Logan (2017) Movie Script

Ah, Guys.
Those are chrome plated mugs.
You can't strip them.
Look at this guy.
The plate is flaked out.
This isn't at least.
No one is going to pay a buck...
Guys, guys.
Guys, seriously
you don't wanna do this.
Take him out.
not The car..
Kick that fool.
Everyone is asleep, Burt.
Asleep between the next gen pornographer
poisoned water, mutants...
It's all related.
Hey, Clyde. It's 2029.
Why are we still talking about mutants?
Hey It's Me.
I'm in the car.
Yes, it was a good trip.
Shit went up and down fast.
U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!
I knew it was you.
- Oh, fuck.
- Please!
I am in trouble!
You're the only one that can help!
Get the fuck away from me!
Who was that?
I do not know, some crazy lady.
Don't worry about that.
As I lived in dream,
The Wolverine.
And he is a junkie now.
Who the fuck are you?
You know?
You got some buck shot on your door.
I heard you was in Phoenix.
But then last night some friends of mine
from Texas called
Told me they found 3 dead cholos
in the pool out 54.
Nothing unusual,
I know.
Except one missing a hand
another one leg.
So they was thinking...
It was either an escaped tiger
or Freddy Kruger.
But one man can drive...
One being fictional and
the other one extinct.
And since the wheel marks they found
belong to a 24 Chrysler...
right on...
This is a 24 Chrysler.
She found you yet?
You see...
I'm not looking for you, Wolvie.
Well, not really, I'm looking for someone
who's looking for you.
She took me something of mine
when I wasn't looking.
Something for which I am responsible.
A Mexican lady
Doesn't ring a bell?
I don't know any Gabriella
So get the fuck out of my car.
You know?
I know where she's hiding me though
The old Cuban south of the border
What do you want?
A little cooperation.
I am a fan,
by the way.
Alkali Transigen
Fuck! Fuck!
No, Mr. Hope.
I know I said June, but I need the boat now,
Why the
when the price go up.
Listen to me.
I know you want 70...
ok. What if I can put together $ 45,000
in cash right now?
Hello? Hello?
Hey, Sam.
Good Morning.
"I see in you that virtue, Brutus...
"As I see your external appearance.
"Well, honor is the theme that will speak".
He's having a bad day.
They're All bad days.
He needed it six hours ago.
This is not enough you know.
will see us through the week
I'm working on it.
Your turn.
I had a rough night.
Poor of you.
In other views he told me, last night
he was communicating with someone.
He's not talking to anybody.
Don't be so sure.
He has got all these details.
I thought that tank was filled
with actual barrier.
- It has got cracks in it.
- Please stop.
Paul Left.
You're not listening.
He's gonna be asking questions to you.
I think he's trying to read my mind.
That's what these are for.
I have good news for you today!
It's not about what you do.
It's not about your deed. You gotta do
what you gotta do.
He knows what you can't.
It's Okay, we are imperfect.
Make way, sir.
I said make way!
The new "quesalupa" Taco Bell!
Curry with chicken, Curry with steak
When the cheese melts right inside.
It's the next big thing.
Go now, and surprise her!
Who are you?
You know who I am.
You're the man who puts me to sleep.
needs you sleep.
No go!
No Go!
What are you doing to me?
How long I have been here?
What are these?
You remember what they are.
Shocks or seizures. Pills can prevent that.
I want you to blow off them
to make you safe.
Fuck off, Logan.
Actually, you remember who I am now.
I always know who you are.
But sometimes I don't recognize you.
Take the pills.
You leave me alone with that fucking albino.
He doesn't listen to me.
I know a damn speciation when I see one.
Speciation, a new mutant, a young one.
- There are forces trying to kill them.
- Forces?
They want help.
Forces, forces.
Too bad you are not in that
business anymore.
They do not want me,
they want you.
Oh yeah...
That's how fucking stupid they are.
They're waiting for you on the
Statue Of Liberty.
Statue of Liberty was a long time ago,
There are no new mutants.
You understand?
There was not anyone born in the 25 years.
Not anywhere.
I've always thought...
we were part of God's plan.
May be we're God's mistake.
What a disappoint man you are
When I found you...
you were disfiguring your career
as a cage fighter.
A wrong calculated life of assassin
Smoking barbiturates.
You were an animal.
But we took you in.
I gave you a family.
They are gone now.
What did you do?
What did you do?
Answer me! Why are we here?
No one should live like this.
Drugged in a fucking tank!
- It's for your own good.
- No no, it's not!
You're waiting for me to die.
I don't want to fight...
but there's things we need to discuss.
What things?
Would it be considered negative?
If I was repeat my previous observation...
this dose is too much
to suppress the seizures?
It's what the guy gave me.
He was not in a position to make demands.
I thought I was dying this morning.
- That seizure...
- It was only a minute.
It felt a lot longer than a minute.
I could not breathe.
You are less affected.
You know you need to higher dose.
And I know you got
more money squirreled away.
Money to get us out of here.
No, not us. You and him.
You're saving to buy a sun seeker.
Sun is the key word.
I hardly see myself covering
below deck like Nosferatu
Do you?
Folding your underpants,
And making him spotted dick
Found this in your pocket.
If you're planning to
blow your brains out...
Could you wait till we're at the high seas?
- I just mopped these floors.
- I don't need this shit.
A year ago, you asked me to help you.
God knows I've tried.
But I can't help you, Logan, not really...
if you are not gonna talk to me.
I hear you at night.
You are not sleeping
You don't wanna talk about that.
Or the booze your drinking.
Or the pus that you are
waiting to wipe on your knuckles.
Or the blood I wash in your clothes
Or the fresh wounds in your chest.
The ones that aren't healing.
And I'm pretty sure..
You don't want to talk about the fact
that you can't read the label on that bottle.
It says Ibruphen.
It was my favorite mug
Stay out of my ship.
Something is happening to you, Logan.
On the inside you're sick. I can smell it.
Best night of my life!
Hey, driver.
I love you. I love you.
You are such a.
Mr. Logan.
Please. We need a ride.
I am not available. Call a cab.
- My name is Gabriela Lopez.
- I don't wanna know your name lady.
there are Men after us.
We need to get out of here.
Go north, cross to Canada.
Anyone can do that job.
I'll give you $ 50,000.
How did you find me huh?
You are fucking up my life lady.
- Laura, go inside.
- What sightings?
People said someone look like a wolverine
was seen at Paso driving.
said he looked old.
I told you to stop with that ball.
No, no, no please!
- I told you, bad girl!
- No Please.
- Now your gonna have to pay for that.
- Stop Please.
They gonna have to pay for damages.
And she has cash.
I've seen it.
You get your fat ass back in your office.
You will get your money.
Don't let call anyone. Please.
They'll find us, they'll kill us.
I'm a nurse.
Was. In Mexico City.
When did that happen?
This morning. Near the border.
I got away from them, but...
Now they know my car.
Look, I gotta go.
No wait. Please. Here.
Please wait! Look.
Look. Take this. It's $ 20,000.
Here. Take us to this address.
You are gonna have $ 30,000 more
when we get there.
My friends,
he would give it to you.
They will be waiting.
They will give you anything.
Where did you get this?
My boyfriend.
He wants to kill me and take her.
That's his daughter?
I know that you're still good inside.
I know you that want to help us.
- You don't know anything about me.
- Please!
I promise, there will be no problems
if we leave now.
I can't just leave to North Dakota!
- We have to be there Friday.
- For what?
Or we miss our chance to cross.
You have to. Please.
I like Rose.
They make you look younger.
- Please hurry.
- I'm coming.
Charles, I gotta go uh,
I gotta go away for a few days.
It will be alright,
This will get money going.
When I get back, we can get out of here.
We're gonna drive to Yelapa.
Get ourselves a boat.
And we will go on the ocean.
Will we be safe there?
Yeah, we'll be safe.
I will be back in a few days.
They here, please.
- Logan.
- Ya?
What happened?
Something's gone wrong?
It was all just wrong
from the beginning.
Who does this belong to?
Who is that?
Guess we are Supposed to see shit coming.
They can track mutants.
I'm a, not a clairvoyant.
Go inside, Keep Charles alive.
Go inside Now!
In case you aren't around, assholes.
It's private property.
Yes it is.
In fact, I believe it belongs to
Multinational Smelting company...
based in Shanghai.
Where are you keeping the old man?
Is it over there?
Or over there?
That would be smart.
I would like to meet him.
Untold agency classifies his brain is
a weapon of mass destruction.
Damn shame what happened back in east.
He's been dead for years.
I need the girl.
What girl?
One girl along with that ball you own.
There is no girl here.
I know you went to the motel.
Yeah, I was called there.
There was no girl. Just a woman.
Just a woman. I suspected she was.
So you saw Gabriela.
But you did not call me.
That hurts.
You didn't shoot both of them,
did you?
- No, did you?
- I asked you first.
- I don't like guns.
- Or was.
I wish you would call me Logan.
Like I asked you.
You are not the only one
who's been enhanced.
This is Laura.
Caliban, come!
This the Laura I've been telling you about.
This is Laura.
We've been waiting for you.
Come, come here.
It's okay.
It's ok, it's okay.
Come. It's okay.
You can stay here, Laura.
It's safe.
Come on.
It's like ex military.
Kaiju hunter maybe?
Is he 'bout himself?
Yeah, not for long.
take him out to the wash and dump him.
And what if he wakes up before I get there.
Text me where you are. We will get you out.
See, see
- Logan.
- Hey. Hey!
You will get back and I'll try to figure out what
you and your mother about to send to me.
- No, Logan.
- What?
I believe that...
Logan, the woman that you met
is not her mother.
- So she talks?
- We are communicating.
Take these now.
We have to get out of here.
It's not safe here anymore.
And you can't have any attack under it
you understand?
Yes, but this is the mutant
that I told you about.
- She needs our help.
- She's not a mutant.
- Yes she is!
- What's her gift, Charles?
Eating? pipe Throwing?
It's okay.
Oh yeah.
"Take the gun. Dump the body".
"Text me where you are
and we'll get you back"
You're fucked now, muty.
It's ok.
It's ok. Sit down.
- We gotta go.
- What?
- What's going on?
- Stay here. Where?
- Don't move.
- Where are we going?
Don't worry.
He'll be back for you.
Logan, the girl. Don't go.
Wait for the girl.
Logan, what about the girl?
Logan, we must not forget about Laura.
It's not our problem.
Yeah, I'm thinking.
The child.
Logan, we mustn't forget Laura.
- Please be quite.
- Logan.
- Charles Xavier.
- Where's Caliban?
America's most wanted Octogenarian.
I'm Not an Octogenarian, actually.
Where is Caliban?
Why don't you tell me
where the girl is first.
Or I can ask you about.
It seems quite friendly.
I told you she's not here.
Where is Caliban, fucker?
I left him in the same ditch
he was gonna leave me.
See, Mr. Wolverine, seeing you like
this justbreaks my damn heart.
go get her.
Bad girl!
Hey baby.
Honey, you wanna stay where you are.
You want to see your friends, right?
Commander, just stop.
Boss said alive or dead.
No no.
Move! Now!
Move! Now!
Stop shooting.
She heals! Move!
See I told you Logan,
She is just a mutant like you.
Hold on!
Very much like you.
Laura, are you alright?
Hold on.
Oh Come on!
Come on!
In line, let's go.
Sit back.
Bring me the tracker.
Who the hell are you?
Hey! I asked you a question.
Who are you?
You know who she is, Logan.
No, I don't
Does she remind you of anybody?
I read about you as a kid.
I believe you think of someone else,
If now I'm not mistaken,
you used to work for my team.
You were helping man above those mutants.
What changed?
You got religious?
I'm gonna need you to do one more thing
for the good guys...
and track one more special mutant for me.
I'm not helping you.
Of course you would say that.
But I've got a theory that
people don't really change.
Beware of light.
Caliban, I bet that's what your mama told you
day after day when you was a kid.
Beware of the light.
Let's not bring out the worst in it,
shall we?
The girl is not worth it, trust me.
She is not a natural fuck up, like you.
She's a business mistake,
R&D going bad
There's a liability.
They can't have things with their patients running around
hurting people, can they?
We need to get her off the board
before she hurts anybody else.
Someone you care about.
So begins the sniffing.
My name is Gabriela Lopez.
I'm a nurse.
And for 10 years I worked for
Transigen research in Mexico City.
Transigen is combined American company.
What I'm about to show you is illegal...
in the US and Canada.
They told us we were part of a
pharmaceutical study.
But Of course, it was a lie.
These children were born in Transigen.
They were born here...
and have never left.
They have never seen the sun or the ocean...
rain or snow...
or any of God's creatures.
They have no birth certificates...
No names...
Except the ones we have given them.
They were raised in the
bellies of Mexican Girls.
Cause no one can find anyone.
Their fathers were...
Special seeds in bottles.
We do not call them baby, or kiss..
Do not think them as children.
Think them as stupids
with patents and copyrights.
- Comprende?
- Si seneor.
They thought we were too poor
and stupid to understand.
We are poor, yes...
but we are not stupid.
Use your powers.
This is business.
They are making soldiers.
These are babies and mutantes...
North Dakota.
You took that woman's money.
You said you would take the child there.
What is she?
She is your daughter, Logan.
Alkali has your genetic code.
Not just mine.
I do not want to talk about
I don't wanna hear about it anymore.
- Logan...
- Just stop.
I have to pee.
Last lap.
You're welcome.
Stop it for God's sake,
least do it myself.
yeah. But, you're not doing it.
Not with you standing there.
Trust me, I'm not looking.
Hi there!
You know you got to pay for that, right?
Hey! Where's your Mommy and Daddy huh?
Come on.
That's enough.. These too.
Not okay!
I am sorry.
Cell phone chargers?
Come on. Get in the car.
As the children grew over...
Laura. Laura.
They became more difficult.
They were not to be controlled.
The company made their bodies into weapons.
They tried to teach them to kill.
But they do not want to fight.
A soldier who'll not fight is useless.
Inside this building...
They are working on something new.
Something they think is better
than the children.
Something They say is without a soul.
They would have been successful.
A week ago, they told us
to shut the programme down.
Before they killing children to speak.
We want to save as many children as we can.
A place for mutants.
They call it Eden.
If you're watching this...
It means that I'm dead.
I am not sure
if any of the children survived.
We were separated.
There is no more money.
That was a lie.
She's not my child
But I love her.
You may not feel to love her.
But she's your child.
Please. I beg you...
take her to safety.
So it's where we're hiding now?
We aren't hiding out.
We'll get couple of hours sleep...
Clean up, get some new clothes,
get a new ride to get out of here.
Harrah's Hotel and Casino
welcomes you to the Oklahoma City.
Endless fun at Harrah's Casino.
Hey, leave it out in front, alright?
Come on let's go.
Hey, Laura.
Let's go.
We need clothes.
Going up.
No, no, stop.
They are not to play.
- No, no, sorry. The chair.
- What? okay.
Thank you.
Come here. Stay there. Stand there.
Logan, it is yours.
Not here now.
We just need the room for changing.
This is a very famous picture, Laura.
It's almost a 100 years old.
I first saw this picture in the Essoldo
cinema in my own town...
when I was at your age.
You are in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done...
Do you read this in your spare time?
Oh yeah, Charles,
We have ourselves an X man fan.
You do know they are all bullshit right?
Maybe a quarter bit happens,
and not like this.
In the real world, people die.
And no self promoting asshole in a fucking
This is ice cream for.
Your nurse has been feeding her
some great bullshit.
I thought that Laura needs remaining of
Life's impounds.
Didn't you say something about finding
us a new ride?
Two more pills in one hour.
Give them to him.
Why, Shane?
A man has to be what it is, Joey.
Can't break the moulds.
I tried, didn't work for me.
Joey, once you know that you've killed...
There is no going back.
Right or wrong is a brand.
A brand sticks.
Now you run home to your mother and
tell her that everything is alright.
There are no more guns in the valley now.
Who are you guys?
More cops?
cause I told the other guys...
Get up! In your cage, tracker.
You did your job.
Help yourself out.
Say what. Eight grand...
I'll later paint it for you, new tires,
and complete paperwork.
I'll give you Ten as it is
if you can forget the paperwork.
Well you still need new tires,
and it's involved.
How long will that take?
An hour.
Oh you fuckin' kidding me
Sir, you have your keys in it...? Sir!
You have the keys in it?
Charles. Charles!
Going up.
You alright?
We gotta get out of here.
I am so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Emergency personnel is still...
At Harrah's Casino and Hotel
in Oklahoma City
where at least 400 guest was striken
with temporary paralysis yesterday.
Which left over 600 injured...
And took the lives f several mutants
including sevaral of the X men.
Not at all.
I said not at all!
She's a child, Logan.
And as far as fact, She is your...
How long did you recently take your meds?
- Tell me, how long has it been?
- Don't know!
Two days.
You saw what happened yesterday.
If that shit, can't go on any longer...
I did what I had to do to save Laura
You didn't do anything.
You'd just freaked out and had
a fucking siezure.
I think you prefer me for assumingly
catch straight grumbling on like a lunatic
So much easier for you.
Easier? Jesus!
There is nothing easy back here.
Charles, Nothing!
Yes, yes,
Blaming someone else for your boring shit.
I know.
I was a giant disappointed.
You obviously do not know
no sence importance
for what do we do?
Okay, what are we doing?
There is a young mutant
sitting in our car.
And where we are taking her,
there are others.
Does that mean nothing to you?
Oh yeah, yeah it means nothing to me.
Especially since that Gabriela...
She made all that new shit off the
fucking comic Books.
What are you talking about?
Give that to him, Take out two pills
and give that to him.
Logan, Logan.
I wanna see them.
Fucking loading trucks.
And you're screaming at a machine.
Now what? She can go with a man a feet
without hearing million words.
She can learn to be better.
You mean, better than me?
Actually yes.
And by the way, Laura's foot claws are
obvious result of her gender.
Is that expected?
In a pride of lions, the females...
is the hunter and carrier.
Good to Know.
She uses her front claws for hunting...
And her back claws for defencing.
Oh yeah?
Thus ensuring their survival.
Hey hey!
We should help them.
No we have to keep going.
Someone will come along.
Someone has come along.
Alert, alert.
Hey, you need a hand?
Ready? Go!
Good, got it!
Let's get home.
Thanks so much for help.
- I'm Kathryn.
- James.
He's my son Nate.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That's your daughter?
Yes, she is Laura, and that's my dad...
Come on, Laura, let's go.
Well, can we sure atleast?
We don't live not far from here.
- No thanks.
- That would be lovely.
I'm Dr. Rice.
But you can call me Xander if you like.
My colleague tells me that
you got some resistant.
We believe you've been
dispensing delayed information.
To allow your friends take one step ahead.
I'm offering you a possibility of redemption, Caliban.
To protect the world and
save your friends.
The girl is just a small pass
to that.
Unlike you, she isn't pure.
It was not made by nature.
She's my mistake.
I did what I could
and they burned me and beat me.
Your colleagues are savages.
I agree.
The Reavers were very ineffective
I will only choose to bear.
But I still need someone to part
us in the right direction.
No, I can't help you.
Please, please.
What does he have? the old man?
A degenerative brain disease in the
world's most dangerous brain.
What a collab.
Thank you God for this food...
And our new friends to have us.
They came to our help.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Here you go.
Well, there is plenty more if she wants.
She doesn't. Thank you.
This is delicious.
- Thank you.
- So good.
Where are you all going?
- Oregon.
- Ah. South Dakota.
Well, Oregon and then South Dakota.
We are city folks.
Always wanted to do take a road trip,
see the country.
Meet the people in it.
That sounds lovely.
I'm trying to get Will
to take a vaction for years.
If you take trips the whole of country,
Who is gonna take care of this place?
Exactly. I say let it go.
And live up where?
The Lord will provide.
I'm still waiting for the Lord to provide
me a new Thresher.
Honestly, I love to travel someday.
I bet you will.
- I can drive by to school.
- Ok, let's not go to that far.
I'll do it.
- No.
- Why not?
- You wanted to tranvel, I wanna travell.
- Son. Son.
That sounds pretty good.
It's the perfect.
Why do you want to do that, Nate?
Careful, you're speaking to a man
who ran a school...
for a lot of years, Charles?
Well, that's correct
It was a...
It was a kind of special needs school
That's a good description.
He was there too.
Yeah, I was in it too.
I got expelled out 3 times.
I wish I could say that you were a good pupil,
but the words will choke me.
Well, I can't thank you enough for this.
It was great.
But we have a long drive out...
You need to rest, don't you?
Yeah, we'll find a motel.
The nearest one is two hours and
it's not even that nice.
We have a perfectly fine room upstairs
for your father and daughter...
and you can sleep in the living room on the.
Kathryn, you're very very nice,
but we must go.
We can leave early in the morning.
Right at dawn, is it good?
Ok, why don't we wash off after?
Sit down.
Sweetie, you want some dessert?
Two days on the road, only one meal
Hardly any sleep.
She is 11 and I'm fucking 90, dammit.
There is 101 reasons to keep moving.
I'm not a box of avocados, Logan.
We were to sleep, then what?
Then we take her to her friends in Eden.
And then we bought the Sun Seeker.
Take the pills.
- What's going on?
- Nate!
Fill the tub before we lose pressure.
Honey, check the sink.
They are not going to leave this for you.
We might will handle it now.
Can't wait till morning.
Cause it rained last night
We have three guests
and a sink full of dishes.
Alright. Alright.
The pumping station that supplies us
is Mile and a half.
Sometimes it get itself shut off.
- That asshole.
- Hey!
My son is happy to go with you.
that's fine.
The men that do this
sometimes they can be...
- I can go.
- No, do your homework.
Okay, I'll go.
Just I need to get my dad settled.
You Want TV?
there is TV here.
No thank you.
Get some rest.
You know, Logan?
This is what a life will explain.
A home, people love each other.
A safe place.
You should take a moment and feel it.
Yeah. It's great.
You still have time.
Charles, the world
is not the same as it was.
We came to risking around here,
you know that.
And where we're going, Eden...
does not exist.
Her nurse got it from a comic book.
You understand?
It's not real.
It is for Laura.
It is for Laura.
Get some rest.
Canewood beverage bought everything up
except for us.
We wouldn't sell, They tried under domain.
They still mess with our water.
A couple of months ago,
somebody poisoned our dogs.
So they were on highways today on
those trucks?
I don't know. Maybe.
Hold that.
They are like dinosaures with 20 tonns body
and tiny little brains.
And all tastes like shit too.
Why do people eat?
The don't.
Drink it. Corn syrup.
to stay awake, cheer up,
feel strong, sexy, whatever.
Used to be a time,
when a bad day was just a bad day.
Mine are still on.
Those are for
These are for barrel racing...
and right here this for
They are all second and third place.
I'm not too good, but my dad makes me.
Do you want to listen?
You like it?
Take, you can take them for tonight...
and I get it back from you
in the morning.
Seems like we'll be here a while.
That'll hold.
Until next time.
Hey, how long your daughter's
been like that?
Since the beginning.
In a lot of ways, I envy you.
When they get to be Nate's age,
the nonsence that comes out of their mouths
Don't worry.
Stay here.
Good evening, Mr. Munson.
What brings you out this way?
You should ask your boys.
Mr. Munson, you know that
you're tresspassing right now, right?
I had a lease with the previous owner
of the barn.
Previous offered it for me
Who is this?
It's the guy who tells you to
get back in your nice truck.
Go to play old somewhere else.
Hey, Carl...
Looks like Mr Munson hired some muscle.
So it's that way.
He is a friend of mine.
A friend with a big mouth.
I hear that a lot.
Then you probably hear this too.
More than I like it.
Then you know what to do.
I'll count to three...
and you're gonna start walking away.
I have a right to this water.
- One.
- I have a lawyer now.
You okay, boss?
You know the drill.
Get away.
Okay, boss?
You got training.
Hey, don't wake her yet.
Let her sleep for one more hour.
You know, Logan?
This was without a doubt...
the most perfect night I've had in a very long time.
But I don't deserve it.
I did something.
Something unspeakable.
I have remembered
what happened in Westchster.
This is not the first time I have hurt.
Until today, I did not.
You wouldn't tell me.
So we just, kept from...
running away from.
I think I finally understand you.
It is fantastic.
You said you only needed the girl!
Leave her.
Stay there, Will!
Hold this.
Was not me. it Was not me.
Here it comes.
Pick it up.
We are halfway.
No no no. They will come to us.
We struggled with X-23s.
You see because they are children...
We can raise them without conciousness.
But you can't manage her rage.
You simply design it..
Who the fuck is that?
Will Munson!
Hold on, Charles.
Munson, goddammit, come out here!
Come here now!
Come out here now, Munson.
There's that asshole.
Hey, asshole.
Listen, I'm willing to let bygones
be bygones.
I do not know what Munson's paying you..
but Canewood can start you at Five G.
A week that is.
You better stay where you are pal.
I'm the law out here.
No no no.
What no!
Oh SHit!
Shoot him!
We need to intervene.
Well all this is you, Doc.
Get back here!
stop Now!
Hold yourself.
- Our boat.
- What?
The sun seeker.
All man here!
What the fuck do you think you're doing?
Pick it up.
Beware of the light.
What the hell are you?
Sit down.
Let us go.
Hands down.
Load it to the truck.
It's alright, it's alright.
You did fine 24.
You are healing.
Just breathe.
You're a new born, by new measure.
Just breathe.
Your body has work to do.
Hemostasis, angiogenesis,
Stem cell proliferization.
This will help you heal.
Make you stronger.
It's near the water and...
It's the water.
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
Welcome back.
I just thought that I have to tell..
that nice little girl
out in the waiting room...
that daddy's gone.
I always hoped...
that I get the chance to meet someone
like you.
Since a few left.
Nice to meet you too, doctor.
But I gotta get on my way.
No, do not do that.
What you need is rest and treatment.
You need to check yourself somewhere.
- I'll be fine.
- No, you're not!
I know that you're different...
but that doesn't change the fact that
inside you is poisoned.
You have to check youself into a hospital.
Find out what it is.
I know what it is.
Please Mr, if you don't want to go to a hospital,
maybe I can help you.
Maybe I can run some tests.
Look, Doc. You seem like a nice guy.
If you want to save my life
save your own.
Forget we were here.
Let's go.
You can't just take..
I don't know how you got me here but..
Thank you.
You can talk?
You can talk?
What the hell...?
Why the fuck...?
What's all this bullshit
during this 3000 fucking miles?
What? Shut up.
Shut up, dammit!
What? Who is that?
Who is that?
North Dakota.
Shit, Look...
This place. Yeah?
Your nurse, she read too many stories,
you understand?
Too many stories!
I've seen it! I've seen it, okay?
This all here...
None of this..none of this exist
in real, ok?
I mean this Eden does not exist.
No no.
It's a fantasy. You can't see that?
Those are the names of people
who made this...
They made this whole thing up.
Okay? this whole..
It happened once, and they just
turned it into a big fucking lie.
All this is. No!
I know, I understand.
This is long away.
You understand?
I am not taking you to North Dakota.
I am fucked up. I can not get you there.
These are two days away.
And no I'm not taking...
You hit me!
Don't hit me!
Stop saying those names.
And stop saying them.
You wanna go?
I'll take you there.
..See for yourself.
Fucking damn fantasy land.
We understand the importance of containment,
Dr. Rice.
But You can not leave a war zone behind
like you did in Juarez.
Try to remind yourself these are
killing machines.
Cute little puppy disembowed their families.
Not all.
I was told to have this patients, up hold.
You changing my direction?
Dissect tissues from inside.
It's good tracker,
high IQ.
Here you go.
North Dakota
Let me drive.
Absolutely not.
Quit looking at me.
You're dying.
You want to die.
Charles told me.
What else did he tell you?
Do not let him.
Hey Hey hey!
Keep it stable.
Swing it towards me.
Easy, easy.
Is this good, Rictor?
No, not so much.
Where am I?
Where did you get that?
Where we came from.
They gave it to us when we were fighting.
It makes you stronger.
It makes you crazy is what it does.
It'll kill you.
Not if you use it in small doses.
It's helping you heal.
Where is Laura?
She is sleeping down there.
You want me to wake her up?
You had a nightmare.
Do you have nightmares?
People who hurt me.
Mine are different.
I hurt people.
You know what it is?
It's made of adamantium.
It's what they put into us.
So it could kill us.
Probably what's killing me now.
I got this a long time ago...
and kept as a remember
of what I am.
Now I keep it to...
I was thinking of shooting myself.
Like Carles said.
I have hurt people too.
You gonna have to learn
how to live with that.
They Were bad people.
All the same.
It's not funny. That's not funny!
Hey! Hey pops.
How long have I been out?
How long was I in that bed?
Two days.
Go and tell them to get packing.
You can not just stay here.
We had to wait.
It was the plan.
And everyone had till today
to find their way here.
If you keep waiting, Alkali will find
and they kill you all.
You need to get out!
We are leaving tomorrow before dawn.
We gonna cross the border.
It's a safety.
See the coordinates?
Yes, between noon and 5..
- Your asylum is approved.
- Alright.
Further to your right, Laura.
A little more. Yes.
Do you see the Woods?
That's a 8 mile hike from here.
And you see that pass?
That's the border.
That's where we'll be safe.
Come inside.
Laura told me
what you did for her.
She was lucky to have you.
Take it. She says it's yours.
It's why you did, right?
yeah, Well...
Look, I do not need it.
You do. okay?
Suit yourself.
Your friends they seem nice.
Kind of reminds me of...
Hey, hey, what's going on?
You're with your pals. You made it.
Where will you go?
The nearest bar to get started.
Hey, I got you here.
That was all I stand up for.
I even gave back the money.
Such a nice man.
Hey, I never asked for this.
Alright? Charles did not ask for this.
Caliban never asked for this.
And they are six feet under the ground.
I do not know what Charles
put into your head...
but I'm not whatever it is you think I am.
I even met you like a week ago.
You got your Rebecca, Delilah...
to blah, blah, or whatever
Everything you've asked for you've got it.
And it is better this way.
Because I suck at this.
Bad shit happens to people I care about.
You understand me?
Then I'll be fine.
Run, Bobby, run!
Go! Go!
Go faster.
We should reach them before
they get to the border.
Move out!
Let's go! Let's go!
Run! Run!
I want you to breath.
Just a flesh wound.
There she is!
We got her!
Back off!
Stay behind me!
You took all the medicine.
It's going to effect.
Go with your friends.
You know when.
9'o clock!
The green juice made it all pal!
You old fool though,
need to scale a short high.
Hard to keep your claws out sometime.
Waste this dick, Logan!
Please stop, Mr. Howlett.
You gonna have to tell this
bunch of file on these children.
You don't want that.
conceading the effect of serum.
It will not survive for the wounded.
Allow me to introduce myself.
Zander Rice.
I believe you knew my father
in the weapon x program.
Yeah. he's the asshole
who put this poison in me.
Yes, he was one of them.
I think I might have killed him.
I think you're right.
Show some respect, muty.
Your'e looking at the man
who fucked up your kind.
My friend Donald exaggerates.
He makes it sound more Brutal than intended.
But that was not to end mutant kind...
but to control it.
I've realized we can't stop perfecting
what we've even dreamt
We could use that part to perfect ourselves.
Gene therapy discreeting through..
from soft drinks to breakfast cereals.
And it worked.
Random mutaantcy went like polio.
We will launch our next...
Create mutants on your own.
- precisely.
- These are dangerous times, James. You can't.
Dinner time, boy!
Get up, boy
Get up, boy!
He did that. Get up!
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Get out of here! Go!
Faster Faster!
No no. Do not.
Take your friends and hide.
They'll keep coming.
Listen, you don't have to fight anymore.
Don't be what they made you.
Ah, so this is what it feels like.
A man has to be what he is, Joey.
Can't break the moulds.
There is no living with a killing...
There is no going back.
Right or Wrong,
it is a brand.
A brand that's...
Now you run home to your mother
Tell her everything is alright.
There are no more guns in the Valley
Let's go.
We gotta move.