Logorama (2009) Movie Script

[Good Morning Life by Dean Martin]
Good morning life
Good morning sun how are your skies above
Gee it's great to be alive and in love
Good morning life
Good morning birds sing out your happy tunes
Feels so good because I'll be seeing her soon
Last night she said she loved me
What a pity to part
I slept with both eyes open waiting for today to start
Good morning life
Good morning world how are you happiness
All at once I know what livin' can be
It's life, it's free, it's someone waiting for me
Hey,honey how 'bout it
Who'll someday be my wife, good morning life
Good morning life
Oh, God. It was...
you know what? You should come with us next time
No, man. I don't like zoos.
Aw, man. But the kids go apeshit for it.
Yeah, well, I don't see my kids that much.
Besides, it's depressing
What? Getting up close to animals?
I mean, where the hell else you going to get that close to a cheetah?
Yeah, that cheetah can run like a motherfucker, but in a zoo,
they ain't got enough room to hit second gear.
I mean it ain't like they're in their natural habitat.
Yeah, no shit, man. That's cause they'd be dead if they were in their natural habitat.
These animals have been rescued.
Usually injured or something in like the, you know the wild, or blind.
No shit?
No shit.
See? I didn't know that.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
That's even more depressing.
That's what I'm talking about. A blind ass cheetah bumping into trees and shit.
That shit's fucked up.
I didn't say the cheetah was blind.
Well then what's blind?
N-nothing's blind. It's just an example.
Well then that's a fucked up example of some shit right there, man.
That's what I'm talking about.
Blind cheetahs is a shit.
I just meant...
Look,go get the food.
Eh,and remember we pay half
Yeah,I know.
And get me a large coke,too.
You get it.Captain duchebag.
OK,small salad, a bottle of water~
That's it,small salad , a bottle of water~en
All units respond to APB 211
suspect last seen heading Western Alameda in a red delivery van
suspect: white male ,six feet tall ,yellow jumpsuit, red hair and shoes
answers to the name Ronald ,considered armed and dangerous
Sweet Jesus!!
Hey hurry up! -Go go go go!
Ok, people , listen to me please
Hands and feet inside the car. No snacks and certainly
no feeding the animals Grr
there's a lot to-see going on,have a lovely time to get,here~ we go~
Just on your right is a rare
and extremely gorgeous little reptilian friend
It's our french crocodile
and now,you won't see any handbag or
This guy sucks, Haribo
Yeah!Let's get outta here, come on , let's go
Let's go ride a lion.
Haha,look at the big pussy head, big pussy , haha
Ow hoho, that is no way to treat our animal friends
and would you like it if I pull my panty holes down and shook my high in your faces? En?
Roger that,you guys looking for a blue recycle vehicle
Wow wow wow,just drive in the road,I got a eye on the road,but I get to watch the side.
Wow, esso girl and that white outfit, look what I get today! What I wouldn't give to..
Save your energy dude~(You) think she gives a damn about classic recipe anymore?
Fuck off! Sour, isn't it? "Hot n Spicy".
Ah, you can both forget it, trust me
You are pretty hard to forget
Nice mustache
It only tickles for a little while
Hey, rolling, rolling
I broke some rubber, dude!
That was almost green, That was green
Godness! Where is a cop when you need one?
Here we go.Watcha haha
Wow that's crazy
You deserve that,you bastard
God damn it,watch out
Crash it,fucking truck
Fuck me
Oh my christ
Oh, this dick'd better be alive!
OK boys let's round him up
Oh, fuck shit is going on
alright boys show him how we're doing it down here
Suspect vehicle insight, vehicle disabled blocked in...
Wow check it out dude
Awesome -Check it out
Jesus,Look at all the guns,we should get one
We could sell all the shit.We're gonna be so rich.
Hello, hostige
Back off,you son of bitches
Hold your fire,boy
I'll shoot every last oneIm warning you.
You don't want to see big boy's brain flattered, do you?
I'll shoot every last one of you right between the eyes!
God damn it
Stay cool,little man.Just stay cool bro
You know,old Ronald count it, now,this's gonna be just fine
We just gonna...ahh
Oh, you fucking rat.Jesus Christ.
I'll kill last every one of you! You god damn hell whore!
no no no no hold it
This clown is all mine!
Are you kidding me?
Woohoo! Merry Christmas! Taste this ! You son of bitches!
Where the hell is SWAT?
SWAT what's your ETA? -Land at 9.1000
Shoot that bitch in the head,number one.
You got a shot,you take it.
What the fuck was that?
You'd better burn his brain,Sniper one
Stay with me
That's a god damn earthquake,run!
Follow me.
Let's run.
You're mine now,clown.
Come and get it,blah blah blah
Hello,asshole. Sorry for killing you,bro.
Come on,get in. -Cool,cop car
Turn on the serran
Look at me,Mom
Oh,We have to get out of here,it's all falling down
We're gonna make it.
Dear god,we're gonna make it.
We're alive. -Awesome
[I don't want to set the world on fire by The Ink Spots]