Loafer (2015) Movie Script

You ruined my life
About how much you awaited me
Everything was sent in the water
You ruined your life
You did it with a false love and married a drama
Trusting you and my parents,
Everything is abandoned
They say that there is more,
Is not it shy?
I must be ashamed
Why should I be ashamed?
Why did you marry me?
I thought you were getting married and becoming a millionaire
Stay calm
You loved it
To see this day?
Now ask what else they need
Then go get the dowry
I will never go there
Everything is abandoned. How come again
I did not know that you would do this in a bad way
Even if I lose my life, I will not take the dowry
Is that your final decision?
I'm leaving. Ai't never come in.
No, I do not ... I do not want to
All right, give me my child
Take him with me
Do not touch the child ..
It's my child
You gave birth to this house,
That's my baby, I want him
What did you take with him?
To make someone slacker
Teach him to lie
I do not have the boy
You go to where you want to go. No, no, no
I tell the boy that your father died
I did not tell him anything about you
You are not welcomed,
Give me the boy
Get off
This is my child
What are you doing?
If not, you will not have the child
I'll cut you down
Here, take it
Get out of here
do not
Where is my child?
This is my child,
Give my baby
Give me my child back
My child
Open the door
Give me my child
My child ...!
Do not ... do not
Do not cry, son
Your mother left us
He says I'm a bastard
Forget about your mother,
Do not worry
I'm with you
My son is doing you a little lazy
From today, you and I are the only ones we are with
Drink milk
Take good care of you
My wife died
At this point your situation is bad
There is no child in our life
We will make this child do not worry
Give Sunila the money
Give me one
Let me meet when you want to meet him
Do not worry, we can come at any time
Who is it?
I visited my son
He's with Garden Aya
I'm your real father
True, come on, my child
Ma'am, you're working here
Thirsty, give me a little water,
My son came
Your real papa is over
No one here to get out there
It's not what it's done right or wrong
But what's going on is good
You are my lucky lottery lottery son
Your mother then lied to me
I have no mom
You do not have a mummy
A cancer and she died
We took him to roche in our hands
I spent everything ... trying the best
But the son could not save him
I do not have a mother either
God forbade us
I will not abandon God if I find him
You eat
I ate two icons, but I do not have money
I'll get home from you
Do not lie,
Do not leave the money
This is in your hands
Put it here, you will not be angry
If you did not have this, my grandfather would be dead
Take the money and come
Who is this violet?
Consumers' sir
This is an Antic
That means a very old one
Very valuable
So how much is this?
I do not care if it's two or three pounds. Meet me
He's gone out, sir
Do a job
This is my card, when he's here, call me
It's okay if you're more than a hundred thousand. The mate is stingy,
How can I live in a society with no knowledge of the Antichrist?
Get in and get in
Here I am, your money, give me my vintage
No, I do not
Zia will kill me
Do not worry, I'll get a new one
It's old
My grandfather said it was worth it
Shut up, we do not even get a couple of calls
Do not Cry
There are 5000 of them. Go tell the Vicar to say to him
If this number is not in the field, please check the number and call again
It's not a wrong idea to make a deception
But it is wrong to deceive
Look, son
My dear,
I'm yours
We're the only human son
No one can come among us
Your father has a dream to be a millionaire
I want to be a millionaire,
Ok Father,
What we've stolen so hard,
You will not bother with us
I stole from thieves
If you come to the middle, it will crush you
We are nurses
The guy says we're crushed
Do not give our money back
Why are you worried?
Raised our money
He asks us why he is worried
If I get angry, I'll hit the dogs
What are you looking for?
What did you say?
Do not mess with me
My mother's surgery is money
What did you say,
Mother hospital
Money is needed
True, she says, Pam ...
I'm coming to the hospital
Let's take Mother or wait.
Let me show you
Let's go
Let's go
If I lie, I will do what you say
What does it say
How much he loves the son and his son
Who knows who his mother is
I'm sure this is his mother,
I do not have a mother
Hardly earned this money
Think about it
Say thank you
Thanks for telling me he made us our money
He is not abandoned,
I saw the son
The way of the world
All of them are cricket balls
Do not be merciful to them
They do not deserve to be merciful
There is one rule and son,
Raise the place, money
To mercy,
We can not show kindness
Going this way,
Do I make a marriage?
This is not the age to marry me
Not mine yours
Daddy does not go to bed at night
Gadak sleeps intently
it's OK,
Do not get involved in the wedding
The girls stay now can not be trusted
Not like you, I will get a better person
Let's take a risk
Look at a village girl can look after her home well
Vermila, Vera Rehman, Muntatha were with your mother
Where are these girlfriends these days?
It's not girls today
They are not in our rule
At times, she escapes with anyone
If his girlfriend comes home
Imagine we're losing
I see that he is below
Go for him
Look here
Find him
Take a look
Fine, brother
Did they find you
Come on, come on, the next train,
Do not worry
Then come and talk to me and I'll get you
Pardon, ma'am
One need
You have to do some work for me
Come on, get me a photo
Give your hand
Here's the camera
All right, I'm ready
Now take the full photo
Go quick, brother
For mature
I like Sharak Khan
I'm like a filmwriter
Get one of you?
It's very beautiful for that dress
do not
Come on, I'll take you
Feeling laughing, ma'am
The lady has been here till now .. I will take her completely
Smile so much
Where did she go?
One of my four
Do you want a machine?
What's the machine?
$ Slip strain
You're saying American dollars
They are testing everybody here
The Indian rupee ... no one checks the dollar
You can chew for a while,
What's up
Two thousand two
Right one point
The last 50000 is not ... no
If you have money,
You keep it
I feel suspicious of you
Tell me
I am new to this city
It's here today
I do not have anything here
Why did you see me?
I was scared
Something in this suitcase
You have to be scared
There's something
Take it
Show my suspicion
What's in it
I became pregnant when I was young
No work has been done yet
I will not abandon when I can see it
Dad, what happened?
Tell him that the chest is in this chest
What do I know,
Recall those on top
This is the diamond in the box
He brought him a saree
What is this?
Got a clothes shop
I do not know
God has not helped,
After seeing this suit, the son lost his faith in God
What are you doing here?
My own people called me
Who is in the picture?
your mother
My wife
From the Lord Buddha
From morning till noon
Your mother took a ritual for you
I asked for a mandate
A priest who does 20000 is a son
I did not ask for mercy
For your mother
For your mom's peace
For my deeds
What did you think?
Did you forget your mother died?
Why Crying
All of them tell us thieves
Do not worry
When I hear about my mom, I'm wrong
I could not even find it
There are 50000 here
You're fortunate to be my father
What are you talking about?
I do not know how to take 4,
This red one will flip out
Divide the leaves
How much did you call?
He does not answer
What happened?
A person in my room hit one of the four
After that, I met another foe,
I just put my suitcase on
At night, where were you?
Home forced me to force me to marry
Money with a car
He has plenty of property,
I do not know
Father is not accepted
Big brother is also for Dad
Little brother, I'm not listening
Anybody else did not listen to me
Mother was angry
The woman who never spoke
The first time I spoke against Dad
Until now, I did not say anything
You and your son always worked the wrong way
Kill property to snatch property ...
Those men do not care
You kill them with death
Get what you eat
The marriage of their daughter for money
I'm trying to get up with a nasty man
Like a father
I am shy
What did you say?
You talk tonight
I did not get married
The person I say is getting married
Do not like it or else kill it
After his death, let him marry someone he wants
My wife hit me
The woman who does not speak in front of me touched my hand
You killed my sons and sisters
Because I married her
I can not do anything to him
Papa, I shut your wife's mouth
As you wish
What are you doing?
I'm your son
do not
I miss it
Do not go home
What is this?
Not found,
Help Open
All right, all the goods are ours
That's help
We got a bet we got 20000 ... right
Whatever they are
That's the game
Give me the right money
Which one has to open soon
Open it so easy and open it up
Possession of clothes
You do not have a job
Be a guide like me
Many foreigners come here ..
Tell them whatever they want
Get the money
You can say anything
Say something to a story
It's worth 150 to 200 years old
Good to be old
Do not worry, I'm there
I'm mine
Excuse me, you want to buy clothes
Well, there's a 80% discount on a holiday at a discount,
It's 50
These are my clothes
Give it quick
These clothes are mine
This is a suit case
One man pushed this one
Who are you?
Why me?
Give me your belongings
I did not see the complaint either
Do not sell it
Look, this is my mother's suede
I love my mom so much,
It was his last memory
Give me that again
Give me the box
Give it back to the girl
This is ours
Do not play with me
Put 20000 on them
The last time is 12000
Said 20000 y
Give it quick
The box is yours, but it has one condition
As a condition
Take a single step
No, I will not
Will change
Only the eyes can feel,
Then I will understand
Give him one shot once
So to die
Come upstairs
Open your eyes
Remove your hand,
There is no shrewd box
come here
Open your eyes and see
What's your name?
My name is Flexi
Those who are blaming Monny
This is what I talk about,
come here
Open your eyes
Dad, I met my girlfriend
Is he small? That's it
If you have money,
Or else
There's a box, it's a guide
If it was better if the chest had been shot
She's very good
I want a lot of money in my life
I want a beautiful girl
He's somewhere
You're going to make this Mafia Blower and go to Jayapur
If I take my daughter's phone
Find out where he is ...
You do not take my energy into a joke
Then he will be destroyed
I'll tell you what
Talk to me in hours
From there, he did what
He had three women
What are three women?
From there I decided what kind of wife this is
Nowadays, ladies look at their husbands
Looks like Cikiti is waiting
If they were not so, they would not be
Where is our son?
I just sat there
Where is my son?
You were in the lead crazy
Stop the nonsense
Look, I shot a tourist son
Let us do the blackmail
A passenger of a tourist was kidnapped
Do not understand what to do
It's like seven years old, red carpet
Do not worry,
If I find out, do not tell the police
His mother is in the police
Dad, let's get this child back
My girlfriend is waiting in the police station
Your new girl is your god
Would you dismiss your father?
We'll find the money for this boy
Is the brain rotten, yes
Wait there
Let's see if there's any money in the pocket
Let's go, son
How are you, your son?
Your girlfriend made a big mistake
My son
Whom did you go with?
You got caught up in this,
Doing anything for you
Tell me who you are with
His father sent me,
This elder brother loves this sister
My sister called my brother,
Brother brought me
Your dad,
His father is a thief
He's a big thief
I can not believe,
Why can not you believe it. Ismail is a thief
Look at him
He stole one of my four
This is your father
That means your family is ruined
You've met your son,
Why was Dad in? Take the case back
I thought I was crazy,
The police treat him well
If I did not remove the case,
Do not worry, this is my Alia
I'm always complaining to the police
My dad came out in an hour
Or I'll cut you down
Do not worry
It's the hour
Do you threaten me?
I loved a thief
A thief or too late
Know why
Until now, my son did not know what I was saying
Because of you, he's turning to me today
My son got away from me because of you
Tell your situation,
Before you cut it
He's gonna kill you
What are you waiting for?
Sell your eyes out on the market
Would you send me a shade,
Cut if you do not go to your village
Remember, not a joke
What did you say would be a priest?
He came home from trouble
Here is your father
What's happening to me
Stay with your dad
I want to be a priest
Who is this?
My former lover
Do not come with him
This will hurt your training
But I forgot him,
It's you
But I'm telling you not to do anything hurry
I'm telling the truth
Think tomorrow for tomorrow
God bless
Wait till I wait
I'm not
You do not understand that I'm different from the two days
Give chance
After these two days, I am Father
Somebody might be
Do not ruin your small, small things
Lower, Yoga,
But do not worry, or come here
That girl did not know her daughter and threatened him
She got tired of trying to get her married
Go ahead
Our trouble is over
If I do not go, I will take him to the Himalayas
Do not talk like that
Or I'll do what you say
I suspect he is my father
Are you threatening me,
Kill me
I'll talk to him
The thief's employee
Auntie, I fell in love with a boy
What are you doing, boy?
Doing what is done
What's his name, Raja?
What's the full name?
Do not do it
Her village,
This is the city
His real village
Why do not you drop them?
Answer me
Look at my four of them. They are broken
This will have to be cut. Cut it
Masse came by on the way
Come home without a sound "Big Brother"
Whereever you're looking for,
Big brother
His phone is working
Talk to him
Where are you?
I'm not Monie
Who are you my sister?
You want to be sister
Then you can do anything
Who is yours?
Tell me what kind of money I will be given
Ask for how much money you need
Five lakhs
Ask him,
I'll give ten
If you start from the tenth, I will start on the 20th
Just in a minute
In Gihopur,
This guy made a crazy guy
Talk to our guys
Where's the money?
How much
Two lakhs
Let's go
Let's go check. Let's go
I do not know
You know, I'll say
It's his boy's girlfriend
In the Fort
Telling the truth
I told you about my message about you
My mother
I told him everything
If he ever wants you, he will marry you
Come on in front of him and make you really good
Think about it
Raja I'm dad
Let's hear briefly
His girlfriend is a big house
He's escaping from his house,
He asked for Rs
He's escaping from his house,
She took out the money that she had not used and got her thugs to take her girlfriend to get 20 million rupees.
Get 20 lakhs to get the girl,
Be careful
Give me 20 lakhs. Give me what to wear
What ?
Yo's brother spoke two lakhs
How to do it
Take you home,
I get 20 million
Come on, come on,
I hate it
Give me Rs. 20 lakhs
Call home,
Or no one is alive
your mother
He loved you, too
I was called to meet him
It's not shame to sell the girl who loves this way
What kind of person are you?
Hold them
Do not give up
Let's go
Let's go
Why Crying
He's a good boy
Do not be crazy
Forget about him
If I did not come to you
Your life
It's in my place
The girl went mad behind my son
My businessman lost 200 million rupees
What happened?
It's not right for me
Someone like me talking to me
Since our day we lost our lives
Do not worry
From today, if anyone comes to us
This cure will work
He has not left us
Tell Raja
What happened to Mom?
You say a lot, but you forget
Your mother died of cancer
The cancer is a terrible disease
He did not treat him with any hospital
Because the trousers spare the belt
What are you doing?
Will I?
Your father
What happened to him
Your mom looks at you
Mother is dead,
Where to watch?
Save me
I was an error, I'm sorry
Your mother is alive
I left him
What does that
Why did you lie to me?
Do not hit me
I got you scared of my mother
If you knew it, you would not be afraid to say so
From my kid, I cry because of my mother,
But I never thought of myself once
I will abandon you tonight,
Stay with Mom
Raj son
you go,
It's too late for a train
If I come to see me, I will be killed
As you flew away to him
Does it help?
Do not destroy this life
You went to destroy
I'm marrying him
He's my daughter,
Why are you coming up?
About Auntie,
If he walks back
Not live,
Cut the nude
You understand her
They force my daughter to marry
If he does not, he will be killed
Save him
Get that girl to write
He can not come here
Put him in the room
Why you listen to what you say
You're helping the public,
At least try
Or you're going to take off your asthma
Are you telling me my job?
Have you touched my mother?
Have you touched my mother?
My hand touched my mother
Do not let the kill get killed
Shoot me
You have never shot yourself,
I know
Now, let me tell you, you've got my mom in my hand
Now if I take the video
Where to send it
Your job is lost
That's why I read that woman more than that
Excuse me, tell my mother
Sorry, Mom
Come on, Mom
Tell me, who are you?
I'm in his mother's name
If you are my mother, I'm burning up
You do not want to hear anything, you have not fooled the girl
He's bloody for you
I loved too
My husband is like you
I do not have what happened to you
I'm not cheating
I came here to accept my mistake
I want to meet her,
I'm not giving it
believe me,
He is my businessman
Otherwise, I will not,
The truth is, Mom
Do not say mother
Moni's aunt is like my mother
No matter how angry you are, I'm going to meet you
First, that house will take her
Then her husband will stop
I can do it
There's no one to go against them in this village
I'm the only one who can do this job
If you give permission
You have to tell me I'm your son
I'm not dead
I told the police station
Good to say to the people
You will not do anything
If you do this, you will ruin your life
As you wish
That's the photo
My son
He saw her die
My husband called and told me
Talk to him. Tell him he is here
Open the door
Who are you, son?
I am the son of a millionaire
She may not have died
I'm living a crazy guy as if I'm dead
My mother trusts me
How much time later I met my mother
You understand yourself
Open your Lakshmi door, your son
This is my son
Greetings sir
You see your mother?
Yes, your mother will hear the news happily die because of that
What did you think,
You are being cured of cancer
You've been recognized, Mom
You've seen yourself cramped and crawling
I feel like blowing you up
Do not eat unless you drink
I keep it to myself
I'm talking to the morning,
What did you say?
My sister's son
They beat you
She's so scary
He also has a video on us
Someone came to meet you
Greetings uncle
I'm Raja
You died while you were younger
You know everything about my dad
Where's your dad?
Father died a long time ago
Before he went, he told you about it
You have sons,
Where are they?
They're right
The family said you died
Tell me my uncle died,
How did I just come right now?
There is a daughter
This is your daughter
What's your name?
Quickly say,
So Monny is someone out there
Love me, Moni
Tell that name, you do not need the name of your name
Let's go in
Uncle, you made the house
Very good
Get out of here
Your taste is awesome
Making this ground up,
Why did she go inside?
I'm a good man. I am your son-in-law
It's a big mess
A lot of big rooms have been built
Whatever you are, you're super
He's been in such a big house
Why is my mother in a hut?
What if they ask a question when they answer?
What is this?
Keep inside the anger
Such speed is not good on the first day
I'm taking my ownership
Let's go with me,
Not spinning
You're playing me in front of Uncle
I'm scared for a minute. Sir
How to act
From today, you are my partner
Whatever you say, I will
Why did you bring the whole village here?
You're your uncle and the people in the village
There are real properties
This place is their
They cultivate it,
You're taking the fruit
They will not be separated,
Ask us questions who are you?
Work out with me
Remember that before, my mother
My mother is not ashamed to ask questions
Who are you?
I am your ancestor's son
Now go home and meet Uncle and Mom
You even met
Big big brother is going to meet him
The name is good
I'm rain,
This is the rain in the village
If I'm bothered by my mom, I'll be on the road
Your ancestors are also missing,
Who are you? Call me
It's a fight between me and my brother
Why did you come downstairs?
More for you
Instead, I lifted my son's life
Do not give up
Father sent this one
We're whipped to our people
He is with the village people
They ask for the right of the village,
What is he doing?
They attack us
Like dogs
Lakshmi looks like our grievances
God forbid your son
This is you and me in a fight
The more they danced, that's why they beat them
I'm blaming everyone for bringing you home
Dad, I'm ending him
Go him to the hospital
Whose side are you on, sir?
Take it off
Go quickly
He hit him so badly
So, it's lurking like this
Therefore, I do not know whether your father will be killing people like this
What will happen to you now?
Looks like a climber
He's not shielding
Father, let me have you
I'm coming,
Put in the guns
What are you doing?
In your daughter
If time's good, everything will be fine
I only saw your daughter in the picture,
If I'm giving him a call
Look at that
I got my picture for you
You can see at any time
No, there's no behind
I can talk
This is not a bad idea about my second marriage,
She went with someone else. I gave her the culprit
I do not want to be on top of this
We're here to get married,
We're going to honeymoon Belgium
Daddy is one way when he gets married to him
Let's dress them up in the honeymoon
Let's know how to know
We brought your son back to you
Let him in, please
Your mom is talking
I know why you want to be my son
I'm ready to say that you are my son
And he does your word
And do not start your love story
Tell me what to do now
How much does he give?
A place to sleep,
And another 50000 book written for my son
I do not know how much it is now
Think of a way out there
Do not take it back
I'll take everything away
What are you doing?
Say something for something
Everyone in front of you
They sue their village women
What are you saying?
Who taught you
Which school you went to school?
We have money for ourselves
If we find money, we will be in front of us
I do not think what ever I do
If we find money, we will be in front of us
I do not think what ever I do
What do you think now?
Do not go to her
get up
get up
Moni's room, where,
Moni's room, where,
Upstairs, sir
Tell him I'm going to his room
Do not go sir
It is for the first time here that the food is served by the hand of Mom
That's why you are
If you do not come to my life
I do not get my mother
I loved to meet my mom shortly
How happy you are to meet him
I can not say how happy I am
I can understand
You've never been so happy
Tell it with your tears
I came to see me
If you come in the middle, you will be killed
That brother says
Which brother?
Ram Ram
Where is he?
Sleep down
I'll understand now
Do not go
Ram's room Where?
Over there
Meet him
Do not say that
elder brother
get up
Who is this time?
I came two days,
I was hoping to meet you
I'm Raja
He hit you
I am myself
What are you doing at my house right now?
This is your home alone
I came to my house
Kill him
Kill him
Cut him,
Uncle, Mom, they are you
You decided
do not do like that
I do not want your uncle
Raja do not do this, your big brother
Do not kill me
I came to see you,
Not to argue
Do not understand
I came to your feet
But you're not fitting that
He put a hand on little boy
What happened
Today's day
My son was born
I am her
Remember him forever
I always remind him
Look at her
What have you decided?
How is your son missing?
I am a teacher
One woman gave birth to a baby
Screams in pain
But that's it
The name is born from a stomach a month
But after the boyfriend then
When somebody takes it in his eyes
Her pain is another woman
Only I can understand
Everyone else to understand
Who knows who died when the baby was born?
Your son is on the line
Why did not he speak to me?
Let him know
What's on my birthday in Aphrodite?
When is it today,
March 15th
Mother says that today
My mother is right
I do not remember exactly your birthday
To celebrate birthday with him today
I'm hitting something
I gave money to do that
What are they saying?
This makes me like an animal
It hurts
Do you hurt,
Do you know why I was not here and how much Mother suffered
My son is forgiving me
Do not attack
They're doing a lot
He made me feel bad
It's a great deal, sir
I came to meet you
The girl gave a tip
He is going to get married
He does not want to marry that fighter, sir
Sir, you do something, sir
At 10.05 am there is a good choice
do not be late
I'm coming in before
I get married more than you
Why are you hanging my picture?
I'm not your fan
You're a married man
I love the monster
Respect Our Love and Puskinus
Love is yours
I'm getting married
He has a boyfriend
He wants you to not marry him, but I will
He's got a Romeo boy. I have Juliet.
We can make this hide-and-seek hide
I do not want to get married
Do not know, I have to curl back
It hurts so much
What happened to you?
Why do not you have to marry?
Why are you guys coming to my boss?
She already has a boyfriend
He did me this way
If I get married, I will die
If not married,
I'll kill you
Even if they get married, they will kill me
I'm killing myself
If you say that you are a boy, I will get married
Who was that,
Talk to her
Do you have a boyfriend?
What is it?
I do not have any boyfriend
So is he lying?
She says she has no boy
Right now, you know
Ask your sister for who she is
You can not spare anybody except in my heart
No, it's my face, my face
That's my face
I will not want to be married,
I can not die
Your daughter loves nobody else
I do not want to die,
I want to live
Why came helicopter to our village?
There is no doubt
Where to go
We can not go to our sir
Because sir, in our village
Who are you?
Why shout
Who yu just asked?
This is the village lantern
Working together will work
I'll give you a commission
I've come to check up now
After landing once, our land will be ours
No problem will be separated
If you come with us, we'll get you a partner
Why look at each other's faces?
Are you suspicious?
Why are you talking to me?
You can not beat me like that
You talk again,
He can tell the truth
Will not you be gone?
I am
Then take it,
Take it
Do not be quiet here
How big is your land?
"Pierce 20"
Give the money
Do not do this
Do not hit me
Do not hit me
Do not hit me
Here you go
How much do you have?
4 points
I'll give you all the money tomorrow
Come here
Work in the proper time,
Written tomorrow
Tomorrow the covenant
You're allergic to colleagues
He has a right too
If I have part of the site
Oppose the whole village,
No registration is reserved
Who is this boy?
He's thinking he's smart
Take care of him for this,
I want the land to be free
Did he hit you too?
This is not him
Just do what you say
Put it in
See what
Fiter Babu sent a complaint to him
Take my step if people make a complaint
Because I am a servant of the people
do not
Why is it?
Do not attack
Leave him
Get him out tomorrow
Sir, do not kill him
He's not my son
Not my son
Is not it your son?
What are you doing,
Hold him
Kill your son
Who would kill my son?
Hold him
The police are going to get him to Enkutter
There is no one in the village
Everybody's gone home,
What did you say?
Is there no one in the village?
Look at each other
Go away
Tramped there
elder brother
I ran and ran away from here
My dad trained me
Where's the valence,
Where to eat, where to eat
Now, I'm just crying
All the players of JayaPur
Every village has a gentleman
You took the money
From that money, I sent them to vacation
Finish it
Why is this your son?
I do not know him
But it
I'm just saying that we and I are together
That there is some bond
If anything happens to you, son
You do not know what will happen to me
I can not even live
When you attacked everyone
I understood
God has sent this strength for us
This is my son
He will stand up
I'm also fighting
Yes, I will fight with you too
Kill him
Leave it
You can not save anyone from it
He's dead in front of you
In front of you
Marapan Uva
You will not do anything
My son
do not
Do not give it away
I'm not getting you alive
Do not give up, that
Cut it down.
You forget your marriage
You're killing him
Get her to marry him
The mind is completely crazy with the mind
Let's go
Do not say mother
You do not know the value of a mother
Let him go without worry
This one, son-in-law?
This is what is normal
I waited for this day
Your daughter-in-law has told me in my dream
Love King
I do not get a single rupee from me,
Tell him
Why do not get me
My son was liberated from this village
God wants
This is the head of this village, this is his son's dream
Or, thank you, my baby
But there's a little difference,
Tell him, son
Why was the belt out?
You beat your mother for wrongdoing
Tell me, Mom
This menu is also done,
He'll give me a drink
Do not attack
So if so,
It happened to me
I'm sorry to pardon you.