Lonesome Dove Church (2014) Movie Script

- What'd you do that for?
- Spider.
You got a problem
with spiders?
I don't like 'em.
What're you gonna do with
your share of the money?
Well, I just assumed
get through takin' it
before I start thinkin'
about spendin' it.
Yeah, I'ma find me
a sweetie.
Move her to heaven.
Heaven on Earth.
- Yeah? Where's that?
- Grapevine.
Grapevine, Texas.
Thick with game,
thin with the law.
I've been
to Grapevine.
Yeah, just about
the best place on Earth.
Stop your yappin'.
It's comin'.
Are you sure
about this?
It's Henley's money
we're talkin' about here.
I know
whose money it is.
Get out there.
Render a reward
to the proud.
Lord, how long
shall the wicked triumph?
You are in the process of being
separated from your cargo.
Kindly exit the stage with said
cargo and place your hands above...
Help, Isaac!
You killed him.
- You know who that is?
- Was.
Was, right.
You killed Henley's son.
Well, he shouldn't have let his
kid join the family business.
I didn't see anything.
He's seen our faces.
Well, if he didn't
see our faces,
he sure as hell heard
you screamin' my name.
I swear, I didn't
hear nothin'.
You know I don't like
being called names.
I didn't see or hear anything.
- I... honest.
- Sure, you didn't.
I'll never say a word, sir.
I swear to you.
I... I got children.
We can't take
any chances.
No, no, no. Accountants always
keep their word, don't they?
Yeah, that's right.
We sure do, accountants.
All right,
you're free to go.
- Nah.
- Hey!
What are you doin'?
Well, now he's gonna
go talk to Henley.
Who's the idiot?
- ...66...
- 194... should be 195.
You made me lose
my count again.
Well, you can
count it tomorrow.
Hey, you should smoke
some of this opium
that Henley was so gracious
to donate to the cause.
I ain't touchin' that.
Suit yourself.
More for me.
We should finish
those bottles.
I think I might
already be a bit...
You know I don't like
being called names.
Come on, buddy.
Celebrate! Right?
Thank you, ladies.
Good morning.
I would like to talk
to you today
about a subject
we discuss far too rarely.
We cannot stand by idly
while the great evil of slavery
tears our nation asunder.
How can we, as good Christians,
champion a practice
that is the opposite
of fairness and decency?
That is not
the Bible I know.
Enjoy your Sabbath.
Young Sarah, always
good to see you.
Look forward to our invitation
for supper next week.
Pastor Simmons, did you
enjoy the sermon today?
Did I enjoy your sermon?
No, sir, I did not enjoy
your sermon in the least.
I specifically asked you to
moderate your more unusual views.
Well, I felt the topic
was relevant...
It's my intention to bring
people into this congregation,
not drain it with divisive talk
and controversial opinions.
But relevant
to our calling.
Our calling? What do you know
of calling, circuit preacher?
Wait for me, Nancy.
Pastor, a word?
I'm sorry, but I feel you unjustly
berated me in front of...
You're lucky I didn't
walk up to the pulpit,
bullwhip you out of this
church and into the street.
Perhaps I should just
find another church.
You'll forever be known in these
parts as a Negro-lovin' preacher.
You'll never get another job
preachin' in this state
and I'll see to it.
You disgust me.
Do not step one foot
into this vestibule again,
and that goes for that
trollop you call a wife.
I'd adjust your tone!
You in your heart
are a violent man.
I picked this up
at the post office.
Like father, like son.
You can take
that with you.
I've never seen you
carve so intently.
I suppose I should
thank the good Lord
for finding it
in His providence
to put so much
soft pine on the Earth.
What happened
with the pastor this morning?
had a parting
of the ways.
this is just a bump in the road.
You'll see.
I have a bigger
problem, though.
Look at this.
I need to get my boy
back to the Lord.
He's beyond your help.
- It's never too late.
- He's committed murder!
What can you do that you
haven't already tried?
Well, you might speak
if it was your own
flesh and blood.
I have to do something.
What? So you can be be
an accomplice to his murders?
I just need to do
something right by my son.
Well, if you leave, I will be on
the first stage to St. Louis.
I won't be long,
I swear it.
It's not too late for you
to change your mind.
He's my son, Nancy.
I'm your wife!
Hup, hup!
"And the people thirsted
there for water
and the people murmured
against Moses and said,
'Wherefore is this that thou
hast brought us up out of Egypt,
to kill us and our children
and our cattle with thirst?'"
Just leave everything be and we'll
pretend this never happened.
You some kind
of preacher, ain't ya?
I knew you was when
I see you prayin'.
Explains why you got
two Bibles and no money.
Nice talkin' with ya,
preacher man.
Get off the wagon.
Get off the wagon!
How'd you find me?
Last seen
in this county.
I always did
like this place.
Have a seat, John.
Still playin'
a preacher man, I see.
The Lord guided me
here to you.
I have no doubt of this.
The Lord guided
you here?
I always wondered when this
moment would come to pass.
I wanted to have
a word with you, son.
I want to make amends.
Amend away.
lost my position
back home.
My views were seen
by some as...
and I need
to start afresh.
We don't get
to just start fresh.
It ain't that simple.
I want to build
a church of my own,
and I need you
to change your ways
and help me build
that church.
You see, me and Jesus,
we got some issues.
Thanks, but, no, thanks.
How are you gonna end up
if things like this go on?
You gonna ask me?
Did you do what they
said you did?
Things didn't turn out
the way I'd intended.
Isaac. How can you be so cavalier
about these men's lives?
About as cavalier
as you were with mine.
Who's this fellow Henley
that's offering the reward?
I ain't afraid
of Henley.
All right? All this means
is I gotta keep on movin'.
Nothin' new.
And I am not joinin'
the family business.
End of story!
- I...
- I have nothin' left to say to you.
Now, you should leave
before I lose my patience.
That's him.
Pistols on the table,
Mr. Shepherd.
Stay back.
Come on, come on,
sit down.
That was for my boy.
He shouldn't have been
doing your dirty work.
Best person to guard
your valuables
is your own blood.
This establishment is rife
with sin! Makes me sick.
I remember a girl,
- pretty young thing...
- Don't.
...hair as red as a sunrise
on a Christmas morning.
But in the end,
she was a sinner.
Far too many sins
to mention.
- Poor Margie.
- Don't you say her name!
You just
don't quit, do ya?
- Where's my money?
- I'm gonna kill you!
That's the spirit.
Where's my money?
I spent it.
I'm sorry, I didn't
quite catch that.
Why don't you let me go fetch
it and I'll bring it back?
Ye who spareth his rod.
I want his head
on a pole! Now!
What are you doing?
What does it look
like I'm doin'?
Looks like you're
stealing my wagon.
- Your wagon?
- That's right, my wagon.
I'm afraid you're mistaken, I stole
it from that gentlemen over there.
- He dead?
- Just sleepin'.
Do not look towards me.
I said don't look!
Look, I... I had
a change of heart.
Yes, sir. I am ready
to stand by your side,
preachin' the gospel of the
good Lord for the world to see.
And this wouldn't have anything
to do with those gentlemen
lookin' around the back
of the saloon, now, would it?
Maybe just
a little somethin'.
Perhaps that preacher
with the sidearm?
Maybe. Look, why didn't
you just ride on out?
He's got men all over
the edges of town.
Well, son, there are
no Christian thieves.
So if you're gonna
ride out with me,
you're gonna have
to change your ways.
- You understand?
- Yes, sure, fine.
Okay, that's one year of preaching
with me, take it or leave it.
- A whole year?
- All right, suit yourself.
You can deal
with that Henley fellow.
Just till we get
to the edge of town.
Six months.
Looks like trouble ahead.
One year or I'm
pullin' back that tarp.
- A year.
- Your word!
My word.
Good morning,
my brothers in Christ.
And, what a glorious
morning it is!
Long as you got your hands in
the air, best keep 'em up.
looking for someone.
You seen him?
No, sir. No.
You wouldn't mind if we,
searched your wagon?
Well, ordinarily I'd be agreeable,
but I have a long road ahead of me,
and I'd like to get there
before nightfall.
I can assure you your vile
rogue is not in my wagon.
You really a preacher?
Yes, I,
spent over 30 years preaching
the praises of the Good Book.
Backwards and forwards.
All right,
give me your Bible.
Come on, give it over.
If you truly can quote
any verse I pick,
I'll let ya pass.
Here you go.
Matthew 20:28.
"Just as the son of man
did not come to serve...
...but to serve
and give his life
a ransom for the many."
I'm impressed.
It's your lucky day.
Why did you choose
the book of Matthew?
No reason,
just went to Matthew
'cause that's my name.
Matthew was a dishonest
tax collector full of greed.
But then Jesus
picked him as a disciple.
He spent the rest of his life
saving souls for Christ.
I've done my share
of helping souls leave
this earthly place, and if you
don't want yours leavin' next,
you best be on your way.
Hup, hup!
Well, I hope you find
your worthless scum.
Stop, stop,
stop, stop.
We should ditch
this here.
They'll be lookin'
for a man with a wagon.
- You think?
- Yeah.
Let's go. All right, I
guess you're right.
Where you fixin'
on buildin' this church?
Somewhere in Missouri.
Where that woman
of yours is?
She left me,
went back to St. Louis.
She's kinda sore about me
leavin' to find you and...
she really didn't think
you were worth all the effort.
Well, she's
a smart woman.
You know, I was thinkin'
Missouri is one
of the first places
Henley will
come lookin' for me.
Well, he found me
in Nacogdoches didn't he?
Someplace further out on the
frontier might be a safer bet.
You can always call for your
wife once we're settled.
Any place in particular
you have in mind?
Little town
called Grapevine.
Lots of game and souls need
to be guided to the Lord.
From what I hear.
From what you hear.
Pass me the rope.
I'll give ya
$4.00 for that hat.
Told you I ain't
sellin' it.
Besides, it'll never fit.
- I ain't gon' wear it.
- Nope?
No. I'm gonna
give it to my girlfriend.
That's enough
outta you.
What? It's
a pretty hat.
- Say that again.
- It's a pretty hat.
- Say it again.
- It's a pretty hat.
Would you stop sayin' that?
You're tellin' me to say,
"It's a pretty hat."
Don't tell you I'm...
Any activity today?
Not much, sir.
A couple road agents,...
couple fellas on a horse,
medicine show,
- preacher, a buggy come along...
- Hold.
Circuit preacher?
Could be, he had a buck
board and everything.
- Did you search it?
- I didn't see no need.
Just full of his
preachin' supplies.
Preachin' supplies.
Preachin' supplies,
what might those be?
I don't know...
a Bible,
I guess.
That's good.
What else?
Bible stuff.
What if I told you that Shepherd's
daddy was a circuit preacher?
How would information
like that make you feel?
Well, I'd be hoping
you were just funnin' with me.
Do I look like I'm
just funnin' with ya?
Well, I couldn't
have known.
Besides, buggy come
along just after
full of rich people
headed up north.
We got $35, Sanchez
got your share.
What about my share?
I'm gonna give you
a week to find the preacher
and his son.
What if we
don't find 'em?
I guess it's a week's
head start.
let's get him
outta here.
You only thought to pack
one can of beans?
Just be grateful
for what the Lord provides.
Tell you what.
Let's have a little
shootin' contest.
See who gets the rest
of the beans.
First one
to hit this tin.
Where'd you learn
to shoot like that?
Well, I haven't been a circuit
preacher all my life, son.
Tell me something.
Did you know you were
robbin' this Henley fellow?
Why did you kick
his hornet's nest?
I don't care for how
the man makes his money.
He's done things
to people I cared about.
Robbin' him
makes you better?
I spend my time
lightening the burden of
folks that got too much.
And that's how
you do the Lord's work.
I don't know,
but it's how I do my work.
See, your problem is you've always
believed the garbage you were peddlin'.
I'm not peddling anything.
You make it sound like
I'm selling hats.
And I certainly don't
do it for the money.
Amen to that!
'Cause you certainly didn't
do it for your kin, either.
I freely admit
that I have an avarice for bringing
wayward people back to the Lord.
And that got in the way
of my being a good father.
I regret that, Isaac.
I do.
I remember when you were,
what, five years old,
I came back into town from
preachin' in a couple of churches
and got home...
and there you were,
just a little fella.
You were preachin' a sermon
to your toys.
That's a dandy story.
Like much
of your preachin',
it's nothin' more
than a fable.
Stinkin' birds.
We're wastin' our time
walkin' through these woods.
We ain't gon' find him.
Now, which way?
What kind
of path is this?
God damn it, sticks.
Sick of it.
get your gun!
Were highwaymen
out to rob us?
I think this is one
of the men from Nacogdoches.
I hurt somethin' awful.
Hey, how 'bout a...
slug of some whiskey
if you got it?
How many of you
are there?
It's just the three of us.
I swear.
Now, you wouldn't
be lyin' to me, would you?
No, please.
Just ease me
into the other side.
Just a taste.
Much obliged.
Does Henley know
you're here?
but I figure
the fellas'll tell him.
Hey, Preacher.
You really memorize
that whole Bible?
I just happen to know
the book of Matthew by heart.
What if, back there,
I'd asked you to recite
somethin' from the book of Luke?
Well, then,
I guess I'm lucky
because your name
was Matthew and not Luke.
Any chance I could...
convince you to put
in a good word for me?
Matthew, Matthew.
There were two thieves
that died with Christ
on Mount Calvary.
One of them regretted
his crimes and was pardoned
and personally promised, by
Christ, to join him in paradise.
But, Matthew...
the other one wasn't.
I never liked
hurting people.
I was just doin' it
for the money.
And women.
I know that ain't right.
do you accept Jesus
as your Lord and Savior?
Son, please
speak up, please.
I do.
Truly, I do.
Lord, we ask that You forgive
this man of all his sins
and that You cleanse his soul
with the spirit of Jesus Christ.
May God bless
your soul.
He'll send more men.
We should get movin'.
Looks like
a good knife.
- What?
- What?!
Missed it.
How you feelin'?
I'm fine.
Good enough
to whittle.
Whatcha makin'?
It hasn't revealed
itself to me yet.
You see, the grain
of the wood talks to you.
It lets you know
what it intends to be.
Haven't I taught
you this already?
No, sir. I'da remembered
some kind of nonsense like that.
You know, Michelangelo,
the sculptor,
he said that there was always
something inside a block of marble.
Well, if that's
what Michelangelo said.
Yeah, and his job
was to free it from its prison.
I figure,
wood is much the same way.
Circuit preaching
wasn't easy,
but it paid the bills.
I had no idea
your ma was so sick.
You coulda come home
after you found out.
I know, Isaac.
I'm sorry.
I miss her, too.
Tell me something.
This Henley fellow,
what did he do to you?
There was a woman.
She was very special
to me.
He brought her
in from the city
and got her crazy
on the opium.
His opium.
Turned her
into a prostitute.
She was hooked.
I tried to buy her out,
but he wouldn't let her quit.
I found her hung
in her room.
I am truly sorry
for your pain, Isaac.
This man is seriously
compromising my labor pool.
He is toying with me
like Satan did with Job.
You know the story
of Job?
We really gotta teach
you boys how to read.
Come on!
We've got our work
cut out for us.
If Peter could start
the church in Rome
and get a foothold
in that den of debauchery,
surely we can
plant the seed
that will take root
here in Grapevine.
Well, if you say so.
let me buy you
a drink.
It'll calm
your nerves.
I don't know.
I... I don't...
Come on.
You comin'?
Two whiskey.
You keep lookin' at me like that,
I'm never gonna stop smilin'.
Well, to the...
end of one journey
and the start of the next.
May the Lord bless us
in this endeavor.
Amen to that.
Still think you're better
than everyone else, John?
Well, I'm gonna talk
to some of these patrons,
try to get
a lay of the land.
Hello, I'm new in town
and lookin' for some work.
- Thank you.
- Yeah?
Interesting conversation.
Come to find a good
friend of mine's in town.
I'm of the mind
to pay him a visit.
- I ain't payin' extra.
- Woman: It ain't extra.
Forget it.
You had your fun,
now you have to pay.
I told you,
I ain't payin'.
you're a thief.
And I don't like
bein' called names.
And now I'm gonna change
the way you look permanent.
Drop the knife.
You, outta here.
I can explain.
Don't want your explanations.
I want my money.
I don't have it.
I mean, I don't
have it on me.
Isaac, what is
goin' on here?
Dutch, this here's
my dad, John Shepherd.
Dutch and I used to do
a little business together.
In fact, we were just closin'
on some unfinished commerce.
Dutch owes me
some money.
What we decide it was,
Where's the rest
of it, Dutch?
It's gone,
I don't have it.
Does this have anything to do
with that Henley character?
- How much is this?
- I don't know. Maybe a hundred?
What'd you blow
it on?
Well, what you think?
Hookers and opium?
Well, yeah, mostly.
And my new belt, too.
I had plans
for that money.
You're not... you're not
killing this man.
- No.
- Killing? What?
I didn't do this for you
to kill another man.
I got you out of that town
and now you owe me.
Your pa the preacher?
- No kiddin'.
- Shut up.
If you're gonna hold this
over me the rest of my days,
you shoulda
just let me die.
No, you promised me
one year.
My debt is paid.
he is a man
of great promise,
great creativity.
A man who has
a moral compass.
A compass that is sadly and
profoundly off of true north.
I fear that I have
failed him
more than I would
even admit to the Lord.
I failed him
as a child
and I failed him
as a man.
I have forsaken him
as I have forsaken you,
a decision that I will regret
until my dying day.
Love, John.
Excuse me, I was wondering
if I might speak
with the proprietor here?
You're lookin' at him.
Well, I'm new in town
lookin' for work
and I was hoping that
you hadn't already
taken someone on
for the position.
See that pile
of wood?
I need to get all that
cut down to size.
Well, I've worked
with wood all my life,
I'm good with lathes
and things like that.
Name's Charles.
Charles Stone.
John Shepherd.
Well, John,
I can't pay much.
- Don't need a lot.
- When can you start?
I can start right now.
Hey, John.
- Let's take a break.
- Thank you.
You're a hard worker.
"Whatever you do,
work heartily,
as if for the Lord,
not for men."
from the
book of Colossians.
So, what brings you
to Grapevine?
I'm a preacher
by trade.
I want to build
a church here.
A church.
- Here in Grapevine.
- Yes.
You are indeed
an ambitious man.
Where you stayin'?
I booked a room
at the local hotel.
Hotel ain't no home.
Any man brave enough
to try and build a church
in Grapevine
shouldn't be homeless.
I'll give you food
and a roof over your head
if you'll put in
a hard day's work me every day.
That's all a man
can ask for.
You know I've been thinkin'
about you every day.
It's true.
- I'll bet.
- I came back here for you.
You came back
here for me, did ya?
It isn't nothin' to do with
what Dutch took from you?
Now that hurts.
Are you ready
to come away with me?
I still have no intention
of takin' up with a gambler
and a drinker
and who knows what else.
This is just a temporary
situation, Angie, all right?
I've been met with some
business setbacks
and I've been cursed
with the ability
of a cardsharp.
Cardsharp indeed.
Look, when I've rebuilt my bankroll,
enough to reestablish my business...
Build it how
and for what business?
Well, they don't let
fellas like me
practice medicine
and work in banks, darlin'.
Nah, fellas like you wind up
in banks for other reasons.
You know you missed me.
You gotta earn straight,
or I can't keep seein' ya.
All right.
Let's cut the cards.
I win, you come
away with me.
No cheatin'.
Best two outta three.
let's knock it off
for the day.
Those planks are still gonna
be there for you tomorrow.
- Here.
- Appreciate it.
You know, couple more
months, I should
have enough to buy a plot
of land for the church.
I've got somethin'
I'd like to show ya.
Unless you've got
somethin' else goin' on.
I believe I do
have some free time.
So, what do you think?
What happened?
The old hotel burnt down
a couple of years back.
New hotel's
doin' so well,
it didn't make sense
rebuildin' this one here.
So what do you think?
About what?
Is this place big enough
to build your church?
I don't know
what to say, Charles.
Don't want ya
to say anything.
I want you to build
us a church.
So I've never really
read one of these
"Farmer's Almanacs"
- but somewhere in here...
- Isaac.
...it talks
about the moon.
I know you can
hear me, son.
John, what a pleasure
to see you.
No, no, no. I did not trek
all these miles through swamps
and bandit gangs to see
you throw your life away again
with a tramp like this.
Come on.
Come on.
You don't get
to walk away from me, son.
You hear me?
I know you're in there, son.
Open the door.
Open up, son.
Please, I don't...
May I come in?
I'd like to apologize.
She's the one
that deserves the apology.
I'm off to work.
He's not outta here in 10 minutes,
you have my permission to shoot him.
I am truly sorry
for my disparaging remarks
passing judgment upon you
in a most grievous manner.
Mr. Shepherd, I expected
more of a gentleman.
And I expected more
of myself, too.
I am sorry, ma'am.
Call me Angie.
I'm truly sorry.
Please, feel free
to have a seat.
Nathan, sweetheart,
why don't you go play?
He's a good-lookin' boy.
Isaac's been like a father to
that boy since the day we met.
He's loved him
as his own.
Isaac helped me outta
a bit of a bad spot.
Got me a job as a faro
dealer at the saloon.
I don't think I'll ever
truly be able to repay him
for what he's done
to help me and my son.
Can I get you
some coffee?
That'd be
very kind of you.
What happened
to the boy's father?
- There you go.
- Thank you.
He was shot in a gambling
hall in New Orleans.
Now, before you get
to feelin' sorry for him,
he was precisely
the type of man
who deserved to meet
his end that way.
Isaac's lost someone
he loved, too.
But I'm sure you know
all about that.
Well, I really
should be going.
Will we see you again,
Mr. Shepherd?
I certainly
hope so, Angie.
I'll see myself
to the door.
I better get goin' before he
comes back and shoots me.
Good-bye, Mr. Shepherd.
I know you're not here
for the bourbon.
No, I came to get
something to eat.
What are you doing?
Workin' the bar.
What's got you bothered?
you love Angie?
I do.
And if she wanted
nothin' to do with you,
what would you do?
Only thing I could.
I am a coward.
Read that.
I can't even screw up
the courage to send a letter
to tell her how much
I love her.
Isaac, Angie seems
like a great gal.
She does at that.
And I...
I shamed myself
the way I treated her.
You know,
there's this
old preacher
who once told me,
"It's never too late
for redemption."
Good morning,
Mr. Shepherd.
When I said I hoped
to see you soon,
I couldn't have imagined
it would be so... soon.
Yes. well,
I couldn't help
but notice last night
that your house
is somewhat drafty
and I don't think a draft
would be real good
for little Nathan.
Isaac says
you're a preacher.
I am, by the grace
of God.
I used to attend church all the
time when I lived back East.
Did ya?
I shan't be a bother.
Progress is slow.
But you've made
progress, nonetheless.
You could use my old barn
to preach in the meantime
if it moves you.
It's no palace by any stretch,
but you're welcome to it.
I'm most grateful
to you. Thank you.
Guessin' your church
is gonna need a new name.
Did you know that doves,
they mate for life?
When their mate dies,
they fly aimlessly
and endlessly forever.
I am so pleased
with the turnout.
The prospect of food
always helps guide
an audience
to a man of the cloth.
I trust you are right.
My brethren, if I may.
I must say that I am reminded
of the ancient Israelites
when they dined on the fishes
and the loaves of bread
at the Sermon on the Mount
and how they must have felt
much like us,
with the same fellowship.
So if we could perhaps
bow our heads and pray.
Lord, we give thanks
for this opportunity
to worship you in this,
the first service
of the Lonesome Dove Church.
How did you find me?
When God told Jonah
to go to Nineveh,
he boarded a ship bound
for Tarshish instead.
The opposite direction.
He wanted to escape
the presence of the Lord.
Do you think he succeeded?
The answer is,
no, he did not.
So, why am I telling you
this story?
So I don't try and run?
Because, Dutch, to you,
I am God.
All right!
He's in Grapevine.
Grapevine, Texas.
I hear he got a job
at a saloon. Okay?
You wouldn't be lyin'
to me, now, would you, boy?
No, sir. I'm serious.
Serious as sin.
I know
a little about sin.
It's curious how people
look when they die
with your name
and cherubic ill will.
Will ya still look that way
as you travel down
to the valley of darkness?
What a glorious day
for our Lonesome Dove Church.
Our congregation
keeps growing,
and I am joined
most unexpectedly
by my wife Nancy, recently
arrived from Missouri.
Sit over here.
Hi, is here okay?
You are not letting that
whore into this church!
First of all,
she is not a prostitute.
And second,
did you read the sign
outside of our church?
"All are welcome."
Either this harlot
leaves, or I do.
If anyone else wishes to leave,
please do so now.
You see,
in God's eyes,
we are all equal.
Men, women,
sinners, and saints.
And this church
shall never,
never turn anyone away.
Let's continue on.
Turn to...
How's the leg?
Hurts when
a storm's comin'.
I'm afraid
we're closed.
Is that right, Isaac?
That's not gonna
end well, gentlemen.
It's all right, boys.
Why don't you get along?
These are just some
old friends of mine.
That's good advice.
Find him.
Let me in!
What's goin' on?
- How'd he find you?
- I don't know, Dutch probably.
I don't know what to do.
I got an idea.
Pull that rug up,
there's a trapdoor.
Root cellar.
- I ain't hidin'.
- Trust me.
You have no idea what
he's capable of, all right?
- You don't know him!
- I think I have a pretty good idea.
Dad! We have come too
far to lose everything.
Trust me on this.
You think
there's spiders down there?
- If anything happens...
- Have a little faith.
These women had no part in this.
Let 'em go.
We're lookin'
for your son.
Word has it that he
left town, headed west.
Well, despite your pedigree,
Mr. Shepherd,
I do not believe you.
We'd like to search
your house.
Well, I do not
give you permission.
Well, let me
rephrase that.
You won't find anything.
We should find out
soon enough.
Isaac Shepherd
is no relation to me.
Not anymore.
He's fallen from grace.
This is indeed
a confusing dichotomy.
The righteous,
upstanding minister
and his murderous
scum of a son.
Where did things
go so wrong?
Well, what about you?
Why are you still wearing the
clothes of a man of the cloth?
You ever read
the Bible, friend?
It's about the most
violent book there is.
I just stopped ignorin'
all the good parts.
You come all the way to
Grapevine to set things right.
I got news for you.
Bad news.
It's not
gonna end well.
Well, I had my chance.
He was a boy
and I failed him.
Well, you can rest assured
when I find him,
I shall reap
my vengeance upon him,
and I shall do so
with a mighty fury!
I know you know
where he is.
So you bring him
out here to me,
or these nice young ladies are
gonna end up six feet under.
I cannot produce
my son for you.
I ask you, as another man
of the cloth,
to listen to these words
of our Lord, please.
Let no one doubt
your devotion, John.
"Rescue the weak
and the needy.
Deliver them from
the hands of the wicked."
These folks mean well, but they don't
know an awl from a hole in the ground.
Charles, you know
I am a firm believer
that all good things
come to...
Come on, come on up.
- What can we do?
- We got plenty of work. Trust me.
God bless you,