Locked In (2010) Movie Script

- I love this song.
- Really?
- Josh!
- [Brooke] Daddy?
- Brooke.
- [Man] It's called locked in syndrome,
A rare neurological disorder,
characterised by a complete
paralysis of the body.
- So she's in a coma?
- [Man] No, her neural
transmissions are normal.
She can think and reason,
but is unable to respond
to external stimuli.
She's living as she always has,
only now she's doing it all inside.
- She's trapped inside her body?
- [Man] In so many words, yes.
Unfortunately, there is no cure,
no standard treatment.
- Oh my god, baby.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
- [Man] We weren't built to live
without external stimulation.
Imagine swimming out to sea
and losing sight of the shore.
Without a landmark, a point of reference,
you would get lost.
- Here I am!
- [Man] The mind can't cope.
It enters a state of
denial, creating fantasies
to fill the void.
As the fantasies deteriorate,
so does the mind.
- Wait, you're saying there's nothing
that we can do but wait,
wait and watch this happen?
- [Man] No.
- When can she come home?
- [Man] She can't.
She's in the best possible
hands here, for the moment.
- I'm going back up there, take a shower.
Mom's coming soon, so--
- Great, mom to the rescue again.
- Don't.
Just don't.
Just leave it, okay?
Right, um,
clothes and Brooke's toothbrush.
Josh, please.
Just go back to the motel, anywhere.
I don't care.
- Now why is it that you can total a car,
burn it, blow it all up to hell,
and the radio still works?
You sure the brakes didn't go out?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Well, there's been some problems
with birds in that tunnel.
Maybe you swerved to avoid one
and lost control?
All right, why don't you
tell me what you remember?
- Well, we, we were in the tunnel.
And, uh, I lost traction.
I lost control of the car and...
- Look, tell you what.
Let's do this next week,
after the holidays.
I don't know who's looking after you,
but it's a miracle anybody
walked away from that mess.
- Oh god, baby.
I'm sorry.
- [Josh] Just here is fine.
- [Driver] Sure.
- [Josh] Thanks.
- [Driver] You got it.
- [Josh] God damn it, Nathan,
somebody should have told me sooner.
Why else am I doing all this work?
- [Girl] Trick or treat.
- Hey, you guys look great.
- Yes, exactly.
Exactly my point.
- Okay, one at a time.
- The campaign is still in its infancy.
You're the account manager.
You gotta tell him.
Nathan, I gotta go.
- [Brooke] Daddy, my pumpkin!
- Honey, I'm really, I'm really sorry.
I was on the phone--
- Why are you on the
phone on Halloween night?
- Well, he called me.
- Did you have to answer?
- I'll make it up to you, honey.
Listen, we'll make you
a new one, all right?
- It's too late.
- No, it's not.
Here, we'll get you a pumpkin, sweetie.
Josh, a little help, please.
- Yeah.
- Trick or treat, beat my meat,
Give me something good to eat.
- "Beat my meat"?
You're saying that to people?
Emma, we're out of candy.
- [Emma] Well?
- Well, do you want me to go get some?
- [Boy] Loser!
- Well, it's viral, interactive,
community-led, you know?
The old lady said we've
never had so many hits.
Yeah, still here.
Well, listen, my point is
that we're not even getting
close to that core market.
Well, that's why I'm calling you myself.
Hey hey.
- Hey, Josh.
What's up?
- [Josh] How you doin', man?
- Uh, sapphire, dry, two olives.
- Perfect.
- Are you here for the evening?
- No, just the one.
I had to go out for candy.
Halloween, you know?
- Long way to go for candy.
- Right right.
- Anyway, it's good to see you, Josh.
- Yeah.
Will you bring it over?
- Sure.
- Why would you do this, mom?
- [Joan] Aw, come on, I couldn't leave it
in the mess it was in, could I?
- I told you not to touch anything.
I came back for Lolly.
- [Joan] Lolly?
- [Emma] That ragdoll she loves.
- Lolly?
No, I haven't seen the ragdoll anywhere.
- [Josh] Em?
Emma, you up there?
- [Emma] Hang on, I'm looking for lolly.
- I need to talk to you.
- [Mother] Found her.
- Did anything out of the ordinary happen?
Anything unusual?
Any, anything?
- No.
It all happened really fast.
You lost control.
- I lost control?
I just, I just lost control?
- Yes.
- Lost control of the car?
- [Emma] Yeah.
Josh, there's something
we need to talk about.
- A specialist care centre?
- [Man] By far the best option for her.
- But, but you're saying
it's the only option for her.
- She'll be looked after until--
- Until?
I understand.
- This is your mom, isn't it?
They are giving up on her, Em.
And I, and I just, I
can't, I won't do that.
It's not neat and tidy, Em.
I don't care what your mom
says, it's just, it's just not.
I mean, you can't just
tie this one up in a box
and shove it, shove it in the closet.
- I, I'm not.
- [Josh] It's not like you.
- No?
It's not like me?
Do you think you know that, Josh?
You think you know what I'm like?
Well, then tell me,
tell me what you think I'm like.
- I know you don't give up.
- [Woman] You slept with her?
You son of a bitch.
- I fucked up.
I fucked up and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how else to
say it, but it happened.
If I could go back and change it, I would,
but I can't and I'm sorry.
- well, so am I.
- [Man] You got a problem?
- No.
No, sorry.
- Sapphire, dry, two olives.
- Thought I said just the one, man.
- Don't shoot the messenger, buddy.
- Just the one?
- Renee.
- I'm sorry, did I mistake
you for the Josh Sawyer?
- Yes, yes, you did.
- May I?
- [Waitress] Hi.
- Vodka one, straight up.
- [Waitress] Sure.
- It's been a long time.
You know, they were talking
about you over there.
The youngest exec to be asked
to run the east coast division.
I told them I never heard of you.
- Well, you haven't.
I'm not really here anymore.
- You were the life.
What happened?
- Hello?
- [Brooke] Daddy, can you hear me?
- Brooke?
Brooke, baby?
Brooke, baby, is that you?
- [Emma] Where have you been?
- She, she tried to call me.
- [Emma] Who did?
- Brooke.
- He's drunk!
Your daughter has been
lying here like this
and you have been out drinking?
What the hell is wrong with you?
- [Emma] Josh, I can't
deal with you like this.
- I know you're going through
a very difficult time.
But we all are.
If you need any money,
you know I'll help you.
- We've been over and over this.
If there is even the smallest chance
that I could have her back
to the way that she was--
- You're not going to get
Brooke back the way she was.
- You don't know that.
You don't know that.
I'm sorry.
- No, don't, no no.
Sit down, sit.
Sorry means nothing.
I mopped up after you once
before, don't forget that,
and I'm not going to do it again.
You have a daughter who's very ill.
You have a wife who's falling apart.
Josh, look, if you would just,
just try to do the right thing.
- So we brought in U2
for the Nike campaign
and now, now it's not about just do it,
it's about just do it
and feel good about it.
- I thought that was you.
- It was me.
A long time ago now.
- Mmm, four years?
- Yeah, something like that.
- [Boy] Trick or treat.
- So what's stopping you from coming back?
- Well, it's too late for me now.
- It's never too late.
- That is the vodka one speaking.
- Is it?
Tell me you don't want to come back.
One night only?
Trick or treat?
- You're two blocks from the hotel.
Go home, Renee.
- Forget something?
Room 602.
One night only.
You took your time.
- No hurry.
Leave it.
- [Emma] Hello, Josh?
- [Renee] Fuck me, Josh.
Yeah, hurt me.
Hurt me.
Fuck me and hurt me, Josh!
- [Emma] Josh?
- Hurt me!
- [Emma] Josh?
- Em?
Nathan called.
He thought we'd lost the account.
You okay?
I'm, I'm sorry, honey.
I would have called,
but my cell was dead.
It's crazy busy out there.
- "Fuck me."
- What?
- "Fuck me."
- Honey--
- "Hurt me."
You've, you've already done that.
But you could still fuck me, I guess.
I changed my mind.
You can't fuck me anymore either.
- Please be careful doing that.
- Get out!
- Daddy?
- Oh, honey, are you okay?
- Where's my candy?
- [Josh] Baby, I'm sorry.
I am.
- It's okay, baby.
Come on, let's go back to bed.
I can't believe you would do this.
I trusted you.
- [Josh] Emma.
- Bro, open the door.
Open the door.
What the fuck, bro?
Hey, man, why didn't you tell me?
Christ, I gotta find out
you were in an accident
from the newspapers?
Brooke's in the hospital?
You should've told me.
- But doctors say most of
the cases they're seeing
are not serious.
- I can't imagine what you're
going through right now.
You okay?
- What did you say?
Say that again.
- I asked if you were okay.
Are you drunk?
- Look at the--
- [Nathan] Josh?
- [Reporter] Street lights,
instead of saving money--
- Tail light.
- Why are you talking to the TV?
Josh, you're starting to worry me now.
You're starting to worry me.
- Can--
- Josh?
- [Josh] Did you drive here?
- No, I walked.
- Can you take me somewhere?
- Right now?
- Yeah yeah, right now.
Come on, come on.
- I'm coming.
You look like death.
And you're still showing up to work.
You know why?
- Why?
- Because you're a machine.
That's why.
You're committed.
And it's that attitude right there
is why you were in the big leagues.
Let me ask you something.
Watson and Bukowski,
I mean, who quits that place to work here?
It's like the second biggest
firm in the universe.
I mean, you should be
doing Pepsi campaigns,
not selling Super Ray's Super Sleepers.
- Can we not talk about
this right now, please?
- Fine.
- Josh Sawyer!
Fucking A.
Where you been, man?
Heard you went regional.
That didn't make any sense.
Josh fuckin' Sawyer out
of the major league?
- How you doin', Alex?
- I got that promotion
in the New York office.
Running the whole east coast division now.
Not that I'm ever on the east coast.
I just got back from Rome.
No, Paris.
No, Milan!
Fuck, this life.
At least I'm racking up the
frequent flyer miles, right?
- Shit, yeah.
- I should probably thank you.
Rumour has it they
offered it to you first.
What happened?
- You know, um, family.
Would have been away a lot.
- I understand.
Family first, I get it.
- Oh, shit.
Did it again, didn't I?
Listen, I'm sorry.
It's just that when I
get a life of my own,
I'm gonna stop asking about yours.
But until then, you're the
most interesting thing I know.
So what does Emma know about this?
- Will you pull over, please?
- Why?
I'm just kidding.
- Pull the car over.
- Okay.
Eh, look, no, I'm just,
we're almost there.
- Will you stop the fucking car, please?
- Fine, I'll pull over.
Jesus Christ!
You're going to get yourself killed.
- [Man] Well, what am I looking for?
- The, the tail light.
Something about, something
about the tail light.
- You were in that?
- Look, I don't know.
Just, just something.
- You brought me here
to check a tail light
and you're not sure even why.
- Maybe he's just
starting to remember now.
Like a memory fragment or something?
- Memory fragment?
- Will you come take a look at this?
- Sure thing, Mr. Sawyer.
Right one looks fine to me.
- It's this one, the left one.
- Well, you're right, Mr. Sawyer.
There is something wrong
with the left tail light.
It's busted all to hell.
Probably got that way
pinballing through a tunnel.
Wouldn't you say?
- Josh?
So there is something?
- No.
- Hey, man, I, I can't imagine
what you're going through right now,
but a little advice from your big brother,
get some help.
- I'm fine, really.
- Talking to the TV?
Not fine.
Unless it's football.
Then it's okay.
You, you want me to stay here?
Just wait for you, in case,
I don't know, in case you need me?
- No.
Thanks, Nathan.
- You bet.
Oh, hey.
Not for nothing, but
I just want you to hang in there, buddy.
I'm pullin' for you.
- Brooke.
Brooke, baby, it's daddy.
Can you hear me, sweetheart?
Can you hear me talking to you?
'Cause if you can, I'd really,
really like for you to talk back to me.
Can, if you can tell me something.
- Josh.
- Daddy would really really love it
if you could tell me something,
anything, anything.
I'll take anything at all right now, baby.
If you'd just give me a sign.
That's all I want to hear, okay, Brooke?
Anything at all.
I just love you.
If you could just talk to me.
- Not helping.
- [Brooke] Whee!
That was fun!
- [Josh] Ready?
Stand up, okay?
- What are you doing here?
What do you want?
- I missed you.
And I need,
I want us.
- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.
- Well, look, here we are.
I mean, this is,
this is us.
- No.
- The real us.
I can't do this.
I thought I could, but I can't.
I can't.
- No, don't, no.
I'm not asking to have things
back the way that they were.
- I can't be your friend.
- What?
Why not?
- Because I love you.
Don't you get that?
I have always loved you
and I fucking hate that.
- [Josh] I love you too.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Just go, okay?
Just go.
- Emma, are you there?
You need to get back here.
It's Brooke.
Emma, come here.
No, listen, you don't
need to go in, darling.
You don't need to, no,
please, don't go in there!
Josh, don't go in.
- [Woman] You can't go in there right now.
- Brooke, Brooke!
I'm her father.
You've got to let me in.
Let me in the room!
Let me in!
Tell us!
Tell us, what is wrong with her?
- [Man] Mr. Sawyer, please!
- Brooke?
Brooke, angel?
- [Man] We're taking care of her!
- All right, all right, all right!
All right!
- We've given her something
that we hope will calm her down.
But this is a dangerous time for her.
- There has to be something.
- Oh, Emma.
- [Emma] Are we losing her?
- No.
No, we're not.
- But Dr. Tevez said
there's nothing left to do.
- Well, I won't just
wait and watch her go.
Stay here with her.
- [Emma] Josh!
where are you going?
- I'll be back.
I promise.
Don't worry.
- Having a great day, Boston?
Of course you are.
If you spent the night in hibernation
on one of Super Ray's Super Sleepers!
At Super Ray's Super
Sleepers, we guarantee
you will sleep like a bear--
- [Nathan] Cut!
- On all our mattress--
- [Nathan] No, cut.
- Now what?
- [Nathan] He has to do it over.
- Why?
- He's reading from the cue cards again.
- Aw, bullshit.
- Are you slurring?
- [Man] Eh?
- He's, he's slurring.
- [Man] Look, Nathan, we've
been trying to get this shot
for two hours now.
Come on, it's the holidays.
- [Nathan] What are you, tight
fuckin', let's do it again.
- [Man] It's a local commercial.
Get a grip.
- Hey, it's that attitude right there
is why you'll never be Spielberg.
- Hey, uh, I gotta take a shit.
- You're a bear and there's a stump.
Bears shit in the woods.
- [Man] That's not right.
The bathroom.
- [Woman] Nathan?
Your brother's here.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- [Man] Could someone unzip me?
- [Man] Reset as soon as possible.
- Josh?
What are you doing over here?
- Hey.
- [Nathan] What?
- [Josh] I need to use your computer.
- What happened to you?
What, have you, have
you been up all night?
Well, that's not good.
I mean, you just look like shit.
I, I gotta get you out of here.
I don't want these people
to see you like this.
- [Josh] Nathan, it's--
- [Nathan] Hey, Alex, I'll
be back in like an hour.
- [Emma] You found him on the Internet?
- For her.
- That's a little extreme, even for us.
- We have to try everything, right?
- Yeah, but it's just so--
- Out there?
Yeah, I know, but really,
what are our options?
That's him.
He sounded completely normal
on the phone, I swear.
- He doesn't know what we look like.
We could always walk away.
- [Josh] Too late.
- You must be the father and the mother.
- [Both] Yes.
- I'm Josh.
This is my--
- Emma.
- Emma, Josh.
It's an honour to meet you finally.
I'm Frank.
Now you need to listen.
It is going to get better.
You have to trust me.
Everything is going to be okay
and better.
Now take me to your daughter.
- [Emma] I really don't know about this.
- [Josh] Well, I do.
- How long have you two been separated?
- [Josh] I really don't see what
that has to do with anything.
- [Frank] It has everything
to do with anything.
This is not good.
- [Josh] What, what is that?
What are you doing?
- One minute, please.
I know you're scared right now,
but you're holding on too tight.
You have to let go.
You have to let us help you.
We can guide you,
but you have to do the rest.
The more you resist, the
worse it's going to get.
- What are you talking about?
- Find a connection.
Trust it.
- She can't hear you.
- On the phone,
you said Brooke tried to
communicate with you, yes?
- She called me.
- Anything else?
- TV.
I think I've been getting messages on,
on the TV.
- Go home.
Bring anything that matters,
books, music, pictures.
Anything that has meaning.
Bring them here.
I'll meet you back here later.
- Hi.
What the hell is he doing here?
- You don't even want to know, mom.
- Hi, Joan.
What's her favourite book?
- "Bad Case of Stripes."
- I thought it was "Where
the Wild Things Are."
- She didn't want to
hear it after you left.
- What about music?
- Chris Rea.
Anything Chris Rea.
- I thought she liked Bon Jovi.
- Yeah, well, you blink,
and she's on to the next thing.
- It's only been a couple months.
I can't believe how much I missed.
- Grab her ball.
- I don't want to miss any more.
I don't want it to be over.
"Suddenly the branches, feathers,
"and squiggly tails began to disappear.
"Then the whole room swirled around.
"When it stopped, there stood Camilla,
"and everything was back to normal.
"'I'm cured,' she shouted.
"'Yes,' said the old woman.
"'I knew the real you
was in there somewhere.'"
- Feelings communicate
much more than words.
It's hard to explain.
You'll have to trust me on this one.
- But she can't hear me.
- Josh, you've got to work with me.
I don't want to frighten you,
but we're running out of time.
Brooke is losing focus.
- Losing focus?
- And eventually her mind.
Time is everything now.
She's searching for a connection,
an emotional step, a feeling,
Something in the past.
Something to hold on to while
in this state of confusion.
- Brooke, have you been
a good girl this year?
Santa, I think she's been
a good girl this year.
Well, I don't know.
I'll have to check my list.
Yeah, better check it again.
Because I always check everything twice.
Good one, right?
Yes, Josh, very good.
- Mmm.
I thought we were at home.
- Hello, this is Josh.
Yes, I did, I did call.
Thank you for calling back.
I don't know, she seems the same.
Can you come back today, Frank?
- [Emma] Now what?
- Well,
somehow she's trying,
she's trying to
communicate with us, right?
When did you start smoking again?
- Just now.
- You just happen to have a pack on you?
- Uh-huh.
Thought I might need it.
- This reminds me of your old dorm room.
- You mean the one you
got me kicked out of?
- That's right, your
roommate ratted you out.
What was her name?
Sheila something?
- Shelly.
- Shelly.
- [Both] Bitch.
- Hey!
Who the hell are you?
- I gotta take a look at my car.
- We're closed, pal.
It's the holidays.
- Yeah, I'll just be a minute.
I promise.
- Look, some of us got, things to do.
You know?
Places to be?
- Please.
- [Man] Love you.
Which one is it?
- It's the grey Audi station waggon,
came in a few days ago.
- No Audis came through here, buddy.
You sure you got the right place?
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, it was, it was right here.
You, I think you were working over there.
It had a Christmas tree on the top.
you don't remember?
- No.
Sorry, pal, no.
- It was sitting right here, man.
- [Man] There was no Audi!
- [Josh] Where the fuck is my car?
- Hey hey!
Get back here.
Don't talk to me like that.
- [Josh] You were there, Nathan!
You saw it, right?
- Yeah, I saw it, but you're going to need
to forget about the car.
I mean, they probably just moved it.
It's the holidays.
You're just gonna have to wait.
This is about the weird
taillight thing, huh?
The harder you hold on to that,
the tougher it's gonna be.
It was just an accident, Josh.
Let it go.
- Yeah.
- Josh?
Before I forget, there's been
this chick calling for you.
Um, what was her name?
Wait a second, it's here.
- What do you want, Renee?
- Merry Christmas, Josh.
- I said what do you want?
- I need to see you.
- Can't.
- I know where you live, remember?
I'm back at the hotel.
Room 602.
Oh my god, you're so banged up.
- You called my brother, Renee.
What do you want?
- Oh, now he's bashful.
- What is it, Renee?
What do you want?
- All those years ago, I
thought we had something.
A connection.
So you were just fucking me again?
- I wasn't fucking you.
I was fucking the life.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
Shit, that was stupid.
oh, fuck you!
Go, just go!
Fuck you, Josh!
- "So you will see,
"you are the very best to me."
- I'll come back later.
I know you don't understand this,
but please keep trying.
- I don't want to hurt you anymore, Em.
- Hurt me?
- No, I mean,
if you want, if you...
- [Emma] Josh, look at this.
- But, this is the accident.
This is our car.
How could she have known?
Look at the wax.
It looks like she just drew it.
What is this blue slash right here?
- I don't know.
- She's trying to tell us
something about the tail light.
- But you checked before.
You didn't find anything.
- Yeah, well, guess what?
I'm going to go check again.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I just, um, this is my car,
the one I was talking about.
I just gotta take a look at it.
My daughter, she's in the hospital--
- Okay okay.
Go ahead.
Look, maybe if you tell me
what you're looking for,
I can help.
- Hey, do you have a flashlight?
- [Man] Yeah.
- Thanks.
Hey hey.
- [Man] What?
- [Josh] What colour is this?
- [Man] What?
- There's a, there's a chip,
a mark right there, a scratch.
- Oh, it's blue.
- I know it's blue.
Do you know what kind of blue?
- Uh, looks like it is,
that's upton blue.
Yeah, it's an unusual colour.
It just came out a few years back.
- [Josh] What, what models
do they use that on?
- [Man] Uh,
uh, Dodge Cutlass Supreme
and the Honda Civic.
Oh, and the, uh, BMW Z3 roadster.
- [Josh] BMW Z3?
- [Man] Yeah.
- [Josh] Are you sure about that?
- [Man] Pretty sure.
- [Josh] Hey, Dan, I need--
- Sorry, what was that?
- Do you remember the woman that I was
with a couple of months ago?
The one that I left with?
- [Dan] No.
- Come on, man, we were
sitting right over there.
Um, you brought us some drinks.
It was Halloween.
- [Dan] Can't help you, Josh.
- Dan!
She was working with Alex.
She bought me a drink.
Have you seen her?
- Oh, yeah, she's with Alex.
Try in there.
Hey, Josh?
Take care, buddy.
- Josh, what's up?
You okay, Josh?
- Yeah.
Have you seen Renee?
- Yeah, she's here.
- Where?
- What were you thinking, man?
Dissing her like that.
She's so hot for you.
Mortals do not get to tap that ass.
So I hear.
Not that I would, fuck it.
- Why'd you do it?
- Could you excuse us, please?
- Yeah, I'll meet you upstairs.
Excuse me.
- I didn't know you were here.
- Your paint was on my car.
- My paint?
- Cut the bullshit, Renee.
You ran my family off the road.
My daughter is in the hospital
right now and you, you--
- This is a joke, right?
You're not here to apologise?
- For what?
- Hmm, I don't know, "Fucking the life"?
Josh, I didn't run you off the road.
You ran yourself off the road.
You ran your life off the road.
But you can't accept that,
so you're here to blame me.
You fucked the life.
You made that choice.
You're a big boy.
Accept it.
- I'm gonna go to the police.
I'm gonna tell the police what you did.
- I've been wanting to
do that for so long.
- You just can't stand
to see me happy, can you?
That's what this is.
That's why you did it.
- Stay away from me.
- Say it!
I want to hear you say it.
- Ow.
- Say that you ran my family off the road!
Say it!
- Sir, what's going on here?
- It's none of your business.
Will you back off?
Get the fuck off me!
Fuck you!
Fuck all of you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
- Fucking psycho.
- I just bailed my kid brother out of jail
for clockin' a guard.
You're fuckin' awesome.
Wicked awesome.
So you think this, this
chick ran you off the road?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah, I do.
- [Nathan] So, what is she, like,
crazy jealous?
- I don't know.
- [Nathan] What do the cops think?
- They got no record of the
accident, nothing at all.
- Josh?
I'm pullin' for you.
We're all pullin' for you.
I love you, buddy.
Oh, make the connection, man.
- [Operator] Press one
to repeat the message.
- [Emma] Hi, it's me.
I've been thinking about things a lot.
And we've had a great life together
and I was thinking maybe we should talk.
Uh, maybe you could come by
for an early Christmas dinner?
And we could pick up a tree.
I know Brooke would really like that.
I'll talk to you soon.
- [Man] Merry Christmas, son.
- Mister?
- Yeah?
- Merry Christmas.
- Oh.
See ya.
- [Brooke] Daddy?
- What?
- I know it's not Christmas yet,
but mom said it was okay.
- It's for me?
Thank you.
- Open it.
- All right.
- [Brooke] Daddy?
- Brooke?
- [Brooke] Daddy, come home now.
- Brooke?
Brooke, baby, is that you?
Brooke, it's daddy.
Brooke, Brooke, stay, stay
where, stay where you are.
Daddy's coming.
I'm coming, okay?
- [Brooke] Daddy!
- Emma?
- My pumpkin.
- Look, I'll make it
up to you, sweetheart.
We'll make you a new pumpkin, okay?
Honey, are you okay?
- Where's my candy?
- [Josh] I'm sorry, baby.
- [Frank] I don't want to frighten you,
but we're running out of time.
- [Emma] Get out!
- [Josh] What's happening?
- [Emma] "Fuck me."
- What?
- [Josh] "Hurt me."
- What is happening to me?
- [Emma] Don't hurt me.
- [Brooke] I know it's not Christmas yet,
but mom said it was okay.
- I got you a new one
since you lost yours.
- Will you help me put it on?
- [Brooke] Mm-hmm.
- Nathan?
Hey, can somebody help?
Frank, where is everybody?
Where the fuck is my daughter?
- Josh, you need to calm down.
This isn't helping.
- Some woman drove my family off the road,
and nobody knows anything about it
and now my daughter is missing!
- Josh, if you don't calm down,
you'll never see your daughter again.
Do you understand?
- What is that, a threat?
- I can see you're scared now.
But you're holding on too tight.
You need to let go.
You need to let us help you.
Now listen to me.
Listen carefully.
We're running out of time.
Only you can do this.
You have to forgive.
- Forgive?
Forgive that bitch for running
my family off the road?
You're fucking insane.
You're out of your mind!
- Josh.
This isn't about her.
This is about you.
- [Brooke] Daddy?
- Brooke.
Baby, I'm here.
I'm here.
Daddy's here.
Daddy's here.
Daddy's here.
Good girl.
- I love you.
- I don't know who's looking after you,
but it's a miracle
anybody walked away from that mess.
- I just want you to hang in there, buddy.
I'm pullin' for you.
- Charging.
- [Brooke] Daddy!
- I'm not really here anymore.
Stop compressions.
- I love this song.
- Josh!
- Hurt me!
- You ran your life off the road.
You made that choice.
Just go!
Fuck you!
Get out!
I love you.
Don't you get that?