Liza (1972) Movie Script

Are you thirsty, Melampo?
Are you? Yes or no?
She's never happy. She sighs all day.
All she says is no!
- Stop it! Try and think straight.
- You have to think straight.
Your arguments
are spoiling our holidays!
That's enough!
You know what I think?
I can't stand you!
- Wait!
- Hey!
Leave her, it'll wake her up.
- Liza, come back.
- Come on!
You're no longer a child!
The island's full of snakes!
Shut up, that's not true.
Liza, this is Ludwig.
Come back!
I forgive you.
Ludwig, you're wrong.
Here, Melampo. Bring it here.
Come on, get it!
Get the stick!
Come on, Melampo!
Fetch it.
Spartacus gets to the circus
with his black friends.
Spartacus and his black panthers!
No shoes! No money!
- Nowhere to go!
- Quiet, Melampo.
I'm so unlucky!
Melampo, don't get seen.
Come on!
Yes, we'll eat now.
Liza, speak if you can hear us!
- What an idiot!
- Liza!
If you don't come,
we'll leave your bags here!
Hurry up, or the boat
will leave without you!
I want my shoes!
What are you looking at?
Go away!
Don't look at me, or I'll bite you!
Hey, mister!
Excuse me, is this your dog?
He's staring at me.
Well, call him, won't you'?
Melampo, come here.
Thank goodness!
- It hurts!
- Where?
My foot.
I'm so thirsty.
- Where can I get a drink?
- There's a fountain there.
My foot hurts!
Give me a hand.
Do you live here?
- Where's the water?
- In front of you.
How can I drink it?
It's easy.
Where can I go now?
Please, I want to leave.
How can I leave?
How'? Tell me!
- Tomorrow.
- Where?
- Do you live inside that ball?
- Yes.
What's living alone like?
You get used to it.
Did you choose to do it?
- What's your dog's name?
- Melampo.
Melampo, Pinocchio's dog.
- Nice painting! Did you do it?
- No.
It's the island's beach.
- La Semillante.
- It shipwrecked here a long time ago.
"Three hundred sailors
are buried here." Poor souls!
Miss, it's self service.
Melampo, come here.
Thanks for the bandage.
Come here, look and learn.
This is self-sufficiency, Melampo!
Now, the laces.
Melampo, open your eyes!
Melampo, open your eyes!
What's wrong?
Are you tired'?
Is this old wreck yours?
Mister what'? What's your name?
- Giorgio.
- What?
That's a nice name.
- What are you doing?
- Sit down, please.
Did you make them?
I'm called Liza and I'm no idiot.
I'm Robinson Crusoe.
Now what are you doing?
You ask a lot of questions!
I'm salting the fish, you see?
That's what that smell is!
A Magnum of Champagne!
- Mr. Crusoe, if I were Friday?
- No.
What a witch!
- Didn't you see me?
- No.
Are you sure?
What's this?
I'm not interested in other
people's business.
How nice!
I'm not that ugly!
I'm not a good painter.
- Where am I sleeping?
- In the bed.
Melampo, go have a wee.
I'm closing the door.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing!
Listen, Jean Harlow.
Do the entrance again.
The artist didn't capture
the magic moment. Please.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
It's satin, it slips off.
It's slipped off.
Why do you keep dolls heads?
The sea washes them up.
I'm not a sex maniac.
The sea washes up lots of things.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Mornings are tough.
Good morning.
- It's nice.
- Thanks.
I covered your face,
I'm not good at faces.
But you have lots of little stars
around you instead?
It's nice, I like it.
Good. The boat's ready when you want.
To go where?
Didn't you say you wanted to leave?
This is mine and I'm taking it.
- Can I have some coffee?
- Yes, it's ready.
My signature.
There you are.
Do you want me to come with you?
No, nowhere.
I'll do some shopping.
Good luck and...
Melampo, come here.
Stop it, Bernard! We've had enough!
Stop it, you've kept everyone up.
How did you get here'?
- Someone brought me here.
- Is it yours?
And now'? Get back on the boat.
You know you're wrong,
Ludwig was right.
No, he wasn't!
- This is mine!
- Don't be childish!
Come with me.
Are you coming'? The boat's leaving.
- What about my bags?
- We'll send a sailor.
I'll take this one.
Get it straight, Ludwig isn't right.
Next time leave me my shoes!
I'm cold.
Giorgio, I want to leave.
- It's nice, isn't it?
- Yes. As soon as possible.
What's wrong?
I just wanted some tenderness
and warmth.
You only think of yourself.
It's as if I didn't exist.
It's hot!
Why did you come back?
Melampo, look!
Two in one go!
It's an unbeatable Japanese system.
I've changed my mind.
I'll stay here. Too bad for you.
That's it. Good boy, Melampo!
Come on.
Where are you going?
The rock's warmer now.
Melampo, what is it?
That's it, keep going.
Come on, don't be scared.
Listen. We have to play.
What sweet eyes you have!
Let's have a race.
Let's see who can swim
the furthest.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come here, Melampo!
Come and swim, it's great!
The water's warm!
Good boy!
He'll be happy.
Buried near a cemetery.
How moving.
Now who will I talk to?
Lift your head up.
Where are you going? Stop!
I have something to tell you.
I killed Melampo.
Go on!
Come on!
Bring it here.
Come with me.
Let's go on playing-
Fetch it.
What are you doing there?
Come on, move it.
Bring it back.
Come on! Are you tired?
Good girl.
I'm thirsty.
I have an idea for another story.
It happened in Germany
in the 18th Century.
A monk was tried
for making love to a dog.
He loved solitude.
Through mortification
he is fulfilled.
He was a religious man
and perhaps yearned for holiness.
But one day he meets
a beautiful bitch.
He follows her but loses track of her.
He sees her again the next day
and in the following days.
The dog seems to want to attract him.
Until one day,
he follows her to a barn
and they make love.
People say the devil took
the shape of the dog
to tempt him.
The monk was tried and burnt alive.
- And the bitch?
- Her as well.
Who's coming?
A Foreign Legion commando.
- They're looking for a deserter.
- A deserter?
It's not the first time.
If they find him, they'll kill him.
No! Leave me alone!
Leave me alone, you bastards!
Liza, come here.
- Help him!
- How?
- They're killing him!
- They always do that.
They seek refuge on this island
thinking it's safe,
then they get caught like rats!
There's nothing I can do.
Do you want a biscuit?
What will you do to that man?
Unfortunately, there are regulations.
- Come here!
- Do you need help, miss?
Liza, come here!
We've got trouble!
Get up and walk!
You mustn't speak to anyone, okay?
Come on!
Move! One of these days
I'll smash your head in!
Don't try running away!
Move it!
Move it, come on!
Come on!
I'll put chains on you!
You bite as well?
Leave my hand alone!
Let go or I'll kill you!
Let go!
Get up, come on!
Get in your place!
Get up! Get to your bed!
Get to your bed!
So you bite, do you?
Go on!
Do you want to bite?
Get down here!
What's wrong?
Why did you come here?
Mum tried to kill herself.
She's still in hospital.
- It's blackmail.
- No, she wants to see you.
Of course.
Your hair's grown.
Are you well?
Are you happy?
I asked to be left alone.
So. How's it going, Paolo?
I've got a girlfriend now.
Stay calm.
Calm down, I'm here.
Do you know these glasses
were invented by the Eskimos?
These glasses! Why are you
in this sort of Pantheon?
With your dried fish, your gas lamp.
Who do you think you are?
- A wild man? A survivor?
- So?
- I do as I want.
- What do you want?
- Are you hungry?
- Yes, a bit.
Self service!
The last story you drew
was good.
Thanks. I'm working, as you can see.
And you get the money you need.
Eat up.
So, you're alright then?
Yes, but what about your wife?
You'll have to decide one day.
Come here.
If I took you with me,
I'd never come back.
Let me come with you.
You'll wait here for me.
You'll look after the house.
I'll come back.
Take me with you, Giorgio!
- Don't you know where your mum is?
- I get confused.
All the rooms are the same.
Are you sure it's this one?
She's sleeping.
Maybe we should let her sleep.
Have you seen Les Halles?
It's the only 19th Century building
that Paris should have preserved!
They're destroying it before our eyes.
Nice girl!
That's how inconsistent our world is.
Cities get changed
because the citizens change.
They've destroyed 4 blocks already.
They're keeping one
and moving it elsewhere.
The unbelievable thing...
...was the cultural revolution
of Les Halles.
And now the depression
against the cultural pollution!
Before, the belly of Paris
was exploding.
Do you remember when we ate
in that street?
Oysters... Are you listening?
Are you a Good Samaritan?
He might have rabies!
Come back to reality.
Take table-tennis, the goods,
they bore me.
The interesting thing
is the result of the trip to China.
What will take place afterwards.
See the black girl? Nice, huh?
Once, the intellectual stayed still
and history passed before his eyes.
Now he's the one that's moving.
She looks like your Spartacus' lover.
Spartacus' lover is called Liza.
Why are you shouting?
It's too noisy here.
I don't know.
I'm starting to speak like a deaf man.
Do you want to play the noble savage?
Your island's noisy too.
The waves, the seagulls...
Even silence is noisy.
If I grew a moustache,
it'd be wet all the time...
...from wine...
- Right!
It should be thicker.
We've known each other many years.
- Aren't you thirsty?
- No.
- Aren't you drinking?
- No.
Have you got another story in mind?
Are you going to stay or go?
I don't know, I don't want to decide.
Who does?
- You sorted out your problem well.
- Meaning?
That I drink?
Dear sir, what is happiness?
Happiness is knowing Krishna,
the fountain of pleasure,
the ocean of pleasure.
By singing his name,
you'll gain happiness.
- You'll be free from suffering.
- Some cake?
The best things
life gives us are gifts.
Us, the sun, the food
that the land gives us are gifts.
God's love, Krishna,
is the greatest gift.
Here you are.
I made it as you requested.
I hope you like it.
- It's very good.
- Thank you.
Aren't you coming to eat?
I don't like paella.
I've got my carrots.
Are you hungry?
Your napkin.
- Is the paella good?
- Yes, it is.
So, your carrots?
- Enjoy your meal, mum and dad.
- Enjoy your meal, Valeria.
Good girl.
Has invited us on Wednesday.
- Is that alright for you?
- Yes.
Come here!
Valeria, you must eat your carrots!
Sit down, Maria will get it.
Eat up.
Eat the carrots. Both of you.
- Yes?
- I've come to see George.
The family's eating.
Can't you wait?
- No.
- What?
Sir, there's a lady to see you.
A lady who's in a hurry!
- Where's the cat?
- It ran away.
Valeria, is that nice?
I don't know. I only eat carrots,
but I think so.
Eat up.
Would you like some wine?
No wine, just milk.
I'll get it.
Can I have some wine?
- Do you live in Paris, miss?
- No!
can you give me a cigarette, please?
Of course.
- That's Melampo's collar!
- It's mine!
I'll read a bit, then I'll sleep.
As you're not asking me anything,
I'll speak.
- If you like.
- You don't usually speak.
- You just judge me!
- Not here, Giorgio.
- Goodnight, mum.
- Goodnight, Valeria.
I saw a girl who was quite pretty,
a bit scruffy and very rude.
I've tried explaining,
but you don't want to understand.
I do what I can.
Why don't you ever get angry?
- I should get angry?
- Yes, it's be more honest.
I don't get angry
because we're friends.
- I try and understand.
- We're not friends.
Will you leave your wrists alone?
It gets on my nerves.
It gets on your nerves?
What do you want from me?
You don't get angry, that's true.
But you try to commit suicide!
Then when I speak to you,
you stay calm.
Full of understanding!
That's the worst kind
of emotional blackmail!
You don't know
what's going on between us.
Yes, she's not a woman.
She's a dog who follows her owner.
- I understand, you see?
- Don't play dumb.
I never said she was a dog.
- I understand perfectly.
- You'd like to, but you can't.
You've got no imagination!
And you don't believe me.
Yes, I believe you!
It's useless talking to you.
It's completely useless.
Come here!
Come here!
Giorgio, come here!
- Come here!
- No, don't be like that.
If you go with bitches,
you should like it!
Come here.
Let's go.
It's late February '71 B.C.
It's a cold night. The mountains
are covered with snow.
Spartacus and some of his men... against Crasso
and march towards Brindisi.
Crasso immediately goes after him...
...because he's scared
that Spartacus will attack Rome.
But soon he notices
that Spartacus' march... just a diversion manoeuvre.
No rebel had ever
acted like Spartacus.
He was already aware of his class.
He knew the slaves
had to gain their own freedom.
Spartacus was a revolutionary.
Leave the fish!
You have to listen
because my dog listened to me!
Got that?
Good. Got that, Liza'?
Carlo Marx himself said that Spartacus...
...was the only representative
of ancient proletarianism.
The sea is taking the boat away!
The boat's gone.
The sea's taken it away.
What now?
Go away!
I'll tell you one more time!
I don't want you to stay here!
There's no reason.
I chose to live here with my dog...
...and maybe even to die here.
But I have my reasons to do so,
I'm mad!
You're not!
You're sick! Look at yourself!
Go on, put your white dress on
and go to the beach.
Someone will see you
and take you somewhere.
You chose this island and me.
Two things which are too hard for you.
Liza, come here!
Why are you hiding?
I wanted to be on my own.
Where's the meat?
You've eaten it all!
It's damp,
but the wall is sturdy!
Are those berries good to eat?
Give me one.
I prefer tinned peaches.
- Are you still cold'?
- No.
The water gets better every day.
It's finished.
Now there's nothing left to eat.
Are you sure?
Come here!
You know what?
If I work on it,
I'll fix it in a month.
When the plane's fixed,
we'll paint it then y away!
- Where to?
- I haven't decided yet.
- Can we eat where we're going?
- Of course.
We'll eat, Liza.
There are no more fish in the sea!
What a PW-
You know what we can do?
We can drink the water!
Come with me.
I've decided. We'll y tomorrow.