Lone Wolf (2021) Movie Script

- Shh!
- Shh-shh!
(film reel clicking)
(motorcycle engine sputtering)
(train rumbling)
(birds chirping)
(distant sirens blaring)
I don't give a flying fuck
if he's occupied.
Out of my way, Toodles.
Should I call security,
Do that.
Tell them they're fired.
How's redundancy
treating you, Kylie?
I've been keeping busy.
I have a file for you to watch.
Collected surveillance.
Improbable, I'm a busy man.
Congratulations on
your landslide re-election,
by the way.
Assistant Commissioner,
don't tell me
you're back with her.
Oh, no, Joseph's my plus one.
I've already briefed him
via text.
Electronic surveillance
and decrypted caches.
she's created a timeline.
Must've been
quite an undertaking,
especially without
official clearance.
It was.
It's not quite a timeline,
I've shuffled some events
and fast-forwarded
to heighten the drama.
All right,
the infamous bookshop.
As Conrad's case officer,
I requested that the premises
be put under special crimes
AMBER surveillance.
- No eyeballs watching it,
automated surveillance,
archived but not monitored.
Diaries kept by a machine.
You authorize that?
Departmental protocol.
It wasn't required
that I was informed.
It's just your standard
residential bundle.
Audio visuals
in living quarters,
in-wall microphones,
cameras concealed,
and the smoke detectors
in the television.
This shop floor footage,
on the other hand,
we didn't install.
It dated back
to the previous tenants,
supposed to be disconnected.
Surprise bonus!
You might want
to pull up a chair,
Assistant Commissioner.
Let him stand.
So what am I looking at here?
The girlfriend.
That's her brother, Stevie.
And that's Conrad Verloc.
All right, enough
with the running commentary.
(bell ringing)
Stevie, freeze.
And unfreeze.
Did you know we have
a two-for-one special
- on shemale titles?
- I'll just take that one.
That'll be $20 then.
(paper crinkling)
Ten cents for the paper bag.
Thank you!
Come again!
Buy a book, why don't you?
We're here
in the natural environment
of the enigmatic Winnie.
The Winnie is a social animal,
and highly territorial.
I think I see one now.
We must be careful
not to startle her.
The female is the deadliest
of the species.
Remember what
we used to do in bed?
Not on this grubby rug.
It'll be better, more electric.
Come on, please?
(phone ringing)
All right, well, be quick.
I wanna see his faxing.
Up into my thighs.
Tingling spine?
Lower back.
Going up.
- Neck!
- Neck.
You win.
Up you get.
Hey! Hey!
Someone called Vladimir wants
to fund a G20 protest.
You think he's Antifa?
Could be.
Have you memorized the address?
(indistinct whispering)
Hey, you can't just
turn it off like that,
it's a valve amp!
Shall we meet with him tomorrow?
It's addressed to me,
so I'll go in the morning.
How does that sound?
And don't just
turn it back on like...
Don't, what'd I...
In this tutorial,
I'm going to show you
how to recycle
old video cassettes.
Nobody wants videos anymore.
You can find them for free
or buy them for 50 cents.
Never pay more than a dollar.
Take the cassette
out of its box.
Do you see
this square hole here?
If this tab has been broken off,
the film cannot be taped over.
Now the tape can be recycled
for use in other ways.
I'll be using this one
to continue my monitoring
of the human species
in captivity.
(train rumbling)
Check one, two.
Check one, two.
So you got my fax then?
Genius idea that, a fax revival.
What's your budget?
Straight to the point,
very good.
Enough to buy a cure,
not just a prevention.
A Black Bloc of the G20.
That's who you're with,
Black Bloc.
- Is it?
- No.
Of course not, Conrad.
Black Bloc has been declared
a terrorist organization.
Its existence in Australia
would be illegal.
Does your girlfriend
share your beliefs?
Not really,
she's into animal rights.
Shallow end policies.
She'll be kept in the dark then?
I can't even see clearly myself.
To truly influence
public opinion,
you need to commit an outrage.
What sort of an outrage?
Well now, you tell me.
An explosion.
No causalities.
What you might call
"a victimless atrocity."
- Let me out.
- We know
you're a police informant,
We don't mind,
it shows initiative.
What we would mind, though,
would be your case officer
getting wind
of this little chat.
I was never here.
Let me out.
Just before you head off.
It's only takeaway.
See ya.
(phone ringing)
Did he take the bait?
But he threw it back.
What'd you say to him?
What you told me to say to him.
In other words, you fucked it.
Did you see Vladimir?
Yeah, I did,
I'll tell you later.
Hey, this one.
Hey, he does not need
any extra help.
Well, he...
Take over, I'll open the shop.
- Get him, Stevie.
- Going down, Stevie!
That's what you think.
Bring it on.
(train rumbling)
You know they'll kill you.
Who's they?
Thought about giving them up?
I have.
I need them too much.
That's what I used to think.
You know, after a while,
you don't even miss 'em.
You don't have any hearts?
- Nope.
- You sure?
What's that?
- A jack.
- A jack of what?
- Hearts.
- Hearts, yeah.
You can't renege, Stevie,
it's cheating.
She's back.
She's a sick bitch.
That's right, Stevie.
A sick bitch that Conrad
can't seem to get enough of.
Stevie. Hey!
Stevie, it's okay.
Hey, Stevie, stop it, hey.
Was it because I reneged?
It has nothing to do with you.
He's just... he's just worried,
because the bookshop's
losing money.
She knows,
you've told her about me.
- I haven't!
- Oh, yeah?
Then why does she act
like I just crawled out
from under a rock?
She doesn't like you
because of what
you tried to order.
What did I try to order?
Erotic husbandry.
Animal porn,
are you fucking kidding me?
It seems appropriate.
Oink, oink, oink, oink.
It works, doesn't it?
She keeps her distance.
All right,
so what have you got for me?
You sure about that?
You seen any of
your anarchist mates lately?
We're not anarchists,
we're minarchists.
You tell me.
Oh, don't flatter yourself.
I've got bigger fish to fry.
How's Mr. Gunpowder,
Treason, and Plot?
- Hippie Karl?
- Mm.
Dishonorably discharged.
- Father Michaelis?
- He's doing more of God's work,
supergluing one ATM at a time.
Alexander Ossipon?
As far as I know,
he's keeping his cock clean,
but why don't you ask them?
They'll be over any minute.
What, for a meeting?
No, for poker.
You do realize I have
a departmental budget
to justify, don't you?
- It's empty.
- Mm!
Nothing earns you nothing.
- No work, no pay.
- No, no, Kylie,
you can't do this.
We're behind on rent.
Oh, really?
Well, why don't you
try selling a few more
of those
anarchist cookbooks?
Is she gone?
I haven't reneged, Conrad.
That's good to hear.
Just stuck up the ATM
on the corner.
You're dripping.
My flock's just not the same
without you, Winnie.
And Stevie.
It's not your flock,
it's your pack.
Conrad said to go through.
May he find his path of bliss.
Round here?
Pigs more likely.
Emma Bovary is
beautiful and bored,
trapped in a marriage
to a mediocre...
Well, you know what they say,
behind every boring man
is a bored woman.
Who says that?
Is that leather?
Vegan leather.
Put it out.
Enjoyable read then, is it?
I've read it before.
Must be good
if you're reading it again.
For the third time.
See, I can't do that.
If I know what's gonna happen,
there's no surprise,
no excitement.
Surprise and excitement
aren't everything.
Aren't they?
Your whoop's out the back.
My whoop?
Whoop of gorillas?
My brother's collecting
collective nouns.
Right then.
Well, I'll go and join my whoop
and leave you
to Monsieur Flaubert.
Your car's parked
in a no standing zone.
Not my car.
Are you minding the shop?
Obviously not
at this particular moment,
but yes.
You're not smoking
in there, huh?
Of course not.
That'd make me a pawn
of Big Tobacco.
Yeah, that and you promised
to give up.
(retreating footsteps)
I think
the smoke alarm's broken.
Four of the dominant males
have gathered to express
a different point of view.
They may appear social,
but there's often
underlying tensions
within the group.
And here they are
in serious play.
He was in police custody
and he drowned.
- What does that tell you?
- Nothing.
Why would he even bother
to come back as a ghost
if he wasn't murdered?
He's looking for revenge
on the three troopers
- that drowned him.
- You always do this.
You always turn a serious
sociopolitical discussion
into a load of occult
You're arguing about a song,
Waltzing Matilda,
for Christ's sake.
"And he that blasphemeth
the name of the Lord
shall surely be put to death,
and all in the congregation
shall surely stone him."
You're under my roof, Michaelis.
Calm down.
It's only blasphemy
if you're fool enough to believe
that Jesus was
God's bastard son
and not just a felater
of apostles.
Come on.
What is he doing?
He's spying on us!
He's not spying on us.
Jesus Christ.
You're gonna play cards
or I'm gonna kick you out.
- Cards.
- What's your problem?
Stevie, come on,
what are you doing?
Get inside, get in group.
Little like inviting
him to die.
- What is?
- Stevie's condition.
Okay, that's
your expert opinion, is it?
Yeah, but you're not an expert.
(indistinct remarks)
For anyone else to understand
that a certificate on the wall
doesn't prove you're a doctor.
It proves you're a drug dealer
for the multinationals.
Like everything else
in this society,
it's cannibalistic.
Nourishing their greed
on the quivering flesh
and warm blood of the people.
Stevie, go to bed.
Steven! Hey!
Stevie, stop it.
Stevie, freeze!
And unfreeze.
Look, you're just upset, okay?
You need to calm down.
You wanna watch something?
How about
some David Attenborough?
(indistinct commentary)
What was that all about?
Something Hippie Karl said
about cannibalism.
You know how Stevie is,
he gets these images
stuck in his mind
and he can't get rid of them.
Well, he shouldn't
have been listening
and just snooping around
with his camera phone.
It's his new hobby.
He needs something
to keep him occupied.
Spying's not a hobby.
He's not spying.
He's documenting
the human species.
Let him have his fun.
Father Michaelis
wasn't happy about it.
Father Michaelis
can go fuck himself.
Hey, tell me about Vladimir.
I'm not allowed to.
Well, that's stupid.
Of course you can tell me,
I'm your partner.
Does he wanna fund us?
He does.
Thought your fax revival
was genius.
He's Black Bloc.
Black Bloc.
What as in
the banned organization?
Very same.
Did they offer you money?
He did.
- I think so.
- You think so?
Well, he gave me
this brown paper bag,
but I threw it in the bin.
Well, Black Bloc advocates
for armed resistance.
We can't be associated
with them.
that was the only thing
he was specific about,
- Nonviolence?
- Categorical.
Where's the bin located?
- Did you peak?
- No.
- You didn't?
- No.
That's a lot, isn't it?
That's not not a lot.
Does that light your fire?
Does it light yours?
(digital distortion)
That one is $46.
Minus 10% is $42.40.
Here's your change.
Have a nice day.
I was gonna shoplift this,
but then I noticed
the security cameras.
They don't work.
Conrad unplugged them.
Is this worth stealing?
But now you have to pay for it.
You've watched it?
Twenty dollars, please.
- (whistles) Gave him a discount.
- Well, he bought a book.
Do you want to buy a book?
I don't even want to buy this.
So what do you want?
(car whooshing)
To see Conrad.
He's in Sydney for the week.
I forgot. Of course.
He's gone off to preach
the fax machine revolution.
What's wrong with that?
Well, the vinyl record revival,
that made sense,
but fax machines?
Seems frivolous.
You're frivolous.
It's analog communication.
It leaves no data trail.
Yeah, I get that, obviously.
Just don't see it taking off.
Nobody cares
about privacy anymore.
They want to be observed.
If not by God,
then at least by technology.
I seem to exist,
therefore I exist.
See this?
You and me?
We have (inaudible).
Do you like the beach?
In summer.
It's midwinter.
Yeah, but global warming.
Let's go and swim.
I have a bookshop to run.
Yeah, it's afternoons
and evenings.
That gives you
the whole morning.
Yeah, to spend time
with my brother.
Bring him along.
It'll be fun.
I'll think about it.
Thinking about it
is the worst thing you can do.
Just say yes.
Hey, you can't take that.
(bell dings)
Do you smoke?
Definitely not.
Not a word to Conrad,
you promise?
So how did you and Conrad meet?
We met
at an animal rights rally.
His band was playing there.
I liked the way
he held his guitar,
and Stevie even liked the noise
coming out of it.
Didn't you, Stevie?
Conrad gave us
backstage passes.
Oh, so you're a groupie?
Fuck off.
Does he still play guitar?
Not with the band.
No, he's too busy
trying to make ends meet.
I hear that.
Musical, artistic,
political, whatever.
None of them pay the bills.
They all need something
on the side.
What's your something
on the side then?
Your sister tells me
you like collective nouns.
What's a good one for generous,
well-heeled friends?
Don't say a murder.
A murder of crows.
- No.
- A wake of vultures,
an unkindness of ravens.
dole of doves,
a bevy of quails.
A bevy of generous,
well-heeled friends.
Mm, well-heeled in high heels,
I'm sure.
A convocation of eagles,
a parliament of rooks.
Stevie, that's enough.
(water lapping)
(birds squawking)
What the fuck is that?
Fish choke on cigarettes.
- Got a match, Stevie?
- No.
You're supposed to say:
"Your face, my ass,
that's a match,"
or, "Not since Superman died."
Superman is immortal.
Your face, my ass.
Alex, don't you dare!
It's all right, Stevie,
he won't let me go.
Look at that.
Nice one, Stevie.
"Marine sanctuary.
No fishing, no harpoons."
Which one is your favorite?
I like the blue ones.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
You're gonna scare the fish.
Think he's fine.
Hey, mister!
That's against the law!
You criminal!
What is that?
Stevie! Freeze!
Let go of him!
- Winnie!
- Stop!
Let go! Stop it!
Let go of me! Stevie!
Stevie, are you okay?
(bus whooshing)
What are you doing
behind the counter, Stevie?
Winnie is cooking.
I have to ring the bell
if anyone comes in.
Wait, you don't have to do it
if it's me.
How are ya?
The fax machine
ran out of paper.
Well, it shouldn't have.
I only filled it up
before I left.
How many messages were there?
Just one.
Where's my takeaway order?
Where's my takeaway order?
Where's my takeaway order?
Where's my takeaway order?
That's enough, Stevie,
it's a loop.
Some very hungry person
has dialed the wrong number.
Wasted all our fax paper.
Should I burn it?
Uh, no, later.
Here, I got you a present.
Don't look, close your eyes.
Close 'em.
Open 'em.
A wolf onesie?
Well, more of
an all-in-one track suit,
but there you go.
What's the matter?
Don't you like it?
It's fantastic.
The gray wolf
is my favorite animal.
Winnie says I'm not allowed
any more treats.
Stevie, freeze.
Why aren't you allowed
any more treats?
Because of what I did
at the beach.
When did you go to the beach?
On Wednesday.
We went in Alex's car.
Alex Ossipon?
He's a nice enough human,
I suppose.
(Conrad chuckles)
Except he kept putting
his paws on Winnie.
(truck whooshing)
Here, this is yours.
Don't let anyone
take it from ya.
You tell me what happened.
(piercing distortion)
- I'm back.
- Did Stevie show you that fax?
Yeah, Black Bloc,
fucking psychos.
We need to give them
a strategy.
Did you speak to anyone
in Sydney?
Not really. I reckon we should
give that money back, though.
Fuck that.
That's a non-refundable
We need it.
Besides, I want to use
some of it
for a mobile cop protest.
How was your week?
Pretty quiet.
That's not what Stevie says.
He told you about it?
It wasn't good,
but at least he did something.
Everybody else
just stood there gawking.
Yeah, especially that old
cunt-tease Ossipon, I bet.
Alexander is hardly old.
Well, the cunts he teases are.
How did that come about,
Ossipon just driving you
to the beach?
Us to the beach.
He came in here looking for you
and he just offered,
spur of the moment.
He knew I was in Sydney.
Well, he said he forgot.
Pfft, sure he did.
It's got a bad smell to it.
I don't know.
It smells like opportunity
to me.
You do understand
this is just a deposit?
Let me out.
Oh, Conrad.
Conrad, come here, come here.
Come here.
You see this?
(tapping of computer keys)
This is your itemized
police income
for the last 18 months.
As I said to you last time,
we don't care
that you're a police informant.
But the people
you're informing on
might see it
a little differently.
And one fax transmission
is all it's gonna take.
They're going to kill me,
you know that?
And as inept as they are,
they might very well succeed.
But you do
this one action for us...
...and you're immune
to suspicion.
You'd be the little anarchist
that could.
Be right there.
(indistinct lyrics)
(clears throat)
Wow, that's a lot of mirror.
It's supposed to make the place
look bigger.
Nothing to do
with narcissism then?
Are you grooming my girlfriend?
- Grooming?
- Mm-hm.
Sapiosexual grooming.
That's your modus operandi,
isn't it?
That's ridiculous.
Where is this coming from?
Not Winnie.
It's Winifred to you.
Oh, f... ow!
Jesus, what did you
do that for?
That fucking hurt!
I thought you were
gonna assault me.
Put the fucking dildo down
and answer the question.
I drove her and her brother
to the beach.
End of story.
The beach. Did you feel her up?
What are you, 14?
Did you touch her?
My hand might have
brushed her knee.
Is that touching?
I have to talk to you
about something else.
- What?
- Just put... put the dildo down.
Where would you stage
a victimless atrocity
to protest the G20 Summit?
A what?
A victimless atrocity.
That's an oxymoron.
It would have to be
somewhere prominent
to get media attention.
Somewhere safe for the public,
I guess.
Where is that?
No idea.
Why are you asking?
- Fucking gigolo.
- Ow!
Stay away from my girlfriend,
you hear me?
Piece of sh...
(door opening)
(clicking, whirring)
What are you doing awake?
You woke me
when you left the house.
- 4:00 a.m.
- Yeah, well,
I had someone to see.
Alex Ossipon?
Did you beat him up?
No, I didn't beat him up.
Gave him a slap.
- You didn't.
- Yeah.
What for? He didn't do anything.
He did something.
Oh, he put his hand on my knee.
Good, that's why
he only got a slap.
Did he mention anything
about Stevie's behavior
at the beach?
No, we had other topics
to discuss.
I'm worried he's regressing.
He... he's not regressing.
Besides, the way you tell it,
he acted like a hero.
He spends too much time
in the shop.
Why don't you take him with you
on your errands?
Winnie, it's inappropriate
for Stevie to be involved.
He doesn't have to be
He can just, you know,
help with fax distribution
or handing out leaflets.
Anything delicate, you can
just send him out of earshot.
It's likely to go
over his head anyway.
Sounds like a recipe
for disaster.
So you do think
he's getting worse.
I think he's fine. I'm just...
I have a lot of my mind,
so can you just let me...
just let me think about it,
all right?
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
Hey, I like
that you got jealous.
- Yeah?
- Mm.
Makes me want to light
your fire.
(piercing distortion)
You are not wearing
that onesie.
(both) It's not a onesie.
(both) It's an all-in-one
track suit.
Do you want some breakfast?
No, we'll get something out.
Well, nothing with trans fat
or MSG, okay?
Roger that.
Be good.
You too.
Although, they are known
to be social animals,
they do not look or communicate
with each other.
Some of them have noticed us.
They change their behavior.
Their facial features
become hostile.
They do not like
being stared at.
See the white plugs
in this male's ears?
This is how they will listen
to their private songs.
The songs are mostly about
how good it feels
to be with another human.
Do you mind?
But even when you stop staring,
they are still being stared at.
Do they know they are
always being watched?
Stevie, come and sit down.
Turn that off, put it away.
Can I film out of the window?
Yeah, without the commentary.
Could we have
a non-trans fat, non-MSG lunch?
The MCG.
No. No, no.
That's, um, that's too iconic.
It's just some fireworks
in the forecourt.
Little takeaway container
in the rubbish bin.
All right. Who's supplying
the takeaway?
Well, that's the problem.
There's no one trustworthy.
I even flew up to Sydney.
Well, what about
closer to home?
How about Karl Yunt?
Hippie Karl?
No, he's a nasty burnout.
Well, maybe, but he's got form
with fireworks
and bins as it turns out.
how's that gonna work?
A timer set for 4:00 a.m.,
just so it's the rubbish bin
being recycled.
No spectators.
What time
are the bins collected?
6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
How much money do I get?
(soft snoring)
Why did you say
you couldn't do it without him?
Did you say something?
You said you're amazed
how you ever managed
without Stevie's help.
I only said that
to make him feel good.
- But he wasn't any bother?
- No, he wasn't any bother.
So why can't he go with you
I've never seen Stevie so happy.
What's going on?
Nothing is going on,
I've just been thinking
it's wrong to get him involved
with something
that he really doesn't
He understands a lot more
than you think.
Well, that's even worse.
I don't want to get him
in trouble.
Why do you think
I let him come with us
on the chicken raid?
I knew that if we got caught,
he'd be safe.
What are you saying?
Diminished responsibility.
No magistrate
would ever convict him.
Let him be helpful.
Do you really mean that?
He'd walk through fire for you.
We trust you.
We might give
the fax machine distribution
a miss today, Stevie.
What are we going to do then?
Well, believe it or not,
I've got two free tickets
to the aquarium.
- Can we see the sharks?
- Yeah, we can see the sharks.
First of all, I got to drop in
and see Hippie Karl, okay?
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
next stop Richmond.
You hungry?
(muffled shouting)
Despite of
its fearsome appearance
and rows of sharp teeth,
the gray nurse shark
poses no threat to humans
and is, in fact,
a superbly adapted fish eater,
usually swallowing
its prey whole.
One of God's most magnificent
Father Michaelis?
What are you doing here?
I often come here.
It's one of my favorite haunts.
Do you know I caught
one of those once?
What did you do to it?
Don't worry. I let it go.
I'm a catch-and-release
What does that mean?
It means it's all about
the struggle, the suspense,
the mystery of what's
on the end of the line
until it's right
out of the water,
and then you know
and you set it free.
Jesus was a fisherman.
A fisher of fish
and a fisher of men.
He was a carpenter.
Do you think you'd like to be
a catch-and-release fisherman,
- Does it hurt the fish?
- No.
Fish don't have feelings.
I mean, they choke a bit
on the air
till you take the hook out,
but then you slip them
back into the water
and they swim away,
good as gold.
As a matter of fact,
on the long weekend
I'm going to
my secret fishing spot.
Would you like to come along?
But I'll have to ask my sister
for permission.
Of course.
You check with Winnie.
Where did you get that from?
Father Michaelis gave it to me.
Father Michaelis?
He's invited me
on a fishing expedition.
Fishing? You hate fishing.
It's catch and release.
Throw 'em back.
The fish don't get hurt.
Where to?
That's a secret.
Well, if it's a secret,
I don't think you'll be going.
- The Yarra.
- You told?
Yeah, yeah, it's okay,
the Yarra is a big river.
Long weekend.
Just a bit of camping.
Will you go with him?
I can't because I'm going
up to Sydney,
but he'll be fine
with Michaelis.
He will.
Well, if you go in a boat,
you have to promise
to wear your life preserver,
You're not taking that onesie.
Careful, I'm holding a knife.
Here we are
on the road
to a top-secret fishing spot.
It's called "Spot X."
(birds squawking)
Easy as.
You want to pull both oars
at the same time.
Yeah, that's it, mate,
you're getting it.
What species?
I think it's
an Oncorhynchus mykiss.
A what?
A rainbow trout, Stevie.
Good size, too.
Easy now.
We have to let it go.
Lift it into the boat
and we'll unhook it.
Oh, Stevie, what a beauty.
Straight on the grill,
squeeze of lemon.
Melts in your mouth.
You're a catch-and-release
Yeah, native species.
This fella here,
he's an illegal immigrant.
How can he be illegal?
One knock to the head,
he won't feel a thing.
Come on, Stevie,
what's it gonna be?
A cordon bleu dinner
or baked beans from a can?
Baked beans out of a can.
Conrad is here.
How did he find Spot X?
- I wonder.
- He's brought
non-trans fat,
non-MSG takeaway.
We don't need to eat
baked beans.
Turn your camera off, Stevie.
This is a domestic drama.
There's nothing
incriminating here.
And a lot of it
is not even relevant
to the investigation.
A play is in two acts.
You've only seen the first.
Madame Bovary, may I?
You're very kind, but...
Thank you, no,
I couldn't possibly.
But I insist.
I never have, but I should
be afraid to try it.
You'll be exquisite.
Allow me to guide you.
It's very simple
and highly exhilarating.
Oh, Viscount.
Hey, Stevie, it's me again.
You must still be out of range.
Uh, I just wanted
to let you know
that I just found
your tin fish.
It was under the couch.
Anyway, I bet
you're having more fun
catch and releasing real fish.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Okay, love you. Bye.
(thrum of helicopter blades)
(siren wailing)
Hi, Stevie.
You must be out of range.
Uh, I just wanted to remind you
to wear your life jacket.
I hope the fish are biting.
(siren wailing)
(television chatter)
Ice water.
I wasn't sure you'd show.
Why not?
When something
like this happens,
you must be
one of the usual suspects.
Thought you'd be lying low.
There's no ice.
If you want ice,
then pay for it.
Room temperature is fine.
Any damage to the stadium?
What stadium?
There's been an explosion
at Fitzroy Gardens.
One person is dead.
Uh, barkeeper, ice.
Electronic interference.
Left his phone on.
Somebody called him.
So this is what you wanted
to tell me about?
Not primarily, no.
That's not very hygienic.
If you don't like it,
you know where the door is.
I want to register an assault
within our group.
Somebody assaulted you?
Conrad Verloc.
Are you all right there,
Assistant Commissioner?
You're not in your corner office
anymore, Toto.
Would you like us
to pause proceedings,
Assistant Commissioner?
No, please continue.
Apparently, the cops on-scene
had to use a shovel.
That's enough of that, Matthew.
Extreme damage to the mandible
will complicate identification.
Traces of saltpeter, sulfur,
and charcoal
on the burnt flesh
would indicate
that this was a very rudimentary
explosive device.
Preliminary examination
of the remains.
First significant lead.
Homemade gun powder.
I don't think we need to jump
to conclusions, Kylie.
Who's jumping to conclusions,
Assistant Commissioner?
Were there any belongings
found with the remains?
Cooked phone.
Great, thank you.
I'll, uh, get my team on to it,
see what they can make of it.
Assistant Commissioner.
- Give me the phone.
- What are you gonna do with it
that I can't do with it?
- We need to ID the victim.
- No, we don't,
'cause you already know
who it is.
And there's someone
that you and your department
were supposed to be
keeping a close eye on.
Bullshit, who?
That information's
currently classified.
Classified, are you joking?
If it's somebody
on the special crimes database,
- then I need to know who it is!
- Enough, you fucked up.
Accept it, you are off the case,
an internal investigation.
- Now, give me the phone.
- How can you be so sure
- who it is?
- Leave it.
Kylie, this is way beyond
your pay scale and expertise.
You always were a prick.
Is your pussy still purring?
What did you say?
I kept the text.
"Can't sleep.
A loud noise
is keeping me awake.
It's my pussy still purring from
the strokes of your hard cock.
Kiss, kiss, kiss."
- Delete it.
- Sorry.
Already archived.
(engine starting)
I was lying.
I've licked harder
clit than your cock.
(tires peeling)
(ringtone playing)
Come on, pick up, pick up.
I can see you're online,
fucking answer.
(breathing heavily)
- Was it done?
- You haven't heard?
Well, officially
I'm uncontactable.
It's done, but there's been
some collateral damage.
One casualty.
What was it you said,
"A victimless atrocity
will win you votes"?
I knew that was
a fucking oxymoron.
It's the planter.
(distant siren blaring)
- He dead?
- Very.
Well, that's some consolation.
Is there a wife or family?
A girlfriend.
You find out what she knows.
Are we still going to
affiliate him with Black Bloc?
I've been thinking about that,
now that he's dead,
it might be safer
to brand him the "Lone Wolf."
Yeah, I could spin that.
Fear of the anonymous
and unaffiliated.
But, what happens
if it comes out
that he was a police informant?
Well, it'll just
strengthen your call
for expanded dataveillance.
You make it a campaign promise,
humans can't be trusted.
But binary coding doesn't lie.
I'd still need a scalp.
Well, naturally
we'll be announcing
an internal investigation.
No, I said a scalp,
not a fucking haircut.
And in case this has missed you,
this has happened on your watch.
Well, in theory,
the incompetence
needn't rise any higher
than his case officer.
Oh, you'd pimp your own mother,
wouldn't you?
Yeah, in theory, Kylie'll do,
but if we need one more scalp,
you're next up the totem pole.
- Keep that in mind.
- But, this investigation
is now your personal
responsibility, all right?
You do your questioning alone.
Do not delegate, do not brief,
or discuss this matter
with anyone except for me.
Switching to thermal vision.
One male occupant,
no other heat sources yet.
What are you doing
sitting in the dark, Karl?
Namaskar, I was meditating.
You need to wait
for the "all clear," sergeant.
Anything I should be
worried about, Karl?
In here, no,
it's clean as a whistle.
I can turn on a lamp
if you want.
No, it's all right.
I'll wait till the officer's
finished his searching.
May he find his path of bliss.
Who's gonna pay
to get my door fixed?
Device is homemade,
right up your alley.
Who's the deceased?
- Who's the deceased?
- Jumpy.
You really don't know, huh?
Out of the loop again.
- What loop?
- Boy's club.
You know, me and your,
uh, ex boyfriend,
now assistant commissioner,
go way back.
Give me a name.
All right, whoa, whoa, whoa,
just easy.
The name of the deceased
is Verloc,
Conrad Verloc.
(phone ringing)
Not answering my calls
isn't gonna do you any good.
I've just had
ministerial approval.
You're suspended
from all official duties,
effective immediately.
Go home and stay home, Kylie.
If I see hide or hair of you,
I'll have you charged
with obstructing
a police investigation.
You're not a customer, are you?
No, I'm not.
Are you Vladimir?
I know Vladimir.
Is Conrad here?
You know where he is?
He's still in Sydney.
He gets back tomorrow.
You'll get your money's worth,
if that's what
you're worried about.
I'm worried about yours.
Come back tomorrow.
(ringtone playing)
- He's got a migraine.
- Let me speak to him.
No, he needs his rest.
you fucking little rent boy,
put the minister on right now.
How dare you speak
to Toodles like that.
I'm sorry, it's late,
and I'm tired.
I made contact
with the girlfriend,
she seems totally in the dark
about what's happened.
She's expecting him home
Did you enlighten her?
Well, I thought
I'd check with you first.
Let her put
two and two together
tomorrow when he's a no show.
She'll be more susceptible.
- Do you know who that was?
- Customer?
The Assistant Commissioner
of Police.
You didn't recognize him
from the news?
I don't watch the news.
Winnie, you need to disappear.
Alright, you can take your
fake police badge and leave.
I'm telling Conrad
you're banned from the shop.
Conrad's gone.
Gone, gone where?
She's trying to tell me
she's from the police.
Why aren't you in Sydney?
I'll explain everything,
I just need to
speak to her alone for a moment.
You look like death warmed up.
Yeah, well I don't feel warm.
There are human remains
in the morgue
that I have been assured
are yours.
How would they
know that already?
Well, they don't, obviously.
But, why do they think it's you?
I wish it was.
Oh, Jesus.
You can arrest me now,
I'll go quietly, I swear to God.
Disappear, disappear, Conrad.
They already think that
you're out of this world.
Well, a simple DNA test
will dispel that.
I don't wanna dispel it.
Don't you get it?
They're behind it.
Conrad, you were set up,
by my superiors,
I don't know.
I had nothing to do with that,
I was just a scapegoat.
- You have to...
- Get out!
They had to gather up
his body with a shovel.
Oh, get out of here!
Hey, Stevie.
Uh, it's me.
Hope you're having fun
sleeping in a tent.
Can't wait to hear all about it
when you get home tomorrow.
Love you, bye.
...an explosion
minutes before dawn
and killed one person.
The surrounding streets
have been cordoned off,
and (inaudible) area
for all the emergency vehicles.
What do you make
of the evacuation
and lockdown down
at the MCG?
The police are saying
that this was
merely a precautionary measure.
(indistinct TV remarks)
Stevie, it's me again.
I'm leaving you
tons of messages, I know.
Look, Stevie, you don't...
you don't need to
listen to them all, just, um...
just give me a call back as soon
as you get into reception.
Okay, love you.
(indistinct TV remarks)
I never meant him
to come to any harm, Winnie.
Stevie's on a fishing trip
with Father Michaelis.
...any situation has been
a reason and cause...
He's not anymore,
I collected him.
(indistinct TV remarks)
You wouldn't do that.
...wasn't the EMCG
but that the explosive device
that malfunctioned en route
thankfully only killing
the perpetrators.
All they had to do was
put a brown paper bag in a bin.
- Simple.
- Then, why didn't you do it?
He told me he wanted him
to be useful.
Stevie, answer the phone.
He's not gonna pick up.
What is done can't be undone.
So, we're gonna focus,
and it's gonna be okay
'cause they're
not gonna charge me.
They might want me to testify,
'cause I've got
too much to reveal.
They're gonna say that
Stevie did it all alone
on a whim.
You'd do that to him as well.
We got... we got
$300,000 donation.
We could go anywhere.
Asia, what you've
always dreamt of.
I'm gonna put it in the ceiling
above the bed, okay?
(breathing heavily)
(birds chirping)
The human mating ritual
we are observing
is common in these parts.
I never have, but I shouldn't
be afraid to try it.
They're on the move.
We'll try to follow
without spooking them.
Note that it is the female
that is highly decorative,
whereas the male
has dark, plain coloring, and...
This is Stevie, please leave
a message after the beep.
Should I light your fire?
You're in shock, Winnie,
you're not thinking straight.
- Come on.
- I don't wanna think straight.
Just try and go to sleep.
Winnie, try and sleep.
Winnie, please stop.
(labored breathing)
I just needed some fresh air.
We could go out for a drive
if you like.
Can't take me where I wanna go.
Try me.
Are you sure?
Take the B35 to Port Augusta
to the Stuart Highway,
to Alice Springs, Tennant Creek,
all the way up.
And go in with our man
with a boat.
Hop, skip, and a jump.
Southeast Asia.
He didn't deserve you
when he was alive, Winnie.
He doesn't deserve you now.
That's why you're here.
You knew what I'd have to do.
There's 300,000 upstairs.
It's in the ceiling
above the bed.
300 grand?
Enough to get us
to Asia undetected.
(footsteps nearing)
(phone ringing)
(footsteps nearing)
I'm on the premises.
Winnie's disappeared,
but her boyfriend's here.
He's lying on the bed with
a screwdriver in his throat.
How the hell does that work?
I'm not sure yet.
Well, make it work.
(frequencies buzzing)
(footsteps nearing)
Not open till 7:00.
What time is it now?
It's going 4:00.
The hour of the wolf.
He lured him out of our home
and he murdered him.
As good as, yes.
As good as?
Wasn't his intention,
but the crime's the same.
I want Stevie back.
That day we had at the beach,
the three of us.
Yeah, sacred.
Your brother was...
Your brother is
a truly unique soul.
You don't have to worry for him.
(heavy breathing)
I feel filthy.
And your jacket's not vinyl!
All right, are we ready?
The chief finding
of the initial report
released today into
the Fitzroy Gardens explosion
is that it was a discreet
and fortunately
misdirected crime.
It was not part
of a wider terrorist plot
or campaign,
and was not affiliated
with any known
terrorist organization.
It was, in short,
a desperate, isolated act
by an individual,
a disturbed individual,
acting alone.
A lone wolf.
Now, at my request,
the Assistant Commissioner
personally oversaw
the investigation of this crime,
so I'd like to thank him,
take this opportunity
to thank him
for his tireless efforts
and the prompt completion
of this investigation.
However, the fact remains,
the Assistant Commissioner
and his chain of command
should have been aware
of Conrad Verloc's activities
and intentions.
They should've been aware.
But, despite ongoing contact
with the deceased,
they remained in the dark,
unable to preempt or prevent.
They remained in the dark
because the current
individual privacy legislation
in this state prevents them
and security agencies
from keeping you safe.
Which is why, when reelected,
I will introduce legislation
that extends
the dataveillance network
of the police
and security agencies
in the war against terror.
This bombing has been
a wakeup call for all of us,
especially in the light
of Melbourne
hosting the upcoming G20 Summit.
Make no mistake,
they are coming after us.
- Thank you, no questions.
- Fucking liars!
When are you gonna announce
the Royal Commission?
- No... no... no questions.
- The Royal Commission
into the circumstances of
the Fitzroy Gardens explosion.
We are satisfied that
the internal investigation...
Kylie Heat, former sergeant,
special crimes division.
I demand a Royal Commission
into the circumstances
of Conrad Verloc's death!
...authorization, Ms. Heat.
His girlfriend, her brother,
where are they?
Where are they?
I demand a Royal Commission!
- Where are they?
- Apologies for that.
Uh, Ms. Heat has been
finding it difficult
to readjust following
voluntary redundancy.
- When did Kylie Heat resign?
- Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen.
(overlapping remarks)
You stupid cunt, how the fuck
did she get in here?
- You're still wearing your mic.
- Who are the girlfriend
and the brother?
I'm sure it hasn't escaped you
that you don't come out of this
very well either.
That's a price
I'm prepared to pay.
What, in seeking justice
for a murderer
who's vanished?
Gone missing,
and manslaughter at best.
Winnie's only real crime
is trusting men.
She couldn't give 'em up.
You see yourself
as a reflection of her,
don't you,
her avenging double,
- yeah?
- If you like.
Except you're not
her avenging double, are you?
Otherwise you wouldn't
be putting me through
this show and tell.
You'd have gone public,
it'd be all over the media.
We'd be behind bars.
So, what do you
really want from this?
I'll take his job.
Well, I'm all for
equality in the workplace.
I campaigned on it.
When can you start?
I'll take your job, too.
90 minutes ago
that file was sent out
to every media outlet
in the country.
There it is,
the look we've been after.
The "I'm well
and truly fucked" look.
Goodbye, hubris.
(distant siren blaring)
The moon is full
I'm a hirsute fool
Fanger and claw
Scratching at your door
Just a wolf whistle
A lupus epistle
Let me be your lone wolf
A blood-red moon
I'll swoop, you'll swoon
My teeth in your moat
Little boy in his boat
I, incubus
You won't resist
Let me be
your lone wolf vampire
A moonless night
Or broad daylight
I'm the living deceased
On the hunt for a feast
George Romero
Brain-dead Romeo
Let me be your
lone wolf vampire zombie
Flying into the moon
Is my program, too
My function is mal
My initials are HAL
I, android
Probing into your void
Let me be your
lone wolf vampire zombie
Killer robot
Let me be your
lone wolf vampire zombie
Killer robot