Lola (2024) Movie Script

Everyone in life
goes through things that...
change them forever.
My mom always says
going to church
makes you a good person,
I don't think that has anything
to do with your insides.
I've always thought I needed
a reason to be good...
what does being good even mean?
you want breakfast?
-Five more minutes.
I'll go make you something.
I love you.
-That smells delicious.
You know what,
I'll take some of those.
-Oh, yeah. Good morning.
Don't pet the dog
before you eat.
Okay. Sorry, Mom.
-Hey, I'll take you swimming
after work, okay?
-Love you. Bye!
Love you. Love you.
-Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts
which we are about to receive
from thy bounty
through Christ our Lord. Amen.
-No I don't want to
Give you mine and
- Whooh!
-Trying to holla at me
-But his game is kinda weak
And I know that
He cannot approach me
'Cause I'm looking
Like class
And he's
Looking like trash
Can't get wit'
A deadbeat ass
So no I don't want
Your number
No I don't want to
Give you mine
Hell no.
-No. No!
No. No!
-Stop being an ass.
Morning, ladies.
- Hi, Bert.
- You look great today.
So handsome.
-Suck his dick a little more.
one more dollar.
Let me get the dollar.
-The fuck?
He didn't even take his change,
you want it?
-'Course I'll take that change.
Where is it?
-Can I at least have that?
-Yeah, it can go towards
the fuckin' chips... perhaps.
-I'll just take it
on the road with me.
Next time.
Put it on the tab, a'ight?
On the tab?
-On the tab.
-I'm not good at cursive.
Just finish it.
I'll come check it
when it's done.
Oh, um, Arlo,
I just realized
I'm out of smokes.
You need to go pick me up
a pack, okay?
All right.
-Can you be a little
quieter? Please.
I'm being
as quiet as I can.
-Can I have it?
-What do you want?
Use your words.
-Come on.
-Tell me you love me first.
-You say it first.
-I love you.
-Love you.
Yo. It's me.
I'm coming in.
-Ah, shit.
-No problem.
Everything okay?
-That's good.
I think you would
look good in those, Lola.
No one asked you.
-No one fucking asked you,
-I'm just givin' my opinion.
-"I think she'd
look good in those."
Shut up. Shut your ass up.
That's all you think about.
It's disgusting.
-Can't fuck
with me and my foldin'.
-You wanna shot?
-Yeah. Vodka, please.
-You're beautiful tonight.
Thank you.
-I just love getting up
at three a.m.
It's such a joy for me.
You want to share
where you've been?
Even if you don't
want to tell me,
just remember, the eyes
of the Lord are everywhere.
-You're drunk.
Oh, please.
I had one glass of wine.
Anyway, you're the one
that's always
slinking in and out of here
at all hours of the night.
You know,
ever since you decided
to turn your back on God,
you've been on the road to sin.
All I ask is that you don't
fuck up your brother.
-I'm not the one
who's gonna do that.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-I don't want to do this
with you, okay? I'm tired.
-No, no, no.
I want to know, Lola,
what exactly
that's supposed to mean.
-I would never treat Arlo
the way that you do.
That's what that means.
You know, it's such a shame
your dad didn't take you
with him when he left.
We all
know this in our hearts.
Don't we?
It's common sense, actually.
We shouldn't steal.
Thievery will not be tolerated
in God's kingdom.
First Corinthians, chapter 6:
They will not inherit
the kingdom of God.
Thievery, it's one stop
on the road to sin.
There's lust,
treachery, others,
but if we repent,
if we ask--
-Hi. Welcome.
-Mona. How are you?
-Nancy. I'm so good. And you?
-Do I see donuts?
You know I cannot
contain myself around donuts.
How incredible
are these? And...
I had them customized.
-Oh, wow. That's so funny.
So, uh, how's Lola?
I haven't seen her in a minute.
-She's great.
-And Arlo,
he's gotten so beautiful.
He-- he's just like you
with all that hair.
-We're one and the same.
He really is a perfect boy.
-Mmm. My boys were wondering
if he could come over
for a sleepover sometime soon.
-Oh, you know, he's been
so busy with school lately.
Oh, right.
How is that going?
You're doing that homeschooling
thing, right?
-Great. I mean, you can really
keep an eye
on what they're studying.
So many of these
public schools
spend so much time
on science
instead of the real
lessons of life.
-And I just find
that kids who homeschool
are so much smarter.
-Oh, well.
Except that my Brad
wouldn't be the star he is
of the baseball field
if he were homeschooled.
-Oh, Brad.
-I'm just so proud of him.
Boys will be boys, huh?
-They'll be here soon.
Joseph's bringing them
just before Bible Study starts.
-Is Trick coming?
-No. He has a big business
meeting tonight, so...
-Oh... right.
Well, shall we grab some seats?
I need to save some.
-Yep, I'm ready.
Can we do our makeup?
I want to look like you.
I hear no sudsing.
-You're a little shit.
Dunk your head.
I don't care but hurry up.
Okay, fine.
-This, I use--
I stole this from Mom.
- You stole it?
- Yes.
-This is the blush brush,
I read in a magazine once
that you should smile
when you put your blush on.
And go here.
Oh, you look so good.
I love this stuff.
I put it on all the time.
Come here.
-I look so beautiful.
-You do.
You always look beautiful.
-Hey, uh, you guys
get out of here.
I need the bathroom.
Hey! What? Hey, hey, hey.
And you get that shit
off your face.
You look like a little faggot!
- Okay, come on.
I don't want him
wearing your clothes
or playing with your makeup!
It's disgusting!
-If you won't take it off,
I will!
You will not disrespect God
in my house.
-Don't ever fucking
call him that again.
I'm not kidding.
Fuck you.
-This is your fault.
This is what
you're making him into!
You okay?
-She says I make God mad
when I do this stuff.
That's insane.
God loves you.
-How do you know He loves me?
Because He told me.
All the time.
-I can't believe you never
told me you talk to God.
-Well, He loves you.
I gotta go to work. Be okay?
I'll be fine.
Just don't go until
I fall asleep though, okay?
-I promise. Come here.
I love you so much.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
What's the most
I can make in one night?
Well, it depends...
on how far you want to go.
-The back room?
-You haven't been yet?
-No. Just the floor.
-Because that's when
you make her good money.
-I just like the floor.
-Well, you're not that good
on the floor
so I'm telling you,
take the back room.
-What do I do in there?
-Whatever he wants.
What do I call you?
Do you party, Angel?
Well, come here.
Lay down.
- Come here.
-So where else have you worked?
-This is it.
I can tell.
-You gotta fucking earn this.
Hey, I'm just messing around.
-Take off your top.
-I wanna see your tits.
-Fitting name.
-I feel like
Bert's gonna come out here.
-No, it's fine.
I'm still on my break.
But you don't want to get fired
before you have
enough money saved.
-So you still set on that place
from the magazine?
-Yeah, pretty much.
I think it'd be
really good for Arlo.
-Yeah... yeah.
Bet it will take some time
to get it all figured out.
-I'm running kinda low.
-I have a little
bit on me right now,
but I can always
get you more later.
It's in Dallas.
-The school?
-I didn't know that.
-Think you'll come visit me?
-I'll try.
-No, I get it. It's really far.
Hey, Mikey.
I want you to
explain it to me.
You need to explain to me
why you were
in the girls' bathroom.
No, you...!
You get back in here
right now.
You come here.
Get over here right now!
How dare you wear
a girl's bathing suit?
The fuck is wrong with you?
-You fucking touch him again,
and I will fucking kill you.
Just get out
of my sight!
You know
you can crash with us.
Yeah, but I'd have to
bring Arlo this time.
You both can stay with us.
It's fine.
-Pearl wouldn't mind?
She would love it.
She gets a little lonely
when I'm not home,
so it's perfect.
It'll work out.
Okay? You good.
Hey, dude.
- What's up?
- Hey.
-I brought food for Arlo.
Thank you so much.
-And this too.
Hey, Arlo? Come here.
Come sit.
Hey, say thank you.
-Thanks, Malachi.
-You're welcome, buddy.
-All right.
I know I said that
that would be last one
but still
a little bit more on this
before it dries
all the way up.
-There you go.
-That's perfect.
Good job, Arlo.
-All right,
how's that looking?
Looks good.
-Little bit right there.
Mm-hm. That's good.
You want it?
-I'll pour for you.
I don't want any.
Play with my hair.
-Sure. Of course. Like this?
You like it?
Don't pull it.
-I forgot, you fragile,
you fragile.
I can't keep
doing this with you.
-We're not doing anything.
Are you gonna keep makin' me
feel guilty forever?
-I'm not the one who cheated.
-All right, I'm out.
Are you serious?
Unless you fuck me.
The colors. Yellows.
I think there should be
some pink on that.
What are we gonna do
with this one?
I think it's right there.
-I think that this one's
gonna be all way up there.
-'Cause it's super bright.
I don't think
we can use this one yet.
- Well, maybe if we put a white.
- Arlo.
We're about to go to work.
You think you could
keep an eye on Pearl for me?
I'm a good babysitter.
I'm taking this.
- That's fine.
- Love you.
-My mom would like this puzzle.
-Would she?
Can you even that up?
They're not... please.
Like, it drives me crazy.
Nice and neat.
Nice and neat.
Say it with me.
Nice and neat.
Thank you.
I just had an epiphany.
I should fuck Bert.
I'm gonna fuck him.
Say it with me.
Nice and neat.
Go, Lola. Nice and neat.
Go, Lola.
I'll check you guys out.
- Wanna pay?
- Yes, I'm ready.
-Don't get your ass fired.
-Shut up. It's fine.
You okay in there?
Looks delicious.
And normally,
this set retails at 19.99.
Lola taught me.
She's my best friend.
Think of the kids
and even the adults
in your life--
- You're really firing me?
- Come on now.
-Seth told me that you grabbed
my products from my shelf
without purchasing them
and put them in your locker.
-Seth's a liar.
-I have had enough.
You're a bad influence
to a friend.
This is too much.
I'm no charity.
Who do you think pays
for the things you take?
My pockets!
Okay, I'm sorry.
I will put it all back.
Give Babina your keys
and leave.
-That's petty, Bert.
It's petty as fuck.
Hi Pearl, it's Mona.
I'm guessing that Lola and Arlo
are over there.
We had such a silly
Um, could you please
have her give me a call or--
or just tell them
they can come on home? Okay?
All right, hope you're well.
Have a blessed day. Bye.
I was gonna ask
for half of
that he made and then
interest on all the money
that I've lost to him.
-I'm sorry.
Good luck.
- Can we talk?
- No.
- Come on, Lola.
- No.
I'm not in the mood
to fight with you.
-I don't want to
fight with you.
Just let me explain.
W-- we're good together.
-We're not together anymore.
-But why not?
I mean, it's all good.
We don't have to fuck.
I just miss you.
-Did you just say that to me?
And this is exactly
why we broke up.
That's all you think about.
-Because you never fucked me.
Yeah, you're right.
I don't want to lose
my virginity to a guy
that will just fuck anything.
-Yo, that's why you confuse
the fuck out of me, yo.
You'll go there and dance
on a pole for fucking money
but then you're too afraid
to fuck your own boyfriend?
-I dance on a pole for money,
you fucking idiot.
-I messed up and I'll
never do that shit again.
-I'm going to work.
And welcome to
Fact or Fiction.
I'm your host,.
your mom's come to see you.
I tried to tell her
you couldn't talk to her,
but she wouldn't have it.
She's outside.
-Wow, look at you.
All dressed up.
I bet you feel like hot shit.
-Why are you here?
-When I told you
to get out of my sight,
I didn't mean to kidnap my son.
Now you bring him back!
Who the fuck do you think
you are? His mother?
You'll never be good enough.
-Can you cover for me tonight?
I gotta get home.
-Of course, hon.
-We forgot Mikey.
-Yeah, I know. But we'll
get him soon, I promise.
-Lola, we gotta get him now.
I will.
-You gotta get him now.
You gotta get him today.
I promise.
-It's chocolate.
You're back.
Where do you think
you're going?
get the fuck out of my way!
Calm down, all right?
Calm down. I just want to
talk to you, okay?
-If you don't fucking move,
I'm gonna wake up Mona
and no one wants that.
So move.
- She's gone.
-It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
-Did you get Mikey?
-Yeah, he's waiting
outside for you.
-Oh, no.
Where did he go?
He's gone.
He's on top of my head.
I don't wanna fight anymore.
I want to be a tap dancer.
Come on,
I'm not tap dancing on stage.
You're really
not gonna give it to me?
No more handouts.
I'll fuck you for it.
That's what you want, right?
-What are you doing?
Not-- not like that, Lola.
Fine. Here. I'm done.
What are you doing?
-I wanted to dress you up
because it's my angel birthday.
-What is that?
-It's when the angels call you
and tell you
it's your birthday.
I never got that call.
maybe you missed it.
-Can I have one more sticker?
-You can get a big sticker.
It's gonna be pink.
There you go.
Guys. Shush.
Get up.
- What?
- Sleep is not...
-Did you say
it was your birthday?
it's my angel birthday.
-Your angel birthday.
Okay, what are
we supposed to do
on a angel birthday,
you think?
-Um, we can...
we're gonna get waffles.
We're gonna get waffles
from the diner.
I think I-- I think I just
like exploded my waffles.
You exploded
-Hey, I'm calling
about an application.
For my little brother.
He's nine.
My mom homeschools him now.
We can maybe come down
and meet you in a few weeks.
Oh, that'd be amazing.
It's so true.
Pastor Matthew is
such a light in this world.
Oh, he is.
What are you doing here?
-Hi, honey.
You ready?
I think you've overstayed
your welcome.
-Oh, no, he's no bother.
I love having him.
-Thank you so much.
They had a great time.
Come on, let's go.
Now when I say let's go,
I mean it.
I love you so much.
That's why I'm doing this.
I can't have you
going through life like this.
You're a good boy
on the inside.
And now we're going to make you
look that way on the outside.
I promise you
you're gonna look so good.
-Come with me.
-It's 50 if you want me
to blow you this time.
Hey, hon?
You have a call.
-This is all your fault!
You killed him.
-Hey, come on. Come on.
-You're dead to me.
-Lola, let's get you up.
Let's at least
wash your face, okay?
Where's Malachi?
I just feel--
let's have-- like I...
I just want to...
just want to help, you know?
So then go get him.
-Did you bring it?
-Lola... that's not what
you need right now.
-Don't tell me
what I fucking need.
You're a dealer, so just deal.
-I can't.
Why not?
it's fucking you up, Lola.
-I don't care.
-I know, so I have to.
-If you're not going to
bring me my fucking drugs,
then get the fuck out.
Lola, no.
I can't do that this time.
-Then get out!
I don't want you in here
-No, Lola. Stop, please.
if you're not gonna get me--
- my fucking drugs!
- Stop! Please!
-Then get out!
I love you, Lola.
I'm sorry.
Please give them to me.
I'm sorry, Lola.
I love you so much.
-I support you either way.
I got you.
I can't raise a kid here.
-Look, if you're
going to do this,
you gotta promise me something.
You gotta get clean.
Come on.
You know I love you.
I love you so much.
You good?
We have someone new
joining us today.
-Hi, I'm Lola,
and I'm an addict.
Hello, Lola.
-You fucked that up, huh?
You was hungry-hungry.
Thanks for bringin' it.
That's a good note
to take a break on.
Back in ten?
-How you doing?
-This baby stuff,
this is kind of hardcore, Lola.
I don't know.
-Don't scare me.
-You'll be okay.
You'll be fine. You know?
Just gonna pee your pants
for rest of your life
and your pussy
is going to be an XL.
I'm sorry. Okay, next.
Okay, let's go--
should we go on to
breastfeeding, you think?
-I'm not gonna breastfeed.
Just buy the milk.
-Okay, we can skip that then.
There's no point.
No, but you're good.
This book is informative.
It is. It is.
-Bitch, did I say, they may
have to cut you a little bit,
you know that, right?
I mean, cut... cut your stuff.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Don't worry about that.
Don't worry about that.
-I'm gonna miss you.
-I'm gonna miss you too.
-Look at you, mama.
-I'm okay. Thanks.
-How they treatin' you
on the floor?
You making out okay?
-Yeah, it's okay.
I think they just
feel bad for me.
-Or maybe they're just
a bunch of sick fucks.
Or that.
-I think it's
a beautiful thing,
what you're doin'.
I had the opportunity, but...
it didn't work out for me.
May I?
She's moving for you.
Here, let me
get that from you.
-Thank you
for getting my job back.
-You're welcome.
Don't mention it,.
Make those even.
You know I hate it like that.
Come on. Come on.
Trying to drive me crazy here.
Thank you.
Have you seen Mona lately?
At church?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
-Hm. She say hi to you?
She-- she, you know,
in her own way,
in her special way, but...
Can I have a cherry?
Thank you.
-You think she prays for me?
Mona? Mm... maybe.
I hope so.
She needs to pray
for somebody.
-You excited to get
your six-month chip?
It's a huge accomplishment.
-Yeah, it feels good.
-Maybe you could share today?
If you're feeling up for it?
I know it's not
your favorite thing to do.
Really don't like talking
in front of so many people.
-I understand.
Took me months
before I was ready to share.
But maybe you could try.
Hey, everyone, come on in.
Hope you guys had
a great weekend.
But not too good.
- Wow.
Well, since it's the closest
pharmacy to the house,
I still got to shop here.
The rumors are true.
But let me guess,
you don't know
who the father is.
-You're the worst excuse
of a mom.
-Well, I don't know about that.
You never met mine.
At least I tried for you.
-You're still
a horrible person.
-You know what,
I don't need this.
I'm so done with you.
Have fun with that.
-I guess
Trick never told you.
All right, I'll bite.
Trick never told me what?
-That he raped me.
-What did you just say to me?
-You heard me.
-You're a liar.
You're a fucking liar.
You stole everything from me.
So that baby
should be mine then.
-You should leave
before I make you.
-You just wait
till your precious little baby
grows up to be something
you find disgusting.
-You can't
hurt me anymore, Mona.
And I'm gonna spend
my entire life
making sure my baby knows
what it feels like to be loved.
-I said the same thing
when I was pregnant with you.
Good luck.
I'm fine.
I don't think I'll ever
see my mom again.
-It's okay.
-I got go put these away.
Excuse me.
-The girls and I,
we want you to have this.
We know it's not easy
just doing tables.
No, I can't take
your money.
- Oh, honey, please.
You're taking it.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you.
-You have a name
picked out yet?
-Um, I think I have to
see the face to know.
I always said
if I had a little girl,
I'd name her Claudia.
It sounds so stylish.
You're gonna be fine
in this life.
I've seen a lot of girls
come in and out of here.
I know a survivor
when I see one.
-Much easier
when you have a reason
to push through all this shit.
-And you have the best reason.
-The only reason.
-Thanks for the share, Frankie.
You got this, love.
We're here for you.
The first time
I shared my story
was the last meeting I went to.
I realized that I didn't
have to be my mom.
I wouldn't repeat the same
mistakes that she did.
Trauma doesn't
have to be passed down.
That's what they taught me.
We all go through
fucked-up stuff,
but we're not born fucked-up.
-I just love you so much.
I love you too.
Please come visit us.
-You know I will.
-I could not have done
any of this without you.
-I love you.
I'm gonna miss you.
I am the person
I am today
because of the people
that helped me
and the people that hurt me.
I used to think I never
deserved a second chance...
but maybe I do.
I love you so much.