Lockdown (2022) Movie Script

[intense music playing]
[man] Okay, Cherry,
all cards are on the table.
We got a serious problem here.
Turning tricks is one thing,
but robbery that's a felony.
And robbery with a weapon,
that's robbery first degree.
You're looking at
five years minimum.
Come on, Captain.
You detectives
have been trying to pin
that robbery shit
on one of us girls for months.
It's bullshit and you know it.
Hands in the cage, animal.
Fuck! You don't
wanna fucking do this!
[muttering indistinct]
You're not gonna
fucking get away with this.
What the fuck did you just--
Shut the fuck up!
Night-night, bitch.
Wait for my signal, okay.
Stay in the cell.
- Wait till I get dressed.
- Right. Okay.
I know we got your DNA
all over that room.
I fucked that dude, I admit it.
I fucked that dude hard.
I'd be shocked if my DNA
wasn't in the room.
But DNA is not robbery,
you stupid damn motherfucker!
Be ready.
Come on, Cherry, help me out.
You help me and I'll help you.
You know what?
I didn't rob anybody,
and I'm tired
of the goddamn scam.
You're charging me with felony,
I want a lawyer.
You want a lawyer?
I'll get you a lawyer.
But in the meantime,
you're gonna hang out
with the boys down in holding.
Fuck you.
- Can I help you officer?
- [gasps]
- Whoa.
- Surprise.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Surprise, surprise.
- Don't fucking move.
- All right, just-just relax.
Now you in my jail now.
Okay, just tell me
what you need.
Just settle down and relax.
Tell me what you need.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Shut the fuck up, you're next.
And you do
exactly as I tell you.
Okay, all right,
just-just relax.
Take the handcuffs out
and cuff yourself.
Okay. Okay.
Take 'em out and put them on.
All right, all right.
- All right, all right.
- From behind, asshole.
Look, all right,
all right, all right.
I ain't playin'
with you, man.
Okay, all right, I'm cuffed.
All right, I'm cuffed.
- Nice try, motherfucker.
- [cuffs tighten]
Now get the fuck up.
Okay, all right, all right,
just-just settle down.
- [Cherry gasps]
- [mutters]
Don't you fucking move.
- Shut it.
- All right.
- Is it true?
- No.
- [gunshot]
- Everybody down!
Go, Raj, get 'em!
Grab the weapons.
[Raj] Sit down, come here.
[Snake indistinct]
Don't do something stupid, pops!
[Snake] Your fucking move now.
Don't look at me!
Get 'em cuffed,
get 'em cuffed.
Let's go, let's go!
We ain't got much time!
- Hurry up.
- No heroes today, pops.
Handcuff that asshole.
You guys like this, huh?
You like seeing
your captain like this?
Don't give me a fucking reason,
sit down.
Put a fucking cuff on.
Put it on!
[Snake laughing]
[Raj] Do her, man.
[soft chuckle]
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
[Raj] Now what, man?
Now we wait.
Shit... [mutters]
[suspenseful music playing]
Patch me through.
Right away.
[phone ringing]
- What?
- This is FBI Special Agent
Roger Kinkaid.
Who am I speaking to?
This is McMasters,
and I have the captain
and a few other pigs in here.
Okay, Mr. McMasters.
What do you want from us?
I don't know.
Let me get back
to you about that.
What do we do now?
There's nothing we can do
until he calls back.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Kinkaid] Okay, what do
we know about these three men?
Okay, Frank Williamson
a.k.a. Snake,
he is a convicted rapist,
gun and drug smuggler.
He's been arrested
multiple times
and his attorney always
finds a way to get him off.
Rajesh Carnak,
a.k.a. the Midnight Strangler,
the famous serial killer.
- He's the one responsible--
- Okay, okay.
I'm very familiar
with this case.
Let's move on.
Mike McMasters.
Paranoid schizophrenic
and the leader of this group.
He was arrested for homicide
and got off scot-free.
Apparently there wasn't
enough evidence to convict him.
The three have a long history.
They've known each other
for years.
They've been
incarcerated together
and wanted to form
some sort of alliance
to bring terror
to small communities,
eventually working their way
up to larger cities.
Thank God they
didn't get to do that.
Yes, but look what happened now.
A rapist, a serial killer
and a paranoid schizophrenic
holding hostages.
What a fucking mess.
- [coughing]
- Hey.
Look what I found.
Hey, can we keep her?
- Better yet, can I have her?
- [shudders]
She's all yours.
- You can't do that!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Sit your ass down.
- Hey, I found her, she's mine.
He said I could have her,
dammit, not you.
Fuck, chicken head.
I fucking found her.
- I'm taking her.
- That's enough!
Officer, it's scary.
He looks so evil.
I know one minute you're mean,
the next minute
you're a good, good cop.
I'm in good hands, right?
You won't hurt me.
Will you take her over there?
We'll figure out
what we're gonna
do with her later on.
- Get over there.
- Don't hurt me.
I know what I'm gonna
do with her later on.
- You ain't doing shit.
- [laughing]
Thank God she's mine, man.
Are you okay?
- [breathes heavily]
- He's not a cop.
Knock off the chit chat.
[suspenseful music playing]
McMasters, right?
Look, uh, you can still
get out of this.
All you gotta do
is let us all go.
I mean, I'll put in a good word
for you and the others.
Look, I'll tell the FBI
you didn't hurt me
or any of my guys.
- They'll just think--
- [Cherry yells]
[man] Oh, no, no.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
He's only sleeping.
- He needs a doctor.
- Get her ass down.
You bastard!
- What do we do now?
- We got in this together,
we'll get out of it.
We got this.
Maybe we could use these pigs
as bargaining chips, huh?
What do you think they're worth?
- A million dollars?
- A million dollars each?
They ain't worth
a hundred grand.
Get the fuck out of my face.
[Snake] Look, man,
it's a million dollars.
That's what they're worth,
that's what we're gonna get.
- We gotta lock this place down.
- Go get it done, it's your job.
I got it.
What are we gonna do
with that bitch?
I'm sure you make
a lot of money.
I have a daughter, she needs me.
I'm not that bright
so I'm useless here, can I go?
We're gonna have
a lot of fun with her.
Much later.
No, I'm useless.
You listen and sit
your fucking ass down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[dramatic music playing]
I'm gonna call.
[phone ringing]
McMasters, it's Roger Kinkaid.
Ready to talk now?
But first,
is there anybody hurt in there?
Anybody need medical attention?
Everybody's fine.
- For now.
- Okay.
So what exactly
do you want from us?
Well, for starters
I want four million apiece.
A million for each pig here.
And for the captain,
I want a chopper, a pilot
and a full tank of gas.
And the bitch,
you can have her for free.
Got this?
Consider it a gift
from me to you
since I'm so polite.
What girl?
Well, well, well.
For someone who works in
the intelligence field,
you sure don't have much,
do you?
She's nothing, she's a whore.
We found her.
That's why you get it for free.
McMasters, you gotta realize
that we can't get $4 million
that quickly.
Listen to me, you fuck!
I'm the one in charge here!
Do you get this?
And if I don't have
these demands,
I will start
killing these people
one by one every hour.
You got that, amigo?
And as for the bitch,
we will fuck her,
we will gut her,
and we will kill her,
and fuck her again!
Not in that particular order.
I think you get the point.
You have one hour.
[breathing deeply]
Where did this girl come from?
I don't know.
The problem
with a paranoid schizophrenic
is we never know
who we're actually talking to.
What are you doing here,
- Move.
- By whose authority?
I'm in charge now.
[phone ringing]
McMasters, this is Rodriguez.
Who's this?
Put Kinkaid on the line.
McMasters, this is Rodriguez
and I'm in charge now.
Listen, I'm in charge!
Listen, McMasters,
I'm not here to play your games.
Put Captain Davis
on the phone now.
Oh-- Oh, yeah?
- [gunshot]
- [screaming]
[officer] Fuck!
You-- fuck you!
Calm your ass!
Calm the fuck down!
What have you done?
Did you see what you made me do?
That one's on you.
Put Kinkaid on the line now.
I'm here.
Kinkaid, I want my money.
You got an hour.
You SWAT guys,
you're a hammer,
but not every problem is a nail.
You did this.
Oh, my God.
Get her out of here.
You bastard asshole!
No! You bastard!
We know all about Captain Davis,
but what do we
know about the hooker?
We don't know anything
about the hooker.
Honestly, McMasters
is our problem.
Look, it may not be
in his file,
but he claimed
during his last trial
that he blacks out
before he kills.
He killed six members
of the Stephenson family,
and then he said
he didn't remember any of it.
He's a killer.
They all have their story.
Cindy Stephenson,
the only survivor,
watched him kill
her entire family
and he was armed
only with his fist
while reciting Psalms Ten.
Psalms 10?
What the hell
does that have to do with it?
It's some Psalm
revolving around evil
against God and such.
Some weird shit.
She also said
that he appeared to be dreaming
in some sort of trance,
so much that he
couldn't even see her.
Kinkaid... trust me...
McMasters is our problem.
- Chow time, huh?
- Hell yeah.
- You guys feel like pizza?
- Yeah, that sounds good to me.
Yeah, me too.
You know, I was thinking...
wasn't this your girlfriend's?
[phone ringing]
We're ready for lunch now.
Uh, we have sandwiches.
We'll send in some sandwiches,
how's that?
No, we'll take pizza, pepperoni.
No, you can't just call us
and order pizza like that.
I'm in charge here, okay?
And we'll take pizza.
No, no, I'm not doing this.
We'll send you in
the same sandwiches
that we have.
That's it.
Tell 'em.
Tell, 'em, tell 'em!
You tell 'em
and they'll feed us.
- [screaming]
- [Kinkaid] Okay.
What? I can't hear you.
- Okay, okay, stop.
- We're getting our pizza?
We'll get you your damn pizza.
Get this bitch out of my face!
Take her out of here!
Kinkaid, you need to start
listening to what I say!
Do everything I say,
whatever I want,
you give it to me, motherfucker!
You hear me?!
Or I'll fucking kill everybody!
We will all die!
- Fuck you!
- [phone slams]
Fuck you!
John, yeah, Kinkaid.
Yeah, right.
Listen, I need a favor.
You gotta get us some pizzas.
No, no, no, no.
Just the-the real delivery boy.
No, we'll take
responsibility for him.
Pizzas and the delivery boy,
No-- no, wire,
no camera, nothing.
Right. All right.
We're waiting.
So where do you guys
wanna start from now?
I've been reading up
on McMasters' file,
and he fancies himself
a lady's man.
So I'm gonna give him
a chance to be one.
So what are you gonna do,
flirt with him?
Oh, this will be the first
flirtatious negotiation
I've had the pleasure
of ever experiencing.
No, I'm gonna play to his ego
and find out
what started this shit.
Well, let me ask you this.
Do you need a moment
to put on your make up?
What is that
supposed to mean?
[Kinkaid] Whoa, hang on.
We got a real problem here.
We gotta act quickly.
Did you know that McMasters
is a paranoid schizophrenic
and is normally under
heavy medication?
I read something
about that in his file.
And claustrophobia
is part of his pathology.
No. No, I didn't know that.
What's your point?
His murder revolves around
his schizophrenia
and it's triggered by
enclosed spaces.
Okay, the bullpen
is larger than his cell.
My point is that
when he's in his cell,
he's getting daily medication.
Son of a bitch.
We are well past that now.
He could explode at any moment.
Look what I found.
Fucking food, finally.
Put that pizza there
right there.
Check his ass for wires.
Put your hands up.
Turn around.
Okay, he's clean.
You're kind of cute, huh?
Think I might wanna keep you
to play with you for a while.
Hey, Raj, check him out.
Yeah, nothing to check out.
Not my style.
- [chuckles]
- Hey, you got me.
- Leave him alone.
- Shut the fuck up and sit down.
Knock it off.
Pizza boy...
I got a message for you.
It's for Roger Kinkaid,
the FBI agent
in charge out there.
You tell him
Mike McMasters says hello.
And that I'm right here
whenever he wants to see me.
And you let him know
that his captain and all
his fellow officers are okay.
Everyone's fine.
And remind him
about the money he owes me.
Can you do that for me?
Don't fuck up.
Now if I were you,
I'd pick that up.
Get the fuck out of here.
[shirt rips]
It's a shame your lady
isn't gonna get down
on this pizza.
You hungry?
You okay?
- Hey, you okay?
- [groans]
You, my friend...
[mutters indistinct]
Where's Falcon?
Where's Falcon?!
They-they killed her, Captain.
- What?
- They fucking killed her!
Fuck you!
Go and shoot me!
Fucking shoot me!
No, you-you bastards.
You fucking bastards!
You fucking mother
son of a bitch,
McMasters, you're gonna fry!
You are so gonna fucking fry,
and I'm gonna put the needle
in your arm my fucking self!
Or I'll fucking kill you myself
right fucking now,
you fucking asshole!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Fuck you! Fuck--
- Fuck you!
- [Cherry groans]
Shut the fuck up!
I will fucking kill you!
If I just wanna kill anybody,
I'm gonna kill you!
You got that?
You fucking piece of shit!
- Fuck you!
- No, please, no!
Sit down.
- No.
- What's your problem?
You think...
You think I'm afraid of you?
No. You're a bastard,
but I lived with one.
Yeah? What was he like?
My daughter's father.
[soft chuckle]
I thought I married a good man
and we were gonna live
happily after.
But, you know, he's like you,
lunatic motherfucker
serial killer.
- Yeah.
- You know, he turned on me.
- Good.
- Just when my daughter
turned one year old.
That night he--
I never seen that face.
One hand had gun,
the other hand he had a scissor.
And he pointed at me,
asked me to choose.
You know, you kill me
or kill my daughter.
What'd you choose?
Come on, what you choose?
I couldn't, I wouldn't.
He's a bastard.
I got lucky
but it was a nightmare.
You know why I like him?
He's passionate.
Turns me on just like you.
Just like me, huh?
You're just a fucking whore.
Only a whore.
You know what
happened to him?
What? What happened?
He got crushed by a car,
terrible accident.
You know,
life's a bitch, right?
- Yeah, it is.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What, what?
If I fuck you,
you're not gonna hurt me, right?
If I fuck you, no?
- No.
- No.
- No, great.
- I won't hurt you.
I'll fuck you.
If I fuck you...
I will have no choice
but to hurt you.
Do you understand?
- I'll fuck you good.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
We're good, right?
Yeah, you can have some pizza.
your time's running out.
You have my demands?
[Kinkaid over phone]
We have the money,
but you're gonna
have to wait five minutes.
I want everything,
and if I don't get it
in five minutes,
another one
of your people's gonna die.
[Cortez] Hey.
Why don't you let us go?
Please, please.
I've tortured and killed
a lot of people in my life,
especially liked killing
those young sorority girls.
And I've always
wanted to kill a cop.
Not a fast death,
you understand?
A slow, agonizing death.
One to remember, huh?
I wanna feel your pain
for the rest of my life.
Maybe if you entertain me,
I'll just permanently
disable you, huh?
That's it, decided.
You two will be my first cops.
It's gonna be a fuckin' miracle.
It's gonna be great!
I can't wait.
Hey, hey, come on, man.
Quit fucking around.
Even you don't
wanna kill two cops.
That's insane.
- Come on, stop.
- Cortez, stop.
- He ain't screwing around.
- Of course he is,
- he's just trying--
- Listen to your friend, bitch!
This ain't no goddamn game...
we're playing.
What the hell just happened?
- God. Shut the fuck up.
- No.
He's gonna come back here,
he's gonna torture us
and then he's gonna kill us.
- Do you get the picture?
- No, no. He's not-- He's not--
He doesn't wanna--
- [guys muttering indistinct]
- Get this whiney bitch out of
here now.
No, no, Osborn, Osborn!
Stop, please!
- [kicks drawer]
- McMasters...
If you kill--
If you kill another cop...
they're not gonna
give you anything. Nothing.
Davis! Whitney!
They're gonna fuck you up!
[yells] Fucking psycho!
But you know what
they're gonna give you?
You're a fucking psycho!
Captain John Davis,
we award you
with the badge of disgrace
'cause you couldn't
keep your family alive
when they needed you most!
[Cherry] Shut the fuck up!
You're a stupid motherfucker
lunatic psychopath racist
white trash asshole!
That's you.
Shut the fuck up,
before I fuck you and kill you.
No, you will not
because I fuck good.
You will not kill me,
I fuck good.
You will not kill me,
you know that?
Ehh. Fuck you.
- [moaning]
- Fucking asshole. Come fuck me.
Come fuck me, you motherfucking.
- Fuck you, asshole.
- Fuck you, bitch.
Fuck me, come.
Come here. Fucking asshole.
Come, come, come, come.
[Cortez groans]
[dramatic music playing]
You two stay here.
I got some business
to take care of with this bitch.
Not you, bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Hey, promise me one thing.
- Whatever you want.
I'll only fuck you,
not the other guys, okay?
Whatever you say.
Pick me up.
[muttering indistinct]
Slow, slow, slow.
Slow down. I'm yours.
You're in charge.
I'm only yours. Shh.
I fuck good.
Fuck me.
- [McMasters and Cherry moaning]
- [chair creaking]
Yes, sir.
Man, I'm getting a piece
of that ass if it kills me.
He might kill you, too.
You think
that damn freak McMasters
is gonna share
his piece of ass with you?
Who's fucking you?
I fuck good,
I'm your fucking bitch!
- [grunts]
- [screams] Fuck!
You asshole!
You dumbasses.
McMasters doesn't
give a shit about you.
He's like my brother.
I know he's gonna share with me.
Not a chance, dude.
No man shares his spoils.
No man.
That damn whore
is playin' hard, he's hers.
Listen to that shit.
Slow down, slick.
Take your time, McMasters.
You can fuck me as long
as you want any time you want.
But promise,
promise I only fuck you.
- Not the other guys, promise.
- Fuck me.
- Promise you, asshole, promise.
- I promise!
[both grunting]
You ain't heard nothing yet.
Wait till I'm up in there.
Yeah, right.
- [screams]
- [grunting]
Fuck you, motherfucker.
[whispers] Oh, yeah.
- Fuck.
- You're my bitch.
I'm your fucking bitch.
But not others, okay?
No... [indistinct]
I wanna please only you.
Yeah... come on.
I fuck good, right?
You fuck good.
[Snake] Nothing.
You have something to do, right?
Yeah, man.
Do it.
Got lip--
My lipstick's all over you.
Why don't you go ahead
and have a seat?
Who are you
pointing that gun at?
[suspenseful music playing]
McMasters, get up!
Where is our money?
What'd you
just say to me, man?
Take it easy, man.
[Raj] Calm down.
Take it easy.
Easy, man.
No reason to worry.
What happened?
It's okay, man, don't worry.
Just calm down.
No reason to worry.
[shuddering breathing]
[phone ringing]
Kinkaid here.
You got the demands?
They're on their way.
I'm gonna need my medication.
I know,
your meds are on the way.
I need it now...
or everybody is gonna die.
My medication.
Maybe we'll get lucky
and he'll whack himself.
Sounds like he's losing it.
Goddammit, fuck!
Shit, fuck!
We're gonna get them all killed.
Don't talk like that.
[whispers] Come on.
Come on.
What exactly
is your fucking problem?
We gotta move faster.
Snake, I need you
to do negotiations, please.
I'll get us out of here.
- You just--
- No, no, no, no, no.
You don't understand, man.
I gotta get out of here, now.
If I move too fast,
we're gonna end up right back
in this fuckin' place.
Just calm down.
I can't stay calm.
I need my medication.
I need to get out of here
if I don't have my medication.
I gotta go, now.
You're gonna have to get
your shit under control, man.
I'll get us out of here.
Don't touch me.
I'll get your meds,
you got that?
Now come on.
I'm gonna stay here.
There's too many people
out there.
Hey, Raj,
leave the bitch alone.
McMasters is sick,
I'm in charge.
- Who said?
- I did.
So you're the one
who's gonna get me my money now?
I'm gonna get the money for us,
not for you, for us.
Get on with it, shit's taken
long enough already.
[phone rings]
- Who's this?
- This is Kinkaid.
Can we talk about
how this all got started?
I mean, whose idea was it
to rush the bullpen,
take hostages?
Kinkaid, this is Snake.
McMasters is sick,
he needs his meds.
He's strugglin'.
I, uh-- I was just--
I saw that in his file.
But even if he
took them right now
it would take a while for them
to build up in his system.
- You understand?
- I want it now.
How about...
How about if we transferred you
to a minimum security prison,
would that help things along?
He'd never go for transfer.
We want money
and safe passage in Mexico.
$4 million,
a helicopter, Mexico.
I could promise you
that I would do my best.
But you know
that's not gonna happen, right?
Man, you don't got much time.
I'm not asking you
to sell out your friends.
I know you're not
that kind of guy.
But Raj and McMasters,
they're a whole another story.
Before you say anything,
I'd like to tell you
something man to man.
I'm so glad that you've
taken over the situation.
I mean, you're the only
rational mind in the room,
you know what I mean?
And I'll make you this promise.
I will get you those meds
as soon as possible.
Hurry up, please.
That's a win.
Huge win.
Raj, go check on
that son of a bitch.
- He's flipping out in there.
- Why don't you do it?
'Cause I said for you to.
Do you understand me?
[Raj] Damn bullshit.
It's just starting right now.
- McMasters.
- [gasps]
- You okay?
- Who are you?
- Who?
- Raj, man.
- You all right?
- You got my meds?
We're working on it,
just give it a beat.
- We're working on it.
- Give me my meds, man.
Put the gun down, man.
Chill out, dude.
- Give me my fucking meds.
- We're working on the meds.
Put the fucking gun down, man.
Who gave you the authority
to promise him meds?
What the hell do you
think you're doing, Kinkaid?
I'm trying to stop
a bloodbath.
Kinkaid's taking over
the negotiations.
Let's just get these meds
ready for delivery.
No. There will be
no meds delivered.
Do you understand the extent
of the situation over there?
Nothing will be
given to that group
without concessions
on their part.
If McMasters goes psychotic,
there'll be no negotiations
just an aftermath.
My position
is not up for debate.
From here on out,
this situation will be
handled by the book.
No concessions.
[Raj] Snake.
Look, I know you and McMasters
go back a long ways.
That dude's lost it
and that's a big problem.
But Kinkaid said
he's gonna get the meds.
I know he's gonna come through.
Yeah, well he better
and quickly.
Otherwise we're gonna
have to take out
that damn freak ourselves.
You saw how he
pulled his guns on us.
What the fuck are you afraid of?
You've got a gun, too.
Get in there and watch him.
Just don't fucking kill him.
You wanna take all the fun
out of this for me, huh?
Look, I don't give a shit.
I'm not sure which one
of you assholes scares me more.
Just hang in there, Cherry.
They're gonna get us
out of here, I promise.
I'll be dead by then.
No, you won't.
Just hang in there,
just a little longer.
It'll be over soon.
Think about your daughter.
I am, but I'm not sure
I can get out of this.
Please, and I'll be
any good for anyone.
Just a little longer.
It'll be over soon.
Davis, can you see it?
They're screwing
this whole thing up.
They're gonna get us killed.
[suspenseful music playing]
What you're proposing
is gonna get people killed.
It's gonna get cops killed.
And I don't think it's legal
to withhold meds from this man.
Is that how you feel also?
Rodriguez, mistakes were made.
It happens in a negotiation.
It's the nature of the game,
come on.
Nothing will be
sent to that bullpen.
No more food, no water.
And there will be no more
communication with that bullpen
until they call us.
Your hard line approach
is gonna blow up in our faces.
[Raj] What's so damn funny?
What's funny?
Your so called leader
is back there losing it.
He's gonna get you both killed
or kill you both himself.
Shut up!
[winces] Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck, man.
I need to get control.
I have to take control
of the situation.
[suspenseful music playing]
Snake, may I talk to you?
What do you want?
It's about Davis.
He's in a very bad shape.
He's unconscious.
- Are you fucking with me?
- No, no, I swear.
I have a very bad
feeling about this.
- Please help.
- I'll take care of this.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
Snake, this is Rodriguez.
[Snake] Who is this?
Every time I call
it's a new bullshitter.
What can I do for you, Snake?
I asked for some meds.
And I gotta tell you
one of your hostages
is in bad shape.
So are you offering me
Captain Davis for the meds?
No, I'm just
giving you information.
Well, if you want the meds,
you're gonna have to
give us the captain.
I don't give a damn
about the meds.
The captain on the other hand,
you want him, make an offer.
I don't give a fuck
if he dies or not.
Well, Snake, you do know
that it's murder?
Look, dumbass, who do you
think you're dealing with?
We're facing life
no matter what happens
if we ever get out of here.
Let me call you back, Snake.
Suit yourself.
What are you
gonna offer him now?
The meds for the captain.
You know the difference
between you and Kinkaid?
[Rodriguez] Hm?
Kinkaid recognized that he
underestimated that asshole.
He actually gave a damn.
You're too arrogant to recognize
or care about anything.
- I can have you removed.
- [scoffs]
You have no authority over me.
You have no authority over me!
I'm losing, I'm losing.
If there is a God
I will believe in you.
Please send me magic and power.
Get me out of here.
Please. Please.
Snake, may I go
to the bathroom?
[Snake] Yeah.
- Come with me.
- Okay.
Please, don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.
Save that bullshit
for McMasters.
I don't wanna hurt you.
I don't wanna fuck you.
Torture, pain.
That's what I want.
That's what I need.
Relax, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not.
You know what your problem is?
You try so hard to be in control
but you're not in control.
Let me tell you this.
I'm a fucking whore.
If I fuck one more man,
doesn't make any difference.
But it will make difference
for you, remember that.
If you fuck me right now,
you lose control over me
and get fucking punished.
I'm done with you.
What are you doing?
Get out there, now!
[suspenseful music playing]
[line ringing]
Who's this?
This is Rodriguez.
I'm calling to make an offer.
Look, I wanna talk to Kinkaid.
Kinkaid here.
I've got somebody here
who wants to talk to you.
Hold on.
Is this FBI Agent Kinkaid?
Yes, this is Kinkaid.
Who is this?
Nice to hear your voice.
It's Cherry.
I wanna talk to you about Davis,
the captain.
I'm listening.
I think he'll die if he
doesn't go to see a doctor.
And he's breathing very poor
and right now
he's suddenly unconscious.
Cherry, how are you?
Have they hurt you?
I'm... I'm, uh...
I'm fine, I'll be fine.
So what's your offer?
So, Snake,
the offer is
meds for the captain.
Look, this is how it is.
In an hour I give Davis to Raj
to use as a toy.
Then I give Cherry
to McMasters.
Now I want those meds and food,
then we'll talk.
I had a rapport with Snake.
Good job.
[suspenseful music playing]
It's been a few minutes
since the food was delivered.
You wanna check in now?
Uh... Yeah.
- Who is it this time?
- Snake, it's Kinkaid.
The food okay?
Yeah, man, it's good.
Now, I-I sent you, uh,
a gesture of good faith.
Yeah, what is it?
Meds for McMasters.
It's in one
of the food containers.
Hey, Kinkaid, I appreciate it.
Thanks, man.
All right, now listen, uh,
you give me a call
when you're ready to talk.
Yeah, I'll do that.
Chris, could we put together
a list of potential prisons
that we could
transfer these guys to?
Sure, I can do that.
McMasters is gonna be
especially difficult though.
You know, I must admit,
Snakes' demeanor changed.
But those meds were
our biggest bargaining chip.
And now they're gone.
I think the bigger question
is did we get it to him in time?
Kinkaid said
they put a tranquilizer
in a food container.
Did we throw that shit away?
Ah, shit.
Man, there's only
one in here.
I hope this shit works.
Damn straight.
Look, I ain't scared of much,
but that son of a bitch
scares the shit out of me.
When are we
gettin' to Mexico?
Soon. Very soon.
[Kinkaid on phone]
You got Kinkaid.
Hey, Kinkaid, listen, uh,
I need to get Davis
out of here to a doctor.
Man, I got two problems though.
What are the problems?
Look, these two think
we're headed to Mexico.
And if I give up Davis,
they're gonna want answers.
- Are they armed?
- Yes.
Snake, this is the deal:
I can get you into
a minimum security prison.
Will Raj go for the same deal?
Man, if he doesn't
I'm gonna have to kill him.
I have no idea
what I'm gonna be dealing with
once McMasters wakes up.
There's nothing
I can do with McMasters.
No one will take him.
Now, you give me, Davis,
and I'll get you and Raj
into minimum security prisons.
That's the deal.
But you've got to
convince Raj, okay?
Yeah, that sounds good.
I'm worried about Snake.
He's the most rational
of the three, but...
he sounded scared of Raj.
I just wonder
how persuasive Snake can be.
You said we'd be out of this
shit hole and in Mexico by now.
That was the motherfucking deal,
Between him
and the two cops we killed,
this deal went south.
So the plan's
changed now, huh?
It's because of
you and McMasters
that this deal's dead.
You know what,
fuck the cops, fuck McMasters.
Why did the plan change, huh?
Was it because of that whore?
Mesmerized her with your voodoo
like she did him?
Let me tell you something.
If I go to prison,
that bitch dies.
Raj, minimum security prison.
It's a fucking country club,
that's what our offer is.
[Raj] It's life, Snake.
We'll still be
in prison for life.
You guys have life,
I had short time.
- You guys had life.
- Yeah, I had life.
That's why I listened
to you and McMasters.
We're supposed to be
in Mexico.
You know what, I think
I can make it still, too.
No, we can't make it.
It's over.
Yeah, we can't, Snake.
I-- I'm gonna make it.
And the princess
is going with me.
Look, man, we're lucky Davis
is still alive.
Without that bitch,
I got no power left.
Well, I guess
you're fucked then, ain't you?
You know what,
I'm in charge.
You and McMasters
can leave whenever you want.
Bitch is mine.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone ringing]
Snake, did you
work things out with Raj?
Yeah, we talked.
And the answer's
go fuck yourself.
Snake and McMasters
can leave whenever they want.
The bitch and I want
a helicopter on out of here.
Raj, I can't get you
a helicopter.
Only the governor
can approve that.
All right, have it your way.
You know,
I've been wanting to die.
Maybe tonight's the night.
But the bitch goes with me
and that's on your ass.
Oh, God.
So what exactly did he say?
He said he can't
authorize a chopper.
So you say you're gonna
kill yourself and the bitch.
Yeah, and I mean to do it.
So I'm fucked?
I need the bitch
for my transfer.
Well, that's not my
fucking problem now, is it?
Why do you wanna kill me?
I didn't do anything wrong.
I have a daughter.
She needs me.
Do you have a fucking heart?
I don't want to die.
If I have to pay,
they have to pay.
And you have to pay.
That's just how it works.
Okay, then.
Then may I talk to my daughter
for the one last time?
Snake, can I speak to
my daughter one last time?
- I don't see why not.
- Thank you.
You can play up
those tears all you want,
but I know the truth.
What truth?
The truth about
you and Snake.
What about us?
You're crazy, there's nothing--
fucking truth.
There's no fucking truth
between us.
I'm just trying
to stay alive.
I'll do anything
to achieve that.
Do you understand,
- Shut up!
- Okay.
Another truth, Raj.
The truth about your sorry ass.
You want to talk about that?
You want to talk about that?
Shut up, bitch,
or I'll kill you right now.
Go ahead, kill me,
I'm already dead.
But before that, let's discuss
the truth about you,
how you murdered a woman
because you can't
get up for one.
A prison turned her
into a fucking asshole
for old real men.
You lying whore.
You're never gonna see
your daughter again.
- We'll see about that.
- Shut up.
I need to call Kinkaid
and make a deal for myself.
You're on your own
and stay the fuck away from me.
[phone ringing]
Hello, Snake?
I wanna talk to Kinkaid.
Kinkaid's not here.
He's trying to find a way
to help out your friend.
Fuck him.
He's not my friend,
I just want my fucking deal.
Okay, I promise.
I'll tell them.
It may take a bit
because he's talking to
the powers that be, okay?
Look, if we leave now
is my deal still intact?
[Kinkaid] Snake, it's Kinkaid.
Snake, your deal is in place
but I need your help.
You can't let Cherry
go with Raj.
You got my word.
Okay, and you've got mine.
So that's your plan?
Trusting a guy named Snake?
[suspenseful music playing]
The fuck you looking at?
What did you say?
I said you're a bitch.
Oh, that hurt.
- Say something else.
- That's all you got?
The girl was right,
you're dickless.
[taser buzzes]
- [taser buzzes]
- [grunts]
See you in hell.
Get on this desk.
Listen to me,
listen to me.
What do you want?
What do you want?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
What's wrong?
You fucked me good.
I need you
to fuck me one more time
and then kill me, okay?
You kill me.
Don't do that,
don't do that, don't do that.
Stop, stop. Stop.
You said I fuck good,
but I'm gonna show you
I fuck even better with a gun.
[both grunting]
The hell's going on here, man?
I think he
just killed the bitch.
Get down on your knees.
I said get down on your knees!
[suspenseful music playing]
Worthless piece of shit!
Think you're in control?
This is for my daughter.
So you're gonna
kill me too, bitch?
Now it is my turn,
fucking asshole.
[gun clicks]
Well, my, my, my.
[suspenseful music playing]
Who are you?
It's Kinkaid, FBI.
We spoke, remember?
Yes. Yes.
What a mess.
Here we go, here we go.
Here we go.
You're okay now.
You're safe.
It's over, okay.
It's over.
[rock music playing]
Hell's hostage
in my own mind
Day in and day out
through the tracks of time
Weeks turn into months
and months turn into years
I'm willing to sustain
even my worst fears
I want out of this addiction
to pain
I wanna change
I know you wanna save me
Make it all go away
But I can't just
shut it down
All I can do is pray
I know you want to love me
What more can you give?
If I could just wake up
Wake up
And learn how to live
But I'm trying
harder than before
I won't give up
don't wanna feel
this way anymore
I wanna change
Exhausted from thinking,
hoping and dreaming
Tired and helpless inside
I'm screaming
Can't seem to
get a mile away
How can I explain
what I really wanna say?
I want out of this addiction
to pain
I wanna change
I know you wanna save me
Make it all go away
But I can't just
shut it down
All I can do is pray
I know you want to love me
What more can you give
If I could just wake up
Wake up
And learn how to live
But I'm trying
harder than before
I won't give up
Don't wanna feel
this way anymore
And learn how to live
I wanna change