London Boulevard (2010) Movie Script

You, you're out.
How goes it, Mitchel?
Prison makes me nervous, Billy.
Let's go, then.
Here's something new for you.
You can't smoke in the fucking pub.
They done it in Ireland.
They done it, fuck me,
they done it in France.
New York, they've made the fags,
so they burn out
if you leave them in the ashtray.
Tastes like shit as well.
You been to New York, Billy?
Well, that's another
fucking story, isn't it?
The guy that
owned this flat, this doctor,
got into heavy sch-took with,
shall we say, a money lender.
Left everything.
- You're the money lender?
- Well...
Part of a firm.
And, we'd like you to be on-board.
I don't think so, Billy.
Still, you stay. Think about it. Whatever.
Where you gonna go otherwise, right?
What? 80 they give you
to make your way in London.
In London?
What is it, 47 a week
job-seekers allowance?
On Kennington Road.
I won't use it.
You need it.
And you need me, mate.
You need your friend, Billy.
There's a party tonight,
of course there's a party.
Usual, down at the Hanover.
Don't be late. It's your party, isn't it?
Did they hurt you in there, Mitchel?
Nah, not so you'd notice.
They hurt me in there, Mitchel.
I know they did, Joe.
It's all right now. Here.
You don't have to do that.
Yeah, I do.
It's a tax you pay for being all right.
You missed the World Cup.
Let's have it.
Fuck off.
Go on.
That's a shit place to park.
You're a legend.
A little something
for a rainy day, mate!
Here you go, mate!
Welcome back, brother.
Shame we can't talk about work
in a place like this, Mitch.
There's something I want
to throw you way.
If you don't talk about work here,
Danny, where do you talk about it?
- It's full of fucking reporters, isn't it?
- What?
Do you know what I mean?
Fucking congregation
of fucking southeast villains like this.
I mean, see that one over there? There.
Right, she's writing a fucking book.
And they all want their
fucking picture taken, don't they?
They all want their photo in it.
Fucking bunch of fucking tossers.
The pad you're in, yeah?
I don't need to tell ya
there's no free lunches.
There are other things I can do,
and maybe I want to fucking do them.
No, it ain't like you think.
I ain't going back inside, Billy, ever.
For fucking no one.
Then don't get caught,
you fucking cunt.
There's a bit of a ruckus
in the cellar, lad.
I think it's your sister.
Did you invite my sister?
Me? No.
She's a fucking cow.
Come on, darling.
What are you going to do?
Are you going to kill me?
- Aye, I may.
- You going to kill me?
Hey, hey. Yo, bro. It's all cool, yeah.
It's alright.
When you're black, I'll fucking tell you.
I told him. I told him it was only kissing.
Christ, Mitch, that ain't right. That's...
I don't give a fuck who it is!
That's Purple Dave's nephew.
- Which Purple Dave?
- Eh?
Hey, what's up?
Where you going? Mitch?
- You look nice, Briony.
- Yeah? Do you like it? I stole it.
I'll call you tomorrow, all right?
You get some rest
and no more drinking, right?
I've not been drinking.
I've not been fucking drinking.
- On my meds, some chance.
- Briony, you've been drinking.
- Get some rest.
- I've not been drinking.
I've not... Ugh!
Fuck! Smells like someone's
been drinking in here.
West 11. End of the road.
And make sure
she gets to the front door, yeah?
If you care about me,
you come and take care of me.
We tried that.
All right.
I haven't been drinking!
Fancy a drink?
All right. Not here.
Somewhere else.
Never again.
Where's Mitch?
Mad Tommy said...
Mad Tommy with the mad hairpiece,
that this party was for a criminal,
just out of Pentonville.
I was a criminal.
Presently, I am just unemployed.
Are you handy?
What, with hammers and such?
I might have something for you.
A job, I mean.
I'm serious. I am.
Is it too little for you now?
What a tradesman makes?
No. I know how little I need.
To be happy?
To be alive.
I'm Penny.
I'm Mitchel.
Look, I have this, um, friend.
We go back ages.
She lives in Holland Park.
She's... retired.
Friend your age? Retired?
You'd know
who it was if I told you.
She's gone a bit Howard Hughes.
Still blind, you old fraud?
I need a favour.
Jesus Christ, Joe. Put it back.
- I found it in a bin, down the estates.
- Right.
You know what?
Put it away.
My name's Mitchel.
I was told that I was expected.
We may well be expecting you.
I've been out of communication.
Go round there and there's a door.
The kitchen door.
We keep the curtains closed.
Are you a thief?
I've never stolen anything.
Why did you go to prison?
I was in an altercation.
It got out of hand.
Do you like violence?
I will hurt someone
before they hurt me.
- Sometimes they come over the walls.
- The paparazzi.
They're outside my house
all the fucking time.
You know, it's got a bit much.
If they got over, if they got in...
Did you fuck Penny?
That's odd. She's fucked everyone
I've ever met. Except Jordan.
Thank you very much.
Could you get someone
off the property if you needed to?
I mean, if I needed you to,
could you help look after me?
Uh, you have to sign a piece of paper.
Non-disclosure agreement.
Do you have a camera phone?
Jordan will take care of everything.
- Money.
- Thank you, miss.
What she does these days, mainly,
is paint.
She has a studio upstairs.
The papers would say she daubs.
See, you're not allowed
to do more than one thing,
which is why a polymath,
such as myself,
prefers to do nothing.
It's all about privacy, you see.
This day and age.
I fancy celebrities
rather like the Olympians of old.
They do wonder out there,
the little people,
what their gods are doing,
who they're fucking,
who they've chained to a rock,
or turned into a fucking ass.
All this could be yours, later,
if you haven't nicked
any Screaming Popes.
Are you fixed up?
For now, I am.
It's a nice day,
if you like that sort of thing.
Everything you could possibly need
is in here. Tools, ladders, paints.
If there's anything else,
we have an account, down the road.
You've seen her in films?
Getting her kit off.
If it wasn't for Monica Bellucci,
she'd be the most raped woman
in European cinema.
And all before the age of 30.
Of course, she's also
very serious about her acting.
Apart from not wanting to do it,
she's incredibly serious about her craft.
Her husband's a fuckwit.
His cars.
He hasn't a call for them.
He's in Spain. Drunk.
They should be covered.
They need to be taken care of.
Well, if we could find the fucking titles,
they'd have all have been sold.
You will arrive promptly at 7:30,
work commences at 8:00 sharp.
At 11:00, you'll have a tea break.
At 1:00, lunch for one hour.
- Monday's you'll do painting...
- Jordan, I'm not sure of this...
Please, bear with me.
I'm making all this up.
I'm a model of efficiency.
Wednesdays, the roof.
Thursdays, windows.
Friday, the patio. Saturday, party.
Sunday, go to church.
And pray, I pray you, for all of us entire.
Are you an actor?
I'm resting.
You are no longer employed, Mr Lee.
I thought I made that perfectly clear.
Lighten up, mate.
So I had a camera.
Did I use it?
- Did I?
- You have already been replaced.
I don't think so.
You see, I know too much, don't I? Eh?
Cup of tea, Jord.
Two sugars.
There's a good boy.
Get the fuck out of here,
you fat, fucking cunt!
And you go anywhere near the tabloids,
and I will chop you up in court
until there's nothing left
but a fucking stain!
Fuck off.
Thank you. No heroin today.
They'll take your photograph
until they realise you're nobody.
They're kind enough to think
we're all somebody, for a minute.
Is next Monday suitable?
Oi! You want a talking to.
He's got no idea, that posh cunt!
No idea! No fucking idea, mate!
You've got to ask yourself how
he became posh in the first place.
His grandfather probably did
your grandfather with a shovel.
You don't want to fuck with me!
I don't have to fuck with you,
you're already fucked.
Out of a job, anyway.
Don't ever go there again.
Oh, we'll see about that.
Your manor now, is it, eh? Eh?
Maybe it's enough for you.
How's your brother?
- What's your name?
- Harry Mitchel.
You want to see
my driver's license, Lee-Lee?
Fuck off.
Detective Sergeant Bailey, Mr Mitchel.
Might I have a word?
Now, we get a daily bulletin about all
ex-prisoners returning to our manor.
And I recognise your name, of course,
but, hey,
there's no address.
Now why no address
when you so clearly have one.
I'm not on parole.
- I'm a free man.
- 'Course you are.
Where's the owner?
How about a nice cup of tea?
Two sugars.
Your friend Billy Norton
is sailing close to the wind.
You'd be wise to avoid him.
And dodges like this flat.
Which, if I were to look into it...
Yeah, I got my eye on you, Mitchel.
You're in my manor.
What is it? What you want?
Consider it rent on the flat.
- I'll see myself out.
- Yeah, you will.
- Fucking cunt.
- I heard that!
You ready to clock in?
You're sailing close to the wind, Billy.
- Eh? What?
- Policeman told me.
You spoke to a fucking copper
about me?
The same one
who got my address from you.
Oh, Bailey? Oh, fuck Bailey.
You don't worry about him.
Right. Hope the fucking lift's working.
We start at the top,
we work our way down, right?
When you finish this gaff, mate,
you want to be near
the front fucking door.
I shit you not.
Get your mum.
Your mum, yeah?
Go on, get...
What have you got for me?
Let's have a look then.
No, you're a bit short, love.
I had a difficult week.
I had to buy a plane ticket,
my father's got cancer.
Yeah? I could give a rat's fucking arse
about your Hindu psychodramas.
You know, I'll tell you what,
I'll tell you what,
you can double up next week.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- All right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I'm Anthony Trent.
This is my house.
That is, it was my house
before it became your house.
And now you want what?
Funnily enough,
I thought I might collect some things.
They made me write prescriptions
apart from everything else.
I'm a doctor. I'm being investigated.
It's a sad story, Anthony,
but given the people involved,
I think it will get sadder
if you come here again.
I reckoned it was a mistake to come.
Nice night.
Fuck yourself.
How's the eating? You eating?
You know I don't like to eat.
It makes me sick.
There's only so far
I can take care of you.
Mum went down helping you.
Didn't have a life until she had cancer
because of you.
I didn't come here for a lecture.
You came for a proper feed
of meat and vegetables
and you're going to fucking well have it.
If I cook this,
and if you don't eat it, we're done.
- Want vodka.
- I don't have any fucking vodka.
All right? Have a fucking vegetable.
- Want a vodka.
- You can't have vodka with your meds.
I want a fucking vodka.
You can't have fucking vodka
with your meds!
Can't eat with that staring at me.
Join the fucking club.
I already told you
he's not in any condition for visitors.
What is the problem, please?
He wants to see our Mr Anonymous.
- His name is Joe.
- What's his last name?
Matron, I'll deal with this.
As a relative.
A nephew perhaps?
- That's right, I'm his nephew.
- Please.
Joe is not in good shape.
I think he has 24 hours or less.
- What?
- I'm very sorry.
Do you wish to see him?
- Please.
- I'm Dr Raju.
Hello, Joe.
You should see the other guy.
Who is the other guy, Joe?
It's important you tell me
who the other guy is.
It doesn't make a difference.
Yes, it makes a difference.
I don't want to die, Mitch.
I thought I wouldn't mind, but I do.
Well, that's the difference, Joe.
So you tell me who did this.
Kid from the estates.
About 16.
Real one.
This morphine is a rush, Mitch.
I lived as long as I could.
I tried.
Well done, son. Well done.
- I need a burial plot.
- What?
I don't want to start from the beginning
again and tell you I need a burial plot.
Now if you ask me fucking why.
Just get it done.
It'll cost ya. Not just money.
I told ya, I need your help tomorrow.
- Right.
- None of the lads are...
Now it's one flat. One flat, that's all.
This is it.
You know who I am,
and you know what this is.
He don't leave money here.
Look, just gimme something.
I got to have something.
I told you, I got nothing.
- Where is he?
- He's out.
- You'd better get out of here.
- Eh?
Why? Why's that then?
Why? Without what belongs to me.
Nothing belongs to you.
- What the fuck you say to me!
- My brother's coming over.
- Yeah, your brother is?
- What the fuck you doing?
Fucking get off me! Fuck off!
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Billy?
Nothing broken. Ribs.
Nobody wants to pay compensations.
Bones and teeth, you pay for them.
We seem to be missing
your NHS number.
Taken care of, Matron. Thank you.
- Right. Thank you, Doctor.
- Thank you. No, thank you.
Good man.
I'll fix you up with some pain killers.
I thought you was behind me.
I said that.
I said, if it gets moody, run.
I said that in the van.
No, you didn't.
So what's this... this other job you got?
I don't have a job.
Listen, I run into Lee
down the Feathers.
He says... He says you got his job.
He says he don't mind 'cause it's you.
But, car collection in the garage.
It's outrageous, Lee says.
Like '60s Silver Cloud.
And her,
Lee says she's out of her mind.
Yeah? Well, word's got around
and there's an interested party.
You put it all in a container, right?
Cars, paintings, jewellery, furniture.
Off to France.
What's your point, Billy?
Well, it'd be worth knocking it over.
You and me.
We'd have a grateful party.
We got that car, them paintings.
Who do you think
the cops will pull first?
Well, there is that.
Put it out of your mind,
you fucking understand me?
Calm down, Mitch. I've been asked.
I asked you. I got me answer. Done.
- What?
- Burial plot.
Courtesy of a mate
you never knew you had.
Same one who wants
the paintings and the cars?
Bury your friend. Or not. Or not.
Up to you.
- Any last words?
- Yeah.
We're all fucked.
Where'd you get the dog?
A lady had him tied to some railings.
- Where'd you get the Scotsman?
- Outside Marks and Spencer.
- Who's paying him?
- I am.
With what?
I gave him a wank
while pretending to be his mum.
- Fuck sake, Briony. Shh.
- It's common in Scotland.
- Did he tell you that?
- No, I just know it.
Come on.
If you're a real doctor, do you
do, like, plastic surgery and stuff?
- Plastic surgery?
- I'd quite like my chin done. Ooh!
That's like a bit of a dance.
Do you dance?
Can't dance with this hat.
Is it terrible to say
that I'm enjoying myself?
No, it's essential that
you enjoy yourself.
My wife was a very shrewish woman.
I told her finally,
"I love you, but I want to enjoy my life."
She was more outraged by that
than anything I'd ever said to her.
I am divorced.
I would like to see your sister, Mitchel,
with your permission.
Sanji, it's a free country.
And you're a good man, but she's...
I don't mind if she's got problems.
Will you let me try?
There we go.
I read a lot in prison, Sanji.
There was a poet named Rilke.
He's got a line.
"Everything terrible
is something that needs our love."
- And that over there is terrible.
- No.
But it doesn't want your love.
It wants your fucking PIN number.
You're a good man, Sanji,
no good will come of it.
Saving people. Being a saint.
And they just buried one, didn't they?
Will you see her home?
That's what I was talking about.
- Tell her not to pay the piper.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I'll take care of it. It'll be my pleasure.
- How many kids have you got?
- I don't know. Three.
There's a lot you don't know,
you fucking jaffa.
- All right.
- Hi, there.
How was it up the 'Ville?
Better to be out.
Got a favour to ask.
Ask and you shall receive, my son.
Two kids up Kennington Estates
did a Big Issue seller.
Lit him on fire?
Rite of passage.
Rite of passage?
So is that.
Calm down.
- I'll ask around.
- You do that.
One of them's a football player.
Everyone knows who did this.
Someone had better bring me
a fucking name. Someone had better.
- How many in a baker's dozen?
- 13.
Did you have an accident?
A strenuous workout, Jordan.
Are you fit for work?
Work is what you do when you'd
rather be doing something else, right?
Always has been for me.
I get them from Hong Kong.
Not personally.
How did you become a criminal,
since you're not a big oink
with a missing chromosome?
Do you want the real answer?
Well, I was thinking
about something else.
And what were you thinking about
when you were thinking
about something else?
Whatever it was, I wasn't
thinking about it clearly enough.
We used to have parties.
My husband's half-sister's stepfather
had a daughter by his previous...
God, no,
I think it was his second previous.
Strapping girl with big teeth
and dyslexia.
She got married here under an awning.
So did I. It's the Cape Canaveral
with shitty marriages.
Well, it's the garden for it.
So what was it like in prison?
The truth is, it was embarrassing.
There's something
to say about those roses,
but I can't think what it would be.
- Well...
- No, I don't want a plan for them.
They're beyond fucked.
Now, you'd better go inside.
- They're on the roof. They're up there.
- Shit!
Up here, for fuck's sake!
Show us something!
One day I wondered
what a shot of me dead would be worth.
They pay big for morgue photos.
Charlotte, you filthy slag!
Is that your new fuck buddy, Charlotte?
What are you running away for?
Charlotte, suck his cock!
I went to RADA.
Have I seen you in anything, Jordan?
Well, I was on a kids' show.
Then I was on methadone.
Then I was a producer.
Listen, Jordan, I think you should
consider a bit more security.
Burglar lights. Basically everywhere.
And the house isn't wired all that well.
You'd be the expert.
I'll leave you to it, all right.
Let's go inside.
How you finding the place?
You comfortable?
No, I'm talking to someone else.
Well, don't hurt him hurt him.
Fucking hurt him.
Yeah. What is it with you?
Yeah. Bye, bye, bye, bye.
Bunch of fucking morons.
These people drive you fucking crazy.
Warm, isn't it?
You haven't got a mobile, have you?
Get him a mobile.
One with an answering machine
so we can keep in touch.
Do you read books?
- Yeah.
- Ah, just finished reading a book.
The jury's still out whether we're
noble savages or just fucking savages.
All them years on an inquiry,
they still don't fucking know.
What do you think?
Some were noble, some were savages.
Fucking savages.
That was good
what you done in Brixton.
Took a lot of heart to stand up
half a dozen mechanical Islamics.
Fuck me.
Who knows what them cunts get up to.
There was four of them.
- Yeah.
- What it took was stupidity.
This cunt...
What is this cunt doing?
No, no, no.
That's not stupidity, you see.
No. Stupidity runs away like a cunt,
and then a bigger cunt,
he comes back to me
and tells me that he fucking run away.
See, a man like you,
you send a message.
What? That I can take a beating?
I'm only alive
because they saw me hit Billy.
Yeah, well.
They were very decent Zulus.
Decent no more.
- They don't know who's behind Billy.
- Right.
You have to be very careful about that,
you see?
Cunts like Billy, they've always got
someone behind them. Am I right?
I mean even a spade who's just
come out of a fucking tree.
You can never imagine
some cunt like that was in charge.
Can you fucking imagine it?
Yeah, well, I'm gonna put you in charge
of a high rise in Peckham.
Need a bit of discipline there, you know,
been one or two boom-boom incidents.
The natives are restless
and all out of bollocks.
I see. I'm very honored.
But I'm still learning the ropes.
That's old Navy talk.
In case you don't quite understand
what that means,
it means you have to learn the ropes
before you become an able seaman.
- You understand that?
- Specialized business, isn't it?
- Hmm.
- So I think I should hold off.
Well, if you want to tag along
with that cunt a little bit longer,
then that's up to you.
Oh, fuck me.
Bit early for that.
Oh, I got a little surprise
for you Thursday night.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
He'll pick you up. If he's still about.
Good night, sweetheart.
She in there or what?
You giving her one?
Yeah, you're a guy working.
We're just guys working, too!
- Is she in there?
- She's not here.
Oh, come on,
she must be in there, yeah?
Who's giving her one?
You must know who's giving her one.
Give us something, mate,
I've got kids to feed.
What's your name, yeah?
Come on!
Come on,
who are you? You doing her, yeah?
Her husband crashed a car in Spain
and incinerated a fucking viscount.
- Lovely.
- Now I have a dental situation.
She wants to know if you can drive.
Can you drive?
So, you're not a criminal.
You're just like anybody
who might have gotten pinched
for hitting someone in a bar.
- There was more to it than that.
- Was or is?
So what do you want out of life, Mitch?
Out of all this worthless shit?
Enough to eat, a bed to lie in.
So I can think.
You had that in jail.
Could you get me a drink?
A scotch.
This place is a mausoleum.
I didn't offer you one.
- It's all right.
- No, it isn't.
Listen, what you are,
it's not what everybody is.
It's all right to have trouble
with the basics.
It would be odd if you didn't.
Where would you be if you were me?
Los Angeles.
There's no milk
and mice shat in the sugar.
I suppose a biscuit's
out of the question.
Fuck off.
What we here for?
To pack.
They're not here yet.
They will be.
You've been down to my property.
You took money from my Mitchel.
- But Billy Norton said it was...
- No.
Billy Norton is a cunt.
Fuck Billy Norton. Fuck you.
How much you take off my Mitchel?
- Fifty.
- Giz it.
Who do you work for?
- The police...
- No, that's your day job.
You go down to my property again
and take my money off my boys
and you'll end up in there.
Is that clear?
Nothing clearer.
How's your egg sarn?
- It's all right.
- Is it? Lovely.
Fuck off.
Go on.
You can't seriously advise me
that what I've been doing
is worth anything.
Yes, I can. I just did.
Do you know what
a woman's for in film?
Go on then.
What this job is
that I'm supposed to want?
- I'm listening.
- A woman is there
to get the hero to talk about himself.
About his hopes. About his fears.
Maybe even about his
fascinating fucking childhood.
But I can't... I can't do it.
Either you're getting your kit off,
opening up the trousers or brains
of an idiot in a piece of shit.
Or you're shooting MOS in Genoa
with some geriatric Italian pervert
who really artistically needs the hero
to stick his thumb up your arsehole
in the 17th sex scene.
Do you like the place?
- Needs a bit of work.
- Yeah.
You know, I was in Italy.
And I started to fizz.
My arms felt light.
My mind was racing
and I couldn't breathe.
And I thought that I was going to die.
So I thought I'll just go home
and I'll have a week for myself.
I'll have a week for myself.
A bath.
But then I couldn't go out again
and now it's all this.
You ever had it since?
Thanks for coming on,
for taking the job.
I haven't taken the job.
Good night.
The man who did this,
did the White House.
Seriously, went to America, as one
does when things go wrong.
I've heard of that.
You spent the night with her?
I'm going to pretend
you didn't ask the question.
- Did she tell you why she quit working?
- She doesn't like it.
Doesn't see the point.
She didn't tell you why she quit?
She was raped in Italy.
There were no police involved,
no newspapers.
She can't really report things.
- What happened to the man who did it?
- Well, it's an interesting story.
Turns out there were Quaaludes
dissolved in his Adescian Chianti.
A fucking lot of Quaaludes.
He's on a machine in Barnet.
You're late. You knew about it.
What's the surprise, Billy?
You'll see, won't you?
Good of you to turn up, Mitchel.
Was this cunt late?
You know Mr Beaumont
and Mr Fletcher.
He's not one of them.
- He's not one of them?
- He's not one of them.
- He's not one of them, Billy.
- He's got a fucking foreskin, mate!
I got done by the Nation of Islam!
- And even if he was one of them...
- And even if he was, what?
What, you go down there, Bill,
and pick up the first black boy you saw?
Example, you said.
Even if it wasn't him, which it is him.
Well, it fucking is now.
You know when I was a kid,
I was underprivileged, yeah?
My mother, don't get me wrong,
she kept a nice place and that.
Just after the war,
weren't a lot of money about.
But you know what, I remember
driving my girlfriend to Bermondsey,
so she could go to a party
with another boy.
Well, she didn't think I knew.
But I did. I fucking knew.
She made me feel like a right cunt.
What's that got to do with me?
Fuck me. Look at that.
Right in the heart.
Well, ain't we all.
You're an accessory now.
It's a bit like being married,
you know. It's for life.
Now, men that take it to the next level,
they can do anything
they fucking want, Mitchel.
Except keeping a guy like Billy
from fucking up.
- Well, we're of the same mind, here.
- You stupid cunt!
Bill, take that down the estate, will you?
- That could be difficult, Mr Gant.
- Oh, really?
Take that cunt down the fucking estate.
Make the other fucking Zulus see it.
Or I'll fucking bury you, cunt!
Now I'd invite you for a drink,
but I'm running a bit bad at the moment.
You should ask a man before you
put him under this sort of contract.
Yeah? Let's have a word.
I didn't ask to know your business.
I don't want to know
your fucking business!
Well, now you know
my fucking business.
What you want and what you don't want
are two different fucking things.
- Now are we still friends?
- You're safe, if that's what you mean.
As houses. Now, I know you.
And I know that cunt.
You want me to kill him?
I'll fucking kill him now.
- I didn't say that.
- You did.
No, no, no. That's what you said.
You said it.
- You said exactly that.
- Take it as you like, I didn't say that.
You don't have a cunt like that
working for you.
- I didn't fucking say that!
- You fucking said it. You fucking said it!
You said it. You know what the most
powerful fucking thing is?
Yeah, knowing what can go wrong.
For anybody, at any fucking time.
Do you know that?
Look, what we shouting for?
- Why... Why are we shouting?
- Fuck!
We don't shout at one another a lot.
Let's do lunch,
we'll sit down somewhere nice.
Have a chat. Like fucking men!
Fucking cunt.
- What do you think?
- I want to live there.
When I was a kid, I imagined a big
fuck-off house in London, this house.
But it's his house.
You have money of your own, right?
- You ever had much money?
- On and off. Not freedom.
- What's that?
- What?
I'm not being a fucking existentialist
with a Gauloise,
I'm just asking a question.
Ask another one.
How would you feel about
going to a restaurant? Like people?
You would be sitting in a restaurant
with a man
who just got out of Pentonville,
after doing three years for GBH.
As much as I love the idea,
I think it's the worst thing
I could possibly do to you.
Yeah, you'd be ripped apart.
I wouldn't want that.
Okay, I'm going to be very brave here.
I'm going to be very bold
and very brave.
If I fell a little in love with you
in the countryside,
what would you do about it?
I was talking shit earlier
about going to a restaurant.
- I can't. I mean, I can't even...
- I know. I know.
Is she in there, mate!
Oi, where's the cunt with the long hair?
There's nowhere to hide, mate!
Are you fucking her?
You are, aren't you?
Bet she smells lovely!
There he is!
Up here mate, smile for the camera!
I want you to organize collections,
Streatham, Clapham and Kennington.
- Don't know about that, Mr Gant.
- Call me Rob.
I'm not expecting you
to go door to door, not in that suit.
Fuck me, have a look at you.
You know you could be
anything you want to be.
That's what I've always heard.
"You could do anything."
People don't get given chances.
Not like the chance I'm giving you.
Now, your mate Mr Norton,
your friend Billy.
He couldn't run a firm,
he couldn't even bring me
the right spade.
I can recommend the lemon sole,
it's blinding.
Bit flash in here, I know,
but it's fucking British, isn't it?
I'll have the steak, rare and mash.
Thank you.
I want to go with the lemon sole
and some mashed potatoes with it,
and a few bobby beans.
Start with bottle of Sancerre
and a bottle of Haut-Brion.
And a glass for each one.
One glass, the right fucking glass.
- Sir?
- Send me the sommelier.
You know, the wine geezer.
You're looking for two Kennington kids
who bashed up some old wino.
One of them is a young footballer
with promise.
And I've got a lot of money
behind him. Future revenue.
Also, it's the love for the game.
- Isn't that lovely?
- Well, he's the belle of the ball.
No one's going to put him
in a frame, Mitch.
You like this gaff?
You like the life, yeah?
Well, you're going to have to
give up your day job.
- Not a chance.
- Ah.
Lovely out in the country, isn't it, mate?
That's proper England, you know.
You're a fucking gangster.
You're part of my firm.
Well, there are times when a gangster
- is something to be.
- And when is that?
You're not gonna come and work
for me, that's obvious.
So when the fuck is it?
You saw me shoot that fucking spade.
You really think I'm going to let you
walk free around this fucking planet?
It ain't gonna happen.
See what you have to understand
is that if I was a gangster, Rob,
- you'd be the first to fucking die.
- Huh.
I wouldn't work for you. I'd kill you
and take everything you've got.
- Oh.
- If I were a gangster.
That's why you don't want me
to be a gangster.
That's why nobody wants me
to be a gangster,
'cause I could not stop if I started.
Do you get it?
Don't ask again.
That's for the steak.
I was just getting very high.
Of course you are. It's 6:00 a.m.
You haven't been paid yet.
Rent on the flat.
I'm not taking the job.
You all right?
Well, I wasn't expecting you,
but you'll do.
This is my two friends.
Mr Fletcher, Mr Beaumont.
- All right?
- Yeah.
So what are you doing here?
I thought the place would be empty.
I came to collect some things of mine.
- Of yours?
- That I'd left behind when I...
When I had to leave.
You had to get your things in my flat?
It sounds silly, but it used to be mine.
No, no, no, no. It was never yours.
- Since I still had a key.
- Oh, you still got a key, yeah.
- But that's...
- That's my key.
You all right? Don't be nervous,
there's no need to be nervous.
- I'm not nervous.
- You're not?
- No.
- What, you always like that?
When I was a kid I used to love
going to the seaside with my uncle.
Well, he wasn't my uncle.
He was with my mum.
She had me, but he wasn't my uncle.
He used to do things to me.
You know how that made me feel?
Did you hear about Kennington?
- No.
- Go fuck yourself, Danny.
Everyone knows who I'm looking for
and no one's bringing him to me.
I don't like that, Danny.
All right, but you didn't hear it from me.
What's his name and where is he?
I can't be seen with you, here, ever.
Not in England.
I don't want them to take
your photograph. They can't have you.
There's no need for that.
No need for that, Mitch!
Shall we go for a ride, Billy,
you and me?
Or are you gonna
get the hell out of here?
- You're fucked, mate.
- How's that, Billy?
Gant's got a hard-on for you.
- I ain't a fucking homosexual.
- Fuck this Gant's...
Fuck this Gant's homosexual shit.
If he is, if he is, free country, isn't it?
I get you... I... I get you
the sweetest deal
and you shit all down it.
You just shit all down it.
Your head's all fucked up. Eh?
It's all fucked up in your head.
He said you owe him, you owe him.
I don't owe him anything.
Get out of here, Billy.
- Give us me some fucking keys then.
- One last thing.
Three years ago when I did that guy,
how did your hands look afterwards?
How did your hands look, Billy?
You think I didn't fucking know?
- You think I didn't fucking know, Billy?
- You're gone! You're gone, man!
- I'm talking to a zero!
- Don't come around here again!
Gant wants that motor. Wants it!
Wants that fucking...
Wants that Bacon painting.
- Wants it.
- It's not want he wants.
Watch out for a
big Bosnian fucker!
Next time, he'll come!
Hey, hey,
hey! Woah.
- Have a word. Don't be shy.
- Hey, what's the rush?
- Who do you think that is?
- Some cunt.
How do you feel about guns, Jordan?
My dear boy, I'm a trained actor.
I can feel anything about anything.
You took it from a passing philosopher,
I imagine.
You got somewhere to put it?
I do.
I need to borrow a car.
Why fuck around?
Hello, Billy.
- Fuckin' A!
- Get up! Get up!
Don't! Fuck! Fuck!
Come here! Come here!
We can... We can work it out!
- You're hurting me.
- You were in my house, Billy,
- where I fucking live!
- He told me to go.
What happened to the owner
of my old place, Billy? Huh?
It was... It ain't to frame you, I swear.
- The fuck it isn't.
- That fucking stupid bastard,
he went in and he tried to get in
to get some fucking clothes.
- Who?
- I don't know. I don't know.
Yeah. So, Gant lost it! Yeah,
you know like he done that night
with the fucking spade!
He fucking lost it.
Yeah, so he took the cunt down
to fucking Brighton.
He took him down, he fucked him
up the fucking arse
and he cut his fucking head off, man!
I swear, Gant will kill everybody!
Yeah, everyone who belongs to you,
I swear, everybody.
Does he know about my sister?
Everybody knows about your sister.
Come here! Come here!
Look at me, you cunt!
Mitch! Mitch! Mitchy, it's me,
you remember me?
You remember me,
you remember Billy, don't ya?
Come here.
No, no, no. That's Gant's money.
That's Gant's money, don't touch it.
No, it's not, Billy. No, it's not.
Just another fuckin' gangster, Billy.
All the money is mine.
All the fucking money is mine!
Don't! Give me that money.
I'll give you my own fucking money.
- Stay there!
- I'll give you my own fucking money.
What have you done to me?
- Is he all done and dusted?
- It's Mitchel.
And what physical condition
is that Billy in?
Can we talk a little business, Rob?
I don't feel we got too much more to say.
Any more out of you and I'll be
paying you a fucking visit
and I'll cut your fucking throat!
- That's mine!
- Give me.
That's mine, you cunts!
Don't you love this place?
My friend owns it.
This is my sibling, Mitchel.
Mitchel, this is Alfons.
A pleasure.
I shall order for you both.
Yeah, all right, but nothing nasty.
- That's Alfons.
- Without a doubt.
Have you been drinking?
Can we not talk about
anything important for a change?
Like the fact I've left Dr Raju.
No longer. Me and Dr Raju, finito.
You took his PIN number?
- What?
- His PIN number?
Money, money, money,
it's all you ever talk about.
- Your tie's undone.
- Yeah, it's been a long day.
Listen. There are some people after me.
- And they might try and hurt you.
- Ooh!
- Yeah.
- Ooh!
Very much so. So I want you out of
the country until I settle something.
Well, the world's got an infinite
number of places, could be anywhere.
Yeah, one of them's Paris.
Here, a train ticket.
Ooh, Paris!
All right. But I'm going to need
more money than my usual.
- None.
- Of course.
- Yeah?
- No excuses.
And stay there, right. Until I call.
You're not my dad, all right?
Alfons, can we get...
What should we have...
Two triple Sambucas on fire.
- Briony.
- Make sure they're on fire.
I like it when you take care of me.
I love you.
- Don't miss the train.
- What?
Mitchel, I'm not going to drink,
I promise I won't drink.
I promise I won't drink!
Yeah, can I get my Sambucas please,
- You haven't been anywhere.
- Not yet.
I've taken a job.
That's good.
- I have to go to LA.
- Get out of London.
- Yeah, it doesn't suit me.
- Right.
Will you come with me?
There's something I have to do first.
But you'll come to America?
Yeah, I will.
- Heard of the Chateau Marmont?
- Yeah.
They have a list, it doesn't exist.
Your name will be on it.
Watch out for a big
Bosnian fucker!
Next time, he'll come!
You have a visitor.
I'm not sure how to say this,
but it's the sort of thing a celebrity
really cannot afford to have
in the newspapers.
What are we going to do with him?
Billy's get found dead everywhere.
I'm going to need your help.
Are you able?
If I can poison a producer
with his own Quaaludes,
I should say I'm equal
to just about anything.
Compared to most people,
I'm a fucking Borgia Pope.
What do you intend to do
about this Bosnian fucker?
This Storbor?
Kill him. Kill who hired him.
We're gonna need a fuck
of a lot of drugs.
You have found your man.
I am what I say I am.
I hear you've been looking for me.
You have balls, my friend.
I'll buy you a drink.
No, I want to do a deal.
Did you find something
at your house, huh?
That was a funny thing you did.
I like your style.
- You coming?
- As long as my new friend comes too.
- You're so fucked, mate!
- Yeah, why not.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You ever heard of the Beatles?
John Lennon was me uncle.
Who's this wanker?
I love you.
- What did you want to talk about?
- We talk or you're getting paid.
- Yeah.
- What does he mean, getting paid?
Does everyone get this high?
What do you mean, getting paid?
As in, you do Gant, I'll double it.
Have you got the balls to kill Gant?
I have killed babies.
That's good to know.
Let it happen, mate. You're done.
Mr Mitchel, look, I won't say anything!
It's not just grass.
- Hello.
- Briony, where are you?
- I'm in Paris, where else?
- Good girl. Stay there, all right?
All right.
Where's Briony?
Well, well, well.
What lovely surprises.
Oh, you have no fucking idea.
Thank you for coming in.
Would you get down there, please?
What the fuck are you doing?
That's just dope, mate.
Right here. Right here.
- How the fuck did you get in?
- Your missus let me in.
I've got 60 grand here. In this room.
Get it.
Don't open it.
- Why not?
- Because there's a fucking gun in it.
Out you come.
Get into bed.
You and me could be great.
People will remember us.
- It's funny what you remember.
- Oh, yeah.
I wrote a poem for a girl once,
she signed her name to it
and gave it to her other boyfriend.
What's that got to do with me?
My client has no knowledge
of any of these matters.
At the time of the incident,
my client was already in transit
to the United States.
Heard you'd been looking for me.
This is a matter for
the London Metropolitan Police.
No further questions at this time.