London Gangsters (2024) Movie Script

- How's work going?
- Same as normal, just
a different place.
- That must make a
nice change at least.
- Well, not exactly.
Working in a car park
is not as glamorous
as you might think.
But it has given me a
chance to see my brother.
I've been staying at
his while I work there.
- Do you prefer the
change of scenery?
- Yeah, it's not bad,
but being at Ryan's place
has its own problems.
It's not the best environment.
For starters, the place
is like a time capsule.
He rents it off some 95-year-old
who hasn't decorated
in about 30 years.
- What about Ryan himself?
You mentioned some
trouble in the past.
- Yeah, I think you should
be talking to him about that.
- What you doing here?
- You said I can stay
here for work, remember?
- Is that...
Is that today?
- Yeah, have you been
sat there all day?
- Is it still morning?
- It's bloody half
past three, Ryan.
How long do you plan
on sitting there for?
- Until I know what's
going on out there.
- Jesus, Ryan.
No one's following you.
- Then explain to
me why every day,
I see the same car
parked out there.
He sits there for two hours
and then somebody
else takes his place.
- This is London.
It'd be strange if there
wasn't cars parked outside.
- You don't think it's weird
that someone just sits there,
staring, not moving?
Why would someone do that?
- You tell me.
- Forget it.
- Don't you have work?
- No, they cut my hours.
I've got enough money to
last the next four weeks.
- How'd you plan on
paying afterwards?
The landlady's not gonna
let you live for free.
- Yeah, well that's my problem
to deal with, not yours.
- You don't believe him?
You don't think
anybody's following him?
- Maybe.
But after thinking about it
more, it's all in his head.
- Maybe you should
try and give him
some distance when
you're down here.
Could be good for both of you.
- Do
you know this man?
- Yes, his name's Simmons.
Worked for the same
university before he died.
- Are you aware of
how this man died?
- Only what I've heard.
- And how well did you know him?
- Well, I knew him a little bit.
- Well enough to know
what the man was doing
in all of his
business endeavors?
- No.
- I think you know him more
than just a little bit.
In fact, many of the properties
you own throughout the city
are joint owned with Simmons.
- Oh yes, okay.
So we've done some
business deals together.
That hardly makes me guilty
of the things you
are suggesting.
- What do you think
I'm suggesting?
- Well, the way you're
talking, you're implying
I'm some way involved.
- Were you aware of
his illegal activities?
- I've already said no.
Of course not.
If I'd known about the
drugs, the guns or any of it,
I'd never got
involved with the man.
All I did was some property
investment with him.
Nothing more.
I never expected him to
use any of it like this.
- It's a very big operation
Simmons was running.
He couldn't have done it alone.
- Undoubtedly, but
it wasn't with me.
We were both professors working
at the university at the time.
I never expected anything
like this from him.
- Are you aware that
Simmons in the events
of his death left
everything to you?
- Yes, and I know how
that makes me look bad.
Look, all my interactions
with the man were nothing more
than above board
legitimate business deals.
- You've declined to have
your legal team present.
- Well, why should I pay
for a solicitor to come here
and defend me against
things I've not done?
I volunteered to come here to
help you people as best I can.
So if I'm not under arrest,
I'd like to leave now.
- What is the world
coming to though?
When an academic, a person in
charge of guiding young minds
gets mixed up in all
of that business?
- With the evidence we've got,
he is more than just involved.
Known associates, properties.
It's all coming together,
just nothing concrete yet.
- Well, I don't really
trust anybody anymore.
Not since Mick.
- Mick?
- Yeah.
You know, got caught with
that unregistered firearm
in a public place,
got shot twice
and then not only did
he get away with it,
but they gave the bastard
a promotion to sergeant.
- He did have two witnesses
saying he disarmed an assailant
before taking two
bullets in the leg.
- Yeah, sounds like paid
witnesses and friends
in high places if you ask me.
Still, internal
investigation is not my job.
- If you had it your way,
we'd have no staff left.
- Yeah, I'll be honest,
there's not many I trust.
That's why I recommended
you for the promotion.
- Ah, so it's your fault
I've got all this
extra paperwork, is it?
- Yeah, don't worry,
you get used to it.
- Really?
- Nah, it's always shit.
- I shouldn't need to
here stay too long.
It's only while I'm covering
for someone on sick leave.
- Yeah, whatever you need to do.
- Any plans for next year?
- I don't really do
New Year's resolutions.
- Well it doesn't have
to be a resolution.
I mean, what do
you want to happen?
A new job maybe.
- I've tried all that, it
was a big waste of my time.
- Well, don't give up.
Keep going.
- I haven't given up.
I've just changed my
priorities lately.
- Like paying rent you mean?
- Yeah, well these three tunnels
have all been sealed off.
Well that means we've gotta
bring everything through
the service ducts
and and drainage
all the way through to Soho.
- This one doesn't
go all the way.
- What?
No, you're right.
Well, well that means
you'll have to make
the last 50 meters on
foot to make the drop.
Not a problem, is it?
- We got the beat from
Piccadilly to Houston,
so I'll let them
know the details.
Keeping the eyes off us.
- Good.
So, what are we doing
about our current situation
if it all goes tits up?
- There's a plan in place.
- Your boy up to it?
- He'll handle it.
- Right.
- Someone dumped a load of
rubbish outside, that's why.
But if I just left it then
you would've just asked me
to do it later on
before I leave.
What, like 10 minutes?
It's not like
we've got customers
queuing up down the street.
We haven't lost anyone.
Well maybe if I wasn't
working here on my own.
What time are you due in anyway?
You're not coming in.
I can't, I've got
plans this evening.
Yeah, well it looks like the
shop's gonna be closed then.
- Hello, Ryan.
I didn't know you were
still living local.
- Yeah, yeah.
I stuck around.
- Did you go on to
anything exciting?
I heard about you leaving uni.
I assumed you were moving away.
- Well no, I was
paying the fees myself
and then I couldn't make it work
so I just ended up
getting a full-time job.
- Oh, how's that been?
- Brutalist.
- Sorry?
- Trellick tower.
- Oh, architecture, yes.
Just a bit of a hobby of mine.
I do like brutalism design.
It reminds me of where
I grew up, I suppose.
Hard to believe now, isn't it?
- Yeah. I always imagine you
as a manor house mansion type.
- Yeah, well that
was a long time ago.
- Well you seem to be
doing all right now.
- Well, yes, yes and no.
Yeah, I was doing okay.
- Not anymore?
- I don't suppose
you saw on the news
about Professor
Simmons dying recently.
- I did, yeah.
- You knew him well.
Did you know what he was up to?
- Not a clue.
- Ah, well the police
seem to think I did
or I'm some way his accomplice,
just 'cause I went in on a
few investments with the man.
- Loads of people went in
on investments with him.
- Yeah, well it's
worse than that, Ryan.
He was in charge of it all.
Trucks, guns,
murder, you name it.
Now customers are
avoiding my businesses
like the plague 'cause they
think I'm involved with him.
- Surely, no one's got
any evidence against you?
- Yeah, my solicitor says it
will inevitably come to court
because of one day I was
home alone without an alibi.
I don't suppose you'd be willing
to vouch for me, would you?
- Well, I don't care about lying
but if I get found out,
I'll get done for perjury.
- Yes, yes, sorry.
Sorry, I'm not
thinking properly.
- Yup.
- Ryan, glad I got you.
Listen, I've had a few
people quit on me recently,
usually run errands for me.
It's a long story but it
turns out some of them
don't wanna work for me
anymore with my whole problems
I've got going on.
- Okay, so you're looking
for someone to hire?
- Yeah, exactly and
I thought of you.
I know it's short notice
but you know how business is
but if you wanted to
start it now you can.
- Sure. I need a new job
anyway, what do you need?
- Well, just for the moment
it's collecting a parcel
and then if you
can hold onto it,
I'll come and collect
it the weekend.
- Send me the details.
- I am not doing
any drops tonight.
Jerry's convinced the boss to
let his son handle this one.
I will be down later.
At the moment,
I'm on watch duty,
just waiting for the right
time to nab this guy.
- Think that'll
cover your bills?
- It should.
Seems quite straightforward.
- Just running errands?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Oh that sounds
better than my job.
Any other vacancies?
- He's in a bit of
trouble at the moment.
- What sort of
trouble's that then?
- Just some court
case coming up.
They think he might be
involved in something.
It's not true apparently.
It's mostly just places
he invested his money.
- But surely, it's a good idea
to hold off until it's over.
- No, that's the point.
He needs help now because
his businesses are suffering.
If I wait until later,
there might not be a job.
- I'm not convinced.
You trust him?
- I'm not really interested
in what he did or didn't do.
I need the job, I need
the money so I'm doing it.
Whatever else he's got going on,
that's nothing to do with me.
- Just keep your eyes open.
- I always do.
- Ryan, what's this?
- A gun.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- Then why did you ask?
- Why'd you have it?
You said it yourself,
London's full of people.
Do you think all of
them are friendly?
- Ryan, by you carrying this,
you are asking for trouble.
- I don't carry it.
I keep it just in case.
- In case what?
- There was someone here before.
- Who?
- I don't know but
I heard a noise.
There was definitely
someone here.
- Not this again, Ryan,
you're not being followed.
- Do you really think I'm
imagining any of this?
- What I think is that
you're stuck in a rut.
Your job, your situation.
You want something to
change, something to happen.
So you're looking for
things that aren't there.
I'm gonna take this
so you won't end up
on the wrong side of it.
- Do what you want.
- Try leaving the bloody house.
Talk to someone.
- I think I'd rather be on
the wrong side of that gun.
- You took your bloody time.
- Taking their bloody
time, aint they?
- They'll be back soon.
- I don't trust these
youngsters nowadays.
- We were young once
too, me old son.
Sounds reliable, just
give him a chance.
- So where have you been?
- All done, Nelson.
We made the drop
exactly where you said.
- There you go.
What did I say?
- You understand why
we use these tunnels?
- To get around London
without getting stopped
and searched, I thought?
- Partly right.
We also use them
to go undetected
and it don't help us if
you lot are running around
up top, wearing all the colors
of a fucking Christmas tree.
- I'm sorry, Nelson.
- It's all right, you won't
do it again, will you?
- No.
- Oh, don't take
no notice of me.
I can be a miserable
old git at times.
Your old man will tell you that.
- It has been known.
- Well we did have a
bit of a problem though.
- I don't like problems.
What sort of a problem?
- There's a chance that
Jeff could have been seen.
He made a wrong turn on the
way back and got a bit lost
and he had to meet us back
here without his balaclava on.
- So, where did Jeff go exactly?
- I think he got off onto
Shaftsbury Avenue by mistake.
- Jerry, what observation
have we got switched
off for this drop?
- Greek Street and Old
Compton Street only.
- Well, these things happen.
Jerry, show him your new gun.
Well come on then.
You know, sometimes, I
hate this fucking job.
Nice trigger action.
- Did you really
have to kill him?
- Do you know how much
surveillance there is
on Shaftsbury Avenue?
Not to mention the
hundreds of terrorists
walking by every two minutes.
Nah, trust me, I've been
doing this a long time
and we don't need
any loose ends,
especially on a drop this big.
- What do you want us
to do with the body?
- Leave it where it is for now.
I'll send some of the boys
around to take care of it.
- Nelson, one of the camera
sensors has just gone off.
- Ah, probably just
a rat running around.
You know what they
say, don't you?
You're never more than
six feet away from one.
Oh, just kill it and
have done with it.
- Oh, I don't like rodents.
- Who said I was
talking about rodents?
Something to think about.
- You might wanna look at this.
I don't know how
he got down there.
He didn't follow me.
Maybe one of the other guys?
Should I go sort it out?
- Nah, nah.
I think we might be able to
turn this to our advantage.
- Come and meet me
outside the police station.
I didn't wanna have this
conversation near the flat.
Earlier, I followed someone,
someone who was watching me.
He went underground into
a disused service duct
connected to the air raid
shelter right under Soho Square.
- Ugh.
- I had to.
- No, Ryan, what you do
is you contact the police.
You don't just go
looking for trouble.
You know what happens.
- What?
- You find it.
I know your situation isn't
exactly ideal at the moment.
But neither's mine.
But doing stuff like
this, it isn't the answer.
- So what is the answer?
- Why don't you get a
hobby, pursue a career,
a passion, one that doesn't
involve chasing down
potentially dangerous strangers?
- You seem to have some big
problem with what I'm doing.
- Oh, and your work
called by the way,
they didn't cut down your hours.
Apparently, you stopped
going in most days.
- That's some big
surprise to you is it?
That I can't stand
doing a job I hate.
Expecting you to
commit your life
to something they
pay minimum wage for.
Why would I commit to that?
- It's not forever, Ryan.
You need to stick with it
or it will only get worse.
- I'm not going
back to that place.
- You need a plan.
- I had a plan.
Less than three years ago,
my life was perfect for me.
- Things have changed
since then, Ryan.
- Yeah, they have.
And not for the better
because tonight,
I witnessed a murder.
- You what?
- That guy I followed.
I got lost down there and...
that was when I saw it happen.
And before you say anything,
one of them was
a police officer.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
- Did this have anything to
do with the guy you followed?
- I don't know.
I've been trying to
piece things together
but I can't work it out.
- We need to see
someone about this.
Have you got anyone
you can call?
- I might have an idea.
- You've got your
night shift in an hour.
So I'll go home,
make some phone calls
and then we can decide
what to do in the morning.
- Chief inspector's on his way.
This is D.I Shields.
- We've been briefed
on the situation.
We need the power supply cut
to the building immediately.
- Hello, Ryan.
It will take a moment, but
you'll soon find your feet.
Deep breath, Ryan.
- What's happening?
- Take a look out
the window, but stay down.
- Police are here.
- Yes, Ryan,
they're here for you.
You see the radio next
to you on the table?
In a few moments time, D.I
Shields will try to make contact
with you and I need
you to play along.
- Play along with what?
- You are a terrorist, Ryan.
You have several
hostages held captive
in the main hall and you
intend to shoot them all
unless your demands are met,
which you will reveal shortly.
- I'm not going along with this.
I'm going outside.
- Ryan, there's enough
explosive below your feet
to bring that building
to the ground twice over.
- What do you want from me?
- I want you
to go out into the hall
and introduce yourself
to the hostages.
Letting everyone know that if
they attempt to do anything
that has not been
instructed by you,
it'll result in a
bullet in their head
using the gun I have
generously provided you with.
- Okay.
- Oh and Ryan,
I'm watching and listening
and if I get the
slightest inkling
that you are not fully committed
or that the hostages
are suspicious
of any outside involvement,
I will press the detonator.
So in short, make it convincing.
- If anybody tries
to leave, you die.
If anybody attempts to
make a phone call, you die.
If anybody gets up from
their seat, you die.
Does everyone understand?
- Excuse me, James.
- Yeah.
- I need you to come
with me right away.
It's your brother.
He's in some trouble.
Do you mind coming
down to the station?
- Yeah.
- That was
fantastic, Ryan.
I knew you had it
and you well done.
- You may as well drop
the voice changer.
I know exactly who
you are, professor.
- You're very good.
What gave me away?
- Work it out for yourself.
- Ryan, I'm gonna
have to leave you now
to talk to the nice
police officer.
But remember, I'm
watching and if I see
or hear anything out of the
ordinary, it's game over.
- I understand
he's made contact?
- Ryan, this is
Inspector Shields.
Are you there?
Ryan, I don't know
why this is happening,
but whatever it is,
whatever is going on here,
we can talk about it.
No one needs to get
hurt here today.
- Nobody will get hurt as
long as my demands are met.
- And what are your demands?
- You'll find out very soon,
- Ryan, I'd like to resolve
this as soon as possible.
People are scared,
and I want to give you
the best chance here.
- Is that what's written
in the script on page one
of the negotiator's handbook?
- I wouldn't know,
I'm not a negotiator.
I'm here because
you requested me
in the message you
sent on this radio.
Is that right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
- So Ryan, you tell
me how we can fix this
so that everybody walks away.
- I'll tell you when I'm ready.
Until then, if anybody
approaches this building,
I'll start shooting
the hostages.
- Look, we've got views on
this building from every angle.
He's not going anywhere.
We've just gotta sit tight
and wait till he is
ready to talk to us.
- We need a
negotiator down here.
- He's asked for you.
He won't speak to anybody else.
And if we force him,
he may well execute
one of the hostages
just to make a point.
The chief inspector
is on his way down
and then he'll make the call
and until then, it's up to you.
- Why is he asking for me?
Has he said anything
to anyone else yet?
- Look, we don't know
the mindset of this man.
Hopefully, all he wants is
to be heard and nothing more.
You're doing a good job.
- Look, I ain't going any
further till you tell me
what sort of trouble Ryan's in.
I thought we were going
to the police station.
- Trust issues.
- Well that's what it says here.
I think your therapist
is talking bollocks.
You were quick enough
to trust this man.
Or is it just
members of authority?
- I think it must
be my friendly face.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
You didn't think to
check in first then?
- Where's my brother?
- James, we both know you're
not gonna shoot anyone.
A police officer and an old
man you lured into a club.
At best you're looking
at 10 years inside.
- I'll tell everyone, anyone.
- James, you won't
get the chance.
Your names are on our list.
So no matter where you
go, where you run to,
who you tell, we can get to you.
- Why are you doing this?
- It's nothing you did,
so I tell you what.
You can shoot us and
take your chances
or you can walk out
that door right now
and get away as far as you can.
And who knows?
If you make it outta the
country and stay away,
we might not even
bother with you.
Jerry, next time, pull
your fucking gun out, mate.
- James is running.
He's left the club.
- Sergeant, what's
the situation?
- As it stands, sir,
the assailant who we know as
Ryan has requested to talk
to D.I Shields only.
Any engagement
from other officers
and he's threatened
to shoot the hostages.
So at the moment, sir,
you can't go down there.
- Why Shields?
- I don't know, sir.
Shields has said that
she can handle it.
She's talking to him
right now as we speak.
Dolus is down there too,
giving us some updates.
- Right.
I want updates
immediately they happen.
I want more units down here
to cordon off this road
right up to the bridge.
And I want to speak with Shields
the moment that she's available.
- Yes sir.
We're in the process of
cutting the power off as well
and armed units are
down there already.
- Good.
- Are you still
confident D.I Shields
is the right person for this?
- Yeah, she'll do
as I say for now
and if anything comes of it,
we'll be able to pin it on her.
But if I'm to
authorize lethal force,
I still need reasonable cause.
- Don't worry, you will
have cause to take the shot.
You just make sure
it's a kill shot.
A dead man can't plead innocent.
- Yeah, and the only
other issue we have
is that you are about
to lose visual and audio
when the power is cut.
- Yes, but Ryan
doesn't know that.
- Pick up,
Ryan, we have more to do.
- I'm here.
- Good.
I'm about to send you a link
to a time sensitive message.
In the message,
you'll find a script
of what I need you to say
to DI Shield over the radio
and then specific instructions
of what I want you
to do afterwards.
- If I do this, I'll be shot.
- Would you prefer an
instant death now, Ryan?
As we speak, the
police are performing
background checks on you. Ryan,
Troubles at work, previous
encounters with the law,
it's all being scrutinized.
Even your home.
All your possessions
are being examined.
I do hope you don't have
anything to hide, Ryan.
Like a package of illegal
substances or the body
of a man shot dead with
your DNA on his clothes.
I have to admit the
last one wasn't planned,
but it's nice when
things work out.
You have seven minutes,
Ryan, to do as I ask
or the whole building
goes up in flames.
Your choice.
- I'm ready.
- Ryan, are you ready to talk?
- Yes, I'm ready to
confess my crimes.
- Come outside, Ryan.
We can talk all you want
down at the station.
- No, not yet.
- I'd let him say what
he's gotta say first.
Okay, Ryan, I'm listening.
- A couple of years
ago, there was a man.
His name was Simmons.
He was my university lecturer
And found to be
in charge of an
organized crime group.
Distributing in guns, drugs,
committing crimes
like murder, theft,
and the list goes on
For a couple of
years now, the police
have been searching
for his accomplice
who facilitated all of
his illegal activities.
That person
is me.
I did those things.
I've killed people.
I've imported drug money,
sold weapons.
I did it.
I did it all.
- You've got to stop.
- Sit down.
- What do you hope to
achieve from all this?
- For your own sake,
stop talking to me.
- The police were here
almost immediately
when you drew the gun.
So why throw your life away?
- Please sit down.
- What are you looking at?
No one can see
you through there.
The power went down 10 minutes
ago and there's no backup.
- What?
- The cameras?
They're not working.
- You said the police were
here almost immediately.
How long?
- This is Central London.
They're less than a minute
away, no matter where you are.
- And when did you
see me pull a gun?
- I saw you come through the
door wearing a red balaclava.
- Is there any other way
out of this building?
- No, there's just the
front doors and side doors.
- No tunnels or anything?
- Well there's a drainage system
that leads into the Thames,
but your best bet is to go
out there and apologize.
You haven't done anything wrong.
You haven't hurt anyone yet.
- Okay, I need you
to come with me.
I'm gonna explain everything.
- Okay.
- The suspect
is opening the door.
- He's got eyes outside.
He still might blow the
building if he sees I'm alive.
- Okay, you get going,
I'll talk to the police.
Don't worry about it.
- It is all right sir,
we're here to help.
Where did he go?
- Look, it's not what you think.
- Where did Ryan go?
What are you doing here?
I thought you were
gonna stay outside.
- Don't worry.
No one's looking.
Not with all this
that's going on anyway.
Where is he?
- Why didn't you do anything?
- Sir, help is on its
way to take care of you.
But for now, we need
you to cooperate
and tell us what
we need to know.
- Look, alright, he went
into the drainage system.
- Shit.
You're gonna need to
get the old sewer plans,
but don't tell anyone.
- I'll sort something out,
but I don't think
he's gonna make it.
There's gases and
all sorts down there.
- You've got to help him.
He's not responsible
for any of this.
- Sir, I'm sure Ryan gave
a very convincing attempt
at playing the victim here.
But leave this to us.
You'll get your chance
to give us your statement
back at the station.
Meantime, just relax.
You've been through a lot.
Let us do our job.
Somebody will be here
for you momentarily.
- His name is Lord.
Charles Lord.
- Where did you hear that name?
- It's the name of the
man responsible for this.
- Are you sure?
Are you absolutely sure
you're not mistaken?
- Yeah.
- I think he's sure, Dolus.
- He's shot another hostage.
He shot the hostage, he
jumped down the manhole.
We need building plans to see
where he's gonna come out.
I need to make some calls.
- As soon as this
phone call ends,
I don't want any of you
making contact with me.
The last thing I want
is validation given
to anything we
might have missed.
- Understood, boss.
We'll take it from here.
All right, listen up.
Just waiting on confirmation
from Inspector Dolus
before we do anything else.
Only be a couple of minutes.
So hang on.
I may need you in there
- Once Ryan's dead, we still
need to deal with James.
Unless you were serious about
letting him leave the country?
- Nah, nah.
You know what people are
like, they hold grudges.
Dead people don't old grudges.
And if they do, there's fuck
all they can do about it.
- The order's still
on to kill him
but I'm thinking maybe
we should add a bit
of a bonus to whoever does it.
- That's a good idea.
Give the boys a
bit of incentive.
- How much did they pay you?
- What are you doing here?
- You don't get to ask
any more questions.
We both know what you did.
- Is this about
my stolen notepad?
- Bullshit. No one
stole your notepad.
- No, it was, it was stolen.
I had a break in and literally,
all my notes have been taken.
So if something has been
used against you, you need
to tell me so we can go to
the police and report it.
- You're really committing
to this, aren't you?
Okay, I'll tell you what.
We're gonna sit here
till you start talking
or those guys from
Nelson's Club catch up.
- You have no idea
who these people are.
- Oh, I've got an idea.
So we've established
that they paid you.
How much did they pay you?
- They threatened me.
- There you go again lying.
- Fine. They paid me.
But if I say anything to
you, they'll come after me.
Anyone you think you know
could be working for
them, not just me.
If you're on their
list, they'll find you.
Trust me.
- Apparently, I've
got trust issues.
I'm gonna tell them that
you told me everything
if you don't.
- Was there even a bomb?
Where's Charles?
How do I find him?
- Are you
sure you got it right?
- He was gonna blow
up the building
if I didn't shoot
someone outside.
He needed me dead
so that I couldn't tell
anyone what happened.
And the police would have
to take the confession
I left on the radio
and he'd be found
innocent in court.
That's what it's all been about.
The police response time
was less than a minute.
I knew the person
that set it up,
the person who took the
hostages pretending to be me,
had to still be there somewhere.
So I searched the building
and I found him.
- Did he die?
- I don't know.
- Well, we should
have a bit of time
before anyone looks here.
I'm not officially
registered at this address,
but they're looking for you.
I can see it on the local news.
- Right now, I
just need to wait.
There's a witness who
was in the church.
He should be giving
his statement now.
And when he does, and I'll go
down to the police station.
- He's dead, Ryan.
- What?
They've got people everywhere.
If you go to the station,
I don't even think you're
gonna make it to court.
- I've got an idea.
We have a map showing
all the tunnels they use.
All of their access points
including the basements of
Nelson's Bar and Charles's Club.
I'm thinking maybe we
use it against them.
I just need to buy
some things first.
- If I can get these microphones
inside, then that's it.
We just have to wait for
them to start talking
and then I can get a confession.
- Are you sure you wanna do it?
How do we even know the tunnels
and Nelson's club are gonna
be empty at this time?
I know that's what she told you,
but she could have
been lying to you.
- If I see anyone
there, I won't hesitate.
I'll just leave.
- I still think I should
have a recorder on me.
I can go straight to Charles
and get a confession from him.
I'll put it in my pocket.
I know that might be
considered entrapment
or whatever in court, but
at least people will know.
- No, stay here.
If this doesn't work.
We can rethink.
This is our best
option at the moment.
- We have a problem.
Ryan did shoot a hostage,
but the person he shot
was Jerry's son, Sam.
- Shot?
How did that twat get shot?
He shouldn't have
even been seen there.
- He might pull through.
He's been rushed to hospital.
- I don't care who son he is.
Without a murder
charge with witnesses,
this whole thing could backfire.
That boy don't leave
intensive care.
- Understood.
- What did he say?
- Jerry's son's gotta die
- In a public hospital?
- Jesus Christ, Mick.
- Where else?
In fact, there's nowhere less
suspicious for someone to die.
- Unless people start
asking questions.
We won't even be able
to get close to him
if he's in intensive care.
- I'll sort it.
I'll sort it.
- It's easy for you, Mick.
You are not the one that's
gotta explain everything
to the chief inspector.
Any discrepancies,
we could all go down for this.
- I thought that's why
you brought in Shields.
- It is.
I don't wanna take action unless
it's absolutely necessary.
- Well, according to the
boss, it is necessary.
Do what you have to do.
- Missing?
What do you mean missing?
I thought you had
views from all angles.
- We did, but we believe Ryan
has gone down the
old drainage system.
We're working on getting the
plans from the sewage network.
But there is a chance
he won't survive
from the gases down there.
- Are you telling me that
two hostages have been shot
and there's still a chance
that Ryan could get away?
- I take full
responsibility, sir.
- Yes you will, Shields.
You came highly recommended
for this recent
promotion of yours.
A lot of people laid their
necks on the line for you
to get this job.
Do better Next time.
- The building's secure.
We open the road up to the
public as soon as we can.
Okay, James, you're up.
- What's the situation?
Do you need me in?
- Jerry, we got a problem.
- What problem?
- The hostage that Ryan shot.
I'm sorry, Jerry.
It was your boy.
It was Sam.
They rushed him to intensive
care but he didn't make it.
I don't care who's son he is.
That boy don't leave
intensive care.
I don't care who's son he is.
That boy don't leave
intensive care.
I don't care who's son he is.
That boy don't leave
intensive care.
- You gave an order
to kill my son?
- Listen, Jerry.
- James is down there.
I'm gonna wait here
in case I get caught.
- I bet you thought
you were gonna get away
with it, didn't you?
There's no use running
anymore, James.
We know these tunnels
better than anyone.
- I've got evidence.
If anything happens
to me or Ryan-
- Stop trying to control
the situation, James.
You're gonna die here.
It's a shame.
It didn't have to
happen this way,
but you've got Ryan
to thank for that.
Fuck's sake.
Who the fuck is that?
- I don't know.
- Stop lying.
Who have you told?
- I haven't seen him before.
I don't know who
the fuck that is.
- I don't have to make
this quick, you know?
Stop lying, James
and tell me who you told.
Who's that?
- No idea, James.
Could be a rival or maybe
something to do with you.
- No, no, no.
He says that he's
never seen him before.
- Then we're all in trouble.
- Give the boss a call.
See what he wants to do.
- We can't make
contact with the boss.
- Nelson then.
Look, someone needs
to make this call
and I'm not paid
enough for this shit.
- You won't be seeing much
more of Nelson either.
- Jerry, they killed him.
They killed your son.
- What are you talking about?
- They'd sooner kill you
and anyone else rather
than face charge.
- I think you better
shut your mouth.
- Nelson may have
gave the order,
but who pulled the trigger?
Who's on duty?
- Do you really think-
- Bring the bastards down.
- Get anyone, we've
got down here now
- I'm going around the back.
- Who's there? Fucking come on!
Fuck this!
I'm not paid enough for this.
- Control
to one nine 90
Requesting assistance
at Piccadilly Circus.
- I'm on my way.
- Police.
A dangerous man who I
think you are looking for
has just entered my building.
- I hope
you've got a plan, Ryan.
- Who are you?
- Someone who's been watching.
- Have you told him I'm here?
- He already knows.
I came here to warn you,
you only have one
way out of this,
- Which is?
- You have to kill him, Ryan.
- I've got another
idea, but thanks anyway.
If you do wanna be
helpful, go outside
and tell the police
the real situation.
- I can't be seen by
anybody right now.
I have to leave London tonight
just to get a head start.
- Oh, I see.
You must be the therapist.
That's why you
want Charles to die
so he can't come for you
and you can get away.
- It's not just me,
you and your brother are
in the same situation.
Even if I went out right now
and told the police
everything I know,
he'd still find a
way of getting to us.
He always does.
- You're telling me my options
are to either get killed
by the man or go to prison
for the rest of my life
for killing him
while you go free?
- Not just someone, Ryan.
Charles is the most vile,
disgusting human being.
You think you know him.
You haven't even scratched
the surface of what he's like.
Think what you want of
me and what I've done
but any death is too good
for what that man deserves.
- Very daring of you
to come here, Ryan.
- There wasn't many
options to be honest.
- How does it feel when the
whole world is against you?
Well, I'm impressed
with how you got away.
You know, it's a shame.
If the situation were different,
I think we could have got on
very well together, you and I,
but I did make you the offer.
- When did you make me an offer?
- All you had to
do was be my alibi
for the court
hearing, that was it.
- Why didn't you just get
one of your people to do it?
- Plausible deniability.
You knew Professor Simmons,
you were taught by him.
You would've made an ideal
candidate for the witness stand
to testify to my innocence.
Plus, if you refused as you did,
it makes it all the more
easier to pin it on you.
- Sounds like a lot of
planning all for me.
Should I be flattered?
- You weren't the only choice.
There were other students,
but in your favor,
you were the only one
living so isolated.
So cut off from everything
- Makes sense.
Easy to make me
look like a mad man.
- That's it exactly.
Perfectly executed plan
apart from you being
dead right now.
Oh, and that audio
recorder in your pocket,
that won't change anything here.
It was a good try though, Ryan.
But as you can see,
police are on their way.
- We have all four roads
sealed off this time, sir.
There's nowhere
for Ryan to escape.
- Good.
Do we suspect him of
still being armed?
- Unlikely.
We found his gun at the church
- Sergeant, you were on the
scene when the second hostage
was shot, weren't you?
- I did provide some
assistance, yes.
- They found Ryan's
gun at the door
upon entry to the building
but the bullet recovered
from the second hostage
doesn't match Ryan's pistol.
I was hoping you might be able
to shed some light on that.
- He must have had two guns.
- Are you telling me
that Ryan's up there now
and still armed?
- It's a strong
possibility, sir.
Unless he's disposed of it.
- We're gonna need more armed
officers back down here.
- Ma'am, I have immediate
development on the case 02079.
- I've looked into it.
The police are handling it.
I need you back in
as soon as possible.
- Ma'am, we need to step in.
I have reason to
believe that the police
have been misinformed
and ultimately
compromised on a scale
that we wouldn't think possible.
- That's a big accusation
you're making, Marshall.
I hope you realize
the consequences if
you get it wrong.
- I do, ma'am.
And we're going to need
a clean up at my location
- Very well.
I'll get in touch
with Scotland Yard.
Well Marshall, no loose ends.
- Let's go.
- You drive.
- Yes sir, I understand.
We will be more
than cooperative.
Shields, you might as
well make your way back
to the station.
- Sir, if I can, I'd
much rather stay.
- You can, but we won't be
sweeping up after this is over.
- Sir..
- Sorry, this one is totally
out of our control now.
- How are we supposed to
get through with all this?
Make a left up here.
- You really should have
only come here tonight
if you intended to kill me.
- How do you know I didn't?
- Ryan, I know you
well enough to know
you're not capable of
taking a life.
You couldn't even kill
my guy in the church
point blank in the back.
I had to send someone
else to finish him off.
You think we've
missed something?
Come on then.
That was it.
All cards on the table.
- I was onto you.
- Enlighten me.
- Trellick Tower, my
brother's apartment building.
You had a picture of it.
That's when I realized you
were the one following me.
I just didn't know why.
And that's why when you asked me
to look after that package for
you, I accidentally left it
outside Thames house
on the way back.
Now if everything in that
package was perfectly legal,
they would either
just destroy it
or give it over to
the police to return.
And if not, then I
knew they'd follow me.
And if they'd been following me,
then they've
definitely noticed you.
Looks like there will be
a court hearing after all.
- Don't worry.
No arteries, no organs.
They'll save you in time.
But if you think this will
end well for you, it won't.
I will have your brother
found and skinned alive.
Two weeks of terrifying torture
before we toss his
corpse into the Thames.
And then my guys
will come for you.
We won't work half as fast.
Broken bones, fingers,
toes, nails, eyes.
My guys will work their way up.
We'll even give you blood
transfusions to keep you alive
as long as possible.
So no matter where you go, what
you do, what happens to me,
my people will find you.
- I can't kill you.
The pavement will.
- It's strange, isn't it, sir?
How these events unfolded.
I mean, Ryan requesting
to talk to me.
A confession followed by
two deaths and an escape,
only for Ryan to end up going
to attack the one person
who would've proven
innocent by his confession.
- There's a lot of things I
don't like about this, Shields.
Keep doing what you're doing.
It'd be great.
- Follow me, please.
- Sit down, Ryan,
before you fall down.
- Where am I?
- Not where you should be.
Not after taking the law into
your own hands like you did.
- Charles, did he survive?
- Don't be
ridiculous, he's dead.
No chance of arresting him now
or bringing him to
justice because of you.
- Am I under arrest then?
- Ryan, I need you
to memorize these
and sign at the bottom.
These documents are a
narrative we prepared
that will benefit both parties
and then you can be on your way.
- So I'm not going to prison?
- Why should you
be going to prison?
- I pushed a man off a roof.
- Yes.
- Surely there's
some repercussion.
- Ryan, armed officers were
authorized to shoot you on site
after the situation
at the church.
Marshall here took it upon
himself to take the shot.
And in so doing at such
distance, he missed.
And the bullet collided
with Mr. Charles Lord's head
moments before he made
contact with the ground.
You need to work on
your aim, Marshall.
- I'll do my best, ma'am.
- So you see, you
didn't kill him.
Now I'm very busy.
You can take those
papers with you.
- What about all the police,
all the corrupt officers
that made this happen?
- What happens to them?
- Mr. Charles Lord is gone.
That's a big win, Ryan.
I suggest you take it.
- Your brother
is waiting in a car outside.