
Now i don't have to tell you
there is a lot of concern up on
The hill about this.
A lot of people are scared.
There are lots of rumors.
Yeah, there are a lot of rumors.
Have you read the report, senator?
Yes, I have read the report except
I don't know what the hell it means.
I mean what does it mean
that there is no trace of a-
- detonating device.
No, no, let me field this one.
Look Mr. O'neill, I know you
have a personal problem with me.
You and my wife?
That's not a personal problem.
Everybody in the
goddamn city knows about it.
It's a very public problem.
Look, I'm responsible for
delivering answers to congress.
Until I have them, I am going to
be watching every step of this-
- investigation very carefully.
Well then watch very carefully
as I step out the door.
O'Neill, this is business.
Now you better learn to separate
it from the other problems in your life.
You touch my wife again, I'll separate
you from the rest of your life.
You understand?
If Mr. O'Neill is the best
explosive expert we have,
The FBI is in pretty sad shape.
Dan is the best.
And Shane is a top material analyst.
And I'm not married so I've
got nothing to worry about, sir.
We're going to go over that site
again and we'll keep on going
Over it until we figure this out.
I'll have something for you very soon.
Is everything all right?
I think taking vacation
is exactly what you need.
You're right.
Getting away would be good.
Who's driving?
Salvatore, sir.
Who the hell is Salvatore?
He has been driving for us for
the last 3 weeks sir, it's okay really.
He's losing it.
Good afternoon, sir.
I want these filed by the time
I leave for vacation this afternoon.
Yes, I'm calling to confirm senator
Thyme's reservation this afternoon.
Great, thank you.
You're all set, sir.
Oh Eddie.
Once the funeral is over, I want you
to arrange a quick meeting with Traveres.
But your plane boards at 4,
I'm afraid there is no time.
Just make the time.
Yes, sir.
Why the hell is it so damn hot in here!
The air conditioner seems to be broken.
I will take care of it tomorrow.
Damn thing.
Salvatore, what the hell is
wrong with the refrigerator.
I don't know sir, the limo is
scheduled for maintenance,
But they're backed up.
Are you telling me that
nothing is working in here?
Water, sir?
No, I don't want any water.
Gimme some power on these windows.
Yes, sir.
Oh and don't mention my trip to Traveres.
My eyes.
Oh my god!?
Salvatore, call the paramedics.
Call an ambulance.
Get me out of here.
Hey what are you doing?
Oh my god!
The senator is having a seizure.
Mobile 6, mobile 6 this is dispatch.
Do you read, do you read?
Mobile 6, come in.
What's going on there?
Mobile 6.
He works for you and he was caught.
You don't know my men.
They have a code of silence.
They're absolutely loyal.
Oh that's touching.
I know savio, I can assure...
Kill him.
Let me guess,
you couldn't find a device.
This is getting pretty hairy.
You are here for the arraignment
the alleged bomber who killed-
- one of your closest friends,
what are you feeling?
What am I feeling?
I feel relief that justice will be served.
Are you still planning on opening the-
- DC Kids center on saturday?
Absolutely, that is very important to me.
There are there are hundreds of
kids from all over the country,
We've raised thousands of dollars.
I wouldn't disappoint them.
Aren't you scared?
No, I don't have time to be scared.
What do you have for me?
Now get away from me, I don't want
any terrorists mistaking us for friends.
The driver is still not talking.
I know all about it frank.
That still doesn't tell us what
he used or who is behind it.
Look, I know you guys like
conspiracy theories but it is-
- possible he acted Alone isn't it?
Especially if he's not talking.
That means he's scared.
So what are you thinking?
I'm thinking I Gotta take a piss.
You want to help me out?
That's good.
Okay, thank you very much.
I'm with senator Traveres with two FBI agents.
Morning, senator.
How are you doing?
Morning senator.
Morning senator.
All rise.
Superior coirt district of
Columbia is now in session.
The honorable Vera Blair presiding.
Please be seated, come to order.
Good morning.
Any outburst or talking in the
court room and I will stop the proceedings.
Having said that, this is case 7487-4.
The people of the district of
Columbia against Salvio Capelli.
Since the defendant does not
Have a lawyer, the court has-
- appointed Mr. Lewis.
Mr. Lewis, are you ready to
enter a plea on the charges of...
Mr. Lewis.
Are you ready to enter a
plea on the charges of...
A plea on the...
Get the senator out of here right now.
Right now, move.
Move out of the courtroom.
Gimme out, gimme out of here.
Move out!
Officer, move!
Don't go there.
Don't, she's gonna blow!
I've never seen anything like it.
There was nothing.
No device.
She was the device.
She took a drink of water,
started to speak.
Stood up and then started convulsing.
That's it?
I left out the part where
she swallowed a grenade.
She drank the water, sweat,
shook then boom, here come the
There was nothing.
Nothing but...
Do you think it could be the water?
Or it wasn't the water at all.
You okay?
Mike, get your guys out of here,
this is the explosive.
Best back off Dan,
whatever this is, it isn't water.
Aren't you scared?
No, I don't have time to be scared, Suzy.
Will you excuse me.
Well after the bombing this afternoon
senator traveres may be scared.
These terrorist attacks against
the members of the senate come-
- just a week before the
revote on the Anti-Arms bill.
The secret service will
keep extra security around the-
President until they find out
who is actually behind these bombings.
Suzy Bryant, Channel 7 News.
And it's a beauty.
And I put the wings and go whong.
We're here at the Federal Court
house where a mysterious-
- explosion has left 3 people
dead and 10 wounded.
Who is it?
It's me.
You realize of course you're
defying your own court order.
I heard what happened, are you okay?
I just wanted to make sure.
You want to come in?
I promise I won't turn you in.
Some of the senators have
hired their own body guards.
The national guard is on alert.
Opinion polls are running 3:1
in favor of the terrorists.
It's true, it's true.
There is a chart in USA today.
You want a drink?
No, thanks.
Nice place, huh?
There is a chair somewhere over here.
I'm sorry it's a mess.
It's the maid's year off.
I should have called first.
Oh god, she looked like you.
Tess, it's good to see you.
It's really good to see you.
Tess, you're my wife.
I need you-
I need to hold you.
I ache for you.
Why did you come?
What is it?
I know what you are feeling?
We both have to deal with the same pain.
Look at yourself.
I'm not as good at this as you are.
Well you can sit here,
get drunk and feel sorry for yourself,
That's fine.
No one but you is blaming you.
Rematch next week?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Good game frank.
How the hell did you get in here?
I walked.
Now there is a matter of my $10 million.
I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
What money?
Must this boring game go on?
First, Victor, then Thyme, and now you.
They say death always comes in threes.
Are you familiar, Frank,
with the road to hell.
And please don't think about
going public because you'll have-
- a slight difficulty explaining
A $50 million profit-
- stemming from and Anti-arms deal that
you and the others pushed through Congress.
I don't think you'd give up your seat
in the senate for 40 years in prison.
I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
I signed on because it
was a high profile bill.
I didn't intend to get
involved with any of this stuff.
Someone has got my money, Frank,
and you'd better find it.
Otherwise, I'm going to blow you wide open.
Quite literally.
Excuse me.
Good afternoon, gentleman.
What's the good word?
Well, I should have test
results by the end of the day.
You know if it is some kind of
facsimile of water then they-
- can put it anywhere.
What did you get from your...
Shane please,
will you turn off your robot.
I feel like I'm In lost in space.
What did you get from your briefing.
Well it's really very
interesting both senator Thyme-
- and senator Victor sponsored the
Mideast antiarms bill which is-
- coming up for a revote.
Trying to scare the senate into a veto?
But here I think is the interesting part.
There is one senator left who
sponsored that bill with them.
Who's that?
Don't do anything stupid.
Look it they're pissed because
we haven't come up with any
He is your answer.
Tell Traveres to stay away from my wife.
So what about saturday?
You going to come?
You said you would.
I'd like you to.
I don't know if I should.
Why, what are you thinking?
I don't know what I'm feeling here.
Nice security pal.
It's all right, it's okay.
No, no, no it's not okay.
You're a target.
Listen you prick.
Listen to me, anyone with half a
brain and a gun could walk right
Stop it.
Come home with me.
I don't need you telling
me who i am safe with.
Terry, please, come home with me.
O'Neill you are already in
This deep enough, c'mon.
why don't you escort Mr. O'Neill out.
I dug as much as I could, if I
Hadn't been so busy, I would-
- have gotten this to you sooner.
Frank Traveres is a regular boy scout.
His tax returns are in order.
He owes favors to a few
people, but that is not unusual.
You sure there is nothing in here.
Nothing that I could find.
Where is a corrupt politician
when you need one, huh?
Feel free to peruse the goods.
It says he is only claiming 122,000 a year.
Well that's all he makes on
salary plus a few speaking fees.
The man has a campaign
he is still paying off.
How's he paying for that house.
He didn't pay that much for it,
it was in bad shape.
He got a good deal.
What about the inside.
I mean there is a lot
of froo-froo there.
Well there were some repair work.
No, no i'm talking about
marble columns, hardwood floors.
He's still paying a few things off.
Any guy who makes $130,000
a year doesn't live like this.
What you think this guy is
stupid enough to flaunt his
He is from Miami.
You're right, look, I gotta go.
Big date?
Big I don't know yet, I just
Figured I couldn't wait around-
- for your forever.
You're crushing me,
You're crushing me.
You're the best.
I know.
All right, thank you.
Good luck, Sherlock.
Shane, where are you?
At the lab?
All right, all right,
I'll come down, okay.
Just clear me with um, with
security okay so i don't get
Thanks, bye.
Watch this.
All right.
C'mon, c'mon it only takes 30 seconds.
So what the hell is it?
It's uh, a weird hybrid combo of
liquid explosives that have been-
- put through a process
I have never seen before.
Activated, it's like a
combination of nitro, napalm, hydrogen.
It's complicated.
It is...
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
What do you mean activated, how?
When you drink it,
it's live right what the hell.
But in the stomach it becomes a device.
Then it hit me.
It's acid.
Stomach acid.
Yeah, I thought maybe it was
stomach acid but I didn't have
So what you got in there?
Orange juice.
Can you believe that.
And it works with boric acid as well.
Well how do we diffuse this?
That's not that far from right.
A crater of antacids,
alka-seltzer, anything alkaline
Will neutralize the acid.
No one is safe.
he is opening the kids center today.
I saw terry get in his limo.
Hi, welcome to the
opening of the dc kid's center.
The DC kid's center is a
Nonprofit Organization.
It was founded to assist in
the health and well being...
We are very proud of our
center and we're very glad to
Welcome you here today...
We were established in
1983 to help ease the plight of-
- underprivileged children
throughout the country.
We are funded solely through the
generous support of individuals
Are you enjoying yourself?
Such as senator traveres.
Yes, but you shouldn't be
introducing me to people like
We're a couple.
Wishful thinking.
Look frank, I..
What's the matter?
We just need to talk.
Okay let's talk, I love to talk.
That's why I got into politics.
Excuse me senator, we're ready for you.
Oh, okay, back in a moment.
And now I'd like to introduce
You to the man who made this all
Possible, senator Frank Traveres.
I thank you, thank you
all for being here today.
Get on your radio fficer,
we have a bomb threat.
We're going to have to clear the area.
It's dangerous, gimme your ID.
Step away from the cooler, it's okay.
Do not let anybody
drink from these coolers.
He says there is a bomb.
A bomb?
Oh my god!
We have a little problem Senator,
we got to get you out-
- of here.
Ladies and gentleman,
there is no reason to panic.
We are having a security problem.
You are in absolutely no danger.
Please remain calm and evacuate
the premises in an orderly fashion.
Ladies and gentleman,
there is no reason to panic.
I repeat there is no reason to panic.
There is no reason to panic.
Terry, terry!
Don't drink the water!
Don't drink that!
Did you drink that?
No, why.
The explosives were in the water.
We found out this morning.
What the hell are you doing?
Danny no.
We analyzed it.
It's just water.
You mean to tell me you caused
this whole god damn thing and
There is nothing wrong here.
It's too late.
No, we cannot wait any longer.
He'll get the message.
I'll kill them all..
You bastard.
I will show you, you bastard.
- Get back!
- You will see. You are dead.
Shane it's in the fountain,
this guy is going to blow!
I got you dan, I'm coming.
We've got 10 seconds.
We've got to get him out of here!
Let me ask you this
before I cut your balls off.
Why did this happen?
Hey, it wasn't my fault.
I didn't say it was your fault.
It's interesting though you
should even bring that up.
Look, I did everything
I was supposed to do.
I got you the VIP pass.
I got Alred that job.
I can't help it that O'Neill showed up.
You should have been less
worried about your own life.
I know I'm less worried about your life.
I'm only here because
of what you offered me.
I am not here to die.
This is not a good day.
Oh jesus!
I was there to tell frank I
wouldn't see him anymore.
Because I'm you're wife,
why do you think?
Terry, why don't you go wait outside.
I'll be down in 10 minutes.
Just let us know if you need anything.
Guess who.
Look, I've alerted my security.
I also have a man in the house.
Your sexual preferences don't interest me.
You know you could have killed
hundreds of innocent people today.
Well only because they matter to you.
Now, I'm not in the mood to wait any longer.
I have a life you know.
You know if you kill me,
You won't get anything.
Not true.
I get to kill you.
You won't get your 10 million.
I'm sorry the senator can't talk
right now, he's got a gun to his head
Well you should know whoever you are
that the senator means nothing to me.
Hmm, I'm not surprised.
I saw what happened at the children's center.
Danny O'Neill.
And speaking of your wife,
she should be there any minute now.
She wouldn't take any of Frank's
calls, so I did him a favor.
Isn't it ironic?
I only did it because I like him.
I'm that kind of guy.
Anymore guns in the house?
Do you have another gun?
Hello Terry, Gwen.
Gwen put terry on.
Go on captain, go play.
Gwen put Terry on god damn it.
Who was that?
Just someone taking a poll.
They work fast, their line is dead.
Do you know anything about terry?
You've got security outside right?
Yes, i do.
I was just getting...
So what makes you think
things will be any different?
Mom, it wasn't just him.
Now you blame yourself.
Don't let him do that to you.
You never give up do you?
Good evening.
Ben, what are you doing here?
Mr. Traveres asked me
to come and get you.
He really needs to see you.
I don't think so, tell..
If he wants to see you,
you should go.
Jesus christ, they've had you staked.
You'll never live through this.
Your such a pessimist.
It's my upbringing.
Look, I'm sorry you had to drive
All the way up here but just
Tell him...
I'm not asking Terry.
Let go of my daughter!
Don't scream or I use it.
What the hell are you doing?
Just looking through your stuff.
Who paid you to push
the arms deal through?
The money came from an arms
sales to the countries we cut-
- off with the bill.
It's not uncommon you know.
It's an american tradition.
Victor and Thymes set it up.
I just signed on as a co-sponsor
Because I thought it would raise
My visibility in the senate that's all.
Yeah, sure and you paid for
this entire house with cash.
No receipts.
I suppose that is an american
tradition too, huh Frank?
You're not doing what i
Think you're doing are you?
You're insured, right?
No, I'm not.
The capital city's only all night talk show.
It's 4:45 am people.
The sun will be up in about 20
minutes so if you're not asleep
Yet, you might as well just stay awake.
Let's go back to the phones.
Go ahead caller, you're on the air.
Hello David.
Go ahead caller.
Yeah, this is Jim from Arley,
I just wanted to...
After you lover boy.
You sure it is safe out there?
Damn safer than here.
Oh hi, uh, this is Yvette...
You're dead!
So this is where it all happens, huh Frank?
Any congressional page boys under the bed?
Okay, move.
Move, move c'mon.
Over there.
Down here?
Hey, hey, hey...
C'mon where you going?
Get back in here.
I was going to go outside and
have a cigarette, that's all.
You know this house, I don't.
I can't be too helpful being handcuffed here.
Planning a party?
What the hell is going on here?
The object of everyone's affection.
Go upstairs and help alred's men.
No way.
You paid me to keep an eye on Traveres.
This is your fight.
Yes, you're right, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I'll kill you right here!
Let's go find the two
men in your life, huh?
Too bad you're not insured.
Let's get out of here,
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Wait, wait, wait.
Where does this lead to?
The attic.
Slow down.
You want to jump?
C'mere, c'mere, c'mere.
All right.
You certainly did put all your
money into this house didn't you
Looks like you've got over
10 million in insulation right here.
C'mon, come over here.
What are you a boy scout or what?
Yeah, i'm about to earn another merit badge.
Calvary, c'mon.
Hey, hey up here.
All right seal off the west side.
Mr. O'Neill.
Stay right here.
Just let her go, okay?
There is nothing you can do right now.
The police are downstairs.
There is no way out.
Diffuse this one Mr. O'Neill.
Come here, go.
Easy watch yourself.
Get that latter over here quick.
Set it up there.
I'm here, I'm here.
We'll take care of everything Danny,
you just got to get better.
Anything you want?
I want a raise.
Forget it.
Where were you when I needed you?
Honestly, programming Madonna
to ask james for a raise.
Oh great.
Guys, my wife.
Why did you guys call me huh?
I mean you know I
don't do this anymore.
She asked for you personally Dan.
I thought I told you to
go back to your husband.
I did.
My boyfriend did this.
What are you betting on today,
red or green?
Not this again.
No more guessing.
I only bet on sure things.
Fred, I'm cutting the wire.
Have your guys ready with the barrel.
Cut quick Dan, we just had a call.
Your wife's water broke.
Hey, pal, you're going to have a baby.
Your luck has changed.
I'm out of here.
Thank you.
And by the way, I like the underwear
by the way don't ever change.
Take care guys see you.