Lizzie Borden's Revenge (2014) Movie Script

Lizzie , Gabbie no work is done in
You're sitting next to Iley
I want to talk to your father / this way is not in doubt empty
I do not want to discuss further, at
whom I leave my estate
Decision myself
Now join your brother in the field
I have work / A
I'm with the bank, I went back and passed out
= = Well, I'm good honey
Let's do
Play a little, oh yeah
Very sexy
Oh good
A bit of both really good round
So what do you do with these Mallory
You're a darling
It's for a girlfriend's birthday, this prize
If so you have to show that nice big
We have enough, you can print it
Hey, baby
Yes ?
I'll be at home with you this weekend gatherings
Yes they say party, we in law
because we have a drinking game
And again I want you to come, could drop by 8 o'clock
You can settle into the window
And I'll be waiting with a birthday gift
Forget the party, you came to see me only
It's boring, just sexy girls playing truth or challenges
We play challenge or truth
I hate the game
With how many girls?
Lazzie good girl / Of course, he turuan Lizzie Borden
What is there relationship with him
That Lizzie Borden in the know, there is a relationship with Oniel
Who is he? / He...
He was a stage actor
relationship with Lizzie Borden
her sister Emma did not have her
Oh, shut up!
Lizzie Borden not gay, not gay and Lezzie
Hey I'm no judgment here
Good Lezzie so gay, that the mind /
Leave Lezzie alone
Gosh, Asley naked
Ashley, what are you doing?
That right? / Yes? / I sleep
It refreshes you should try it / It's party
You have to wear it / Yes
Okay wear something / Why to I
Lezzie will know it
Okay, what a joke
Well someone laugh before I get angry
I'm serious this to a furious
Take a deep breath and count to ten
Ashley wearing something
In there
Preserve it alone
This is Bobby Baker, Bobby posts webiste
And I'm on track
I know there will be a party girl, in which you requested
That for I know, and you find out
Watch again, fraternity house
It's true
I said incoming / You is / Ow...
You're a slob / You may be a flash back
someone has entered the self-mu
Please do not let me play truth or challenges
Okay we hear in this house, chaotic
not do anything about it
All people play a challenge or truth
/ Last time we played, we drink alcohol
That's why we're stuck here, our brother in florida
We're not going to drink alcohol, and if there are people drinking
I would say
That's why you're here, because you open your mouth
We are no rules for a reason, it's enough
We play truth or challenges
And cinty will go ahead
I challenge all
Hold this sand, the spirit of Lizzie Borden
That's dangerous, no kidding
You're obsessed with Lizzie Borden
Boring / Yes this year we are
instance in this room Lizzie Borden
With blood relationship of Lizzie Borden
Something will happen, I know it
We can communicate with lizzie
Crummy / Boring / LDE bad /
That would turn cindy if there is a spirit of Lizzie Borden
Then we do it
Well, let's all into the circle and
hand grip and leslie you're in the center of the circle
Come on, I dare you all.
Let's go ladies
I say this hazard / Just hundreds of times
/ O
I say something hundreds of times
Whether it's crazy, there's something wrong with me
Are you saying there are
wrong with me?
Well, all of them holding hands
And concentration
I menanggil name of Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Borden showed us
Give us a sign
Lizzie Borden Borden Leslie turunanmu call
Lizzie / What I need, let no
bad things will happen
Lizzie / louder
Lizzie Borden came to us
Come lizzie we want to talk to you
Talk to us lizzie
Do you slain father and your stepmother,
what other people are doing it
Something bridget solomn
Or your uncle jhon mores to talk to us lizzie
Shown in our clean your name
show self mu / Ah
Lizlie why you cried
I felt something touch me / Done with this
Okay malori your turn, challenge the truth or
I challenge us all to drink
O / Now you're talking /
I have good stuff in my bedroom
Fear me, what are you doing
Do you think it's a stupid question
Kada psychiatrist I was not the answer
I do not know I'm probably a lot of stupid questions asked
Do you think people like me to lecture
Do you think I could get into your association
even though I do not go to church
You think I'm dead before 30 years
Yes what your sister know you are here /
do not tell me here okay amanda
He tka know
Of course he knows, how I get in
Do not tell me he's okay, I will not
said he
I told you the word p
Who's going to say / I do not know
What are you doing to me, if not tell me
What do you want / How to
Okay / I do not want a kiss
That he / I'll pretend you did not see
bit so you know
I like to drink
How dengna mu
Lizzie Borden took an ax, when he saw what
that he did
Are you okay lizzie
I'm fine / Why are you swinging in a pattern like that
I do not take much / Lizzie Borden
I do not know / Because of you this
That was back in 1830
Leave home I. / Actually I went
This is your challenge. / Whatever. / Hey
Good Experiment
Okay try not to choose lizlie
I heard you talk to me. / No, pray
Did he kill 281 1, Tuan said you perfection
Full of wisdom and beauty
From the day you were created
Until the crime is found in the mu
It spreads
You sin filled with violence and mu
And there came out a fire from the absorption mu mu
I subtract you, in the sight of all who see
Do you read it, you believe I sent
nona borden
I select you think of me as a mom
Do you care about the sin
I do or what I have not done
I read pasl inzil it because your father told me
Now I no work is done
I have two eyes
Are you sure it's okay lizzie
Okay I did not ask again
A toast
In your
May we graduated, rich, and find love
And that is important
May we not in jail
yes no prisoners
Drink Janise. / No
Okay I continue with the game
What Janis
You know do not need to raise your hands
We're all stuck here
no way out, and the window can not be solved
Maybe we end up like him
I think this is a recipe for disaster
= = I know there are vague plans
Okay well follow me
If emergency use an ax to break
So we used an ax to break down the door
. / Yes
What plans. / Are you ready
not drink Atua. / I better not
You have no choice because you're one of us
I never felt like mu. /
It used to be summer vacation extraordinary
And leave you here, so I say it
Like it or not, you're one of us today
Go first. / No
How do you home
There amanda know you're here, what do you see the man
That's a stupid question
Seriously what is going on. / No apada's what
I'm here a long time and know amanda
Amanda will not sit around, when you putar2 home
She wore it
What people with pink flowers
What your parents know you're here
Hey. / Stop asked many questions.
/ Listen
I let you go, he's the living room with her sister
I mean sister associations
I go see him I promise
What are you down here
You try to fear me , you do not get any
true scary ghost
Happy birthday. / What is this
Wow this sexy dear
Happy birthday dear. / Thanks
I like to drink , I know you can to the dark side
That was wrong and extremely
I do not care
You you mengkonsomsi alcohol
What do you disturb
Drunk disgusting. / At least we know not drunk
ashley Perhaps we should give a chance
Would so what, the truth or challenges.
/ Let me think
Make sure you do not challenge me anything it
You like to sing. / No
True I do not, please do not challenge me sing
That will not work
Well I was there The. / Truth
What is going on here the sister vanesa
What do you mean what happened on
vanesa. / He mad it
I do not talk about it
No, the truth or challenges
= = Yes you make all the right
I said I do not want to talk about it
I have to go through it, you do not get a free pass
Here it
This happened how many years ago
I was at a party
My sister in the basement
He heard music and doing pr
He did not hear this happening
Mom father
venesa see my parents killed
And the fox he
What you mean my hard but
I learned to live with it
Do you find who did it
That's not true. / What is not true
I know who did it
Lizzie borden kill your parents
You're kidding about ekmatian parents
No I'm sorry
= = I do not know why say it
This game can suck it
already we check
Malory We need to get done. / In which Malory
I should go back now. / He should be back
There are people here . / I did. / I
venesa what are you doing here
Why is nobody happy to see me
You see Malory. / No
You like me right . / What do you mean
There in the mu. / Sorry about your parents
I swear I did not kill her
We're all going to die
Since boby baker record of webiste
As I promise way into the house sorotiy
It's really old
If I can not take the key name I'm not boby beaker
maker problems
In the waiting I
Party happened what I say
Someone please
This is getting boring
Do you think this time is lower. /
My parents were killed
I'm sorry you're okay
Lizley remove from me
lizley Where he goes long
Time to slow because there is no man who accompanied
And your two sisters consumption of alcohol
This one. / Wait
Stop laughing
I think I heard something
I do not hear apaun. / What have you heard about
I did not know there were shouts
Are you kidding. / No
Not too
No, no kidding. / We need more
Coming I get it
Just go from heaven
More than you like, check this
I found the door but closed from the outside
. / What's in there
Maybe sex star, there they were abducted
Maybe I'm in there I'm going to body
Let's find out
Do you follow me here. / No
Some people kill my boyfriend, we have
out of here. / Seriously
Lizzie That we have to tell the others.
/ Instead he died many years ago
I do not know I heard something again
And I'm talking to myself again
If you kill him should calm
blame your hp. / I
do not know I do not want hp. / Good
Do you believe it is. / Her People
Hey I said no my website. / We're out of here
Hey leslie back he can play more
challenge or truth
Well, Janise your turn
Leslie and Ashley for sex
That would be great. / AKu Duah said
What no one would know what to do Malory
I can not find anything that door open back
Locked here. / Yes it shall mean we can not go
I closed the door and locked sorry
I think how Malory can open it
Forget about going, forget about the door
We're locked in here. / Again
And you play truth or challenges
So Leslie and Asley fuck
Excellent do more
Tantantangan or truth
No, I dare you to fuck. / Yes
I can not make love in front of you. /
Come with me
Do you want see that
What are you doing. /
I have something comfortable. / hey what?
AleX go. / I go grab my phone and
met in my room right
To aid. / I think I'll rape you. /
I do not know maybe
I think I've been through it
I thought you checked . / oh no
You're here
I do not think you showed up, I think that the reason
Oh no
Seriously who would want to hear it
What are you doing. / There is no
Feel my website. / No. / Good
Because I heard you serious
He knows what we should do
Oh what is so. / Yes
Okay. / Yes
Why do not you filmed me, you are very sexy
You'll be popular at my website. / What is your webiste
= = Tell me. /
You're the guy in the basement
is not true it is not basementnya
Not exactly my own room I was only
occurred in basementnya
Why create
I like what a loser you do not like your mother
I'm fond of my mother, but did not stay with her
. / What does not love him anymore
You can not guard him, could not skip
You know the ancient indian
lived with his parents until the end, it's really an honor
Honors. / I do not get any signal
You can leave me
I'm going
Get it
My God I'll be right there
This is disgusting. / You do not know I guess he clipped berkeping2
That's her right. / Come
Do we sit around and look at Janes waste
= = Do not let's keep playing. / Good
turn mu. / Amanda
The truth
What story in tell your parents the right
Yes I know
Our parents were killed but
= = We're in the adoption of biological parenthood
Very sad
I appeared once, last name Oniel
What is going to see him
You know venesa just a baby but
I was two years old memories
That's enough for me
Okay you said licy no relationship with Oniel
That's something you lizzlie derivative and he
Like the love child of Lizzie Borden
Amanda could be the love child of lizlie
First gender alone. / Just the right
Do not you know this is just buat2. /
not really see it
Due to its relationship with Oniel. / Or
Because he's the parents. / It's not that
Lizzie and Emma remained silent after the death of his parents
Obviously not believe he's a hunter emma cold blood
lizzie and Oniel That relationship ended with death forever
So you think you can? / Can what ?
Derivatives nenace on nil
If there lizzee kill the oth
Know it and she no relationship with lizzie
Relations. / It's better I do not know your self
Do you know something about parent
I do not
You know it's really late so
We need to find another. / We need to go
Send Janis. / That's a great idea
Why I. / Janise go find Malory and Asley
Yes sir
Anybody here
You wasted
mother what it was you
Yes of course it's your mother, what I like your mom
Maafi bu. / You apologize
I thau you want me to play the piano
I tried but I
I just do not like it
very difficult to live a perfect
= = Do you still love me. / Yes
You're not my mother
You retarded sister Amanda. /
I do not butt
big's different
And again nobody we use the word
I I seriously do not call it again
What do you want to do
I'm going to kill you
I need see my sister
Do you think you can help me
Of course
You kill me right
Can we finish doing something
It must be sick if we not challenged
Maybe we should dare. / Amanda did you hear this
Lucy I think your father told you to work
I need to talk about something
this time without reference to the gospel
There is no discussion that we No, it's a new book
This is very difficult but there are things that I'm talking
It's about the man. / That caution
I do not care about them
I select more with them
Stop it, stop it now
I just need people to understand. / You're disgusting me
Coming back your father I will say
him, he faces mu
Do you understand, he would face the mu
This is only the beginning of her
Lizzie what are you doing with that ax
Everything OK
I think I just fell asleep
Yes but this party is fun. / What are you talking
We need something with pamanaan not you
Do you think I was when. / Late one
About lizzie
I hope this is not. / We do not need
We've told you in the library
Try saying her mother. / He les bian
Let orangutuanya, then he's in all the
The axes refer
new Logically I told you guys make the changes first
Attractive and I'm sure it's true
He disturbed Templar but instead he blurred
I hope this there shall mean anything. /
Like what
Ghosts Lizzie came into the house okay
Okay now I turn
I think this is not everything
caution. / There are many ben in bidcarakan
Okay well
Technically stepmother
There are people here
Uh you're scary, why with mu
How do I know, it obviously takes 2
Mother die mu, manda says he killed
I want to talk to you. / Wait
Crazy People
It may be only The story of a girl
Can a man get but I can not
I will say this once so listen
relationships like never puzzle composed
And you're the tiles and you fit in somewhere
There are many where can find a nice tempt
. / That dl
So many puzzles I did not know
AKu fit, you do not thau
I'm trying to look all the hate I
Try doing right. / lsabel
Are you an now
O Lord I hear it
I finished your help. / Wait for me I drink a lot of races
I force
Ashley in Where you
One phone 81 1
It's very inappropriate
Okay cindy you see it
You check into the basement
you into living space if anyone wants to find us
I check room else. / Seriously
Do you want to move. / No, we still
together. / Good
You check the basement and the other checks.
/ We do not split
None of us found. / You where
where he
Non-truth okay
We did not find anyone. /
Tidka what you know your sister here. / What? / vanessa
You see vanesea. / I talk to him
I do not know we hear this story mauselesaikan something dongengbilang
Why do not you stay with him. / I
Okay kawan2 we need to find all those
And here you are. / No. /
I think they go
Pinahkan here before. / You
stop. / I think you believe it
For you do not. / kenr Okay, okay one catch kisrush lag
So I'm going upstairs to find my phone
I know I leave here
Do this on our hp. /
One of us. / No way
We do not know where marly and Leslie.
/ Not them
I guess vanesa not a killer. / He did not kill
Whether it's pain
vanesaa pembununya and do not say it again
You do not. / How it
What tuuh getaarn it will be lol
Okay then who is. / Clear all
There are people breaking in here, I know the key
. / What?
Supposed to be locked in here. / No
in the kitchen
Did you see that I'm not afraid
4 days there we can get him
Lizzie. / He's ax
4 of us one from him. / He wins lizzie
That's crazy is not a ghost. /
Bagmana you know it. / I guess you do not go
Do you believe it
He goes where
Still do not believe in ghosts. / No
Okay this is what we do
Cindy and I would check the ground floor of the main guys
I guess we will not pinsah
It's like we're alone. / Yes
You know what's encountered in kitchen 15 min. /
How do we know
15 min. / What. / hp or nobody
You're supposed to basement
I know we can check here
we've been here in how enjoying more
There is no varnesa leslie
You're afraid to basement. / Not I just
Do something. / Do you need help
dengna it
This ghost
No one of my summer vacation in three usudah
And I'm stuck with janice
I'm good
no way you find selpon
Since the same kidnapped room space mu
Okay true. / Come into the kitchen
Open the door
It was locked from the side
key bastard what home
What are you looking for. / Kunicnya
Where are they. / I do not know
Lezlie .. Malory
People maniac. / You're not going to kill me right
what happens. / There's a girl stabbed another girl with an ax
Lizzie Borden . / Lizzie Borden. / The killer
mean Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40
kampakan times.
Ghost trying to kill us
I guess it's not Lizzie borden
Only one. His name is Malory. His girlfriend is dead also
We need to find another way out of here
We need to find another way out. /
What others
We find other people you're looking for
aid, while I was looking the other
= = What about Lizzie Borden. / OK
You know not Lizzie Borden, right
Not logical, but this is the best explanation we have
Although Lizzie Borden could return from death
Why would you want to kill us all. / There are many theories I
Oh like.
I told you my theory lizzy Borden
no Dangan aunt lesbian relationship O'neil
So the event we held this evening with
Leslie with Lizzie Borden
descent and Leslie have sex with another woman
And maybe tonight occurrence
successfully brought back from the grave Lizzie Borden
= = So he can take revenge on us
all of which he feels insulted keturannya
That's one theory. / You want to hear the other
. / No
What are you doing
I'm not going to find
way out of here,
I'll sit here and wait for people to come get me
This is not a bad idea
What is your name. / Dee
Dee I hello boby of Bobby Peep satcom
You know, you're sexy as hell with there shorts
Do you want to make love with me. / hell.
/ How big kiss
No need on the lips
Turn off the camera or I smash your head
Good pengemar sports
Please do not broken here
Sadly, my friends are all dead, and
you play around with your nasty websites
= = What is your problem. / Do you want to know
I did not tell anybody, but I think this time
I live with my mom
The actual basement floor
This is a joke
= = I'm gay
So what to do with the website obscene
Mom I do not know, it would break her heart
He knows about the webiste
In my heart, I knew he could thank
I'm so handyman nasty, as long as it is a girl
not make sense. / That is
I do not have a boyfriend, I do not know what could be one
I understand, your website such as beards
What? / Beards, disguise. / True
What I severe child
I do not want to die knowing I was a bad kid
What you love your mom. / More than anyone
You there for him whenever needed
You're going to die so proud child,
it's just that we're not going to die tonight.
So you do not think this is Lizzie Borden
I do not know what kind of Lizzie Borden,
but what I saw was not a ghost
Have you ever seen a ghost before
No, you
We should silence
= = Ah .. / Stop .. / Okay
We break the glass. / There is a forest outside this window
Not in the living room, let's
What are you doing here. / I blurred
from home, can stay with you for a while
You have to believe something, good for us all
I do not know, nobody semurna
Remove from dadamuk anything, like your bra
My Bh. / I'm kidding
Seriously, what make you awake at night
anger. / You're angry, do not
It's true
I'm so upset, do not know why, just can not control
Have you tried anger management.
/ Yes
Give me a countdown technique or what
Sometimes Amanda could calm me with the count
I do not know, as there is a fire in me
Give me an example of something that makes you angry
I'm driving, there are people in front of me stopped
I passed him, I press klaksonku
No one likes to be cut. /
I mean stop in front of
A lot of space is used as an indicator
I'm still angry, and I want to
kill him, it is not true
I can not bear
What I do when angry, and this may sound stupid
I tried to channel your anger into a happy mind
You're right . / You try it
No, you're right it sounds stupid
Forget it. / Come on, go on
If someone cuts me off on the road
highway, and I'm angry
Then I think mom
Ashley get me brownies overnight
My mother loves me
And anger will disappear
You killed me, I need something
It's been years
And I do not have to be embarrassed will it
My whole life is a lie
And there is a relationship I would not be ashamed
I will be proud of it, I'll take it
Shouts him
Leslie you're okay
I'm not impressed with the fact you were not dating at age
this, what else married
I try to explain it. / You bastard
There is a good thought, show kehormatanr
= = What did you say. /
Nothing I could say you want to hear
So I feel your feelings in me staying at
And one day
They release the rage
You could not stay with me. / You do not love me
. / Yes
Of course yes, but it kesmpatan I
to college to
I took all psychology majors learn to take care of your
We're talking about this . /
but I need your help now.
But this is only a few years away
Annual .. what is this .. you will give me an annual
. / What you will ..
Calm. / No. / OK
You know I can kick your butt. /
Let alone
Brad, there's a way back home
And kill Ashley, we must remain calm
you understand.
I know, he's trying to kill me
Do you see him. / Not really, I blurred
I see what he did on ashley
Why did not you say sooner. / Who is the
care. / OK
If you let you go, you will
be nice, what are you?
Ah.... / Now let me down
That siap2 system for anytime, every time you ask
You sure do not see the killer. /
I do not see him.
How do you know that woman
I think that Lizzie Borden
Yes was a young child
Do not be afraid
We've seen Lizzie Borden, she had just committed the
in front of us
Bobby . / I do not know who he is, but he saved the lives of vanessa
We do not think about this. / Come
Okay we need to find who is still alive
this reason Leslie and Mallory
Bobby says he saw the bodies of Malory
Where did you see him. / On. / Okay now where he
I do not know I miss him, and strangely this part
She was naked. / Naked
= = Maybe she was shocked. / OK
This part I think he's weird forehead and touch
There is something about Lizzie
imagined would tell her father she was a lesbian
Are you drunk. /
I thought it was Lizzie borden too, but not
I see him this time, we all see
him, we all see Lizzie Borden. / No
I know him. / You know he
Who is it. / It
He killed Vannesa
I'm going to kill him, why did you stop me
Your brother is dead, OK
It is a ghost
How do we kill, he's dead
I think it's not a real ghost
. / What do you mean
When we summon the spirit of Lizzie Borden
He took the body for at rasuki for
he can do something physically
thing as killing us. / seems
.. That Leslie / Leslie?
It looks like a zombie, not Lizzie
Borden, it does not resemble Leslie
do not think that Lizzie Borden, she almost told us who he
And Bobby said he did not see what I saw
, he does not see Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Borden so pervaded Leslie
Those in the circle
We're in manterai
Then we see what we see he wants
Advances rot Lizzie Borden. / It does not make sense
Why would anyone want to kill him, why
Maybe lizzie do not want us to know, that Leslie
We can talk to Leslie
He can against this, we can stop
Leslie, but not Lizzie
Who is Leslie, I saw him up
Check all bedrooms
What are you doing. / we have to defend ourselves
= = So what, you're going to stab Leslie?
Yes, if I had to. / He killed your brother.
No, do not kill my sister Leslie, Leslie Borden are doing
You can not hurt Leslie
Why do not you go out and get the help
Okay how do I get out. / There is a broken window in the basement
I think that's the way Bobby and Vanessa
here. / No, forget it, okay
Come you want to help me, this connective,
you will put me out of the window
This is not a bad idea
Whatever the statistics higher kesepatannya
survive here in this house with Lizzie borden
Leslie , we know
It's you. / Okay, we can help you
We are brothers, and it should have no meaning
From everything we've been through together,
okay. we are brothers
I Mansis of the family, and you love
Nans, and leslie part of you
And it should be no meaning, so
Lower ax
Leave Leslie with us, because we will receive Leslie
Like the way we accept
Remove Leslie, asshole
Leslie Borden took an ax and gave her mother 40 stab
When she saw what she had done
, she gave her father 41
Say it again, and I will hurt you
I'm good, how do we get out of here