Lloyd's of London (1936) Movie Script

listen to me minty and you'll have gold
clicking in your britches and we'll all
be right in are you dancing if we are
not all swinging iron Ansem don't drink
your rum put some grass on your backbone
hockey hockey widow Blake bring two more
runs and write about it
Jonathan Jackson high school - now -
babbles over there sorry thank you watch
they don't slip you know Portuguese
copies all right Alan
they don't divvy up I'll lay down the
lord or my will if you and the others
will back me up
I know with me then I be
and were you gaping it yes
come on we'll tell them what's what I
will tell him you mean
didn't I tell you Joe watch out for
Portuguese covers laughs look at the end
lesson - yeah oh jeez
it'll be a grittily
of reckoning G's ratio Horatio Nicole go
on go on my dear I can't father dear me
dear me I hide
never mind trying to help your sister
Horatio you decline the noun of gray
color for her or is your Nelson
yes sir didn't you hear what I said no
don't you ever hear what I say no sir
yes sir
what is the use my sacrificing my time
my strength endeavoring to teach you the
classics bring you up with a proper
knowledge of letters you give you some
sense of righteousness and duty Susana
why pens nose it's funny from dear me
crossed a four o'clock already we'll
stop the scripture lesson with the
litany and I do hope that some of you
will be correct in your responses it did
distress me so last Sunday they hear you
falter and stumble as though you were
the children of a cobbler oh god the
father of heaven have mercy upon us
miserable sinners
Linda Jonathan Hyde bug you smell
knocking point over to the cold pirates
yes real ones told me within me I'm
sayin house next row I can have a look
at their boat oh I can't
we're right in the middle of script your
class yeah fraid I'm not afraid but you
know my father's forbidden me to consult
with you Jonathan
yeah are afraid you're afraid to get no
lickin you'd better mind what you say
Jonathan what about our pact I dare you
to come
oh you dare me to row out and have a
look at the boat well I dare you to go
aboard Cooper Oh blimey no they'd make
us walk the plank
oh so you're afraid what about our pact
now what I do you've got to do on you
stand and let me give you a cup on the
must now it's a go tip us your moley
I see something to vote your name not
see home young that's not her this way
then once again we're doing Maggie no
that's close to the box to the anchor
chain don't see you so
this is a big ship isn't it I wonder why
there's nobody on that's agreed by the
elements is where sly but this shoe
won't last forever
come on your lovers upwards
get over with it over women in the
seahorse raiser Egypt why shouldn't it
it's gold just scour not a bag of
feathers what I mean it it weighs every
only conscience captain conscience you
haven't got one
get on oh we know what's in the wind we
does you're going to scuttle the Maggio
and claim the insurance and the
insurance on the gold what's in it and
all the time back there Gold's aboard
the sea or yourself fraud I calls it and
a king's ransom for the pair of you
you're getting yours I checked yeah 10
guineas apiece for being parties to
Aryan crime if we gets mad because I'm
say with you and by the devil's gallows
we'll share say Michelle
so it's mutiny call it what you like but
if they was to get wind of this at
Lloyd's coffee house in London
let's get out of here get to work yes
favi rats tiny no Babu my dad come on
pull those legs
stop those legs come here stop Joe you
race you yeah
you're at yes let's go swim with the
time hey leave him Addison
whoa not after us we'd better hi
I lost my coat yes that's nothing
well much more real birthday Faddis we'd
better go home and tell my mom hi mom
yeah but they said if there was to get
wind of this at Lord's coffee house he's
the one we ought to tell mr. Lloyd the
insurance man but he isn't he's in
London what of it
how would we get there walk across it's
a hundred miles we've got to it's our
duty besides mr. Lloyd Knight give us a
big reward
I couldn't Jonathan we be gone for days
and days my father wouldn't know where I
was well I'm going and what I do you've
got to do or else Oh jiminy I I'd love
well I'll go Tibby Sherman we'll leave
tonight I meet you at 7:00 you know
Rachel yes sir
come down the other yes look at you
where have you been I had occasion to
swim in the river sir in your clothes
circumstances prevented us prevented me
from removing my clothes sir you were
with that young scoundrel Jonathan Baker
yes sir
have I not forbidden you his company yes
sir a disreputable urgent who's out
keeps a foul gin shop what am I to do
no no Edmund building the lad will take
much harm rather partial to gin just
myself I will not be disobeyed shall I
go into the study sir and take down my
breeches at once and that's me my
birthright are you uncle fry thank Allah
is the war with Spain going well mm-hmm
Wars never go well until there one lad
my ship was dismasting my last
engagement that's why I'm home but we're
off again come Tuesday for the Azores
how exciting it must be yeah there's
nothing so exciting as having a
cannonball come along and pop off your
oh yeah ratio 12 next week sir well I
need a young bitumen that's why I'm here
Oh perhaps your father might know of a
likely lad Oh sir
you don't you couldn't mean me well now
I mind ratio yes sir
I've been waitin enough I couldn't get
out before my uncle captain suddenly
came to business
where'd you happen in that sack Jonathan
I I can't come with you you're backing
down I'm going to see I'm going to be a
midshipman on his Majesty's ship Reza's
mouth oh we're going to fight the
Spaniards see each other anymore
no that's right we won't
I'll be back sometime Robert the
Cannonball that will come along and pop
off my hand I'm sorry I can't go with
you Joe
oh it's alright it's breaking off back
you couldn't help it but a pacts a pact
come on cut me on the muffler no thank
thank you Oh Rick you'll melt them you
must jump
faster goodbye John
I greet you
join me write the number see right in
your life what do you know
yeah hold on rag where do you think
you're going I've got to see mr. Lloyd
the one run along with you be gone go on
to chit chit chit chit yes sir I have an
appointment here to meet dr. Samuel
Johnson what names a Benjamin Franklin
oh yes sir dr. Johnson's waiting for you
dr. Franklin mr. Franklin permit me to
present my friend mr. parson delighted
gentlemen the breaker team anymore 200
tons how to Falmouth down to Jamaica
2,000 pounds insurance ask at 8 per
centum I'll take 100 for 100 another
told no anymore to anymore 200 pounds
200 thank you no no 10 pounds is all out
8 Thank You mr. Jukes sir
could you could you tell me which one is
mr. Lloyd who mr. Lloyd sir the master
of the seer coffee house Oh him this
young in the fitting mr. Edward lied
yeah find him in the middle of aisles
and very wounded search 6 feet under
he's been holding there 60 years or so
and whose leg do you think you're pretty
gentlemen the sloop mega LOD Yarmuth
reported sunk yesterday off Norfolk
coast no lives lost shipping short for
two thousand pounds cargo gold bullion
in short for 10,000 pounds claim total
loss how much did we lose 2,000 on the
cargo-master Lauren oh my name is Angus
time what do you know about the McGee oh
she was scuttle sir I heard him say they
was gonna scuttle her they took the gold
off hand put it on see yours where did
all this happen where an if sir Burnham
fought in Norfolk we was coming together
to tell you sir
me and my friend Horatio Nelson not the
last minute he couldn't come and I had
to hoof it alone you walked all the way
from golfer yes sir look why did you
come here the Lloyds well so one of the
seamen said that the Manteo is insured
here that if he was all to get wind of
it well into sea horse you too doc Wayne
to seahorse doc seahorse
re on with four days ago due tomorrow
see that she's met unsearched if the
gold is found a rest all on board if you
told us the truth you shall be well
Thank You mr. Angus time but sir well
can I get me a reward sir could you
trust me with something to eat because
my neck psyche is emptying me vitals has
known me something awful oh yeah here
pull might come along come with me wait
give this man food the best you have
Smok method hey Mary
yeah Scott on this way that you'll shown
a great sense of you thank you sir
that's good oh sure I don't think I can
eat all that oh you you eat your heart's
content my left
gentlemen how much am I bid for the
Briton insane 1,500 1,500 wire in the
mall 606 - animal - here anymore
700 700 what's the candle for sir a
waiter is auctioning off a ship he has
pierced the wick of the candle with a
pin when the flame reaches a pin it'll
go out are the last men to bid while the
flame is burning becomes the owner of
the ship the waiters do all that sir no
waiters here not only serve food they
auction ships and arrange insurance with
the Syndicates
syndicate sir what's a syndicate each of
those groups of men a Lloyd's isn't just
one company it's made up of a number of
groups called syndicates when a ship is
to be insured each group puts up a part
of the money and shares the gain or loss
oh I like in the Mathieu yeah here's
exactly Shh what's the bell for sir the
bell the bell rings once for disaster
and twice for good news and over there
is the bulletin board when use of ships
from all over the world is posted hi I
like it here sir it's so so exciting
could I could I give up me a wall sir
and stay here and work well I I don't by
the way what's your name
gelatin Blake sir and I know how to wait
coz I've been serving in me on say a
louse ever since I could walk and I
could learn all the others sir
mmm-hmm oh you're intelligent and you're
you're eager
you're so eager you're forgetting your
meal all righty that's right you may
have saved us all a great deal of money
and then I can't stay here and work sir
if you're right about the Meggie Oh Oh
sir I'll go on go on with your meal
I found the caption distance in Cadiz
goodbye there's Dukes young big that
time I've seen it this week
Sen Jonathan to me
Jonathan do mr. Angus tan once
Jonathan you took money for mr. Jukes
just now aye sir
and you've done so before aye sir why
well because I I go down to the dock sir
listen listen I'm telling things what
did you tell him just now but the
gladiator founded off Lisbon sir the boy
should be discharged at what's Oh wiser
honestly acquired and honestly shared is
the foundation of this business the news
about the gladiator belongs to Lloyds
not to any one person Jonathan you've
been guilty of treachery Oh sir he said
it wasn't wrong and I was saving his
tips to become an underwriter sir what
and ring the bell once will spike mr.
Jukes guns
bring the beer bath Gator in the school
radiator with a cargo of lumber reported
sank off Lisbon we await confirmation
Jonathan yes sir I've come here
Lloyd's is founded on two great pillars
news and honesty if either fails we fail
and with us the whole of the British
merchant marine you know you know Lloyd
isn't merely a business of profit and
loss it's the lifeblood of British
Commerce nothing too big minute just
think of English ships sailing to the
farthest port of the world
Hong Kong Cape Town Bombay ships and
cargo protected by our honesty a mighty
commerce built on faith Oh mr. Angus tan
sir I did not sir I didn't keep faith
negative Oberst it doesn't me oh well
there are you one mr. Jukes
there's your money sir I want no part of
now or ever from this answer I'll do my
best to be what you said honest with
Lloyds and England
and I warrant of England will appreciate
it gentlemen
the Spanish blockade of British Commerce
is broken and His Majesty's ship resin
arm has arrived safely at years old
befriend grace you Nelson when I was
telling you about
he's a nut ship sir what yes gentlemen
Paris 23rd of January 1771 French
parliament overthrown by soldiers of
Madame Du Barry before team is playing
that morning jobs let me think that oh
thank you my nice data yeah I think the
raise almost over yes and High Times you
okay that morning rape
rubbish barge founders in the Thames let
that's a momentous event storm still
raging in the channel sir not a ships
put in for three days now I'm building
fine furnishings find new bulletin board
with nothing on it great progress made
in everything except getting news when
news is there's lifeblood of the
insurance business - Ranga Stein but you
can't beat the elements give them beat
anything if you got the which tomorrow
same time what is that good morning
morning the clandestine same as usual
sir yes Peter oh he's Majesty flag up
and out sir
oh oh that's news isn't it
the MIT me to present myself mr. Angus
Stacy of Cranford morning are you're
acquainted my uncle Lord Drayton First
Lord of the Admiralty oh sure oh you're
his nephew I oh yes my marriage my
mother's the duchess of children yes a
my uncle gave me a little bit of action
but somehow IRA slayed it Corey no no
thank you no thank you I never touch it
mr. Angus time I recently covered on
some of money my grandmother Darla stand
I'd expected I've known the old head it
was shame for the extravagant now it
occurred to me that much patois mutual
advantage if I employed that money here
at Lloyds with you perhaps in your
syndicate you you mean you wish to come
in here and learn the insurance business
from the ground up okay I my name to
think of no I just thought to take an
occasional risk scream kognito I fee I
see I understand some of you
underwriters make preposterous profits
oh we do very well from time to time but
Lloyd sure is not a gambling house no
doubt there might be some underwriters
who would take you into their syndicates
incognito but I am NOT one of them
I hold neither with gambling milord
nor with young aristocrats who despise
commerce as beneath their station yet
who seek to profit by it
Oh what is he but I bid you good morning
/ yes you well your assistance that mr.
Blake sir my master here well what's
wise been putting quarter in quad what
are you talking about part enjoy you
said the Old Bailey sir don't Bailey I
didn't know if they'd come to tell you
sir if not to come yes yes quite right
watch right right come with me mr. BOTS
mr. Park
I am beneath the Jonathan all miss Polly
I derson tell you why not what he done
it concerns the opposite sex I'll never
believe that it does they arrested him
for a peeping tom unlikely tale I've
been trying to make him look at me for a
whole year - peeping tom that's what he
I was undressed your worship give
himself a wash before bed and he was a
spying on me
your worship let me ago and the minute I
put to bed even ridin on me without so
much as that if you please order either
call prison on the spag loss is yours
yes your worship when you're trespassing
on the rooftops in the vicinity of the
brigade's bedroom window unlock your jaw
sir ah well not trespassing exactly your
and that makes I'm so the question well
sir I I was experimenting oh yes I was
experimenting with the Telegraph machine
Telegraaf telegram what manner of word
is that uh well sir Telegraph is a
method of transmitting intelligence
through space Tillie love transmit
Allegiance through your attempting to
confirm the cops are on oh no sir
believe me you tear since mr. what
during Newgate Prison or a fine of fifty
mix Keys fifty pounds Oh sir
theirs will teach you to not the next
time the crime versus george shuba
charged with bodies missing you your
that young man I should like to pay fine
pay to believe I'm weary Jonathan of
getting you out of straits it's true
they've been innocent enough I'll still
now but Sir you don't you can't believe
me guilty why you admitted entering that
girl's window it's enough with intention
I really fell in you fell in you you
fell in what sir it was my invent
machines a website always a night
let me show it to you sir come to my
house this evening I prove to you I've
done nothing wrong
you will
perhaps Oh sir this is only the model
sir but it demonstrates what I claim and
messages across the channel not in two
days but in five minutes in five minutes
from France
aye sir Jonathan you remember that day
12 years ago when mr. Jukes gave me
money and we talked I've always thought
of you as a father since then sir then
even a father can be driven too far over
hear me sir you said that news is the
lifeblood of insurance and that as
Lloyd's grows so grows British shipping
as British shipping grows so grows
England well well well ever since then I
wanted to justify your faith in me I
know I've been a bit troublesome sir and
I'm deeply sorry to have hurt you but
now now perhaps I can pay my debt to you
and to Lloyd's look sir these letters
placed in here can be read through this
spyglass I did
is 1,200 feet
or what for those little letters yes sir
with the aid of the reflector lamp now
with machines built nine or ten feet
high and with powerful spy glasses we
can have a real news service information
and reports flashing in from parts of
Europe and being posted like beacon
fires on the bulletin board in the
subscribers room then sir
Lloyd's will indeed be the brain center
of England yes T yes P moon apart orders
a rest
el el e and E and G am I
Napoleon orders arrest of all English in
France solution
la lumire my friend depreciable APPA
ali sorry - I'm sorry
are you here you see black hey Bobo yard
written promise you Chile is one more
piece my bed Rafael no why - who knows
what to do to consume enough let's elope
they're messy more piece the won't you
who guarded a bon voyage
unlike them with their missile I guess I
know what you're talking about I don't
speak patch I think I got nothing
nothing the dog less English or time
English better you money definite
anybody here speak English
I am I understand a little Mademoiselle
then won't you help me please ask you
what I've done to be arrested
Napoleon Bonaparte has ordered the
arrest of all English people in France
is it a crime to be English we men was a
and Bonaparte he's right
you must protect himself from spies I'm
not a spy tell him so tell him if I'm
only here for the night and I'm taking
the boat tomorrow for England
Mademoiselle may prefer dear can they
possess beyond hmm
City Florence can see surely fee why I
stood serve yet did you've known things
it is strange for a young woman to be
traveling alone unchaperoned but you see
I have to leave Patty's hurriedly I mean
I made up my mind hurriedly I was home
to give kiss gaud he'll regret some be
diffident buzzer well pearl Japon last
one then be our son-in-law he he says he
will take good care of you Mademoiselle
II personally not even a penny happy but
you vomit birthday you a couple right
now I said that I did with my
Nellie patrovita get an ID - OH
again Maria the note this moment you've
no don't get the extra mile if you Oh
Paula Paula Oh Tom you miss me muumuu
Palooza Shearson shuttle DC for 2000
said it one I don't know what it is a
premier key Oh Who am I kidding
the potatoman there kocchi a little
Palmilla Kate Adie Emily's no Eddie
Castillo from UK Judy open a key anymore
yet no PDT courage Mademoiselle
Bravo you do not mind Mademoiselle if I
crouch in the LUMO is very kind to help
a poor priest with destination from
there Simone you romancing consetta
physio mopey
say the secret assault on the clinic you
every $50
Anila merci Mon you know merci Tropez MA
those were both were they Sunday a
Sunday get off quickly close the door
and hey you want me sure cool hello hey
we'll do a nice goodie me
so pay me the position what a misfortune
synergy Hey
why are we doing if all goes well we'll
soon be on our way to him
good morning
good morning it is it good morning isn't
it look at those clothes
did you sleep well
not a wink yes I noticed that NATO over
yeah do
have you any more of that whatever it is
you're eating
hardtack Oh forgive me there's plenty
enough for a week a week to get to
England know it luck we ought to arrive
tomorrow you must be very hard-working
me that killing all this time can you
sail a boat come on doesn't a very
difficult I can try I'm afraid you don't
look much like a seaman though in that
dress you're likely to attract a crowd
of amorous sailors amorous and too
inquisitive I'm sorry well it's hardly
your fault
yeah you hold it right into the wind now
I'll see what we can do
ah here we are trout do you mind mine
I've always wanted to know what it felt
like to wear them but where my ask for
where indeed the dressing room lies in
yonder wing milady
do you think the polling will really
invading them well you've heard Bonnie's
famous boast give me come on to the
English Channel for 12 hours I'll sleep
that night in st. James's Palace
right the door
why'd you call me sooner
and then here Abney by the seat of the
trousers and chucked me overboard into
the water while one of the captains
fired his pistol at us
we made a rendezvous to set off for
London that night Horatio couldn't go he
made me exact that silly pledge and we
said goodbye you've never seen him sin
now he came to Lloyd years ago but I was
away and once I went aboard his ship
shortly after he was made captain
he was ashore since then he's become
Admiral of the fleet Haida living
and you what have you become I'm
I met him a few months ago in Naples at
a reception and William Hamilton Davila
Nelson was the hero of the hour it
inwardly the most unhappy man I ever saw
so deep and so tragically an hour later
poor devil
I can't imagine anything worse than
being in love with someone you're never
gonna hope to marry
look look light yeah I've been watching
them for quite a while
pizza dough in Elam I'm almost sorry
did you tell me nothing of yourself you
should know me better than anyone else
in the world because for two whole days
I've been really myself
have another nice pizza goose no I
couldn't he was a fine bird me lady I
heard that it well about you sir and I
sprung on an already I couldn't manage
did a lovely piece of poultry sir he was
hanging for four month oh it was
delicious but really I couldn't eat
another bite belly good said I'll bring
you a nice piece of cheese to top it off
to you to you
excuse me sir is it true sir they're
arresting all the English in France and
throwing them into dungeons oh yes quite
true you know i have i hear the tone
apart speto version is innkeepers
innkeeper sir mm-hmm yes I I understand
on the very best authority that he
roasts them alive on their own spit on
the round spit said but I wouldn't worry
though the 20 miles of water out there
separating us and we still have Nelson
in our fleet yes and that's what I say
sir Evan bless him send and a nice bit
of cheese I'll be getting your room
prepared sir
two rooms might host two - I beg pardon
sir I thought you was as mminton wife
well here you are yeah I am good night
I went to heaven we were husband and
and not good nighttime
is there anything I can do nothing my
good man nothing in the world it's all
been done it's been done sir
come in come in good morning sir good
morning might host the coach for London
is leaving sir Thank You moose I'll get
your luggage sir there and there yes
Lisbon Elizabeth how you dress the coach
in need the lady left sir
early this morning I had a special rig
she did did she leave no word now sir it
did strike me or do you two being so
friendly like last night the coach is
waiting sir better put on your coat it's
a bit nippy outside this morning
uh his five pounds how much did you do
something for me - so the driver of the
rig returns find out where he took the
lady the exact address he sent it to me
here this address in London yes
you you you've done well my boy I I'm
proud of you one of these days you may
want to form your own syndicate and when
the time comes I'll back you I'll back
I uh
you're not listening Jonathan Oh forgive
me said that you were saying you know
you're naughty reliable no sir
that's right oh if this work my boy it's
still taxing you must hear you must play
more get out to your friends all work
and no play you know thank you sir hmm
goodbye father
goodbye Langston what are you happy
ground a good liver always has a bad one
it says so here the Prince of Wales has
indigestion thank you Father
What's Wrong mr. Jonathan I haven't been
able to get so much as a snicker out of
you forever so long I'm sorry Polly not
again is it yes it is
this letter came for you sir just off he
left home
I found that
I found her just wait
what names up jumpin Blake mr. Jonathan
mr. Jonathan Blake
good evening whoo why did you come here
forgive this interruption but I
discovered only today where you live
it's very unwise of you to come here but
I had to speak to you now I have the
honor of this dance
John I beg of you to even run squad I'll
see you elsewhere and explain no now
and now why did you run away without a
word murder however it is the Jonathan
Blake oh yes try to call your face a
waiter at Lloyds coffee house aren't you
yes I am at Lloyds mrs. Lord Stacy my
it's been a pleasure to see you again
lady Elizabeth I dropped in only to pay
my respects
goodnight surely you didn't invite that
fellow huh no what insolence not
insulins Everett because mr. Baker
rescued me in France and brought me back
to England
oh so that's what Wall
you're Carrie chick no thank you I will
Jonathan don't at the end of the table
you're no seven bottom man yes sir here
no need to be so rapid easy
yeah tip us your molar I'm a waiter - at
Lloyds really soon I mistook you for
quality and I will put you behind only
Marcus Whitney
in the club
don't Jonathan why are your heart of
making your health
she isn't worth it that our warrant dude
god I born high-handed if it was me I
Ida told you right off I was mattered
it's gettin eaten you wanna making sport
of you oh I'm a bit slow Smith self or I
wouldn't be talking like this join me
we're the same sort you and me Jonna
think what if you was willing I'm a
waiter and Lloyd come on well I'll serve
Jack dude I'll show you I'm so high how
can I have so I wish heaven efficient
because they lick my boots or I'm done
they're gonna hail me you're here hail
me Jonathan why I come here
mate lucky blade good morning mr. big
good no answer you tell us who's gonna
win the girl would you be if anything I
picked lucky me even when I come robbing
old who did you monster favor in the box
in this bill written or chimp Elsa I'm
putting mine on belcher my 10 morning
gentlemen big money I only gather them
we've just been dancing over the
Syndicates report well and speaking for
the other members of our group we wish
to offer you our congratulations express
our gratitude for your absence
thank you gentlemen forget it which of
you young puppies is Jonathan Blake to a
to me by the pleasure each no pleasure
it's a dastardly crime young man to
insure against people living but yes sir
we all have to go sometime or other
booze Andrews gambled ten to one but I
bet a bite will the cock today waiting
like a vulture so you could pick my
bones do you think you are the almighty
that you can ordain that I should die by
12 o'clock well sir I'm genuinely happy
to have lost this wager and to see you
here hale and hearty permit me to
congratulate yeah I was on my deathbed
when I read this in The Times yesterday
I decided to fool I determined to live
just to cheat you out of your death may
you live to a hundred know it dead
younger you are I all love to see your
upon that gentlemen I must have my
coffee I'm sorry sir
I thought ste sir sorry milord I
subscribers and their connections are
admitted to the room within
oh one moment Jonathan come here sit
down here
join me I'm going to take me to task sir
yes yes and high time too I should say
since you left me my boy you've been
fantastically lucky and successful but
at the expense of Lloyds ensuring
women's legs while ensuring the Queen of
England against the contingency of twins
oh no you know that that isn't insurance
that's out-and-out gambling it's proven
sound business practice and strictly
within the law oh the law be hanged it
sir it's undignified detrimental and
uncontroverted to our traditions I think
you submit sir that it's as honourable
to insure a dancers legs as it is the
cargo of a sloop mmm the day will come I
warrant when it will be known from
Liverpool to Bombay that Lloyds of
London ensures everything under the Sun
I can see you now the boy you were when
you came to us eager hopeful sincere and
now this cynicism this this hardness you
know I I can't make out Jonathan
don't try sir forgive me
my meiyan mavin you get up and to
clicker with the gentlemen of fashion is
caught me somewhere tonight this is like
a ball to you and the full ounce young
lady yes mr. Jukes Jonna young my woman
my word
what's up forgot it the old codger the
one who said he'd out they've just
popped off like a weasel no what
happened he got into his carriage
cursing and swearing his nimble as a
young and began his coachman and I
didn't he started beating him over the
shoulders with his umbrella and suddenly
dropped dead well at least it was a
spirited death give my Chester Gavin to
the seaman's fund daddy you then Devils
our luck Blake but it'll turn no man can
defy the laws of nature forever
Fiddlesticks play couldn't lose that he
tried I know one wager he'd lose you
wouldn't introduce me to the Prince of
Wales tonight taken Polly a kiss to ten
golden solemn here win no he doesn't
even know the Prince of Wales I'll wager
2,000 he lose done for 2,000 pounds oh
I'll call for you at 10 milady
I'll deal with in milord eka rama
20 pounds in the bank just to make your
plane or Dukes if it isn't lucky blade
weld reading joke you gave me mister
gods of fortune really smile on your
lady Bradford lady Bradford commit me
the Duke of Queensbury like a lady read
but thank you you're great
George of the bedchamber to his majesty
he'll I'm your house madam well you kind
of look at your car oh do you wish a car
Oh No hey you win metal might I inquire
of your grace
the state miss majesty to help
completely done in completely no vigor
no zip I can't make him out the pity of
it exactly wind it's your bank man the
pretty odors you tossed back madam oh no
Dan you know how much in the back please
no oh
a hundred a hundred and eighteen power
is in the back mod life Maps a gentleman
make your plane fare cold a mango
cards please Bella
better boat you can miss Bakalar Katie
never done to laughter
oh hey the banks a foolish hazard facing
one glance should have told you the
native Bradford has extremely winning
ways they did Bradford what happened 72
pounds of that information a I've often
wondered how you employed your evenings
oh you know one another doing a very
well Oh
hey okay
Bank of 900 Guinea the deposit m'lady
a gentleman make your play fifty pounds
fifty pounds thank you thank you
seven him alone
the codpiece
thanks 8
not a bad night's work for a serving
ah but you look into serving tonight the
well Bougainville ad they did Bradford
come I was a bundle pick up your
winnings milady and join me in a bottle
of bubbly thank you your grace
would you care to take my place I'm
sorry Lord this is a gaming house and
not the Bank of England I cannot carry
you on any longer
oh good evening lady Elizabeth I must
congratulate you all I read in here your
extraordinary success I have you to
thank for it
me we're inspiring in me a complete
distrust in my fellow man
oh good evening lady Elizabeth I must
congratulate you all I read in here your
extraordinary success I have you to
thank for it me we're inspiring in me a
complete distrust in my fellow man you
have every right to feel as you do
Jonathan but I have my side too someday
perhaps oh hey Stacy you were calling
old times perhaps we were means persuade
bake to dine with us my dear William
today I'm Thursday pleasure we shall be
so happy so happy Blake come by duck
but what he said was true
am i setting which just poly poly from
Lloyds coffeehouse all life poly and not
find blood at all all the better for it
me less I don't even belong in this
dress just let him borrow to meet
people's m'lady but you don't belong in
this dress huh but what the funnels me
is Heather knew Shivan to wriggle out of
it oh god and again a shop commit me shy
to present lady Bradford His Royal
Highness the Prince of Wales
she met the print real Prince
your house is charming lady Elizabeth
mr. Chippendale is most supportive
expressive manner it's the best
expression of a gray hair I at all
what is it will have been an important
message from Lord Creighton he desires
your presence at the ad Nord a P ad
Mulder yes I wonder what the juice is up
now oh well I suppose I shall have to go
my carriage eh you'll forgive men
Elizabeth my death eh you'll entertain
mr. Blake until I return yes
look ma
lady mo comes gaming house I wanted for
so long to see you alone to explain and
tell you how Walters mind for taking you
seriously you don't you couldn't really
believe the fire doesn't need tending
little bit as you wish milady
when we met in Calais I was running away
my husband denied quarrel in Paris I was
hurt and humiliated you were a stranger
for naturally I couldn't tell you about
it and those days so swift and free I
didn't realize what was happening to me
that night at the end I wanted to tell
you then I couldn't bear to spoil
something so perfect I knew I wouldn't
have the courage to see you again even
to explain so I ran away do I deserve a
lifetime of approach for that
I Elizabeth
you must go we're being watched I have
so much to say not here not now but
where then the Thomas lounge is painting
my portrait I said to him every
afternoon at 3:00 studio
there's a new radiant about you today
Lady Elizabeth will you forgive me if I
walk for a little while and rest my
dazzled eyes did you give their charming
excuse yes'm
I shall return I fear before I miss
night I lay what they've created
it has come
yes yes pots come in what is it
you seem surprised I trust I'm not
to what do I owe this honor Stacy a
matter of business isn't it yeah you and
your associates have repeatedly refused
me admission to your syndicate it
Academy recent in that circumstances
having changed you might care to well we
consider nothing has changed there
gallant of you Blake
but useless I've been at some pain as to
inform myself I must say my debts making
me desperate so it appears consequently
my deftly under the point what do you
want to invest in your sins
how much wish will say 5000 pounds I'll
put you down for it charming of you
Lu of course will advance the money
yourself and they also get out of our
profits all right
oh and I trust I didn't disturb you
thankee thankee
philippi all you great block by any
manner of means Miguel here sit you down
helps you not have you failed our
appetizer mister said ordered a book
keepers Inc in their veins not a gallant
among the whole pack
odds life madam are you going to fritter
away you use on that rubbish when I
stand ready to be your most obedient the
most devoted your most ardent protector
huh yes yes but I like it here
morning Paula oh good morning Oh q re
it's no use general q I cannot have any
affection for you we can only be friends
friends ah most unnatural relationship
I've never been printed on any woman in
my life and Demi if I'm going to begin
at 70
gentlemen news has reached us 245 ships
of the West Indies merchant fleet were
surprised by the French off the Azores
63 was suck
remainder capture we this gentlemen the
following vessels were soaked anymore
200 tons all lives lost aim total loss
winners out together book this is an
this is the worst disaster in the
history of Purdue shipping sit down sit
on their collar this is a tragedy
don't lose your head
I won't help
Jonathan yes
all the heads of all the syndicates
together at once every claim was the pay
for the last penny if it ruins us all of
and speaking for all British opponents
we are here to protest against the
exorbitant insurance rates that you of
Lloyds have imposed upon us since the
disaster a week ago
are you insinuating sir at Lloyds is
taking advantage of a national crisis to
to bilk British ship owners we are
insinuating nothing mr. Angus Tyne
insurance rates must be mathematically
computed according to the risks involved
if the present rates are high it's only
because the risks are proportionately I
we can't pay those rates and continue to
operate in send after ships are assured
we won't send them out at all unless the
rates are reduced all ships will stay at
home and that's our ultimatum very well
gentlemen considering our losses in last
week's disaster and the present risks
involved it would be suicide to reduce
our rates and we will not
that is our ultimatum dr. Bini decision
taken see that
gentlemen they will concede nothing but
we will break this deadlock we will go
to the Admiralty and demand that
warships be assigned to convoy and
protect merchant vessels in dangerous
waters we can then safely reduce our
rates and shipping will continue i
propose then that mr. Brook Watson and
myself head a committee to present our
case to the First Lord of the Admiralty
I oppose the motion in demanding convoys
you were demanding that the British Navy
be split in Twain depriving Nelson of
hobbies fighting strength
why years Napoleon has been ravaging
Europe while we've enjoyed the security
of our home and slept safely in our beds
at night
why because out there standing between
US and France is a bulwark of defense
our fleet and Nelson but if you weaken
his force if you rob him of hobby ships
I tell you gentlemen Napoleon will sit
on the throne of England is dead off how
long can we last without Commerce
without food Nelson as the French fleet
bottled up for too long a decisive
battle is imminent what I propose is
that we continue to ensure merchant
vessels at the old rates without convoy
you mr. langoustine how often have you
said that Lloyd is not a collection of
money-grubbing brokers but an
organization linked with a destiny of
England tonight out there somewhere
Nelson and his sailors are risking their
lives for us why shouldn't we risk our
money for them we wouldn't love your
order well shut up now every syndicate
is already on the verge of bankruptcy
what you're proposing sir is the
destruction of Lloyd and you sir are
proposing the destruction of English
you cannot write you dare not spit
Nelson's fleet if you tell the Admiralty
that Lloyd's cannot ensure ships without
convoy you will be lying in your teeth
because my syndicate come what may will
continue to ensure and at the old rate
all don't make syllogism cabbage
absolute virgo yes sir
the job would make signature 1 John next
to the orphans life
whatever good morning morning morning
hey John I'm William Joyce 1,700 pounds
what's the only one may confound
Elizabeth sir your rate is still in
force two and a half percent thank you
sir I see you like this black apartment
on that Hospital later
this is it at yourself can we talk Argos
slaves of slaves
certainly not yes none of them use this
ship for Alexandra no Blake I'm in the
Jew civil Russians but it must have a
word what is it I should like to draw a
thousand pounds impossible station
and advance it to Metro a few weeks you
can ask that when we are carrying the
burden of British shipping alone that's
all very well but I need money
I'm sorry to press you all this time
Stacy you can't press me
butcher I joined your surrogate pair of
my creditors and survived enabled or pin
it up for that right it's my share my
syndicate but they're threatening me
with debtors prison I need it's
disparate there no doubt but there's a
sailor called Nelson who needs it more
could a station
then for them day milady
I'll be careful
good day my lord Salem how delightful
it'll be not have that pack of creditors
yapping at my heels
Chuck here I have been good for a while
take a journey together a long journey I
think we've come to the end of a long
journey didn't I'm not going on every
day you're not suggesting divorce I'll
pay your debts and give you a generous
amount besides yes was as your husband
did it all be mine you mean you want it
all sigh sir
I'll give it to you gladly glad they're
calling for my solicitors naturally no
steps for divorce will be taken until
settlement is made I understand chaals
my club you don't mind if I get of my
club you know
little walk my dog
goodbye Everett
chart number 17 Whitehall and hurry it
mister play game clock yes m'lady
I'm so glad you've come why is something
bad news awful bad news ready in the
what has happened
News came just the close of business
French fleet escaped Nelson's blockaded
too long
we months before they can be a
months to wait members of my syndicate
have deserted me and I can't go on alone
mr. Ranga Steinem book Watson will go to
the admin to take Nelson's shipped Wow
how could he let him escape storm at
heaven has conspired to change the
destiny of England oh my dear we worked
on dreadfully harder I was thinking
today just you and I together supper
you're not
now it's sweet you come to me always
when I need you move but I need you
Jonathan courage to help me that's what
I want
help you to help you to go on there's
nothing to go on
with No
Jonathan I came into my money today
that's why I'm here to tell you but it's
your all along
it's a great fortune much more than I
expected oh no Elizabeth the risk is too
but you risk yours happen to others
arrest there I'll help you go syndicate
going at least for a while give me a
bath fresh courage although I couldn't
that I wouldn't do that
the little boy you made a pact with
wouldn't you what else
my god the mystery 150 tons no lives
lost claim total loss
gambler young lately they saw the food
we've got ourselves to blame you ought
to walk out a month ago with statement
she came along with that new money and
talked us in again that's quite and I
had a great confidence in your job
ridiculous try to ensure all the ships
in England and the sinking light in that
thank you gentlemen for all you've done
I'm sorry no more insurance we had as
First Lord of the Admiralty
I find myself constrained to agree with
you gentlemen
reluctantly but definitely our
merchantman must be protected or
gentlemen without commerce England will
starve oh absolutely
I will send the message to Admiral Lord
Nelson that once ordering hafiz feet to
report for conveyed you came your
decision my lord is most gratifying to
is it a fact sir they're going to take
notes and ships
the order goes out to Nelson tomorrow
what I want you to know that though I've
opposed you in policy I've been with you
in spirit hoping praying or a Nelson
victory I'm proud of you Jonathan you
have great courage you say I have
courage and I say you have none if
Nelson is defeated if this great nation
perishes the blame will be yours
Jonathan everybody's gone home
yes I don't does very Elizabeth know
about the order to Nelson I don't know
you've been sitting here all day just
sitting look have me note to let him use
the people whining netizen that you're
going to read them I help you get there
Jonathan news has reached me the heroic
fight you have been waging almost
single-handed Lord in my behalf
the necessity of maintaining a solid
front is realized I know by you who
could have dreamed that our boyhood draw
of which I never mindful should one day
be exercised determine the very fate of
England such seems to be the situation
at this moment
soon I swear what was the French and
we'll fight till then Dear John credit
God who may hold out note of the cost
yours ever faithfully Horatio Nelson
you did your best you couldn't have done
any more
better the cost so he said what are you
going to do I shall be away tomorrow if
any questions are asked to say that I'm
ill too ill to be seen where are you
a word to anyone
hey that's Nelson defeats Nelson defeats
hey have you seen with kool-aid okay
where is he he filled the Brooklyn was
go to the Admiralty at once gentlemen I
give you Lord Nelson to Nelson and the
proudest day in English history
North Laurel else I cancelled that
message to Nelson just in time no need
of calm boys now now gentlemen preachers
uh Nelson
I heard you coming sir
Oh town is topsy-turvy if anyone asked
for me a chance sir I go to my room and
remember if anyone asks for me I've been
ill these past three days too ill to see
where's mr. Jonathan is new to embassy
anyone what I've got to Tim miss boy you
can't you're alright what have you got
Randy there there Polly Nelson one in
himself annoys this head oh you should
have had me of us cheering you in the
same residence Nelson mr. Hengist eyes
here the Nelson a justified your faith
in Him and that the whole Christian or
Jew homage even swats limited that they
were wrong and you were right don't
Polly don't I just look at them just
look at him run mad with happiness I
wanted to tell them that without your
ADL's - never could have won what
Jonathan I'm so happy
no problem what a bottle of sack quickly
will drink from Nelson's victory right
or something wrong isn't there mr. black
looks her grave and your time happy
what's wrong as far as you know nothing
is wrong Polly
do you understand nothing
to Nelson
find information find the bridge we've
done what I could
I insist on an answer
I must know how much longer that old
fool of a solicitor is going to take to
execute our settlement idea he's
probably off a dozen times what was VC
always a new excuse everything I am
responsible for the delay you I've
changed my mind about out of all you
can't do that you made a bargain and by
GAD you'll stick to it if you don't
doubt it the one to super divorce I
linked it with that thief that fraud yes
thief traitor he'll hang from the
gallows if he's done with I think he's
done what has he done
I suggest you inquire of him and in the
meantime I advise you to call upon the
Joshua land and execute our agreement
my lord Stacy and sorry to rouse you
this time of night
the matter of grave importance all won't
you come in here it must have occurred
to you sir that it's been two whole days
since the news of Nelson's victory and
there's been no word of confirmation
from across the channel a great storm
has been raging one of the worst in
years nevertheless boats have managed to
put in from Calais I don't understand
you that it would seem sir that there
has been a slight distortion of facts
one facts minora the report of Nelson's
victory is a fraud a deliberate
fabrication on the part of Jonathan
Blake why you don't know what you're
isn't it rather strange coincidence but
on the very day the order from the
Admiralty was to be dispatched recalling
Nelson ships miraculously come for news
of Nelson's victory the victory on which
Blake had gambled his entire fortune
where was Blake on that day he was ill
at home he was neither ill nor was he at
home I've had good reason of later had
been watched he was in Calais
he went to send a message by the
semaphore perpetrating the most
monstrous fraud in history Oh impossible
I demand that you make an immediate
investigation yes I I will of course
what I would my son leave
come in please
have you ever seen this gentleman before
yes sir where he was the one I drove to
Dover three days back where did you take
him in Dover to the water where he
embarked for Kelly we all
all england li celebrating Nelson's
victory out there underwriters are
ensuring ships at the old rates because
they believe that Nelson has beaten the
French they should never have ceased
ensuring ships oh that's your opinion
sir it is do you realize that I must go
out there and enhance you I realize only
one thing sir
Nelson's fleet is still intact you must
know that you've committed high treason
punishable by death I know all that
there anything more sir
I will be at home should you want me
when Lord Stacy won't you sit down
well what did you say naturally he
denied everything
did you were confronted with the
coachman oh yes the fellow seemed to
identify him but we mustn't place too
much credence on that sort and does this
is a matter of importance milord we must
move cautiously cautiously with this
whole nation the victim of a hoax with
those men out there insuring books
ruining themselves where's your
integrity man you ask for an
investigation I am proceeding with it
you're procrastinating ZUP I demand you
quiet on that floor now and tell the
underwriters what I know and what you
know to be the truth I do not know what
is the truth you Liza are the Nansen
myself one moment
remember when you denounced Blake you
ruin him forever and you ruin yourself
and your wife as well my wife her entire
fortune is in Blake syndicate what
I thought you want to know that before
proceeding further now go ahead
okay uh yes sir I
you were saying sir
thief traitor all what Stacy said of me
is true gambled and lost taking
everything from no no my dear I'm proud
to have gambled with you Elizabeth my
dog Jonathan who spoke to us now have
treason they'll hang you for that we
must leave at once yes
I can't run away Jonathan do you love me
oh you know that I do if you die I shall
die too
done throw me a blast no sir go
handkerchief hug come on my face men
must not know there is dying
quick find out the villains party yes I
order the Li column to change station
and engage the enemy more closely yes
fifteen of the enemy ships are sponsored
it is worth that I had not 420 hanka
Heidi anchor
yes sir
you must live sir you must be you must
live Jonathan you must live man yes mr.
Jonathan you must perhaps take bless you
my dear
what is that
my back stein speak to him
that you know
during this time
there was a victory Nelson a Trafalgar
just as you imagined it
yeah a Trafalgar one
he wrote me a letter
you thought of me in the midst of all
these trouble
he has come home
but a pack to pack come on cut me on the
muscle no radio
thank you break your Nelson I you must
by Jonathan
goodbye Horatio