Livide (2011) Movie Script

Children missing.
Are you Lucie Klavel?
Do you smoke?
- No.
When I was at school,
I had a very strict teacher.
Every morning he checked our breath
and those of cigarette smoke,
was given automatically insufficient.
And today I am that teacher.
You have two different eye colors.
I've never seen before.
That's rare.
Do you know how that name? - Right.
- Heterochromia.
You know what they say?
- That it is a mistake in the coloring pigment is.
No, no, no ...
Not in medical terms.
Two different eye means that you
have two different souls.
Souls come in one eye
and depart from the other eye.
It's just a pigment discoloration.
That's all.
My name is Mrs. Wilson, though.
- I know.
But you can call me Catherine
if you want.
No, I prefer to call you Ms. Wilson.
- What you want, Mrs. Klavel.
Given the majority of our clients
is not able to
independently to the toilet to go,
I do not tell you that
she left the door open for you will not do.
The next man we will see,
does not take much care. Only a syringe.
He's quite labile and talkative.
Although, we are more than a quarter.
If we do not keep to a time limit
the schedule is completely through each other.
Take my bag.
It's too heavy for me.
Andre, it's time for your injection.
It's just me, see?
You do not want you that we
in the early morning visit, right?
Go ahead.
Is that my granddaughter?
- No.
You know they no longer
long been.
This is Lucy. A young girl I
will help the next 10 days.
A trainee.
- And then my granddaughter?
Say hello to Lucy, Andre.
- Hello, young lady.
Hello, Mr. Marchal.
- No, no, no. Not that again.
Always the same behavior. He hates this.
- I can.
Have you ever done it before?
Not that you halfway through the needle breaks.
No, I can.
Let's see what you can.
Everything is in order, Mr.. Marchal.
Not bad.
Tell my granddaughter,
that they agree to come to visit.
Her name is Matilda.
Tell her to me
must visit soon.
Shall we do. Now then -
It's not that we are bored,
Andre, but we must leave.
So, until tomorrow.
Until tomorrow, Mr.. Marchal.
Well, Maddy, what a gift
this time you have left for us?
No, wait here for me.
- Why?
So far have you stopped fine,
But you're not ready for this patient.
What is special about this patient?
- Wait here.
I will not be long gone. And please,
allows the radio. It eats the battery.
Curious and impatient.
Exactly as I like to see.
You have everything it takes
a nurse in order to be.
May I introduce you to Deborah Jessel.
Deborah Jessel was once a famous
and infamous dance instructor.
There were even students from Paris,
to be able to study under her.
But that was before the coma.
One where they have been in it.
You can also give a window open.
A breath of fresh air and sunshine?
That will do us good.
Even plants need to breathe, right?
Talk to her?
- Only about niemendalletjes.
She will not interrupt me in any case.
And it's cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Reading was one of her few pleasures.
Jessel is a true collector. Read you like?
- Look up only one out.
Go ahead.
Does not matter. Choose only one.
I never know what to choose.
I know nothing about literature.
Come on, come at once.
Close your eyes and pick one.
One of the many places of residence
of a moth.
Anyway, with my study
I have almost no time to read.
Want to swap?
Why, she receives a transfusion?
- No idea. I am not a doctor.
She could use a manicure.
It would not even last long.
To her nails.
In her condition she is probably
not even aware how long her nails.
And her family then? They will not complain
that our task will not run?
Her family? The only family she has
a daughter.
She was born deaf.
I think she is long dead.
I'm pretty convinced.
There is no single definitive proof.
Could not be better for her home?
It was her last wish
at home to die.
If you have so much money,
that practically anticipates your ears
your wishes will be respected.
Deborah Jessel is terribly rich.
It is even said that she has a treasure.
A treasure?
Money, jewels, gold bars and such.
The location of the treasure is unknown,
As you can imagine.
Believe me. I have tried every door
with a lock and key
in this hole. No result.
And there is no chance that they still
will awaken from her coma?
The odds are just so big that I
a rich guy will meet
and will take me to
an exotic land far away from here.
No, so?
Close the curtains.
If we let them open, and there is a control,
we will get in trouble.
I despise the folks at
the medical services.
Well, sleep well, Deborah.
Not too much partying tonight. Okay?
I know it is not
the most accessible work
but for a first day,
You did quite well.
Thank you, Mrs. Wilson.
No thanks, Mrs. Klavel.
See you tomorrow. Same time. Same punishment.
- Good night. See you tomorrow.
Hey, Lucy!.
How is it?
I missed you.
- Mutual.
That hat suits you.
- Stop it.
Come on. Only because I smell like a fish,
does not mean you -
You're not going anywhere until all fish
out of the way. Here.
Okay. Okay.
I am already at work.
- Good evening, Mr.. Kerrien.
She said good night.
- Good evening, Lucie.
Do not worry, this does not last too long.
- Here.
Then we grab a beer.
You must be exhausted after such
gloomy day with patients.
All right, mother? All right.
- Pretty good. You?
Hi, Lucy.
- We go down there. Okay?
All right, Yohan?
- Hey, man.
How are you, Lucie. Good?
So now you must come with the clown
which smells of sardines
in order to afflict me.
- That's right, Ben.
Justify that fifty dollars that my mother
you pay every month
and bring us two beers.
- I'll see what I can do.
The only way to get through a tough day.
- Yes, I know.
And, tell us about your first day.
It was. The sister that I had to train
was a bit strict occasionally
but otherwise it went smoothly.
- And the patients?
Most patients do not talk.
- Hort is indeed just a nightmare.
Besides, you can still remember that scary house,
near the marsh
go to Carantec?
- Are you kidding? Of course.
My mother had forbidden me to it
ever hang around.
But Ben and I went anyway,
to see if we were brave enough.
Why? Were you there today?
- Maybe.
Two beers.
- Has a maximum time.
What are you doing tonight?
- Something without you.
Hey, Ben!
- Yes, I'm coming.
Can not get another two-second pause.
- Well, go.
Seriously, are you there?
What is it? Nothing else?
- Only an old lady.
No, and she is seriously old.
Practically on the hundred.
She's still alive,
but she can not move.
Lucy, my excuse that I have to say,
but your story is not particularly exciting.
Because it is not over.
So, not only is she in a coma,
but she also appears to be rich.
My teacher says that somewhere even
a treasure hidden in the house has.
A treasure? What's in it?
- She has no clue.
She is still searching for.
- What if we find him first?
Just a window strike. That's all.
- What? Are you crazy?
Since when you rob old ladies?
- What are you talking about?
Can you smell that?
The desire for a better life.
Or not? Or do you?
- Hello? Do I know you do?
Am I not enough?
What is going on?
What are you talking about?
I am 22 years old and I have the same
rough hands like my father.
Oh, I love the sea, very much.
But I do not die at sea.
Not as my father and his father before him.
I've got a choice.
And I choose not to die at sea.
I want to die on land.
Far away from here.
Take Ben once, for example. How long do you
even your mother's apron bows go down?
What are you talking about?
What is this?
I'm out of here. I see you guys.
- Lucie. Come on.
Hey, Lucie!
What is this? You're the one who always
your father's money problems yields. Do not you?
And since your mother died,
he must work a double shift every night.
Leave my mother out, please.
You're like a little child.
A villain, though perhaps too much honor,
which is only ideas can come to poor.
You were not just two months in jail?
Omwege theft of an old television set
from the garage of a policeman?
- Not that story again.
I was able geluist. And you know that too.
Go ahead. I must return to work.
Otherwise I get hits from my father.
But consider it, please.
Consider, okay?
Yes, my sweetheart.
Yes, we've come along this weekend.
Yes, I hang up.
Lucie is here and I must work.
I'll pass.
Lucie, I must work.
Do you "sweetheart" use?
Although my mother
only eight months dead.
Your mother is irreplaceable.
But Janice is a nice woman.
And what would mother of Janice like?
They will soon be with us.
- What?
I leave you alone, dear.
We'll talk about tomorrow.
I must work. 'm Already late.
- Okay. But only what we really need.
Only Lesson, what we need for an ideal life.
You will not regret getting.
I hope so.
Well, sailor? Do you have enough next to your friend
gain to an old lady to scare?
Wrong guess. You are here only
because you have a driving license.
Okay, next point.
- Nothing next point. Enough points.
We did better with the bike can go,
than in the scrapyard.
You know what? You both deserve
a little of this karma.
Hey, not a bad word about my treasure.
Okay? Just some startup problems.
Happy, happy, halloween,
Silver Shamrock ...
Fuck you, ugly children!
See? I told you so.
He always starts eventually.
Wait, wait.
Park there.
We should play it safe.
From here we go on foot. Here.
Seriously? This is my pillow.
- Shut up.
Wait, William,
So I understand it all.
You expect us two hours
walk through the dark
dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan?
What should we do with it, man?
The old woman the fright
of her life?
"You all right? Your money or your life".
What are we doing?
- Are you done complaining? Here.
Come on.
Hopefully you're ready to
a pole to be run.
I'm ready to get rich.
Soon, we will all
enjoy the good life.
Breakfast in bed and everything.
If you want breakfast in bed, you must
eight o'clock in the morning in the kitchen.
We are around thirty minutes to
walking. I can not go.
My shoes are soaked.
How long before we get there, Lucie?
Stop that whistling, William.
- Do not worry. Nobody hears us here.
Not that way.
You should know, or not?
They say that if you whistle at
Saints that evil you hear.
You hear too much in that bar.
What is she doing?
"Light attracts up to the Grim Reaper.
- That I hear often, indeed.
Good. Here.
I'm pretty disappointed.
This is almost too easy.
No sound until we reach the door.
- Do not worry.
I can scroll through the door,
if necessary.
Without a crowbar,
We can stand here all night.
No destruction or I'm out of here.
I warned you.
Hey, do not worry.
Come on, let's look around the corner.
Where are you going?
- Come on. Come on.
Now he wants to know.
I have a feeling,
that this was not best idea
working with you to commit a burglary.
It's not too late to return,
and a nice cold beer.
Welcome. Welcome.
Here I am.
I must tell you something very important.
Lucie paid the first round,
if we leave now.
Ben, a new life awaits you.
- Nothing can stop me inside to wait.
This leads nowhere.
We came here with no intention to
destruction to apply.
And we do not even know what we seek.
- We shall see.
So many people come and go.
And where are you going?
The daredevil may as before.
Come on, you.
Ben? Hey, Ben.
Yes, I'm coming. You know I'm afraid
alone in the dark are, asshole.
It is quite difficult to get back
to go outside.
Especially when we have a safe
around the bear.
We worry about it later.
Anyway, if there are valuables
these are safe,
then it is certainly not the vault between these
inlet hose. Let's go upstairs.
Hey, Klavel.
What are you doing?
Do not forget that we
came through here.
And where is that old woman?
- Top floor.
I see almost nothing.
Maybe we can do to better the light.
Good idea.
We will call the police?
Ga is look around,
instead of spouting nonsense.
Will, I have no good feeling about this.
What would you do differently?
Would you give up now?
Will, look. I think it is silver.
'T Looks from rare.
Do you need a teapot?
- No, I do not -
Seriously? A rusty scissors?
Are you a wanderer?
- How would I know. Leave me alone.
Her idea of ??a treasure is probably
a mountain of precious coins and jewels.
I hope so.
I shit in my pants here.
What do you think taxidermy pretty again?
- Taxidermie.
- Taxidermie.
Hey, no trace behind?
- Yes. My excuse.
Looks like your girlfriend.
Shit. Everything is locked down here.
Does not matter.
We go upstairs.
What kind of pictures are these?
Jessel had only one daughter. She was
deaf since birth and is long dead.
Of the survivors, we will in any case
received no complaints.
Hey, come here.
What the hell is this again?
Gossiping at coffee time.
What a child
Well here wants to play?
This is nothing.
Women may first.
Nothing shit. If this door is locked
and the other is not
there must be a reason for it, right?
I bet that my treasure lies there.
Great, but we have not the key.
And we do not know where it is.
No kidding, Sherlock.
- Jessel. She wears a key around her neck.
Stop it.
- That must be the key to this door.
If there is anything at all here behind.
- This old woman knows nothing.
They will not come up more awareness.
- I do not.
We borrow the key only.
For a while.
Well done, sister.
- Come, let me try.
Okay, that's enough.
We break them.
This brings only problems.
We bring the key back and run away.
Stop agree with that negative thinking.
I guarantee you that -
Oh, brother, what have you done?
We have no choice.
We must go now.
Nothing here.
Where has it that hidden treasure?
Here is nothing!
Be still.
Oh, shit.
What the hell is this again?
It is a corpse.
I think it Jessel's daughter.
This is their greatest treasure.
Illuminating the ground again,
there's some.
Shut up!
- No!
It's that old woman.
Hear that?
No, that's impossible.
That is not impossible. Electricity is
the only thing that works here and nothing else.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, we leave.
Come on, come at once.
Help me.
What is this nonsense?
We're stuck!
I know!
In Jessel's room has a window.
A window without security.
- What are you talking about, Lucie?
You know that we no longer
up to. Hear that?
But they can not possibly be awakened.
It is the only way to the outside.
Okay, we'll try. Come.
Where is she gone?
- Mrs. Jessel?
We need as quickly as possible get out.
Come on, William. The window.
Damn, Lucie, you said -
- I tell you, that previously was not.
There must be a way to get outside.
- Ben?
Ben? Ben?
Where have you been doing?
Hey, Lucie.
Come on, quick.
Damn, there is no door.
There is no door.
This can not?
That's not good enough, dammit!
Deborah Anne and Jessel. December 1935
Hey, I think she has beaten Anna.
Who has beaten Anna?
- Jessel's daughter.
I despise the name of Jessel's daughter.
Come on, we find her room.
- You have seen everything. There is nothing.
No treasure, no key, nothing.
- Keep it right here.
Try the window again.
- Save that nonsense for you, Lucie.
We're not going anywhere until we Are
have been found. Okay?
Do what I say.
Ophelie, you're hopeless.
Leave the room, immediately!
Ladies, go home.
Do not forget to bow.
Now, fast.
Only people who we do not know, honey.
Do not go outside!
Make that mistake again.
Are you there, Lucie?
What are you doing with that thing on your head?
What is this?
Where were you?
Ben, do not!
Do not, Ben!
- What is going on? - Ben! - William!
I'm stuck! William!
Do not, Ben! Do not!
William! William!
Dance! Come on.
Come on!
The sun and moon do not want you, Anna.
And the people who live below even less.
Your life is here. With me.
Your dedication to learn to dance
will ensure that you do not again
trying to escape.
Again, please, more!
Down, up, down.
Again, with more deflection.
Again, please, and beyond.
Deeper, lower, lower.
More. Do it well, deeper.
More, more, more.
You're not dead.
You're just broken.
Mrs. Wilson?
What are you -
What are you doing there?
I lost my job to execute it.
Why are you still here?
Why are you not yet gone,
like the rest?
Why do you say nothing?
You had a book with you,
or not? Treasure?
William ...
He has long maintained.
Anna. Come back.
A person.
- Dance, my daughter.
Be obedient.
Do not be afraid for the evening.