Lobster Soup (2020) Movie Script

But how come?
I no longer remember...
- What made us think of the Bryggjan?
- Well...
We had that room downstairs,
- full of stuff.
- Yes.
And we'd noticed people, some
of them foreigners, on the pier.
I believe it was
for that reason.
The idea came about,
I think,
when I was head
of the golf club.
There was a small
caf in the clubhouse.
- Yes.
- In the golf club.
I was in charge
of the clubhouse.
We painted the walls
and decorated them with
pictures, similar to what we did here.
Deep inside, I think
an idea was born
at that moment.
- Yes, perhaps.
- As I remember...
- We didn't know what it would be like.
- No.
- A place for the locals to get together.
- Yes, but...
We had no idea how to do this.
- Didn't have any expertise.
- No.
- That's when we called Geiri.
- No, I went to see him at the pool.
- He was the pool attendant.
- Right.
To make a long story short,
I asked Geiri,
''How about serving
some sort of fish soup?''
He goes, ''No problem.
Let's make lobster soup.''
At first, all we served
was lobster soup
on Fridays.
Then it became so popular
that we had to
serve it every day.
We go through an incredible
amount of lobster soup.
The Human Rights Court
ruled against [former PM] Geiri.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yeah,
it thought Landsdmur court
processed the case as it should.
No kidding?
How could they come
to that conclusion?
That's quite a blow to the guy.
Yeah, that's quite a blow.
- Yes, it's...
- I'm really...
I'm really surprised.
This is nothing
but a political trial.
Just a......
- Yes?
- As if...
- Jn, have a seat with us.
- You don't want to sit with us?
- You're way too pompous.
- I'm so cold.
- What?
- It's colder today than yesterday.
- Will we freeze beside you?
- Yes.
It's freezing cold.
- What?
- Did you dress warmly?
I put on a sweater.
It was windier yesterday,
but not this cold.
Still, the temperature
is at zero.
- Yes.
- I think were at 0 C.
What can we do?
Well done, Sverrir!
- What?
- It was good.
The regulars are our friends,
old fishermen.
They're tough
guys - well-informed
about history and
geography... and politics.
They all participate
in solving all the
world's problems.
They all participate
in these debates.
No matter how big.
They analyse them
thoroughly and find a solution.
It takes about an hour.
The next morning,
they discuss the same problem
analyse it anew
and may come to an
entirely new conclusion.
That's how life goes.
It's not a group that anyone
founded. Everyone simply participates,
and everyone is
dependent on all the rest.
- That's the issue.
- I think the cod
is in a good equilibrium.
- What?
- The cod is in...
- Yes, in a good equilibrium.
- Yes, right.
What we need to keep
an eye on, they say,
is the lobster.
- There's no lobster left.
- Lobsters?
There's no lobster left.
Does that come as a surprise
since it's being
caught all winter.
What do we do then?
Do we treat it like halibut and
stop catching it to give it a chance?
- Lobster used to be caught...
- Yes.
May through August.
- In May.
- But now they catch it year-round.
- Some people refuse to believe this.
- No.
There are few left.
That's the situation.
We started this list in 1945
when Captain skar Gslason
caught more fish
than anyone else.
This is a list of captains who brought
in the biggest total annual catch,
year by year.
This is a list of captains who brought
in the biggest total annual catch.
Anyone was free to fish
as much as they could.
There were no fishing permits.
Everyone worked at sea.
Competition was fierce.
Their main opponent
was the weather.
When they
competed this fiercely,
they didn't always take
the weather into account.
They'd go to sea,
regardless of the weather.
What counted was
playing the game.
Of course, there were accidents.
Numerous boats perished.
In 1961,
Erling Kristjnsson was
the one who fished the most.
There was a difference
of 30 kilograms
between the catches
of the top two boats.
- Thirty kilograms?
- Thirty kilograms.
After more than
100 fishing tours
- all the difference was 30 kilograms.
- It's not much.
When the first mate of orbjrn,
the boat that ranked second,
realised this, he
started swearing.
''That devil of a
cook, '' he said.
- Did they catch...?
- The cook had taken fish from the deck
to cook for the crew.
Steini Haralds, the
cook of the other boat,
had bought lamb at the
grocery store to cook for his crew.
What happened next?
- And they still haven't made amends.
- Right.
In 1982, there was hardly
any fish left in the sea.
In 1984,
a new quota system
had been planned.
Those who signed it into law
were convinced that limiting the size
of the catch would only need to be done
for a year or two and after that, there
would be plenty of fish for everyone.
They were wrong.
All boats had an
annual catch limit,
so they stopped competing.
And, of course...
After this, we no longer
rooted for the boats.
Instead, we rooted for the Grindavk
soccer and basketball teams.
Come on, go!
Pass, pass it!
The ball has gone over!
Yes, a bit over.
No way!
- Are you taking it on-board directly?
- Yes.
mar, do you need more rope?
A bit farther.
Many people are familiar
with Bryggjan Caf.
what we do upstairs
is work on fishing nets.
We make fishing nets.
Vsir's new boat is impressive.
Yes, but look...
- Have you been on board?
- Yes,
we went to take a
look. It's really nice.
It's a great-looking ship.
In 1992, we installed a herring
seine on the ship Grindvkingur.
It was the first herring seine
to be installed in Iceland.
I drew our mountain,
which is 243 metres
above sea level,
and then I drew the herring
seine around the mountain.
We could have covered...
Covered the mountain
with one seine.
The mountain could
have been inside the seine.
You have to understand it
very well. This is a large net,
and you have to be
able to adjust the seine
the way you tune a guitar.
Everything has to be in place.
There has to be harmony.
For a while, there were more
than 30 of us working here.
Then, the number
went down to seven.
Now, there are only four of us
working here.
We had to do something,
think of something to do.
The idea was born
to create something
for the locals downstairs.
To serve coffee.
To be able to serve
beer, we needed a licence.
We realised
that on the licence
we had, it said:
''Caf licence.''
Let's call it a caf
then, we thought.
We had no idea
what we were doing.
We bought a coffee machine.
I had no idea
so many types of coffee existed.
Little by little, the
place got crowded.
Our friends brought pictures
and items from the sea, such
as an odometer and a sextant,
to make the place
look interesting.
The plan was to stay open for a short
time every day. We had no expectations.
Then we had to
stay open every day,
all day long, from
7 am till 11 pm.
Kristinn Jhannsson, my brother,
opens the place
at seven every morning
and prepares breakfast
and the lobster soup.
His wife, Bjrk Bergsdttir,
joins him in the morning.
Kristinn likes telling
the tourists stories
from Grindavk in the morning.
He's really good at it.
Mum believed in the
existence of elves.
She was clairvoyant
and told me this rock
belonged to elves.
She insisted one
should respect it
and behave well around it.
Thorbjrn Hf fishing
company had small fish storage
in the area,
and they have added on,
but always respected the rock.
Thomas prevented its removal,
even though it's no
doubt always in their way.
Growing up,
I remember the adults
often talking about elves
and gnomes and so on.
Life revolved around fish alone.
Nothing but fish. No
cultural activities, nothing.
Hi, how are you doing?
Were two men who came
to see us the other day.
They had heard we were
thinking about cutting back.
They were interested
in purchasing
the building and the firm
and had some ideas...
about a hotel.
Grindavk has changed a lot
since the population was only 500.
When I was growing
up, it was just a village.
Everyone knew everyone else.
I was in my 20s
when the population
exceeded 1,000.
I remember sometime
in the early 70s
walking the streets and
seeing someone unfamiliar.
That was a strange feeling.
I've always been
quick in finding solutions
when things go wrong.
I'm quick to react
when problems arise.
I find another solution.
It's just practice.
You've trained your brain.
Sudden changes require
you to be quick and creative
making the next move.
It's just a game of chess.
The opponent makes
a surprise move
and you must react
and make another move.
It's just a game of chess.
Life is a game of chess.
I'm a businessman.
I'm not going to deny it,
I'm involved in many things.
I dream big.
Hermann is a very
good friend of mine.
I've known him since
he was a little kid.
He's very hard-working.
He'd like to do more than
his body and health allow.
He endlessly comes
up with new ideas.
He has built up this firm
with his father and brother.
They began with nothing.
The birds lay eggs in the
same nest, again and again.
Many animals are
attracted to the eggs:
foxes, minks,
ravens, and seagulls.
You have to be wary
for them to be able to lay eggs.
And when they're
about to lay eggs,
they start plucking its
down to get their nest ready.
It then sits on the
eggs until they hatch.
It takes nearly a month.
In the meantime,
we collect the down
to sell it later.
I have the down cleaner
make duvets for me.
I sell them,
and that's a good income.
This kind of work
is a lot of fun.
It bit me!
I'm really busy; that's the
life I've made for myself.
People ask me, ''Aren't you
going to slow down a bit?''
I tell them, ''Talk to the one
upstairs. Talk to the creator.
He has given me so many
assignments down here
that I've got to
finish before I leave.''
You never know when you leave.
Are you going to cure more
skate? I saw pictures of you...
- Yeah, that's what I'm doing.
- Yes.
- They bring me a skate...
- Are you on Facebook?
I'll be getting some skate
on Monday to ferment.
- Great.
- I'm impatient.
- Have you been curing skate?
- Yeah, I'll get it Monday.
- Amazing.
- Yes.
Yeah, bye.
A new addition to
the group of kids.
- Wow!
- Yes.
- Congratulations!
- Thanks.
number... Let's see... 15?
- Wow.
- Yes, right?
- A boy or a girl?
- What?
I forgot to ask. A boy.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- It's a boy.
A boy.
- Thank you very much. Bye.
- You're welcome. Bye.
''In Eden, God almighty found
an ape quite high
above the ground.
The ape he'd change into a man,
a good one, yes, that was his plan.
For 600,000 years He
tried - it cost him many tears.
The ape was
stubborn, sly, a brute.
In a way we remain
Partly apes - it is insane.
God divided into two
and three its essence,
for it not to recover
its inherence.
By now, it should be clear to
you: creation takes a while to do.''
''Never once did I intend
to hurt you with my diction.
You deserve my praise, my
friend, Not the least affliction.''
I'm glad.
There are great athletes
in the family. The twins
who are decathletes:
- Yes, yes.
- rn and Haukur Clausen.
Yes, they were great athletes.
- They were your cousins.
- Yes, we were cousins.
- And singer Alfre Clausen.
- Yes.
He was their brother,
their half-brother.
- Their half-brother?
- Yes.
That's right.
It was he who sang:
Many good stories
grandma used to tell
Stories that the rest
of us Know all too well
Every worry grandma
Always used to quell
In her letters She
would wish me well
- Great.
- Do you remember this song?
Yeah, I remember.
I think I told you this.
I was out on the deck.
And a woman was sitting there.
I didn't know if she
was Icelandic or not.
I was humming:
The soldier stood
waiting Alone on a hill
That night He
would sail far away
He had to follow
His father's path
Headed for battle
And ready to kill
From love and excitement
His heart kept on pounding
The fragrance around him
Was rich and astounding
Affection was clearly
in ample supply
His sweetheart was
coming To kiss him goodbye
I sang her that.
When I was done singing,
the woman came up to me
- and kissed me.
- Yes.
And she says, ''You
know this song?''
- Count Rsinkrans.
- It's Norwegian.
- Right, it's Norwegian.
- But I sang it in Icelandic.
Yes, yes.
The original lyrics
are in Norwegian.
- Honestly, they're really...
- Yes, right.
Women are so attracted to you.
I've noticed when women
come here and see you,
they insist on having
their picture taken with you,
or on sitting next to you.
Others take selfies with you.
They call you a handsome man.
And that you impress women.
I've never had a
high self-esteem.
No, it's they who keep coming.
Well, well.
When you're...
When you're a bit nervous,
- you've got to smoke.
- By all means, treat yourself.
- Sorry?
- It's quite alright.
- OK.
- Go ahead, as usual.
- It has snowed a bit.
- I think it has started raining.
Three or four years ago,
an old man arrived and
started talking to me.
He was well dressed,
wearing a grey suit
and tie.
Freshly shined shoes.
Quite elegantly dressed.
We started talking.
When we started talked,
it felt like we had known
each another for 30 years.
His name is Fridrik
skell Clausen.
In his prime, he was a
national boxing champion.
Once he had knocked everyone
out, boxing was banned in Iceland.
This was in 1956.
''I got a ride with
Hildur when I was tired.
But never understood
what she desired.
One evening, really late,
we watched the horses mate,
It dawned on me what
really was required.''
''When rain is
pounding on my window
I'm reminded on the spot
of prostitutes - at least a
thousand - peeing in a chamber pot.''
That made people at
the next table laugh.
''Never once did I intend
to hurt you with my diction.
You deserve my praise, my
friend, not the least affliction.''
''Good afternoon.''
Was it Birgir you fought in
the national championship?
Or was it Gumundur Arason?
- No.
- Is Gumundur Arason older or younger?
- He's much older than me.
- He's older than you.
- If he's alive, that is.
- I think he passed away.
I'm the only one who survives.
That's the way things are.
- The dumbest ones live the longest.
- No.
This guy is 83, has a bad back,
and he's stiff,
like any old man.
He usually sits
in the same seat.
One day, two American
families from Florida came by.
I showed them the
photos on the walls
and mentioned
that skell was a boxer.
As they were leaving,
the man asked if I
could talk the old man
into posing with him in a photo.
I told skell,
and instantly, he
looked 50 years younger.
All of a sudden, he began
rocking back and forth,
like boxers do.
He struck a pose,
and so did the American.
They knew what they were doing.
The old man was
like a youngster.
And suddenly his left
hand struck from above
and stopped this far away
from the American's nose.
The American was delighted.
''This man is a real boxer.''
he turned into an old man again
and has been old ever since.
''Black was the
death that devastated
the poor and the
wealthy and educated.
The soul deserted
all the senses.
The body turned black.
The plague was
worse than any other.
More pests would
come to rage and bother.
People get sick from
words and speeches.
It travels widely, unrestricted.
Poor and wealthy
- all afflicted.
The body looks
normal, unlike the soul,
which, sick from the pest,
is as black as coal.''
By Dav Stefansson.
Next is...
Hinrik Bergsson.
I'll tell you a
story about Beggi.
He worked on a boat in Keflavk,
the skipper of which had
fished more than any other.
He had stopped fishing
and concentrated on drinking.
The crew drank,
but not everyone.
They were line fishing,
and half of the tubs
were made of iron
- light-weight and easy to use.
The rest were made of wood.
Damn heavy, Beggi said.
He decided
to throw the damn
tubs overboard.
To get rid of them.
And so he did
during one of the fishing trips
when no one was on the deck.
Then, it was time
to collect the catch.
And when they start hauling,
half the tubs are missing.
Then the crew was
called to the bridge,
Beggi said: ''I just
admitted I had done it.''
''They were so heavy.''
Beggi was an amusing guy.
He painted and held exhibitions.
rarinn cared about Beggi,
who battled a disease
that eventually...
That eventually took him away.
The chronicle nights mainly
focus on Grindavk culture.
We remember
people from the town,
and above all,
we want to remember anecdotes,
and as residents of Grindavk,
we've promised ourselves
to keep these stories alive
at Bryggjan Caf, calling
our gathering the ''Chronicle.''
We've always gathered here
at 9:00, Wednesday mornings.
The trouble with that
is that there are so many
people here at that hour
- so many foreign tourists
who arrive for breakfast.
I don't know what we'll do
- whether we'll take
the tourists upstairs,
or go upstairs ourselves
to the third floor, where
there is more room.
Thank you for coming. It
was a pleasure having you.
I look forward to
seeing you again.
- Thanks.
- Good night.
You've sold the place, right?
- Is it all done?
- Not yet. A guy just showed up.
- Men with big plans?
- Yes.
All I know is that
I'm way too old.
Perhaps you could...
- I don't know...
- I haven't got a lot of money.
- Right.
- I haven't got a lot of money.
The place needs something extra.
It looks good, but perhaps
you need an investor.
Someone who is horny
by doing things big.
Yes, right.
Oh, well.
This could be good timing, too.
You never know.
- What?
- I'll turn 68 this summer.
Oh, well.
Every day, I drive
out to the fissure
between the continents.
There is a parking lot there.
I get there by noon
to count the cars.
I use it as a barometer.
I monitor the influx of
tourists by counting the cars.
During high season,
they're between 20 and 30.
By going there,
I take the pulse.
It takes me 20 minutes.
You need to monitor every day
how many people arrive.
The same day last year
and the day before...
It's all recorded.
It costs 19 euros to
go up to the Eiffel tower.
- Oh, really?
- I read it in the paper.
How much do they
charge at the Blue Lagoon?
- Much more.
- Forty-five euros.
- Right?
- I don't know.
It doesn't surprise me
that they charge 62 euros.
- It's peanuts.
- Yes.
And you have to
set an appointment.
There's a sign as you
leave the Blue Lagoon.
It reads Grindavk
six kilometres,
Keflavk, around 20 kilometres.
I'd like to change it.
I would have liked to change it
so it's clear you're
not going to Grindavk,
because you're in
Grindavk already.
Adalgeir, I once stood
at the top of Acropolis
and looked over.
I paid a fortune
to see the view from above.
I said to myself: ''What
the hell am I doing here?''
I've seen it all before, it
looks better in pictures.
The lagoon was formed
entirely by chance.
It really is run-off water
from a geothermal plant
built to heat up houses.
The companies didn't
want to take responsibility
for the canalisation
into the ocean.
It leaked into the lava,
and the puddle got bigger,
and then this run-off water
became the biggest
tourist paradise in Iceland.
OK, you have two
kinds of soup here.
On the one hand, lobster soup,
which comes with bread,
and on the other
hand, vegetable soup.
You have bread,
butter, coffee and tea.
What changed this country
is that the US Military arrived
against our will.
They just came
and changed things.
Then we got the
influx of tourists.
Therefore, we're
always serving others.
A country that's constantly in that
kind of role never becomes a country.
Author Gubergur Bergsson
was born in October, 1932,
in the rktlustair district.
When he was young,
everyone his age went to sea,
and built themselves houses.
All he did was write books.
We, Icelanders,
tend to think of those as lazy,
who neither go to
sea nor work hard,
doing others a disservice.
That's how people thought
of Gudbergur Bergsson:
too lazy to work.
He went to Spain
for further studies
and has translated many works
from Spanish into Icelandic,
among them Don
Quixote, by Cervantes.
He's very peculiar,
very frank,
and used to talk
without hesitation
about things people only
do behind closed curtains.
Icelanders have never
invented anything themselves.
They've travelled the world,
but even if they're educated
at any number of universities,
they don't invent anything,
can't do a thing but
brag and get drunk.
That's all.
They've started.
It's 300 kilograms.
It's looking good.
Kristjn is done.
Halldr holds on and continues!
Is he going to turn around?
What is he going to do?
He takes it all the way.
Icelandic men are weaklings.
In other countries,
men have gone to war.
They've had to defend their nation
and shed blood in the
name of their country.
No Icelander has done that.
They've chased sheep
and fought the forces of nature.
It's a fight for
life, for survival.
Good evening.
A civil protection uncertainty
phase has been declared
due to magma accumulation,
uplift and seismic activity
by orbjrn mountain on
the Reykjanes peninsula.
Earthquake Hazards
Coordinator Kristn Jnsdttir,
why are you enacting
the phase of uncertainty?
This is happening
in a populated area.
Grindavk has a
population of 2,500 people.
Then, there's
the infrastructure:
the Blue Lagoon,
telecommunications systems
and more.
Do changes in expansion
and magma accumulation
indicate that an
eruption is likely?
In the event...
Bryggjan Caf is
different from other places.
We're in a small town,
but right by the artery,
which always has
been the main artery.
As musicians, we prefer
playing for simple people,
not in a cultural spot
belonging to other people.
This place oversees the
town's cultural activities
and invites people to come and see
things they otherwise would never see.
I just got back from
Gubjrg sister's funeral in Rif.
The funeral service
was at lafsvk church.
She died of Alzheimer's
at the age of 54.
It was interesting to see
what effect the church
music had on the service.
And also, this harmony
that occurs in a choir.
It's got to be among the
healthiest things you do,
singing like that
with other people.
Alzheimer's is a
terrible disease,
especially when it
afflicts young people.
So young.
Is there truth to the rumour
that you're going
to sell the place?
- Do you know yourself?
- Yes.
We've got old.
We've got old, and we've been
running this place since 1974.
The main reason, I think,
is that Kristinn's wife
is from Reykjavk.
- She's not too happy in Grindavk.
- Right.
She'd like to be...
-In Reykjavk, -Yes,
close to her relatives.
And, of course...
Also, things have slowed down
- at the net maker's workshop.
- Right.
And maybe, we'll
make money on it.
The lot
is in demand.
In recent years, the influx
of tourists has increased,
and we have construction
rights at the end of this building,
where there would be room for
another building of the same size.
This is at Grindavk Harbour.
The Blue Lagoon is
five minutes from here.
We're 18-20 minutes
from an international airport.
For people with money,
- this is the right place...
- Right.
- To build a business.
- Yes.
Taking chances
has paid off, then.
Even though you had to
make changes...
- And we ran into endless hurdles.
- Isn't that what life is like?
Endless mistakes. But,
somehow, we always survived.
- Yes.
- For some reason.
That's what it's like at
all good places, I think.
We weren't born with a
silver spoon in our mouth.
We started out with nothing,
but we had a great passion,
and we were smart net makers.
We were good at making nets.
You might drive past
this place in Grindavk,
thinking it's a windy spot,
but it's warm in here.
Having a place to come to
and being able to mingle with
others, even different sorts of people,
that's the type of
melting pot we have here.
That's one of the
main characteristics.
You have no option
other than staying calm.
- But...
- You haven't started packing?
- What?
- But...
It's not a bad idea
to have some stuff
ready in a suitcase,
to be able to put
on clean underwear.
- And having a full tank of petrol.
- Having enough petrol.
I think it wouldn't
be a bad idea.
- That's always my first thought.
- What did this Kristn say this morning?
- What?
- Wasn't it this morning?
- Yes, just before 9:00.
- I didn't hear her.
- What did she say?
- About the...
- Did she expect an eruption?
- Well, see...
They won't say, or they don't...
There are many scenarios:
maybe, nothing will happen,
maybe, everything subsides,
maybe it's the precursor
of an earthquake
and, maybe, it's the
precursor of an eruption.
All that.
There are various scenarios.
It could attract
more curious tourists.
- Yes, but we don't want...
- We don't want tourists.
We don't need them to
come to see this kind of thing.
- No, right?
- Right.
They said they'd send us a text
message in case of an eruption.
But the first things to go would
be the cell towers all around us.
They're needed to contact us.
Well, darling.
I'll only fry two pieces now.
Aren't you going to
put it in the freezer?
- No, I'm just going to do it like this.
- OK, OK.
Have you heard anything
regarding Bryggjan Caf?
Adalgeir said they were
going to sell the place.
I hope...
the buyer or buyers
will continue a similar
sort of operation.
I would miss
being able to go there
for a cup of coffee.
We, the guys, have been
getting together there.
We just go inside and
have a cup of coffee.
They don't charge us for the
coffee. If the business is tough,
I don't mind paying
for my cup of coffee.
I'd pay generously, just for the
chance to get together with the others.
We'll see.
Do you think the
buyers are foreigners?
I haven't heard them
mention anything.
I've been told by
some of these men
that if it weren't
for Bryggjan Caf,
they wouldn't be
living in Grindavk.
They say they live in Grindavk
for that reason alone; the
company they have here.
They'd probably find
themselves another place to stay,
as it says in the poem
- either one of
the petrol stations,
or the machinery shop
or some place like that.
You're supposed
to be like actors...
Robert De Niro, or
someone like that.
Hey, pass me...
Siggi, pass me the hat.
The hat.
It's a bit small.
This explosion in tourism in
Iceland changed so many things.
Next year,
either in the spring or summer,
we may have sold the business
- the building and Bryggjan Caf.
New owners may be here by then.
It seems so strange,
because we've given it our all
throughout all these years.
Of course, there will
be a sense of loss.
We'll miss it a little bit.
I'd say that's the general mood.
This is going to be
such a major change.
I worry it will be tough for me,
just finding the right beat.
My wife has been a
big part of this, too,
and she's been waiting
for a chance to
get away from it all.
I think she's relieved.
Her family is in Reykjavk.
Maybe, it's time for her to
be the one making decisions.
The business has affected
her a lot, it hasn't been easy.
This has been a
burden on the household,
but how we'll deal with
this is a different story.
A geophysicist at the
Icelandic Met Office
states that expansion is
continuing by orbjrn mountain
at the same rate as yesterday.
This has been confirmed
in new satellite pictures,
so the situation hasn't
changed since yesterday.
We're seeing
expansion we believe
to be magma accumulation.
Possible scenarios include
one where this would cease,
and another one, where
this could go on for decades
and end with magma
intrusion or even an eruption.
The forces of nature
have been prominent
in recent weeks,
and it's normal for
people to be apprehensive
about the situation.
But there is a lot
of solidarity in town,
and the sports centre was packed
during the meeting in Grindavk,
which lasted...
...according to the magma and
earthquake images these days.
It has never been easy.
It's never easy to wait
for something to
potentially happen.
People ask, ''How will
we be able to get away?''
As we all know,
there are three routes:
driving along the south coast,
taking the Grindavk road,
which could get congested,
or going westward, along
the Reykjanes peninsula.
Above all,
we need to sit down and decide
what to take along
in case of evacuation.
The Vestmannaeyjar islands
volcanic eruption is fresh in my memory,
speaking of escape routes.
Is the harbour not one of them?
Could gangplanks
be ready for us?
The harbour is important.
Thank you.
How is the atmosphere in town?
How have people been feeling?
It's normal too feel badly
under such circumstances.
This situation affects everyone.
Of course, this is scary.
It's something we've known about
and have lived with,
but it's always
been fairly remote.
I try not to think about it. I've
been busy with other things.
I don't think about it.
Is the plan to convert
this into a hotel?
No, that's not the plan.
But some guys in Reykjavk
want to purchase the
building and the business.
They came here in February.
What are they planning?
They're going to
expand Bryggjan Caf
upstairs into the workshop.
Have you ever been
in the workshop?
They will build a
restaurant there.
That's their plan.
Here is the downstairs
blueprint. It has been resketched
and the only thing
that's been added is a lift.
- Is this the caf?
- Here is the upstairs.
This is the idea... this boat.
If an old boat could
be found in the area...
- This would be a boat.
- Yes.
If we put an old boat
and restore it a bit,
just some dusting.
We'd keep it old.
Wasn't there a dinghy...
Just any boat.
- I think he has a dinghy.
- If the boat were in a good condition,
we'd serve soup on board.
- Right.
- If the boat can withstand the weight.
One crazy idea was
to find a bridge from a
boat to be used as a counter.
- To use it as a bar.
- Yes, yes.
I'm not getting it...
Oh, now I see the boat.
This came from Gunnlaugur.
It's the skeleton of a whale.
- Right.
- It could be on display.
Having a whale skeleton
would be interesting.
What sort of skeleton
would be five-metre long?
I don't know.
- A killer whale?
- Just anything you'd find.
- OK.
- It could be a nice touch.
- Yes, right.
- A connection...
- To the ocean.
- Which is nearby.
We wanted something
outside to attract.
Then we talked about preserving
the character
of the old place...
- We won't ruin it.
- Its soul.
A good friend of Adalgeir's.
- Yes.
- His name is rni Johnsen,
he once said he wanted to have
an inflated whale outside the place.
- That's what he said.
- That would be fake.
We don't put artificial
things in Bryggjan Caf.
The main thing is that
this has been discussed.
I prefer the real thing.
How do you feel about
the place closing down?
Will there be a major change?
- Have you heard anything about it?
- What we've heard is
that we will be well
received when that happens.
- Great.
- It waits to be seen if that's right.
Yes, we'll see.
- Who's going to receive us well?
- The new owners.
I haven't yet inserted
the hearing aid.
- I've forgotten it at home.
- The buyers.
Who are the buyers?
I haven't heard.
We don't know.
- Buyers of what?
- Bryggjan Caf.
You're really deaf.
We have no idea
what the future holds.
- Although...
- Perhaps...
I asked them not to throw away my
pictures. I'd rather have them back.
There are three pictures
- of boats.
- Which ones?
- No, I think...
- Did he sell his share?
I don't believe so.
These pictures are special.
I used to cut out pictures
of every new boat.
This is one of them,
called Garar Frmannsson.
Adalgeir told me they
would receive us well.
- Yes.
- At least that's what he told me.
That the new owners
hope for us to come as usual,
and they also said that
they would receive us well.
For them to let us be here,
even though it won't be the same.
It would be great to come,
to see the pictures and so on.
- Let's see what they'll do.
- They're leaving a small mural.
On exhibit.
They'd have to be damn
boring to chase us away.
Or they might
encourage us to come
but fail to give us
special treatment.
Then we might leave, one by one.
The question is,
where would we go?
We have to forgive them in
advance. They're strangers.
They're not informed about
the history of the community.
- Maybe they want to be educated.
- Yes.
They came here
after seeing how highly we
were rated on TripAdvisor.
They wondered why.
They discovered
it's different
from other places.
Not like the fine cafs
in Reykjavk, London or Paris.
This place is a
fishermen's place.
I think that's what
they plan to build on.
Adalgeir, sign here
and we're all done.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thanks.
- I hope it goes well.
- Thanks.
We just need the
brothers to sign.
OK, yes.
We need your signature here.
You'll find potatoes
and salad outside.
it's so cold outside
that the gravy has to be inside.
I'm not sure how it will turn out.
I hope we all fit.
We'll arrange this
as if we were camping.
Good evening, friends!
This is the final one.
The final concert.
This is the final concert
at Bryggjan Caf.
There were men
who arrived this winter
and made us an offer on
the business and the building,
which was too
good to be rejected.
I'd like...
to thank you for your kindness
throughout the years,
for attending our concerts
and enjoying them.
May I propose a toast
to the Bryggjan brothers.
Long live Adalgeir and Kristinn!
Let's hope the musicians
have left the Ritalin at home.
Thinking egoistically,
it's sad for us that this
has come to an end,
but all things
have their season,
be it places or bands,
or types of music.
Then you can ask,
is it the place and furniture,
or is it the people involved?
In a way, it's the
same way with music...
It's not necessarily
the notes on the sheet,
or the melody someone composed,
but rather what the
performer puts into it,
or the feeling he expresses
when relating something
that matters to him.
So, oftentimes, it's something
other than the inanimate
objects what matters in the end.
We're going to miss
this place deeply,
because this place
comes from the heart.
I'd like to keep
it the way it is,
exactly that way,
with the ambiance we created.
I've never been on
vacation. I don't know how to.
I'm going to take time off
to recharge mentally.
Once I've recharged the
batteries, I'll find something to do.
''Grindavk, good
morning to you!
The winds are
calm this sunny day.
The hills ahead appear to hover.
The sun delights in every way.''
Do you remember, skell?
I've heard it, but I
don't know it by heart.
Only a fraction of it.
''Beyond the lava and the
mountains, filled with pictures
from before, is the
fishing town that gave us
happy childhood on the shore.''
- Maybe it'll come to me later.
- Yes.
- I don't know.
- Yes, I'm sure you'll remember.
I've become forgetful.
How do you like it here?
- What?
- How do you like it here?
Not too bad.
- Yes, right?
- Sure.
- Do they treat you well?
- Yeah.
- Have you sung for them?
- What?
Have you sung...
- Sorry?
- Have you sung for them?
I no longer remember.
Well, well.
Do you remember the song you
used to sing at Bryggjan Caf?
- No.
- They don't forget easily...
- What?
- They don't forget easily...
They don't forget easily
who desire song and dance.
There it is.
Do you remember?
No, I don't. I've forgotten.
Yes, of course.
- I've started to forget.
- That's normal. So have I.
Well, well, well.
- Yes.
- Some coffee.
What about the nurses?
What are the nurses here like?
- What are the nurses like?
- I don't know.
- I see.
- It's nice here.
- Yeah, isn't it?
- Yes.
It's a nice and
peaceful atmosphere.
- Pretty good.
- For now.
- Well.
- Yes, yes.
- Great.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Don't you two know one another?
- We've been here a short while.
- Right.
This is skell Clausen, and
he's Gumundur Tmasson.
- Electrician.
- Great.
Electrical contractor in
Grindavk for many years.
- Oh.
- You used to be a carpenter.
- Yes.
- A master builder.
That's the way things are.
Plenty of light comes in here.
Yes, I see.
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