Locked Up (2017) Movie Script

Fat face is here.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? The teacher asked
and I answered.
I'm new, and I should have just kept my mouth shut, okay?
So will you please forgive me?
Here, we don't forgive.
And we don't forget either.
You must pay for what you did.
You can run but you can't hide.
Hey! Loser!
Where are you going?
I said, "Wait!" Fucking bitch.
Look, I'm sorry.
You think that little "sorry"
is going to get you out of this?
Aww, what are you gonna do now?
What did I tell you?
-Nenita-- -Shut up!
I fucking hate you.
What are you doing on the ground?
Now, get up!
I ain't going to beat you up like this.
You don't have to do this.
I said, on your feet, bitch!
I don't want to fight you.
You don't have a choice.
Oh, I'm going to enjoy this.
Hit me.
You get the first punch in.
Free of charge.
I said, "Hit me!"
You want to have another one?
Please. I'm sorry that I told on you.
But I didn't know what else to do.
I don't know any better. You have to believe me, please.
I swear to God,
if you ever, ever tell my name
to anyone ever again, I'll kill you.
You hear me?
Look at me.
It's okay, just look at me.
I promise I won't hit you again.
I got to tell you one more thing.
You're pathetic.
You know what?
I got another surprise for you.
Posted it!
And I tagged you.
It's on Facebook and Instagram.
Look at that. Already got 20 views.
Look at you, Ms. Popular.
You should go back home.
Go back to your fucking country! Go back to America.
Aww. Look at that. She's mad.
What do you want to do now?
Fucking kill yourself!
I don't think anyone would miss you.
Let's go.
You fucking bitch!
Stop! Stop!
Uncle Tommy, please.
Say something.
I don't even know what to say, Mall.
Don't you want to know what they did to me
before that though?
Believe me. I heard all about it.
Sounds like you made some real nice lunch buddies.
This ain't the States, Mall.
Things work differently out here.
God only knows what kind of pile of shit you just stepped on.
You've been officially kicked out of school.
I know it's tough
without your parents here
and you're in a new country, but you need
to figure out how to fit in and fast.
I think I'm going to get some air.
Excuse me.
I hate this.
We ran some further tests
to make sure there's no brain damage.
Thank you, Doctor.
Uncle Tommy?
You know, you scared the crap out of me.
She must pay for her crime and disrespect.
Fine, plus two years in Lattsan Correctional Facility.
Two years?
Mr. Rose, two years is a very short time
for her crimes.
With all do respect, your niece nearly beat a girl to death.
How much?
She will pay.
But she is not going home.
They are very wealthy, Mr. Davis.
Five million, plus two years is more than fair.
All right.
You ready?
Do I have a choice?
You can always become a fugitive.
Come on.
You must be Mallory. Yeah.
Mr. Davis? We'll be right back with you.
Please follow me.
You'd be surprised at how learning self defense can
boost one's self confidence. You should try it.
Well, at least it's clean.
Please have a seat.
What a beautiful lady you are.
I'm Jennifer. I'm the head master here.
A shy one?
Something like that.
I know this is required by the law,
but I like to keep things here informal.
I always tell all the parents, well, in this case, a guardian,
that don't look at this place as a jail or anything,
but more like a place that's designed
to help the troubled young ladies.
Don't worry.
There's nothing that make me more pleasure
than knowing that I can help.
I think I should let you two have your goodbyes.
And Skye will see you guys out.
All right.
Thanks, again.
Call you tomorrow.
I guess it's that time.
I just want you to know,
I'll be doing whatever it takes to get you
out of here as soon as possible.
All right?
Just promise me, all right?
Don't take shit from anyone.
I'll come and visit you, as soon as I can.
Now you can come with us.
I ain't go all day, babe.
This is where I'm staying?
Welcome home.
Move. Keep walking.
Don't do drugs.
They're really bad for you.
Oh. And that happens all the time here.
Come on.
There are some locals here now.
Since the new laws, we just had to condense.
So its now a sort of holiday assortment around here.
Mmm. Fresh meat.
Fuck off, Riza.
Why? She's so cute...
and delicious.
I like her.
Sorry. Riza.
She's a resident bitch.
What the fuck are you going to do about it? Newbie.
Where the hell are you from?
-Back the fuck up, bitch!
Oh! You again.
Only I had a dick,
I would stick it in your ass.
One more word.
Come this way.
Thank you.
Thank me again, I'll kill you.
This is you.
Put this on.
I'm going to take your clothes.
You only wear the suit here.
No, next Thursday.
Pants first,
then your top.
No point in being shy.
Your underwear next.
You look like a crier. Are you?
Give them to me,
then take off your bra.
Liar. You look like you're about to cry right now.
Just hurry up.
Breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 12:00,
dinner is 5:00, lights out at 9:00.
Check in with the registrar tomorrow
for your schedule, okay?
So, what did you do?
Hit someone.
Did they die?
Too bad.
What did you do?
None of your damn business.
Well, welcome to paradise.
You will learn to think they are cute.
What does that mean?
Chow time.
I don't know where they got this from,
but I'm sure it's dog shit mixed with horse shit.
What's her deal?
Mmm. Her? She killed her entire family.
Yeah. When she was like 14, and a cat.
She's batshit.
You don't want to face her.
Face her where?
In a fight night.
Yeah. It's a big thing.
Every fight has money on the line.
You know.
This place ain't built for rehabilitation.
It was built for sex, fighting, and gambling.
The judge. The schools.
Pretty much everybody involved gets a kick back.
Corruption at it's finest.
Cash rules, baby.
That just sounds like a--
Conspiracy theory? Oh, yeah.
If you talk, they will kill you and whoever you told.
Fuck. She's coming.
Well, well.
My new friend.
What the fuck do you want?
Don't be so rude.
I'm just introducing myself to the cute one.
Back off.
You know it turns me on when you talk like that.
So, Mallory.
let me tell you how things really work in here, okay?
So, Kat...
She's so nice. Cute.
And the guards,
they love fucking you bitches.
Now, isn't that right, Katarina?
What the fuck is your problem?
Who wants to get thrown in the hole?
We were simply having a nice, friendly discussion.
That's all.
I would suggest you stay far away from her.
Well, it looks like you
two have a bit of a history.
You said you have been in a fight before, right?
Not a fair one.
Well, it might change now.
No, I'm...
I'm not a fighter.
That's not how things work here.
They will make you by doing all kinds of nasty things.
Things you don't even want to imagine.
Or you can start using like her.
Do that and you'll tune out everything.
But she's probably got AIDS or something.
You know, dirty needles and stuff.
I have to call my uncle.
Where are the phones?
In the visitation room.
But, wait.
They will bury the both of you and say it was an accident.
Trust me.
This is Tommy.
I got to get out of here.
Mall, what's going on?
I just-- I can't be here.
Please get me out. I--
It's-- It's bad.
No shit. You're locked up.
What'd you expect?
Just, please. Are you okay?
Did something happen to you?
I'm just scared.
Try to be strong, okay?
Phone off!
I gotta go.
Time's up, huh?
-Phone off! -I'll talk to you later.
Hi, Mallory.
We forgot to have you sign in.
Could you sign it right here?
I can't read this.
It's just to say that you are signed in
and already accounted for.
I should talk to my uncle.
And my lawyer.
Well, you can do that but unfortunately your sentence
can't start until you sign in.
Which means you might have to stay here
one or two more months.
Can I at least call my uncle?
I do have a meeting that I have to attend and I'm already late.
I can promise you this is not something bad.
We won't do anything funny.
If you don't want to sign, that's fine.
But that just means that your sentence
isn't counting yet.
I can contact Mr. Davis to come here.
Hopefully he can come here in a few weeks.
How is everything?
Is everything good?
Some of the girls are a little...
Yeah, I know.
Many of those girls grow up very poor.
Many of them live on the street.
It does get better.
Don't worry. I will tell the guard
to keep a close eye on you.
We'll make sure that you feel safe.
Thank you.
You're not going to get much sleep tonight, if any.
Just try though.
Close your eyes and think of Easter or ice cubes.
You're really not helping.
You want me to be honest?
You ain't getting a wing.
Oh, and don't cry.
I wake really easy and you don't want me to be grumpy.
We're friends now.
But I'd hate for that to change.
You need a job.
Do you have any skills?
Or experience?
Um, I worked retail?
Okay. It's either clean toilets or scrub floor.
I'll scrub floors.
Good call.
Fast! Work faster.
They put you here? All right.
This is simple work.
Go clean. This dirt now.
You two. Give space.
Now! Go clean.
And faster!
Hey there, girl.
I don't want any trouble.
I just want you to transfer to my cell. That's all.
Come on. It's much better.
Come on. Sleep with me.
It'll be fun. I promise you.
You do like fun. don't you?
I'm fine where I am. Thank you.
I see what you're doing here.
And I don't like it.
Check this out.
You can only hide behind
Kat so long, then you're mine.
Damn it! Back!
It only gets worse.
Why you think she got back eye.
She did this?
Oh, no she didn't.
No, Kat. Wait! Kat.
Please. You fucking bitch!
You just gave yourself
a death sentence.
Kat! No!
Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!
Bring them to the cage.
You're fucking next, bitch!
Oh, my God! Kat!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, jeez.
She just get her bell rung a little bit.
She needs help. This is crazy.
No. This is Lattsan.
If you think about telling this to anyone,
I'm going to kill you.
and painfully.
I don't think you appreciate what it is we're doing here.
Let me teach you a some lesson.
You. Up.
Now, you up!
Go get her up!
You gonna need to learn how to fight.
She's a girl. This is one-on-one.
It's fair.
You better put your arms up.
Fight now!
I say now!
So what did we learn here?
You should toughen up because I've scheduled
your first fight in two weeks.
Oh, yeah.
You better get training.
You touch me again and I'm going to beat your ass off.
Just like I thought.
Don't bother me.
Look, I want to be as tough as you,
and I'll do whatever it takes, okay?
You're never going to be tough enough.
Well, how do you know?
Well, other than seeing your ass cry five times
and getting beat to a pulp,
I can see looking into your eyes.
You don't know me.
I'll tell you what,
you see those two dumbbells?
If you can hold them out like this...
for 60 seconds,
I'll train you.
60 seconds?
Longer than you think.
Let's see what you got, newbie.
Less than 15.
No phone.
But I don't understand.
No phone!
It's okay.
Now, make the call.
But you say anything that she won't like,
bad things will happen.
I ain't going nowhere.
Mallory, what the hell is going on over there?
I drove all the way down there during visiting hours
and they won't even let me in.
They won't let you in?
Yeah, they said that you signed away your visitors privileges
because you didn't want to see me. Is that true?
What? I--
I mean...
Yeah, they have rules here.
Look, I went down
to the embassy,
I paid them a grip of loot,
and they just keep giving me the run around.
What the hell is going on down there?
They're taking care of me.
Can you not talk?
I mean--
I gotta go, my time is up.
Mallory, look, just know that I'm going to do whatever
it takes to get you out of there, okay?
Come with me.
Clothes off.
I said, strip!
And that means now!
He will hurt you if you won't.
I told you so.
I know you've just been here with us a short time,
but I think you would've learned it by now.
What's going on?
Your father is a very wealthy man.
We didn't ask for too much.
No. Don't touch me.
Stop it! Stop it!
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Do you know why they're so happy to do what I say?
Because every time there is a girl like you,
especially white bitch like you here,
I let them have some fun.
How can you do this?
Because I like it.
And I like money.
Your family doesn't
want to play ball,
so I think after this maybe you could help me convincing them.
No! I'll get you the money! I'll get you the money!
I'll get you the money!
No! No! I'll get you the money!
Oh, yes, you better
get me money!
Or else this will happen twice a week.
No! No, please!
Please stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Your turn. No! No! No!
Stop! Please, please, stop!
Stop! Stop!
They get you good, didn't they?
Let's think of this as a friendly lesson.
Trust me, it can get way worse.
Get her out.
Now, go clean your fucking ass up.
You're a mess.
Hurry up, bitch!
I ain't got all day.
Hurry up, bitch!
What the hell?
You can't even fucking kill yourself?
You're a moron.
Oh, God.
You just can't get
anything right, can you?
You know what the difference is between Americans and Asians?
America make you weak.
Too many luxuries just make people soft.
Like you.
Aw, Mallory, baby.
I was just trying to help you 'cause I care about you.
-You have to toughen up.
For your own good.
Only one week to go
before your big fight.
Hey! Get out! Get out!
Punch harder!
How bad do you want it?
Throw your hip into it.
Come on. Continue.
Put your gloves on.
Why do you think?
Come on.
When I punch,
you block or move, okay?
You hit me.
There you go.
That's what
I'm talking about. Shit.
You didn't think I was gonna let you get away with it, huh?
Thanks for helping me.
What are you doing?
Come with me.
I didn't like girls either but sometimes
you need to feel something good in here.
Feeling better?
That was dirty.
That was hot.
I have boyfriend, you know?
We were gonna get married,
and then have kids.
I was young and stupid.
His name was Michael.
It was fucking stupid.
I knew him only one week.
I would do anything for him.
I was walking towards the security gate.
I was sweating and they knew.
I should have just ran off.
All I was thinking was, Michael asked me to do this.
Sounds like Michael is an asshole.
He ruined my life.
He didn't.
Come on.
You need to train some more.
You need to toughen up.
You're crazy.
Must always keep pushing.
Get stronger.
That's the only way how to survive in here.
Look, if you're gonna do push
Kick you legs back.
Get off you knees.
Stop with that pussy little girl crap.
That's two minutes.
Looking stronger.
Well, I'm just following your advice.
Let's find out where you're at, shall we?
Let's have a little exhibition round.
-I'm not ready. -We'll find out.
Miss me?
I'm going to enjoy this.
Not as much as me.
Play nice, girls.
Old friend, huh?
Fuck her up.
-You should have listened to me
when I told you to kill yourself.
Fight over!
The comments, the views, these are more than we've ever gotten.
Excuse me?
They want more.
The fans. They love you.
You're such a bitch.
I'm glad you know how quickly I can have you killed.
Because your uncle somehow managed to pay somebody off,
not the right person, but, well,
he's here and you're going to visit him.
Supervised, of course.
If you say anything at all,
I promise you he won't make it back to his car.
Easy as that.
I don't drink.
Take the fucking drink.
So either your uncle pays the right person
or I give you a chance to fight Riza for your freedom.
I can't beat her.
Oh, yes you can. And you will.
If you win, you can go free.
Let me put it this way,
you don't have a choice.
Somebody gotcha, huh?
Yeah. It's a tough here, but-- I--
I think it's actually helping me.
So I managed to get a hold of an old buddy of mine.
Type of guy that knows few people,
if you know what I mean?
It's gonna cost a few bucks but I think we're pretty close
on getting you an appeal date.
And, uh...
Just so you know...
I talked to your father.
'Cause he's got enough swing to get you out.
That's why.
Let's just say he wasn't too keen on hearing my voice.
'Cause he's an asshole.
He always has been and he always will be.
And I think we both know that.
I know it's tough.
I've been there.
And I know it sucks.
So why don't you do yourself a favor,
pick up one of those phones over there and give your dad a call.
'Cause if he hears your voice
and you let him know what's going on,
he might just be a little bit more inclined to help.
And don't ask me to do it again.
You did the right thing.
They would just drain him of all his money
and it would get you nowhere.
Unless you know the right people,
you're just totally fucked.
Come on. Let's go.
Did she tell me the truth?
If I win, do I go free?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Get her out of here.
I'm so sorry but your gym privileges have been revoked.
What? Excuse me, but I have to train.
Would you mind escorting Mallory back to her room?
Think of it this way, it would make even a greater victory. Go.
I'm not surprised.
She doesn't want you to win.
Well, gym or no gym, she's not gonna stop me.
I want you to kill her, you understand?
I want you to fucking rip her head off.
You hear me?
I'm not deaf, so yeah.
If you kill her, you go free.
Oh, really?
I thought you said that last time.
Swear on my life.
Consider her dead.
I just want to say, be careful.
Well, I can take care of myself.
It's different.
Just want to give you a fair warning this thing
might not go as you planned.
What are you trying to say?
Just be prepared, is all.
I can beat her.
No, you can't.
You're stronger, yeah, but your mind.
The true strength comes from here.
Now you care?
I don't care.
I just don't want to see you get killed.
And what does it matter to you?
I don't like her.
How do I beat her?
No, no, no, no, no. No food for her.
The hell?
Just one.
No sharing! Spit it out.
Okay. Let's go.
Are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?
I don't have any other choice.
Oh. That's disgusting.
Well, I can't win on an empty stomach.
You've lost your mind.
That's disgusting! Ohh!
Fuck! I got to get out of here.
You and me both.
Has anyone ever escaped?
Have they tried?
Yeah, but it's impossible.
I'm going to go for a gun.
I'm going to go for one of those motherfucker's guns.
I'm going to demand they let me out.
And if they don't, I'm gonna shoot them
in their fucking face,
and anybody else that stands in my way.
You've gone mad. It's official.
Well, I have to do something!
God, I can't live like this.
That's a perfect way to get yourself killed.
I don't care.
I gotta get out of here.
Somebody has to stop this fucking madness!
Chill out, all right? You're fucking losing it!
Today is going to be a little bit different than the last one.
Only one of you will walk out of here alive.
Good luck.
Maybe I see you later.
Finish her!
Kill me.
This is bullshit!
Let me go!
If you want to go free, finish her off.
Or I can make it a little easier for you.
Kill her now.
Fucking do it!
If you don't, we kill you both.
Oh, yeah?
What about her?
Oh, she's gonna do it.
-You shouldn't have done that. -Too late.
You don't want to do this, Mallory.
You already did this, you bitch!
Put the knife down!
Shut up!
If you do this, we're gonna go after your family.
Do you want the second one
in the same leg or in your other leg?
Now, tell them
to put the guns down!
Down with the guns.
Get his gun.
Okay, girls. Whoever wants
to bust out, follow me.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on! Come on!
Call him off!
Call him off!
If you let me go,
I won't go after your family.
Call him off!
Call him off right now!
Tell him to drop the gun!
Tell him to drop the motherfucking gun!
Back up!
Get the keys.
Pull it up.
What happens here is wrong.
You should all know that! And I want everyone
to tell everybody what this crazy bitch made us do.
-Thanks, ginger.
What was it you said?
Something about being tough?
Well, let's see how tough you are.
Don't leave me with this animal.
They're your animals.
Fucking finish her! No!
So, where we going?
I got to get
to the U.S. Embassy.
Hollow words
No surprise
Empty hearts, Feral mind
We find comfort In this bed of lies
Temperatures running high
Fevered dreams, A lullaby
Roll out from yourself Spinning with me
We'll run wild tonight
Oh, whoa
You find it hard to breathe
You know just what I mean
When desire Leaves you feral
Oh, whoa
I'll hurt you once again
No reason to pretend
Because with you
The pain is a pleasure
The pain is a pleasure
The pain is a pleasure
The pain is a pleasure
You find it hard to breathe
And you know Just what I mean
When desire Leaves you feral
I'll hurt you once again
There's no reason To pretend
Because with you