Locating Silver Lake (2018) Movie Script

SPEAKER: Life is moving faster
and faster every moment.
I'll bet your parents
can attest to that.
Especially today.
I'd wager that
when you were five years old,
a single year
was fantastically important.
But once your 21st or 22nd year
have sparked on and gone...
Doesn't time feel unromantic?
Isn't life starting to move
just a bit faster?
See, when you were
five years old,
one year was 20%
of your life.
But your 22nd year?
Same number of days.
Same trip
around the local star.
But it's going faster.
We are all going faster.
It's crazy.
SPEAKER: The truth is...
You'll notice a rapid shift starting today.
Why did you say that?
Have you ever thought
about this?
(SCOFFS) This must be
what our tuition is for.
Four years of
monotonous bullshit
to finally earn audience
to someone with a point.
Daniel, I don't want this.
Just cover your ears
til it's over.
No. Daniel?
Do you want to be the guy
standing at the end
of the finish line
with two leather-bound
book ends and a...
I can't go to Los Angeles
with you.
I can't do anything with you.
Why are you doing this here?
I've spent a lot of time
putting you into context
vis-a-vis how we could possibly
fit together long term.
For starters, you've never actually
written anything substantial,
but you tell everyone
you're a writer.
- You serious?
- Yes.
It's like this giant metaphor
that tells me everything
I need to know about you.
I can't stay with someone
based on unfulfilled potential
- But that's not...
- Daniel. I have to do this
before my family takes
graduation photos.
I can't have you
in all the photos.
If we break up
after the photos,
we can't use the photos
for anything.
We can't put them up
at our house.
Or send them out
as Christmas cards.
I mean, would that be
fair to my mother?
SPEAKER: So take a breath.
Remember this moment. For from now on,
every moment will move faster
than you could ever imagine.
Thank you.
these have been the best years of my life.
- Yeah.
- But we're both ready for something new.
We have to cut ties
to each other.
- I...
- Los Angeles is your dream.
But it's not mine.
Is this about New York? Fine!
Let's go to stupid New York!
Jesus! Let's go to England!
I don't care.
We can go to fucking Zaire!
- Zaire is the Congo.
- What?
Zaire hasn't existed
since 1997.
It's the Democratic
Republic of the Congo.
That's not the point.
Okay, I haven't written anything
substantial yet because,
because I haven't had
the right story to tell.
But that's what LA
will be for us.
You know, we're gonna find
something amazing there together!
You can find
something amazing...
- ...without me.
- But I don't want to.
Graduates, please stand.
this is as sucky for me as it is for you.
Please remember that.
You know
I'm not a cold person.
SPEAKER 2: Parents, friends,
distinguished faculty...
May I present to you,
the Graduating Class of 2017!
Good evening,
what can I do for ya?
Okay. 50, 70, 90...
103 coming in.
Good luck.
No more bets.
Who are you?
Are you the landlord?
- I'm...
- Hold up.
WOMAN: Jose!
MAN: Yo!
Uh, the vacancy?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
- I'm Jose.
- Uh, Daniel.
Cool. In here.
Come in.
My mom's place.
It's real nice. I take care
of the property.
It's a duplex?
Yeah, like that.
Luisa and her kids live
on the other side of the wall.
I have a room
in the back with the yard.
This is like an extra room.
You can do whatever with it.
Put a bed. Make it
whatever you want.
You have a job?
Yeah, I'm a writer.
Oh, cool.
You can put your desk here with
your pens and pencils and stuff.
One time, we had a tenant
that painted like
the black walls lightning.
You know what I mean?
- Like a black light?
- Yeah. Like a raver thing.
Yeah, he was weird.
You seem cool though.
You know, you can paint
the walls or whatever.
If you want. Um...
Here's the kitchen.
You got a stove,
we got new tiles.
Bathroom's here.
Got a real nice shower
and a counter,
and a thing to place
the toothbrushes.
Any questions?
Uh, what part of town is this?
We're Silver Lake adjacent.
Oh. Silver Lake,
that's cool, right?
I lived here my whole life.
And it's different here now.
You know...
It used to be the whole house.
I grew up here,
like, the whole big house.
My mom built the wall.
Like segregation.
(LAUGHS) Just kidding.
The cool thing is
I have a room in back.
You know, stay out of
trouble and shit.
So, uh...
So you're a writer, huh?
That's cool.
Yeah, I, uh... I just
moved here from New York.
Oh. Shit. That's very cool.
People talk all this mess
about 15 second memory
for fish, you know?
I don't believe that.
They love me
because I feed them.
They get all flippy
when I walk in.
Hey. If you move in,
you can feed them instead.
They'll love you for real.
Like, unconditionally.
Oh, that's Luisa.
That's a sexy woman.
I'd keep
my hands off that shit.
That's Connor and Hudson.
They got white boy's names
'cause they got a white daddy.
So how much for the place?
Oh, okay. You have to stay
for at least six months.
It's $1,300 a month
and 13 deposit, too.
Okay, uh...
Here's $9,100.
I'm moving today and
I don't pay you until January.
Is that cool all upfront
like that or...
Oh, fuck yeah!
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Hey, man. You need some help?
- Out of the way!
Can I get some water?
It smells like smoked sausage.
That's from the fire, man.
I know you don't have a bed.
I seen you laying
on the couch and shit.
You can't sleep on your
couch your whole life!
Yea, my homie's neighbor's
house caught on fire.
He said come clean up and help
him out and take whatever.
This mattress came from
a house that was on fire?
I thought you needed a bed.
Yeah, it-it's great.
It's great. Thank you.
Cool. (SIGHS)
How's the book?
Your book. Your writing.
How's it going?
Uh, it's, uh...
It's fine. It's fine.
Thank you.
Hey, you got three tickets
on your car.
They do the street cleaning.
You have to move the car every week.
You need to get outside more.
Carpe diem.
See the day.
Hey. Um...
My homies and I,
we have a fire in the back every Friday.
We grill some meat.
You should bring your guitar.
Come hang out.
- Everyone would like that.
- I'll try.
Thanks for the mattress.
The smell will go away.
Open the windows.
The fish are gonna love it.
Yo! Hold up!
JOSE: Yo, fellas. Listen up!
This is Daniel, my new tenant.
The writer.
- That's Hector.
- What's up, man?
JOSE: Dime...
Lil' K...
- Cesar.
- Yo.
Ricky, Wandy...
JonJon and Marz.
I'm not gonna remember
any of that.
Sorry, I'm just not great
with names.
That's cool, boy.
Have a seat.
Hey, you like some asada?
Have some asada.
- Ricky, get him some asada.
- Hold up.
No meats will be given until
the guest starts singin'.
You owe us a song, compa.
Payment for the meat, homie.
- That's right.
- Right now?
- Yeah, homie. Sing.
- Let's go.
- All right.
- All right.
LIL' K: I see you,
one man band.
This James Taylor looking ass
motherfucker right there.
LIL' K: Adam Levine looking.
Fuck. Is this Maroon 4?
Maroon 5? What is it homie?
I forgot.
Karaoke night.
Maybe play your favorite song.
Let me see what you got.
I've seen love
go by my door
It's never been
this close before
Never been so easy
or so slow
I've been shooting
in the dark too long
If something's not right
it's wrong
You're gonna make me
lonesome when you go
Dragon clouds so high above
I've only known
careless love
It always hit me from below
But this time around
it's more correct
Right on target
so direct
You're gonna make me
lonesome when you go
Flowers on the hillside
bloomin' crazy
Crickets talkin' back
and forth in rhyme
Blue river movin' slow
and lazy
I could stay with you forever
and never realize the time
Situations have ended Sad
Relationships have all been bad
Mine've been like
Verlaine's and Rimbaud
But there's no way
I could compare
All them scenes
to this affair
You're gonna make me
lonesome when you go
You're gonna make me
wonder what I'm doin'
Stayin' far behind
without you
You're gonna make me
wonder what I'm sayin'
You're gonna make me
give myself a good talkin' to
But I'll see you
in the sky above
In the tall grass
in the ones I love
You're gonna make me
lonesome when you go
What's up? You earned
that asada, boy!
Give me the guitar.
CESAR: Hey, guero.
Who's that song about?
I don't know.
I didn't write it.
Well, you sure as shit
were singin' it about someone.
LIL' K: Come on.
Who is that bitch?
Yeah, man. Tell us.
Who is it?
Ah, just someone,
um, far away.
Well, she must've been
a pretty special lady.
- You know this goddess?
- Yeah, she's my neighbor.
You've been here
for three months
and you haven't even come
and said hello.
LIL' K: Damn, son.
You don't bring no Jell-o mold or nothin'?
- I mean, it's just next door.
- LUISA: Shut up, K.
You're right.
I should have.
Where's your boys?
They're with
their dad tonight.
Mr. Jonathan.
LIL' K: I'm surprised you
ain't there right now, Lu.
We know how much you love running
back to that big gringo wang.
We all know what you're
running back to tonight.
- LIL' K: That's not true.
That's not funny.
Listen to me, papa.
You need to get to a bar
and revenge fuck this far
away lady out your head.
I... I don't really know
my way around here.
Go across the 101 and you'll be at
the gates of gringo pussy heaven.
Get down on some bougie Sunset
Boulevard shit, you know?
White girls with hot asses
all over that joint!
Don't ask for my approval.
Can I get a, uh...
Excuse me. Can I, uh...
Do you have a...
Excuse me.
Trying to get a drink,
Not having much luck.
Play your cards right, we'll see if
I can change your fortunes. Louie!
What's up, honey?
Uh, two martinis.
Dirty as a Japanese rim job. And, uh...
Uh, just a beer is fine.
A barley drink
for the lumberjack.
Thank you.
- Uh, I'm Daniel.
- No names.
- What?
- No names.
You're not your name
alone, right?
Good. Because I'm not
what I am.
Besides, it'll make the
morning so much less awkward.
Oh. I think you've got
the wrong idea. I'm not...
My world is in a plague
of pretending tonight,
my darling little
nameless face!
We must have you, shh.
On the tab, Louie.
John Adams!
Tell me your story, sad boy.
You came here to get
something off your chest
but it's Friday night,
and you're dripping a sadness ooze.
No one wants to be
depressed by your crap.
Except me. I want to.
So, tell me.
My girlfriend and I were
supposed to move here together,
but she dumped me.
So I moved here anyway
and a couple of gang bangers
told me to go to the bar.
What's your sad story?
I don't do sad.
No time for tears.
On the contrary,
I'm here tonight, also alone,
because I'm too surrounded.
I'm basically
the Editor in Chief
of Bring Me Your
Daddy Issues Monthly.
It's fucking draining.
I wanted cisgender
white male drama tonight.
Thank you
for filling the void.
So you have too many friends?
Don't get pouty
and righteous.
You're lucky
I'm still sitting here.
I generally don't trust
anyone who doesn't insert dick
into their body
on a regular basis.
Pretty graphic.
Are you a Puritan?
Hence the beard.
Oh, my.
There is something alive under those
broken-hearted little puppy dogs.
Why did she leave?
You two were
so perfect together.
It's what everyone
at the malt shop
was saying
when you pinned her.
You don't actually care
at all, do you?
I care that you're gonna transmit
your depression onto me any second.
Sickness this bad
must be contagious.
- Sorry, yes. You're right.
- Oh, hush, lover boy.
You've come to Uncle at the right moment.
I know your cure.
You need to get fucked.
Probably relatively violently.
I mean, I'd do it myself,
but I'm afraid that you'd cry all over me,
and I find emotion
Everyone keeps saying that.
But I've never really
had a one-night stand.
You're a true romantic,
aren't you?
A white knight.
No one knows you, and
you, sir, don't know them,
AKA "No one gives a shit."
'Tis within ourselves
that we are thus or thus.
Your mission tonight is to
thus your dick into something.
But I don't know anyone here.
Look around!
The world is your
Fanny Bay oyster!
Beautiful girls from sea to
shining sea who will tell you
in the sweetest voice possible,
(GASPS) "I never do this kind of thing."
But they do.
Or at least they want to.
We're all dirty sluts
in our way.
And every one of us
wants a story for the memoirs.
We get caught up
in reputation.
Which is nothing but an idle
and most false imposition
that you have no need
to worry for.
You're good-looking enough.
Throw a bone.
The dogs will come chomping.
Thomas Jefferson!
Give me your hand.
I don't know if it's the olives
talking, but I like you.
I think you're just
what we need.
I thought we weren't
doing names.
Throughout the course
of this conversation,
I have fallen both in and out
of love with the idea of you.
We can be friends now.
I'll help you get over
this stupid twat.
Okay. Yeah, I'd like that.
You're too cute
and too sad
not to fuck tonight.
Um, I never do this...
JOSE: Yo, Daniel!
It's like 2:00 p.m.
- What? What?
JOSE: Can I come in?
Did you get laid, bro?
I think so.
Where did she go?
Where did she go?
Shit, man. You need,
like, a sheet for this.
Yes, Jose. You're right.
I fucked last night,
So, you know,
yeah, good for me.
You feel better? You know,
I always feel unbelievable...
- Do you need something?
- What?
Why are you here, Jose?
Shit, man. I was just trying to
be like a friend or whatever.
Not offensively, bro,
but you have a lot of sadness.
You know, I was talking to
Luisa and she was saying, like,
she needs some help
with the kids,
picking them up from school
and stuff...
What? Like babysitting?
Naw, nothing gay like that.
She just needs some help,
and I know you need
some shit to do.
But hey, I ain't trying
to get in your business.
Okay, I'll think about it.
I'll tell Hector
you fucked last night.
He'll be real happy for you.
Well, you know, Hector's
approval means a lot to me.
I'll tell him for sure.
Hi, um...
Is your mom here?
Um, donde es... Connor?
I'm Hudson.
- Bueno.
- We speak English.
Sorry, I was just getting
dinner ready for the kids.
Are you all right?
- What do you mean?
- Last night.
How do I describe it?
You ever stood on a tarmac
while a plane takes off?
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
The guys got me all riled up.
I don't do things
like that ever. Sorry.
I, uh, I... Sorry.
It's okay.
Wait, um...
Jose mentioned you might need
some help with your kids?
You wanna be my babysitter?
I was hoping you wouldn't
use that word but... Yeah.
I mean, you don't have to
pay me or anything, I just...
I wanna help.
What are your qualifications?
You got a resume?
Oh, well, I can get it to you.
I graduated BA in Lit Studies
and I'm very punctual...
- Um, no warrants out.
- I'm just messing with you, Daniel.
- Okay.
- Jeez.
You are sweet, huh?
I actually could use
the help, and um,
It seems like you've got
a good heart, so...
Thank you. I, um...
I'm trying.
Okay, you've got the job.
On one condition.
Please, do not talk to
my boys about women.
I mean, you just feel like you're
in a really dark place right now
with the female race and I don't
want them to go Bukowski just yet.
You know, they still got
some baby teeth.
- Are you freaking out right now?
- A little bit.
Because your first job out of
college is about to be babysitting
or because I know
who Bukowski is?
- Oh, can you pick them up from karate?
- Yes, ma'am.
That I can do.
Two conditions, Daniel.
Don't ever call me "ma'am" again, okay?
- I'll see you later.
- Sorry again.
- No problem.
- Okay.
You can dress me up
however you like
You can take it up
But you can't hide it
I don't want it anymore
you can have it
Don't want
Don't want it anymore
SINGER: Thank you,
thank you so much!
Stick around for
Freddy's Dead!
They're some hot shit
and they're next!
MACK: Oh, so this is him?
Daniel, this is
my boy-whatever, Mack.
He can't stop
talking about you.
I think you stole his heart.
Oh, hush. Daniel,
today was so fucking great.
We spent every daylight hour
capitalizing on my Internet fame.
We're making videos of him playing
a baby saying funny things.
Babies are the only funny
people left in the world.
MACK: It's gonna go viral.
Oh, my God.
Look at you!
You look like fucking Starfire
and fucking Crackerjack.
Prettiest thing
I've seen all day.
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God.
SETH: Oh, my God.
What is happening?
Uh, Daniel.
We grew up together.
We're old friends.
Chaos is come again!
I knew it was the faith of
fucking fate at work.
Mack, didn't I say this kid
had George Michael-level faith?
- He did say that.
- I did!
I didn't even know
you were here.
This is crazy!
Child, it ain't crazy.
It's full blast fucking fate!
Oh, my God.
And then this harlot.
This is Lilith.
Uh, Daniel.
No more small talk.
My cup runneth over.
My harvest's bounty is a
cornucopia of friends new and old.
Set me at Daniel's Puritan
Thanksgiving table! Drinks!
- DANIEL: All right.
- Welcome to happier times, Daniel.
Pierre, my darling! One, two,
three, four, double for me.
- Six Kamikaze shots.
- PIERRE: You got it.
Kamikaze shots,
you cheeky bastard.
Okay. Gather around,
my beauties.
Okay. Raise them.
To fate.
Andrew Jackson!
Martin Van Buren! Again, Pierre!
Again, my pretty!
Holy fucking Lord.
I am so happy right now.
Are you happy, Daniel?
I guess. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Definitely.
- Yeah.
- The third "yeah,"
I believed the third "yeah."
Keep working on that.
SINGER 2: Yo! We're Freddy's Dead!
Let's get this party jumping.
- Oh, my God! Hurry, Pierre!
Gulp them up, ladies!
William Henry Harrison.
John Tyler! Let's go!
PIERRE: Yo, Seth. Money!
Put it on the tab, Pierre!
One, two, three, four!
I feel the voltage
from the stereo outside
My hands they tell them
turn it up
Life, he faces me
every day around 5:00
He tells me
I should quit this stuff
Watch my features disappear
I'm getting free
I said wait a minute,
I feel it, I got it
I get it
Dancing on the bed
I'll be dancing on the bed
Dancing on the bed
Some of us can tame it
Others want to blame it
I just feel the beat
come rushing in
My body is so deserving
Another day of working
Another song will come and
go but I'm still on the bed
Dancing on the bed
Dancing on the bed now
I'll be dancing on the bed
Dancing on the bed
ELLA: Daniel Willingham.
I know.
I thought you'd never
make it out to LA.
I'm a writer now.
I love it here.
Wow. That's amazing.
I don't know about all that.
I haven't really...
No. I mean that you haven't
changed at all.
You know that if you're
still craving a center,
you came to the wrong city,
- What?
- Oh, come on, Daniel.
I don't believe for one second
that you love this place
and the reality of it.
Look, you got this idea in your head
as a dreamy teenager in Portsmouth
reading Raymond Chandler
and a whole bunch of bullshit.
- All right.
- Now you think you're here, in the center.
You always pinned yourself
to some romantic idea.
Oh, honey, no.
It's not a bad thing.
It's just not how
things work out here.
I mean, you've got this
huge canvas to spread out in.
Seth was right. This is fate
working for you now.
You don't have to be
stuck at 16 anymore.
What I'm trying to say is,
everybody has bad shit happen to them.
And we're all just trying
to get past it.
Do something better.
You know, when everything
happened with my folks,
I put my sister in a car,
and we just drove.
First person I met when
I got out here was Seth.
So, it's meant to be, right?
Our pasts don't have
to be ours alone.
I have all these people
in my life.
But it's like my whole life
finally has an ultimate goal now.
Yeah. For sure. Me too.
It's okay to be happy,
you know.
You're here now, too.
Give me your phone.
Come on.
Go here tomorrow.
It's best around 3:00.
Go up and relax.
Just give the old baggage
a rest for a little bit.
Uh, you know,
I'm pretty busy.
3:00 p.m. It's magic.
- Promise me.
- Okay.
Will you go out with me?
Oh, you're so funny.
I'm genuinely asking.
I know you are.
Daniel, this is
my fiancee, Bonnie.
- Hey.
- BONNIE: What is up, man?
We are about to go do some blow
and you are 7,000% invited.
You ever look at someone
and think like,
"I bet I know
how she smells."
No. Okay,
I'm asking you seriously.
Do you think she's with him?
What's the big deal
with this chick?
So she's pretty?
There's a lot of pretty chickies.
It's a waste of time fighting
anger with madness.
Well, you know,
I was fighting anger with indifference,
and that didn't work.
So I figured I'd give madness a shot.
You know, this chick
in your phone, she's like...
Like your manifestation of your
infatuation of what could've been.
Next chapter.
Let the fantasy go.
Like my man Lenny Bruce
once said,
"The 'what should be'
never did exist,
"'but people keep trying
to live up to it.
"'There is no 'what should
be.' There is only what is."
No one told you to say
smart shit.
Do you know how you know
when you're over her?
When you're okay with another
dude fucking her in the ass.
Ugh, God.
- I'm not there yet.
- Fine.
You ain't there yet.
But the obsession
ain't worth your time.
You got all that cash, man.
If I had all that,
you'd best believe
I'd be getting out there to
see the whole goddamn world.
Not hanging out back here
with some old guy like me.
I'd be on a fire pit on each
of the seven continents,
go to every single country,
find myself a Swahili girl to
jimmy my stick for a night.
Oh, man.
And then a Swiss girl...
You know, I don't know...
I just had a Silver Lake girl
jimmy my stick,
and the fallout from that
wasn't romantic at all.
Man, that romance you talk
ain't even real.
You made this whole idea up that this girl
in this picture is your perfect chickie.
There's no such thing.
Take the money and fly.
Go see the whole damn world.
You'll find what you need.
My daughter, when she was 13,
she was getting
all into boys, you know...
She was with these kids.
These dudes were like... Like me when
I was a little gangster, you know?
This one kid Eduardo.
She would be saying,
"Eduardo is the coolest.
He's cooler than you, Daddy."
And I was like,
"No, he's not.
"I'll kill that kid."
I mean, I have no idea what
you're talking about, Jose.
Just sharing.
I thought we were having
some sharing time.
Thank you for the time.
I think I 'm gonna go
try to carpe some diem.
Yup! That's what I wanna hear.
Go get that head clear,
you know?
Nothing but cobwebs
and tequila!
Which one are you?
Which one are you?
Oh, uh...
This one I guess.
Unless there's a Silver Lake
adjacent one somewhere.
Which one are you?
Silver Lake, no adjacent.
- I'm Daniel.
- I'm Talya.
Talya Gregory,
Ella's sister?
- Oh, shit!
I'm Daniel Willingham.
I grew up in Portsmouth.
I know.
Do you remember me?
All the way up here, that's...
That's kind of incredible, no?
Well, did Ella tell you
about this place?
- Great.
I guess not everything
has a meaning, huh?
I didn't know
you were in LA.
- Well, you don't know me.
- No, I know, but...
I remember you.
Do you know Seth, too?
Seth's my best friend.
I think he's in love with you.
Ah, well...
Yeah, he seems like
a good guy.
He's the best.
He wasn't lying
about you either.
What? (LAUGHS)
This is not what I expected
LA to be like.
Well, Los Angeles is
the only city in the world
that people disdain
without ever even visiting.
I like to come up here
all alone though.
My own little
special hideaway.
It's my favorite place.
Do you wanna see something?
Where you going?
This was here?
Yeah. Amazing, huh?
The train went right up
the side of the mountain.
It brought vacationers here
in the age of Ragtime.
But it burned down
a long time ago.
They're all dead
fuddy-duddies now.
DANIEL: This wasn't
even that long ago.
I mean, imagine the stories
these people had.
They were all right here.
Like who?
I don't know.
Any of them.
All of them.
- Choose one.
- What?
You said
imagine their stories.
Choose one and imagine me
their story.
Cornelius Quackenbush Bigelow.
Having lost
is great fortune
in the Boston blizzard
of 1886,
he set out West
to find greener pastures.
A locomotive steam engine
brought him to Los Angeles
in June of 1888.
Here, he found a partner
in Thurston McHolinger.
This man.
Together, McHolinger
And Bigelow started
the greatest Umbrella Cartel
the world has ever known!
Tell me how they die.
Legend has it McHolinger
was trampled to death
by one of the first cars
in Los Angeles in 1908.
Left to carry on
the Umbrella Cartel legacy,
Bigelow, well, he soon turned
to the drink.
His erratic temper
and penchant
for the boozier things
sunk the company.
Drowning in the sorrows of his
lost fortune and dead partner,
Bigelow soon took his own
life in an epic rainstorm.
His final words were "Tragedy
shall never rain upon me!"
He then opened his umbrella and
shot himself through the heart.
And as he lay dying,
he clutched the umbrella above his head,
never letting a single drop
of rain touch his mortal body.
The end.
Shh. Nothing.
What are you doing?
I want this memory.
Because soon
we'll be in the past.
Because of this picture will take every
moment after this can be the past, too.
But if this all ends
and we're just chalked up
to a memory or moment
or whatever,
shouldn't we just try to enjoy
it while it's happening?
What about those pictures
you were just looking at?
That was the real past.
I didn't know
there was a difference.
There is.
There are rules in chaos,
you know?
Maybe things that are more
powerful than structure.
You mean, like fate?
Bye, Daniel.
Hey, Lilith.
How are you?
SETH: (IN DISTANCE) God damn it, Lilith!
Let him in.
We're overjoyed, Daniel.
Make yourself at home.
The lady will be right out.
Oh, great jacket, man.
This is the cutest
thing ever, Danny.
Well, give the baggage
a rest, right?
Fuck yeah!
SETH: Daniel.
An honorable young man
asks for permission
when it comes to
the young and supple...
There was no prior approval
on this outing.
That's something that will
have to change for the future.
Uh, I didn't know
there was...
If I let you
take her out tonight,
will you promise to be good?
Honest, respectful.
Yeah, of course.
Oh. I believed
all three of those.
I love it.
(BANGS NOTES) Rule number one in this
home, Daniel, is what?
- Uh, I don't know.
- You will have her home by curfew.
Curfew is 10:00 p.m.
This is non-negotiable, Mr. Willingham.
In order with God's wishes,
she shall return home uninebriated!
By penalty of death!
What dowry have you brought to
present to her mother and I?
Oh, shit. I'm sorry, man.
Your face.
Your fucking face.
- You're pretty funny man.
- SETH: Oh, no.
I'm a very funny man.
Better learn to laugh
at the fucking jokes, Danny.
Tempo, Mack.
SETH: Tempo.
- Hi.
- TALYA: Hi.
DANIEL: You look nice.
TALYA: Thank you.
SETH: Mack.
In the room.
- Shall we?
- Mmm-hmm.
Bye, Lilith.
Well, it's Seth's house but...
Everyone lives there
I don't know
how nice it is.
No privacy and all.
DANIEL: Who lives there?
Me and Ella and Bonnie...
Lilith, Mack,
most of the band...
And then other people
always just come and go.
So it's like a big family.
Do you think I'm like
mysterious or something?
Like when I'm being quiet.
Do you think I'm thinking
all these great things?
DANIEL: I don't know. I...
I think I'd like it if you
told me what you were thinking.
But maybe you wouldn't at all.
DANIEL: Well, I think I'd like
the chance to find out.
Every moment after this
is the future.
It's weird
you don't know that.
At the hotel...
You said that every moment after
this can be the past now, too.
But that's dumb.
Lorca wrote that
nostalgia is a disease.
Did you know that?
Every moment after this
is the future, okay?
Yeah, ideally.
I think that we're the same
in a lot of ways.
Like I think I can be
a writer, too.
I think that I can find
stories and imagine lives
and all that stuff.
You know, like, I wanna live
every second
of every human's life
that was ever born.
And then I would know
just how everything feels.
I mean, it would
take a long time but...
But it would be better than
waiting for New Year's
to feel like something's
gonna change.
Like, is an arbitrary calendar
jump just gonna make
everything change,
like, snap?
- Nah, it never seems to.
- Right.
But like if I can live
to be 120 years old,
then I could at least
see everything, you know?
But I can't.
I know I can't do that.
Why not?
Because my body would shrivel
and have arthritis.
And probably cancer
and dementia.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'll get better.
I have to go.
Thank you for tonight.
Uh, wait!
Hey. Talya...
I just...
I want you to know
what I'm thinking, too.
Which is that
I think you're wonderful.
And I haven't actually thought that
about anyone in a good long while.
I thought I did, but no.
And you say things to me
even in your silence,
and it makes me think
about something beyond myself.
And I know I've said all this
corny cheeseball shit tonight,
current speech included,
but I just...
I gotta believe something
good is even possible.
Also, I wanna kiss you.
And if you don't,
that's cool.
I just...
I don't want it to be because
you didn't know that I want to.
So, sorry to do this
but sort of...
The whole thing is
on you now.
LILITH: Let's go.
DANIEL: Let's go!
HUDSON: I got you one more time!
I got this one more time!
DANIEL: All right.
HUDSON: I got him!
DANIEL: Try me again.
HUDSON: I'll try you again!
DANIEL: Let's go.
HUDSON: Oh, look.
MR. JONATHAN: Where's your mom?
HUDSON: Inside.
Dad, I made a 100 goals!
That's great.
So that's your dad, huh?
- Yeah.
- He's a dick.
You left your goal wide open.
HUDSON: Wait, what?
DANIEL: Time in!
I wanna fall in love
with a Canadian.
That sounds romantic.
Fate, Daniel.
DANIEL: How about Mack?
- Don't you love him?
- Oh, Mack is fleeting.
Or should I say
he's refundable.
As are most, by the way.
I can't commit.
Well, maybe it's because
you judge a book by its cover.
Daniel. Small talk
is mind-numbing.
For dessert, we're going to
discuss your deepest truths.
I have a very succinct and specific
reason for my line of questioning.
Just follow along.
What do I not know about you?
It's a bit loaded.
You know, I don't have
any clue where I'd begin...
First truth to pop into your head.
Whatever it is. Don't think.
I won't sugarcoat it.
Hope for you may be
unrealistic at this point.
But there is a certain
salvation that can be found.
Just follow what I'm saying.
What do I not know about you?
I never know if I'm saying
the right thing.
- Does that count?
- No, tell me another.
I don't know what to say.
Say something as if
your life depends on it.
A semi-truck is veering
head on into your lane
and you have
one second to live. Go!
Give me something
to care about!
No, man. Trust me, you don't wanna
know the shit that's going on in there.
No, I do.
The world has branded chaos
as negative. It's not.
It just needs
to be cultivated.
We can create a structure
inside our chaos.
Like the center
I hear you crave.
You understand that a few of us have the
power to harness that center, Daniel?
They called us
"The lost ones."
But what if we're the found?
I really... I don't know
what you want me to say, Seth.
You do.
You do.
I'm feeling better
since I met you.
Because you're
a better person now.
I mean, all of you.
The journey you've been on
to this point
has just been parameters
stacked on parameters.
You get born. Parameter!
You suck on your mama's tit.
Your school, your work,
your no play,
your organized activities,
all just parameters!
And now suddenly,
you have life.
That's what we call
this brand new chaos
you're most recently
experiencing, by the way.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Dig down. Tell me more.
(SIGHS) I...
I have this total and
completely crippling fear
that I will never be able
to write anything ever.
Good. Why are you here?
- 'Cause you texted me to meet you.
- No.
LA. Why did you
come here now?
I came to LA because I wanted to get
away from the falseness of my past.
To accept the truth
of my present.
Maybe a little less
pretention, but I'll take it.
Have you considered this crusade
of truth has a faulty base?
Truth itself has
a faulty base.
Don't get clever.
That's not what life is about.
Tell me more about
this wild past of yours.
I'd rather not.
You know, right here,
there's all these people...
You do understand your past does
not belong to you alone, right?
Yes. There it is.
Don't be selfish. Share.
I've given you me.
I've given you my door,
my friends, my world.
What have you given us?
It's time to return the favor,
- What are you saying?
- Don't read into it!
Not everything has a meaning!
Chaos is honest and it's granting
you a moment right here, right now.
Tell me what's cracking you!
I don't wanna do this here!
Oh, who gives a blow about
these conventionals?
Fuck them! Their wontons are more
interesting than their thoughts.
The soggy tuna is
festering their brains!
Don't fall back into being
one of them!
Break through the crowd and
give me some of the real you!
- I don't know what you want from me!
- Tell me about them, Daniel.
Who told you about them?
Ah. There's the rub.
"Them" means
something to you,
and I don't even have a clue
who the fuck they are.
But you do,
and that's what matters.
It's all just fucking
conjecture to me,
but you're right on the edge
of getting past your thing.
This is a wall. Open up!
Let it out! Smash through it!
I can't live in the present because
I'm fucking haunted by my past!
- Good. Why? Say it.
- Because I'm destructive!
- Good. Yes. Why?
- Because fucking bad things have happened to me!
Bad things happen
to everyone.
What makes your bad
so special?
- You wouldn't understand!
- Try me!
My story is 20 years
of shame,
and rejection
and violent hatred
forced onto me every, every,
every fucking second!
And I defeated it. I won!
I came out the other side
like the return of the God
damned King holding the ring
I just stripped from the volcanic
center of the fucking Earth!
And now, I, King,
am here in front of you,
and I want nothing more than to understand.
Don't you see?
The whole world
wants you, Daniel.
Chaos is come again
but we can ease it together.
You can be
a part of the remedy.
I can save you
if you just open up.
Show me that you have
something to give our world.
I, uh...
I need to know
everything, Daniel.
It's the only way
I can help you.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
- Hey, sorry I had to buy one.
- Get back in.
Get back in and drive.
Daniel, I'm...
I've never been
with anyone before.
It's okay.
We don't...
There's nothing we have to do.
Will you come to
Lilith's birthday tonight?
Yeah. Of course.
It's downtown at Shingyo
at 9:30. Will you come?
- Yeah, I just said...
- I mean no matter what.
Like if you don't hear from me
or whatever today, still come.
It's just... I want you there.
Okay. Yeah.
Of course. I'll be there.
Hey, are you okay?
Is there something...
I love you.
BRODY: Who's that?
Don't worry about her.
- Hey, I'm Brody.
- Don't talk to her.
- Okay. Sorry.
- Look at me.
LILITH: Hope for you may be
unrealistic at this point,
but there's a certain
salvation that can be found.
So follow what I'm saying.
What do I not
know about you?
HUDSON: And I knocked him
down on the floor.
He's an old man. Did you
really have to do that?
Didn't you kick his butt?
I mean, I did...
- Mommy!
- Mom!
LUISA: Hi, guys.
HUDSON: Hey, Mom.
Oh, bring it in.
- How was karate?
- BOTH: It was amazing!
I did 800 tomahawks!
That's awesome.
Me and master sensei did 900.
- I'm not surprised.
- Daniel drew me a Chewbacca picture!
- HUDSON: And Han Solo!
- This is great. We'll get it up on the fridge.
- Yeah.
- All right, go get ready for dinner.
Okay. Come on.
- And wash your hands!
- HUDSON: I can't make that promise!
You better make that
a promise.
Pretty sure tomahawk's
not a real Karate move.
Yeah, well, if either of them wants
to get in the sport professionally,
- I'll be sure to let them know.
- Okay.
Nice touch
with the drawing.
They really love you.
Are you okay?
I know. No, I just...
- You know, with their dad thing...
- Ah, I got it.
- Yes, I am fine.
- Okay.
'Cause you can tell me
if you want.
You can like wink three times
or we could have a code word.
That was an adorable offer.
You wanna stick around
for dinner?
I'm sure the boys
would love it.
I, uh... I can't.
I'm sorry, I...
All right. Save the story,
You're invited
any time you like.
Oh, she deals in witchcraft
And one kiss and I'm zapped
Oh, how can heaven hold
a place for me
BOTH: When a girl like
you has cast a spell on me
Oh, how can heaven hold
a place for me
When a girl like you
has cast a spell on me
Oh, how can heaven hold
a place for me
When a girl like you
has cast a spell on me
- Everything okay?
- Mmm-hmm.
Happy birthday, Lilith.
...cast a spell on me
- You okay?
- Yeah.
we have Lilith!
Hey, man.
LILITH: Hi. It's my birthday.
Fuck you.
Yes. Preach it.
LILITH: Where the
light shivers offshore
Through the tides of oceans
We are shining
in the rising sun
Hey, I got you something.
- You got me a gift?
- Yeah.
- But it's Lilith's birthday.
- Right, but...
I don't think she's actually
spoken to me yet.
You just got here.
No, I mean, like ever.
Whatever I feel for you
You only seem
to care about you
Is there any chance
you could see me, too?
'Cause I love you
Yes, girl! Fuck them.
Just to get some attention
from you
In the waves I've lost
every trace of you
Where are you?
Come on. (LAUGHING)
It's my favorite book.
I thought you'd love it.
Sorry. Did I... Did I do
something wrong?
Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to
care about you
Is everything all right?
I'm sorry. I have to.
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention
from you?
In the waves I've lost
every trace of you
Where are you?
Chaos is come again.
Flick a light for the devil?
Jesus fucking...
Oh, fuck.
What are you doing here?
Lilith's birthday,
I thought you'd be there.
- Yeah, I'm here, man.
- Yeah.
I'm right fucking here.
I'm standing right in front of you, mate!
Hey, take it easy.
What are you doing on the street, Mack?
There are rules
to the chaos, Danny.
Everyone keeps saying that but
I don't know what that means.
Because he's right.
There are rule to chaos.
But you don't get to
make them.
Mack, are you okay?
You wish that
his rules were true.
But I can help you, Mack.
I can help you.
What do you need?
- I have money.
- Would you help me?
Yes, what do you need?
You can kill him?
You can! You can kill him!
Before they all go, Danny!
That's fucking crazy.
What are you talking about?
I can get you a gun, okay?
Not here, I don't have it on me
but I can get you one, Danny.
I don't have it but I can
get you a gun, Danny.
You need a gun!
Yo, Daniel!
HECTOR: What's up, homie?
Long time, no see!
LIL' K: Yo, you dressed like
a little pussy just for us?
- Don't be so mean.
- Here, have a beer.
HECTOR: Whoa, whoa.
I keep trying to do
good things for people
but they don't want it, okay?
I'm trying to be
in the moment,
I'm trying to be good...
But, but I can't
make it work, okay?
The gears aren't
fucking connecting!
I can't even
get my words right.
I can't even get sounds
to make sense.
Man, you don't wanna
hear this shit right now,
but fuck them females.
This is your own doing.
You're letting your mind get
warped by your love obsession.
HECTOR: What you try to give
her now that she didn't want?
A book.
DANIEL: My favorite book.
Yeah. Because I'm the first
guy in the history of the world
to do something stupid
over a girl, right?
LIL' K: Yo,
you wanna borrow a shovel?
How in the hell else you gonna
get that sand outside your vagina?
DANIEL: All right. Good.
I was just playing.
So sensitive.
TALYA: Daniel...
I'm sorry.
DANIEL: I don't get it.
You told me to come
and then you just...
You didn't want me there.
I guess I'm not one of you.
It's not that.
- I just saw Mack.
- You are a part of this, Daniel.
- He's all fucked up.
- Everyone just needs to spend more time with you.
But Seth doesn't
want me there.
I'll talk to Seth.
You have to be here
at New Years.
- I don't understand why he doesn't...
- SETH: Talya!
I wanna see you, okay?
- Let's go somewhere now.
SETH: Pace.
(WHISPERS) I have to go.
I love you.
Sorry, I have to.
Leave a message.
I don't think you actually
want me to stop.
I don't know if you meant
what you said.
DANIEL: Listen,
I'm still here, all right?
If you need time before whatever
this New Years thing is,
it's okay but...
I'm here.
Meet me up
in the mountains sometime.
I know I don't say the right
things, but I'm here.
If there's anything you need,
I'm here.
We want what's best, right?
T-bird. We want what's best.
We're so, so close.
Play it again.
think you actually want me to stop.
Maybe you didn't
mean what you said.
I'm still here, all right?
Oh, a man on the couch.
- Sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
- Keep sleeping if you want.
- They went to bed around 8:00.
Huddy was crying a little.
So I let him play video games.
I hope that's okay.
No. You should stay.
So, how's that girl of yours?
Any more books?
No, not really.
It's, uh, complicated.
I always get the shit
kick pile leftovers, you know?
I'm bombarded by
bad pick-up lines,
disgusting breath and hands
groping all up on my ass.
I don't want that shit
anymore, Daniel.
No, of course not.
I mean... Knowing you,
you don't deserve that.
Why is that every man
I wish would show up
on my doorstep is just
always too noble to do it?
I want a knight.
Romance novel dream shit.
Fucking pathetic, right?
What am I?
An eight year-old girl?
No, you're...
You're like a real woman.
I gotta go.
I knew you'd come.
Of course.
It's like the Bat signal.
The Mahipitipita Signal.
You won't be able to
come here anymore.
I can't see you.
(TEARFULLY) That's all I can say, okay?
I'm sorry.
Hey. Hey!
What is all this?
I wish... I could just be
mountain Talya,
and you could be
mountain Daniel,
and we would just have
our own little secret place
and that would just be
everything all the time.
We can go wherever
you wanna go.
Anywhere in the world.
I can't leave.
I have too much that
I'm committed to here.
New Year's is
this fresh start.
The calendar flip
isn't arbitrary, okay?
- Yeah.
- I have to be here. Daniel!
(SOBBING) I'm sorry.
There are bigger things
that you don't understand!
I don't have a choice!
You have a choice to be
wherever you wanna be.
I'm making you some breakfast.
All right. I know
you like to talk a lot,
but I just need you to
hold your thoughts okay?
I am moving back home.
But this is home.
- No, this isn't where I'm me.
- Is this about money?
Or like a father figure thing?
- Stop, Daniel.
- No, really. 'Cause I have money.
You know, and I can
be a man I think...
Like a real man.
Just let me be straight
with you about last night.
I was confused about myself.
Everyone handles their shit
Some people get angry,
some people like to fuck.
- And I'm not saying that any of it is right.
- Last night was a rush.
- I honestly didn't know I could feel like that.
- Stop.
What I'm trying to say is that
last night messed me up a little.
Because yeah,
there is something here.
And I woke up this morning, and I looked
over at you, and I was thinking...
I could get used to this.
But it was fleeting.
Because you're not a man,
and you don't need to be one yet.
And more importantly,
I realized that my entire life,
I believed that I needed
a man to be whole.
I left my home for a man.
I moved to the city
for a man.
And that's my honest,
messy truth.
From God to me to you.
I needed to feel like someone
was with me last night.
And truth be told, you were the best
person to make that mistake with but...
No matter how good it feels,
I would be doing it
for all of the wrong reasons.
And I don't want you
wondering why or if...
Because you have had
enough of that game.
And you do deserve to know why
people do the things that they do.
Thank you.
It will suck without you guys.
You've got Jose and the boys.
Those guys think I'm a joke.
Come on. They only razz you
because they like you.
They must think
you're worth something
or else you wouldn't be
able to get shit off of them.
They've been through too much
to be fake with anyone.
Too much what?
The same shit
that Jose's been through.
You notice
I'm not following, right?
The house, Friday night
group, the whole thing.
You really don't know?
Jose's mom left him this house
after his daughter was killed.
- Jose's daughter's dead?
- Yeah.
Same with all those guys.
They've all lost a kid.
LUISA: And now they're
there for each other.
They wouldn't just let anyone sit
around that fire with them, Daniel.
DANIEL: Why didn't you tell
me about Friday nights?
Oh, come on.
You're this amazing guy and
you were never gonna let on?
Just act like
this nobody caretaker
when you're actually saving
the fucking neighborhood?
- I don't do it for a trophy.
- I know you're not.
But bad shit has happened
to me too, Jose. Okay?
- You couldn't let me in on it?
- When have I closed my door to you?
It's not about that.
I thought this was a two-way
thing but it's not, really, is it?
You know, I vent to you...
- And you don't share with me your story, your life...
- This shit ain't about me.
It ain't about any of them
females either.
Stop blaming
your little bitch problems
on the world
circling around you.
You wanna deal
with the truth? Okay!
Okay, homeboy.
Mirror time.
Judge yourself.
- Take a seat.
- Okay.
Okay, if I was
one of you guys,
what would you tell me?
All I can say is
you're the only one
who knows
where your sadness lives.
You tell me.
Can I imagine you
a story then?
There once was
a very slender man.
Couldn't improve his God-given
stature to save his life.
And the older he grew,
this thing that he couldn't control
became a source of constant
disappointment for him.
He gave his wife and son
a love so deep,
that it could just
engulf the world.
You know, he loved with
every fiber of his being.
It wasn't enough.
This was a man
born for sadness.
When he caught his wife
in the arms of a bigger man,
Something just went haywire...
...in a snap.
So he went to his
16 year-old son,
and he said very calmly,
like he had been thinking of the right
words to leave him with for years,
"Love is fake.
"It's a front."
He then hit the road
and never turned back.
And his wife was left bathing in
this guilt that slowly destroyed her.
She spent days and nights
looking at her son...
She would try to muster some words that
would save the concept of love for him.
But... The well was empty.
No one could know
for sure but,
she was probably the one who
veered into the oncoming lane
when the truck
hit her head on.
Love made that boy an orphan.
And he's spent every moment since trying
to convince himself that it can be real.
I don't have any love
left in me.
There's a stone of hate
buried in my gut.
I know this hate.
My hate was all connected
to my past, too.
I had to rediscover the moments
where things got fucked.
You ask me
about my daughter.
I acknowledge it.
I respect it.
Sometimes all you need is to admit
that the past actually happened.
That's how you live with it.
Because that past
is never-changing.
Those moments are permanent.
That shit happened.
But you can always
start again.
Change how you deal
with your truth.
If you get rid of that
stone in your gut,
you'll find all the love
you'll ever need.
Hello, guys.
Daniel, we're moving!
I know.
I'm gonna miss you guys!
CONNOR: I'm gonna miss you, too, man.
DANIEL: Can I come?
I'm sure we'll make
room for you.
Probably on the couch.
I mean, we can ask them to pull it out.
Okay, boys.
Say bye to Daniel and get in the van.
Bring it in.
Bye. Will you guys
send me drawings?
- Yeah!
- All right. Later.
- CONNOR: All right, bye.
- Bye.
Oh, look, there's trouble.
There's trouble.
CONNOR: Bye, Jose.
You know, it would be pretty
romantic if I could tell you
that I can grow up for you
like right this second.
That I could like
protect you and the boys...
But I can't.
I'm not a grown up at all.
Me neither.
You and me,
in another life?
We could do wonders.
Damn the whole
space and time thing.
Yeah, something like that.
- Bye, Daniel.
- Bye.
JOSE: Hey.
SETH: Zachary Taylor.
What an inappropriate
I have tried so desperately
to make clear to you
that you are not welcome
here anymore.
I need to talk to you alone.
Pace. Pace.
Your position has been filled.
DANIEL: Jesus, Seth.
I never do this.
SETH: Let's not cry
over spilt milk.
You got a nice fuck
out of Cindy here.
She's not the only one.
You know, it would be honest
if you didn't manipulate the chaos of
the entire universe at every moment.
We could have revealed quite a
bit of truth together, you and I.
You were so close.
Did it ever occur to you that I
just didn't wanna go there with you,
and that Talya doesn't either?
We were a couple heartfelt sessions
away from you being right here with us,
but you could never
uncloud your vision.
The found ones see
with clear eyes.
She has those eyes
and she chose me.
No, this is not
a choice, Seth.
But you said
we all had a choice.
No, you gather information
from your brainwashed sources,
and then claim
to be the savior.
This magic purveyor of truth.
Ella knew me
and she saw my post.
She knew I was in LA. What?
She told you I was lost?
And that you should be
the one to find me?
Ah, Jesus, man.
That's not fate.
It's not chaotic truth.
It's manipulation!
Nothing here is organic.
You kill anything
that's real.
I saw what you made Mack.
- I saw him.
- Oh, let him do his spite!
I destroyed nature
in its making,
and I desire
the repercussions.
- You're on the wrong side of good.
- GIRL: That's right.
If only you could have
come over here with us...
- But it's too late.
- You know what? You have taught me, Seth.
I used to think that people were
either good people or bad people.
But now I know now life really
isn't that black and white, is it?
I believe you took someone
who was a good person
and you scrambled her brain.
You took someone who was good and kind
and had beautiful thoughts of her own,
and you killed
her fucking soul, Seth.
You slaughter people.
And I won't have you
do it to me.
I understand a fury
in your words,
but not the words, Daniel.
I don't want any of your
"Chaos is come again" bullshit.
Oh, miracle to the heavens.
He said the magic words.
Chaos is come again, he says!
The preacher man doth
proclaimed by the wise prophet!
Do you think
it's just that simple?
Do you think you say
some magic words, and poof!
Well, please. Since you understand
all, oh bounteous writer,
give us something!
I want a poem.
Maybe a sentence.
Fine. Just a word.
No, you can't.
Isn't there something,
anything you have inside you that
the world might give a shit about?
Have you given us anything?
Have you given us
one fucking thing at all
that's worth my gifted ear
or my Godly eye?
I'm waiting!
Give me something,
you feckless fuck!
The only choice we all have
is to find a way to use
our own free will.
I've never done that before.
But I'm giving my stone
over to you, Seth.
It's yours to keep.
DANIEL: In 1887, a fledgling
railroad official named Herman Silver
arrived in
the Los Angeles basin.
He found a home in the tiny
paradise then known as Edendale
just a few miles from the base
of the San Gabriel Mountains.
In 1906, he staked the spot
where The Silver Lake Reservoir
would hold the water
to give the region life.
Thanks to this outsider,
Silver Lake became a cornerstone community
in the fastest growing
city in the world.
Thank you.
Don't forget to feed
those fish, huh?
Those little fuckers
love me now.
(LAUGHS) I told you.
Where you heading?
- No idea.
- Hmm.
Maybe, uh... Maybe to find
some of those other bonfires.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year, Jose.
Daniel, wait!
DANIEL: And for over
one hundred years,
people from all around
the world have come here.
They've loved and lost,
triumphed and perished,
married and had children...
They've made
and sullied fortunes.
DANIEL: The human beings that have lived
and died in this tiny pocket at the center
hardly know Mr. Silver's ghost
is even present.
Because he doesn't haunt with requirements
to fulfill his dream that once was.
Rather, he observes from afar,
bathing in the reality of life
that his legacy has left behind.
He watches
from that distant place
and admires even the smallest,
softest kind of bravery.
We are just like him.
And someday, we too
will be the stuff of ghosts,
and the shadows
they leave behind.
But for today,
we live.
Today, it's our turn to
take the reins of reality.
DANIEL: Today,
we can make the choice that until now
left us so paralyzed
with fear.
Today, we finally decide...
...to turn every moment
after this into the future.