London Bridge (2014) Movie Script

'Truly speaking I was not
like this till yesterday'
'Even for making a small decision
today I think quite a lot'
'Perhaps today may become
the most important day in my life'
'That's what I expect'
'ln fact this is definitely
the most important day of my life'
'The most important day'
"Here we go"
"Here we go"
"Here we go"
"Beat the bass...Party is on"
" now"
'Before one could wink
the life of a person could change'
'lt was almost like that
in my case too'
'To tell you precisely
it happened 18 days before'
'The day Kurien and Kumar
came to meet me at my office'
Because brother Kurien is with me...
...hope you would guess
the purpose of our visit
Mr.Vijay you know
brother is in troubles
I know
To tell you the truth
I was wondering if I can donate
my kidney to relieve him from his troubles
Is that made
to be funny Mr.Vijay?
Why did you not relish it?
After taking liquid cash from me
have you come with someone to plead
You dirty
What are you doing?
Leave him
Look Mr.Vijay
Pavan group of companies MD
C.S.Nambiar has sent me here
Kurien is very close to him
In fact sir came to know
about his financial crisis only yesterday
Now Nambiar sir is ready to
clear all his liabilities including yours
I am not bothered
about Nambiar or Chakkiar
I must get my money
11280 pounds
Inclusive of today's interest
that is the amount he owes to me
My God! No Kumar however
you calculate it can't be this high
I swear I have paid interest on many
occasions to the tune of 4000 pounds
Hey man, don't talk
as if we do cattle business
Do you have any proof
for the payments made? it is-
If you have the proof
then show it to me
Don't simply blabber
If you have something in writing
show it to me man
'l knew Kurien will never
have any such proof'
'lt was not out of
any greed for money...'
'...I inflated 4000 pounds
to the money he owes me'
'Because Kurien has troubled me
so much by not paying my dues'
'Besides since Pavan group
companies have intervened...'
'...I guessed they might
pay whatever I demand'
'But my hunch was wrong'
'They asked forthe account
and things reached to fistfights'
'Finally that scene came to
an end this way'
Kurien on his strength
you can go now
But I know the place where your
wife and children live in lndia
I will settle scores
at our land
Nothing Kurien brother
He can't do anything
Before that he would
realise what we are
Will you and Nambiar
take me by the horns?
Go man
- Let's see
- We can
He does not know about CS
Come, let's go
'Out of my excitement
that day I was hostile to Kumar'
'But on second thoughts
I realised it was a big folly'
'Just like wiping a drop
of water from his tache...'
'...he could wipe me out forever'
'Kumar's boss was so
powerful C.S.Nambiar'
You are greed for money
Take it from me you would flourish
only when you get rid of that
Francis brother how can
you also talk like this?
What else can I do?
You do all nonsense
and come to me
I am not St.Francis to
solve all your problems
I am an ordinary
mortal Francis
Earlier also I have intervened
in many issues created by you
On that score I have earned
many enemies too
But this time I am very
sorry to say I will not intervene
Because the opponent
this time is Nambiar
I can't shut my shop dear
You may please carry on
Francis brother-
First he would
come to my office
Then drag me in to this
and the flame would engulf
Let me tell you brother
Yes Francis brother
Vijay, Nambiar called me
He wants to meet you in
the Croydon park club at tomorrow 2 p.m
- What for...?
- He only knows about it
He asked me about
our acquaintance
I told him we have just
met in some social gatherings
You don't give
a different picture to him
What would he think of me?
- What?
- Don't forget
Tomorrow noon at 2 PM
Do as I explained
Good luck!
No brother, l-
'l pondered over it
the whole night'
'Finally I decided
come what may...'
'To go and meet
" now"
Excuse me
- Mr.C.S.Nambiar
- He is there
- Thank you
- Welcome
- Nambiar sir
- I am Vijay Das
- Oh
You are bang on time
The privilege is mine, sir
So how are things?
- Going on, sir
- Good
You should have guessed by now
why I wanted to meet you?
Kurien brother is like
a godfatherto me
You knowthose days
when I came to London...
...he helped me quite a lot
No sir, actually it was a mistake
Have you seen this?
Central London's private
investigation agency called Wheelers...
...on my instruction inquired
about you and has sent this mail to me
In 2003 November on a student Visa
from lndia you have come to London
Is that correct?
But for many including me the earlier days
in London were not so pleasant
Might have been so
for you too, right?
Wash room assistant
kitchen assistant
Barman and many
jobs of this type
During that time you met
solicitor Francis of Eastham
That was a big
turning point in your life
You are right, sir
After coming to London
Francis brother gave me a job
which I could proudly mention to others
Perhaps out of his fear for me
he did not say all these to me yesterday
Anyway at that point
through advocate Francis... took over a loss making
corner shop and started running it
It was your good fortune
that the shop started making profits
And now in many areas of East London's
you have 10 to 12 corner shops
Besides you run
a money lending enterprise
So Vijay Das is flying high
- lsn't it?
- Nothing like that, sir
Sir, before you-
I am going through that mail
my rage about you vanished
Because what I read was
my own story 30 years ago
Those days it was
Kurien brother for me
Now it is Francis
that was the difference
I have earned enough
I have lost the passion
to earn more long ago
Because I could sustain
my hard earned money
I had lots of tragedies in family life
5 years ago
I lost my wife
The very next year
in an accident I lost my son too
He was only 26
Now my only solace
is my daughter Pavitra
A guy who knows everything
the tricks and turns of business...
...should become her life partner
I am very particular about it
Then only my hard earned
wealth would sustain
My quick decisions and intuitions
were always right in my life
On such an intuition
I am asking you
Can you marry my daughter?
'l first thought Nambiar
was fooling me'
'But I realised it was not so when
we both reached Croydon High street'
To show an interesting scene
I have brought you here
The sole heir of a business empire
worth 5000 million pounds... begging there in the streets
She is my biggest
problem now
Her charity
and literature antics
I can at least tolerate
But see this
"Along the lake I see a heart throbbing
in sandy wind through the deserts"
Who is this?
He is from Kerala
Surendran Kanjani
My daughter's
ex boy friend
"The grief of break up that shows up
in your face rises up like a tide before me"
"My unchanged love
I dedicate as a poem"
They have not met
even once in person
Through some social networking site
they became friends
Until few days ago she said
she will live only with him
Do you know one thing?
These days I wake up with a shudder
seeing this guy's face in my dream
They had an argument over
one of the verses in Surendran's poem
Now they have
parted ways totally
This is the right time
for me to present you before her
But before that I have
to know your answer
That sir
All on a sudden
if you ask me
No no, I don't want you
to tell me now
You can take your
own sweet time
'lncluding Scotland's 3 distilleries'
'lf I am to borrow
Nambiar's words sole heir...
...of 5000 million pound
worth business empire'
'Let her be Surendran Kanjani's
or any dirty fellows ex love'
'lt is not an issue
at all for me'
'Though I said to Nambiar I would think
about it it was just a pretence'
'To be frank I could
not sleep that day'
'Next day morning I called Nambiar
and told him about my consent'
'Perhaps he was more sure
about my likely response'
'l felt my response
did not excite him'
'But the very next day itself'
'l witnessed Nambiar
in an ecstatic mood'
Now I am certain
this will happen
Without any reason normally
she opposes whatever I say
When I said this to her
she laughed for some time...
...but did not say
a word objecting it
Why did she laugh?
You must ask her
Anyway she said she would
like to spend a day with you
That itself is a great thing
What would be
the purpose sir?
Mainly could be
to study you
Anyway your day
with her is very crucial
So make it a good day
'Nambiar said this
day is decisive'
'And this is that day'
'Perhaps whicheverway this day could
become an unforgettable day in my life'
'As I said this is definitely
the most important day of my life'
And have you
met the banker?
Go meet them
- Good morning, sir
- Good morning Vijay
No, sir
I am already late
Vijay, don't you
remember Kumar?
Why not?
Daughter would be there
near her mother's tomb
- Hi
- Hi
- I am Vijay Das
- I am Pavitra
Hope daddy would
have told you
Yeah, he told me
But Vijay, daddy said
you would come at 10 o'clock
But now it is
Are you always like this
or is it just one off?
No not like that
I was rushing
but somehow I am late
- Sorry
- Okay
- Let's go
- Okay
By the way Pavitra I am also
very much interested in charity
- But I don't find time
- Oh Really?
- Then
This is our pink day
celebration coupon
Let the start be
from you Vijay
Not any meager amount
It is 1000 pounds
- How much...?
- 1000 pounds
Why not?
How should l
pay this amount?
That's ok
Before you leave
I would collect it from you
Daddy would have
told you about
He did say and I had
an hearty laugh too
Who could be that big fool
who likes to propose to a girl like me
That made me laugh
Sorry, I didn't mean that way
For a person like you
I am neverthe right girl
Atypical family life with hubby
and kids is not my cup of tea Vijay
To lean on
when I become tired
I need a partner in life
to stand by my side
I am a socially
committed person
So my family life
should not go beyond that
And one more thing is... the in law of
the immensely rich C.S.Nambiar would be life partner
cannot enjoy anything
Because after daddy's life time...
...Pavan group of companies
would be made a charitable organisation
That is my decision
- Sorry
- It's ok
So Vijay, ponder
over it thoroughly
I also need time to understand
if you would be compatible to me
Don't worry
Without your knowledge
I would understand you
She is truly worthy of
being Nambiar's daughter
No doubt
"Miniscule flashes from your eyes
before me turned as gilded plumes!"
"Why didn't you sport
the whitish smile?"
"You are lovely
even in dreams"
"At dawn
you are a breeze"
"Your soft foot taps
are rhythmic"
"Oh Oh..."
"l just want to
do this baby"
"Come romantically"
"ln night's dreamy chariot
on this shore"
"To see and hearyou..."
"l swam across
this longish night's ocean"
"Moonlight lily's will
bloom in this garden"
"Will you come with love?"
"At dawn
you are a breeze"
"Your soft foot taps
are rhythmic"
"Oh Oh..."
"l just want to
do this baby"
"Come romantically"
"ln nights dreamy chariot
on this shore"
"lf you would keep company..."
"...we would plunge in
thousand moonlit nights"
"lf you would coalesce with me
even daylights could turn..."
"...thousand lovely dreams!"
"At dawn
you are a breeze"
"Your soft foot taps
are rhythmic"
"Miniscule flashes from your eyes
before me turned as gilded plumes"
"Why didn't you sport
the whitish smile"
"You are lovely
even in dreams"
"At dawn
you are a breeze"
"Your soft foot taps
are rhythmic"
"Oh Oh..."
"l just want to
do this baby"
"Come romantically"
"ln nights dreamy chariot
on this shore"
- Hello, sir
- Why didn't you call me?
Sorry, sir
On the way
I went to my office
- I had some work to do
- What happened?
-What did Pavi say?
- She said many things
But I didn't
understand anything, sir
But one thing has
become very clear
You have given me
a good assignment
Vijay, don't become
despair at the start itself
Did I not tell you
that is her character?
You did say but I didn't
expect this much
You do one thing
Call her now
What for, sir?
Should I teach
you that too?
Tell her you can never forget
the day you have spent with her
Tell her you are
grateful to her for that
Just say something
like this romantically
Should I do that sir?
Then do as you like
Not like that sir
I will call her
- Please text me her number
- Okay, I will send it to you
What is wrong
with this man?
Let it be anything
- Hello?
- Hello Pavitra
I am Vijay here
Why at this time Vijay?
I haven't yet
reached home
Just crossed Houghton park
- So what...?
- Nothing for that
Because I was
driving in solitude...
...I was thinking about
the day we spent together
It was really
beautiful you know
I...I had a lot of fun
Hello Vijay?
Are you there?
Vijay, what's happening there? car
I just hit someone
Oh God! Then?
Seems the person is dead
No movement
lying on road
Might be unconscious
Get down and check, Vijay
Pavitra, that-
- Should I do that?
-You must
It's a question of
someone's life
Don't waste time, go
- Hello?
- Hello Pavitra
Vijay, you need not
have any fears
I have informed everything
including your full details to 999
Police would reach there now
Pavitra, why did you do that?
Where were you?
Hello, seems the owner of this phone
met with an accident few minutes ago
- Who are you?
- Me...?
I was at the spot
at that time
Then, where is she now?
Anything serious?
Nothing to worry
Police came and took her
in an ambulance
Can you find out
which hospital?
They moved towards Basildon
So it could be
the NHS hospital there
I would come now
Hello, Vijay tell me
I was waiting for your call
- What happened afterwards?
- Everything is okay, Pavitra
Actually she was
a Malayali girl
What a coincidence!
With great difficulty I managed to find out
the girls relatives and informed them
Now they will take care of her
We don't have to worry about anything
- Where are you now?
- I am going home
Vijay, what are you talking?
Your car has hit her
So you have
a responsibility to her
No, I have a-
Business people don't have
any human consideration
If you can't go tell me the hospital
where she is taken to...
...I would go there
No no
You need not go
I would go
I have already turned my car
I am on my way actually
Vijay, it is not about making money
You must be a humane
Sure, I know that
Of course
However late it may be
as soon as you reach hospital call me
- Okay?
- Okay, Pavitra
Here comes the next bother
seems this is a worst day for me
- Did you get any other information?
- Actually I am going to the hospital
- So would you be there?
- Yes, I would be there
- I would reach now
- Okay
If hospital wants details
about her what should I tell them?
I mean her name
where is she working such details
She is a nurse
She was directly
recruited by NHS...
...she has just landed
today noon from lndia
Her name is Merin
Merin Lissa John
- Gracy sister
-You toothy
I thought you would
have forgotten my arrival
How can I forget you, dear?
It is very chill here
Then what would you say
about the real cold season?
This is the normal climate here
Where is Thambi Kuttychayan?
Hi baby
- Hello
- Move man
Come on...come on
You scoundrel
Here comes your Thambi Kuttychayan
Poor guy! He is looking foryou
Dear Merin
O lord!
How did you get here?
He will try to utilise the opportunity
You better be prepared
- Dear...!
- Thambi Kuttychayan
Hope the journey
was comfortable
Then, let's go
It's so beautiful out here
Do you like?
This is nothing
If you want to see the beauty of Britain
you must go to the countryside
One day I would
take you there
How is your
online paper in UK?
That's great
UK Malayali's need
my paper early morning
'Malayali at Britain'
to ease themselves
They can't live without it
That's right
The paper is best
suited for that time
Anyway, your trip to this place would
have relieved Johnny uncle greatly
How will he get
relief sister?
Even if I toil here for 10 years
the debts cannot be cleared
Along with that Malu's education
is also to be taken care of
Relax, any way God has
given you the life you wanted
He would have decided
on the rest also
Few nurses known to me stay here
All of them are Malayali's
Have you reached?
- Hello
- Hi
Since you didn't turn up
I was about to call you Gracy
- The flight was delayed
- No doubt might have been Air lndia
Dear, the room is on top
Jessy, what do you have?
Have you packed
a stone mortar inside?
It is very heavy
Merin, she is Jessy
She worked with
me in City hospital
- Which is your town in lndia?
- Koothattukulam
It is time to go for duty
Let us get acquainted
in the evening
- Okay, see you girls
- See you
Sorry, I am little busy
Today it is
my turn in kitchen
I have to finish that
before I leave for wok
- You carry on
- Okay
- We would leave now
- Ok, I would call you later
Some money for you
You would get salary
only next month
Keep it with you
Dear, I would have loved
to keep you with me
You know about it
That may not work out rightly
Don't bother about it, sister
380, 400, 420
440, 460, 480, 500
My God
500 pounds
That means
500 x 100
50,000 rupees
- Hello?
- Gracy sister
Why did you give
so much money?
Let it be with you, dear
If there is a crisis
I can get from you too
From next month
who do you think you are?
Your starting salary
is 2200 pounds
That is peanuts for
money lenders back home
Jeez! Is it like
an anticipatory bail?
Merin, I am going for duty
Food is on the dining table
- Help yourself
- I would, sister
Take rest
Will meet tomorrow
'l just want to
know one thing'
'How do you send
money to lndia?'
'ln the next street there is
a Muthoot money transfer'
'l normally send
through them'
Gracy sister!
Hello Pavitra
I am in the hospital
She has just been
taken in to the HDU
No, I am waiting outside
Did I talk to you over phone?
What's your name man?
I asked what is your name?
Where do you
look while driving?
Were you drunk?
I am asking you
are you laughing?
You don't know about me
I would thrash you and-
Take off your hand
I said take off your hand
For the sake of courtesy
I was waiting here...
...until someone from
the girl's side come
Nowl feel it was a folly
Hello Mr young entrepreneur
Prasad, sir
Your work place is really nice
Thank you, sir
Why this unusual
visit to my office, sir?
Vijay, sometime ago you wanted me
to join with you in some liquor business
Why not we think about it now?
You then said you are not
keen on that business
when I came to your office
to discuss about it
You insulted and
chucked me out
- Don't you remember that, sir?
- I am extremely sorry Vijay
My mood was very
bad on that day
Please don't take it to heart
That's a...
That's alright
I heard a news
A stunning news
Your marriage with
C.S's daughter is fixed
I tried for this alliance
for my second son
But C.S. turned down then
How did you manage this?
So that is what made you keen on this
business proposal once declined by you
What you heard
is true sir but-
Just a minute
- Hello Vijay
- Pavitra
I am at the hospital now
After leaving
the hospital yesterday...
...I came to know
you haven't even made a call
- Where are you?
- Pavitra l-
- I am coming there
- Then come fast
Merin's surgery
is going on here
This girl is really
It was Pavitra
Nambiar uncle's daughter
She wants to meet
me immediately
She was pampered
too much by him
I am busy with my work
she doesn't understand that
So let me take leave of you
Then about the business
proposal you made
I have to discuss
with Nambiar uncle
He has strictly warned me shouldn't
jump into any undesirable ventures
Sorry, Pavitra
I am little late
There was heavy
traffic in motorway
It's okay
Surgery is over
Doctor is talking to them
She has a fracture on her right leg
and left half of the rib cage
Nothing seem to be worried about
But this...this is unfortunate
Could have happened on the impact
or in her attempt to brake falling on
However she got a really
bad hit on her right wrist
She has developed a condition
called radial nerve palsy
What we call drop wrist
In her present condition Merin is
technically paralysed from her wrists down
But regarding treatment
for her condition
I am sorry, there is
nothing that we can do
How dare you talk
a business deal with me...
...that day Prasad said to me
and chucked me out of his office
And nowto discuss about the same
business deal he has come to my office
More people
would come to you
Once this marriage is over why Prasad
all rogues in UK would come to you
Though you are a dirty guy... had your share of bad times
in life at lndia and UK
May be God
compensates it this way
One can't say
I would have fallen now
Vijay, if things should move smoothly
Nambiar's daughter should say 'yes'
If she remains like a cat
on the wall, it may not be easy
You need not worry about that
Now I know
how to impress her
Yes, brother
I have a God sent
opportunity now
- Sorry
- It's okay
Have they just shifted her?
Merin, this is Vijay
Hi Merin
Get well soon
Thank you
Merin that day
it was my car that-
I am sorry
Did they say anything
about her discharge?
No, minimum she may
have to wait for 2 weeks
On her own she can't
sit up or have food
Some one should be with her
That's the present problem
That's not a problem at all
All of us together can manage it
Any time you can call me
Always at your service
Will it not be a nuisance
amidst your busy schedule?
Not at all
Wherever I am
I can do my business over phone
It is not about making money
One should be a humane is it?
"Did you come opening
the glass doors?"
"Did you throwfewflowers?"
"l cuddled it to my bosom
and lived through it"
"But I could not
find you near me"
"ln this misty lonesome crave
like a spreading blaze"
"ln this deep winter season
you became my passage"
"Pristine clouds
come down"
"Oh valley
come embrace"
"Pristine clouds showerflowers
mist laden ones pristine clouds"
"Did you come opening
the glass doors?"
"But I could not
find you near me"
"The diamond magic
extends to the woods"
"ln some reminiscence
the damp creepers slant"
"Will a solitary flower's silent smile
make a shower of thousand flowers?"
"Will a solitary soft breeze
whistle thousand songs?"
"ls love turned as a gentle incantation
showering day break sun rays?"
"Pristine clouds
come down"
"Oh valley
come embrace"
"Pristine clouds showerflowers
mist laden ones pristine clouds"
"ln the silent clouds where
white pigeons fly"
"ln gleeful shores where gilded
cone bearing plants join hands"
"Grief gets crumpled
in spring season"
"Oh gilded delicate twilight"
"Oh good dear here I swim
in the tides of the lake"
"When doused in love
it is a hymn"
"Do you feel it in heart?"
"Did you come opening
the glass doors?"
"But I could not
find you near me"
- Vijay
- Francis brother
-Where are you?
- I am at office
I called you to talk about the girl
Merin who met with the accident
We made a request to NHS to
meet her hospital and other expenses
- They have rejected it
- Why?
Merin came here on receipt
of their offer letter
So she is their responsibility
That's all okay
But that's not
what the Briton says
Merin's accident was
not during duty time
Besides she hasn't
yet joined them
On that score
they have declined
My fear is on the plea she is
physically unfit they may even fire her
Jeez! Let God forbid that brother
you must somehow protect her
I will do whatever I can do
Anyway your association with Nambiar's
daughter had made you humane
That's a good indication
For the first time I see you
worried about another person
No, brother
She is a poor girl
Brother, I want to lie down
You may take rest
I would sit here quietly
Who is it?
Who is calling?
From lndia
I will call them later
Dear, you may lie down
- Should I help you?
- Not required
No problem
I would help you
If it is not inconvenient, can you
please get me some hot water?
Why do you say this?
Will I not do anything foryou?
I would get you now?
- Hello
- Sorry
I was in a situation
where I couldn't attend the call
That's why l
hung up the phone
What is that situation that
you couldn't attend a call?
Thambi Kuttychayan is here
Has he gone?
No, seems he would not leave
He is drunk too
- Is there no one else?
- No, all of them are on duty
Merin dear, is the heat sufficient?
I would hold it for you
Have it!
No, I would do it myself
Have it, dear
Am I a stranger to you?
Take it away
That 's gone
What's this, dear?
You sit in that chair
Else I would call Gracy sister
Today her duty is in OTl
So your call may
not reach her
Who is it?
Damn it
Might be Jessy sister
Open the door
No, else I would go
You need not
I would go
What a surprise
Thambi Kuttychayan?
You would have come
probably to get rid of the cool
- What do you want?
- Move away, brother
Where is Merin?
She must be upstairs
- I would see her there
- What do you mean man?
Stay there
Hai Merin
How dare he walks in
where the inmates are only women
I want to see
what you would do
Dear, what is he doing here?
- What have you got to do here?
- Gosh I forgot to tell him about that
- Brother, come
- What for?
Let me tell you
why I came?
Come on, brother
Merin, just a minute
It's burning
Your infliction is
because of the cold
If you get a good burn
you will get cured
If I come to knowyou approached
the girl again with your dirty games
The next day your paper
would publish your obituary
He has gone
He has gone to get
some medicine urgently
Anyway I would leave this place
only after someone returns from duty
Shall I tell you what is
in your mind now?
Are you thinking this guy
is a bigger bother than Thambi Kutty?
It is a call from lndia
Just a minute
I am on duty
No, didn't get yet
I know about it
Will I not send when I get?
Oh sorry sorry
I would start writing
from tomorrow in detail
So I will call later, okay?
It's a habit from the days
I studied nursing at Mangalore
No matter how many
times I talk over phone
If he doesn't read
a letter from me...
...he does not get satisfied
Have you not informed
them about the accident?
No...not because of anything else
Few years ago my dad
owned 10 to 12 buses
Later we lost every thing
Though dad would not agree after
my mom's death he screwed up the business
On few occasions when he
could not manage to hold on
He even tried
to commit suicide
When I got a job here
after a very long time...
...I saw him having
a hearty laugh
He believes this would resolve
all his problems
But if he comes to
know about this
I fear Vijay
My dad would...
You need not worry
Don't ever think
there is no one for you
We are all-
'Why this sentiment
for an interest monster?'
'To begin with that
was my thought too'
'But first time in my life'
'My heart has over stepped
a line drawn by my intellect'
Which is the way
to Kallupara?
Go straight!
Comes Paipadu and Kaviyur
From Kaviyur turn left
you would reach Kallupara
Thanks, sir
I am not familiar
with the southern side
Usually my trips are
on the northern side
Do some southern
trips too Suguna
For a change
I would do it, sir
To Mr.John Daniel...
Mattathu house...
Kallupara P.O
That's enough
I honour my promise
honour... promise
With in 10 days you
would get this letter
With in 10 days...
you would...
...get this letter
I write this trusting you
On reaching lndia
in your busy schedule...
...if you forget to post this
I would cut a sorry
figure before dad
That would never happen
The moment I get down
from flight at Nedumbassery
I would post this letter
That will do
Then write the rest
'Though I said that to Merin'
'l decided much earlier
on reaching lndia'
'This letter should be personally
delivered to her house'
'Doing oblation
for my dad and mom'
'Then few sundry
business dealings'
'Collecting money owed by
London's Mohan Das in pounds...'
' lndian rupees
from his brother-in-law'
'From there
straight to Kallupara'
'To Mattathu...
John Daniel's house'
I can't wait any more John
I must get her
number today
Even if it means
losing few rupees
I want to know
the real situation
Only because of her promise
I am tolerating you
Thomas! She wouldn't
do it deliberately...
There might be some...
Damn with her situation!
When I filed a case the other day
everyone including you blamed me
I knew it would
happen like this only
Some one has come there
Let me check dad
Girl...Ieave that
broom here
- Keep it with you
- Damn it...!
- Is this Merin's house?
Greet you
I am Vijay
Vijay Das
Coming from London
I am Merin's friend
- I am Merin's dad
- I understood
Come inside
Please sit down
- Malu...right?
Merin has said about you
Few chocolates
Specially sent
by your sister
Take it
If I am not mistaken
may I know about this sir
I am Thomas
their neighbour
What do you do...?
If I tell you what I do
it would appear a dirty one...
...from your point of view
Money lending
How about the local market here?
Is there a good scope?
No scope at all
Certain dirty
fellows don't repay
Merin has sent
this for you!
Except the letter and chocolates
didn't she give anything else?
Other than that...
He may be ashamed
to talk about that!
But I can talk about that
Many times he has
borrowed money from me
Its interest and
interest accrued on interest
He owes me
a considerable amount!
That girl promised to repay me
once she gets the London job
I stayed quiet temporarily
on her assurance!
But it is 2 months
since she left!
But I haven't got a penny yet!
I strongly suspect
It is a drama enacted
by all of them!
You have reminded me
I just forgot about it
Merin has handed over to me
cash received as salary!
Give that to me
How can you forget
such things young man?
Doesn't matter
It is suffice for 1 month's interest
So Johnny I am moving
There are some
more bad debtors
So I take leave of you son
That's okay!
You said you have
umpteen jobs back in lndia
But without informing me
you have gone to my house
Given them the cash
you had and has...
...returned with
snacks from there!
Are you mad...?
Yes, a little?
It is a recent affliction!
Let me tell you...
To get that money back you may
have to wait for a long time!
I can wait
"To remember you forever
deep down was this verse written"
"Falling today on this foggy
gilded field is a gleaming verse"
"Today love is
dawn's ray of light"
"With a row of celestial trees
spreading leaves"
"The song sinks in..."
"...just to hear"
" whistle"
"To blend I am craving"
"To blend I am craving"
"l sawtoday a foggy droplet
gushing as a love stream"
"Here I come as the rainy
season dusk and search for you"
"Don't know about
this lonely world"
"l can't but express the crave
that spreads my soul!"
"To remember you forever deep down
was this verse written"
"Falling today on this foggy
gilded field is a gleaming verse"
"Today love is
dawn's ray of light"
"With a row of celestial trees
spreading leaves"
"The song sinks in..."
"...just to hear"
" whistle"
"To blend I am craving"
"To blend I am craving"
"l am craving"
Come here!
What is it, sister?
Did you see this?
'Young industrialist
cruelly shatters Merin's life'
This is done by
Thambi Kuttychayan!
Because of him a tragic
incident happened in Merin's life
But he has no
guilty conscience
Taking advantage of this in many
other ways he is trying to utilise Merin
Our secret reports confirm this
He is following the business
culture of the lndian Mafia
He has become a shame and threat
to all Malayali's in UK!
Good morning
Good morning, sir!
Hello, sir
Hello Vijay
Where are you?
At home?
No, sir...I just walked
into my office
Good, I want to
meet you right now
It's very urgent
Can you come to Derby Hotel?
Sure, sir
I will be there in 20
Thank you, Vijay
- Welcome
- Thank you
- Hello, Vijay
- Hi, sir
Come, sit down!
Meet my friends
from Scotland
- Mr.Loly
- Hi
- Mr.Steve
- Hi
And Mr.Robins
- Hi
- Hi
Could I have the file please?
They want your signature
Sir! This is...
Don't worry
Because I said to you
You need not sign without
knowing what it is all about
In Scotland's lnverness
there is Ben Nevis distillery
It is taken on lease
in your name
This is an agreement for that
This lease agreement is
to solve few legal problems
Afterwards you can make
the distillery your own!
Sir I am...
...not that much prepared
Mr.Vijay, I wanted
only your signature
So forget about
the other things
Yes, man...this is
my gift to you
After a very long time... daughter said to me
a very glad news!
Now she is ready
to marry you!
Though you are
outwardly ambitious
She says you are
good at heart
I thought your well wisher
Francis must witness this
So I invited him too
Don't delay it any further
Come on, sign it
Just a minute problem
Francis brother
Please come with me!
- What's it?
- Please come
Might be to get my blessing
- One minute
- Oh sure!
Here is my legs
Come on do it
- What...?
- Blessing!
It is not that Francis brother
Then what?
I won't sign that agreement
What about Merin, brother?
So as I guessed Thambi kutty's
news item was not wrong!
Is that so?
Then tell this
to Nambiar also
Few minutes ago...
...he asked about this
to me casually!
- Francis brother l...
- What else is this?
Don't you think what
you said now is lousy?
All those in London who knows you both
know very well about this proposal!
Until nowthe girl
was blocking this move
But nowwhen she agrees you
I warn you again
You don't know about Nambiar
Dear Vijay
Merin is a good girl
Not merely you
all of us like her
But it is all out of sympathy
Since I knowyou very well
I again tell you for sure
Out of excitement
declining the prosperity...
...that comes your way
if you marry Merin
Very soon you will regret forthat
You will hate her
That is your nature
But Francis brother
her present plight
I understand
But Vijay...this is not
a solution for that
You help her financially
Give her and her family
all that is required for sustenance
This alliance will get you
more than you require
What else you want?
If we delay any further
Nambiar would get suspicious
This is for you
- Is it for me?
-Yes, it is from NHS
Shall I open it?
From what Nambiar said...
...I think the marriage
date is approaching
Just 20 days left
for November 2nd
Though Pavitra doesn't
want it to be ostentatious
We should invite
our close friends
- Hello Merin
- Vijay
I received a letter from NHS
Because I am physically unfit
they have cancelled my appointment
It says using their visa...
...I can stay here
only up to 30th
What should I do, Vijay?
Merin l...
Merin, I am Francis
Vijay's friend
Don't worry
Today itself
I will contact NHS...
...and get an appointment
to meet HR Manager
Let us try to explain
your plight to them
- If they empathise...
- Okay
After getting appointment
I will call you
- Ok bye
- Merin
Francis brother
Don't stare at me
I deliberately prevented
you from talking to her
You would again give
false hopes to that girl
At the NHS...we have to follow
certain rules and regulations
And when we have made
a decision in this particular case...
...after checking up
this procedural case
I don't think we can
do a recheck over it
Ma'am I mean
on humanitarian grounds...
If you can...
See Mr.Francis, the best NHS
can offer is a compensation...
...and a ticket back to lndia
That's all
That's not all...
How does it work...?
Merin is here on
your invitation
So she is your
Ma'am, I really beg you
to help me in this situation
Please consider me
as a care assistant... one of the small nursing homes
I don't know how I will
get back home this way
Merin...I will pray for
a miracle foryou
I am so sorry
There is nothing
more that I can do
I feel so helpless
Dear...don't weep
Hello, sir
Welcome to Ben Nevis
Thank you
This way
Please take your seat, sir
Sorry, sir!
Cell phones are
prohibited in the plant
It may cause
a chemical reaction
- Oh sorry
- That's fine, sir
- Has Francis brother come?
- He is in upstairs
Have you come?
How is the distillery gifted to
prospective son-in-law by Nambiar?
Distillery is stupendous
In fact it is beyond our dreams
But it has started
suffocating me
Without informing me
he gifted this to me
I get the feeling
it was a gratis to me
You would feel it, dear
Because you've started to attend
humanist classes in the evening
Else many...people would
have seen your other side
That reminds me
Have you heard
about Merin's case...?
I switched off the phone
when she called me today morning
I forgot to switch it on again
Let me call her
Before you call
We took her to NHS today
Merin may have to go back
to lndia by this month end
No other alternatives for that
You need not
worry about that
Merin is mature
enough to comprehend
I would make her
understand about your situation
Then...whatever you have decided
about helping her issue a cheque... her name and
give it to me
I would give it to her
Giving a cheque to her...?
Brother...what are you talking?
If you really want to help her at this
time this is what you should do
- Were you sleeping?
- No
I am now coming from NHS...
...1000 pounds and air ticket
Gratis shown on
compassionate grounds
The ticket is booked for 27th
Don't worry on this score
We are all with you
Have you seen this?
Vijay has sent this for you
What is it?
A gift to you from him
Until such time there is
a solution to all your problems... lead a comfortable life
foryou and yourfamily
He has given you
an amount in this
Don't think about
anything else
Take this, dear
When Vijay was 17
their Kolkata business...
...crumpled and his
parents committed suicide
Somehow he managed
to come here
And presently
he is in this stage
So no one else here
can understand you better than him
I have understood that, brother
This cheque testifies that
Francis brother told me
about your marriage
But I may not be able
to attend your marriage
For coming 27th they have booked
the ticket for me
Merin, l...
Thinking about my plight
you need not get tensed
I will recoup from all these
I will come back in life
I have that confidence
But the gift given by you
would be a hindrance for that
I knowyou gave this
so that I would not suffer
But I don't want this now
Please take this back
Please Vijay...
Merin, l...
I didn't give this for...
I merely said
now I don't want this
In case I need it in future
I will ask you
I always have that freedom
But I wanted to meet
you for another purpose
You know Vijay
ever since I came here...
...other than the hospital
and nearby places
I haven't gone anywhere
If it is not inconvenient
Only if it is not inconvenient
Can you take me
around for a trip?
"Pristine clouds swing"
"Glassy encamp
at heaven's brink"
"Can reach there?"
"Will you come butterfly"
"To visit the unseen world"
"To look for celestial flowers"
"To jaunt in the
chariot of desires"
"To dethaw some pricking grief
did you consume strawflower honey?"
"Pristine clouds swing"
"Glassy encamp
at heaven's brink"
"Can we reach there?"
"Will you come butterfly"
"At kerb or at coast
let's move together"
"ln each leaf tip
let's fall as foggy droplets"
"Gleams abound henceforth
In xanthous cities"
"ln dreamy chariots
in the infinite sky"
"ln flowery breeze
can we move around"
"To visit the unseen world"
"To look for celestial flowers"
"To jaunt in the
chariot of desires"
"To dethaw some pricking grief
did you consume strawflower honey?"
"Shower now"
"While on move I will
lean on your shoulders"
"Will cuddle to bosom
this land's beauty"
"ln exquisite note..."
"...those dreamy verses written by moon
would become the sixth epic"
"To visit the unseen world"
"To look for celestial flowers"
"To jaunt in the
chariot of desires"
"To dethaw some pricking grief
did you consume strawflower honey?"
"Shower now"
"Pristine clouds swing"
"Glassy encamp
at heaven's brink"
Shall I leave, Gracy sister
Ah Sara
Ya...we have reached
Ya we will come there
Okay Sara, bye
Vijay, a friend of mine is
in Kuwait Airways- Sara
She would help
Merin for checking in
She would accompany
you up to aircraft
I would leave her with Sara
Come, Merin
Shall I leave...?
Friends colleagues
Ladies and gentlemen
Thank you all
for coming here
Some of you might find the motive
behind this occasion a trifle baffling...
...considering my lovely
daughter Pavitra
Getting married
in three days time
So this get together is to formally
introduce my future son in law
Mr.Vijay Das
to all of you
Pavitra and Vijay please
Vijay is new to us
In fact he is new to our circle
and to this strata of society
When I talked
about this proposal...
...many of my friends
talked to me as though
I am going to
commit some big folly
Me and my daughter were blackmailed
by Vijay to make us accept this
Some people in this group
even thought in those lines
But I strongly believe
Vijay is a bright young man
and my daughter and my legacy...
...are safe in his hands
So I welcome Vijay
to our August group of friends
Let's celebrate
Are you sure?
What's it Vijay?
What happened?
Who called you?
It was Gracy
- Merin...
- Merin?
Merin has not yet
reached home
Are you sure?
Oh that's fine
Ok...thank you Sara
I will call you later
It was Sara's call
Merin has alighted at
Nedumbassery airport
She has inquired
with airlines
Anyway with Merin's
passport details
I have sent a mail to
lndian emigration department
But you know
about our system
Perhaps they might reply
My strong suspicion is...
...she would have taken
some extreme steps
Because her plight is so
No point in this
round table conference
Must enquire...
One of us must go
to lndia and enquire
If required I would go
Oh that's good
Then ticket and other expenses
I would meet one need to go
I would go
I must go
Vijay did you
really mean that... would go to
enquire about Merin...?
Then what about our marriage
scheduled after 2 days?
I don't know Pavitra
I don't know anything
I only knowwhat I do now
is a big mistake
First to Merin and nowto you
I can mend only one of the two mistakes
I am going only for that
I must go
May I come in?
I made many
calls to you
Pavi is very upset
What we business people think
she may not understand
When things reach a point
where anything can be demanded
Then utilise it
to the maximum
That is business
Is it not?
Anyway you may have
an idea about my wealth
So nowyou can ask
Sir...what I said to Pavitra
What I said to Pavitra is true
Are you such a fool?
I don't believe it
Do you believe after insulting me
and my daughter before the entire society?
You can leave this place?
So forget everything else
Cheer up
You are getting
married in 2 days
If it is not so
Hey stop
What damn are you doing?
Are you blind?
Come and get
in to the car
Nambiar sir wants
to meet you urgently
I have to...
I have to go
to lndia urgently
I would meet him on
my return, tell sir
How can you
talk like that?
Nambiar sir asked us
to bring you to him
Come on... Iet's go
Clear your hands off me
Leave me
Stop it
What's going on here?
Leave him
I said leave him
Who instructed you?
I asked who instructed you?
Nambiar sir asked us
to bring him
Did daddy say?
Did daddy ask you to
tussle in middle of the road?
Vijay, one minute
Vijay you may go
No one would prevent you
But before that
you must meet daddy once
Else what you do
can never be justified
It would become
a covert fleeing
You are not as
I thought you to be
Your emotional
intelligence is very poor
That's ok
It will change
This is an agreement
for transferring 30%...
...of my share in my entire
wealth including the distillery
This one is to cancel the existing lease
agreement with you and Ben Nevis
You can sign
either of them
Perhaps this may be the most
crucial signature of your life
So do the right thing
I can do only this sir
The mistake is mine
Mine only
My mind is now
very far away...
...from what you have
offered me now
I realised it very late
But if I still lie to myself
It would be my biggest
to you and Pavitra betrayal
I want nothing sir
Allow me to go
I shouldn't have looked for
a guy who could carry on my business
I should have looked for a guy
who would love my daughter
Anyway it was my fault
Sir l...
You need not
wait any longer
Just go
First time a guy is walking out
in front of me smartly
So thank my daughter
at least in your mind
Poor girl
She did her best
to convince me
Let's go
If we delay any further
you may miss the flight
So ok Vijay
Wish you all the best
On reaching lndia...
May you find Merin
as quickly as possible
Thank you Pavitra
Good luck
Hello Francis brother...
No I have just reached
Howwas the journey?
Not bad
- Did Pavitra call you?
- No
What is it?
She called me
some time ago
She said if I could
reach you to inform you... reach Merin's house
as soon as possible
What happened brother?
Any idea about what it is?
No, she didn't say anything
But she was very tensed
Lousy job in this rain
These utensils...
Bring it man
Clean and keep it here
Why do you bring
these broken things?
Bring it man
Keep it there
Bring that
Bring that here
Don't break it
Bring it here
They will have
only these things
When did the
London sir come...?
Finally they have made me earn the bad
name that I have pushed them to streets
What to do?
There is no other go
That reminds me...
If some people are extended help
beyond a limit even God doesn't like it
Else howwill the girl
who went to London... earn a fortune
return losing her hand?
It is all one's destiny
Do it carefully man
Don't annoy me unnecessarily
It is for you
It is Pavitra
She wants to talk to you
- Hello
- Vijay
Did what I said happen?
As soon as you reached lndia
you could soon find Merin
Only when we
lose something for ever...
...we realise it was
so precious to us
With 10000 pounds
you wanted to settle your love
But for that wisdom
to dawn on you...
...before me you had to
Now not only you
All of us understand
Your love for
Merin was genuine
Any way when you
return to London
I will look forward to
meet Mr and Mrs Vijay Das
Bye Vijay
I am late
Very much
'My thoughts were only about me
It has changed'
'From now on I have
started living for others too'
'ln the language of
Francis brother...'
'...I went to learn
humanism in evening class'
'l have passed in first class'
'l just realised'
'This is the most important
day of my life'
'The most important day'