Lonesome Jim (2005) Movie Script

Sorry are you going towards uhh...
Hi, Tim.
Jimmy! Oh my goodness.
Donald! Jimmy's here.
It's Jim.
Come here, let mom look at you.
I'm pretty dehydrated. If you don't
mind, I'd like a glass a water. / Okay
What's all the stuff?
We sure did miss you
at Christmas, Jimmy.
You're back now
Oh. It's so good see you, Jim.
Mom misses you so much.
Jim? Are you okay?
Jimmy? Are you Okay?
What in the hell?
Jimmy's come
home to surprise us.
What's wrong with him?
He said he's dehydrated.
Well, get him some water.
Okay, okay.
Hi, Jimbo. How you been?
Here you go. Hon... Honey?
I brought you some clean towels.
Ok. Thanks
Lets see. Oh honey that cold.
Its fine mom, I'm fine.
Mom sure is happy to see you.
Yeah me too mom.
You call so little I worry about my
boy all alone in the big city.
I'm not a boy mom.
Yes you are. You are a pretty
boy. You are my pretty boy.
Something wrong, Dad?
This food is great, Mom.
Nothing's wrong. I was just
thinking about your dogs.
My dogs?
Oh, that's what your mom told me
you were doing in New York.
Walking dogs.
Didn't you tell me that, Sally?
I think he does.
They don't need walking anymore?
I'm not planning on
going back to New York.
What are you planning?
I'm not sure.
Your Mom's short a guy in shipping.
Oh, he doesn't want to work with
his mother.
She's right.
What do you want?
Bye, Tim. Just take your
time, Sweetie. You'll figure it out.
Not too much time.
The boy is nearly thirty.
He's 27, Donald.
Your mom and I started the business
when we were in our twenties.
I was eighteen, Donald.
There you are.
Where have you been?
Your mother was trying to call all day.
I was busy.
Oh. Well, I just wanted to invite
you to the girls' game.
What game?
Lts ok you can't win them all.
Go so Hi to your uncle Jimmy.
Hi, girls.
Hi, Uncle Jimmy.
What's wrong?
They lost again.
Their team hasn't scored a point yet.
Your brother's their coach.
What's the problem?
We suck.
Come here girls.
Grandma give you some ice cream.
You want Peanut Brickle or just
plain Vanilla?
Can I take the van?
Of course. You need some money?
Sure, I'll fill it up while I'm out.
Tanks full.
All right. Well, maybe I'll take a
little something anyway.
This is just the money I make
selling snacks at work.
No problem.
Hey... Jim? Jim Roush.
Hey, guys, look who it is.
Can I have a Bud Light?
Hey, I was just curious...
What's with all the uniforms?
We're nurses.
Yeah. I lived across from a
hospital in Manhattan.
Manhattan, New York.
Ever been?
Yeah, its... /its alright...
What'd you do there?
Walked dogs. I mean that's what I
did for money. I also write.
Oh yeah, me too.
Really? Wow.
Yeah, just for myself though.
Well, I like your audience.
You make enough money to live
walking dogs?
I also worked at an Applebee's,
I love Applebee's.
Oh yeah? My name's Jim.
Nice to meet you, Anika.
You want one?
You like working in a hospital?
You don't find it too antiseptic?
Too cold and clean. Uncomfortable.
I think hospital beds are more
comfortable than regular beds.
Do you have a?
Oh. Yeah. Maybe.
Give it to me.
Did you come?
Time out.
Okay. We have a minute left in the
half. I'm going to make this easy.
Are you listening?
Yes, Coach Tim.
Don't take a shot unless you're
sure you can make it. Okay?
Take your time.
Look for an open shot.
But don't shoot it unless you're
positive it's going to go in.
Rachel, don't shoot it at all.
All right. One, two, three...
Go Ladders.
I am just miserable anywhere I go.
I'm unhappy too.
I just don't know what I'm doing
here. On earth. In this life.
You know what the answer is?
Nothing. There is no answer.
As far as the world's concerned,
people like me might
as well not even exist.
I am really unhappy.
I know. If I were you,
I'm not even sure I could do it.
Do what?
Go on. I mean,
I think about ending it all as it is.
I can't imagine if I had your life.
Well... divorced with a shit job at
a lumber yard after being rejected
from the Cromwell police force.
And you wanted to be in the CIA.
I mean, look how far away you are
from everything you wanted to be.
You live with mom and dad
just to cover child support.
Making a dollar over
minimum wage at 32 years old.
I mean I'm a fuckup.
But you, you're a god-damn tragedy.
There's been an accident.
Is Tim okay?
He's in a coma.
A car accident.
Who hit him?
A tree.
This isn't your brother's first accident.
What do you mean?
Oh, Jimmy.
I have to get a drink of water,
does anybody want anything?
Why do you got a plate there, Sally?
I thought I'd set
Tim's place at the table,
just so he knows
we're thinking of him.
Jesus Christ. He's not dead, Sally.
I know, I just...
You want some juice,
Jimmy? I'll get you some juice.
Can you help?
I said I'd coach the girl's team.
Well, we really could use you at
the factory now, too.
Your mom's
having a real hard time with this.
And she's already short handed.
Oh, jeez. I... I don't know.
What's to know?
You either will or you won't.
I guess I'm going to
have to say that I won't.
Yes you will, god damn it.
You hear that, Sally?
Jim want's to know
if he can come work for you?
No he doesn't.
Yeah... I do, Mom.
Well, of course you can.
You know Mom would love your help.
Jim, you remember your dad's
brother, Uncle Stacy?
Tim or Jim?
Um, Jim... the one not in a coma.
He's our little one.
Tim's the oldest.
Something happen to him?
He had an accident.
No one told me.
Don probably didn't want to bother
you on your weekend.
Uncle Stacy started helping us out
here at work a year or so ago.
He'll get you started.
I'm going to use your daddy's
office to call the hospital, ok.
Watch my snacks.
Sorry about your brother.
Thanks, Stacy.
Call me Evil.
So, you a... you get high, right?
What? No.
Yeah, you do.
What makes you think that?
First off your mother.
You got to be on tranquilizers
to deal with a bitch like that.
Hey. Are you going to
pay for that candy bar?
You know what you aughta do is
you oaughta come over to
my trailer during lunch time.
I have good stuff. Fuck you up.
Hey, Evil, got a snack for me?
Oh he's cool. This is my nephew.
Whaddya want?
Give me ten dollars
worth of Nutty Bar.
This'll do ya.
All you have to do
is get in Ten baskets
and then you are free to go home.
Starting now.
Hey. Brought you some chips.
Think you might want
to wake up soon?
The girls' need their coach.
Also, Dad's making me
work for Mom
until you snap out of this.
So... Come on,
you dumb fuck. Wake up.
What are you doing?
Oh, hey. What are you doing?
I work here.
Have you met my... I mean, this is my
brother. Is he one of your patients?
No. I'm in pediatrics.
Jeez, how are you?
I'm fine. How's he?
Good, good. I mean, he's in a coma.
What happened?
Hit a tree.
I'd hate to see the tree.
I bet you were hoping
never to see me again.
What? No, of course not.
What are you doing later?
I'm busy.
I'm free Saturday.
Okay. Saturday.
Do you want my number?
You already gave it to me.
You still have it?
Yeah. What is it, again?
I call you
Whenever you pee,
you just got to turn it off
and hold it in every couple of seconds.
Like a faucet. You pee in spurts.
What's that do?
Teaches it control. You know,
the dick is kind of like a dog.
Can't do anymore
than what you teach it.
My cocker spaniel can last a full ten
minutes before spooging down the hole
Ten minutes?
Ain't no girl need longer than that
to get her scream on.
Do you have a girlfriend, Evil?
Nah, I get hookers. Cheaper.
Want a snack?
No thanks.
How you like the weed?
It's strong.
Yeah, I put a little crack in it.
Hey, come check this out.
They're dead animal skulls.
Hey. Will you open a checking
account for me?
What? / A checking account.
Oh man, I have been banned
from banks for like the next 7 years,
and there is a guy down state willing
to sell me a human skull,
but he says all I have
to do is send him a check.
Well, how would it work?
You open an account with my money
and then write the check for me.
Why would I want to do that?
I'd let you write some for yourself.
Make up for all those birthdays
and graduations I missed.
There's four grand in there.
Thanks man. Hey, make sure when
they give you those checkbooks
you don't get the kind
with kittens or seashells on them.
I just hate those things. Really
pisses me off. They are tacky.
I said okay.
Why do you pee like that, Jimmy?
Get out of here.
Is something wrong with your
urinary tract?
What? No. Just get out of here.
Oh, Jimmy, I was wondering
if you might watch the girls
while I do some grocery shopping.
I'm sorry,
I sort of have something to do.
Well, okay. That's okay.
You always left Tim and me alone.
Can I borrow the van?
Of course, Honey.
You can just drop me off at the store.
Oh, well, I'm not really
going that way...
Never mind.
I could take you
to the end of the way.
Oh, no. I'lljust walk.
It'll be good for me.
Thanks, Mom.
You need any money?
Oh. No. Actually, I'm good.
Hey there.
Are you our date?
Mom takes me on
all her first dates.
Your mother and I already
had a first date.
Last week.
The night she was out until three
in the morning?
Why is there a bed set up back here?
Do you live in this van?
No, I don't live in this van.
Wine coolers? Really?
Mom's a whiskey woman.
So, where are we going?
Where would you like to go?
There's ice skating at the
Glenbrook mall.
I know somewhere better.
Girls, I'd like you to meet a
friend of mine.
This is Ben.
I thought maybe you might want to
show him the trampoline out back.
You have a trampoline?
No, but our neighbors do.
Take him girls.
It's freezing outside.
Wear your coats.
You live with your parents?
Just temporarily. I'm leaving soon
as my brother recovers.
Yeah. I sort of came back
to have a nervous breakdown
but the bastard beat me to it.
What's wrong with you?
Chronic despair.
Hey, what are you kids doing?
Well, who told you, you could jump
on our trampoline?
He's my uncle.
Well, tell your Uncle Jim that he
needs to ask me before...
He's not my uncle.
I hardly know him.
He's on a date
with my mother right now.
He took Mom up to his room...
Okay, okay. That's fine.
Just ask next time.
Where's Benjamin's dad?
He's around. He sees Ben every once
a month or so, if he remembers.
And he doesn't have a
problem with you dating?
Oh, no. He's incredibly jealous.
Who are all these people?
They're all writers.
Oh yeah?
That's Virginia Woolf.
Underneath her is Richard Yates,
he's one of my favorites.
What'd he write?
Sad stories about sad people with
pathetic dreams.
When he died almost all of his
books were out of a print.
That's weird.
Then of course there's Poe
and Plath and Buroughs.
Thats a writer named
Breece D Pancake.
Next to him is Beckett.
Then Dorothy Parker.
The big one is Hemingway.
Oh yeah, I read him in high school.
He's good.
What did you like about him?
I think he had a boner
for what he did, you know?
His stories weren't as stuffy and
made up as others. They were realer.
He was a realist.
Maybe that's why.
He shot himself in the head.
So did Pancake. That one
threw himself off a bridge.
She put her head in an oven.
And that one, that one and
that one all drank themselves to death.
Is Benjamin's dad going to
try and hurt me?
You? No.
I thought you said he was
insanely jealous?
He wouldn't be jealous of you.
Why not?
He just wouldn't.
Besides, we're not dating.
We're not?
Hey could you guys...
could you uh...
Do you have any board games?
Oh god.
I brought you some snacks.
Thanks. Did you bring
any of those Funions?
No is that what you wanted, Honey?
But I do have some pork rinds.
How you feeling, Tim?
You're lucky to be alive, boy.
I called the girls' mother.
They should be here soon.
How are they?
Oh, they're good.
I told them to make sure
and pray for you every night before
they went to bed.
You had to tell them?
Honey, you know what I mean.
Jesus Christ, Tim.
Donald, he just woke up from a coma.
And why was he in a
coma in the first place?
He had an accident.
Is that what happened?
Did he have an accident?
Yeah, I lived.
Don't say that.
Don't you dare ever say that.
You're mom's baby. You're my big baby.
Oh, God.
I'm going to get a drink of water.
You want anything?
Oh. Hey. I was just looking for you.
Because you smell like you were
just smoking.
Where's mom and dad?
I asked them to leave.
Oh, well how am
I supposed to get home?
I don't know.
We didn't talk about it.
I got to get back to work.
It was nice meeting you, Tim.
Please don't hesitate to ring
me if you need something.
You either, liar.
See you.
She's hot.
You think?
Yeah. You have sex with her?
Um, yeah.
That's awesome.
I meant for me.
It means she has no standards.
Bet she'd do it with me too.
Where's your mother?
She's waiting downstairs.
Everything okay, Jim?
Yeah, I was just writing.
You see your brother tonight?
He's looking better, don't you think?
I love talking to you, Jimmy.
How was work for you?
I know you'd rather not be there...
It's okay.
Your brother always
refused to work for us...
Jim. What did we do to make you
kids so unhappy?
I don't know.
But what do you think? Be honest.
Your such a smart,
sensitive boy, Jimmy.
I know you must have some opinion.
I don't know, Mom. Maybe some
people just shouldn't be parents.
I mean, it's just a thought.
No, I'm alright. Just tired.
Good night, pretty boy.
Good night.
Look cold, want a ride?
On that?
I bought it with one of your
checks. Whaddya think?
It's great.
You drive. I'm tripping
my head off right now.
What the fuck was that about?
Sally has been arrested for using the
company's Fed Ex account to ship drugs
They have proof of her signature on
over a dozen packages sent from here
Are you kidding?
No I am not kidding does
it sound like I am kidding?
Well, I'm not. Now listen,
I'm going down there to explain to
these peckerheads that
they got the wrong person.
What I need you to do is cover
for your mom and me while I'm gone.
Sure, sure.
No problem, Donny.
If anyone asks what's going on,
just play dumb.
So, who do you think did this?
Me? I can't believe you'd think
that your own...
Cut the bullshit, Evil.
I know it was you.
All right, you got me.
How could you be such an idiot?
I wrapped everyone of those
packages in foil,
and then I double
plastic bagged them,
and then I'd put a little Big League
Chew in there too, Grape...
They are taking
my mom to PRISON, Evil.
I understand that.
But you're not going to rat
out your Uncle Stace now, are you?
You think I'd let my mother stay
locked-up for you?
I'd be a little nervous to narc-out
a guy with no money
after you'd just opened
a four thousand dollar account.
You fucker.
Just be careful when you point a
finger at someone else
you are pointing three at
yourself and a thumb to the sky.
What's that mean?
That means, is your piss clean?
What are you doing here?
Mom brought me.
What is your mom doing here?
I didn't know that.
There's a lot people don't know
about our Central Intelligence Agency.
Sounds so exciting.
It exciting and it's the type of work
you can't help
taking home with you, either.
Oh. Hey. Aren't you
home a little early?
Something happened at work.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, what exactly
are you doing here?
I thought I'd help
your brother get situated.
Did the hospital send you?
Hey, I'm doing you a favor.
Oh, yeah, I can see what a favor
you're doing.
Hey, you like basketball?
Ever played before?
Want to?
Okay. Everybody, this is Ben. Ben
this is Rachel, Sarah and...
the rest of the team.
Now, why don't you all
grab a ball and start practicing?
It's one of my favorites.
Well, thanks so much, Sweetie. Mom
is so happy you came down to visit.
So, what is this book about?
An impotent man's futile love.
Oh... great. Thanks so much,
So, how is it in here?
Oh, it's not so bad.
The women are all very talkative.
I'm sorry about this, Mom.
Oh Honey, It's not your fault.
The police put a
freeze on our business,
they figured that it was
a drug front.
I can't even get into my own company
they got padlocks on the doors.
Your kidding.
There's nothing I can do.
A girl's here to see you.
Said she's a nurse.
Brought a little kid with her.
He's sitting right next to you, dad.
His name's Ben.
Oh. Hi, Ben.
You want to get me another one of
these from the fridge, buddy.
Don't you work anymore?
It's my day off.
My father and brother are both in
the house and Ben is just downstairs.
I didn't come for that.
Well why?
I don't know Jim,
I like to help people.
Come in.
Oh. You.
This is Stacy.
Evil, I have to talk to you.
You wanna get in on this I still
got a half hour?
The police have seized
my parents' business, Evil.
Damn, man. That's too much.
That's... What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
Common there's not a jury in the
world that's going to believe that
that woman is selling drugs.
They will believe a guy like me does.
You do, Evil.
There's only one thing to do here,
Evil. And you know what it is.
What? Confess and go to jail and
man-rape for the next five years?
You make your own choices.
Look there's three thousand dollars
left in that account.
That'll get you pretty far from here
No, I'm not going to
sell my family out.
Look, I'm family too.
I can't believe you.
Hold on shithead.
That money is in your name
and if you don't give it back to me
then it's like you already accepted it.
Make your own choices.
Jim Hey.
It's full.
What's full?
Jesus Christ, man. What don't you
get your nurse do this?
I couldn't ask her to do that.
That's disgusting.
Well, what do you
want me to do with it?
Clean it.
Fuck that.
I need something to pee in.
Okay. Uhhh. Just do
what you want today.
I don't know what to tell you.
What kind of coach are you?
Oh. Hey.
Your team's not even playing
You must not think much of your
nieces then. Or Ben.
Or any of those kids out there.
You must not
think much of me, either, I guess.
Oh, I do. I think you're all great.
You think I'm great?
Well, sure.
I think you're great.
There are so many fun
and cheery people in the world.
Don't you think you'd be
better off with one of them?
Someone more like yourself?
You think I'm fun and cheery?
Of course you are.
You just can't stop
complimenting me, can you?
You're missing my point.
No, I'm not.
I'm getting it very clearly.
You want to come in?
It's okay. I don't mind.
No. I think I'lljust
say good bye here.
Bye, Ben.
Bye, Anika.
Good night, Jim.
You can kiss if you want.
I don't care.
You're kind of apathetic for such a
little guy, aren't you, Ben?
Good night, you two.
Mom, you're home.
Something called bail. One of the
girls in prison told me about it.
Apparently your father never
realized it was an option.
I called a very nice
bondsman in Kendalville
who put up the money for me.
That's great.
Oh, honey don't touch that.
It's for Kiki.
Who's Kiki?
She's the con that gave me the
number for the bondsman.
I'm going to bring
cobbler to her and all of girls
I made friends with at County.
All those ladies were so nice to me.
It's hard to believe
they're criminals.
Have you talked to Tim?
Oh. Yeah. Same old Tim.
I need a fork.
My Fork!
Jimmy. Jim. Yoo-hoo. Jimmy.
Wake up. You have visitors.
Get your ass up, Jim.
It's four o' clock.
Sorry to say ass in front of you,
Mrs. Roush.
Oh, no. It worked.
Hi, Jimmy.
Hi, Mom.
You have a nice nap?
Your little friend, Ben, is helping
me make dinner downstairs.
Oh. Ben's here?
We're making goulash.
Jim's my pretty boy.
I brought you something.
Don't get too excited, it's not much.
What is it?
A smile, for poor old Hemingway.
I don't know.
It doesn't look right to me.
That's because you're used to
seeing it the other way.
The other way is true to life.
The other way is depressing.
Like I said...
Oh, Jim.
You smell nice.
I like you a lot, Anika.
I like you a lot, too. So does Ben.
He does?
Oh my God, he totally looks up to you.
Oh no.
It's true.
Ben shouldn't look up to me.
Sure he should.
No he shouldn't.
I think I might of caused my
brother to hurt himself.
That's crazy.
I told him life was pointless and I
couldn't believe he hadn't killed himself.
So, Anika, I understand you're a nurse.
Yes, I am Mrs. Roush.
That's great.
I love the work.
So, where'd you two meet?
At a bar.
Tim just can't stop saying enough
nice things about you.
Oh, how is Tim?
I haven't talked to him today.
Oh he's good.
Do you go to school yet?
He's in third grade.
Third grade? But you're so little.
You're little.
Anika? As you know
Tim broke both of his legs
so he can't easily
get in and out of bed
we got him one
of those crooked plastic bottles for
you know his business,
but its not
quite big enough for his...
To tell you the truth I don't
really like my family that much.
What a terrible thing to say.
Its true I mean
I love them all to death,
but I just can't stand to be so close.
Well what good is that kind of love?
I'm thinking of leaving.
You know, I was thinking,
maybe you and
Ben could come with me.
I don't know.
Great. Sounds like a good plan.
Where would you like to go?
I can't afford to go anywhere.
Sure you can. There are nursing
jobs all over the country.
Just pick a place.
Well, you know, I've always wanted
to go to New Orleans.
New Orleans. Why New Orleans?
Bourbon St.
What's your second choice?
I've heard really good things about
New Orleans. Let's try it there first.
I can't just up and
move to New Orleans.
You can if you do.
What about Ben's dad?
He's a deadbeat.
I should be Ben's dad.
You're crazy.
Am I?
What's this?
It's an Inspector Nestor book.
Remember when you used
to read these to me?
You'd always know how each story was
going to end half way through every book.
They were predictable.
Maybe. I could never guess them.
You're an idiot.
Anyway, I found them in the garage.
Thought maybe you could
read em to the girls.
They miss you, you know?
The whole team misses you.
They do.
I bet they haven't even noticed.
They're playing their last game
this weekend.
Anything you want me to tell the
team at last practice?
Tell them to make a fucking basket.
I can't do it.
Maybe you can. Maybe you can't.
But you'll never know unless you try.
I've been trying all practice.
Hey, you two.
What gives? I thought practice was
supposed to be over 30 minutes ago
Jim won't let me go
until I make five more baskets.
I'm sorry Benjamin.
I didn't mean to make
you feel like you couldn't go home
if you didn't make the shots.
But that's what you said.
Why didn't you call if you knew you
were going to be late?
I'm sorry, I didn't know it was
that big a deal.
Yeah, well it is a big deal. Stuff
like that is a very big deal to moms.
What's your problem, Anika?
Nothing, Jim.
Just, you can't ask a girl
to move 1082 miles away with you
unless you're
really going to follow through.
Why wouldn't I follow through?
Because you don't know what it
would be like.
What would it be like?
Difficult. Very difficult.
Great. I'm used to challenges.
You're use to avoiding them.
Well, maybe I don't want you to.
Oh. Okay.
I just said maybe.
No, the whole idea was stupid
anyway. Come on Ben.
Come on Anika.
I'd like to make a withdraw please.
I need to be on my own.
I understand. Sometimes Mom wishes
she could be on her own too.
Nothing. Just kidding.
Where you going to?
Maybe New Orleans.
Oh fun. You know Mom's never really
been anywhere.
I know Mom.
Maybe I'll come visit
you after my trial.
Or before, either would be great.
I can't really leave the state until after
All right team,
I know it's been a rough season
Girls... but...
Sorry, I'm late.
No problem, Benjamin.
Is your mom here?
Like I said, I know it's been a
rough season for us this year.
Not a lot of shots have fallen for us.
In fact not a single shot has
fallen for us in 14 games.
So I guess the question
we need to ask ourselves is,
are we going to let those 14 games
determine the next one?
Because if we are
, then we may as welljust go out there
and shake hands with the other team.
Congratulate them on their victory.
I see some of you nodding
your heads in agreement right now.
By all means, it's not an
altogether absurd idea. Odds are,
we are going to lose no matter how
we go about playing this game.
So why do we play at all? Well team...
I don't really have an answer for that.
And do you know why?
Because its a stupid question asked
by a doubtful and unhappy man.
Forget his question.
You just got to keep playing.
Because if you don't you might end
up like him and let me tell you,
he is no fun. Nobody
knows what we're capable of.
The past does not
always predict the future.
Now that team may have seen
us play before
but they've never
seen us play today.
Am I right? / Yeah.
Am I right?
Well, all right then. Well let's
show them what we can do.
One, two, three. Go Ladders.
Hey, come on. Come over here.
No long faces. That was good.
That was our best game yet.
Shut up, Jim.
Good job, Jimmy.
You make a great coach.
Dear Mom
I don't know where to start,
so I'lljust begin with the
end and work my way back.
I came home because I ran out of
money and had nowhere else to go.
If I'd had any other option,
I would have taken it.
I did not consider the simple fact
of having a place to return a blessing
Instead, I thought of it
as a burden and a symbol of failure.
I'm ashamed to admit that
growing up I pitied you
and what I thought was your naive
belief that our dreams could come true,
simply by virtue of having them.
Because the truth, as I witnessed it,
was something completely different.
The truth actually was that nothing
worked out and no one,
anywhere lived the life they wanted.
But I see now, that it was
me with the naive belief.
I thought if I
resigned myself to disappointment,
at least I'd be better off then
those people who tried and failed.
And I hate myself
for only realizing this now
and for taking and taking from you
without giving anything back.
You are one of the few good peaches in
are one of the few good peaches in
I promise not to waste anymore time
or take your love for granted again.
I love you so much. Jim.
P.S. The money in this
envelope is from Stacy.
I figure he owes you at least this
much for all the snacks he's stolen.
And he's the one who's been sending
drugs through the Fed Ex account.
Promise to call you soon. Jim
What are you doing here?
Benjamin wanted to apologize to you
for telling you to shut up.
I'm sorry Jim.
That's alright, Benjamin.
How'd you find me?
We stopped by the house
to see you. Your dad told us.
Where you going?
New Orleans. / Great.
do you want to say goodbye to Jim?
Bye, Jim.
Bye... Benji.
You be good to your mother.
And promise me not to
get too much more apathetic.
At least not until your teens.
It never would have
worked out anyway.
Is that your bus?
You better run.
Bye, Jim.
Stop that, Benji.
Common lets go.
Mom. Stop the car.
Can I get a ride?
I thought you never ran.