London Rampage (2018) Movie Script

DARREN: Life is a
succession of singular points,
that leads you to where you are today.
If you take my bar, I'll have nothing.
Just give me one week,
I'll get your money.
And that place ain't always
where you thought you were going to be.
Good to have you back in the firm.
You can't have both ways do well.
MAN: If you don't want envelope B,
then bring me the package,
motherfuckers. (LAUGHS)
DARREN: Sorry, mate, nothing personal.
Business is business.
ANNOUNCER: Rows 27 to 32,
boarding groups 1 and 2, and First Class.
First Class may use the red lane.
DARREN: My name's Darren Baxter.
People call me Face,
and this is my story.
Well, I walk this road
And I wear these shoes
This ain't the Mississippi, man
These are England's hills
Mister, where are you walking now
Where the road is long
Mister, why do you talk so proud
When the words are wrong
I said, "I hope you don't
mind, I hope you don't mind"
"I hope you don't mind,
I just had to say"
"Hope you don't mind,
Hope you don't mind"
"Hope you don't mind,
I just had to say"
Walk way now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here we are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
Walk away now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here we are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
Well, I'm on this road
And I wear these shoes
This ain't the Mississippi, Lord
These are England's hills
Mister, where are you walking now
Where the road is long
Mister, why do you talk so proud
When the words are wrong
I said, "I hope you don't
mind, I hope you don't mind"
"I hope you don't mind,
I just had to say"
"I hope you don't mind,
I hope you don't mind"
"I hope you don't mind,
I just had to say"
Walk away now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here we are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
Walk away now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here we are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
DARREN: Now, it's been over 10 years
since I've last been in London,
and the same amount of time
since I've seen my sister last,
and she's not gonna be too happy
when the sees my boat face
knocking on her front door,
so I need to sweeten her up a bit.
A lovely bunch of flowers, can't go wrong.
Hopefully it'll do the trick.
Walk away now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here were are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
Walk away now
Haven't you read
The screaming and the scurries
at the back of your head
Here were are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem, sing
Here were are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem, sing
Here were are, go and let loose again
Back on the road to Jerusalem
Hello, sis.
I just spent my last tenner on it, Debs.
So how are you doing?
You're looking, you're looking
really short, actually.
Fuck me, I forgot how short you was.
Well, I forgot how much
of a dickhead you are.
I take it they don't have phones in Spain.
Fucking prick!
Guess I had that coming.
Anyway, just get your kettle on, sis.
I'm dying for a cup of tea.
Put the kettle on?
Put the fucking kettle on?
What do you want?
I ain't talking about fucking tea.
Here, what are you doing here?
What do you mean, what I'm I doing?
I'm allowed in, ain't I?
DEBS: What do you mean?
I'm home, I'm back, back where I belong.
Where you belong ain't
here, and more already,
you don't even know the
meaning of the word family.
Pick your flowers up, and fuck off.
Go give 'em to one of your open-leg slags,
and park yourself in 'em.
What are you talking
about, there is no birds.
Not this time.
I've got nothing, I've lost it all.
Do you think I'd honestly come
back here unless I had to?
Shit, you've grown, come
here, give me a hug.
Wow, look at ya.
You got taller, she shrunk. (LAUGHS)
Adam, your brother's come to visit us.
Nice of him isn't it?
He ain't staying, though, are you, Face?
No, I guess not.
Please stay, please.
You only just got here, don't leave now.
He can stay, sis, can't he?
Adam, he can't stay
here, there isn't no room.
I'm sure he don't wanna intrude.
He can stay on the sofa.
Or I'll stay on the sofa, he
can have my bed if he wants.
I'll put the kettle on.
Sit down, and take
those fucking boots off,
and leave it by the porch.
Cheers, Debs.
I don't usually let that
in past the front door,
do you know what I mean?
With a little help from my brother,
I managed to win over my sister, Debs.
But I wasn't out of the woods yet.
I still had to survive the
notorious Britannia Estate.
I'm sure you're all familiar
with these landmarks,
culture, fish and chips, and Beefeaters.
This is your London, but it's not mine.
The London I know is a very
dark and dangerous place,
to say the least.
Let us just say, it's a long
way from Buckingham Palace,
and the Tower of London,
and if you think you're brave enough,
you're ready for a taste of harsh reality,
then let me take you for a tour.
Keep your phones in your pocket,
'cause you ain't gonna be
meeting that world on this trip.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the Britannia Estate,
one of the roughest housing
projects in the country,
in one of the poorest areas of London.
All the ingredients you need
to fuel a hellhole like this place.
Drug addicts, lowlifes,
and unlucky, poverty-stricken people,
just trying to catch a break,
all call this place their home.
And what you'll usually find is,
where there's poverty,
addiction will thrive.
You can guarantee that
power, control, and fear,
are never too far away,
and on the Britannia Estate,
that comes in the form of three gangs.
These two boys are the Able brothers.
They control the west side of the estate.
With their Afro and
Caribbean foot soldiers,
they're collectively
known as the Grim Reapers,
cashing in on the vulnerability
of the recession-hit residents,
and turning them into drug addicts,
or as the gangs prefer
to call 'em, the cattle.
The gang's main currency
is highly-addictive meth,
homegrown on the estate.
This dodgy-looking fellow
is Boris Alexeikov,
a very low-level weapons dealer
and human trafficker from Russia,
bringing in Eastern European girls
under false pretenses of
a better life in the UK,
and then forcing them into
a life of prostitution.
He set up base in the eastern side,
controlling the residents
with his army of immigrants,
ex-special forces, and general
all-round naughty bastards.
And unless you're Eastern European,
and know how to handle yourself,
you ain't got no chance of
joining the Eastern Demons,
as they're known and
feared in the Britannia.
Unfortunately for me,
I had known this bloke since I was a kid.
This scumbag, ladies and
gents, is Frank Tunny.
He's in control of the
central part of the estate,
and it's run with racist fucks,
hooligans and teenage street
gang, known as the Black Caps,
collectively known as the Firm.
Frank's dad started the gang in the 60s,
when the place first got built,
but since his father's death,
he's managed to establish
a more aggressive presence
among the residents of the
central part of the Britannia.
Bullying tactics, and turning
the residents into junkies,
all favorite money-making
tactics of Frank,
selling them meth, homegrown
in his gym on the estate.
With all the money to be made,
I'm seeing him as a threat.
He is not happy about the Grim Reapers'
recent growth in business,
but the three gangs tolerate each other
for one single reason.
Yeah, you've guessed it, money.
In working with each other,
they're able to trade and maintain control
over all the cattle of the
estate, as they call them.
But there is an overall gang lord
that all three must answer to,
a lord that keeps the three gangs in line,
and maintains total control
and dominance over them,
and most importantly, the
Britannia Estate itself.
Based in his rooftop lair,
on the very top of the central tower,
he's notoriously known throughout London
simply as the Big Boss.
One of the original faces of the city,
he helped to carve the way
for the criminal underworld
of London we know today,
and when I say carve, I
mean literally carved.
A lifetime of criminal activities
has left him seeking spiritual refuge
in a pseudo-Japanese fantasy persona,
barely leaving his rooftop hideaway.
Some say his heart's not in it no more,
and he's looking to retire,
as he has no heir apparent.
But don't underestimate him.
He can still string you up by your ankles,
and slice your face off,
before you could say sashimi roll,
just like the old days.
Now, as long as the three
gangs work together,
there is no reason for the Big Boss
to leave his high-rise sanctuary.
That is, until one of the
cattle from Frank's turf
has wondered over into
the Grim Reapers' turf,
because the Grim Reapers' product
is a lot more stronger than Frank's,
and the Grim Reapers are more than happy
to take the money out of his hands.
Now, as you may have
well predicted by now,
this can only lead to tension,
especially if Frank has been tipped off,
so he decides to wander over
into the Grim Reapers' turf,
to make an example of
one of his stray cattle,
as he calls it.
FRANK: What the fuck have we here?
It's not what it looks like, mate.
Do be careful with that.
You'll take someone's eye out with that.
I was just getting out of the house,
away from the wife and
kids; they were screaming.
They're doing my head my head in.
I just want some peace, man.
I don't give a shit about
your fucking wife and kids.
Where'd you get it from?
It's yours.
Don't fucking mug me off, you
junky, I know it's not mine.
Where'd you get it from?
I got it from the Grim Reapers.
Yours is good, but theirs is better.
The fucking Grim Reapers.
Fill the man.
Please, man, don't!
My wife and kids, I'll overdose.
Listen, you never have
too much of a good thing.
It's too late, you junky mug. (LAUGHS)
Hello, son.
What the fuck are you
doing on my turf, boy?
You got a death wish, or something?
All right, settle down, Boyz II Men.
I lost one of my sheep,
I found him over here,
so I had to put him out of his misery.
So fucking what?
And while I'm on the subject of sheep,
stop peddling your shit
gear to my punters.
Cattle, mate.
They'll graze wherever
they wanna fucking graze,
you hear me?
Oh, you reckon?
Well, let me tell you, sad boy,
my lot have been here a lot
longer than your fucking lot.
- Hey!
- Hold on, hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on a second.
You watch your fucking mouth, mate.
Remember where you're
fucking standing, boy.
I know exactly where
I'm fucking standing.
You think I'm fucking scared of you?
You think I'm scared of you boys, eh?
Eh, you think I'm fucking
scared of you lot?
Hello, son, feeling sheepish?
We need you at the estate,
get down here soon, yeah?
Get down here now.
And there's a very saying
around our way.
This has fuck all to do with you!
This has everything to do with me.
You're selling him your
shit, he's selling his shit.
Everyone is covered in shit.
Two's company, three's a crowd.
And if three's a crowd,
four is a party.
Does anybody wanna tell me
what the fuck is going on here?
So, the Big Boss is pissed,
and calls for an immediate
meeting in his rooftop lair.
He explains to the gang leaders
that the only way the coalition can exist
is if they all work together,
otherwise the cattle in the
estate are going to rebel.
Now, he fines them all 10 grand each,
and they get back to business.
Main subject on the agenda tonight,
the Eastern Demons want to
trade with the Grim Reapers,
guns for drugs.
On the table is 100 grands worth
of prime Reaper estate-made meth,
in exchange for enough A-grade
Russian military weapons
to start a riot.
The deal is agreed,
and Boris is even phoning some hookers
from his side of the
estate to sweeten the pot.
The Big Boss is happy,
and peace is restored to the coalition.
But Frank, he has other plans.
I'll sort you out, you know that, right?
I'll go get a job tomorrow.
- Yeah?
- By this time tomorrow night
we'll all be eating steak dinners.
What are you gonna do, steal them?
What planet you on?
You can't just go get a job these days.
Times are hard, jobs are scarce.
(SCOFFS) Recession, it's all bollocks.
Oh yeah, then why
are you back here then?
I missed you dear, ain't I.
Adam, why don't you take
your brother's bag in your room
whilst we clean up, and then
get ready for bed, yeah?
But sis.
Don't argue.
Well, better do what she says, Adam.
I think she's about to
turn green. (LAUGHS)
I'm gonna go with him, and,
you know, he might be down for
my personal porn collection,
or something, I don't know.
So where's all the posters
for birds and stuff?
What birds?
Mate, when I had this room,
Kelly had this wall, Pammy had that wall.
Who's Pammy?
Who's Pammy?
Who's Pammy, are you serious?
Mate, looks like I got a thing
or two to teach you, innit?
What's this?
That there is a Monet?
So what's a Monet then?
He's an artist.
Oh, is he the bloke
that cut his ear off?
No, Claude Monet
was a founder of French
Impressionist painting,
and the most consistent
and prolific practitioner
of the movement's philosophy
of expressing one's
perceptions before nature.
Looks like there's a thing
or two I can teach you.
Some heavy reading you
got going on there, mate.
This what you're studying, yeah?
I can't even pronounce
half of that stuff,
let alone read it.
Do you find it interesting?
Well, I know I'm good at it.
Good enough to get offered
a place at uni in America.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Mate, that's awesome, well done.
Well, hopefully I'll
get a good job out of it,
earn loads of money, get Deb out here.
She deserves that.
Well, it's not so bad here,
I always quite liked it.
Things change.
Anyway, I might not have been able
to save our mum from cancer,
but maybe if I become a doctor,
I may be able to save other people's mums.
That's the way I look at it.
Can I try your flat cap on?
Yeah, of course, bruv.
It's my lucky hat that.
It cost me over 300 euros, designer.
I quite like it.
Yeah, it looks good on ya.
You know what, keep it.
It's too big for me anyway.
Must be that big brain of yours.
Thanks a lot, Daz.
I've never had anything as
expensive as this in my life.
Well, when you go out to America, mate,
you're gonna need it, for protection.
What do you mean, protection?
You know, protection, man.
Us Baxters are like magnets to the women.
You'll have to be fighting
the minge off with a stick
when you're out there.
Young Englishman with
an accent, and a brain?
DEBS: Adam.
You better go to bed.
Don't upset Shortarse out there.
Night, Daz, thanks for the hat.
It's all right.
He's a good kid.
You don't need to tell me twice.
It's why I'm being so protective of him.
You've done a really
good job bringing him up.
I mean, Mum would be proud.
I don't know where he
gets it from, I mean,
he's one in a million.
He's got a head on his shoulders.
And with the right
guidance, he's going places.
The further away from here, the better.
He was telling me about his scholarship.
Let's go in the front room.
Listen, he don't know, and
I wanna keep it that way.
I'm gonna get the money somehow,
and send him there myself.
Whatever you do, don't tell him.
As far as he knows, he's
gonna study in America.
Debs, how are you gonna afford the money
to get him to the States?
I dunno, I'll get it.
I'm working all the hours,
and I have to pay for it.
Where are you working?
It don't matter where I'm working.
The pound shop in the high street.
Fuck me, Debs, the fucking pound shop?
Yeah, but I'm doing nights as well.
Got myself a cleaning job.
Debs, you're not gonna
raise that kinda money
on your own, are ya?
I'm gonna go out and get a job tomorrow.
Oh, really?
Blow off, Daz.
I'm gonna wake up in the morning,
you you're gonna be gone,
just like always when
the shit hits the fan.
Not anymore, Debs, I'm
here to stay, ain't I?
Listen, I'll give you my
word, I'll get you the money.
You give me your word, yeah?
I swear, if you do a fast
one, I'll hunt you down,
and shoot the bullets
clean throgh your body,
and I'll hang 'em on my front door,
like a Christmas ornament,
do you understand?
- Are you ready?
- Fuck you!
- Go back to the pond with you.
- Lick my fucking...
Lick my fucking wet bollocks!
It ain't the right behavior.
I'd shut up if I was you.
Fuck, kidding me like that.
It's not on!
MAN: Fucking fuck
you, you fucking wanker.
MAN: Just get on with it then.
MAN: You're a bloody
terrible fucking arse!
Ridiculous scum!
MAN: Shut up!
- No!
- No, you shut up!
MAN: Fuck, I'm tired of that fucking...
MAN: Wanker!
Debs said you need some
interview clothes, or something.
Well, I'll show you a couple
of places around here.
Don't worry, Darren, she'll warm up to ya.
Deb, she's just being stuck up.
She don't really hate ya.
Mate, to be honest, yeah,
I wouldn't even blame her if she did.
She has every right to.
It's not like I've been
the best big brother
these last couple of years.
Why, what happened?
You must've been about
five years old at the time.
Mum, she wasn't really that ill.
Well, I mean, that's what I
kept telling myself anyway.
Debs, she proper idolized me, yeah?
I mean, once, right,
she even went out and got
the same haircut as me, yeah?
Imagine a 10-year-old schoolgirl
running around the playground
with skinhead. (LAUGHS)
Mum went mental.
Yeah, so one day,
I don't know, it just all got,
it all got too much for me,
so I left.
I went and joined the army.
Left Debs all alone to
look after you and Mum.
She never really had a childhood.
She's still a kid now, really.
Anyway, a couple of years ago,
I got a letter at me
house in Spain, from Debs.
To this day I don't know
how she got my address.
But that's Debs, innit?
It said Mum's last request before she died
was to see, um, her kids,
by her bed, one last time.
It was the final kick in the teeth,
to Debs from me, you know?
I didn't even turn up to the funeral
I can't really tell you why, but...
I don't know.
So yeah, she's got every
right to hate me, mate.
I don't blame her if she did.
And what was Dad like?
Dad was a wanker.
He was as partial to a drink
as he was slapping Mum around.
He got one in the back of the head
trying to rob a bookie's in Bethnal Green,
and that's about all you
need to know about him.
But Debs, yeah,
she's done a really good
job of bringing you up.
Not bad,
even for a hobbit. (LAUGHS)
Come on, mate.
Let's shoot.
Listen, you know I'm
here for you, don't you?
I mean, I've not been
around for a while, but,
you know, I'm here for you now, yeah?
You know that, don't ya?
I got your back, yeah?
Yeah, thanks.
You know, I gotta get on.
I gotta go to college.
All right, mate.
See you later on, yeah?
See you tonight, yeah?
Cheers, mate.
Fucking shit!
Stop, stop!
You may be the authority around here,
but this
is my estate.
Don't be fooled by their age.
They may be young, but they're not stupid,
and they hunt their prey in packs.
Move away, come on, get out of here!
You want it?
Come get it.
What are you doing, bruv?
- Shut the fuck up.
- What, how old was she?
- Mate, don't you...
- She probably had
her pension in there.
Mate, don't tell me you are through.
- I'm not, I'm not...
- Don't!
- I just mean she's old.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh!
I think you're starting
to lose it, mate.
You're going a bit mental.
Don't fucking touch
me, bruv. (CLICKS TONGUE)
What have you got for us,
what have you got for us?
Ah, I know you, mate.
You're Adam.
You think you're too god for us, don't ya?
Get your fucking arm off me!
I like this hat.
What have you got there?
Nothing, nothing?
Speak up, speak up, mate, speak up.
We asked you, what have you got for us?
DARREN: You wanna
leave him alone, mate.
And what happens if I don't?
And if you don't,
I will make you taste the back
of your fucking cranium for weeks, mate.
Every time you snort, (SNIFFS)
hmm, bit of your cranium, lovely, tasty.
Give him his fucking hat back.
See, one day,
someone like me is gonna
teach you a lesson.
Oh, fucking really, yeah?
And who are ya, eh?
Keep it warm for me.
Yeah, marketing, yeah,
I've done some marketing.
Done a little bit of that.
Fantastic, what sort
of marketing was it?
Niche, social media, online, offline?
You know, Columbia Road
Flower Market, up the road.
I was a trolley boy there
for a couple of years.
I went out with a couple of old geezers,
set their stalls up,
picking all the dirt off the flowers
and all that in the morning.
No, I think you misunderstand.
When I say marketing, I
mean something different.
Cold fucking mornings, though.
Jobs don't grow on
trees, Mister, uh, Darren.
I don't think we can help
you here at Barron Goldsmith.
Sure, I spent the whole day
going up and down Shoreditch,
up round the City, Liverpool Street,
trying to find a fucking job.
I even went into the fucking
pub to get a cleaner's job.
I got in there, and some
African bloke beat me to it.
Now listen, I need a job.
I don't care what it
is, or how much it pays.
I don't care if I'm the fucking
tea boy, I just need a job.
I need money, and quick.
I might be able to help you out.
So, I have some contacts in Shoreditch.
I do a bit of DJing on the weekend, and,
you know, a friend of a friend,
owns a few properties down the hill.
And we're talking the big lads.
So I found myself some work,
working as a doorman in some
rave club in Shoreditch.
It wasn't ideal,
but it put some money in
the Adam fund for now.
So, not wanting to disappoint Ads or Deb,
I decided to slightly lie
about my job situation,
for two reasons.
Number one, Debs was right,
it's bloody hard out there,
and if I tell her the truth,
I won't here the bloody end of it.
Number two, I'll keep
working as a doorman,
until that big job eventually turns up.
I mean, a half lie never
hurt anyone, right?
Look, Adam, what are you
doing out here alone?
All right, calm down.
I'm just going to get some milk for Deb.
All right, and what have
you got your hood up for?
You look like one of them.
Those bastards is there, you know?
Take it off.
Do as your big brother says.
Anyway, how did it go?
Yeah, it went all right, you know?
Yeah, yeah, I got a job,
working for some Saudi bank.
I'm looking after their security.
Big money.
Apparently there's a shortage
for people with my skills
in there industry, so, yeah.
- Good, wicked.
- I start tomorrow.
Wicked, I'm thrilled.
Did you expect anything less, mate?
Come on, let's go get that milk, come on.
Fuck me!
I thought I got rid of you years ago.
How you been, mate, you been all right?
Yeah, not bad, mate.
You know, it's good to be back here.
I've taken over from me old man, ain't I?
Yeah, I know, mate,
sorry about his death.
Yeah, it's all right, mate,
things happen, circle of life.
Who's that?
I'm glad you don't recognize him.
My brother, innit?
FRANK: Is it?
Fuck me, you shot up.
I remember you when you was down here.
Didn't recognize ya.
Yeah, it was a long time ago, innit?
Talking of running things,
I can stick a few quid in your
pocket, if you're interested.
Hell, no.
Hey, I'm in the mood for a bit of food.
How you getting on, brother?
No, no, no, no.
I'm all right, mate, I've got
a job, I'm fine, I'm sorted.
I got a job working for the
Saudi, ain't I, up in London.
Hell, yeah.
You've gotta look yer own, ain't ya?
Adam, you know where to come.
I could use someone like
you, know what I mean?
Give us a shout, you know where I am.
He's all right, mate,
he don't need a job.
He's got a brain on him.
Book smarts, mate, he's
getting out of that's place.
He's not gonna be stuck
here, like me or you.
Street smarts did me all right, mate.
Yeah, I can tell, mate.
Adam, if you ever want
a job, give me a shout.
See you around.
Listen here, don't ever
take money from that bloke.
Don't ever take money from anyone, yeah?
Drug money.
Your better than him.
Don't fall in the same hole as him, yeah?
Keep your fucking hood down.
Let's get that milk.
How long has this bit been derelict?
About two or three years now.
Squatters and druggies normally.
It's a shame, yeah.
I used to love climbing that tree.
I broke my arm in that tree once.
Went out with the bird in that house.
I don't know how much Debs
has told you about me,
if she's said anything at
all, but, I've got a history.
Me and Frank, I've known
him since I was about five.
Him and...
His old man and Dad, you
know, used to hang out.
Did a bit of business together.
Of course, it's natural, you
know, we started hanging out.
We had big boots to fill,
you know what I mean?
Frank's dad, he was quite
a well-respected bloke
on the manor, you know?
We was just kids, you
know, just having a laugh.
Making a bit of money on
the side, nothing big.
I mean, we might as well have fun.
It was obvious, he went
and built an empire.
What a fucking empire he's built.
Whatever you do, just stay
away from them, all right?
All that money, yeah, it's all drug money,
right out of the pockets
of all these squatters
and meth heads in these buildings.
So ya looking forward
to starting your new job?
Listen, why don't you go
home, keep Debs company.
Get your head down, do
some studying, yeah?
I'll go down to the
shops, get us some milk,
and I'll see you home
in about a half hour?
Go on, fuck off.
See you at home.
I would be screwing the pair of yous.
Yeah, that'll be fun, won't it?
Let's have a bit of playtime.
You wanna leave 'em alone, mate.
Come on then, let's
see what you've got, mug.
You broke me nose!
- Now, now, mate.
- You broke me nose!
You broke me nose!
No use crying over spilled milk, is it?
THUG: You broke me nose!
DARREN: It was only
a pint of milk, mate.
THUG: He broke me
nose, he broke me nose!
Hi, Debs!
I've got your milk!
He's broke me nose!
I swear it's broken.
What the fuck's happened to
you, who's broke your nose?
I don't know who he was.
Some new bloke with a suit.
Yeah, I know who
broke your fucking nose.
He's still got it, then.
Settle down, you mug.
Go and get him summat to
sort out his nose, yeah?
Maybe tampons, or something.
Go on, fuck off.
Right, we've got some business to discuss.
Put that game down.
We run this manor now, yeah?
We ain't gonna have an
alliance with any other firm.
We're not gonna have it
with other firms, yeah?
It's all about us now.
No fucking foreigners, yeah?
None of the Grim Reapers' shit.
My old man left me this
fucking business, yeah?
And I'm not gonna see it get
fucking run into the ground
by a load of fucking Russians,
and fucking blacks, and
God knows what else.
The Russians and the Grim
Reapers have got a meeting, yeah?
Guns for drugs.
We fucking just roll up on them,
and that's it, we take it, yeah?
It's about time we took
everything in this place.
Yeah, that's fucking
right, it's about time.
Put your hand down
the back of that settee.
We go in, disguised as the Russians, yeah,
and we stitch 'em up.
THUG: We've no angle
on this estate, boss.
I know, but we're gonna
recruit, ain't we, you and me.
And there's someone I've got in mind,
and this should fit him just perfectly.
I'm so proud of you, Daz.
Tell you what, you've proved me wrong.
There are good jobs out there.
Well, it's like I said, innit,
Deb, you know what I mean?
I told you there's jobs out there.
Maybe next time you'll have a
little bit more faith in me.
So, did they say anything about pay?
What are you on?
If it's one of those
Saudi princes' companies,
then you'll be on a big wage, I reckon.
It should sort us well out.
Just hold on tight, Debs, yeah?
I don't wanna jump straight in,
and scare 'em off, and all that, yeah?
But don't worry,
there's gonna be proper
pay, and that, you know?
We'll get him out there, don't worry.
Adam, are you gonna come
say good luck to your brother?
ADAM: No, he don't
need it, do you, Darren?
(LAUGHS) Good lad!
Anyway, Debs, I'll see you later.
I don't wanna be late for
my first day at work, do I?
And you know what,
I haven't forgotten about
those steak dinners, either.
So, Frankie decided to
set the ball rolling
about gaining total control of the estate.
Not wanting to lose face
about his top boy getting his
nose broken by yours truly,
he decided to send a
couple of his boys down
on my first night on the
job, to return the favor.
But as Frank's about to find out,
things don't always turn out to plan.
DEBS: You're home early.
You've only been gone a couple of hours.
Yeah, um, (SIGHS) three-hour day.
That's how they do it in Saudi.
They only work three hours a day,
'cause it's too hot, or something.
What do mean, too hot?
I'd like to work three hours a day.
Hang on, I'm smelling it.
You got fired, didn't ya?
I didn't get fired.
Well, why is your shirt all ripped up?
Why do stink like a nightclub?
You've been out partying, haven't ya?
You fucking cock, I thought
you changed, you prick.
No, Debs, I haven't been
partying, I've been working.
I've been working in
Shoreditch, ain't I?
Some illegal fucking backdoor nightclub.
It's all the work I could get.
You're right, it's fucking hard out there.
There ain't no jobs,
so I had to take what I could.
You cock, you lied to me, and Adam!
I can't believe you!
I felt like we finally had an answer.
I should've known better
than to rely on you.
Oh, I feel so stupid!
Do wanna fucking wake Adam up?
I will find the money, Debs.
Well, you better,
'cause if it's this way,
he ain't going to America,
he ain't going nowhere.
Who knows, I might be able
to get us a fucking shift
down at the pound shop.
Do you wanna fucking wake him up?
Debs, I will going to him out there.
- I'll get the 30 grand.
- How?
We've got no money to pay for it.
There's no money out there.
You could always go rob a bank like Dad.
With a bit of luck,
you might get one in the
back of your had as well.
Why don't you calm the fuck down?
Is that what you want?
You want me to end up like Dad, yeah?
Don't you fucking ever
put me in the same sentence
with him again, yeah?
I'm going to bed.
It felt like I had
the weight of the world on my shoulders,
trying to figure out a way
to send Adam to America,
and deal with Debs at the same time.
But something just didn't sit right.
I knew Frank was up to something.
And I've known him for a long time.
I know him like the back of me hand.
I know it's him who sent the
boys down to pay me a visit.
I know he wants me to go work for him.
But even more, I know he wants Adam,
and I don't want Adam to fall
down the same path as I did,
so I think it's about time
I go pay Frank a visit.
You made a smart decision.
You're the last person I
thought was gonna sign up.
Well done, boy.
Take that silly hat off.
You'll be needing this from now on.
Now, remember what I said.
You know the plan, so get
out there and make me proud.
You know, have a chat.
A civilized conversation.
Over a cup of tea.
You fucker!
It was you, you shit!
Sit the fuck down!
Listen to me, you slag,
you fucking leave him alone.
He don't fucking work for ya.
He's got nothing to do with ya.
He owes you fuck all, right?
But what is that?
I find out, I could keep you calm, mate.
You fucking know who he is.
Leave him the fuck alone, do you hear me?
Fucking help that you were,
you fucking useless prick!
Daz, have you got five minutes?
DARREN: Not now, mate.
I'm kinda distracted at the moment, yeah?
It won't take long.
It's kind of important, and...
Listen, Ad, I've got a lot
on my mind at the moment, yeah?
Ask me tomorrow.
I can't wait till
tomorrow, it'd be too late.
For fuck's sake, I fucking told ya!
Leave me the fuck alone.
Do you know the amount of shit
I'm going through at minute for you?
I don't know why the fuck
I ever came back to this shit hole.
Now, the next series of events
are so ridiculous that when I tell ya,
you're probably gonna
think I'm making 'em up,
and I wouldn't blame ya.
I wasn't feeling to pukka
about how I just spoke to me brother,
so I thought it would be a good idea
to go for a little bowl around
the block to clear my head.
Then I got that feeling you
get when you're being watched,
and with all the CCTV in
London, it ain't that hard.
But then a few moments later,
I knew I was being followed,
and trust me, I know
when I'm being followed.
That numpty had done me right over.
Bags me up, sticks me
in the back of a van,
and from I can tell,
we ended up at some
abandoned East End warehouse.
I might've upset a lot
of people in my past,
and there's a list as long as my arm
of people who'd like to
see me eat brown bread,
and this is the perfect location to do it.
And just as I'm about
to kiss my arse goodbye,
I'm confronted by this rather
shady-looking character.
MR. HUGO: Don't be
alarmed, my dear boy.
This is Mad Allen,
and you may refer to me as Mr. Hugo.
DARREN: I politely asked the gentlemen
if they would kindly explain to me
as to why I've been honored
with their presence that day.
His response wasn't as friendly.
You'd look really good
with a tattoo on your head.
I'll do you one for no charge,
or you can have one of my
specialities, scarification.
DARREN: Good job I'm thick-skinned.
MR. HUGO: Allen, he's my guest,
and as that, he will be treated as one.
Turns out this bloke runs
an underground fight league around London,
streaming the fights live
to big-money bloodsport
gamblers around the world.
He saw my fight I had at the
club on the CCTV footage,
and he'd managed to track
me down, big-brother style.
Impressed by my skills,
he wants me to join his
underground fight league.
Just as I'm about to tell
him where to stick it,
whilst thinking if they'd let me choose
what I want tattooed on me boat race,
they stick a big was of money my way,
5,000, to be exact,
just to join the league,
and a big-money payday if I
win my first fight, 25 grand.
Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth,
and realizing the delicate
situation I was in,
I decided to take a rain
check on that tattoo,
pocket the cash, and asked
him when my first fight was.
I didn't like upsetting my brother.
Especially, I didn't like
him seeing that side of me.
You know, I hadn't seen him in 10 years,
so I decided it was right
that before I go to the fight,
was to go and make it up to him,
tell him the truth of what I was doing,
not to worry, 'cause in a couple of hours,
we'll have that money to
get him out to America.
Listen, mate, I need some
change for the phone, yeah?
I've only got a fiver.
If I give you that, will
you give me the change
you got in there, yeah?
What, these?
Oh, go on then.
VOICEMAIL: Please leave
a message after the tone.
Hi, Adam.
I wanna apologize, mate, about
how I spoke to you yesterday.
It weren't on, I was out of order.
I'm sorry, I'm just having a
lot of stress at the minute.
I mean, there's no excuses, really.
I'll tell you what, I'll be
home in a couple of hours.
Let's sit down, have a chat,
and you can tell me whatever
you want, all right?
'Cause I'm here for you, right?
I love ya.
Cheers, mate.
Your change, eh?
Ah, nice.
You look a bit cold, do you wanna...
- I'm freezing, mate.
- Take this.
I'm freezing.
Play me a tune for good
luck, all right, all right?
Take that as well.
The satellite's ready.
We are live.
Spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Spread your wings and fly
Does somebody wanna
tell me what went wrong?
Where's Adam?
We stabbed him.
Where's the fucking logic in that?
He's one of us!
Fucking chill out, chill out.
Fuck off, could you
fucking chill out, boy?
Whoa, whoa!
The Grim Reapers saw him.
They think the Russians done it.
Off our case now.
Good thinking, boy.
Besides, I didn't
like the tosser anyway.
You can fucking learn summat from him.
I feel like putting the kettle on.
I had no idea how my brother died,
other than he was wearing
an Eastern Demons hoodie at the time.
That's all the information
I needed to know.
Feeling disgusted by the
actions of the gangs,
and seeing the coalition break down
to an unrepairable state,
the Big Boss felt like
he had no other option
but to step down as lord of the manor.
Thank you for coming, gentlemen.
If any of you are opposed
to me stepping down,
make yourselves heard now.
I thought as much.
But this old-schooler
wasn't gonna hand over
his firm just like that.
I mean, how would he choose a successor?
The only way that old-schooler knew how,
hand-to-hand combat.
He declared there was
to be a fight tournament
between the three gangs,
held in his rooftop lair.
Each gang can choose one
representative in the tournament.
The winning gang in the tournament
gains ultimate control over the estate,
and total dominance over all other gangs.
That's where I come in.
You ain't the leader of no firm.
Don't tell me he's
fucking representing you!
I ain't fucking representing anyone.
I'm not representing him.
I'm not representing any firm.
I'm representing every single person
that calls this estate their home.
I'm entering this tournament,
and if I win, I'm gonna
clean this place up,
so the first thing I'm gonna do
is get rid of every drug-peddling,
scummy motherfucker.
This, this is bullshit.
You threaten me like this?
Do you know what happens with
man like you in my country?
You're not in your
fucking country, are ya?
You're in my fucking country.
You're in my manor.
It looks like we've got a new entry.
Absolutely splendid.
Whoa, boss, I want it, I
need my payback, I want him.
Hold your horses, Hatrick.
You've already got your
fucking nose broken.
I've got a game plan.
I wanna use one of the Black Caps.
But boss!
No, what you're gonna do,
you're gonna get two of them horrible
little Black Cap chaps
together tomorrow at my gym.
The winner is gonna represent
us in the tournament.
As an incentive, offer
'em a massive bag of puff.
That should get 'em going.
So go on, fuck off, you know what to do.
- Best of luck.
- I'm telling you, man,
the best man wins.
- What the...
- Hit him again!
Hit him in the funk!
Go and hit him, go and
hit him, go and hit him!
BOY: Oh shit!
Hit him, boy, hit him, go on, then!
Oh fuck, did you see that one?
- What is this?
- Hit him, mate!
I don't know, it's sick, man!
Go for it, man, go fucking
bang him, bang him!
You like that, boys?
You're right, I'm gonna
jump off from this side.
You watch this one then.
Fucking do it!
Fuck, see, that's my boy, that's my boy!
Fuck yeah, man, fucking do it!
Fucking do it!
You're a fucking idiot, man!
- Stop it!
- Fuck this!
- That's enough!
- Come on, fucking stop!
BOY: Come on, man!
This is too much!
BOY: Fucking hell, leave him alone!
Oh, please, go on, just leave him.
BOY: You're going
over the line now, mate.
Hey, stop!
Stop it, man, look, he's finished,
he's finished, he's done.
- Look at him, man, come on!
- Just stop, just stop!
- Just let it go!
- Oh no!
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
I knew you was gonna win.
You remind me of someone.
You're an evil little
fucker, that's why I like ya.
Don't let your guard down,
'cause you won't beat this bloke,
not in a proper fight.
You gotta get in his head.
You've gotta play mind games with him.
I've seen him row.
Frank's boy had managed
to make light work
of the Eastern Demons' fighter.
Boris loses total control
over the eastern side of the estate.
Now more than ever I need
to get to that final,
and dish out some revenge for my brother.
All I have to do now is tear through
whatever the Grim Reapers
put in front of me.
All 22 stone of the bastard.
Are we gonna fucking do this, or what?
Get up, man, get up, you fuck!
Show me what you've got, man.
I'm waiting for it,
man, I'm waiting for it.
You ain't got nothing on me, bra.
Come on, sucker, who are you, man?
Stand before you do a poo.
That's what you are, a piece of poo.
You're in my house, I'm
the man, and you're weak.
Get over here, I'm gonna
pommel you, come here!
I'm gonna shake you like a,
a nothing little rat dog that you be.
Hope you brang your passport, bruv.
It's time to fly!
Nice, fucker!
How do you like that, man?
Fly time, baby.
Fly, bro. (LAUGHS)
Get up, you punk, show me
what you you've got, man!
We're going on a ride,
brother, to the highway, M1!
- Oh shit!
You need some paracetamol, bro?
Yeah, play my tune, brother!
Yeah, who's in the
house, who's house is it?
My house!
Who's house is it?
My house!
Who's house is it?
My house, yeah!
You're sitting there, you little poo.
Stay there on the floor, poo.
My house!
Too thick, too thick. (YELLS)
Yeah, you're fucked now!
You're in trouble now,
boy, you're in trouble now.
You'll be spinning round me.
It's time to go.
BORIS: Great!
MAN: Shut up!
DEBS: So, today's the big day, then?
You know what all the people
in the estate are calling ya?
The People's Warrior.
They think you're gonna free them,
or some bullshit like that.
Fucking idiots!
Nothing will change.
The minute you get rid of them,
others will come and take
their place, you watch.
It's the way of the world.
Yeah, well, not this time, Debs.
I'm gonna clean this place up, yeah?
I'm gonna get revenge for
what they did to Adam.
Revenge ain't gonna bring him back, is it?
I'm not sure if Adam ever
told you the real reason
that he wanted to become a doctor.
Yeah, to save other people's mums.
I don't know, that's one reason.
The main reason was to earn enough money
to get you out of here,
because you deserve that.
He never told me that.
Listen, Debs, I just wanna let you know,
whatever happens today, win, lose,
I'm going to give Adam
what he wanted, yeah?
Because he's right, you do deserve it.
I'm gonna go out for a run, yeah,
and get ready for tonight, right?
See you later.
DEBS: Daz!
Good luck.
Well, those little rats on the estate
say he's just left his house.
Yeah, he's gone for a run.
Get him, make sure he
doesn't make the final.
Do you hear me?
Darren does not make that fight.
Don't let me down.
Hello, son.
All right, mate.
Put these on, will ya?
Why the fuck do I do that?
I've been looking forward
to this for quite some time.
DARREN: Ah, fuck me!
Oh fuck!
Looks like your boy's asshole's gone.
Come on, don't let me down,
boy, don't let me down.
(LAUGHS) You see that?
You see that, you old fucker?
FIGHTER: Get up, I'm just
getting warmed up, come on!
(LAUGHS) You see that?
Come on, mate.
Come on, get up, you little hood rat.
Break him, break him!
FIGHTER: Stay down, stay down!
Nighty night.
Go on, choke him out.
Kill him.
DEBS: You don't even know
the meaning of the word family.
Kill him.
Get the fuck up!
Did you hear me?
Come on, Daz, did you hear me?
You deserve to win.
Fuck's sake!
To the back of his fucking head.
That's it, boy, get up, get up.
FIGHTER: Fuck you!
Get up, you skinny fucker!
Get up, boy, get up!
You fucking stay there,
or I'll cut you both up.
You lost, fair and square.
Where you gonna go?
Where am I gonna go,
where am I gonna go?
I fucking own this estate.
I ain't going anywhere.
You can go.
Where's your sense of honor?
Fucking honor, fuck your
fucking shit tournament.
Honor, honor, if I want
honor, I'll take it.
I have all the fucking power in the world.
Don't fucking talk to me about honor.
You're a fucking disgrace.
I'm a disgrace?
Where were you all these years?
Where were you all
these years, Darren, eh?
Fucking Afghan somewhere?
Where was ya?
Where was ya when your brother needed ya?
He was a nice lad, your
brother, I liked him, good lad.
It's a shame what happened
to him, though, innit, eh?
I did love your brother,
but when he was laying
there on that cold pavement,
and he was crying,
screaming, screaming at ya,
"Darren, my brother Darren,
big brother Darren,"
he fucking squealed like a pig.
Squealed like a fucking pig. (CRIES)
(LAUGHS) You ain't fuck all!
Shut up, shut up, you slag!
What the fuck was that?
What did you do?
You fucking mug!
What am I gonna do with
all these dead bodies?
And my carpet is ruined.
I achieved what I set out to do.
I got rid of the gangs from the estate,
and got revenge for what they did to Adam.
The Big Boss had left for good,
and quite confidently left
the place in my hands,
reassured I would look over the estate,
and the people who live there.
I told Debs I would give
Adam what he wanted,
to get her out to Britannia
Estate, and I did.
She's never had a garden before.
She finds it peaceful.
She tells me she can feel Adam and Mum
looking over her there.
I comfort the thought.
Happily ever after, right?
Then the Big Boss sends me a letter
with nothing more in it than a postcode.
Not knowing what to expect,
I make my way to the destination.
Nothing here but an old worn-down relic
of the past of London, a red phone box.
I couldn't have thought
of a more relevant place
for an old-schooler like
him to want to make contact.
He tells me of his latest venture,
something about downloadable
drugs using frequencies,
or some crazy sci-fi bollocks like that.
He wants me to go into business with him,
and a new ex-army partner.
He tells me I might know him.
"The army's a big place," I reply.
I politely decline his offer,
and I wish him all the luck.
Besides, I've got an empire to build.
That's powerful, right?
You know, I do love a good
bit of street art, me.
I love it, absolutely adore it.
I love it 'cause it's in a
constant state of change.
I mean, two days ago this was
a massive demon with a samurai
cutting through someone's chest,
and now this work of
art stands in its place.
Now, you may be mistaken for
thinking that demon is gone,
but it's not, it's still there.
It's just hiding,
under a superficial
layer of color and paint.
But just because you can't see something,
it doesn't mean it is not still there.
You see, this is Jim.
Now, Jim used to work for me,
selling drugs on the
estate to the other cattle.
Until about an hour ago. (LAUGHS)
You see, he kept shaving
product off the top,
and keeping it for himself.
Not while I'm lord of the manor.
Yeah, that little prick's on
the south side of the estate.
Hurry the fuck up, Hatrick, yeah,
unless you want your
fucking nose broken again.
Don't look at me like that,
what else am I supposed to do?
I mean, I worked for all of this here.
I mean, who else is gonna
look after all of them cattle?
Now, I tell you what, I'm
gonna give you some advice,
and then I'm gonna fuck off.
Now, little Jimmy over there,
he's proof that you can never
have too much of a good thing.
Not all stories have happy endings.
Now, never believe 100% of
what anyone ever tells you,
'cause humans lie,
and a half lie is the
darkest lie of them all.
Deception's easy, it's
reality that's hard one.
Now fuck off.