LKG (2019) Movie Script

"No hymn is greater
than a father's word!"
Proxy government
Down with
Corrupt government
Down with
Proxy government
Down with
Cancel the swearing in ceremony
Proxy government
Down with
Corrupt government
Down with
"Brimming Sea drapes
exuberant Dame Earth!"
"With Beautified face in
this exalted Indian Continent!"
"South! In particular Divine
Dravidian Country!"
"As Aesthetic Thilak on its
beauteous curved forehead!"
"Like the Fragrance of that Thilak,
for the entire world to be delirious!"
"your fervor spread in all directions!"
Oh! Tamil Lady!
"Ever remain afresh Thee alone!
Purity intact too!"
"Delighted! Praise thou beauteous Tamil,
youthful forever! Awestruck!"
"Praise unto thee!"
"Praise unto thee!"
Now the Honourable Governor will
preside over the Oath taking
Cancel the swearing in ceremony
Proxy government
Down with
Corrupt government
Down with
I, Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi...
Justice punishes not only erring politicians
but also us who elect him
"Come, son of Tamil! You come with
your head held high!"
"Come, daughter of Tamil!
Come to rule this world!"
"Come, son of Tamil! You come with
your head held high!"
"Come, daughter of Tamil!
Come to rule this world!"
"Come, son of Tamil! You come with
your head held high!"
"Come, daughter of Tamil!
Come to rule this world!"
Dear God, don't be upset
I have a small shrine for you now.
I'll make it big and erect statues
worth crores for you.
I need your blessings for that.
I'm just a Councillor today.
I want to be an MLA like you,
become the Chief Minister
and hold permanent office.
Even kids won't make
so much money playing a game of Business.
But you made all that money
and fled the country.
Grant me that skill.
Bless me
Grandfather, it's Ok if I don't become
as great as them.
Even invalid currency
can be used to make a garland.
I swear I'll never become
like your good-for-nothing son.
Never! Never! Never!
'Awaiting our leader's return', says...
Bhojappan anxiously in an interview.
'Voice of the motherland.'
(Recalling a verse from 'Thirukkural')
What happened, father?
Dad, do you have any pain?
Do you want water?
You stupid fellow,
how dare you call ours a minority rule?
Ours is a democracy.
If I catch you, you are done.
I've spent many sleepless nights
yearning for his affection.
One day won't do
to tell you all about it.
Stand up.
Didn't you get the circular?
Why didn't your parents come?
I don't have a mother.
My father has gone
to attend a meeting.
What's more important than this?
The party members are gathering for
a meeting near your house today.
Is your father an orator?
He talks even in his sleep.
My student's father is giving a speech.
I heard he is a great orator.
Listen you guys from the Opposition.
My leader can have anyone as a mistress.
What's your problem?
It's for him to have one or many.
How does it matter to you?
You only know
how to snoop around and cause trouble.
You shouldn't be judgemental.
Shall I bring to light the...
Such crude language.
It's intolerable.
Children are
usually proud of their father.
But I was ashamed of mine.
Father, I want to pursue higher studies.
I need a recommendation letter.
Which school?
I finished school last year.
Remember, I failed in Maths.
You failed in Maths?
You idiot!
'Only education
can discern the wise from the foolish.'
I'll even take a beating,
but please don't recite the 'Thirukkural'.
I passed the exam.
Just get me a recommendation letter
from someone influential.
Who could have more influence
than me at Lalgudi?
You get me admission then.
- Which college?
- Rajappa Engineering College.
My friend owns the college.
I've given several speeches there.
I'll call the police.
Who is your father?
He is the spokesperson for his party.
The owner of this college
is his friend.
I own this college.
He has given many speeches in your college.
Don't you remember?
His name is Azhagu Meiyappan
He wasn't
allowed to set foot in here.
He is useless himself
and you come with his recommendation?
I'll make sure
you don't get admission in any college.
What happened?
Did you get admission?
Can he recommend me too?
Of course! I can help your brother too.
Long live Minister!
Despite being in politics
for 30 years,
he's neither earned fame nor
wealth or even respect.
He is a loser.
I swear
I'll never become like you.
'Respect the wise
or face the consequences.'
- Good morning
- Good morning, uncle
The elderly please step forward.
Make way for her.
Help us get the aid for the seniors.
It will help.
Who is this?
Your boyfriend?
- My husband.
- Feeling shy?
I'll put in a word.
Sister, what is the matter?
They recently moved in next door.
They say they are in love.
We've become
the laughing stock of the village.
We've even gone to the police.
Why go to the police
when he is there?
Have you finished your studies?
Last year.
- What about you?
- In second year of college.
- Is your love true?
- Yes.
No hanky-panky?
- Don't pretend.
- No
You are here as a family.
Give me your phone.
You give me yours.
Look into all his social
network accounts tonight.
You do the same
with her phone.
For what?
Isn't your love true?
Be brave and give her the phone.
Are you expecting
a call from some other girl?
Nothing like that.
If you're both still in
love in the morning,
I'll get you both married.
What have you done?
They'll breakup tonight.
That phone will take care of it.
If we'd got them together,
we'd get just two votes.
Now I can count on
both families' votes.
The baby has been crying for long.
Step forward.
Should I name the baby?
I'll give her the name
of a brave Tamil girl.
- That's a boy.
- What?
We've named him Arav already.
Is it?
Here, Arav.
Take this.
Then, what is it?
I need his birth certificate
but the Tahsildar wants
a signature from you.
I'll call him right away.
You've just had a baby...
She's been running around in circles.
And you've asked for
a letter from me.
You've instructed me to send any
applicant from your Ward to you first.
I only said I'll come in person
to sort out their problems.
I guess you have an audience.
Please take care of it.
Don't waste their time.
- Okay!
- Super!
Take the petitions.
Come on Friday.
That Corporation job?
I'll get it done.
I have to attend the Minister's function.
I'll take leave now.
Look at the condition of the roads
in the CM's constituency.
As if the CM's and
PM's travel by road.
They use only helicopters.
Long live the Minister!
Who is the contractor?
He seems to be very corrupt.
He is your relative.
He's been the contractor all along.
These people are reckless.
They stage protests and spoil the roads.
How are you, professor?
I'm doing fine.
Is the next batch ready?
As if I won't tell you when it's ready.
Long live!
Hello, sir.
What are you guys up to?
Are you enrolling college students now?
He is Azhagu's son
and is the Ward 6 Councillor.
Is it?
I am so happy to have met you.
- Are you going on a pilgrimage?
- No.
Wearing black to please atheists
and red for the believers.
We need both their votes.
Don't we?
Over enthusiastic!
Thanks to Ramaraj Pandian
who is responsible for this new road.
I personally made about 30 trips,
fought and got approval for this to happen...
I've already
given 30 per cent to the Minister.
You shouldn't be asking.
Out of the seven roads you are laying,
three are in our Ward.
I don't care
about what you've given the others.
Give 1 per cent to us.
Be fair.
Don't you understand?
Stop talking to me in public.
Everyone is looking at us.
Please leave.
Just the way we've connected
these seven streets,
we will soon lay a 7-lane
road from Lalgudi to Luz.
He's laying the way for his relatives
to make more money.
Thank you.
Greetings, Ganesh brother
A few of them have come asking
for a job in the Corporation.
Aren't they coming on Friday?
We can make money.
We can't take money
from these people or from the public.
They'll curse us our whole life.
I agree.
But if we help out,
he will turn into our brand ambassador.
He will be there for us
when we need him.
- Kaveri sister?
- He is coming
There is no water supply
for the houses in our row.
I'll send Arumugam to fix it.
There is no water in your house
and you are playing cricket.
Stop the game.
If they stop playing cricket,
will they get water?
Continue playing.
I'll take leave.
That contractor insulted me in public.
We should make a name in our Ward.
I am irritated the
Minister is taking credit.
Sir, come
You go, sit down sir
Hello, LKG.
Hi, da!
- What is your name?
- R.Sanjay
Sanjay Ramasamy
How can I help you, sir?
I have to put him in school.
- Government pre-school?
- Does he look like a pre-schooler?
He doesn't look like a student
in the first place.
- Which class are you in?
- Class 7.
Uncle, write a letter
addressed to the High School.
Not the High School.
I meant Oxford school.
You want freebies from the government.
But you don't want government schools?
Even the well-off
took the government's cash gift for Pongal.
Not possible.
Have to apply when your wife's pregnant.
Yes. I need that too.
Where do you work?
I work overseas.
I understand.
An unplanned pregnancy?
Don't be embarrassed.
- Congratulations
- Thank you
- What do you want to become?
- A doctor.
Don't worry.
I'll handle this.
You can leave.
I'll see you in school.
What are you up to?
Three votes.
No, four votes.
I told your husband
to register when you're pregnant.
- How many weeks pregnant are you?
- Eight months.
Did you hear that?
How many weeks pregnant
is your wife?
We just got engaged.
She says she'll marry me only
if I block admission here.
Training for the NEET exam
begins from Class 6.
- Which class are you in?
- Class 7.
You are late already.
Good morning, teacher
I'm not teacher
I'm the principal of this school
Is this our Rajappa's school?
My father and yours are friends.
I was supposed
to study in your college.
Unfortunately I couldn't.
- Who are you?
- I'm LKG.
Councillor, Ward 6.
You would
have seen me in the posters.
Why are you here?
She is from my neighbourhood.
She is like my sister.
She has two children.
The first one
needs to join Class 7.
The second one
is still in the womb.
I know
I have to block a seat right away.
It'll be great
if you can give them admission.
It's not that easy.
Didn't you see the queue outside?
That's just
to procure the application form.
Those shortlisted will be called.
You can't dismiss us like that.
She is from my neighbourhood.
She is pregnant.
How can she stand in the queue?
That's why I'm here.
Take a look at this.
It's a recommendation letter
from a Judge of the High Court.
Last week I got a call on my private number
from the Chief Minister's Office.
I haven't even considered that yet.
You are after all a Councillor
and you think I'll just hand it to you.
Please leave.
Thank you, madam!
Thank you!
I've wanted to ask.
When did your father pass away?
He is very much alive.
I've spoken to them.
Admission will take a week.
- What are you going to become?
- Engineer.
We haven't made
a paisa out of this road contract.
We could've made at least 2 lakhs.
Instead, you took up social service
to gain two votes.
And now,
you're making a fuss about trivial things.
I am seeing
shades of your father in you.
What's the problem?
They've just done
the spadework for the road.
There is so much more to do
for the road to be ready.
I know what has to be done.
You eat.
- Why are you...?
- I'll eat
I just hit the stump once.
It's gone right in.
Contractor, come and see the magic
for yourself.
You fellows are hitting it real hard.
Arokiam sir, why don't you join?
Come on!
Do you want to see magic?
Can Arokiam hit it?
He has...
He seems to have arms of steel.
What protects Contractor Arokiam?
The RTI (Right to Information)
keeps Arokiam safe.
RTI and Arokiam are synonymous.
Arokiam sir, do you want to know
how the stump went in easily?
You keep filing RTI
petitions for everything.
Why don't you file one
to learn the thickness of this road?
How thick is it?
It is 2 inches.
No. It is 4 inches.
Correct answer
Uncle, can I have the RTI document?
The thickness of
the sanctioned road is 8 inches.
Sister, why are you taking a video?
I am not.
Then take a video of this now.
Are you are making a scene
because you are the Councillor.
Good initiatives
stall because of people like you.
Do you mean
the 5-lane road from Lalgudi to Luz?
We have three roads already.
We are unable to manage one wife.
Why more?
Why are you talking out of context now?
This project
was inaugurated by the Minister.
- You deal with him.
- Sir, why do you call...?
You had so much to tell me.
Say it to him now.
Why do you have to
involve the Minister in this?
Sir, phone
(Song from Velailla Pattadhari)
This is about
the road we laid in Lalgudi.
- There is a small problem.
- Who is that?
He is your party Councillor.
Please talk to him.
- Why do this...
-Talk to him.
What is the problem?
Instead of the sanctioned 8 inch thickness
they are laying only 4 inches now.
You should be happy
they are laying a road.
He is my relative.
People won't know the difference.
Sir, I can't hear you.
I said,
people won't know the difference.
Sir, repeat it
People won't know the difference.
Sir, you are on speaker phone
and there are people here.
They can hear everything.
Hang on.
The Opposition thinks
people won't know the difference.
But the ruling party
wants people to have all the information.
Hand the phone to the contractor.
Yes. I'll give it to him.
Talk to him.
I heard
you are laying only 4 inches.
No, sir.
Listen to that boy.
Else, I will terminate the contract.
Ok, sir.
Yay! They are going to
lay an 8 inch thick road.
Sir, can I talk to you in private?
I can't hear you.
Sir, can I talk to you in private?
Stop talking to me in public.
Arokiam, our boys
will take it from here.
They'll ensure
that an 8 inch road is laid.
Talk to him and get a date for the Minister
to inaugurate the road.
The Minister merely started the process.
You did everything.
You should do everything henceforth.
How can I doing it?
Yes, you should.
What are all saying?
It's everyone's wish.
Say yes.
"This is our man, LKG"
I'm furious.
We haven't made a paisa.
You are ignoring my question.
Why should you
worry about the thickness of the road?
- Uncle, bring the bag from the bike.
- What?
- I left a bag in the bike.
- A bag?
You were with me all the while.
How did you do this?
A politician
should only be seen giving, not taking.
What's the thickness of the road?
How many?
It's 5 inches.
What if someone finds out?
A 6-inch ruler is enough to find out.
But these fellows won't.
- Who sanctioned the road?
- The Minister.
But, who are they inviting
to inaugurate the road?
- So whose name will they remember?
- Yours.
That's 600 votes.
Five per cent commission.
Keep the money safe.
I'll take care of
the school admission.
You just won 600 votes.
Why bother about two votes?
Some have lost even with one vote.
The garbage hasn't been removed.
Hey! Stop.
Why are you going away?
Not Sekkizhar he is Kambar
We're not getting water
in the toilet.
I am worried you don't get Tamil.
And now there is no water.
Wear your pants and sit down.
Sir, I feel hot.
The fans haven't been working
from morning.
We studied under the street lights.
Stop whining.
Sit down
You need fan?
Ramaswamy, what the hell is this?
Drainage block, madam.
What happened?
I haven't used the toilet the whole day.
I have a stomach ache.
Didn't you take Rs 3 lakh from us?
This is not a government school.
You could have
got someone to clean up.
We've lodged a complaint.
They are on the way.
Please be patient.
Watch this atrocity.
We are on Facebook live.
Everyone is watching this.
We want the principal's response.
Instead the security guard answers.
This is atrocious!
Don't mistake
this for the Black Sea.
This is a sea of sewage.
Stop the video.
Everything will be back to normal
by this evening.
It will be cleared tomorrow.
Please disperse.
The principal promises that everything
will be back to normal by tomorrow.
Will it be a better day
for the students tomorrow?
Let us wait and watch on Facebook.
I'm Sukumaran reporting on Facebook.
I've spoken to the Commissioner,
the Minister and all concerned.
Who else should I talk to?
No one helped.
No one responded.
What do you mean?
There is no electricity, no water.
Should I manage that as well?
Get me a broomstick.
I'll sweep too.
That's one thing I haven't done so far.
- What the hell are you all doing?
- We've made arrangements.
What the hell did you arrange?
Don't get worked up, madam.
I know someone who can get all this done
with a snap of his fingers.
I heard our leader is not well.
He will be fine.
Don't say a word.
I need him for...
This is the house.
Come and sit here.
You get up.
Hello, teacher.
How are you?
She is the principal.
We started off as teachers,
didn't we?
All of you are teachers?
Bring a few chairs to sit.
How many?
How many?
You have to tell me that.
How about two?
How about four?
Did you watch the Facebook video Sukumar
has shared about the school?
I did.
Wasn't it good?
Let's not discuss that.
Five seats.
Five sit?
Please bring five chairs.
How can I help you?
I'm unable to handle
the problems at school.
It will be nice if you could help.
Everything will be fixed
by tomorrow morning.
Don't worry.
See you.
Organise a function with
the children tomorrow.
Invite the parents as well.
Make sure it's a grand event.
Is 8.30 am ok with you?
How can we organise this
at such short notice?
The way you send last minute
reminders to parents...
...when they default paying fees.
- Are you in charge of flag hoisting?
- Yes
Hoist a flag tomorrow.
I'll be there in the morning.
See you.
- We take leave
- Come
There was heaps of garbage yesterday.
It has been swept clean by
a team led by LKG himself.
This place looks as clean as
Singapore now.
This man is awesome
"How long will they cheat in this
country? In our country..."
"For how long, will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"For how long, will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"They act like truthful great men."
"They act like truthful great men."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"By acting like devotee,
they trap the common people."
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat in this
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"There is bravery only in talk.
What they do is only bargain."
"Giving promises is usual.
Forgetting that is their habit."
"They'll fall on anybody's feet.
After that they'll even topple that person."
"They'll fall on anybody's feet.
After that they'll even topple that person."
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"Country... mother land...
Country... mother land..."
"They'll give money in abundance.
They'll even hug old lady."
"Entering the hut of the poor, they'll
drink the porridge there."
"They'll say they are one among them.
After winning they'll ask, who are you?"
"They'll say they are one among them.
After winning they'll ask, who are you?"
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
India's senior politician and Tamil Nadu
Chief Minister Avudayappa Mudaliar...
...has been admitted in the hospital due
to sudden deterioration of health.
The people of Tamil Nadu...
and his party members are in shock
hearing the news.
The leaders and party
workers are in anguish.
I spoke to the chief doctor.
His condition is serious.
The Governor called.
To manage the public's anxiety,
he feels I should be the
one talking to the Media.
If our leader's ill health persists,
he said I should step in
as acting Chief Minister.
Didn't he suggest
you become the Prime Minister?
Last time when the Chief Minister left
for Singapore for medical treatment...
...who did he give the reins to?
From then on after becoming
a Central Minister...'ve been involved in several
corruption cases, scams and smuggling.
There are several corruption
cases against you.
You could be arrested any minute.
Who is our leader's successor?
Isn't it Ramaraj Pandian?
He has a clean image.
Your man is not even an MLA now.
Who is the Deputy CM now?
Because he is not in town you dare
to speak like this?
I don't have to listen to all this.
So, what should we do now?
We won't accept this.
Sit down.
Who cares
about what he says.
Stop it.
Our leader's condition will worsen
if he sees this behaviour.
What is this, Bhojappan?
You are just watching the drama.
Go and meet the Press.
Where is Ramaraj Pandian?
He is not in town.
Tell him to stay away.
What happened to the Chief Minister?
It's just a routine check-up.
Our CM is 76 years old and has already
undergone treatment at Singapore.
Do you think his condition
will worsen?
Not at all.
He has a cold.
You say it's a common cold.
Why is a doctor from the US being flown in?
He is the Chief Minister.
That's why we've flown
in the best Specialist from the US.
Did the CM talk to you?
We talk daily.
He even jokes with the doctor.
Doctor, tell them about it.
The CM asked for the head
nurse's name.
She's from Andhra,
her name was 'Pencil'amma.
He asked the other nurses
if their names were...
'Pen'amma and 'Rubber'amma.
It was hilarious!
Is the CM eating food?
He ate Rava Uppuma.
What did he eat with it?
What? Isn't he diabetic?
That's what he meant.
Since he is diabetic he ate it plain.
We heard the Rava Uppuma cost Rs 1 crore.
How many tonnes was it?
That's enough
There have been several rumours
about the Chief Minister's health.
The Deputy CM Bhojappan's response
seemed to address it all, yet...
Do you think our leader will die?
He is 76 years old.
He has already undergone treatment abroad.
I won't be shocked
if he doesn't come back.
If that happens, what next?
The government will declare
a holiday for schools.
The party members will stay
in a resort for a week.
By-elections will happen in a month.
The party will split in six months.
In a year, some notorious guy
will become the leader.
Winston Churchill one's told
Politics isn't a game
This is serious business
Is this even relevant to
what we're saying?
Why are you chipping in?
Forget about the country.
How will it benefit us?
Ramaraj Pandian will
contest the by-election.
He's won it four times already.
Lalgudi is his stronghold.
He will win this time too.
There are chances he'll become the CM.
Meet him once to pay
your respects.
And you'll be the Councillor again.
Why don't we file our nomination
for the by-election?
That's a good sign.
Won't you shut up?
People are already jealous
that you are a Councillor at 29.
Do you remember what
the Minister said last time?
He said you are like
an over enthusiastic college kid.
It'll take you another 15 years
to be accepted as a real politician.
You are a kid.
Stop calling me a kid.
Don't you know?
You're the one who got me into
the party just after school.
Is there anything
I've not done for the party?
I've worked for the Youth
Wing, the Literary Committee,
the Student wing and what not.
Have I ever whiled away my time doing
what the others of my age do?
I've done every work
that was given to me.
You think the Councillor
post just happened?
Even if the party
doesn't accept my nomination...
...I've worked hard to win
as an independent candidate.
I will.
- Don't you know Ramaraj Pandian?
- Who cares about him?
He will win the election today.
After him, his brothers will.
Do you want me to be a Councillor...
and a hopeless politician
like my father all my life?
'Pride comes before a fall.'
Stop it.
Aren't you tired of talking?
Go to bed.
Are you ready?
What did I tell you last night?
And what have you done?
Try and understand.
Television is everything
in our country.
If they anchor a 100-episode show, people
think they can become a Chief Minister
It is all about Media now.
I've made my own plans.
I've spoken to the professor
about it.
No harm in trying this out.
Let's go.
Light check
Take the light.
I didn't mean it literally.
I meant look into the camera.
Look here.
Can I wear my spectacles?
You think you are Director Mysskin?
Won't you talk without your specs?
Go on.
Why are you so formal?
Say Hi.
The youngsters prefer that.
Hi! That's enough
- Can I stick to Hello?
- Ok.
Greetings to the viewers
across the world...
- Across the world?
- Yes
How would you know?
Our coverage is just for
the neighbourhood.
Hello will do.
- Just say your name and start off.
- Ok.
I'm very famous in my Ward.
Oh, yeah!
Are you as famous as Ambani
for everyone to know you?
I'm a celebrity here.
Yet, I introduce myself every
time I start the show.
You go ahead
Hello! I'm Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi.
What is this?
I will kick your mouth
Say, just you are speaking
I don't want to do this.
Why are you getting worked up?
Drink water.
Cameraman, can we leave?
We can go after the show.
Are you ready?
Sir, keep complimenting her
through the show.
The audience expects that.
I don't understand.
What did he say?
Say I look beautiful.
You look beautiful.
Not now,
when we go Live.
Greetings to all the viewers.
I'm your Girija.
My special wishes to
my Facebook friends and followers.
Our special guest today is
the Councillor from Ward 6, Mr LKG.
We have a lot to discuss with him today.
- Can I talk?
- Go ahead.
I'm Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi.
I'm the Councillor of Ward 6.
I take my responsibilities seriously...
We have a caller on line.
I've written a lot more.
We have to speak to the caller.
I'm Velmurugan.
This is LKG.
What is the problem you face?
I've been married for two years.
Trouble with a ration card
or a delay in a cooking gas supply?
No. It comes really quick.
Everything is quick during our reign.
What's the problem?
It comes quickly every day,
that's the problem.
Your cooking gas comes every night?
Yes. She is dissatisfied.
So, she left me behind and
went off on a holiday.
I think you have mistaken me
for someone else.
Isn't this the Late Night Show?
Can you please give
the phone to Vanaja?
I'm Girija. I think there's
a problem with the line.
Let's talk to the next caller.
I have to take this call.
This is a Live show.
Give some excuse.
What are you saying?
Let's continue the discussion with
LKG after a short break.
Hello, professor.
I've spoken to the office you enquired
about in Chennai.
You can meet
Ms Sarala Munuswamy.
Thank you.
When should I go to Chennai?
This is the Poll campaign management
company referred by our professor.
A company that
works for election campaigns.
Party members work for an election.
Why a company?
Presidents Obama and Trump used such
companies for their campaigns.
They employ professionals
who work day and night to make them win.
We have such companies in India now.
This is one of them.
- Are they going to work for us?
- I'm not sure.
But, the professor's student seems to be
in a senior position here.
Bag hold in hand
Hello, madam
Sir, haw can I help?
I'm here to meet Ms Sarala.
There is no one by that name.
I have an appointment with
her today.
What's the full name?
Sarala Munuswamy
There is no one like that.
Anyway, let me check again.
Is there anyone call Sarala in our floor?
I never knew it
- What's your name?
- LKG.
There is a person by
name LKG to meet her.
You can go and meet her.
Okay, thank you
Sarala, madam
He said your name was
Sarala Munuswamy.
Sara M Samy
You've anglicised your name.
I am saying it the way it is.
The professor sent me to meet you.
I called you here because this meeting
is getting delayed.
What's your name?
An abbreviation for Lalgudi Karuppiah
Gandhi, just like Sara M Samy.
Short form
Listen to what I have to say.
We don't work on small campaigns.
Have you heard about Parliament elections?
We work on Lok Sabha polls, big
constituencies, campaigns costing crores.
We usually take over the party.
Our services include...
...selecting a candidate, vetting his
proposal, planning campaign trails...
...speeches, positioning, social media
management and a whole lot of other things.
We make all these decisions.
We were involved in 17 State elections
in India.
We have branches over
14 cities across the Globe
A campaign to make the Councillor
win the MLA election is too small for us.
I'm sure whatever you spoke
so far sounds Greek and Latin to him
Be a Rome(Roman)
when you are in Roman(Rome)
Why are you laughing?
I also know English
I want to speak in Tamil now.
What do you know about Councillor?
Did you say you'll work only
for the CM and PM?
When PMs and CMs come to our
constituency, we tell them what to do.
We guide them on where to campaign,
how to campaign, whose palms to grease... to get funds, where to pay respects,
when to beat a man to pulp and so on.
You've worked on campaigns
worth crores.
Have you ever demanded money
from the winning candidate?
Forget about
the losing candidate...
Just say yes.
I'll bring the money.
Why are you smiling?
Is it my unkempt appearance?
Are you wondering
how I can bring the money?
Even CMs and PMs can't take
money directly from the Treasury.
We local politicians can.
We can raise several invoices
for laying the same road.
We can sell acres of government land.
We can show inflated expenditure.
Nobody can question us.
Tell your boss, a Councillor
came with bags of... to avail your
services and you refused.
Isn't it corporate philosophy to take
money from anyone who gives them money?
"He is our man, LKG"
Who are you?
Who are you people?
Are you having trouble
in your political life?
Do you have the looks of a politician?
Looks of a politician?
Looks of a politician?
Yes. Every politician has
a unique look.
Let's go
Where are you taking me?
Let me go.
I want to use the toilet.
Allow me to use the toilet.
Do you have a problem with
the toilet?
Can you touch your nose with
your tongue?
Why are you talking about touching things?
Use the red bottle after a pee.
The blue one is after a poop.
Your toilet will be
sparkling clean.
Get lost.
I badly need to use the toilet.
One minute
Go ahead and clean toilets.
But stop the touching and
the rest of the nonsense.
Leave me
Let's find him a unique look.
This is his look as a politician.
Trust Analytica makes
you a complete politician.
Gives you 100 per cent confidence.
How did you agree to work
for me?
We told our Boss about the money
you were willing to pay.
He booked our tickets to get here.
America mono thanjo
Where are the pictures of my deities?
I believe in God.
You pray to your God, follow your rituals
but all inside the house.
When you step out, you
have to pray only to them.
That's rationalism.
Take it off.
This is in memory of my mother.
I will never take it off.
Okay, nice
Use this dialogue on stage often.
What is this?
Political Eligibility and Entrance Test.
You have four questions to answer.
Let's see how well you've understood
people and politics.
A quiz?
I've been good at it since childhood.
Remove your spectacles.
- Why?
- Remove it.
Your first question.
As a leader, if you make a mistake,
what will you do?
I'll apologise.
No. Blame it on your admin.
Your second question.
Who is this?
It's swollen.
You are not keeping up with trends.
Your third question.
A cow and a man are both
in danger.
Whom will you save?
I should save the man.
You should save the cow
- Because...
- That's enough...
Are we done?
You haven't understood politics.
Let's find out if you at least
understand people.
This is your final question.
If you're buying people's vote,
what will they say?
They'll say they haven't got
the money yet.
You've understood people well.
A chocolate shower for you.
Oh! Chocolate shower?
So sweet
Now, select a title for yourself.
A title?
Can I pick anything I want?
- Top Star.
- Prashanth taken.
Prashanth, the review guy?
- Royal Star.
- Ranjith already taken.
- Chinna Thalapathi.
- It's Bharath
Everything seems to be taken.
Sathaga Paravai is called a troupe
How about Makkal Kural?
That's a newspaper.
But, sounds nice.
From now,
you are 'Makkal Kural'.
- Me?
- Yes
Makkal Kural
This looks like a movie location
where villains bash people.
These people are worse.
That's why I chose this place.
- The Press and Media, nice people.
- You'll see.
You can ask me whatever you want.
Your favourite sweet?
This is such an easy question.
Answer them
That's orange in colour.
Do you support Hindutva?
I like it because my father
makes delicious Kesari.
You mentioned your father.
You believe in nepotism?
Sons pursue their fathers'
profession in other fields,
why not politicians' sons?
So are you product of nepotism
like Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan
Aren't they Bollywood actors?
How do you know that?
Don't we all eat Pani Puri and
watch Hindi movies?
So, you watch only Hindi Movies.
You don't watch Tamil movies?
Who doesn't watch a Tamil movie?
I love watching Rajini, Kamal films.
Are you going to leave this
party to join theirs?
Why should I?
If I watch their films
will I join to their party?
Yesterday I watch Malabar police
Do you want me to stay in Kerala?
So, you are not a Tamilian.
Aren't you a...?
I am a die-hard Tamilian.
A Tamilian will
never accept he is one.
You are not a Tamilian.
I am a die-hard Tamilian.
You keep saying you are a Tamilian.
Then, aren't you an Indian.
As if I am from Pakistan...
You are now talking about Pakistan.
Do you belong to the Hizbul Mujahideen?
Did you mean the cricketer,
Inzamam Ul Huq?
Were you involved in the cricket scam?
What questions are these?
How can anyone answer such questions?
How wicked!
They started with my favourite sweet.
Now I'm a terrorist.
My head is spinning.
Are you tense?
You must learn to handle this.
They can make people believe that
Trump is a Tamilian...
...and Thiruvalluvar is Taliban.
We ran a SWOT analysis of you
in your constituency.
Your strengths-you're extremely popular.
But only in your Ward.
If you want to win, you have to be popular
in the whole constituency.
For that you'll have to outshine
the other councillors and your seniors.
Traditional methods will take time.
It may not even work.
We have a fast-track plan for you,
The meme creators.
Who needs memes and momos?
Aren't they those jobless engineers
who post photos on Facebook?
You are absolutely right.
We were jobless and
regretted studying engineering.
But now we are proud Meme engineer
We are above class, caste and
other social barriers.
We unify people, make them laugh, think and
show them right from wrong.
Join our party.
We can unite people for a cause,
can also lead them astray.
We wait patiently for content...
...if we don't get any,
we churn out what we have.
In short, we are the opinion makers.
We are the obeying makers
- Who are we?
- We are the Meme engineer
- I can't hear you.
- Meme engineer
Sir! Oh, beloved sir!
We are in agony and pain.
A fire is raging deep within.
Like an anchor you've been.
The most spirited captain
we've seen.
Our protector you've been.
Sir! Oh, beloved sir!
We are in agony and pain.
Our eyes are filled with tears.
Your talk is like music to our ears.
If you leave us and go,
to Tamil Nadu we will say a big no.
Sir! Oh, beloved sir.
We are in agony and pain.
This will definitely go viral.
You will even get film offers.
The whole country is plagued
with problems.
We are not talking about any
of that.
This is so useless.
How can this become popular?
Other videos have gone viral
even when we had the same problems.
This will do for them.
Sir! Oh, beloved sir.
We are in agony and pain.
Are you watching that silly video?
I heard the guy recited this
and committed suicide.
They're going to
post that video next.
Share it.
What is it?
I'm watching the video of
a poem recital.
If you leave us and go,
to Tamil Nadu we will say a big no.
Mum, I want to watch that video.
How many times will you
watch it? Eat now.
Aren't you a television actor?
It was his video that we did
a Dubsmash of.
- Can I take a selfie?
- Sure.
Thank you
Oh God!
- Your poem was superb.
- Thank you.
Brilliant work.
Sir, do you now understand
what people want?
The truth is no one knows who you are
and why you became famous.
But, they know your face now.
We have to make them want to see you
again and again.
We've to do something for that.
Shall I stage a protest?
That's the easiest thing to do.
What is nice about it?
The country is in sorrow.
Our leader is not keeping well.
We're the ruling party,
who are you going to protest against?
Against the hospital for not providing
proper medical care for our leader.
Your leader holds a 40 per cent
share in that hospital.
He will kick you out of the party.
How about against
the American doctor's medical treatment?
What if he leaves because of that and
our leader's condition worsens?
Who'll be held responsible then?
Shall I protest against the disease
that's affected our leader?
That's a superb idea.
When someone's sick,
we only pray for their recovery.
Why should we protest?
I don't understand this.
You don't understand?
No one should understand anything.
But the protest must go on.
Is it all right to do this?
Who'll support us?
If they don't support us,
we'll label them anti-Indian.
Run away, you wretched disease.
We'll fight till you cease.
Join us.
That girl is stupid
and you're listening to her?
Are you crazy?
Run away, you wretched disease.
We'll fight till you cease.
A protest against Disease.
Is this the latest fad?
This is a hospital zone.
I'll give you 5 minutes.
Take all the banners and
get out of here.
Do you understand?
I can become famous now.
Here they come - to blow
things out of proportion.
Run away, you wretched disease.
We'll fight till you cease.
You're protesting against
something that we can't see.
What's the logic?
Can you see corruption?
Is bribing visible?
You support protests
against those invisible problems.
Like that people must support this protest
against disease because...
...this protest is for the people.
This is so stupid.
Will anyone protest against disease?
It's just a publicity gimmick.
Thala is mass
A protest against disease?
I think the CM is already dead.
This protest is just pretence
to distract people.
Disease.. disease.. go away
Don't come another day
Do something his trend video
The protest has to go viral.
You think you can eradicate
diseases by protesting?
People run marathons to fight
AIDS and Cancer.
Will Cancer or AIDS go away?
This protest is just like that,
it creates awareness.
LKG's protest against disease has caused
a stir in Tamil Nadu.
Swallowing medicines will cure diseases.
Why protest?
Swallow medicines?
Blood sugar levels considered
normal a few years back
Is now considered high.
What spiked the levels?
It's the medicines we take in.
What's wrong in raising these questions?
We have Bird flu and Swine flu now.
Where were these diseases
20 years back?
They are discovering new diseases
to sell their medicines.
This protest questions this.
I totally support it.
When we ate local food,
we didn't suffer from any disease.
We've become sick only after pizzas
and burgers came in.
How do we get more channels
to debate on this?
There is huge spike among young voters
We need to target them for this protest
We will keep protesting till
we eradicate disease.
What is this protest for?
It is to claim our disputed territory?
This protest that started small has made
a big impact in Tamil Nadu.
The people of Tamil Nadu and student groups
are gradually joining this protest.
People across the world
are giving overwhelming support...
...for LKG's protest
against disease.
We support LKG
We support LKG
Further to that, Hollywood actors
are organising a protest in California....
...under the leadership
of their association...
head, Actor Arnold
Singer Justin Bieber has tweeted his
support for LKG's protest.
The state of Tamil Nadu
protest against so weird
What do you believe Ladies and Gentleman?
They are protesting against the disease
And the man behind this protest is...
His name is LKG
Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi
Your name is Gandhi,
but you are from Chennai.
If I ask you these questions in Tamil,
will you understand?
- Aren't you clueless?
- So, why speak to me in Hindi?
Let's not deviate
You say your name is Gandhi
But your is Madras
How come?
Gandhi is father of India
Not father of North India
We are also Indians
But you Tamil people are little wired
Why is that?
I want ask one thing
When cricket player Aswin
take 10 wicket, 100 wicket
All media saying
Indian cricket player Aswin super
Very good champion
Not Tamil Nadu cricket player
But our fisher man getting killed
You don't say Indian fisher man
You say Tamil fisher man
Wait! I think that's good point
What will we do is?
We will take a break
What is he up to?
He's gone all the way
to Delhi with his tall talk.
Tell him to meet me.
Wow! Is that Pakistan on
the other side?
That's Japan.
One photo please.
- Shall we take one?
- Yes.
Stand here.
Focus here. Smile.
I'm going to keep this photo.
I have a thought.
You've brought me this far.
If we get married,
won't you get me into Parliament?
I don't have to marry you for that.
Another contract will do.
You are my 13th client.
Can I marry everyone?
I know your answer.
Give me any excuse but that.
I can.
But, you'll get upset.
- Are you ok with that?
- I'm not.
Take your position.
"Don't act arrogant.
Hey, don't act arrogant."
Sir, what about the photo?
I don't want one.
"Don't show arrogance. Don't show
arrogance, don't show arrogance."
"Without doing any campaign, you
got my vote."
"Even in public meeting I'll say that,
our coalition won't work out."
"Don't get beaten.
There is no heart here."
"Don't get treaded.
There is no heart here."
"Mind doesn't know what you'll get."
"Ordinary looking men's
pain is not known."
"You are smart. I am a waste."
"Let it be like that."
"You are beautiful and I am ugly."
"It is okay, there is no problem."
"Don't act arrogant.
Hey, don't act arrogant."
"You are confusing my mind. You are
jingling my heart. No need for love."
"Don't act arrogant.
Hey, don't act arrogant."
"I am a Gandhi, who doesn't like
girls much."
Okay, I will come
Thank you
Our plan has worked out
- They are calling
- For what?
Bhojappan wants to meet me
Thank God! If you said yes,
my total focus will be on you
I will buy the property on you
after I become an MLA
Now I will keep all the property myself
Protest against disease.
And a silly ode to our leader
before that.
Our leader has spoken to me!
Thank you so much.
I'm so happy you spoke to me.
Where did you buy the ornaments?
In that video it was our
leader's image on the ornaments...
...and now ones with my image.
You are named after Gandhi.
But the things that you do...
You'll go a long way.
Our leader called me by name.
Your name is Gandhi.
You are not named after
actor Shivaji, are you?
Don't you understand my question?
Go out.
I did the same things when
I met our leader 37 years back.
I fell at his feet immediately.
You still haven't.
I'm so sorry.
It didn't strike me.
I've had a leg surgery.
What do you want now?
Your love is all I want.
Did love take you all the way
to Delhi?
You'll get just one chance
in a lifetime.
Tell me.
I know someone
who was Councillor at 25... MLA at 31, a Minister at 36...
...and Deputy Chief Minister
when he turned 52.
There are several corruption charges
against him.
But, the whole of Tamil Nadu knows
that he is the next CM.
I want to become like him.
That's far-sighted vision.
The Chief Minister isn't too well.
If he doesn't come back,
we'll have a by-election.
Ramaraj Pandian will be a candidate.
We don't get along.
If you somehow catch my attention,
you'll get a chance to contest.
Isn't that your plan?
I didn't have a choice.
People get posts only
when they get old.
I can't wait that long.
I just wanted to meet you
once and explain ...
Sir, just got a call
asking you to come immediately.
Let's go.
- What?
- Can I just touch you once?
Go ahead.
I got to touch you!
So soft.
India's senior politician and
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Avudayappan...
...failed to respond to treatment
and passed away in hospital today.
The people of Tamil Nadu
and his party members...
are grieving the demise
of their leader.
Deputy Chief Minister Bhojappan
and his supporters are heading... the Governor's house to take charge
as the Chief Minster.
He is expected to take charge
in a short while.
I, Bhojappan, do swear
in the name of God that
I will faithfully discharge.... duties as Chief Minister
of the State of Tamil Nadu.
Congratulations and best wishes
to our new CM.
We have no idea how long
he will hold the office of the CM.
I guess even he doesn't know.
Ramaraj Pandian and his supporters did
not take part in the swearing-in ceremony.
An emergency general body meeting
is scheduled.
Ramaraj Pandian will take part in that.
We can definitely expect a twist.
What does it take to
become a Chief Minister?
This is the first general body meeting
without our leader.
Some people's plans to split the party
and dissolve the government will not work.
There were times when
our leader's health failed.
Who did he give the reins to
at those times?
Party loyalists and people
of this country know...
who was at his side when he died.
I have to tell you a secret that only
our leader and I knew about.
The Chief Minister asked me
to make him a promise.
I took oath as CM that very night only
to keep my promise.
It wasn't to grab the office.
Who cares about power?
I can just walk away.
I'll have to share another secret.
I made our leader two promises.
He wanted a youngster to
contest in his constituency...
in the by-elections after his death.
To keep that word, the person who protested
against the disease that killed our CM...
...and brought nationwide
fame to our party,
Lalgudi Karrupiah Gandhi... the youngster who will contest
in that constituency.
"He is standing as simple and single."
"He is an ant, who can lift anything."
"In the gap space
he'll get his work done."
"He is our man, LKG!"
Stop it.
Our leader was unable to speak
during his last days. Did he say all this?
You don't want Ramaraj Pandian to win.
You're giving his ticket to some guy.
Don't talk nonsense as you wish
Whose permission should he ask?
Are you superior than our leader?
Well done
It took him one night to
keep all his promises.
Hail the CM!
He announced a candidate
for a by-election yet to be announced.
Long live the corrupt CM!
As soon as our leader died,
you gained backdoor entry...
...and grabbed power overnight.
And to keep that lie,
what an act you put on!
Just because I might beat
you in the by-election,
you've given the constituency to him.
Everyone knows this...
Because our late leader
feared losing elsewhere...
...I gave up this constituency for him.
I can sleep-walk
my way to winning.
A politician is one who wins
in the constituency given to him.
But even if the party abandons you,
the one who wins even as
Independent, is a Leader.
I am a leader.
Let me tell you this now.
Lalgudi is my constituency.
I will win as an independent candidate.
And when I win, the party and
the government will be with me.
I'll be the CM, you'll be in prison.
The buzz in political circles
is that...
...Ramaraj Pandian will win
the elections for the fifth time in a row...
...and take charge
of the Party and the State.
Heard that?
We toiled for months
for just 3 minutes of happiness.
When they introduced me
as the one who brought-
nationwide fame to our
Party, I felt proud.
He made a sudden entry.
Where was he all this while?
I don't think he was in that room.
Did you see him?
I think he was in hiding.
Are we back to square one now?
We can't defeat him, can we?
Why not?
Bhojappan has promised us... army of 21 MLAs, 13 Ministers
and heaps of money.
The biggest advantage
you have is the Party's election symbol...
...that has registered
in people's minds for 40 years.
Isn't this enough to make you win?
Let me explain it in a way
you'll understand.
The Mumbai Indians team has
Rohit Sharma and Pollard.
They've won
the championship thrice.
Ambani owns the team.
You say it's possible for them to win.
But, the person we are playing
against is Dhoni.
Ramaraj Pandian is like Dhoni.
The 18 villages in this constituency
look at him as their hero.
The crowd that gathers
to see him is more than
the crowds that throng
the village festivals.
Like SPB he sings,
Like a scorpion he stings,
He is the son of the soil,
His story I'll narrate, it's no toil.
Men who can't tame our bull,
wear a saree.
There are no men in this village.
Our brother is here.
(Song from 'Enga Ooru Paatukaran')
Why is he singing?
This is hard to believe.
Wait. I haven't finished yet.
This bull has brought us shame.
Kill it.
Where is he?
I see the moon.
Go man
Let's run away.
Can't predict his moves!
Why did you shift to reverse gear?
Let's pretend we've fainted.
I asked you to tell us about
Ramaraj Pandian.
But you're talking about Actor Ramaraj.
You find it funny?
Your life is around
Facebook and Twitter.
What do you know about
the world outside them?
He can actually sleep-walk
his way to winning.
He's worked that hard.
For the last 30 years, he's been up
at 4am and toils till late night.
He has risen above caste and religion
and initiated many welfare schemes.
He's stayed single all along.
Women are waiting in line to marry him.
It's not just women;
even men want to be around him.
He is that handsome.
He is a charismatic leader.
That's enough.
I agree with all that you said.
He did all this after he won.
But, he must have done a few things to win.
That is what we should do now.
I've already signed the contract.
That expired the moment
you were given the MLA ticket.
This one is for you to win
the MLA election.
It's a fresh contract.
But, you said we were friends...
Corporate philosophy is to take money
from anyone who gives money.
You were the one who said that.
Though it doesn't appear that way,
Ramaraj Pandian's success
is because of his caste.
Most people in this constituency
are the same caste as he is.
Every time he contests, the Opposition
fields a candidate from the same caste.
In the last 30 years no one from
your caste got an opportunity to contest.
You are the first.
That's the plus
Another reason for his success is the
ritual of gifting money at all functions
If you attend their function and gift money,
people don't care how corrupt you are.
They'll vote for him till they die.
For leaders to win
every time, they have-
-to attend every event
of birth, death...
...and marriage in the village.
You are making a big deal of it.
To how many of your functions
has Ramaraj Pandian come?
Out of the 20 in this room,
seven of you have raised your hands.
Our research says
that in the last 30 years...
....he has attended more than 7000 weddings
and 2400 funerals.
One more fun fact...
About 200 to 300 votes are cast
by people who are convinced that...
...if he attends their wedding,
they will have a boy.
To be a good politician,
you needn't be a good person.
You just have to say the right things
and they will believe you.
They have talked their way
to ruling the country.
I believe you have the ability
to do this.
If you believe that too,
you will definitely win.
Everyone laughed when I wanted
to become a Councillor at 26.
I am one now.
I wanted to win the ticket over
Ramaraj Pandian in the by-election.
People said that's impossible.
But, now I've got the seat.
People are convincing me I'll lose.
But, you are showing me
a way to win.
Why won't I?
I'll do anything to win.
"Let us create one rule.
Let us win singularly."
"Where is the speed breaker for victory?
Let us fight a battle."
"The one who gives himself is leader.
the one who sells you is a trader."
"The one who pays
to get your vote is a thief."
"Initially tortoise will lose to the rabbit."
"Finally tortoise will win the rabbit."
"The world will mock at you,
whatever you do."
"After your victory, it'll praise you."
" come."
"You come as sea waves without
succumbing to anyone."
" come."
"The sky is in your touching distance,
you progress and come."
"Let us create one rule. Let us win
"Where is the speed breaker for victory?
Let us fight a battle."
"The one who gives himself is leader.
the one who sells you is a trader."
"The one who pays to get
your vote is a thief."
"Falling drizzle won't go waste."
"It'll turn as river and cross the border."
"Insult won't put you off."
"It'll turn as fire for your oblation."
"In the blowing air birds fly."
"Paper also flies with air."
"Once the blowing air stops,
you'll know, Friend!"
"The birds will fly away, but the paper
will end up in soil."
" come."
"You come as sea waves without
succumbing to anyone."
" come."
"The sky is in your touching distance,
you progress and come."
"Let us create one rule.
Let us win singularly."
"Where is the speed breaker for victory?
Let us fight a battle."
"The one who gives himself is leader.
the one who sells you is a trader."
"The one who pays to get
your vote is a thief."
I've had fever for two days.
You are faint-hearted.
Why did you go to the funeral,
because she told you to?
It's four days since
I've eaten something.
My stomach is bloated because of the soda
I've been drinking.
What is this on your forehead?
It is my blood
I thought they were wishing me well by
applying vermillion on my forehead.
But they've mixed it with
spices and it hurts.
What's happening?
No one wants us.
We belong to the ruling party,
But they wave black flags even
when I go with our leader.
Do something.
Rohit Sharma versus Dhoni...
I'll kill you.
I'm the one who is not well.
Why are you repeating yourself?
Bhojappan said that
he will send his army of 21 MLAs...
...and 13 Ministers to help
with the campaign.
Please send word that
we need their help.
We have a campaign meeting this evening.
Everyone has to be present.
She is not in town.
- You do the work.
- I'll handle things.
You sleep.
A warm welcome to the thousands
who've gathered here.
Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi will be here
to address you all.
Greet him with your applause.
He will be here...
He is here.
Thousands who've gathered...
Take him home and feed him.
If there was power at home,
why would I be here?
Don't play here.
No one turned up because they believe
he will win and become the CM.
They want to be in his
good books.
I understand.
Leave me alone.
- Listen...
- Get lost!
Not tall enough?
Not tall enough?
Go away.
The army of Ministers and MLAs as
promised by your leader are all here.
Do a head count.
Though Bhojappan is the Opposition,
I have to agree he is smart.
He managed to become
the CM even with me around.
I don't know what happened now.
He might have seen you on TV a few times
and decided to give you the seat.
He has gone senile.
I heard you go to every wedding
and funeral I go to.
It seems you try to speak like me.
You want to win somehow.
You might have crores of
money, support of the-
ruling party, a 40-year
old election symbol.
Yet, you can't gain entry
into my fortress.
I just did a headcount.
Seven of them are missing.
Shut up.
I think it was in 1967.
Someone defeated Kamarajar.
Do you know who defeated him?
You wouldn't remember.
He won, but was still an MLA.
Even if he lost, Kamarajar
will be who he is.
Is the election campaign
work on track?
It's going fine.
I sent two trucks full of people yesterday.
We ran out of food though.
We've sent cash for everyone
in the constituency.
His posters are everywhere.
The campaign meeting was a success.
We'll stand by him.
He's already got the look of a winner.
No surprise if Ramaraj Pandian
himself votes for him.
- He'll definitely win...
- He is lying.
Nobody did a thing.
Didn't I tell you everything
over the phone?
- Keep quiet.
- Mind your words.
Who do you think you are?
Do you know about us?
How dare you disrespect us?
I'll kill you.
Stop it.
Sit down.
And you...
It is bad manners to talk
the way you did.
He doesn't know basic etiquette.
And you've given him a seat.
Not the candidate to pit against
Ramaraj Pandian.
What do you mean?
Ramaraj Pandian isn't just his enemy.
He is your enemy and enemy
to our money as well.
You forgot that and dared
to praise him in front of me?
We're not praising him.
You're the one giving him
undue importance.
You should've raised
your objection in the meeting.
Didn't you see
the chairs thrown around?
You ignored it and gave him a seat.
The seat is given.
That can't be changed.
How to make him win?
Let's talk about that.
Nothing can be done.
He can never be Ramaraj Pandian.
We know he's going to win.
We can't take him on.
You have the guts to support
him in front of me?
What about you?
If they arrest you
after he wins,
you'll strike a deal to be
the CM or Deputy CM.
Why should we work for LKG
and become his enemy?
Let me tell you now.
We won't work for him.
He will lose.
He won't even get his deposit back.
I know how to win.
I won't lose.
You can't get away because
the CM is with you.
I'll kill you.
Stop fighting.
How can I keep quiet when
they talk like this?
I will win.
Go out and wait.
I'll call you in.
Just leave this place
He is a young boy.
Why threaten him like this?
Get out
You should have expected this
when you gave him a seat.
Get out.
Leave him.
Let him go.
We'll take care of him later.
Get out.
Leave now.
Get lost
I see shades of your father
in you these days.
A sparrow, however hard it tries
can never become an eagle.
I'm in a bad mood.
I'll kill you. Go away.
A sparrow, however hard it tries
can never become an eagle...
What are you doing?
What if someone
shares this on Facebook?
Even one of us might do it
to get Likes.
Why organise a meeting
when I am not around?
Don't you know no one will come?
Are you an idiot?
Am I the idiot or is it the
bunch of you?
You charged a fee even
before starting work.
My Dad is telling...
Can a sparrow become an eagle?
Don't you understand?
He's taken 30 years to become this popular.
How can I do that in 30 days?
The ideas you came up with!
Attend funerals and weddings...
How many funerals can
I attend in a month?
You think winning comes easy?
Put your hands down.
You need 30 years to build
a fortress.
But to bring it down...
Why should I suffer?
I'll make him suffer.
I can't rise up to his level.
But I can bring him down to mine.
I'll manage from now on.
Where are the scissors?
It's with me.
Please give the scissors.
I will not.
He needs to cut the ribbon
for the inauguration.
We the public pay money
to buy from you.
But you want him to do the honours.
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy or am I crazy?
Shall I cut the ribbon?
Tell me what you want.
I will talk only to my leader
Ramaraj Pandian.
I am Ramaraj Pandian.
You shut up.
My leader Ramaraj Pandian
will be here any moment.
Get ready to face the music.
All of you get ready to face the music.
You are too drunk to know
who you are talking to.
That's a wrong thing to say.
You are drunk.
Go to sleep.
If you are a big-shot,
shut down all the liquor shops.
You are selling and
I will keep drinking.
No brother! I am telling you...
Ramaraj Pandian slapped his own party
member at a social gathering.
The general public and his party members
are unhappy about the incident.
Several leaders have condemned
his inappropriate behaviour.
How dare you slap him?
He should have slapped someone
who charges more for the liquor.
I'm calling for a protest.
It's going to be big.
Wait and watch.
You slapped your own party member.
What if you ill-treat
the poor after you win?
If I hit you, you'll come down
like a ton of bricks.
You said Social Media will
help build a person's image.
But it seems easier to destroy
someone's image.
The drunken incident is
getting good responses.
Tell your meme team to put
in more hours.
He is attending a programme
at a college next.
Organise our team to be there.
Ramaraj Pandian
has remained single and has...
...dedicated his life for the upliftment
of Tamils and Tamil Nadu.
We take great pride in inviting him.
Ramaraj Pandian,
who is the personification of Tamil...
...will inaugurate this program
by singing the Tamil invocation song.
Sing what?
The Tamil invocation song..
- Me?
- Yes.
He is asking all of you to stand up.
He wants you all to be quiet.
Don't you know I have a bad throat.
Have this lozenge.
It will soothe your throat immediately.
I saw it on TV.
The mike is not working.
Switch it on first.
(Singing Tamil invocation song)
You've got the lyrics wrong.
People from other States speak in Tamil.
Why can't Ramaraj Pandian?
"Let me turn your drape into a house,
- You are speaking out of context.
- I can even sing.
(Song from 'Aval varuvala')
If you sing, I will start singing too.
(Song from 'Muthu')
If you are sing,
I'll also sing
(Song from 'Suryavamsam')
We will continue the debate after
a short commercial break.
Ramaraj Pandian, don't you know how
to sing the Tamil invocation song.
Shame on you.
Even I can sing it.
Shall I?
Repeat what I just told you.
Repeat what I just told you.
Aren't you ashamed?
(Singing Tamil invocation song)
Even children are making fun of him.
Is he that stupid?
How can people think he is handsome
and charismatic?
Women may want to marry him,
but why would men want to get near him?
That's a bit too much.
- I have an idea.
- What is it?
What if we start a rumour that
Ramaraj Pandian is actually a woman?
What do you mean?
His colourful shirts, he hugs men,
is single. It adds up.
- Super idea
- Madam
You support every idea of his
and he comes up with absurd ones.
The whole town will laugh.
Yes. So?
Nobody will believe you.
They don't have to believe it.
But they will talk about it.
It will trend even if it is a lie.
- Get our men on the job.
- No...No
We shouldn't get
involved directly.
We should be associated only
with the good.
The bad stuff should stem
from outside.
We have to find someone for it.
Amal Tailors at Kilpauk,
is from our village.
He's a great tailor.
Use this promo code to get your freebies.
I don't know how to say this.
Ramaraj Pandian, a seasoned,
well-respected politician from Tamil Nadu.
We've received some
shocking news about him.
Ramaraj Pandian is a woman
and not a man.
Sister, it is a privilege to be a woman.
I don't have to tell you that.
Hats off to you if you accept
the truth.
I give 2.75 stars for Ramaraj Pandian
the man.
And a full 5 stars for Ramaraj Pandian
the woman.
Thangamuthu, a 63-yearold
man has filed-
-a petition claiming Ramaraj
Pandian is his wife.
I'm 63 years old.
Will anyone lie at my age?
I married Pandima in 1984
in our village temple.
Take a look at the photo.
Guess the video was true.
I recently saw a video
in which I realised that-
-the well-respected Ramaraj
Pandian is my Pandima.
What if she denies it?
I've filed a request in court
for a DNA testing.
Pandima, you are now a big politician.
I've remained single from
the time you went missing.
I heard you have also remained single.
Will you please come back
to me as Pandima?
Or should I undergo a sex change surgery?
Let's use social media
to spread this rumour.
Already done.
Run a survey.
Show him in bad light.
Any news about
what he plans to do next?
He is meeting Actor Mukesh
to ask for his support.
'Junior Revolutionary Commander'.
How are you?
Sorry. Pandi, it's been so long.
You look so beautiful at this age.
Leave me
Okay brother
How is the election campaigning going on?
Not doing well.
I'm here to request
your fan club's support.
Why ask?
It's a given.
I want no interruptions for
half an hour.
- Half an hour?
- Yes.
Then 'Junior Revolutionary'?
Which movie are you working on now?
'Man or Woman'?
That's the name of the movie.
It's a beautiful subject.
I don't have time to watch movies.
I agree.
I heard you slapped someone.
Why such rage?
That's nothing.
He was a drunkard.
I heard you refused to sing
because of a bad throat.
You should have a concoction
of ginger and pepper...
That can be organised.
That is right
You are under stress.
You are tense.
You should practice yoga,
get a massage.
- I can give you a massage myself.
- Why trouble you?
That's no trouble.
It's a boon.
Close your eyes.
How do you feel?
Massage for the eyes,
nose and lips...
What the hell are you up to?
Pandima, I know the truth about you.
It was a taboo till a few years back.
Now, it is protected by Law.
What if they tweet about us?
Why meet actor Mukesh
at a crucial time like this?
It was a regular meeting.
What happened between
the two of you while you were inside?
Are they suspecting anything?
No, I can't
You've been close friends for long.
Will he support you politically?
We're not that close.
Don't misinterpret things.
You have announced more benefits
for women in your manifesto.
Isn't that good?
But a Minister has
remarked that only a woman-
-can best understand
another's problems.
I don't need to respond to
random remarks.
Do you have an answer for
your husband Thangamuthu?
I don't know anyone
by the name Thangamuthu.
Taking the husband's name
is not in our culture.
What did you say?
He claims he has proof that
you are a woman.
Will you undergo a DNA test
to prove you are a man?
Shall I prove it now?
Do you want to take a look?
Take a look.
- I didn't see all of it.
- Thank God.
I look like a woman.
But I'm a man at heart.
- But I AM A MAN.
- I had my doubts.
We Tamils respect and revere our women.
But Ramaraj Pandian removed his dhothi
before a woman to prove he is a man.
Do you want me to prove it?
You slapped a person for
a pair of scissors? Should I?
You ran away because
you didn't know how to sing? Should I?
Respected chairperson,
before blaming social media
for making Ramaraj Pandian
a laughing stock...
Think for a moment.
You didn't respect Tamilians.
You don't know Tamil.
Why would they vote for you?
Vote for me.
Give me a chance.
Just one chance.
I swear on my family deity that
I will give fair governance.
You spoke very well.
You recalled every mistake of his
and established he is guilty.
That's the highlight.
Everyone now believes
he is in the wrong.
Tomorrow is his last
meeting with the public.
He will surely apologise.
You missed saying something.
You should've spoken about
what you'll do if you win.
You forgot that.
Our people don't go by
what good a person can do.
They go by the bad the person
in power did.
Never mind.
You are right.
Stop the car.
I'll pass on my condolences to him.
Hi, leader!
What's the matter?
You seem to be really down.
I'll come over.
(Song from 'Priyamaana Thozhi')
Is that your car?
- Sweet boy
- Brother!
Buy me a car.
Take him away.
- I'll start my own party.
- Come brother
You won unanimously, unopposed
for the last 30 years. Aren't you bored?
It would've hit you hard...
...that for the first time
ever someone's challenging you.
Why would you remove your
dhoti otherwise?
You were right about Bhojappan.
He is not an idiot. He is smart.
That's why he gave me a ticket.
I wonder how I managed all this.
What an army of 21 MLAs and
13 Ministers couldn't do, this phone did.
Today, all we need is a phone.
For the last 30 years,
they looked at you as a Hero.
It is Ok if they look at you as a villain.
But, they think you are a comedian.
They laugh at you.
I'm saying this again.
A great leader like Kamaraj was defeated.
You can lose too.
Don't ask me who defeated Kamaraj.
I have no answer.
But everyone will come to know
who defeated Ramaraj Pandian.
I didn't know about you.
I just got to know that you were
behind his success.
All I know is to meet
the people directly...
...get the votes from my community,
preventing illegal voting and so on.
This is the politics I know.
But now it is all about Social Media.
You say I lost 10 per cent of my votes
because I slapped a drunkard.
There are people who claim I am
a woman, and some believe that.
It took me 30 years to
build this reputation.
A 30 second video destroyed it.
We've only asked people for
their votes.
For the first time I'm asking
a company to help me get votes.
We are here now.
We will handle everything.
You worked for him.
How can you work for us now?
Keep quiet.
I'm sorry.
That's Ok.
Corporates will work for
anyone giving money.
Read the contract before signing it.
The elections will get over
by the time I read this.
Please start work.
Tell me what I should do.
The CM is LKG's biggest strength.
Being a candidate with the CM's support
is his advantage.
We have to oust the CM.
I'm working on that.
He will definitely be arrested
after the elections.
That's too late.
What if you lose?
He has to be arrested before
the elections.
How can that be done?
Go to Delhi.
Fall at their feet.
Promise your support
to them if you become CM.
Tell them you will be their puppet.
They'll agree right away.
Say this for now and surrender.
We'll take care of the rest later.
Ramaraj Pandian has allied himself
with the Centre in Delhi.
They plan to arrest me even
before the elections..
I just got to know.
I need you all to sign this.
Why now?
If I go to jail, I don't want
any of you to shift loyalties.
Just a safety measure.
I'll make sure you neither lose
your money nor your posts.
Sign up, Kodhandam.
Yes, sir.
Sister, super!
I promised to be loyal to the Centre and
there was a good response.
They're talking about
arresting him on-
-corruption charges, even
before the elections.
- Who's saying this?
- The Governor's office.
Bhojappan is shaken.
Just that, he's collecting
everyone's signatures.
That doesn't matter.
Our Company has a resort at Yelagiri.
Why go that far,
a nearby place will do.
What next?
His father is his weakness.
I've been single for 30 years.
I've dedicated my life for your welfare.
But you know people have been conspiring
against me for some time.
Instead of defending myself, I have my
friend and seasoned politician...
...Alagu Meiyappan will share
the truth with the world.
A son's duty is to make his
father proud.
But my son is so vicious,
full of lies.
Even though my son
is his opponent,
I'm here because I
stand for truth.
If a man who has for the last
30 years fought to abolish liquor...
...slaps a drunkard,
I am not surprised.
If a drunkard misbehaves in our house,
will we keep quiet?
Laymen like us are only
bothered about our homes.
But for those like Ramaraj Pandian,
the nation is his home.
If you doubt his intention,
get out of this great nation.
If he can't sing the Tamil Invocation song,
is he not a Tamilian?
He is not contesting in a reality show.
He is an uncontested star.
We need a person like him to lead us out
of the current political instability.
We don't need a coward.
If you still think Ramaraj
Pandian is guilty,
I'll ask him to
apologise right away.
- Shall I ask him to?
- No.
I have failed as a father.
But as a Tamilian, I want to triumph.
That's why I've taken sides with the truth.
The umbrella symbol stands for truth.
Vote for Ramaraj Pandian and
save Tamil Nadu.
She is a cutthroat.
That's fine.
But my own father...
I've been angry with you
since I was a child.
You were naive, made no name,-
-didn't earn a paisa and
didn't do a thing for me.
You set it all right with this
big speech of yours.
Do you hate me so much?
I've had many disagreements with you.
But I've always thought of
you as my father.
You've shown me that
politics is beyond family.
You were a loser.
Now, you have made me lose.
The latest opinion poll indicates
that we are in the lead again.
The buzz is that I'm the next CM.
This won't do.
Anything can change in two days.
We have to kill his father.
You are brilliant.
If we kill him, the blame will be on him
because his dad went against him.
Thank God you didn't get into politics.
We wouldn't stand a chance then.
But, you need men to...
I'll handle it.
We should stake claim only
for good initiatives.
We have to distance
ourselves from the bad.
You don't get involved in this.
We'll handle this.
Hey, stop
Don't leave him
There are six of them.
After all your emotional talk,
you want to kill your own father?
Don't you have any sense?
I was the one who saved you.
Didn't you see them attacking me?
I think this is Ramaraj Pandian's work.
I've been in politics along
with him for 30 years.
He won't do this.
You trust him over your own son.
Not another verse from the 'Thirukkural'
Doctor, please sedate me.
I didn't do this.
I did.
You worked against me.
Now, you've planned to kill my father.
I didn't tell them to attack
your father.
I told them to attack you.
You have the guts to tell me
what you did.
You signed two contracts.
Did you even read it once?
Clause 23(a) states that I can work for
your competitor if I feel the need.
You should not sign a corporate
contract without reading it.
I'm an idiot and I signed
without reading the contract.
What about Ramaraj Pandian?
Is he an idiot too?
Where is she?
She won't come anymore.
The contract has expired.
Read it.
It says three days or three ideas
whichever happens first.
You signed without reading
the contract.
Some people have a larger-than-life image.
But in reality they're not all that big.
Your father told us that about
Ramaraj Pandian.
You thought I was a loser
and I made you lose as well.
A father might lose
but he'll want his son to win.
That's how I felt too.
That's why I listened to this girl.
I didn't want you to turn out like me.
You did many hasty things.
What if he did something to
spoil all your efforts?
We won't even have the time
to react.
We will be in danger
That's why I didn't allow him
to think.
I made him do things that
would benefit us.
To win, we need something
bigger than all that we've done.
That is sympathy.
Nothing can beat the power
of sympathy.
He said he could sleep-walk
his way to winning.
Now you can sleep-walk
your way to winning.
It still hurts. I'm not even
able to greet you.
I am doing this for you.
Will you attempt killing a person
if they fight injustice?
I will fight till I die.
Don't forget to vote for me.
"Brother is neither mass nor boss.
It is not an easy thing to win."
"He is not a handsome person,
but there is no choice."
"Where to keep your face? Oh god!
Will give offering to Muni deity."
"He broke the nose, how will you
eat your food?"
"He tore you to pieces. Oh god!
He blew you off."
"You shake a leg..."
"He tore you to pieces. Oh god!
He blew you off."
"Dappa dappa pappa pararappa..."
"You became confused.
You got burnt as black."
"You leaned to a side...
Oh Oh..."
"I lifted the range, gave the change.
I'll play on the swing."
"Hey, my Ganguli. Your game is over."
"Old tomato, move to a side,
"Come on, Partner! You can take
up another job."
"Jolly jolly...
have a good time."
"He tore you to pieces. Oh god!
He blew you off."
"You shake a leg, friend!
He took apart your shirt."
"Oh God! He ripped you apart.
He set you open."
'Our Lalgudi's belove Brother'
Following Bhojappan's arrest
on charges of corruption...
...the by-elections at Lalgudi saw
LKG emerge as the winner.
While he takes charge
as the new CM...
...there are widespread protests
in Tamil Nadu against this.
Benami government down down!
Corrupt government down down!
You won the election somehow.
I am not surprised.
Ramaraj Pandian has spoken about me
to the higher-ups in Delhi.
They are going to arrest me tonight.
But he can't take over our
party and governance.
I've made the necessary arrangements.
Be the acting CM till I return.
That is only if you return...
I, Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi...
He is shot.
Bulletproof vest...
I don't trust your men.
If I can bribe you, you might allow
someone to come in.
Help me stand up.
Stop it.
Corrupt government down down!
Benami government down down!
What kind of a government is this?
Anyone can become a CM
and form a government.
You're murdering democracy.
Your anger is reasonable.
The person you voted to be
the CM is no more.
The person who grabbed power and
became the acting CM is now in jail.
Another person is now the CM.
Your anger is reasonable.
But how should you express it?
By using a gun?
You will shoot me down today.
Tomorrow there will another guy.
You will shoot him too.
What about the guy after that?
How many will you kill?
You had a weapon stronger
than a gun.
Your vote.
Why didn't you express your
anger while voting?
You could have made me lose.
The man there contested
in the same election I did.
He is educated. He gave up his job
to do something for society.
He was an independent candidate.
His symbol was a tie.
Do any of you know him?
He got 413 votes.
Who defeated him?
Was it me?
No. You made him lose.
Every election in Tamil
Nadu has independent
candidates wanting to
make a difference.
Do we even acknowledge them?
We know only two parties,
two election symbols.
Aren't all your votes caste-based?
You bought your votes?
Didn't you?
I agree.
We politicians give
money and buy votes.
But, who sells their votes?
If we are corrupt because
we buy votes, what are you?
You hesitantly take money
for your vote...
...but that gives politicians the audacity
to run scams worth crores.
How many of you have paid
fines instead of bribing policemen?
How many of you have got
your license without paying for it?
We believe only bribes work.
We are just like you.
When I am one of you,
how can I be a good leader?
How are we different from
each other?
How are you different from
any politician?
Yes, the entire system is corrupt.
Is there no redemption then?
There is a way.
You believe someone somewhere,
an actor...
...or a popular person entering politics
might be the answer.
Instead, place your faith in
your children.
You wish for your child to become
a doctor or an engineer.
Wish for your child to be a
good human being.
Let the future generation shun corruption.
If an entire generation is good...
...their leader will also
be good.
Let's talk about today.
You shot me thinking
I'm Bhojappan's puppet...
...and that this is a
benami government.
I'm your person.
This is not a benami government.
It's pro people.
You don't believe me?
My first signature after taking charge
is to request for CBI... investigate all the corruption
charges against Bhojappan.
If someone opposes this,
I'll resign my post.
If you don't believe me,
shoot me.
I'll remove my bulletproof vest.
Shoot me down.
Everything is as per law.
You tell me if I should take charge.
Should I take charge?
You can.
You can.
Take charge.
Take charge
'To be a good politician,
you don't have to be a good person.'
'You just have to say the right things
and they will believe you.'
'They have talked their way
to ruling the country.'
"They act like truthful great men."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"By acting like devotee,
they trap the common people."
I, Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi...
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"They act like truthful great men."
"They act like truthful great men."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"By acting like devotee,
they trap the common people."
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"There is bravery only in talk.
What they do is only bargain."
"Giving promises is usual.
Forgetting that is their habit."
"They'll fall on anybody's feet.
After that they'll even topple that person."
"They'll fall on anybody's feet.
After that they'll even topple that person."
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"Country... motherland..."
"Country... motherland..."
"They'll give money in abundance.
They'll even hug old lady."
"Entering the hut of the poor, they'll
drink the porridge there."
"They'll say they are one among them.
After winning they'll ask, who are you?"
"They'll say they are one among them.
After winning they'll ask, who are you?"
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."
"They act like truthful great men."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"At the right time, they are looting
in many ways."
"By acting like devotee,
they trap the common people."
"How long...for how long..."
"How long will they cheat
in this country?"
"In their own country...
In our country..."