Lonely Nights (2021) Movie Script

Are you not done yet?
What are you doing?
Do it properly now. Hello,
dear. How are you doing?
Am fine
Alright, thank you.
Easy please
It looks like you havent lived in a while
Do you think its easy staying in
that house all alone, doing nothing?
You need to live more
often. Life is too short
to spend, wallowing
away in a lonely mansion.
Well, I go out, I go to the spa,
I go to the mall, I come
here, to your salon.
No, Im not talking about that.
Look, you need to groove, you need to
loosen up and live up your life!
I know what you are driving
at with this talk.
I will not follow you to any of those
your strip clubs, cheap strip clubs, no.
Dont worry. Its not a strip club
this time. Its an all-night pool party.
- No way
- Yes way
My husband will never agree to that.
How is he even going to
find out? Its not like hes even
town or something, besides,
you are going to have a good time.
Maybe then your face
will brighten up a bit.
Ill think about it.
Youre coming
I didnt say that. I
said, Ill think about it.
Thank you.
whos that?
Ive missed you,
Ive missed you, baby, Ive missed you.
I missed you even more baby.
Ive missed you so much! How
was work? How has work been?
Great, Great, so, Im
here, Im here at least.
Wow! Ermm. I missed you!
I missed you too babe, common
now. Come. I missed you.
I missed you too.
Ermm... okay, now that you
are back, I know youd
be very hungry, yea?
So now, do you want to eat? Or eat?
Uh, well, now that you
mentioned, Im thinking that I
might as well be eating
while I eat at the same time.
Hope youre ready for the party tonight?
Argh... Thats true. Im sorry
Rose, but I cant make it.
Why not?
Because my husband just arrived.
Too bad, anyways, you wont be
missing too much, since your husband,
who happens to be an oil engineer
has finally come to the rescue,
To help you grease your edges.
Oh shut up!
Im serious you need it.
Abeg, go and enjoy your
party, Ill talk to you later.
Look, Id rather, we stop talking
about this. It is settled, we fired
him and thats final, the company
cannot tolerate insubordination.
Of course, Of course, I
spoke to the chairman about
it and he gave me his
consent to have him fired.
Yea, of course, we have
a replacement already, we
have someone who already
took his place at the rig.
You know what, can I call
you back? Okay, bye. Hey.
Who was that?
No one of importance.
- Look at me.
- Yes
Do you think Im getting fat?
Where did you get that idea from?
I dont know
What is it?
Im tired.
Thats what. Alright, Im... Im tired.
Two weeks off-shore
isnt a joke, I came back
home to have me some
quality rest and Im tired.
Please understand. Thank you.
I need to sleep. You
can join me if you want to.
Good night.
What! Stop! Please.
Good night.
Are you leaving already?
Oh, yes, I am.
Its barely a week and youre supposed
to stay home for at least two weeks
Yea, I got a call at the
company, something
came up and they
need me urgently.
And youll just go without telling me?
Common now, see how early it
is, I dont want to wake you up.
Ikenna, this is not fair.
This work takes you away from me,
I cant even spend a week with my husband.
You dont allow me do anything, I
dont even have visitors, is it fair?
Ill tell you what is not
fair, you are not being fair,
For constantly nagging
and complaining for not
understanding my kind of
job, Ann, you are not being fair.
What do you want me to do? Stay at
home, how do we pay the bills around here?
Do you not want us to eat?
You want us to starve?
What kind of work takes
my husband away from me?
The kind of work that caters
for your expensive lifestyle, that
hair, that shoe, that car, that
expensive handbag, all designers,
that annual vacation, the human
hair Ann that you are wearing.
I didnt sign up for these?!
I dont want any these. I never wanted any
of these, listen, I just want my husband.
I just need to work and
make money to take care of us.
Ikenna! Ikenna!
Ive told you girls, you need to
treat our customers with respect.
I dont like what you are doing, if
they dont pay, I wont pay you oo.
Do you understand?
You are just looking at me.
Hey! Look whom we have here, Ann!
Go go go, go back to your
work, Ill talk to you later.
Let me guess
Your husband has gone off-shore again?
He didnt even spend up to two weeks.
But you should be used to it by now.
Really? So how long am I
supposed to just continue like this?
Look at the bright side,
you are getting a lot
of money and I get to
spend some of it with you.
Im just getting tired.
Look at me..mmm...
head to toe
Do you think Im getting fat?
No! and youve not added
a single weight so far.
Hope youve not started
imagining things again?
My husband thinks Im fat.
Did he say that?
Look, he doesnt have to say it,
I mean what do I do?
I dont do anything. I just sleep, wake
up, eat. What type of life is that?
Ive been thinking, Im going to go
back to my early morning workout routine.
You know, I remember you
used to be a fitness freak.
I am not a freak,
I am just very conscious about my
health and my body, you should join me.
I am not interested please.
Are you sure?
Errr... you want some water?
Are you sure?
Why not.
Thank you.
Its been a long time I did this.
This, life saver.
- I know, right?
- Thanks
Okay, can I join you?
Lets go, lets go, lets go!!
Ah, thank you, thanks for the water.
Youre welcome, you know what
Fela said, water no get enemy.
Oh God but my joints
are hurting. Is that normal?
I have to go to the spa.
Yea, yea, you should do
that, you should do that.
Very well, thank you.
Ermmm... you stay here?
Mmmhmm... you?
Oh No, I ermmm... I stay down the road.
So how come I never see you?
Ermm... I never really go out and besides
I just moved down here some days ago.
- Okay
- Yea
Well nice to meet you.
Same here, same here, ermmm...
I was hoping that maybe, we
could do this again, some other
time? Maybe tomorrow morning.
Great! And I head out like very
early in the morning, so can I call you?
So I could tell you when Im heading
out, so we could go at the same time.
Okay, alright cool.
Arghhh... sorry hold on.
Arghhh... my phone.
Thats me.
Oh okay... ermmm... Im Douglas
Im Anna
Anna, my pleasure. Nice name.
See you around ehn?
- Alright.
- Sure
Tell me. How do I look?
The same
- Same?
- Yes
Are you blind or do you need
Girl, I look slimmer,
I look trimmer,
I look good. Thanks to
my new workout partner.
Good for you. Glad you can find a
lady whom is also a fitness freak like you
He! Point of correction,
his name is Douglas
Good for you still, at
least you have someone to
keep you company till
your husband comes back.
Hmmm... my husband
You know its getting so tiring,
him not being around, like, Im bored,
its eating me inside, him just
being away, its eating me inside!
I know girl, I feel bad for you.
You have no idea, trust
me, you have no idea, what it
feels like to just sleep
alone even when its cold.
And then, do you know the most
annoying thing?
Even when my husband is around, he ignores
me, he doesnt even have my time.
Yours is even better, you see that woman
who came here to buy cosmetics just now?
She has two kids, her husband abandoned
her in Nigeria for the past five years.
He left to the US and never came back.
He only sends money for their upkeep.
So how is mine better than hers?
She has kids to keep her company. How is
she ever going to feel lonely?
I get you anyway.
And then Ikenna, doesnt even let
me do anything? I dont work, I dont
do anything. He doesnt even allow
my relatives come close to me. Huh?
Do you know the worst
part? I cannot reach him.
That woman can reach her husband,
cant she? She can facetime him, she
video call him, she can chat with
him. I cant. So how is mine better?
You have to be strong, very strong.
Dont worry, Ill be strong.
I mean, Ive been surviving
I'll be fine.
How have you been now?
Ive been fine jare.
Whats wrong?
Nothing, Im fine.
Oh common, dont tell
me nothing. I noticed
that youve been acting
weird, whats wrong?
Look, I dont want to spoil the
moment, so lets just let it lie. Okay?
Okay, yes, you might spoil
it or not. Spill, whats wrong?
Okay, this is it, Im attached to
you in so many ways I cant explain,
Ive tried as much as possible to
shy away from the fact that Im into you
Im serious.
I bet you are.
Then why are you laughing?
Are you going to tell me that youve
never noticed my wedding band?
Well, yea, I noticed but I thought
its just a way of just shoving
guys away. And then again, Ive
never see your husband, so, why...
My husband is an oil
engineer, he goes off-shore,
gone for two weeks,
comes back, just like that
Okay, look, I dont know, this
might sound stupid but I dont
care if you are married, okay,
I just want to be in your life,
I just want you to give
me a chance to prove to
you that I really do care
about you, genuinely.
Douglas, we can only be friends
thats all I can offer you. Friendship.
I know but I...
I mean it, if you dont
want that, then Im
sorry but I wont be
comfortable around you.
Alright fine, its fine.
- Friends?
- Yea, Friends.
Alright, ermm... let me
go, Ill see you around.
Be good. Easy ehn? Dont
hurt your legs no more. Alright.
Who is it?
Ann!! Who is it? Ann!!!
Yes, who?
The person you are
chatting with on the phone?
How did you know Im chatting?
What if Im watching a funny video?
I see you, youre chatting
with someone and youre here
laughing, sniffling and
giggling. Its making me jealous.
Awwwn... look at that. Okay, dont
be jealous, okay? Its just Douglas.
Is he the one that is making
you giggle like a little girl?
Hes funny
You like him!
Of course, hes my friend.
First, he was your
workout partner, now hes
your friend. Who knows
what hed be next?
What are you getting at?
No, Im just saying!
Because I can see how engrossed you
are. Are you sure theres nothing more?
Theres nothing. Okay?
Douglas is just my friend.
Hmmm... Ann!
What? You better get
your mind out of the gutter o!
Just a friend.
Yea, sorry.
Thank you.
How do you feel now?
I feel better actually.
Im so sorry about everything.
Oh no, its mot your fault.
Yea, but I shouldnt
have pushed you so hard.
Its fine.
Is there something I
can do to help the pain?
Its fine
Oh yes yes yes, right there!
You know youd make a
fantastic physiotherapist.
- Really
- Yea.
Well, thanks for the
compliment but maybe in my next
life, because in this one,
I have a lot on my mind.
Hmm... tell me about it.
Well, its not that serious.
Well, Id like to know.
You will know.
Now, Id like to know now.
I mean who is this mystery
guy that just shows up from
nowhere and just is so kind?
Is that what you think about
me? Theres more to me actually.
Exactly, thats why, Id like
to know, where are you from?
Im from Earth
Common, I know youre from
Earth but Im serious.
Whats your occupation? Where are you
from? What brings you to this Estate?
Do you feel better?
Oh common now.
What is it?
I noticed that you, try to
avoid telling me about yourself.
No, no, Ive not been
trying to avoid nothing.
Yes you have and you
know we cant be friends if
you cant tell me basic
things about yourself.
Look, Im not hiding
anything away from you
But then I ask you a question,
why is it so hard for you to answer?
Youve asked too many questions,
Im not sure which one to answer.
Okay, start with your job and
how are you able to afford all these?
Im a consultant.
What type of consultant?
I consult with a shipping agency.
Im from Ikwere
Wait, thats Rivers state right?
Yea, thats Rivers state.
No, you know my husband
is from Rivers state but
hes not from Ikwere
but hes from Rivers state.
- Really?
- Mmmhmm
You should be able to take a
step or two by now, just try, just try.
I gat you. Come let me help you
Ermmm... you know, I have to go.
Yea, yea, ermmm...
yea, you have to go.
Wait, just put that on
your foot wear. Easy.
Ermm... I should go.
Okay, hey, hey, let me help you to the
door, okay? Just.
Oh okay. You need to step it
up, it helps the healing process.
Alright, easy,
easy. Okay. Alright.
Look, I need to complete
this transaction.
I dont understand why
you are dragging your feet,
What are you talking about,
can you just check your
mail, Ive sent you every
document that you need.
What do you mean, am I sure
the merchandise is... of course
it is here! They called to
say that its in town already,
Look, man, this is one
big business opportunity
for me and please can
you try not to mess it up?
Ill wait for your call.
Please, Ill need the follow
up thank you very much.
Who is trying to upset my darling?
Theres this business Im trying, you
know, good business deal, that I am trying
to clean up and then the guy working
on it for me, is just dragging his feet.
Whats so special about this business?
Its a drilling equipment
you know it just came into the
country from USA. It had
been ordered by an oil firm,
okay, but then it got here and
then, so the oil firm said they dont
want it anymore, I got the information
and Im trying to buy it off them
instead of them taking it back
to the USA and then this guy
in the middle is just... I dont
know what is wrong with him.
You dont understand?
Okay, so, you know I
work for an oil firm right?
So if Im able to purchase
this drilling machine,
it simply mean that I can
resell to my oil firm and make a
profit of about five to six
million, now thats good business.
Of course
So you see why Im agitated.
Okay, what if they get
the equipment before you?
Thats the point, alright. So the
merchandise is in town and Im trying
to get it off this people before
other companies get to know about it.
So this guy is just slowing
things down and Im a bit worried.
Dont worry, I know you
will get it, I hope you get it.
I should get it.
- You will
- This is... this is
Good luck
This is good business.
Good luck
Thanks babe.
Just relax, okay?
Look at you, you know,
you can be sweet sometimes.
Im sweet all the time.
How sweet?
Very sweet
How sweet? Remind me.
Very very sweet.
Dont say it that way, you know
how I get when you talk like that.
You taste like you want some.
I want some
You want some baby? I should
give you some. A little some some.
yea, its fine, I allowed
the to check the merchandise.
Ill forward his picture
to you right away,
alright, Ill call you back,
Whos that?
Who is that?
Open up!
What are you doing?
Why do you look so tensed?
Am I?
Yes. Oh do you have
company? I could just go.
- No, No, come in. sorry, sorry.
- Okay.
Sorry. Okay, I...
How are you?
Im good! Im great, I didnt
know that ermm... you were
going to come around, I thought
your husband was around?
Oh yea, he was but he
left hurriedly this morning.
So he didnt stay the two
weeks that he said he would?
Nope... he had some
serious stuff to attend to.
So Im back to my loneliness.
We are going to have that in common.
And how is that possible?
- How?
- Yea
Im always alone in my house
and youre always alone here.
Well, Im not always
alone here, its just that...I
mean next week, Im
traveling on an official duty
So you are going to
leave me all by myself?
Its just for a couple of days, Im sorry.
Its alright.
So tell me what brings you here.
Ermmm... I was on my way to the mall and I
was wondering if youd like to come with?
- Now?
- Mmhmm...
Alright lets go.
Youre driving.
No, no, no just come out and tell
me youre looking for a driver, rather
than pretend youre looking for
someone to go with you to the mall.
Of course not, Im looking
for a companion who
could just you know,
accompany me to the mall.
A driver companion you mean? Yea?
Okay, okay. If I drive you,
whats going to be my reward?
Okay, how do you want to get
paid, cash or kind? Answer fast.
- Wrong choice.
- Why?
Because if you had chosen cash, you can
always use your cash to pay for your kind.
Well madam, not everything
has a monetary value my dear.
Well, I cant argue that. Here.
Yea, youre going to pay
for this, right? Excuse me.
Babe, please lets make this work, please,
babe talk to me, babe look at me please.
I thought you said you
had something to show me?
- Yes
- Is that why you brought me here?
Look, I have something to show
you. Theres this thing Im working on,
its errr... like a smooth operation,
something big, something explosive.
Alright? But I can only tell you
if Im sure youre on my side.
On your side in what sense?
I mean if we can be back as couple?
Douglass, I already told you, It can
never work between us again, I dont see
a future here for us and the last time
I checked, you dont even have a job.
But I just said to you that I
am working on something big?
Good for you then, if that is
all you have to say, Im going.
Irene, Irene, Irene
common please. Common,
look at me, its me
Douglas your boyfriend.
Douglas, listen, common dont
push this, youve already taken a fall.
What kind of problem is this now?
Hey, Douglas, ermm... hey, are
you back from your business trip?
Yea, I got back a while ago
You sound unhappily, are you okay?
Yea, Im okay, Im fine.
Okay, I think you are
missing me, I miss you too.
Can I come over?
Oh yes please, yes. Actually, I
dont know what is wrong with
my tap, I dont know if you can
help me fix it, when you come.
Okay, alright then, cool,
Im coming right now, okay.
Okay, thanks
Alright see you soon.
But this is ermm... a temporary
fix, you need to get a plumber
to change the entire stuff.
Look at this, this is a bit rusted.
Oh yea, okay, sure I will.
Im so sorry
No, its fine. Ermmm...
thanks for my sink.
- Yea.
- But I think Ill be fine now
Are you asking me to leave?
Yes please
Its fine, Ill just be on my way, Okay,
see you around then, Alright cheers.
I think Im going to cut
myself off from Douglas.
Why, I thought hes your friend?
I dont even know what he is anymore.
What has he done?
- Nothing
- Okay
Absolutely nothing, I mean
hes perfect, hes a great guy.
Hes everything, he
helps me in keeping shape,
he motivates me for
my morning drill,
he helps me in the house,
he keeps me company.
Okay, then whats wrong?
I think Im falling for him
Is he your type of guy?
Hes everything I have
dreamt off, like he is everything,
hes perfect. He is hot,
hes funny,
hes sexy,
but Im married.
Youre married but living single.
So what is going to happen?
I dont know.
Hey, happy birthday
youre welcome, so tell
me, wheres the party?
I mean, you have to do something,
what are you doing? Anything
Really? No visitors at all?
Okay, can I at least take you out?
Thats very weird, okay. If you say so.
Okay you know what?
Ill come over to
lighten up your day. How is that?
Good? Okay,
alright, see you soon.
Happy birthday.
Wow, thank you so much!
Its the least I could do
Yea, I really appreciate
it, thank you so so much.
Yea, you should get us glasses.
Right away! Fourth street, Im
coming, how are you? Hope youre okay
Im fine
Wow! Its been a boring
day until you came through.
Okay, we should make a toast
Okay then, let me give you a hand.
We are gonna toast to...
To what?
Were going to toast
to a beautiful friendship
Always, cheers
This is good
You know I have good taste
But thanks thanks, Im honored
You are welcome, you deserve
way, more than all these,
I mean youre a great guy and youve
been more than an amazing friend,
A good companion, so you deserve this.
Im honored. Thank you so much.
Youre welcome.
Babe! Sweetheart!
Babe! Im home!
Babe, Im home!
I need some ice.
Thats the way to the kitchen
Im sorry, Im sorry
Got it!
Come, let me show you
this one. This would crack you up.
Look at this, I mean,
the reaction is priceless.
Yea, hi, Rosemary, Hello.
Hello sir
Have you seen or heard from my wife?
No, are you back in town?
O yes I am
Did she not come to your salon today?
Listen, when was the last
time you saw or heard from her?
We spoke yesterday. I will
also continue to try her number.
Okay, please, please, please just try, if
you hear anything, you let me know. Okay?
Thank you
Hey, hey! Thats enough!
Youre not my commander.
Youre drinking too much... hey, hey, hey.
Stay back
No, I wont. My pizza!
Thats my piece you know,
thats my piece you know.
Come and get it. Come and get it.
Are you okay?
Yea, I should get going... its late.
Yea, its ermm... its
getting very late now.
So ermm... Are you going to
call me when you get home?
Yea, sure but I mean, its
just going to be the same
old story, bored and lonely.
My husband is not around.
Ermm... I can understand that
Yea... you wish you
understand, no one understands,
nobody, no one. You
know, you have no idea,
what its like, just staying at
lonely when its cold, sad.
Yea, I understand
No you dont, no one understands, I
wish someone understood but no one does.
I mean, you dont know
what it feels like just be alone at night,
All by myself in the cold.
I dont like it. I dont like staying
at home all by myself.
Douglas! Douglas!!
Did we... did we...
Hey babe, Honey...
Honey what?
Dont tell me this...
Did this happen?
Oh my goodness, oh my
goodness, oh my goodness
Ann! Ann!!
Ann!! Ann!!!
Ann, Ann common, what is all these now?
Wheres my phone?
- Relax, common
- Wheres my phone?!!
Hey, hey! Common, common, dont do this.
- Are you happy now?
- Happy about what?
You got what you wanted.
This is... thats not
what this is all about.
I know what this is all
about. You finally had
your way, are you happy
now? Douglas, bravo!
I dont understand, why are you... why are
you sounding this way? I dont understand.
Please zip it and let
that smirk off your face.
Where are you off to?
Where does it look like?
Is this my house?
Look, you told me that youre lonely and
youre home alone, and Im here for you.
Besides its not like
your husband is back.
This has nothing to do with
whether or not my husband is back.
Its about you taking advantage of me.
No, no, no I didnt take advantage of
you okay. You kissed me first remember?
I was drunk!
And so was I
And then you had the strength
to carry me into your room
Why are you making it sound like
this? Why are you making it seem
like this is my own doing. You
climbed on top of me remember?
- Do you need a mic?
- For what?
To announce to the world. Tell
the world that I climbed on top of you.
Anna look, Im sorry about all
of this. Okay? I apologize but the
thing is that, I thought that because
it was my birthday... you know...
Oh please
Not so fast.
Where are you coming from?
I... ermmm...
You what? I stayed here all night,
I called your phone,
I waited for you. Where are you coming
from? I called your phone a thousand times
it wasnt going through!
So where are you coming from?
Come here, where are you coming from?
Youre hurting me!!
Answer me!!! Where are
you coming from?
Begin to talk right now. Where
are you coming from?
I was out with friends.
You were out with who?
I was out with Rosemary
But I called Rosemary, she told me
that she hadnt seen you all day,
so begin to speak right now before I
explode on you!!
Where are you coming from?
- I was out with friends.
- What friends?
College friends, college girls,
you know it was a reunion.
You dare to lie to me?
Its not a lie.
You dare look me in the eyes and
lie to me?
You know, you disgust me right now.
So I leave this
house every day. I go out to work!
I toil day and night just so
that you can have the best
And this is how you pay me back?
I am not cheating.
You look at me and you lie to me.
Where are the pictures from the
reunion party? Can I see them?
My phone is dead.
Who is he?
The man that youre seeing that kept
you out of my house all night, who is he?
Theres no one. I promise,
theres no one except you.
You expect me to believe you?
Ive never lied to you and I never
Please you just have to believe me.
I should believe you?
I made your food, its your favorite.
Im sorry, I cant do this
right now, Im rushing off.
Wait, youre leaving again?
I have an impromptu business
meeting to attend to and
afterwards, Ill be rushing
off ...off-shore. They need me.
Ikenna, why do you always do this?
Have you ever thought of
the emotional torture you
put me through every
time you walk out that door?
Have you ever thought about it?
Even when youre here,
youre just the same.
Ikenna, I feel empty.
- You do?
- Yes!
I feel single in this marriage.
I feel single too.
Oh yes I do because
all you do is complain.
What do you want me to
do? Do I have a choice?
I have to work. Alright? This is
I have to work, thats
the only way we pay the
bills around here and
take care of your lifestyle
Its eating into our time, I
understand but that is what
people do, they make
sacrifices to get what they want,
so if this is the little
sacrifice that you and I will
have to make as a couple
to keep living a good life,
why not? But instead of showing
support, all you do, Ann is nag
me every time that I am going
to work for you and I. Stop it!
I have to work!
Anna, Anna please.
Go away please.
Anna please I need to talk to you
I dont want to talk to
you Douglas, just go.
Ann, look, please just open up theres
something you need to know, please. Ann!
What do you want?
I... I... need to talk to you about
something very important please.
You need to talk to me and
you came to my house?
What has gotten into you? What
if my husband was around?
Hes not around now. Right, is he?
No, he went to the port this morning.
He just did
Douglas what do you want here?
Look, I... I cant get you off
my mind, Ive tried, I cant do it.
Get out of my head.
Why cant I resist you?
Because you want this as bad
as I want it. Cant you see it?
Ive tried. Im sorry, Ive tried
to stay away but I cant. Okay?
No! I cant...
Hey! Did you forget something?
Who is here with you?
What are you talking about?
Ikenna what are you looking for?
You havent answered my
question. I said who is here with you?
Ikenna, theres no one here.
I saw someone come in
here. Who is here with you?
I dont know what all this
is about. Nobody entered
here and what were you
doing? Some sort of surveillance?
Ikenna, your mind is playing tricks
on you. Okay? Nobody entered here!
I saw someone, come in here.
Nobody entered.
You think Im crazy right?
Good afternoon Sir
- How are you?
- Fine thank you Sir.
I have a little job for you to do.
Okay Sir
You know my wife?
Yes Sir I know your wife.
Good. Ermmm... I need you to pay close
attention and I need you to be very quiet.
Thats not a problem Sir.
That is not a problem Sir.
Now this is what I want you
to do, If you see her go out,
call me. If someone comes
here to see her, Id like to know.
Thats not a problem Sir
Its not hard for you to do right?
No, not at all Sir.
Do a good job and Ill be good to you.
Yes Sir, it looks like
you wont be around?
I would not be around and I
need to go back to work and I need
you above everything, to be
discreet while doing this job.
No problems Sir. Its not a big deal Sir.
Be very attentive.
Its not a big deal Sir.
Its not a big deal Sir
- I can count on you right?
- Yes Sir
To do a good job?
I am here, its not difficult.
Do a good job and Ill be good to you.
Thank you Sir.
Who is that? Who is that?
Im coming!
Hey, whats up?
You need to stop
coming to my house
unannounced. You
almost got us into trouble.
Look, Im not afraid of anybody.
Im afraid of a lot of things.
Like what?
Like losing you.
I dont want to lose you.
I dont want to lose you too.
Hey, hello, yes Hello.
Errrmmm... Im good, Im good, Im just
calling to let you know that
I have done the transfer of...
yes, five million from two separate
accounts, exactly, yea, oh you saw it,
okay, good. Ermm... so when can
I ermm... ermm... lift the equipment?
Oh well, ermm... Im in a bit of a
hurry, given the fact that I already
have clients waiting in portharcourt
to pick up the merchandise from me.
Im just here bored and lonely.
Douglas, youre going
to make me go to hell.
okay... okay... okay, Im coming, now.
Good morning
Good morning sunshine.
So you came out to do
aerobics without me ehn?
Im sorry, you were sleeping, I didnt
want to disturb your pretty sleep.
How was your night?
It was good
Was good
I can see that.
Thanks for having me around.
No, I should be saying
thanks to you, I appreciate you.
For what?
Dont worry, hey, honey...
I need to get this call, from one
of my clients. Okay?
You... you cant talk? I dont understand
I dont understand you.
What do you mean you dont
understand me? I went to Tincan island,
I went to the wharf
like you told me to, I got there,
I got there, I didnt find my equipment. I
didnt find it. I... I... I didnt find it.
Are you sure?
What do you mean am I sure? Of
course I saw some guys there, Im sure.
I told them my situation that I am
there to pick up my merchandise.
That its a blowout preventer
and they asked me to
describe, of course I described
and after my description,
they told me that, oh
that the equipment Im
talking about has been
sold to someone else. How?
What do you mean really?
Are you even listening to anything
that I am saying at all?
I paid for this, I
paid you ten million
naira for this equipment
and now Im coming
from the wharf and
I am telling you that I
cant find it and you
are telling me really.
Ehn? Hello,
wait... wait hold on a second
This wouldnt
be a scam now, would it?
Listen young man,
I dont know who you are or
where you are. Okay? But I paid
you ten million naira, for that
merchandise and I need it,
alright, I want it, if you dont give me
the merchandise or have my money
returned to me, I will find you. I
need that money, else, Id... Id...
Else what?
Else what? Ill tell you
what, I will look for you and I
will find you and when I
find you I will skin you alive,
I will drain every blood in
your system, until I leave
you in limbo, till you find
my money! Do you hear me?
You think Im joking?
Alright listen, Ill have you
know that you are pacing on a
wrong tree, I worked very hard
for that money that I paid you.
You are going to give me my
money, else I will look for you, I will
find you, I will fight you till I take
down every member of your family.
Do you hear me?
Wait, Im making threats, hello! I am
making threats?
You took my money from
me and Im talking to you
and you are telling me
that I am making threats?
Excuse me please, Im
on the phone. Can you not
see that I am on the
phone? Listen, listen to me,
I paid you money for a merchandise and
you are telling me that Im making threats
Boss what I want to
tell you is very important.
Can you not see that Im on the phone?
Besides, listen... we cannot
even talk now, alright.
My wife is at home, she just might hear
you and I so go well talk later.
That is what I want to tell
you, madam is not at home.
Madam didnt sleep in this house,
she slept in someone elses house.
What are you talking about?
Madam is not in this house.
What, she slept where?
She slept in another persons
house. Come let me show you.
Who, where? What house?
Its not far from here, its
not far, come let me show you.
Are you sure of what you are saying?
I saw it with my two naked
eyes. Madam is not in this house.
Youre not messing with me
Boss, I am very sure
of what I am telling you.
Take me there
Whats this?
Why do you have my husbands picture?
Douglas explain, wait, is
your name even Douglas?
Of course my name is Douglas.
Then explain this!
What do you want from me?
What do you want from my husband?
Ive been meaning to... Ive been
meaning to tell you this for... look Anna,
Dont move! Stay back.
Ann its me Douglas. Alright?
Hey! Dont move Douglas, I dont
even know who you are anymore.
Boss come and see it, this
is the place, this is the place
Are you sure?
Boss this is the place
hey, where are you going?
This is where madam is.
Then relax, if you are sure that this
is the place, then stand here with me.
Boss if I wasnt sure, I wont bring
you here. This is where Madam is.
Listen, if you are sure, go ahead and
knock, because for all I know, youre
just bringing me here to bother some
innocent people. Go ahead, knock!
- I should knock?
- Knock now lets be sure.
Who is that?
It is me!
Its me oo.
Gardener? Im coming!
Look, Anna, dont move. Alright? And
please drop that knife.
Welldone Bros
You, you.
Wait, you know him?
Why dont you tell her everything?
- Tell me what?
- Should I tell her myself?
Tell me what?
Should I?
So this was your plan?
Tell me what?
To lure my wife to bed? Was your plan?
You thought you were the Boss,
isnt it? You thought it was only you that
could mess around with peoples
lives and get away with it? Only you?
How does it feel right now to be
served a dose of your own medicine Sir?
I see, so this is what
all of this is about?
What the hell is going on?!!
And you.
This is the thank you that I get
For being a good husband,
this is the thank you that I get!
For going out every day, toiling day
and night, to give you a good life.
Sleeping with another man is the
thank you that I get. How could you be
so weak and gullible to allow this
idiot here, have his way with you?
Listen, I just want to
know how the two of you
know each other. I mean
this is getting confusing.
Tell her. Tell her everything
Now you shut up, stop talking.
Alright? We have a whole lot to deal
with not right here, right now,
this is not the place or the time.
Okay! Just shut up!
You know what? Lets go home.
No, I said no! Not until you
tell me how you two know
each other and tell me
what games you are playing!
Its complicated, its not a topic
for now, you wont understand
Its not complicated and
you know it! Say it!! Its
not complicated nothing!
Say it!! Tell her Boss.
What is my picture doing here?
What, it was you?
What, it was you all along? You took my
money! It was you?
Hey, hey, hey! Dont come into my house
and start crying like a little baby.
I warned you, there would be
consequences, didnt I tell you that?
Well played!
Your scheme is working
out right? Fantastic game
plan! You take my money
and then you take my wife?
Well I have news for you,
I will take your life today
And like I said to you on the phone
Sir! Your money is duly appreciated
And as regards your woman,
Im sure she can attest to the fact
that I fuck her better.
You what?
I fucked her bett...r
Stop! Stop please stop!
These people have started fighting!
Please! Stop, stop, stop this!
Stop or else I will stab myself!!
Start talking, start talking!
Put it down, alright
well talk... Ill talk... Ill
talk, okay, sweetheart,
sweetheart, sweetheart
I know him! I know him,
just lower the knife please.
Start talking!!!
I know him, hes the guy
that I transferred the ten million
naira to, the one that promised
to give me the merchandise,
the one that the clients in portharcourt,
the merchandise that they were
waiting for in portharcourt, I
transferred the money to this criminal
and I got to the point where I was
supposed to pick it up the equipment,
he has sold it to a different client,
now thats him, thats how I know him.
Thats all? Why dont you
start from the beginning?
What does it matter? You
already slept with my wife!
If you had kept your hands away from my
woman, this wont be happening, would it?
Wait, what!
Yes! Yes!! Your so-called
husband here, whether he lies
to you that hes going on
off-shore trips, hes lying!
Because, you know
why? For two weeks!
Two solid weeks, he is with
my woman! My fiance!
Thats not true, shes my woman!
No, shes my woman, shes
my woman, oh I gave her a ring!
I met her first! I pay her
bills, I take care of her!!
I took her away, because
you are not man enough!
Are you kidding? You took her away
from me because you are my boss!
Now on the grounds that
you know, you wear that bikini.
Yea, the purple one, its
going to look great on you.
You like the purple one?
What are you talking about?
I like to just tie you to a pole
Ill just strip for you.
That will be great
Hey, Douglas.
Douglas, wherere you going
to? Do you live around here?
What am I doing here?
What are you in my bosss car?
Dont get this the wrong
way okay? Im just talking.
Boss, why?
Why what? What are you talking about?
I dont get it, why are you here?
Youre harassing my guest, you
do not have a sense of privacy?
You see her sitting down and youre
harassing her and you are asking me why.
Privacy Sir? Sir, thats my
fiance, we are getting married.
Douglas, oh common stop it.
Youre getting married to this one,
This one right here? No common
now forget it, this girl is out of
your league, ehn? You cant take
care of her, leave her for your boss.
Sir, Im not leaving her for anybody!
I cant believe you do
this Sir, I cant believe
you convert your
laborers woman to yourself.
Are you talking back at me Douglas?
Do you realize who youre talking to?
Sir, yes, I know who Im talking to Sir.
You know what? Irene, come
down lets go, we can talk about this.
What, you want go with him?
Douglas please I need you to leave.
The lady says you should leave, just go.
Irene, are you asking me to leave?
Douglas please just
leave, for peace to reign.
Peace to reign what? How? Irene
are you asking me to leave? Irene.
Just try and understand.
I should understand what?
I cant believe you chose him over me
and you, after all weve been through?
Hey, hey, hey!! Thats the
thing with broke small boys.
What youve been through...
what have you been through?
Well look at this girl, really does it
look like you can take care of her?
The answer is no. She just told you
to leave and youre still standing there.
Just go! By the way, why are you
You are meant to be off-shore.
I left you with an assignment
to supervise the drilling
over there, why are you here?
Im not going anywhere Sir! Im not
going anywhere! Im not going anywhere!!
This is insubordination,
you know that right?
sheer insubordination
Douglas please you need to
leave before this gets out of hand.
Its out of hand already!
Its out of hand already!!
Please just go.
I ask you again, do you want
to go with this young man?
Douglas please just go.
You want to go with him or not?
Just go please.
She doesnt want to come with you.
Sir, Sir, please, Sir please listen to me.
This young man, how did you meet him?
Sir, look, look, Hello Sir.
Sir, good afternoon Sir, Im
so sorry to have come
at you like this but I went to the office
and I got this letter from the office,
it says that Ive been fired,
look at it Sir!
Sir!! Sir!!! Sir!
What is this?
Well if the letter
says you have been
fired, youve been
fired, it is what it is.
Why? Why would you fire me Sir?
I didnt fire you, the chairman fired you.
Look, and it states here
that the reason for my
being fired is as a result
of insubordination. How?!
Listen to me Douglas, the
board can do as it pleases.
Oh quit pretending like you
know nothing about this Sir.
Look, I dont know what your
grievances are, I dont know what
your problem is, not like I really
care but you have a problem,
you bring it to work,
you dont do this here?
Oh you dont want your wife to know about
your shenanigans at the office? Right?
You know you fired
me because of Irene, didnt you?
Me and you know that this
is because of Irene. Right?
- Really?
- Yes!
Okay! Fine! I fired
because of Irene, what are you
going to do? Mmm?
Nothing. Now you know
not to get your hands on a woman that
your boss is interested in.
See you have no right! You
have no legal or moral right
Douglas, move your car, this is my
house, you are constituting nuisance here.
Sir you have no right to sack me!!
Im going to run you over.
Sir, you have no right! You have
no right to sack me, Sir, please, Sir
please I have nothing to do. Sir please
you cant do this to me now, please.
I will find you and I will
see you. I will see you!
And so my plan worked perfectly
So I was all part of
your mischievous plan?
You used me and deceived
me to score a point at Ikenna?
Douglas what am I to you?
Look, Im not proud to say
this but when it started it was a
game you know, it was a smooth
operation, it was a target for me
but everything changed.
What I feel for you was real.
I dont believe you
You took advantage of my loneliness,
you used me to get
back at your former boss.
You are the one who chose
to become weak-minded
and let him take advantage
of you, how could you?
Really? Says a man who
got duped of ten million
naira, now tell me
who is more gullible?
I am so disappointed in you.
I was a good wife to
you, I did a everything,
I mean everything
a good wife would do
but what did you do?
You turned yourself
into a monster at work.
Firing your own employee
to take his woman, really?
Am sorry
You caused all these!
You ruined us, this is all you!
Baby, we can talk about this.
- Theres nothing to talk about
- We can talk about this.
Theres nothing to talk about
Clearly Im just a pony in a
tug of war between you two.
Sweetheart look, Im still your husband.
Husband? I dont
know you anymore
and I dont know you. I
dont know both of you.
Baby please.
Anna! Anna!
Where do you think you are going?
Anna! Anna!
What are you doing here?
Whats this?
Thats the money I
stole from your husband.
Anna look, Im not a thief. I
just did what I had to do.
Yes I shouldnt have brought you
into this but Im so sorry about it.
The ball is in your court
now, you can decide to
give him back the money,
you can decide not to.
I think he got what he deserves, but
Im moving on okay? I have to go now.
Anna, Ann.
Look, if ever youll. If there
ever comes a time when
youd ever thought about
what happened between us.
Please remember that
Ive always loved you and I
will always love you. Im
sorry this got out of hand.
Look, what Im asking
for now is a chance,
you know a chance to
make things right again.
Its not going to be easy.
Yea, but we can try please.
Fix us, please, Im sorry.
Give me a call.