Logan Lucky (2017) Movie Script

Now, the story goes
that John Denver,
he was playin'
at this little ol' place
called the cellar door
in Washington, DC--
around christmastime in 1970.
And his opening act
was this husband and wife duo
named bill danoff
and Taffy nivert.
And they called themselves
fat city.
That's kind of
a funny name.
Yeah, that is
kind of a funny name.
Uh, 5/8ths.
Now, one night they decide
to go on back to the house
and have a little jam session.
On the way
they got in an accident
and John Denver,
he broke his thumb.
When they finally
got back to the house
and bill and Taffy played him--
played John Denver this song
they'd been working on,
he flipped for it, man.
They worked on that thing
till dawn.
Flat head
or Phillips?
So that's why
you like the song.
Well, I like the song
because of the song.
I mean,
i guess I also like it
'cause it's got a story
behind it.
You know,
bill danoff later said
that he ain't never even
been to West Virginia.
Well, I like the song too,
but I don't really think
it'll work for the pageant.
or needle-nose?
Are you coming
to my rehearsal?
I'm gonna pick you up
right after work.
Just so you know, I asked
mommy if she and moody would
pay for your cell phone.
She said
even if they did,
you wouldn't take it.
she's right.
The only thing...
I need a cell phone for
is taking pictures of you.
Gun show.
Hey, daddy.
What you say, Cal?
Hey, Jimmy.
Come on in.
Shut that door,
would ya?
Have a seat.
Jimmy, I'm just gonna say it.
I gotta let you go.
Cal, i--
I didn't even do nothin'.
I know you didn't
do nothin'.
But last week,
someone in hr saw you leavin',
walkin' out to your truck,
and they saw
you was limping.
My leg ain't got nothin' to do
with driving that case.
I know that. I know.
But the folks
over in the big office,
they feel different,
and they said you didn't
list it on your paperwork
when you was first brought on.
And they're calling it
a "pre-existing condition"
and that it is
a liability issue.
Okay, this big then.
This big.
And you let me
drive my truck
around the track.
It's a four-wheel drive.
I can get 150--
purple lady,
you know my brother Jimmy?
Oh, Jimmy Logan.
That ballplayer
that was gonna be
a big deal?
Hey, purple lady.
My husband,
the major,
when he was still alive,
he loved lsu football.
Whenever they'd show the games
here local, we'd watch.
Course, for me it was
all about the uniforms.
Their jerseys are the most
striking shade of purple.
Yes, purple.
And gold.
Royal colors.
i got off early,
so I figured I'd take Sadie
on over to her dance thing
so you didn't have to drive her.
Well, that's great and all,
you wantin' to see your daughter
dance and everything,
but it was yesterday.
Excuse you!
I got her there fine,
by the way.
See, most people think
if you're gonna
go to Charleston,
then, duh, you get on
the 85 for danville,
then the i-19 to Charleston.
Fifty-four miles.
But being 4:00 P.M., I knew--
not the best time of day
to be on the road.
And they're still doing
all that shoulder work
on the i-19.
Plus, then you got the sun
right in your eyes
for that whole stretch
outside of Julian.
So, yeah,
i took the 85 to danville,
but then I hopped onto the 3.
So instead of going up and over,
I'm going over and then up.
After that,
it was just a straight shot
on Daniel Boone parkway
all the way to marmet.
It sure sounds like
you love to drive.
It was just rehearsal.
Not like the real pageant.
But Bobbie Jo was not happy.
Why didn't you call me?
Tried, but your cell phone
seems to have been turned off.
You should pay your bills.
Everyone needs a cell phone.
I don't like 'em.
You one of them
unabomber types?
Yeah. I am
one of them
unabomber types.
See, I don't like people
tellin' me what to do,
like answer the phone.
Oh, this is gonna
be good.
Look, I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I thought it wa--
i knew it was 4:00.
I just thought
it was 4:00 today.
That's the first time
you've used that excuse.
Look, I said I was sorry.
Mellie said y'all figured
it out just fine anyway.
She also tell you
that she got pulled over
goin' 30 miles
over the speed limit
with my daughter in the car?
That's our daughter.
Sadie said her aunt Mellie
worked her Mellie magic
and talked the cops
into not giving her a ticket.
So that's a real good
character-building experience
for our daughter to witness.
Don't laugh at me!
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
Forget it.
Wh-what's up with
the "for sale" sign
out there?
You didn't tell me
you and moody's
buyin' a new house.
What are you
Ow! Ow! Man!
Hey, me and your mama was just
talkin' about maybe me and you
goin' to get some ice cream.
I'm not allowed
ice cream anymore.
Says who?
She says it's got
too many calories
and that nobody
loves a fat girl.
You ain't fa--
I think that's
a little bit harsh.
This is some of that
co-parenting stuff
you and I need to talk about.
That Dr. Phil stuff.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, moody.
What's goin' on,
Thank you.
Hey! Hey, you two
don't settle down,
you ain't gon' get no mall!
will you come with?
I'm taking Sadie and the boys
to see that new
furious fast movie at the mall.
You want in?
Uh... it's a little--
it's a little intense
for the kids, ain't it?
No, they love it.
Keeps em quiet.
They sit there, staring at
the screen the whole time,
scared shitless.
- You wanna come?
- Please?
I gotta get, um--
get on goin' to work.
You know?
Ain't got time
for a whole movie.
But you go and have fun.
Give me a hug.
No, my back!
We're gonna get
some ice cream. Promise?
But it's gotta be yogurt,
'cause I got the pageant
coming up.
Oh, I finally know
what song I'm gonna sing
for talent!
What song?
"Umbrella" by Rihanna.
When Rihanna sings "umbrella,"
she's not really singing
about a rain umbrella.
She's really singing
about her vagina.
It's code.
- Who told you that?
- Everybody.
Come on! Let's go!
Everybody in the expedition!
Hey, kiss your mother when you leave.
Aw. Thank you.
See ya, sweetie.
I wasn't done
talkin' to you yet.
What am I in trouble for now?
We need to talk about
some legal stuff.
Hey, uh, Jimmy,
uh, your car?
can you give us
a minute?
Legal stuff?
You was askin' about
the "for sale" sign.
Moody's expandin'.
His family's opening up
a new dealership
down in lynchburg.
That's across
the state line.
Hell, no. You can't just
tell me that, like I ain't
got no say in the matter.
You'll still
get your days.
Just we'll be in lynchburg.
You can drive across the
state line to pick her up.
I have full custody.
It's not happenin'.
I'm gettin' a lawyer.
what money?
What you say there,
Hey, Jimmy.
I been
uncoverin' a lot.
Did you know
aunt Maggie,
in 1983,
won the lotto
but then lost
the ticket--
and backwood gossip.
Well, you gotta admit
this kind of stuff don't
happen to normal folk.
Not tonight, Clyde.
there's a pattern.
Pappaw's diamond,
uncle stickley's
mommy gets sick after
daddy's settlement,
the roof collapse--
come on, Clyde.
You blow
your knee out.
And a roadside mine
takes my arm as I was
transpo-ing out.
I was almost
at the airport.
What about Mellie then?
Ain't nothin' bad
ever happen to Mellie.
You just gave it
a mouth.
You need
to take it back.
I don't even know
what I'm t--
I'm gonna go
to my satellite office.
Then we gonna
talk about this.
The dirty big secret is
that I am the asset
in this scenario.
It's not Dayton white.
And the simple fact is,
I'd be driving that car myself
if my day job wasn't running
a billion-dollar company.
And by the way,
it was my understanding
that this is America, people.
So them trying
to muzzle the company
that I created in America
is a violation
of my free speech.
And plus-- plus,
two of those kids only had
one kidney to begin with.
So why isn't anybody
writing about that?
Right. It's total bs.
What do you like?
I just thought of
a great song title.
"The kindness
of a one-armed bartender."
All right, no.
See, I got two arms.
See? I'm
a transradial amputee.
So it's my lower forearm
and hand that's missing.
My mistake.
I'm very lucky.
I guess I can settle
for a stoli, extra dry,
two olives.
Can you handle that?
Uh, yeah.
Up or on the rocks?
That's pretty good.
Could be colder.
Ice shortage
around here
'cause of the water
contamination plant from
the chemical leak upstream.
Hey, do you mind doing
that drink thing again?
Wanna shoot a post.
Got 1.2 million
This could
make you famous.
How 'bout he bounce a damn ball
on his nose for you next
like a trained seal?
You got a problem?
i got a problem.
I take exception to people
messin' with my brother.
That's two tours in Iraq
right there.
He stepped forward
when others
were steppin' back.
So you need to show
a little respect.
Thank you
for your service.
And cheers.
So, brothers, eh?
You know,
it's funny.
With your bad leg
and his missin' an arm--
excuse me. Hand.
It's like the two of you
almost add up
to one normal person.
Oh, man,
i know who you are.
You're that--
you're that guy
on the TV
with the drink.
I mean,
you famous.
Right on both.
I'm that guy on the TV
with the drink,
and yes, I'm famous.
Very, very famous.
Hey, can I get
a photo with you?
Sure. Sure.
The guys at the garage
ain't gonna believe me.
Make it quick.
Hold on.
Wait a second.
There we go.
All right. Good.
--Hey, what the--
hey, Earl.
You got a light?
oh, uh--
Ah, thank you.
Stay down!
Stay down!
Fire! Fire!
It's on fire.
That is
massively stupid!
an $85,000 vehicle.
he was assaulted.
He tried
to assault me.
Well, don't just
stand there gawping.
Get your phones out!
Film this!
- This is Max.
Get Mike on the phone.
- What'd he just say?
Wait. Y-you can't
just walk away.
This is a crime scene.
Did you just say
"cauliflower" to me?
Unless I'm mistaken,
yesterday, as you were
leavin' the bar, you said
the word "cauliflower."
That's right. I did.
The last time
you said that word to me,
I ended up
gettin' sent down
for six months.
It was juvie.
I was 13.
And you were supposed to be
the lookout, now, weren't you?
Bein' that I was
your kid brother,
I let you lead me into trouble
with all your crazy
cauliflower plans.
My life of crime
is over.
But you did
make breakfast
this morning.
Even burned the bacon
like I like and you hate.
I also saw you have
some sort of robbery
"to-do" list.
Now, I know this attempt
to be organized
is a big step for you.
So go.
Charlotte motor speedway.
The speedway.
It's one of the busiest
sports venues in the country.
Just last year
they had over 300 events.
It's the official home
of nascar, of course. That's
all run on that main track.
But that place right there
ain't just about racing.
This place is like a city.
A few years ago
they built condos
for people who wanted
to live above the track
all year long.
They sold out
in less than 24 hours.
They even got their own
police force and jail
for people carryin' on
and gettin' out of hand.
Do you hear the words
comin' out your mouth?
They have their own
police force.
I'm midway
through my presentation,
so you can just
not interrupt me
and let me get it out.
How many times have I listened
to that "Logan family curse"
thing of yours?
Thank you.
as you very well know,
speedway's got a big problem
on its hands night now.
Forty-year-old pipe burst,
and since the whole thing
is built on landfill,
it's turnin' to mush,
which is causin'
all these sinkholes.
That's right.
The sinkholes
in the infield.
Now, they wanted
to fix this thing up right.
So what'd they do?
What'd they do? They called
a bunch of us that used to
work down in them mines.
'Cause we know the work.
And you do
good work.
We do good work.
But you
were just fired.
I was let go
for liability reasons
involving insurance.
Can you just get to the part
of why you think
you can do this?
I know how
they move the money.
Who's got the code?
They can't get in!
It's Christmas. "12-25."
That's the override.
All right.
I got a leg!
I got a leg!
Give him some air.
Easy, easy,
easy, easy.
All right.
Come on.
Hey, bobo,
what the hell's
all this stuff?
that's the ptt.
What, them--
they gas lines?
tube transport.
Each concession
has its own rig.
When the register
starts to fill up,
they can do
a money dump
through the ptt.
Easy to do,
and it don't interfere
with the beer sellin'.
Plus, heck of a lot more secure
than tryin' to pick up cash
during a race.
So, all them pipes, what,
they just run right into--
to the main vault.
The whole thing
is like a cash highway.
I even know
the when to do it.
June 4.
The grocery castle
auto show.
It's graduation weekend.
It'll be the smallest
turnout of the summer.
There gonna be
bare bones staff
and security.
A real bank vault?
Yeah, it's a tough one too.
I looked it up
on the Google.
The only guy
that knows anything about
blowin' up real bank vaults
is Joe bang.
Joe bang?
That's a legend right there.
- You know where he is.
- No, I know where he is.
We can't do it without him.
This is a surprise.
What you say there,
Joe bang?
Ain't seen you
in a while.
How goes it?
Well, I'm sittin'
on this side of the table
wearin' a onesie.
How do you think
it's goin'?
you look good.
Real good.
You two
got any quarters?
I got a quarter.
Does it have
to be a quarter?
Come on now.
I found one.
Yeah, well, one of you
go over to the machine
on the left, you punch j-7.
Bring it back.
Go on, now.
Doctors. They say
i have high blood pressure.
So I get this
low-sodium salt
Fake salt.
Can you believe that?
Someone thought to do that.
They make fake salt.
So, you wanna
talk business?
Well, we got
a job for you.
A vault.
Look around you,
my friends.
My bank-blowin' days
are over.
I got a little nest egg
waitin' for me
when I get out.
You're stashin'
Buried under
the oak tree with the red swing
there at your place?
It seems your brother fish
told his wife
about your stash.
Fish told misty?
Next day misty
dug the whole thing up
and ran off
with some truck driver
from Florida.
What part of Florida?
It's a carven hill vault.
Just like the one
you blew up
in parkersburg.
Steel-encased concrete?
Wall's 20-inch thick.
You sneeze
within ten feet
of a carven hill
its seismic sensors
will have you wearin'
one of these onesies
before you know
what happened.
Well, there's construction
goin' on round there right now,
so them seismic sensors
are turned off.
So we just need you
to blow her open.
I got five months to go
in here.
I should probably
lay low a bit
before doin' a job.
This has to happen
in five weeks.
I am...
Incar... cer...
Ra... Ted.
Yeah, we got a... plan
to get you out.
As in, break me out?
In the middle of the night?
No. Afternoon.
It's a day job.
You're gonna get me out of here
in broad daylight, do the job
and then get me back in here
before anyone notices?
You logans
must be as simpleminded
as people say.
People say that?
What's the take?
It's bigger'n you can bury under an oak tree.
And the split?
Even split.
No. No way.
Well, why not?
I got a brother.
I got two.
I'd need 'em involved
to protect my interest.
Say, why don't you take these
over to your mama?
I'll bring the rest.
When you gonna give
that piece of junk up? Huh?
I keep telling you to
come down to the dealership
and I'll hook you up.
You know
we're family.
We're not family.
You mean,
i can't interest you
in the latest v6 offering
of the American
classic mustang?
3.7 liters
of pure power.
Come on.
You can't tell me
you wouldn't love to get
behind the wheel of this baby.
Come on, jump on in.
Take it for a spin.
I don't need anything
that fancy.
Well, you know
this Nova ended up
costin' Chevy a ton.
It totally
bit the dust
in Mexico.
You know,
in Mexican "Nova"
translates to "no go."
They couldn't
get anyone
to buy it
'cause they all thought
the car would, you know,
no go.
You're an idiot.
No, it's true.
Not true.
Look it up.
I am kinda surprised
you went for the v6 automatic.
The v8's just so much faster,
and you can really feel
the road under you.
Course, I keep forgettin',
you can't drive stick.
No, i-i know how
to drive stick.
I don't think you do.
All the cars you always
bringin' home from the lot
are auto.
I love stick.
I'm a big fan of stick!
Yeah! Yeah! Go!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, girl!
Let's go!
Go, Sadie!
You got a ribbon, baby.
Come here. What's it say?
It's not first place.
It only matters
if you win.
That ain't true at all.
That boy's
damn near 14 years old.
Come on.
Give me a smile.
Go show your mama.
Good job, baby doll.
Come to mama.
You did good!
Let me see.
i found 'em.
You should see.
They'll know
what we want them to know.
Let's hear it for
the bang brothers, folks!
Aw, dang.
Y'all got a sec?
Whoa, whoa.
I'm winnin'.
Not stoppin'.
Don't you put
the Logan hex on me.
Yeah, we been out
to see your brother.
He tell you
that we're lookin'
to talk to y'all?
Joe said
you need for him to
blow open the vault.
Somethin' like that.
Joe said
you know computers.
I went to, uh,
technical college.
Well, this here's
a little more involved
than that.
We need, like,
a computer whiz.
Like one of them
Facebook boys.
I know everything
there is to know
about computers, okay.
All the twitters.
I know 'em.
But me and Sam
just ain't sure
we can help y'all.
You can't help us?
We're livin'
with the lord now.
Which means
on the light side
of the raw.
If you two ain't into this,
then why the hell did Joe
tell us to come out here then?
We gotta have
a good reason
to break the law,
do somethin'
like robbin'.
We need
a moral reason.
We'd be robbin'
the grocery castle auto.
You can't tell me
you ain't shoplifted
from the grocery castle.
Oh, yeah.
We used to shoplift
from them all the time.
But that was before.
Yeah, well, our--
our sister Mellie.
She used to work
up at the grocery castle
outside Manila.
And they promoted her
to checker after a month.
Then the assistant manager
started gettin' handsy.
So you can imagine
our family
don't have no love
for the grocery castle.
I can understand
the feelin'.
And this bein'
their big event and all,
the auto show,
we don't feel
too bad about it.
Come here.
What you think?
Sounds good enough
for us.
'Cause of
the whole morality thing.
I need you two
to go visit
the bear in the woods.
Tell him you're there
to collect the bag
he's been keepin' for me.
Vehicular mischief.
Reckless endangerment.
of private property.
I'd take your license away,
but it was suspended
two years ago.
Despite your claim
that this was an accident,
that your foot slipped,
these are serious charges.
Your previous run-ins
with the law
were back when you were
classified as a juvenile.
And of course,
in determining your sentencing,
I'm taking into account
your service
and the great sacrifice
you've made for our country.
I sentence you
to 90 days.
You sure
these measurements
is right?
gave 'em to me.
knows her trucks.
-Sadie's to-do list.
Make sure you get it all done.
Come on.
Tannin' salon?
Well, we'll see about that.
It has to be dependable.
I can't have no chance
of it breakin' down.
You want
a camper coverin' the bed
of the truck, or just empty?
Cover's a good idea,
'cause them campers,
they can get kinda creepy.
I think them cops
more likely to give them
camper trucks a second look.
All right, Sadie-bug,
get them goggles down.
I don't wanna
get none of this
in your peepers.
You sure about this?
I'm ready.
All right.
Close your eyes.
You littered all over
my car with your shoes.
Well, I'm sorry.
Get your hands off.
Hi! Oh.
You excited?
I got real long
this time.
I thought you was
goin' as Rihanna.
it's not Halloween.
I'm not going
as Rihanna.
I'm singing
a song of hers
for my talent.
I still got two other
categories to compete in--
denim wear and glitz.
For glitz
i need this hair.
All right.
That looks like
it hurt.
It did.
It's healin' up now
pretty good though.
Looks like you could've used
a couple of stitches.
Mmm. Little late
for that, I guess.
When was the last time
you had a tetanus shot?
the wrong answer?
There are no wrong answers
when you're talking to
a health care professional.
Would you like one?
What is all this,
like, for charity
or somethin'?
Jimmy Logan, you know
as well as I do folks round here
don't like the word "charity."
We west virginians
are a proud folk.
We have a couple
of grants,
but mostly get by
on private donations.
People happy
we do our work,
drivin' from town to town,
tryin' to help locals who
can't make it to the doctor.
What happened
to three, two, one?
So, you know me?
We met before?
I went to valley view.
Couple years behind you.
Back then you were all
Jimmy Logan,
homecoming king.
Only had eyes
for Bobbie Jo Campbell,
if I recall.
Hold that there.
Think you'll like
this one.
There you go.
I got that.
So, Sylvia.
Ain't no one
ever called you sylvie?
No one has ever
called me sylvie.
That's weird.
My name?
Well, you know, it's just--
it's kinda like
an old lady name.
To me.
It just don't seem like
it should be on
a person like you.
That looks like you.
You know.
My grandmama,
her name was Sylvia.
So that's just--
that's what I think of
when-- when I think of
that name.
Oh. I thought
you was just
gettin' coffee.
Didn't know we was
seein' patients yet.
I got a coffee
and a patient.
But we'd better
hit the road.
- Sounds like that alternator
needs a tetanus shot.
Alternators cost money.
Tetanus shots are free.
There's a garage
over off bluefield canyon road.
Ask for Earl.
Might not be free,
but he'll treat you fine.
You're welcome.
Hey, hey, hold on a second.
Hold on.
Did we kiss?
I mean, in high school.
We kissed, didn't we?
That has got to be
the worst thing
anyone has ever said to me.
Hold on! Wait, wait!
I'm sayin' I remember, is all!
I do.
I do remember.
I see there's still
a lot of your rules up there.
Just, have you
thought about
a backup plan,
or... what
we're gonna do
the first time
shit happens,
let alone
the second time?
Why don't you just worry
about your cockroaches
and I'll worry
about the rules.
Hey, what you say, Cal?
Hey! How you been?
What's goin' on, man?
Oh, you know, just stayin' busy.
Good, good, good.
Hey, did you find work?
Yeah, a few things.
These parts, or back
over in Boone county?
No, back home.
Well, I'm glad to hear that.
You know I felt bad about
having to let you go.
Come on, man.
Don't even worry about it.
I know it was them, not you.
Even if things had been
different, I probably would have
had to let you go anyway
since we're wrapping it up.
What? Y-y'all
wrappin' up the site?
Y'all done?
Yeah, just about, yeah.
Managed to be
ahead of schedule for once.
You patched up
all them sinkholes?
Yeah, almost.
Gonna pull the gear
first of the month.
You know that thing
we been talkin' about?
We gotta move it up a week.
What happened?
gonna be closin' up.
So everything stays the same.
We just gotta move everything
up by one week.
Wait. One week earlier?
But that's--
I know.
I guess this is
"shit happens."
So, should we cancel?
No difference.
The Coca-Cola 600
is the biggest race
of the year.
a big difference.
It don't change the job
at all.
So should I call
the Baker?
Call the Baker.
This is gleema.
Gleema purdue?
I need you
to sign right here,
Right there, please.
Who's it from?
No idea, ma'am. No card.
No name with the paperwork.
We just deliver 'em.
He just said,
"i guess someone
thinks it's your birthday."
I mean,
i have no idea.
I've never seen
a more beautiful cake.
Well, maybe
somebody's got a crush.
Well, I have no idea
who it could be.
After that last experience
on plenty of fish,
I have stayed away
from the online dating.
You'd better come
out front again.
more for me?
Not exactly.
hit-and-ran you,
We'll check
the cameras.
In the meantime,
we're gonna need you
to fill out some paperwork.
My car!
I'm sorry about your car,
but I really need you
to start filling this out.
Is it 5:30?
There's no arguin'
with that automatic door.
Are you okay?
I didn't get to finish
my cake.
Hey, y'all.
Just gonna
squeeze myself in there.
So, naaman,
I got a little
proposition for you.
1-1... 3...
Hey, Jimmy.
No names.
You callin' from
a secure location?
A what?
A secure location.
I'm at the lowe's.
You callin'
from a land line
or a cell phone?
I'm callin' on a... phone.
Like, a real phone.
Go ahead.
We have a code pink.
I repeat.
We have a code pink.
we got a code pink.
The shock-and-awe campaign of
bacon and sardines has worked.
Hold on, hold on.
Fish! Sam!
Hold on. Hold on!
Get up,
goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Hey, you didn't have to
scare us like that.
We thought you was the law.
When'd you have
a chance to think that,
seein' as you were
dead asleep a second ago!
You were supposed to
meet me down at the corner!
Now we runnin' way behind.
We got it.
You got it?
You still seem half asleep.
We're on it, okay?
We know where to be
and when.
"Watch the race."
That's right.
The clock on the race.
Yeah, we know!
Don't be late.
Yes, sweetie.
I'd like to point out
that today I am drivin'
a v8 stick.
It's a nice car.
Hopefully you'll have
beginner's luck
gettin' it into first.
Ha! Even in first gear
this thing'd still blow away
that no-go of yours.
Not with you
behind the wheel.
Oh, ha-ha!
How you been, jesco?
hangin' in there.
hang in there then.
Is he still writin'
correctional affairs
about the food?
No, sir.
We took care of that.
'Cause we
don't have a food problem
here at Monroe, do we?
You okay,
Joe bang?
He chokin'.
Someone know
the heindrick?
Sounds like
a wet cough,
like phlegm.
I don't feel so good.
Hey! Shit!
Get this damn convict
away from me!
Get him
to the infirmary.
Oh, god!
get some towels.
Where are you going?
I thought you'd be with me the whole time.
I just need to
go to the salon
and tend to a few clients.
I'll be back just in time
to comb you out
and spray you extra good.
I promise.
This'll help rehydrate you,
ease the nausea.
Lot of you guys
been comin' in here
like that.
It's that business
with the water.
Say you can't drink it,
but it's okay to shower in it?
I don't know about all that.
Hmph. More barf than we saw
after that one Thanksgiving
when everything had gone bad.
It'll put a girl
off of Turkey forever.
Miss? Miss.
Miss? Um--
A-all these fluids--
i-I'm sorry, nurse,
but i-is it possible
for me to use
the commode?
Mmm, I think it's best
if you stay put.
Don't want you
gettin' light-headed
and all.
Please, ma'am.
Don't make me
use that thing.
A second ago I was a "miss."
Now I'm a "ma'am." Hmm.
miss nurse?
I-i-I'll walk slow.
I can take him.
I'm finished
moppin' the floors
in here.
But take it slow.
He falls
and hits his head,
that's on you.
Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, i-I'm gonna
need a hand in here.
What the fuck?
What, you never wondered
what it's like to feel white?
This is warden burns.
I'm declaring a code red.
This is not a test.
All guards and staff
are to go into an immediate
code 14 lockdown.
I repeat. This is not a drill.
What are you doin'?
Callin' it in.
This could
turn into a riot.
Put that down.
Hang it up.
We don't have riots
at Monroe.
"Pour two
into three."
"Pour three
into four."
- What the hell?
- Are you down too?
They're all down
here in the mezzanine.
We got no plastic
working at all.
Mellie, what did you do?
Well, hello.
I guess someone
grew up.
What's your name again,
little Logan?
Mellie, Mellie, Mellie.
That rhymes
with "smelly."
Shut up.
There's clothes
for you both
in the bag.
Clyde, I put
somethin' special
in there for you.
Thanks, Mel.
You're goin' pretty fast.
We got a lot of road to cover,
so yeah, there will be speeding.
Gunnin' for a hundred
in a neon-blue car that probably
ain't even on the market yet?
Don't you think
you're asking for
to be pulled over?
Sunday on a holiday weekend.
Police department
hit by budget cuts.
There's only one musker
patrollin' the whole highway
for the next 40 miles.
But that's still
one musker.
It's been handled.
I'm about to get naked
back here,
so no peekin'.
I said
no peekin'!
Would you give me
my arm, please?
Is it this one?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
I'm 100 percent sure
i saw what I saw.
It's a purple '77 eldorado.
Yes, sir.
and registration,
Excuse me,
but I'm on my way to church.
I don't have time for this.
Step out
of the vehicle, ma'am.
I am not gonna ask again.
This is ridiculous!
What did I do?
I need you
to comply, ma'am.
-I need your license,
your registration--
-you seen that?
Seen what?
I need you to focus here.
This woman needs containin'.
It's a beautiful day for racing
in the queen city.
Welcome to the Coca-Cola 600.
This is nascar's
greatest distance
and stock car racing's
longest night.
It'll take 400 laps
to complete 600 miles.
And, Mike, one of the stories
we're all gonna be watching
is this guy Dayton white
as he returns from racing
after a two-year break.
Jeff, you certainly know what
it's like to get back behind
the wheel after some time off.
Can we really
expect this guy
to run up front?
That truly is
the question, d.W.
And yeah,
it is extremely tough.
So much has changed
since the last time
he was in the car.
The cars have changed,
the setups have changed,
the competition's changed.
And you just can't
the mental focus
and endurance needed
to get back behind the wheel
after this long of a break.
Well, focus, endurance
and discipline
could well describe
Dayton's off-track routine.
We caught up with him
as he prepared
for this highly anticipated
return to racing.
There's a team of people
looking after my car,
making sure everything
is operating at full capacity.
So it makes sense that I do that
for my physical self,
because I'm not just a driver,
I'm an athlete.
Once I began sourcing
really clean software,
I noticed a total difference
in my clarity and performance.
Software is what I call my food,
because when you think about it,
your body is your
operating system.
So, when your os may feel
like it's working fine,
a problem with your software
can make your computer
not perform properly,
even crash.
So, eating only clean software
makes sure my os is working
at an optimum level,
and all of this
will help me win.
Speed up the drops.
We'll figure the numbers out
No energy drink
on the market comes
in a Magnum, right?
But I had ten cases
of these babies made
just for today.
I'm gonna have
a little now before the race,
some during the race.
And come lap 600
and that checkered flag,
I think we're all gonna
be finishing these puppies
off in victory, huh?
You got us all in the shot?
Me and the car?
See, I've got this racing suit
and I've got my helmet
right here.
Just want to make sure
that you can see that. Huh?
I've been
carefully monitoring
my glucose levels
so I'm really
in a sweet spot right now
for sustained energy.
You're the, uh--
you're the
to the Max driver.
You gotta drink.
Maybe you should think about
those four years of back taxes
that this drink is paying for.
All right.
Go on!
Go on.
Come on!
Okay. Let's--
drink up!
Come on!
Drink, drink, drink!
Okay. I'm gonna
need some cash.
What for?
Supplies for the job.
I thought Jimmy and your
brothers were bringing
everything you needed.
Yeah, they did.
I just need
a little contingency.
Well, it looks like my brothers were successful.
You thirsty?
No. No way.
Just one. Come on.
No. No.
We got time. Come on.
Hey, gorgeous. Give me one
of those beers, will you?
You want a second one
for just ten dollars more?
Well, of course I do.
And, baby doll?
Give me two packs
of those gummy bears.
This is the warden, all right?
Now, I got your napkin
of demands here,
what you want
for peaceful surrender
and the safe release
of my guards
you're holding captive.
As warden, I can
approve buying a copy
of a dance with dragons
for the prison library
to go up on
the game of thrones shelf.
The only problem
is that the winds of winter
and a dream of spring
have yet to be published,
so those aren't available.
Well, I can't do anything
about what I can't control.
That is total bullshit.
George r.R. Martin
was supposed to deliver
the winds of winter
to his publisher
over two years ago.
I know that was
the original deadline.
That's what it says here.
But I'm reading to you
from the Wikipedia page.
It also says that Martin
had a grueling promotion
schedule or something,
and it's interfered
with his writing schedule.
He's failed to complete
the winds of winter.
That don't make no sense.
Those two guys
who transferred in
from federal last month
knew about all the new stuff
with the hot chick
and her dragons.
Nah. I'm telling you,
i believe those two inmates
had that information
from watchin'
the TV series.
I'm readin' to you--
the series has jumped ahead.
It's no longer following
the books.
Let's blow this thing.
The pace car
is in, and we're ready to race.
Mike, it's an honor to be able
to start this 600-mile race
here on Memorial Day.
Boogity, boogity, boogity!
Let's go racing
for those who made
the ultimate sacrifice, boys!
D.W.'S talkin' about you.
What, Jimmy leave us
some sort of door key?
For us to meet up?
Something like that.
Just remember one thing.
Don't hesitate.
Just roll.
What are you
talkin' about?
What's down there?
'Member to roll.
What the fuck!
Oh, come on.
Roll, roll!
Now, you didn't tell me
about no garbage chute.
You're right.
Hey, hey.
It's about time. Come on.
Yeah, blow me.
Oh, come on, Joe.
We couldn't tell you
everything now.
Yeah, no, no, no!
Screw you both!
A-a garbage chute?
You know, this is what I get
for doin' business with
a couple of unlucky logans.
Them's my bleach pens?
Two bleach pens
and a plastic bag,
as requested.
Give me the tube.
Hold on.
That's it?
We're supposed to believe
that that's the thing?
Now, are you ready?
No. No, hold on.
That's it?
That's a plastic bag,
bleach pens, fake salt
and gummy bears.
That's our bomb?
Don't call it a bomb.
Now, how many yards away
is the vault?
About 20 yards.
I don't know. Maybe 30.
Is it 20 or is it 30?
We are dealin'
with science here.
I guess when I saw that
gummy bears is our secret
ingredient to our Bo--
our explosive device,
that I wasn't thinkin'
about science!
No, you said yourself,
we couldn't bring in
normal explosives
'cause of the security.
Now, to make our bang,
we need potassium chlorate.
Bleach pens is pure
sodium hypochlorite.
Combined with
the potassium chloride
in the salt substitute,
we have created
an equal exchange of ions.
plus potassium chlorate
Two gases and...
A solid.
Now, you throw in some heat,
you get energy.
Energy means light,
or, as I like to call it...
The Joe bang.
You thought I was gonna use
a stick of dynamite
or somethin'?
Yeah, I kinda did.
Yeah, me too. I just figured
you'd use a lot to blow through
the thick steel walls.
We don't need to blow
through the wall.
Them tubes
in the venting system
is our in.
So, gentlemen, as I said...
Are you ready?
Oh, shit.
Ah, it's coming back!
Don't move.
I'm not.
And don't breathe.
I'm not.
What are you doing?
What are y--
oh, i-- now I see
what the problem is.
I twisted the bag
too many times.
Keselowski on the outside.
See who else is behind him?
He's not gonna give it up
that easy though.
- Whoa!
- You can see the course is pretty loose.
Call it in.
"E" center.
Well, what kind of smoke?
Everything looks fine here.
We've got no alarms goin' off.
What's going on?
Concessions says
they have smoke comin' out
of the pt tube.
If there's no fire,
why do we have smoke?
Let's get a couple guys
down there and see
what the hell's goin' on.
Yes, sir.
I'll go east,
you go west.
Hey! Hey,
it's comin' through!
I can hear it!
All right. Come on.
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, baby!
We ain't even
made it outta here yet.
Come on, Jimmy!
Kick that up a notch!
Come on!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Get it in reverse!
-Take it easy!
Oh, god.
What? What happened?
You sucked my arm off!
This is your fault,
not mine.
You told me
to turn it up!
You don't even know
how to operate
a goddamn machine!
You said put it in reverse!
You sucked his arm off!
Your fault. Your fault.
Hold on. It's in there.
Is it all the way in?
It didn't get stuck
in the tube or nothin'?
I gotta get in there and get it.
Jimmy, help me
get the hose off.
Clyde, come on.
Come on now.
it's not your arm.
Talk to him, will you?
Your arm you lost over in Iraq.
That thing in there's
just a piece of plastic.
Your arm can't be replaced,
is what I'm tryin' to--
your arm
can't be replaced,
but the piece of plastic
that you use as an arm,
that can be replaced.
Clyde, Clyde. Come on.
Come on. Clyde!
Now, there's a lot more money
we can get out of there.
We gotta finish this.
Come on.
- You're with them?
- Of course he's with us.
- This whole thing was his idea.
- Yeah.
Except he probably don't
want to say that out loud,
'cause he knows you gettin'
your arm blowed off in Iraq
was all his fault.
Everybody knows
you never would've gone
and joined up to fight
if your big brother
wasn't a football star.
That's true.
He was gonna be
hot shit.
He was gonna play
for the NFL.
And nobody around here
ever done anythin' like that.
You were gonna be
just another white trash
coal miner.
The Logan family curse.
Shut up!
You two are idiots.
Hey. We're value added
to this robbery.
And if anyone has a right to
be pullin' an attitude here,
it's us.
Oh, the bang brothers
don't like the job, hmm?
You got a problem
with it?
You changed the date,
moved everythin' around.
This whole job
changed "dramastically."
We had to change
the date.
-You knew the terms
for our participatin'.
We needed a moral reason
to pull this job with you now.
We was fine with you wantin'
to get back at that store
for messin'
with your hot sister.
But you did
a whole 360 on everything
when you moved up the date.
And nascar ain't done
nothin' to nobody.
Nascar's a beautiful thing.
Nascar's like America!
So it's like you're
makin' us hurt America.
So movin' up that date
was a "vagrant fliolation"
of our morality clause.
I'll show you
a vagrant violation!
Joe, Joe, get him!
Hey, it's all good.
It's all good.
Shut the--
you know,
we need to finish this.
Now, you-- you go talk
to your brother, all right?
Hold on. Hold on,
hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on, man. Hey.
I'm your brother,
all right?
I'm always with you.
I'll buy you 20 new arms.
You'll have a hundred...
Soon as we're done.
But we gotta get you back
before anybody notices.
All right?
So let's finish this.
They'll find it,
and the guards'll be banging
on my cell by breakfast.
No, they ain't,
'cause I'm gonna get it.
I'm gonna get it,
i promise you.
I swear.
Am I clear?
Don't let these clowns
get in your head.
We all know
you want to finish first,
but first you gotta finish.
I'm getting a lot of dirty air.
I got a hole.
I can push through.
Hold back. It's too tight.
You're gettin' boxed.
- Whoa. I'm seeing spots.
- You're drifting up.
My os-- I think it's crashing.
You're gonna bang it!
What have you got?
I got nothin'.
Let's try "b" level.
All right.
Hold up! Stop.
Where you goin'?
Garbage run.
You two smell any smoke
from down there?
Uh... no,
'cause we both--
we both lost our sense
of smells
when we was little,
because of the, uh...
The Scarlet fever.
Both of us could be on fire
and not even know it.
Get that thing outta here.
Thank you very much.
All right.
Something ain't right.
Whoa, whoa.
What's that?
Hey, your brothers
should be back by now.
Why don't you go check on 'em?
You know there's no smokin'
on cms property.
Oh, that's right.
That's probably why they
put an ashtray in here.
You still got to put that out
and get back to work.
Man, it's a three-quarter mile
walk to get outside.
I said, break time's
over, smokey.
They call 'em 20
for a reason.
I got four minutes
to go on my 20.
Are you pushin' "open"?
It doesn't say "open."
It says "start,"
but it won't open.
Well, stop it.
Stop it!
I thought
we wanted it
to start.
We do,
but it needs to stop.
So, not start?
We need it to start,
but we have to stop it
so I can figure out
why it won't open.
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you smell any smoke?
Smoke? No.
All I smell
is them racin' fumes.
All right. Thanks.
Go ahead.
Three, two--
wait, wait. Hold on.
We goin' on one,
or are we goin' on go?
Uh... three.
No, we're going on go.
Three, two--
hold on, hold on!
You're gonna rip it
right off the track!
The chain's jammed.
All right.
Try it now.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go! Come on.
We gotta get you back.
Hey, get-- get down!
I said I'd get it!
Come on. Let's go!
You'll get it?
I'll get it, I swear.
Come on. You gots to go.
Let's go, big boy.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
Hey! You can't
just walk away from me.
I own your ass.
Not when
I'm behind the wheel,
you don't.
Your contract says--
my contract says
love handle enterprises--
that's you-- understands,
acknowledges and agrees
that twin darling, inc.--
That's me--
is not a partner, employee
or joint venturer
with love handle enterprises.
Drivers in cars
win races, Max.
Nobody's rooting for your drink
to cross the finish line,
so shut your piehole
before I shut it for you.
Do you know what the words
"stop payment" mean?
He-- hey!
Y-you're that guy!
should've been back by now.
Well, aunt Mellie normally does
what she says she's gonna do.
Let's give her
a few more minutes.
Hope she doesn't go all Logan
and become a total flake
like the rest of 'em.
All good?
Bumpy on the way out,
but we're doin' okay.
Where'd your arm go?
I mean, your hand?
Can we haul ass?
The cafeteria fire alarm
just went off.
we gotta call this in.
We don't have fires
at Monroe.
Sir, we don't know
what kind of shape those guards
are gonna be in.
I mean, they could be dead
or-or worse by now.
And what do you reckon
be worse than dead?
Oh, shit.
Call it in.
We have a three-alarm fire
at the Monroe correctional
Please respond immediately.
They report a fire
in the cafeteria.
I repeat, a fire
in the Monroe correctional
facility cafeteria.
Do not tell me
you've been sprayin'
her hair with this!
This will turn her hair
into an sos pad.
I was doin'
the best I could!
You were late.
Oh, like you never brushed
your own daughter's hair before.
I wish you all wouldn't fight.
You're makin' me more nervous.
You're right,
baby doll.
Is daddy here?
I didn't see him.
I was rushing.
Did your daddy say
he was coming?
Yeah. Why?
I don't know.
I just thought he was working.
What, that job at the speedway?
I heard he got fired.
Funny how he never
brought that up.
You look like a Princess.
You're gonna do great.
I thought maybe
you'd run off.
And leave you, beautiful?
You know, we got caught
on the other side
of that there gate
when the lockdown
It was terrifyin'.
For her talent,
Sadie Logan will perform
"umbrella" by Rihanna.
I picked this song
'cause it's
my daddy's favorite.
Where you gonna put it?
I can make
a trophy case.
You're gonna need to now.
You've got so many.
All right.
Give me a hug.
I love you, daddy.
I love you too.
Let me see
the gun show.
All right.
All right, Jo.
I love you.
Love you.
See you, Jimmy.
See you back at home,
All right.
What the heck?
What the hell happened
to my car?
Are you kidding me?
Hey, partner.
Where you headed to?
All the way through?
Mind if I catch a ride
with you?
You sure, man?
I ain't puttin' you out
or nothin'?
Authorities have confirmed they
have recovered the money stolen
from the Charlotte
motor speedway,
in what some are calling
the "hillbilly heist."
Sources say an anonymous caller
led police to this gas station
where they discovered
an abandoned truck
containing bags of cash
that have been positively linked
to the robbery over the weekend.
The truck was reported stolen
last week.
Our forensic team
is at work on the scene.
And we're certain
they'll find--
why go to all the trouble
to rob a place
if you don't have the guts
to keep the money?
He must've chickened out.
We are joined now
by a resident daredevil
at little victories
animal shelter.
This is Josh morrison.
Thank you for joining us today.
He comes on about-- he used to come on a lot on midday for pet of the week.
So he's joining us to talk
about a new adoption challenge
at the shelter
for little victories.
We do have to talk about the--
well, we brought everyone in
at 6:00 this morning.
Couldn't work all weekend,
you know, 'cause of the race,
But everything was just
like we left it on Friday.
How many men do you have
working today?
Oh, 40 or so.
I guess we're on a bit
of a tight deadline
'cause we're trying
to get everything shored up
since the season's
We'll be wrappin'
outta here this week.
I'm gonna need prints
from all your guys.
Well, sure, but, well,
all the workers have to wear
protective gloves at all times.
well, that's a union rule.
Union rule.
Agent Grayson.
Local pd got a call from someone
claiming to be an eyewitness.
Swears they saw the robbers,
can definitely identify 'em.
Yeah, I saw 'em.
I know who they are too.
Why don't we start
at the beginning?
Where'd you see them?
In a tunnel.
Leading from the track
back to the shower room
and the lockers.
a saying in our business.
"Set it up and shut up."
So I'll shut up.
What the hell was that?
You call yourself a driver?
What, you never been boxed
in a turn before?
I told you I didn't want
to drink your poison.
I thought I was having
a heart attack!
That poison is saving your--
can't one of you hit "mute"?
I'm tryin' to give my statement
to the FBI here.
You drink what I say.
You drive how I say.
There was two of 'em. Right?
Now, one of 'em was a bartender
from that place out off of i-17.
Got one arm.
The guy with him,
i don't know who he was.
And you know
the bartender from?
A while back,
i got in a fight at the bar.
With the bartender?
No, with his brother.
-Did the brother
have one arm or two?
-The brother's got both.
And the fight was about?
I can't remember.
And you won that fight
at the bar?
Hell, yeah, I won it.
So you saw the bartender
with one arm
and an unknown male companion
in the tunnel during the race?
And they were?
Well, they was just walkin',
but it was suspicious-like.
Suspicious how?
Well, they shouldn't
have been down there.
That was suspicious.
But you didn't think
to mention this encounter
to anyone
until you saw the news
on the television
about the robbery?
The docs had to
set my nose, all right?
I've been in recovery.
So all of these injuries are
the result of your latest fight
with the brothers?
Bartender brother.
He's the one that punched me
in the tunnel.
-The one-armed--
-yeah, look, just ask my driver,
Dayton white. Right?
He was with me
when all this went down.
He'll back up my story.
Yes, when you called in
your tip, you mentioned
that he'd be able
to corroborate your story.
We spoke with Dayton white
earlier today.
He stated he was never
in the tunnel with you
during the race.
Never saw two suspicious men.
And has no idea what
you're talking about.
Did you talk to him?
I think he knows better.
I stopped by the trailer
when he wasn't home.
I think I got most
of your stuff.
You sure love
your books.
And there's some mail
there too.
Visitation logs indicate
that Jimmy Logan,
an employee recently fired
from the speedway,
came with his brother Clyde
to see Joseph bang
here on April 15.
They returned two days later
for a second visit.
Now, we only have video
of this meeting, no audio,
so we have no idea
what they discussed.
But the following week,
Clyde Logan drives
through the window
of a corner save mart
and ends up being sentenced
to 90 days here.
You seem to have
a lot of information
in your FBI folders there.
-And so?
-You don't think that's
an incredible coincidence?
No. Not really.
I mean, if you're askin' me,
am I shocked that the criminals
locked up in here
are friends
with other criminals,
no, I'm not.
So Clyde Logan and Joseph bang
were incarcerated here,
at your prison,
on may the 28th,
and you had no problems,
no issues of any kind
at your prison on that day.
Is that right?
No. Uh-uh. We didn't
have any problems.
Right. 'Cause Monroe county
fire department said
that they dispatched
multiple units
around 8:30 P.M. that night.
There was a small
kitchen fire,
but that's not a problem
in the context of this prison.
I mean, it's standard
operating procedure
for them to dispatch
multiple units
any time there's a fire
at the prison.
That was no big deal.
It was out within a few minutes.
You certain that
these two inmates couldn't
have broken out of here,
robbed the speedway and then
broken back into your prison
without you knowing about it?
Agent Grayson,
I've been warden here
for nine years,
and I can tell you this.
We don't have
an escape problem at Monroe.
What do you
think of the robbery?
Well, I heard that
they're callin' it
"ocean's 7-Eleven"
'cause they found
that truck with the money
behind a convenience store.
Uh, I heard
that they're callin' 'em
the "redneck robbers"
because they think the guys
who did this whole thing
are from around here.
I hope
they never catch 'em.
Where does
this investigation stand?
Let me tell you this.
Even though the crime was committed in Charlotte,
the fact that the money
was recovered here
makes it a very serious matter.
We're involving
all of our local, state
and federal officials.
You have a problem
with the food here, inmate?
No, no, no, warden.
N-no problem.
Reckon your stomach's not
been botherin' you lately?
No, warden, no.
Th-thank you
for asking me.
You best be
cleaning up your mess.
What'd you say to me,
Go on.
Thank you.
What about the disgruntled
fired employee?
The brother
of the one-armed bartender?
Jimmy Logan
was fired six weeks
before the robbery.
His brother, Clyde,
is the one-armed bartender
Max chilblain claims to
have seen during the race.
But we know there's no way
Clyde Logan could have been
in that underground walkway
because he was serving time
at the Monroe correctional
on the day of the robbery.
I hate airtight alibis.
Where did Jimmy Logan's
cell phone tell us he was
during the race?
Jimmy Logan doesn't
have a cell phone.
Shut off three months ago
for nonpayment.
He also drives
a 1983 Ford f150,
so no GPS.
No e-mail.
No social media.
We did get a few hits
on his name on other
social media accounts,
which place him
at valley view high school
during the race.
His daughter was competing
in the miss pretty West Virginia
And apparently,
she won.
How's your brother?
I wouldn't know.
You haven't
talked to him?
Not once?
Well, seems strange--
you know,
you two being so close
and all.
Last I heard, he moved south
to be closer to his daughter.
How far south?
Guess his ex moved down there
when her husband opened
a new car lot.
If you do speak
to him...
Tell him I'd like
to talk to him.
I doubt
I'll be talkin' to him.
He never told you why
he gave all that money back?
On the house.
You've had your six months,
and you made no arrests.
Meanwhile, the locals talk
about these thieves like they're
some type of hee haw heroes.
we would like to move forward
and put this entire incident
in our rearview mirror,
if you will.
Thank you again.
I do have
one last question.
You just said
you received a payout
from your insurance company
for the money
that wasn't recovered.
Yes, that's right.
We were here
with forensic accountants
for weeks,
poring over
the register logs
and receipts.
No one here was ever able
to give us an exact accounting
of how much money
was actually stolen.
Right. Uh--
well, it's very complex--
the algorithm and whatnot.
Yeah, we heard about
the complicated algorithms.
So how'd you arrive
at the number to ask for
if you didn't know
how much was stolen?
I'm not an accountant,
so, uh, I wasn't in there
for those discussions.
But as far as all of us here
at Charlotte motor speedway
are concerned,
the matter has been resolved
to our satisfaction.
You seriously want
to trust these two
with our lives?
They gonna know
what we want 'em to know.
- All right.
-But we can get two more.
What's rule eight?
Don't get greedy.
All right. You're done here.
Come on, you gotta get
the car anyway. Go.
Yeah, you're right there.
You're right on top of it.
Just dig in there.
Mr. naaman?
Came in through
the donation box.
It's heavy,
but don't get excited.
It's gotta be from a crazy,
written with crayon.
Know what I mean?
New job?
Yeah. It's just seasonal.
I hope they keep me on though.
It's nice being close to home.
You want to come in?
No, no. I'll just wait.
Hey! What's up, man?
Body slam!
What time
you want her back?
Whatever time
works best for you.
We're just around.
All right.
Don't wait up!
All right.
So I was thinkin'...
Putt-putt golf.
They got those new
go-karts down there.
Sure. As long
as we get gelato after.
Ain't that
like fancy ice cream?
I thought you couldn't do that,
'cause of your pageants.
Oh, I'm over all that stuff.
I've been really getting into
the culinary arts lately.
The culi-what?
I've been watching
a lot of top chef.
Yeah, I've been
learnin' a lot.
Like how gelato isn't
just fancy ice cream.
It's made at a slower
churn rate than ice cream,
so less air gets mixed in.
That's why it has
such a silky texture.
A "churn rate," huh?
Yeah, a churn rate.
How fast the paddle
in the machine moves.
Sometimes the paddle
is called a dasher.
Oh, yeah, no,
i know what that is.
A dasher.
It's kinda like dasher
and dancer and ViXen.
No, daddy!
I know exactly
what that is.
No, it's not that.
I didn't know that reindeer
made ice cream.
They don't!
You funny.
You funny.
You funny-lookin'.
You never told me how
you knew the coast was clear
and we could
go get the money.
Well, you know how that phone
company give you about 60 days
to pay that phone bill?
Well, you go one day over,
and they shut your phone off.
I ain't paid the bill
out at the trailer
in, like, six months.
Figured long as they
was tappin' my phone,
they'd keep it on.
About a week ago,
it finally went dead.
That's pretty good.
You came up with that
on your own?
Yes, I did.
Well, that's a lot
of thinkin' for a Logan.
Hey, Jimmy.
What you doin'?
A bit much?
No shit it was.
So, Mellie.
What do you make of all
this Logan curse stuff?
Well, that's
Clyde's thing.
I never really gave it
that much thought.
What about you?
You think we're destined
to repeat the past?
I'm all about
the future.
Oh, shoot. Sorry about that.
Another especial for the lady?
Yeah. I missed out
on the toast.
You know they say
it's bad luck to toast
with an empty glass.
They do say that.
It's also bad luck
to toast alone, so why don't you
pour yourself one on me
so you don't jinx me.
I would've remembered
if you'd ever been
in the bar before.
Are you
just passin' through?
Passing through.
But I'm hopin'
to stay a while.
Well, then...
Here's to stayin'
a while.